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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: all right. i we ready for tuesday? february 16. greg: not nearly as cold. it is downright warm. rosanna: we are going to get some rain. i do not care. greg: it feels nice outside. it does. grand central terminal. they lost a lot of power. rosanna: it looks pretty dark. greg: let's go outside yesterday. they had a brown panel. rosanna: and a lot of the businesses were out yesterday. also, more about the man that
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eliot spitzer of choking her. i don't know if you saw the tabloid. there are reports that she was a prostitute. she charged up to $5000 a night. greg: a former. rosanna: oh, she is a former? greg: apparently she is back in russia. justice jasmine viel. they wanted no autopsy. a bit more diversity on the supreme court. do you know have the supreme court comes from new york city? just about. let's talk about the grammys.
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they did a david bowie tribute last night. greg: not nominated for that spoken word. [laughter] rosanna: i can't believe you even brought that up. greg: in honor of presidents day, we memorize all of presidents. the fifth president of the united states was? rosanna: monroe. greg: the eight president was? rosanna: -- sydney. rosanna: 22. greg: cleveland. rosanna: 21. greg: we learn this from a guy
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there is a technique. he is a good guide. mike woods, even you can learn this. rosanna: you have not learned the association. i was thinking about it before it went to sleep last night. i try to remember the association and i was laughing. greg: it is really weird. mike: fictional, nonfictional, whatever. greg: in the number. mike: 39. greg: jimmy carter. rosanna: i did not go that high. i only went through 10.
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happy presidents' day two of the presidents. rosanna: let's talk about the weather. a remarkable difference from yesterday. mike: a huge jump up and temperatures you almost never see. it was ridiculously cold over the weekend. today we came back to more springlike weather. we will also see wind coming in from the southeast. that will start piling up. that is in effect from 1:00 o'clock until 8:00 o'clock. the high tide cycle will be coming on five. you could see ties around three and a half feet above nmal. as far as gringos, no, we do not have any problems out there right now.
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quickly later this afternoon. fifty also in bridgeport. that southerly wind will pull up that warmer temperatures. that really draws out the warmer air. it will feel a lot more like spring trying to make a comeback. it may be an indication that the flip of the seasons is not too far away. later this morning and into the afternoon, we are giving peta by showers and storms. the range should start to shut down. tomorrow, it is gone. temperatures are going to be quite a bit cooler at that time. let's get over to ines rosales.
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we have had a lot of accidents. it is still icy out there. you have some delays here as you head into that area. as far as rockland county, and earlier accident by the parkway. you have one landlocked. let's go to route four. working on this accident here. two lanes are blocked. accident has been cleared. the car spun out and hit that barrier. you can see that westbound is not too bad with the delays. eastbound side tried to make repairs to the barrier. avoid this back up on row four.
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in effect. greg: grand central terminal. rosanna: you love grand central. it was not fun walking in the dark yesterday. businesses were shut down, basically, for the whole day. meanwhile, it was really nerve-racking for people in that area trying to get to work. the trains were running, greg. >> no one panicked. the lights are back on. rosanna: >> we spoke to a lot of commuters. we spoke to some people. normal. yesterday was a different story. let's take you inside and see
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the lights are off back on. things looking good in the lower level. this is what it looks like when we have this little blackout. we are told a major pipe first in the underground transformer house. it flooded out the main power slide. all the trains or redirect it to the upper level. it caused a lot of confusion. the cold weather may have played a role in all of this. we spoke to commuters this morning. so far, it has been a smooth ride. i just left my usual time. everything was beautiful.
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power outage here yesterday? >> i heard about it, yes. i was expecting a perfectly normal trip and it was a perfectly normal trip. there was a noticeable police presence here yesterday. that is of course subsided. they were able to reopen the entrance. originally, they were saying they would not be able to use it. the trains are running just fine. greg and rosanna, back over to you. >> at least it was not just park over there.
