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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 5 news" at >> dari: a bitter cold with ice and rain it has been a dangerous right night on the road. getting easier. slippery. we. we are in for stormy tuesday as well. this is an amazing temperature turnaround. >> nick: now into the mid-thirties and a lot of the areas temperatures will be in the mid to upper 50s. crazy transition. we have had snow earlier and now freezing rain. it's a problem with parts of the lower hudson valley nursing parts of lower hudson valley. that is still going to be an issue going through the next few
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let's see if i can get this to work. were were talking about the area of freezing rain where there is freezing snow. as you look at fox 5 you'll see it is all advancing eastward. as you head further south there are pockets of freezing rain all the way back to washington d.c. for a while tonight and it will be mild air as we move in tomorrow. it's freezing in the city get belmar, 45 degrees. forty-three in islip, only 20 and say six. a big temperature range. freezing rain advisory has been for and the lower hudson valley is a winter weather advisory. the storm is down to the south
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southerly air to warm things up. spotty rain in the morning and as that system gets closer could be heavy at times, maybe a thunderstorm coming through tomorrow night and better weather will come in wednesday. can watch out for the freezing wayne ray north and west of the city. >> dari: thank you. water main break, the power has been out in the lower level census morning. >> steve: you to talk about things up and running time for tomorrow morning. >> good evening steve you can see behind me some of the lights are on. that is thanks to a backup generator. the mta earlier said a were expecting power to be restored by now. it is not fully restored. fortunately trains are still on time. now the mta says they expect, expect me there's no guarantee
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tomorrow's rush-hour. >> well into the night confusion continued here at grand central terminal after a major power outage. >> it's concern when there is no information whatsoever. the power outage caused the lower level to shut down. all trades had to be rerouted to the upper level. >> in the eight years i've taken metro this is the first time had to do this. >> in order for natosha to figure out the track customer service headset manual lee manual lee look it up on the the board was incorrect, the the monitor down and at one time the metro was out of service. but all trains remained on time. >> the blackout began around 9:30 a.m., the tunnels many commuters had to navigate in the pitch black. >> it's surprising a concerning when you are in new york and
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>> what happens is a major hyper freezing weather may have been the culprit. according according to aaron donovan, spokesman for the mta. >> a transformer up with 18 inches of water, our crews have been there throughout the afternoon removing the water. it's not be long before we are back to riegler power. >> a backup generator illuminated the concourse and the grand central market. erica works in the bakery was rightfully concerned that all of the market food would spoil. >> it's dark everywhere and usually the power comes on within 30 minutes. no one is really telling us what is coming back on. >> the kiosk is also out of service. tickets can be purchased at the window and i trains for no extra cost. commuters confident that they will back on schedule tomorrow. >> she is right, the mta is
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those repairs. but there could be some lingering delays if the power is not fully restored. the mta says commuters could expect delays up to 30 minutes. make sure you check their website before you head out the door. stay back to you. >> steve: thank you. a man witnesses says firing off shots and pointing a gun at passing cars and it up being shot by cops. the nypd release the video of the arm suspect. it happened in the bronx this afternoon. the suspect was shot in the arm. he was he was taken to the hospital in stable condition. there is a double shooting of brooklyn, two men were hit around 56 street. one victim a 33-year-old man was killed. the other was killed. the other 31 years old is in stable condition. at this point there's no room arrest. >> dari: nypd is trying to figure out what happened between
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and a 25-year-old woman at woman at the plaza hotel on saturday. according to published report spitzer is accused of attacking a woman inside a room at the hotel. the spokes person for spitzer said there's no truth to the allegation. they say the woman was experiencing emotional difficulties. where does she headed back home to russia last night after declining to press charges. one criminal defense attorney said a case against spitzer could still be made. >> here the police are really taking the time before turning it over to the prosecution. him or arrange him. >> spitzer you may remember in 2008. after it was discovered he was patronizing prostitutes. he was never prosecuted. >> dari: there is a victim of a sex sting scandal about executive. he said his phone is recently hacked and tweets were
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relations. carol says she never texted him and doesn't even have his cell phone number. the police department says they're looking into the matter. >> dari: son death of antonin scalia over the weekend has touched up a political power struggle to replace it. on the impact of his sudden passing is having. >> antonin scalia is being remembered as a lien of american law. flakes in front of the supreme court and across washington flown at half staff. a show of respect to 79 euros justice who grew up in queens. it was not long after the death caused by an apparent heart attack that politics came into play. >> i plan to fulfill my constitutional responsibilities to nominate a successor. >> republicans in washington and on the campaign trail say no way. >> it's called delay, delay, delay.
