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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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$69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> expect wet and windy condition when is you head out the door this morning. yesterday's snow is melting away as temperatures rise into the 50s later on. mike woods has details in his forecast. >> power restored at grand central mta saying there could be scattered delays this morning. but right now so far so good. >> police say they have to shoot a man in the bronx who was brandishing a gun in a threatening manner. that was a suspect there taken to lincoln hospital. >> and the grammy goes to taylor swift.
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taylor swift was the big winner at the 2016 grammy awards she took home second best album honor. bruno mars won best record. great music there last night. oz always at the grammies. >> a lot of people talking about her had new hairdo with the bangs. >> and missing half her dress. ment big cutout there. good morning everybody i'm kerry drew in for juliet this morning. >> i'm ben past halfway in february. 16th we like that and feels like april a little bit. >> absolutely spring is around the corner. got a taste of it. a little meat on those bones. in the clear and wasn't this the time that we had that bet. >> february 17th, i think actually. >> i think we're done. >> that's it.
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the road. looking interesting. couple of them we we have to wait with and seep. lepts get through this one right here. we have win the weather advisory posted up to the north. that's up for a little while longer but winter precip is about gone and ice on the roadways out there. and then we have a coast the flooding the there. talk about watches and warnings, but coastal flood advisories that we have times of high tide we could see tides two and a half to three feet above normal that's a pretty bump up as far as your tide levels but we have to wait to see what goes on with that. right now you've got 48 central park. nuke and islip and bridgeport and 3 in islip. we've got rain and snow basically from yesterday in the evening. pushed up to the north.
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virginias heading in this direction. i think this is what we deal with later this afternoon. heavy at times but a fairly short period of time so at least it won't sit around for so long that we can't handle it. but localized could be a problem this afternoon. peak aroun 3:00 in the afternoon. high temp manages to get up to 56 degrees. running about 30 degrees warmer than yesterday an windy as with. and then we go to drier conditions wednesday, thursday into friday. things are pretty dry for us and we'll take the break. let's bring in ines rosales having a hard time keeping up with accidents. look at that lest. wow. >> noting loo good. start off with new jersey here. route 24 eastbound by summet avenue. 78 accident westbound after -- before exit 48 blocking a lane so before route 24 and express
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got to use local lane and a lot of delay. rock land couyrd bega state parkway exit 172 an accident. throughway has a spinout southbound. throughway that's that northbound side approach palisades a crash block a lane. watch out for bronx river parkway by the brj. icy out there. salt trucks trying to take care of it. showing you oren problems by jericho turnpike. i'm going to show you new jersey still worked on eastbound over by jones road. there you can see all of the activity blocking only two lanes, right lane is getting through. now westbound side look at that spinout there has at least a lane blocked. everyone driving around that. icy messy out there. as far as trains let's go to checklist they're doing fine everything on or close. ben and kerry. rmingts as you've been
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really seen any problem on metro-north far today but there could be some. we understand power now back on at grand central terminal. >> welcoming break yesterday left commuters in the dark and mta says there could be lingering delays today. let's check in with liz dahlem live at grand central with the latest on the situation there. good morning, liz. >> good morning to you ben and kerry so far so good we saw a bunch of ride terse get off trains at grand central terminal to complaints from them. things moving smoothly. video we shot a few minutes ago. lights are back on in lower level of grand central terminal and main level there. that's a good sign as we head into this morning rush. but mta advising customers there could be a 20 to 30 minute delay potentially as a result of yesterday's power problem. >> the corridor went dark. ticket machines out and lots of confused riders after a power
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>> surprising and concerning when you're in new york. when you know -- >> in eight years i've taken metro-north first time we do this. passengers had to do things old fashioned way ask to lunge train times on a list. but blackout 9:30 monday morning. a pipe burst in underground trempler transformer house. third rail was not affected and there were no reported delays. but all trains were redirected to upper level. freezing main may have played a role according to aaron donovan spokesmen for the mta. >> that transformer was flooded with 18 >>s of water and crews there removing all of the water. of a that shouldn't be long until we're back to regular power. main board was down and mta