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well organized. rosanna: link goodness it was a holiday. greg: all right. what else is going on? rosanna: police say they shot a man and that man was pointing a gun in the bronx. greg: yes. he was pointing it at people. rosanna: a delivery driver and a dog. two officers say they opened fire when he refused to put down the gun. they hit him in the shoulder. he reportedly told officers he was high on angel dust. greg: okay. a plane to jfk from the
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it could not land at jfk. things got really annoying. >> yes. it did. it had to circle forever. it was low on fuel. passengers had to wait on the plane for agents to arrive. passengers were put up in hotels. they will fly to new york this morning. >> new hampshire is pretty tiny. former governor spitzer. more details about his night at the plaza hotel. the girl that ran to the hospital and ran tthe cops. no assault happened at all on
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the new york post is saying that this woman is 25 years old. she once was a prostitute. she claimed to earn $5000 a night. post. there she is. russia. i don't know. rosanna: that room she was staying in, pretty pricey. greg: i hope everyone is happy in the end. let's talk politics. donald trump is threatening to sue to cruise. donald trump says he will take action unless mister cruise
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he called him a liar. >> trump called cruise a liar. hillary clinton. do we have this all queued up. she is going to be in new york. listen to this. that was hillary clinton's barking. greg: leftfield one more time. >> let's bring in our reporter robert moses. rosanna: what is going on? >> unbelievable. he ridiculed jeff bush. former president, 69 years old. his hairline has receded a
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aged. in an act of brothly love, the 43rd president took the stage to rally support for the man that would likely be the 45th. >> think the brothers for giving us something to do today. he took some shots at the man who has endlessly criticized both bush brothers donald trump. >> you have to listen to the voices. he will rise above the petty name-calling. >> holding a wide ranging news conference accusing bush of failing the country. >> during the reign of george bush.
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he threatened to sue kruse. hillary clinn meets with al sharpton. today's gathering follows one that bernie sanders had last week. another reminder of the importance of the african-american vote. back to an old review out. running for political office. >> i do not understand how we can do that with the republicans. we need to get the dog and follow them around. [laughter] >> reporter: hillary clinton has a busy day in new york city today did we mention the meeting
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morning. rosanna: maybe she will be the cat's meow today. >> could be. all right. thank you, robert. what else? tooth we watched the grammys last night? rosanna: a big night for taylor swift. rosanna: out boom of the year. coming a week after condit called her out. he made her famous. can you imagine that? greg: listen to taylor from last night. >> the first woman, i want to say, there will be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments, for your
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greg: i want to hear the rest of it. pump it up. >> someday when you get where you are going, you'll look around and you will know it was you and the people that love you output you there. that will be the greatest feeling in the world. thank you. roronna: she has really been in control of her image and her songs for a very long time. she started as a young kid. she wanted and where she wanted to sound. greg: i think she should go on vacation for a while. greg: that is a theatrical
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rosanna: a nice performance from broadway. miranda gave an acceptance speech. >> we write music. we write songs. rosanna: we are so happy. congratulations. fans, of course, went crazy on twitter for the acceptance speech. we will have more on the grammys coming up in the entertainment section. we will break it down with rough shooter. we will talk about hair. greg: i skip the whole thing, to be honest. rosanna: she had a mullet.
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greg: mike keefe, what's up? [laughter] mike: i want to send a little shout out. thirty-sixth anniversary. hope you have a great one. we're going to have a one day coming up for us. yes, we have some brain coming into town. but show you what is going on with our temperatures this morning. upper 40s to low 50s. clouds are here. the showers are not too far away. it is going to rain big time. that rain comes down about three quarters of an inch of rain or so. let's bring in nine as. see what is happening. >> good morning, mike. queens, things are fine.
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new jersey route 80. in accident blocking a lane. heading towards the holland tunnel. that is the delay you have. it does not look too bad. only one lane getting through. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. westbound looking great. normal delays north found. the george washington bridge, you have some delay.
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>> this song was great. her real name was denise matthews. also an actress for a little bit of the time. she really had a great career. very popular. she got involved with crack. then she became a minister.
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problem. >> okay. who does not love barneys. believe it or not, they have returned to their roots. >> the flagship store. opened yesterday. floor stores. brass tables. it also has a barber and a restaurant. plenty to do there, greg. >> remember that great sale they used to have. people would get online. >> you can do it online. >> we wish the store all the
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westminster dog show. >> i think that that is the ago. great dog. >> alternate decision. one guy's decision. him. he is canadian. they don't even let him go over to the westminster dog show. he makes the final decision. held up in a hotel room. he does not want to be disturbed. i don't know if he can even watch the competition. a major crime manufacturer wants to make office life easier. >> this is from the people.