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fill this vacancy. >> we are not moving forward with a supreme court nominee until after the election. >> it is outrageous that republicans in the senate, and on the campaign trail have already pledged to block any replacement that president obama nominates. >> it will still function with a justices only now there's a meaning the decision of the lower court stance. rendering voiceless. this is significant on big cases coming down the pipe over the present executive restrictions in texas, and >> there's been a host of who the white house might nominate when they will officially put someone forward until the senate is back from a recess on the 22nd. >> if you thought this was already heated, the next few months are going to be explosive with the parties completely split over who gets to fill this
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"fox 5 news". >> justice cooley is not the only news affecting the campaigns. donald trump threatening to suit ted cruz over his citizenship. he says he can do that for not being a natural born citizen because he was born in canada. >> i have never met a person who lies more than ted cruz. i've never seen anything like it >> crews dismiss the calling thing his mother was an american citizen. trump has also renewed his trump to run as a independent if he does not get the republican nomination. >> dari: george w. bush campaigned together in charleston south carolina today. the former first lady was also there. the south carolina riemer he will be held this saturday. >> steve: taking narcissism to a whole new level, a culture of self-love making everyone around us miserable.
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growing trend of letting newborn sleep in a cardboard box? >> steve: jokes that just don't hit the way they are supposed
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crowned at this year's top dog at the westminster dog show. >> dari: competition is underway at msg. speemac; a a dog show but this year is a way of life. madison square garden has gone to the dogs, competition competition that started in 1877. >> 1877 before the lightbulb was in bed to we had our first talkshow. >> the trademark is really the intensity and devotion of the dogs owners who go to tremendous lengths to prep and pamper their kids. >> we spend more time on him the most people do on themselves.
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>> how difficult -- exactly. that's a pretty good comparison. >> i didn't know they allowed raccoons into the competition. >> 197 breeds, everyone treated like champions. the best massage by experts who take shiatsu to a whole new level. to make sure their competitor stays cool. >> organizers are recognizing three stages a competition. good luck. >> winners get to go to disney, just kidding. >> maybe a little steak. >> if he wins what will you treat him too? >> just look out for this guy, alliant disguised as a dog >> to have the most fabulous looking line at a dog show.
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>> there like that the lion. >> some dogs are intimidated by him. hopefully this guy does not like the taste of dogs. >> as we're talking about dogs, to new jersey shelter dogs bounded as the puppies may soon end up going to separate ways. eight. eight euro clover and 5-year-old roscoe, were taken in by the animal refuge several years ago. the pair formed a bond so strong they're being being marketed as a package deal. after a year with no look luck in finding a forever home the shelter has decided to look for two separate owners. >> we would like them to go to home not necessarily with each other but we won't take that off the table but if you already have a dog at home that a social we could see if they were a match. >> but somebody has to take both of those dogs, they are buddies.
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clover are better socialize now and can be handled been adopted by two separate owners. >> steve: one of the shows in the world right now will get a sneak peek inside hundreds of thousands of toys, the size of a football field. the toy fair features trendy products and this guy by per hover racer, that's cool. allowing them to interact with a smart form, the german company still makes everything out of wood. >> everything is building blocks. it is a generic toy but it should last forever. people children can build it up, they can do it again. in my eyes it is the best toy. >> steve: within 1200 manufactures are taking part in this year's toy fair.
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if you are enjoying a staycation jennifer has some fun suggestions to keep the kids busy. >> reporter: right in the middle of the coldest month of the year most parents want to veg on the couch. the kids are home, it's winter recess so what can you do to keep them entertained and to keep yourself warm? here at discovery times square there is a new vikings exhibition. the largest collection of viking artifacts ever to visit north america. there is jewelry, hands hands-on workshops and viking skulls. the most popular site. >> what we have in addition is a ghost vote which is excavated viking boat and the rivets give the illusion of a ghost ship. people have misconceptions of the vikings. they come and find out they never wore the horned helmets. they never called themselves vikings.
