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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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stay with us. ben: temperatures rise and freezing rain is pretty much out of here. . from freezing rain to from freezing rain to regular rain, it's warm outside. it's warm temperature wise. it's a power outage at grand central. take a look at how it's looking on this morning's commute. a man is carrying a gun in the bronx. it's in his right hand and
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in the shoulder. if he thought it was tough to get tickets, it's about to get tougher. the hit broadway show is a winner at the grammys. we will show you some highlightsast night. >> it's 5:00 on tuesday morning february 16. thank you for being with us. the weather has changed remarkably from this time yesterday morning. we are 300 warmer .the freezing out of here. it's moving on but the rain is still coming. you had someone yesterday evening and last night but it looks like the rain will be at its worst later this afternoon. it will get really sloppy out there. >> it was snowing a couple of times. some places ids and
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temperatures came he made the changeover and it aided up . you can see in the northern tri-state the snow and ice sitting on the ground. we will see a good hit of rain coming later on but you will see the winter weather advisory in the purple area going away as time goes on. coastal flooding it's long island here with a high tide and flooding. we are looking at 2 and a half 3 feet above normal. it's a strong southeast wind coming through it 10 25 mph but gusting up to 35 per house plus some. you have the typical flooding out there in those areas with problems in the coastal flooding issues guess what .
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today. we are not looking at showers at this point in time. we are looking at a break . it's 320 in poughkeepsie and 30 a few spots and going to change up as the southerly flow takes over in the southeast for most of us here in the tri-state coming through at seven 12 miles per hour. it's just to the north of that and there is one coming in from the northeast. to the south of it , the rain and snow line has been lifting to the north and there is a low in between seeing the heavier rain make a comeback . it will be windy out there with coastal flooding being
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let's bring in ines and see what's happening as we had the roads. ines: you have to be careful out there. let's start out with the bridge. construction ramps up at 35 miles per hour. the staten island expressway is doing fine but you have an accident near bay pkwy., west with an earlier accident dealing with closings and third avenue. westchester is doing okay. most on the freeway dealing with exit 12. let's go to the latest problem at root for eastbound and all liens are close because of an accident. a lot of cars are spinning out. that's especially as you go into north jersey. the new jersey turnpike . the speed restriction is 45
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you are taking the parkway at 45 miles per hour. everything is running closer to schedule. >> there could be some delays as the morning progresses . after problems yesterday , it all started when the cold weather caused a pipe to burst. let's check in now join us live with the latest on the situation at grand central. >> no delays as i'm now but it could change once we start seeing more people hit the trains and get moving with the morning rush. the mta is being cautious letting writers know that there could be 20 30 minute delays if the problems continued throughout the morning. >> the corridors went dark and tickets machine went out. there was lots of confused writers at the grand central terminal . they cause lower levels to
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>> it's concerning in new york. >> in the eight years i have taken the metro passengers had to do it the old-fashioned way. they had to look up train times on the list. the blackout began around 9:30 a.m.. it's a major pipe first in the underground house at 47th st. >> the third rail was not affected and there was no reported delays. trains are directed to the upper level.the spokesperson for the mta said the transformer was into the water and the crews have been there but after that it should be when we are back to regular power. >> the mta website also wasn't working. by the evening rush, backup generators had lights on in
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. >> there was a lot of police presence here. it's 47th and madison where the pipe first. lights are out there now and there's people coming in and out of there. they will have to find another way out of the terminal this morning. we are alive sending things back over to you. 5:07 am. ben: he was aiming a gun at cars in the bronx. the surveillance video the suspect appears to point a gun at a delivery driver and then a dog. it happened on tendon avenue yesterday afternoon. officers say they opened fire after he refused to drop his gun. he had his gun down his right hand
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you about an east/bush brooklyn. it left one man dead . they were hit by gunfire on east 56 street. 33-year-old was struck in the head and killed. he was taken to king county hospital and police say he is likely to survive the injuries. police have made no arre s. to protest with messages playing today and from the nfl's headquarters on park avenue. one is an anti-beyonci rally being held by people who thought her performance was attack on police officers. beyonci and her dancers are wearing leather and black arrays which is a nod to the black anthers. the protest is expected at the same time called get information anti-beyonci protest rally.