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but by evening rush the lights on in the main concourse shops and markets again. >> originally they thought they were going to close at 46th and madison but that is back open so entrances and exits go here at grand central terminal. mta looking into what exactly what made the that happen and hopefully it won't happen begun p again. back over to you. >> liz dahlem thank you very much. yesterday police shot a man that witnesses say was aiming gun at passing cars in the bronx. >> nypd released it this surveillance video of the suspect. he appears to point a gun at a delivery driver and dog on kitten avenue yesterday afternoon. two officers say they opened fire when he refused to drop his gun hit him in the shoulder. he was then taken to lincoln hospital in stable condition. he reportedly tolds officers he was high on angel dust. >> double shooting in east
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dead. two hit by gunfire 7 p.m. east 56th street. a 33-year-old was struck in the head and killed. the other a 31-year-old shot in the back and he was taken to king's county hospital and likely survive his injuries. no arrests yet made. >> with four day in the next vote for cast in the presidential race war of wars on campaign trail is heating up. >> donald trump is ratcheting up. robert moses with the leapts for the race on the courthouse. >> ratcheting up is that possible? if it is we're seeing a ratcheting up it is not an overstatement to say that south carolina is make or break for jeb bush he's in a dog fight with trump and other republicans so he brought in his brother six
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in an active brotherly love, 4 43rd president took the stage to l are ally support for the man who would like toe the 45th. >> i want thanks for brother -- >> george w. bush testified to younger brothers readiyness to be president and endly criticized both bush brothers trump. >> listen to the disenfranchised. he will rise above the petty name calling. earlier man who has done plenty of that name calling held a ride ranging free wheeling news conference once again accusing george w. bush of failing to protect the country. >> the world trade center kill down during the, you know, reign of george bush it came down. >> trump are wasn't done and threatened to sue ted cruz. >> he doesn't have the right toe run as president he was he is born in canada.
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reverend al sharpton in lower manhattan. today gathering follows one that bense had last week with sharpe tong at sylvia at harlem. it's another reminder of the importance of the african-american vote. clinton who usually used a carefully scripted line broke out of that mold yesterday. hark pngd back to old radio ad in which a dog barks when someone running for political awfsz says something that is not true. >> how we can do that with the republicans? you know, we need to get that dog and follow -- follow him around and every time they say oh, you know, the great recession was caused by too much regulation. bark bark -- >> oh. >> what do you say to that clinton has a busy day here in new york today we mentioned that appearance this morning. she meets with civil right it is leaders in lower manhattan at the national urban league and then this afternoon she's scmgd to give a speech for research in black culture that is in harlem.
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>> robert moses for us robert thanks so much. in other news a big night at the grammy awards for taylor swift ken drk lamar and many others. >> swift won all bu. year for her block bugser buster 1989 and sofnght year went to ed sheeran for thinking outlook and record of the year went to bruno mars and mark for their big hit uptown funk. complete wrap whereupon is coming up later in this hour. much more still to come here this morning. >> mike is keeping track of the forecast. hi, mike. >> changes coming up for us first of all a lot warmerrer outside already. 48 degrees and we're stl on our way up. periods of rain coming at us with mild temperatures and gusty winds and that rain will be heavy at times. coast o l flooding is also an issue out there today. if you want to keep track of the rain we have a live interactive ray or dare on the fox 5 weather app at the apple and google play store.
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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>> allight we are back waking up to warmer temperatures this morning. >> much nicer although sidewalks in the city and other places as
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>> slushy, icy warmer temples help fuss and additional rainfall with the warmer temps this afternoon will do a great job to clean upp all of that nastiness on sidewalk too. anyhow 48 central park right now. 49 in islip bumping up in temple there is. 45 in montauk and temperature changings these are big jumps up in temperatures from 24 hours ago. 35 degrees warmer the at newark than it was yesterday at the same times that that's a big changer. 40 egg drays warmer in islip and 41 in bridgeport so temps again around 30 to 40 degrees warmer than it was yesterday at the same time. a huge change. showers not a big deal at this point but rain has moved on. wintry mix is out of here. but rain is coming through hitting carolinas and virginia, and heading toward us here, and it should be here especially by later on thisfteron. i'd say mid-afternoon is when
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that means evening commute could be sloppy too. but it is rain that we're talking about. but solid through maybe even thundershowers as it rolls on by. it is out of here by later on this evening, though, and drier skies in next few days to come but cooler temps make a comeback here. you can see that push of cool air trying to bring in flurries from wednesday into thursday. but altogether it looks like we've got changes going up today and then back down temp wise tomorrow. but periods of rain which will be heavy at times. windy and coastal flooding an issue at times of high tide between 1 and 8 p.m. today. especially for south facing shores and eastern long island and then tomorrow sunny skies. 44 then. 38 for you on thursday. 41 on friday. and then another small shower chance on saturday. but your temps over this weekend are relatively mild for this tile of the year.