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stuck during history. >> disney's fantasia brings the iconic animated classic to life with a vibrant orchestra from fantasia 2000. you can catch the concert on friday at the new jersey performance art center and sunday at long island and brookville. speaking of live music if you want a heart pumping performance check out on tapped at the new victory theater. this dance troupe does it all. from from funk, hip-hop and jazz to beat boxing and some comedy. finally it is mad science at the museum for kids week. find out how to nasa disaster nuts ready for outerspace. kids can even meet real astronauts get a glimpse of the
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kids are happy, you're not stuck at home and the best part of it all is you don't have to go outside. >> steve: returning to chelsea after the store closed nearly 20 years ago. the store open with four floors stainless steel columns, tables and velvet seats and it has a barber in french restaurant. associates are equipped with ipads so they can pull of data on your spending habits and preferences, like shopping online. >> dari: we usually go to the supermarket to get the usual milk, juice, eggs and so forth. don't forget the tattoo. they're looking to appeal to millennial's by allowing suppliers like bodycare sellers, record shops and tattoo parlors
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chain stores. the move is in response to a slight dip in sales with millennial's. >> steve: all about the millennial's. martinez has made a name for herself with a latin tradition. >> steve: treating adhd without medication to health free alternative that is showing some signs of success. >> new york is much more than fires and traffic accidents, it is a center center of culture, the greatest city in the world. >> we all feel tight but fewer and fewer of us use a typewriter. the last typewriter repair man visiting clients since the great depression. >> seeing the words on paper. >> he is one a few latinos working in computer science. he came to the united states at the
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games to having his own tech company he created over 1000 websites. >> what are you doing right now? >> it's only been legal since 2010. believe it or not there are a
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the city. >> dari: spoiler alert about tonight's episode of the x-files. social media is buzzing about a spinoff after spinoff after scully and mulder met their fbi, the veteran agents teamed up at their younger counterparts to take down terror cells through a series of strange events including magic mushrooms, line dancing, trumpets from heaven. of course a spinoff series is just speculation. just one episode left. the stevens finale of x-files is next monday right here on fox 5. >> steve: disney wants to reawaken the force they have already started on star wars episode eight. with luke skywalker on an island. others will be joining the cast. it is at the end of 2017. >> dari: have on it native had made his mark on the new york music scene.
10:25 pm
martinez to catch up with his unique style. >> he is known for being one of the best afro cuban percussionist of the world. today i'm in union city to catch up with the musician and talk about the new album and black history and his concert this friday at carnegie hall. >> in cuba i the opportunity to play all day. nobody complains. i grew up in it. i get to play mike conger or whatever the people would say come to me. >> reporter: his first gig was a plane and a cuba hotel for 1 dollar per month. he he would carry his drums home stopping each block. and then he would go on for a
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>> i worked so many, it was hard >> reporter: now he has legend status. he plays for other guys, in 1998 he got a break invited to join us stateside to her and he decided to stay. >> he found a place to call home in new jersey but q but yes savannah is alive and well in his heart and music. materially poor but culturally rich is childhood taught resourcefulness and determination that keeps him grounded. >> i stop playing in the street focal music which i am really happy i did it that way. >> reporter: i asked about black history month. he talked about living legacy that embraces the contribution of so many. >> it's about being who you are and being real.
10:27 pm
beat of a nation, he's on the shoulders of those who came before in a league of his own all the same time. for "fox 5 news", i'm zachary. >> steve: that is cool. >> dari: social media is changing our relationship to not always for the better. is all the self-love costing us long-term happiness? >> steve: the song that pope
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>> the social media turning us into a generation of narcissists. of course it is. some social scientists are weighing in on it. >> dari: how living online has brought out the worst in people who already love themselves a little too much. >> are you a narcissist? there
10:31 pm
to see if you are. the book narcissism epidemic says narcissism which is having a grandiose view of yourself and thinking you are better than everyone, is increasing in the u.s. >> i think epidemic is a reasonable term because it is something that is growing and something larger than we would expect. >> the professor with the university of georgia is a co-author of the book. he says social media is playing a role but it is not creating narcissists. instead it is a platform for narcissists to display their self absorption. psychiatrist with 1x hill hospital. >> they spend one hour day on facebook and twitter and post pictures of themselves with a chance to go back on to see how many like they get. if they don't get enough like the new pictures coming. >> both the dr. and professor say narcissism is caused by your upbringing. your parents constantly telling
10:32 pm
prettier, smarter than everyone. creating a feeling of entitlement. social media then acts as an accelerant. >> 30 euros ago a 12-year-old-year-old and have these opportunity for self-promotion. everyone to see. now with facebook it is almost >> constantly promoting yourself instead of helping others has damaging consequences according to the expert. >> 's people can start relationships but they have trouble keeping them going. there people who are good at promoting themselves and getting jobs the but when they're there they, cross is entitled her to sell center to keep the job. >> reporter: if you want to take that test online it is called the narcissistic personality inventory. you can google it and take it. so how do we fix it?