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town today to meet with civil rights leaders like sharpton. jeb bush is taking on donald trump and we are talking jeb and his brother george w. he got involved in the campaign yesterday in south carolina. robert moses joins us now for the latest . >> it's an interesting race for wife and i were talking. you have to wonder what people overseas are thinking. >> i said, i imagine people listening to a string of these soundbites. whoever said democracy was nice and the . the bush family was quite popular so who better to try to reinvigorate the campaign .
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the republican primary.>> in an act of brotherly love, the 43rd president took the stage in north charleston to rally support for the man who was the 45th x he testified to his younger brothers readiness . he took some shots at the man who has endlessly criticized both bush brothers and donald trump. >> you have to listen to the voices of the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name-calling. >> a man has done plenty of the name-calling held a freewheeling news conference once again . the world trade center brought down the reign of george bush. >> trump wasn't done. he threatened to sue ted cruz. he doesn't even have to write to serve as president. he doesn't have to run as president. he was born in canada.
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he meets with her civil rights leader . today's gathering follows one he had last week in harlem. it's another reminder of the importance of the african-american vote . clinton usually carefully user scripted line and she broke out of a mold going back to an old radio ad went dog barks when someone says something is not true. >> need to get that dog and follow him around. every time they say the great recession was caused by too much regulation working . hillary clinton has a busy day in new york city today. we mention the meeting this morning. she is slated to give a speech at the schomburg center for black culture research. that's in harlem.
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figuring into a new marco rubio ad . we will tell you how , coming up at 530 a.m. the south carolina primary is coming up this saturday. ben: it was a funky nigh. [music] we will show you some of the most memorable moments. it will be heavy at times. spring can't be too far away , is it? we will see. the interactive radar the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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rear site was caught on camera. look at that. the avalanche cascading down the mountainside. enjoying the view when you are the loud noise. he thought it was a rock fall but when he looked up he realized it was quite the avalanche. he recorded it on camera. carrie: it's crazy that people take other phone and think to videotape it and i would just run the other way. ben: let's check the forecast. it's changed quite a bit from yesterday. ben: before we talked about
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before . mike: it wasn't supposed to happen yes it was. temperatures this morning starting out in the 30s and 40s. it's well above freezing with all that snow and ice getting out of town. 480 in central park and 46 in montauk . a few spots are freezing but very few. temperatures change at a 400 jump in temperatures. it's a major jump at 410 warmer. it's 330 warmer in central park. someone fired up the region but it's all the southerly flow making a
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feel like winter , which we had plenty of over the weekend. now it looks like we are getting a break but we will see the rain make a comeback here as we see what came through first. now have a cold front coming through with a lot more moisture and solid rain coming into the carolinas and the virginians. it will nail us here later on this afternoon and give us a good hit ofrain. it will only be here for a fairly short period of time. in the mid afternoon hours, we havthe showers and the heavier pockets of rain with locized fldingoo most of that is in the northern tier of the tri-state heavier pockets of rain in long island and connectit are out of here during the morning commute. was a couple of dry days with some reinforcing shots of cool air coming back . it will start to get back
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the days to come. today's temperature is 560 with heavier rain the mid afternoon hours at three or 4:00. at last into the evening commute in the east . the commute might be a little bit slow out there. we go through the next seven days with a high of 560. it drops all the way to 380 for the high on thursday. you could see the warm-up is temporary but it starts to warm up into next weekend. high temperatures up to 53 on saturday. a little bit of everything out there . let's bring in ines. you can get the snow and ice are here. >> we are good. right now it's slippery. there a lot of accidents in the connector. the parkway looks fine with long
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let's go to the cameras taking a look at root for new jersey. it's near john's road . they are letting a little bit of traffic come in with an accident in the area and eastbound route four. into the george washington bridge we will have delays. the lincoln tunnel looks good. >> the grammys last night with tayr swift and kendrick lamarr being the big winners. >> it was ms. taylor swift who made the most headlines. >> the grammy goes to taylor swift . >> she won the album of the year for her block esther hit , 1989. >> no big surprises there but you have to act surprised. >> she had an escort up the stairs. one week after kanye west
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she responded in a ol and collected way while she accepted the award. >> as the first woman to win, i want to say to all the young women out there they will have people along the way he will try to undercut your success. they will try to take credit for your accomplishments and fame. if you focus on the work and don't let them sidetrack you someday when you get when you're going, you will lo around and know that it was you and the people who love you that put you there. that will be the greatest feeling in the world . >> us has not responded . it's safe to say that we
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>> kendrick lamarr with rap album. he put on the passion performance walking on stage wearing handcuffs in a prison uniform. it's a medley of songs like the berry. he finished by wrapping and standing in front of a black and white match. last night. he won sg of the year. the song one the best pop solo performance. those are his first two . i don't undersnd her reacon . she acting like she won. >> let's go!