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that accident and whatnot -- not good morning. >> so icy and slippery out there you have to be careful. traffic expect to be light this morning. kids are off from school so no work. traffic jammed westbound past jericho turnpike one lane blocked with that. accidents in new jersey. two plans blocked by summet avenue. 78 westbound by exit 48 in local lanes an accident also on eastbound side pex press lan closed. route 3 in new jersey bloke bloom field two are blocked. this accident i by jones road one lane getting through. a debris spill involved with this. westbound side looks like they blocked two lanes driving into the city this is route 4 problem. with the gwb 0 95 fine as well as route 46. lincoln tunnel building with
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holland about a five minute delay. technology now samsung is out with a new smart windchill and getting great reviews. >> joining us is tech expert shelly palmer with h reviewings. >> samsung has the gear f2 a pretty, really pretty smart watch, and it has a couple of things about it i like aot. one, it's got this really interesting outer bezzl and watch faces you can get out of a watch face store. some are free. some you have to pay for. what i love it be this they think is it's got a set of apps that are very is intuitive. unfortunately not enough apps but for those of us who are superlazy and see our notifications on our screen. what weather might be who called us u, if yopts to say something
6:19 am
who you want to text because you can u now talk to your watch that has a little bit of a cool vibe. too lazy to talk to my phone soen ya talk to my watch. apple watch is a square, round better? >> flat out this moving bezzle is fantastic and one of the nicest attributes of the phone. voice recognition it's got the ability to control 100% of your phone, and nicely u unlike iphone which must have apple watch -- somewhere clogs by, this guy works on its own. doing stuff without any help if you happen to leave your phone far away or, i mean, for some crazy reason wearing your windchill and not carry your phone i don't know what that would be. but it wakes up in a nice way.
6:20 am
this verse they have fancier 399. : anything you don't like about it? >> i can find stuff not to like abouting in. if you connect this and you let the battery run out, you have to really reconnect the phone and it is no fun to do. >> how long is charming last? >> interestingly ts one has lasted me three days so far and kind of spectacular how good that is compared to let's say am l watch which is a once a day charge. all technology cane improved this is as nice of watch samsung has come out with if you're going to get a watch. ben i know you love yours. i have an apple watch at home that i don't use. i haven't set it up. >> i rest my case. but if you were going to have one. >> not bad -- this iwatch --
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: i didn't think i would ever care. i want to tell you because it is so much fun to look at your wrist and go oh, kerry texted me in a meeting. i'm that lazy. i am, so will you, ben you'll go, wow i don't have to reach into my pocket and get my phone. >> so i feel sloppy and lazy. but if you want to be lazy, this is a great way to do it. >> shelly palmer on twitter or facebook. clitter around the office could be a solved problem. >> we have that problem here.
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>> welcome back chris christie will deliver second to last budget address but a at a time when he spent much of the year on the presidential campaign trail he could face fierce opposition from democrat controlled legislature. democrats are pushing for money from pension and state trust fund. christie meanwhile sposhing to eliminate estate tax that brings in 400 million dollars for the state for year. >> president obama will be making a trip to vietnam in a
6:25 am
his visit in may will coincide with the trip to e region or for a summit in japan. president will be the third american president in a row to travel to vietnam since the end of the vietnam war. the white house made ticial announcement after the president met with vietnam's prime minister yesterday at a summit with southeast asian leaders in california. >> now for most important story all day. a major car manufacturer dropped the self-parking car. >> our boss is going to go for these immediately. research verse create ared these chairs which return to their base positions after a hand clap. if you can't steal chars from the conference room anymore. no u you just go, chair parks itself. motor company developed a chair based on self-parking technology. that is -- crazy.