10:33 pm
to be nice and considerate of others. then you you have to practice it over and over. back to you. >> dari: is like kindergarten. yankee. a learning center in new jersey is making strides with a drug-free approach to treating children with adhd. the brain ballots achievement center uses a combination of physical and academic exercises which stimulate different parts of the brain. parents are given nutritional guidelines and activities to do at home with their children. for 10-year-old mallory, the results have been life-changing. >> she's on the basketball team now and involved in theater. things that she was unable to do because his behavior prohibited
10:34 pm
currently living with adhd and medication is the most common way to treat it. >> steve: cancer patients in mexico brought pope francis to tears with her rendition of ave maria. they maria >> incredible right the pope gave a hug after her serenade. the pontiff told the team that he asked god to bless her and her family and everyone who cares for her. parents every placing their newborns crib with a cardboard box. what started in europe is gaining popularity here. >> dari: are you ready to vacation in space? >> steve: here is tonight's new york minute.
10:35 pm
your kids during vacation week. >> we have a brand-new museum that is all about the science behind earthquake since anomalies. >> you can also enjoy arts and crafts and other interactive exhibits. one of the things we know parents want to be able to do is to give kids a little bit of learning and this is an easy way for kids to get that. >> it cost 12 bucks or less and you can find out more. >> athletes in our area have a chance at a special competition at the armory of port washington. youth championships featured athletes from eight-80.
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>> steve: this is fascinating. for years parents in england
10:39 pm
a bundle it joy. >> dari: hospital send home a baby box which they say is reducing cases of crib death. as kerry reports some new york hospitals are doing the same thing. >> how would you feel about your baby sleeping in a box? >> i don't know what to say about that. is it convenient? i guess so. i think it is strange. >> baby boxes have been used in finland and other countries for decades. newport sleep in the boxes for the first few months or until they are able to pull themselves up. records show they have reduced the infant mortality rate and others the company bringing the boxes stateside. >> i thought my goodness the u.s. has the highest mortality rate, why are we trying this? >> she is ceo of the baby box company. over the weekend if they handed out 100 free free
10:40 pm
bellevue hospital in new york presbyterian hospital. >> in new york city everyone is short on space and are the baby boxes are compact and portable. it made sense to do a pilot. >> reporter: the boxes are filled with supplies to get they are lined with fitted mark mattresses. when the supplies come out it doubles as a place for babies to sleep. we talk to parents cramp or for space. >> i'm okay with that. it limits the kid from rolling around and limits the ability for them to fall off the bed. >> i have four kids of my own and i used to let them sleep in the hamper. for for transport purposes it would be okay. >> reporter: other parents thought it was funny. >> it's like a saturday night live commercial, baby in a box. >> reporter: parents not comfortable with the boxes manned up changing their mind. >> a lot of parents thought they were not going to put their kid in a box what's wrong with you. we said look, we will piloted in these communities and just try.
10:41 pm
it as a primary sleep space. >> dari: so there are moments that make all of us a little uncomfortable. >> steve: was behind those embarrassment that we feel. a lot of politicians do it of
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>> dari: you probably know someone who says something embarrassing or does something embarrassing. particularly in politics. those moments are magnified. >> steve: every second is captured. jeb bush has had his share of awkward encounters like putting a hoodie on the old fashion way. we all experience when it happens, here's my king to explain. >> you get back in the business of a more peaceful world. please clap. >> on video his request for a request for them to clap sounded less sad than it looked.