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>> everyone was embracing their inner uptown funk . they won the record of the year price. that song walked away with desktop duo and best remix recording. megan trainor took home the award for best new artist. she was nominated last year for the best record. now is the grammys way of reconsidering . she felt like she was overlooked last year i don't know. >> take a look at this performance. tickets will become harder to get. it's actually not even the best song. we are on the top five. >> i think this is the
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>> everything is pretty good. >> after an electrying performance it's best theatrical album of the year. we went crazy on twitter for the acceptance speech. >> he wrote the music and he is phenomenally
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goobers cuts may not be popular among its drivers but it's proving popular with customers outside manhattan. the customer said ridership has served since the 15% rate reduction went into effect on january 29 . ridership in the bronx is up 33%. queens is up 21% even in manhattan rides are up 26%. it's measured registered 75 new users. the company argues that an increase would offset the fair reduction. it's a night out for the money else.they have you thinking about craft beer and cad parties that they have a taste for wine. >> millennial's drank 42% of all the wine consumed in the us.two thirds of that was among women in the under 30 age group. researchers say they are more likely to get wine from places other than
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from "fox 5 news", this is "good day wake up". ben: we went from freezing yesterday to possible flooding today. temperatures are much warmer at 300 warmer. we will see about 10 more degrees later today. in the 50s as we look live lady liberty. mike woods has the complete forecast. ines is keeping an eye on slippery roads. >> for a look at the morning commute , after a pipe cause problems in yesterday's rush hour knocking out power. jump versus bush. george w. bush back at it . it's from the aid of his brother , jeb. >> hello!
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at the grammys last night. was she said she did not sound so good. >> did you watch? >> i did not. i am liking the highlights. it's on a monday night. i know it was a holiday. >> echoes late . >> i saw this past sunday night. that's when i thought it was. >> good morning everyone. i am been seminole. it's 5:30 p.m. thank you for being with us. >> let's go to mike woods. a lot went on this morning. it's depending on whereyou are serious conditions on the road . the snow and ice that we saw and yesterday, even though it made the transition, it still added up to be a significant
5:31 am
for the slush and ice to go away. the interior selection into hudson valley with parts of new jersey bringing in/on the roadways. even the sidewalk on the city is not yet cleared up yet . the winter weather advisory and the purple shaded counties with things scaling down gradually . when it comes to rain or snow do we have anything here? it doesn't mean we are done. temperatures are pretty mild and it's the same thing for young bridgeport. 30 in sussex and 30 in monticello. most of our temperatures are above freezing that there is a d spot here at the time. as we expand, take a look to the south and east and that's where all the moisture is with pretty rain heading in our direction . the morning commute won't be so bad but you do have
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periods of rain making it mild and windy. 560 in the city and windy with coastal flooding issues making a problem. with a few days lined up wednesday, thursday and friday. the weekend looks good . let's get you over to ines and take a peek at what's happening as you hit the roads or rails. >> it's very icy and very slippery. no problems on the lie. westchester and rockland directions. there is a speed restriction 45 miles per hour. problems in new jersey at route 4 with a camera shot over by jones road east on. there's an accident involving debris seeing the flashing lights there with everything sitting in jones road. as far as the trains, they are running on are close to schedule. street
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>> so far so good. >> we are hoping it stays that way. there is a pipe first and from a cold . they join us live with a look at the situation. good morning, liz. >> everything is looking pretty good on the board. you could see power back on here and everything will run at a regular schedule. customers are being advised that there could be 20 30 minute delays as they continue in the grand central terminal. i will tell you what it looks like. the ticket machine was ou and there was lots of confus writers as a power outage caused the lower level to shut down. passengers had to do things the old-fashioned way and asked for customer service reps to do it on a printout list. this is what we know happen.