6:26 am
way. >> you see there's a mess of chairs. [laughter] for chairs from various campus rooms over the years. >> i think those would be a hit. a nights out for millennial might have you thinking about beer but they have a taste for wine. wine market counsel reports that millennials drank 42% of all wine consumed in the u.s. last year. and two-thirds among women in the under age 30 age group. usually they go for beer. research rs say likely to drink wine from places other than california. and -- >> no problem shelling out more than $20 btle.ot okay we have all of the top storiesing, and allegation into the alleged assault involving eliot spitzer when good day runs
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>> temperatures are rising into the 50s today but wet conditions are making roads slippy. ines is keeping track the traffic conditions and mike has a full forecast. >> full power restored at grand central terminal after the power failure. darkness inside that space and no lingering delays in that outage. stock market has big gains today futures up since friday. oil prices also surging. >> demonstrators outside nfl park avenue head quarter this is morning they're protesting beyonce 's super bowl halftime show and then other people are going to be protesting the protesterses. so -- a lot of protesting dwoang on. full report for you coming up. >> good morning everybody tuesday morning i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm kerry drew in your juliet this morning. 6:30 on this tuesday thank you for being with us. >> back to work after a long holiday weekend today and
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you know, cooperate here this morning. >> a little bit of everything. warmer or outside but you have to deal with the rain at the same time. you want umbrella. although it is not raining right now kerry and ben the rain is making a comeback later this afternoon and come down hard at times here. show you in a second. 48 at central park as well as newark and brej ports. 49 in islip opinion 49 in montauk. tropical around the tristate region. winds are more southerly throughout theristate region and strong from the south 12 miles per hour. gusting to 35 plus. that's coming to you. so mixed precip from yesterday has most moved on waiting for next solid rainfall down to the southwest with periods of rain which will be heavy at times. high temp this amp 56 degrees in the city, and again witness stand did i at the same time.
6:32 am
problem. friday cooler days but it is drier at the same time. all right let's bring in ines right now, and where backups are, and all overrule the place. >> a lot of spinouts right now l.i.e. cleared by gyre koa turnpike westbound so you can see the delay. northern state parkway a better route for that one as far alternates are concerned. 24 with this eastbound see so much going i'm forgetting by summit avenue exit 8 two blocked with an accident. on eastbound side of 78 in the for express lanes shutting it down. you have to use local lane. go to or cameras with route 4 in new jersey. happened an hour ago. you have delays to the gwb avoid this route 4 eastbound. they have all lanes closed just right lane that is open lately so this accident causing a huge delay.
6:33 am
but you have a lane closed there. as for trains they're fine. everything on or close to schedule. be careful with slippy plat forms. >> keeping a close eye on situation at grand central this morning in back of yesterdays power outage. >> liz dahlem live with the latest details. good morning, liz. >> good morning to you bern and kerry everything running just fine at metro-north stations here, at grand central terminal we're told service is fully reared to trains running on team so things are looking pretty good. we got in inside an lights back on on lower level. everything is well lit, looking good. ticket machines are running fine as well as the board. that was all different yesterday. it was a dark scene here in grand central. corridor lot lit. ticket machines were out and confused riders after this caused lower level to shutdown.
6:34 am
the old fashioned away as for customer many service reps to crank the ticket times in reason to them -- there's a lot of confusion. there was a black out around 9:30 monday morning after the transformer house at 47th street in madison avenue. that really flooded out the main power supply. third rail not affected but redistricted to the upper level. freezing main may have played a role in thissing according to mta but we spoke to commuters this mornings and they said everything was running just fine. >> dark, a lot of marl -- police. >> how was it? >> train on time. lights, it went well. >> a decent job getting it up? >> i do. >> customers seem happy with how service was restored. by the evening rush back upgenerators brought in to bring
6:35 am
area as well as shops in markets and everything has been fixed. power fully restored in grand central. railroad had also warned that they were going to have to close down entrance on madison and 47th street but that is facultily reopened at this point and making a couple of more repairs to that pipe that burst but with don't know exactly what caused that to happen buttering really good here at grand central this morning. back over to you guy. thank you. this morning in midtown two protest with messages about beauon say planned in front of the park avenue head quarters. one is anti-beyonce rally held by people upset over her super bowl half halftime performance. beyonce and dancers wearing leather and a nod to the black panthers movement. counterprotest will take place at the same time and get in formation, anti-beyonce protest
6:36 am
both are slated to start at 8 a.m. >> lawyer for eliot spitzer says no assault happened in a room with plaza hotel. trying to help an emotionally troubled woman that is what adam said in a statement yesterday. police are investigating with's claim that spitz choked her and shoved her on saturday. but his client and woman had an amicable confers as he was trying to keep her calm after she became emotional. spitzer became enraged when 25-year-old woman said she was moving become to russia and back on sunday. joining us from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti. we're hearing this could be a big day on wall street. >> first day back, and popping
6:37 am
a rise of 500. chinese market is up 3%. and many of the price of oil. this is huge story. you have the two biggest oil producers in the world. saudi arabia, and russia agrees to freeze oil production at current levels. this is not cutting it. this is freezing it but it's a step in the right direction to prop up price of oil, so with oil prices higher. chinese stock market higher stage is set for the u.s. an maybe your 401(k) down 10 this year if you're following market maybe it will get relief. >> for the first time in a couple of months it was ugly. >>a lot of too many no big deal. but for folks a little bit older. >> don't panning at as you say see what happens here. you should consult a financial professional.