10:45 pm
worried about the sinus project. >> he has twice bungled melia obama's name and has had other floppers. at one point some of us has said something embarrassing to make those watching us feel uncomfortable. >> but then there are those with so many bad jokes, such poor timing is such a desperate, innocent desire for people to like them they just can't seem to do anything without inspiring pity of the rest of us. >> there's something called neurons the part of your brain which is like the pause for empathy.
10:46 pm
see someone else blowing it. allowing us to put some part of ourselves and their place. >> you get uncomfortable and squirmy i want to get out of the situation. >> i think i am watching them dig into a hole but you're squirming because you can help them. >> painfully awkward and it is difficult to watch. you want to help them and you feel bad. >> we actually feel what they are feeling so were more likely to help. >> watching that desperate hug and sweatshirt struggle translate to enough votes for jaber to overcome his odds. >> eat your heart out. >> steve: that is odd to see that clip. last night during the valentines they did 12 degrees out, heatwave. >> nick: even upper 50s for
10:47 pm
the turnaround like that does happen, we've we've had turnarounds like that in the past when we go from near zero temperatures to 50. when that happens and what goes on now we end up with snow and freezing rain. a lot of that is happening north and west of the city. eventually we'll be talking about rain tomorrow. thirteen is where we started this morning, 34 is our current temperature. forty-two is where we should average. record low record low at minus eight in 1943. so far happen in chip snow today but it has been raining too. it is above freezing everywhere along the coast. the east, northeast wind pressure following from 30.4 in the wind will get strong and gusty tomorrow. it will be out of the south so we will warm things up. look at the pink and purple
10:48 pm
from stanford across white plains extending southward and westward. there are pockets of freezing rain going on. it is just rain across long island and new jersey shore. 44 degrees now, now, 43 montauk, 46 in belmar, those temperatures are the current temperatures and will continue to rise. look at the temperature change 19 to 36 degrees warmer than it was 24 hours ago. winter weather advisory from the city northward and will last till 7:00 a.m. the freezing rain advisory continues. will show it all moving along, there's more to.
10:49 pm
we will watch the area of rain and it will likely get heavy at times. we dry out tomorrow night. wednesday will bring colder air into thursday. temperature change 50s tomorrow. freezing rain then rain, 45 in town, temperatures keep rising, 56 tomorrow with heavy downpours and those will be afternoon and early evening. thirty-four on wednesday, 38 on thursday, 41 on friday. a few showers friday night and 53 on saturday. more sunshine by the afternoon. upper foreigners on sunday and monday. attention. thank you nick. russ is up next in sports.
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>> russ: we are a. dealing with the cold weather pitchers and catchers will be in florida and arizona for the start of spring training. the pros on the only one getting ready for a new baseball season. >> thousands of kids dream a play major league baseball but imagine if you had the chance to be instructed by a bona fide major league star. in new jersey you can. >> if i can't help along the way, give him a tip here or the right way to swing or throw ball, i'm happy. >> let's switch up into three groups. >> baseball with camps and showcases were featured three years ago to who played
10:54 pm
younger's brother is the current home run derby champion. >> we teach things from defense of stuff and offenses stuff. he he can come back and show these kids new drills. hopefully they bring it back with the practice on their own and that's how they will get better. it's nice to know that comes from a big leaguer. >> we average 150 guys and kids who want to work in the winter. mainly in new jersey and some outside in other states. it goes to show how much work these guys want to put into being good baseball player. >> i've learned a lot of things about the mental part of the game. you have to stay focused to be able to have success. >> the legends are not just about on the field skills. >> they have to be good instead he and if they're not
10:55 pm
going to be playing baseball. >> he connects to baseball where he let his 199898 little league squad to a world series championship. family affair. their father along with their mom were both year in 2015. you have to teach your kids not this far out are this close, but you have to give them room. you have to give them room to have good days and bad days. >> we have a professional and it professional given tips and the listen to them more than the listen to us. >> he has a simple rule. >> for them to have fun they have to understand that it is just a game. they spell is just a game. what did you do yesterday? don't worry about what happened
10:56 pm
pictures up there. >> dari: i might need a drink to get up there. >> steve: pretty crazy stuff. that will deliver tonight. the warm-up underway. the warm-up underway.
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