5:34 am
underground house at 37th st. and madison avenue. shut off the major power supply. the third rail is not big delays. all the trains were redirected to the upper level. freezing rain may have played a major role in this . the transformer was there throughout the afternoon . after that, should not be long before we are back to the regular power. >> at one point, the mainboard was down and the website was working. the main concourse and the shop were up and running again. there was a noticeable police presence yesterday. we may expect it again this morning in case there was
5:35 am
they were redirecting the writers on where to go. 47 street and madison will be closed down for repairs. it's the normal route to get out of grand central terminal. a lawyer for them says he was trying to help an emotionally troubled woman according to a woman releasing a statement yesterday. the daily news says spitzer becomes an raise when a 25-year-old woman says she was leaning back to russia. >> chris christie is down
5:36 am
second to last budget address. on the presidential campaign trail, he could face fierce opposition of democratic control. democrats are pushing for money to relieve the pensions and the trait state transportation fund. the state tax brings in 400 million per year. >> let's talk politics. carrie: hillary clinton is scheduled to meet with all sharpton and other civil rights leaders. ben: the republican race is getting nastier. robert moses is here now with the back and forth with the he id she said from yesterday. robert: nastier? is that possible? be careful what you wish for. jeb bush has to have a good showing in south carolina
5:37 am
the race. he was the perfect man and a rally yesterday and not charleston. his younger brother will be the 45th. seemingly endless criticism fromne donald trump. he has accuse the former president of failing to keep the country safe. he did that in saturday's dete. bush return fire as he testified to his brother's readiness yesterday. >> winning the nomination he will rise name-calling . >> it's now another issue on the republican side with marco rubio releasing a new ad called morning again . it's just one problem. the first shot this one shows the skyline of vancouver canada and the tugboat inthe shot
5:38 am
look carefully, appears to be flying a canadian flag. you zoom in and you can see it's a canadian flag. i wanted to stay wide but it's clearly the skyline of vancouver. hillary clinton is scheduled to meet with all sharpton this morning at the national urban league . coming up, we will look at why she felt the need to bark like a dog yesterday and what that has to do with republicans. it all ties together, i promise! ben: we look forward to hearing that . robert: hillary clinton is so screwed did and sticks to the message. she veered off and it was an entertaining moment. >> pretty much anything goes. >> let's check the forecast. we need the umbrellas today
5:39 am
>> be ready for that. we will see folks leaving without thinking about it. don't be one of those people. here is the bottom line . off to the north and west with temperatures rising. we are doing a decent job . we don't have additional rain right now to help out. warmer temperatures are making a comeback . it will be mild and windy with periods of heavy rain this afternoon. it will help to get the snow and ice out of here. we'll have a chance to dry out tonight. rain w't stick around f too lo but will be pretty heavy at times. >> evening commute is coming back tomorrow. we have a mostly cloudy sky at 470. the winds, the south 8 miles per hour. there is an area temperature that's freezing and it's in the interior and northern section .
5:40 am
and you have a southerly flow taking over. it's in the mid-40s and closer to the 50s here. it's the first of the showers that came through yesterday evening. it's the bigger rain that comes later on. it will be heavy at times. coastal flooding is a problem. sunny skies return with cooler temperatures in the next few days. >> we have a live interactive radar check it out. it is free. >> icy spots are out there. >> we just heard about an
5:41 am
springfield. it's blocking elaine. we have route for shutdown. let's look at the camera shot down by jones road. they are letting traffic go through so don't take route for eastbound. use the cal roads heading towards the gwb.
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headlines for you on this tuesday morning. shot and wounded with an armed man in the bronx yesterday afternoon when he refused torop the gun that he was holding. the man was pointing the gun at cars and firing randomly. he was see on surveillance dog . one man is dead and another shot in the back . he will arrest has been made. to protest plan today in front of the nfl park avenue headquarters. one is anti-beyonci being held about people upset over the halftime performance and the other is an anti- beyonci rally.