6:38 am
>> you are not sure there's places you can find it or go to finder. all right u ber fare cuts may not be popular among the drivers but it is apparently proving popular especially those outside manhattan. >> surged ever since 15% rate reduction went into effect on january 29th. ridership in bronx is up 33%. in queens it's 21% rights here in manhattan trips are up 26%. the company says it's also trjed 75,000 new use percent so far this month. company has argued that an increase in requiredship would offset the fare reduction. >> interesting. warm but rain on the way. >> we're in a break, a lull right now in terlings of the precip no rain or snow in the area for the time being but that's only for a short while. icy spots now that's a problem for us especially to the north and west of the city.
6:39 am
with the -- cold front that is approaching. we've got that warmer southerly wind and that will bring up milder air. mild this amp but along with that comes rain heavy at times. in fact i'm sure we'll see thundershowers that comes to a tomorrow. all right here's ines and she's got the latest around the tristate. >> good morning mike. yeah so much going on westchester, there's an accident on throughway northbound as you approach palisades. washingway exit 172 an texas there. another problem here throughway southbound by 287 where it connects exit 15. accident. tappan zee bridge 45 miles per hour speed restrictioning. westchester conditions on ice parkway. gwb no problem into the city. 20 minute lincoln, fiver at the
6:40 am
dukes is here with sports. dark night returns to spring training. we'll hear from harvey talk about the upcoming yore and we're going to talk about a possible contract extension. big night in the world of entertainment. big winners in the 2016 grammy awards.
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when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' see if i packaged it. world right there. if the last 3 letters
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check headlines on a tuesday morning power is back at grand central following anage yesterday. trains expected to run on a regular weekday schedule morning. a burst water partnership blamed for the outage. police shot a man in the bronx yesterday afternoon when he refused to drop his gun. the man reportedly pointing the gun at cars firing ran dolly. and seen on surveillance video aiming at a man and dog. >> george w. bush with jeb in south carolina. the 43rd commander in chief hopes his younger brother will
6:44 am
robert moses sad jeb about burble has to have a good showing in the state primary this saturday to continue in this race. what's going on in the sports world? >> leaving right after good day. fors mets pitchers and catchers in port st. lucie, and getting an early start one of those dark night. matt arrived yesterday morning. a full workout he looks good like he lost weight he's in shape. a full season removed from tommy john surgery. >> i feel great -- a lot of things that by learn as a whole that you know if everybody knew the outcome going in a lot of people would change things. but you know, it's a fresh year. it's a new year and we're excited to get back where we started.
6:45 am
extension but i don't think it's happen. mets control his contract through 2018 hissing agent is scott. almost lets these things play out that pushes for iewj money had. meantime how about this -- nets players and coaches headed to florida for spring training. they brave the cold and open house at citi field they visit at the clubhouse. a voucher for two game tickets. mister and mrs. met pose, and as i said get their had workout in tomorrow morning. they report first workout friday. rolled into camp a maserati. saying about home run hitters they drive cadillac. : they drive ford. >> here's the deal you don't drive unless you say i want the ball opening-day.
6:46 am
>> honest it is in your face. loud cars. you're flaunting that you paid well into the six figures for a car. a flashy car. 5, and 554s horsepower. i heard it from a mile away. anthony we appreciate the for there shooting one of the best business. on top of it. been at a sporting event you've seen his picture. we thank him for that had. but that says i want the ball opening-day. yankees spring training on sunday. the yankees lost to houston in the al wiewld card game last fall and entered alcohol rehab program. andyandy pettitte is confident. he was working with the yankees top minor prospect. sabathia he knows what he can do. has comappedz to do it. c. c. was in here last week
6:47 am
in new jersey boxing, and i think he's going to have a big year looking for the fourth straight home win scoreless until second feared. nelson this is a beauty right here. how he did that is unbelievable with a stick. josh scored making it 2-0, and eight -- islanders three goals. they win 4-1 back into third place in the metro division. jason pierre-paul show off the take, and after his hand injured last year in that fourth of july fireworks accident. he made this, new user image. on one he wrote the message saying sometimes you have to sink in order to understand what it means to rise. jpp one sack in eight game last season. he'll be a free agent. they don't resign until end of the month.
6:48 am
he can got to the quarterback, but once we saw last year he needs to make the tackle it is different. >> yeah. not going to play to that wrap next year he doesn't think so but yeah -- duke weather has changed. since yesterday. >> check in with mike woods for today's forecast. good morning, mike. >> temperatures still going up. 48 central park. 49 in islip and 50s later this afternoon. wouldn't be surprised if a few folks hit 60s. jump up in temperatures. 45 warmer than 24 hours ago bauds of that warm southerly flow. and that will continue throwts the day. but we're also going to bring back showers. here's heavy rain in carolinas and virginia. this is rain, showers, thunderstorms all heading into our neck of the woods and we're going to deal with a good amount
6:49 am
worst of it is coming by. cloudy, mild in the morning. dry too. but rain picks up in the afternoon. after lunchtime pucks up 2:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon and settle back down later on this evening drying out for us later tonight. high temp of 56 today so cooler temps make a comeback in two days but warms up over the weekend. temps above normal both saturday and sunday with small chance of showers on saturday. show you where rain is to give you an idea when it is moving into town. download it at the google play store it is free. kerry and ben over to you. >> liking these above average temperatures a lot. we have all of the latest entertainment news coming up. >> taylor swift calls out kanye
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and friendlier service. acme. >> good morning a lot of accidents, very slippy out there. we had a lot of problems in new jersey route 3 an texas by bloom field avenue blocking a lane.
6:53 am
problems to the verrazano bridge no delays to the bqe. trains our checklist doing fine. everything on or close to schedule. ben and kerry. >> thank you. time now for entertainment, the grammies last nightup town funk and taylor swift big winners. swift making a headline. sm and grammy goes to -- >> taylor swift. other o people were sitting there in suspension i don't know. everyone knew she was going to win. >> blockbuster 1989 that award less than a week after kanye west said he made her famous. >> missing half her dress there. spotted on grammy stodge in a cool and collected way.
6:54 am
way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame. but if you just fobs on the work and don't let those people side track you, someday when you get where you're going you'll look arranged and know that it was you and the people who loved you who put you there and that be the -- >> west has not responded yet but safe to say weevil hear from him pretty soon. >> kendrick lamar took home butterfly and put on a passion performancer wearing handcuffs in a prison uniform for a medley of songs with all right an lamar finish by wrapping unreleased material. >> it was a great song o when i first heard it. speaking outloud.
6:55 am
acting like she what -- jumping up and down. wait for it -- ed sheeran did win. but she's acting like she did win. maybe stunned that she lost something for the first time in her life. everyone's favorite ginger won for thinking outloud. by him and amy. song won or for best pop solo performance. enings i love that song. a good one these are his base first two grammy wins. goes to up town funk. >> e she lost that one and freaking out. too nice. she's too nice. excited about a winner. everybody embracing their up town funk. bruno mars hit what a good song. big record of the year.
6:56 am
remix recording. >> tack a look at this performance -- maybe one of the times they get to see hamilton. satellite from the stage here at the threater in times square, the cast of hamilton won best theatrical album. creator, composure, he gave an have a look. >> we write music, we write songs to tell a story -- soish -- >> he's a genius i think nothing short of him. music is incredible. stars in alexander hamilton. crazy on twitter for this acceptance speech that was trending as graham for ham. >> winners and losers aside we
6:57 am
about the performances. >> lady gaga not falling to tribute in her david bowie hat trick. lady gaga with great performances this week after singing star-spangled banner a marathon last night with class eggs like let's dance.
6:58 am
swift maybe she is that [text message alert] [crashing] [sirens] (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out
6:59 am
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rosanna: all right. i we ready for tuesday? february 16. greg: not nearly as cold. it is downright warm. rosanna: we are going to get some rain. i do not care. greg: it feels nice outside. it does. grand central terminal. they lost a lot of power. rosanna: it looks pretty dark. greg: let's go outside yesterday. they had a brown panel. rosanna: and a lot of the businesses were out yesterday. also, more about the man that


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