5:45 am
. >> you can follow all of that this morning. avoid the area. >> is in the mid-40s. i will know it when i get there. this is not taking use make sure you ready for the bus before i am on a plane to port st. lucie. get out of here ! i turned burn myself. i am on my way to port st. lucie >> some players are tting an early start. the dark night with my
5:46 am
he is removed from the host of the open day start . >> i felt great in game five. there's a lot of things that we learned as a whole but if everyone knew the outcome going in, i think a lot of people would have change things.>> it's a fresh year and a new year. we are excited to get bak it's in better shape last year. >> i think he could lose a little bit. >> is a big guy. strong guy. heiday he wanted to put on weight that he got too thin because he wanted to go deep into the season but some guys do . >> he said he is open to a contract extension but i don't think it's happening. he has asked the question what else will he say? his agent is scott boris. he almost always lets them
5:47 am
huge money. >> they had to florida and its an open house at the city trail. it's mister and mrs. matt he is the best mascot . he is! there is no argument. they will post the pictures with the young fans. his first full workout is friday. yankees begin spring training on thursday. 35-year-old with houston and the wild card game entering alcohol rehab programs. andy says he is confident he will have a successful season. he is working with the top finalist prospects. he's been through the transition of taking some uff off of it. cz has the command
5:48 am
. he is working out with my friend . he looked great . islanders host the red wings. they look for the fourth straight win. it scoreless with nelson and how do you do that? >> it's unbelievable josh bailey scores making it 2/0. he makes it 3/0 in islanders have three goals in less than eight minutes. we are back in third place in the metro division. that is that in sports. >> is a lot of optimism. it's fun. i remember a couple of years ago that we went down there and we knew there was no chance to do anything. last year , we thought it was out of schedule.
5:49 am
>> thank you, duke. let's check the weather forecast again. it's depending on where you are. >> at this point, we are in the break with a low and not much going on. a lot of folks may step out the door and say it's all done but it's not. bigger rain is coming in until this afternoon. one of the other problems is with coastal flooding betwn 1:00 p.m. 8:00 p.m. depending on the high tide schedule. as it comes in, look for it to be two three above will be flooding out with winds coming in at 25 mph. it gusts over 25 mph . temperatures are mild at 440. it's a lot warmer than what it was. most locations are between 30 400 than it was. it's a huge jump . the winds are doing a lot of
5:50 am
from the north, it means the area of low pressure is coming on top of us. we have the front as well. we will see wind direct changes in a southerly f taking over. hasn't happened just yet but it will happen. later rain showers with a mix coming through in the overnight . here's the heavier stuff coming into the mid-atlantic region swing by here this afternoon. the rain will come down with the thunder possible. it's wrapping up this evening and the worst of it comes through this afternoon and this evening. sunnier skies return with a high. >> we have icy patches out there.
5:51 am
a couple of problems in new jersey with an accident at summit avenue heading toward 78. it's blocking elaine westbound. it's very icy on the bronx river parkway on the freeway with a little bridge in the bronx river parkway. crews are out there trying to take care of that near the palisades with a crash. that's take a look at the lie with a huge traffic jam. there is an accident blocking the liens and we somehow have the accident by george road being worked on. it's leaving only one lane open.trains are running close to schedule. the street cleaning roles are back in effect. carrie: we have a lot more still ahead this morning.
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to david bowie. time now for entertainment. winners and losers aside. performance. lady gaga did not
5:55 am
bowie tribute. >> it's a good couple of days. it was pretty weird. bowie classics like let's dance and phase oddity. one artist failed to deliver surprising was a dell. x she performed all i ask with sound problems attributing to piano mics that fell on the piano springs. some people said she was off key. she shrugged it off saying that red happens. they say was an issue on their behalf.
5:56 am
trute to line ritchie . ben: eyesight last night. it was good. john legend is so good. carrie: they a took to the stage to take on a tribute to the legendar singer. they all joined ritchie on stage for a four-time gap grammy winner honoring as the music cared person of the year. more odd performances of the night with sophia joining pitbull on stage to close out the show. she was dressed while he sang an english version of the song , yellow taxi. that was earlier in the night. it was the latin rock with alternative album at the spanish language .
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$69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> expect wet and windy condition when is you head out the door this morning. yesterday's snow is melting away as temperatures rise into the 50s later on. mike woods has details in his forecast. >> power restored at grand central mta saying there could be scattered delays this morning. but right now so far so good. >> police say they have to shoot a man in the bronx who was brandishing a gun in a threatening manner. that was a suspect there taken to lincoln hospital. >> and the grammy goes to taylor swift.


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