7:26 am
>> this same technology is coming to all of our cars soon. >> a stickler for making us with our conference room back together. >> he is a great guide. >> testing it out for a little bit. i want to be a good test pilot. >> he acted like i brought a rapid dog in there. [laughter] coming. senator cory booker. on the short list to go to the supreme court. states. that would be a problem. he is coming up on "good day new york." let's take a look outside.
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art on park avenue. they are not happy with it. a big art collector. he put that out front. a lot of people are not so happy with what that looks like. it is uninspiring. who knows. show us a little bit more. >> that is where the four seasons is. >> the new york institution is going away. henry kissinger in the coke brothers. >> bringing another restaurant over to take care of that space. >> it will not be the same.
7:30 am
they have fight two hours left. >> pardon me. [laughter] great commercials from the 80s. hi, everybody. i am sure he says it's not what you said it was. >> he bought it and put it there. >> he could have done better, and our opinion. >> you just called his thing a piece of blank, blank, blank. >> let's move on. >> here is what we have out there. actually pretty dry in the city.
7:31 am
welcomes you as you step out the door. we have a lot of weather issues today. one of them that we will see as coastal flooding and long island. tides around two and a half-3 feet above normal. that strong wind is piling up the waters. gusting up to 35. yes. that is happening for you today. picking up. five-18 miles per hour. it is also bringing in the warmer, more tropical air. thirty-four and sussex. no one is freezing at this point. warmer temperatures making a comeback. fall.
7:32 am
it starts off late this morning, the heaviest comes through around 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon. maybe a few thundershowers rolling on five. it will be done for a few days after that. today, still very warm. high temperature goes up to 56 in the city. wind coming in from the southeast around 15-30 miles per hour. high of 44 for a hike tomorrow. that is not a bad deal. that is definitely a big plus. let's bring in ines. slippery spots on the roadways. causing lots of accidents. kelly: a lot of spin outs. take a look. approaching exit 48 because of
7:33 am
closing out the express lanes. also the new jersey turnpike. there is a foot over dump truck. suffolk county, you are fine. same goes for the northern state and southern state parkway. let's go to our cameras. this one occurred around 6:00 o'clock or so. it has been out there for a while. it was closed temporarily. a car spun out. debris spill. slowing things down. as for the trains, everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg: thank you very much. justice scalia. he had a history of heart trouble and high blood pressure
7:34 am
>> a lot of people were concerned when he was found dead over the weekend. >> no autopsy was needed. serving other members. they went with the no autopsy. >> there were reports yesterday that he was found dead with a pillow over his head. it was very tidy. >> texas law allows this to be performed by phone. she was 65 miles from the resort. yes. eyebrows have been raised. justice scalia pointed out there was barely any --
7:35 am
out. four justices from new york. >> the upper left. she is from the bronx. she is on the upper right. >> all of them went to either harvard or yell. maybe we should try somebody from the southwest of the united states. maybe a school that is not harvard or yell or columbia. >> justice khalil did talk. he made a very important speech there. i have been sitting here with you. let's talk about beyonce . today, there are two protest going on. >> people are still worked up about her halftime performance.
7:36 am
some people interpreted it as an anti-law-enforcement performance. beyonce supporters will be outside. >> carriage or was there right now. >> good morning to both of you. we are not one, but two protest expected to get underway. there is a small gathering of people. most of these people are in favor of pro- beyonce . one expected to be an anti-beyonce rallied. some thought that it was an attack on police officers. i believe we have a picture of what she and her dancers were wearing. meantime, a counter protesters expected at the very same time. get in formation. anti-beyonce protest rally.
7:37 am
here to defend beyonce >> it is not about going against the police. making people afraid. it is just and of fermentation. this should not be a threat. we're here to just be a positive voice, in that sense. >> so far we have not seen anyone on that anti-beyonce side. we will wait and see what happens. both of these are expected to take place at 9:00 a.m. >> sometimes we get mad and then we cannot remember what we're about out. nobody is there yet. no one is there, basically. >> there are a couple of people that are here to defend beyonce . nobody that we have seen so far
7:38 am
. greg: we were talking about that blob on the corner. this is right down the block from the restaurant. >> it is. thank you, terry. >> meanwhile, we will chat with governor cuomo. we have a lot to talk to him about. >> let's ask him about governor
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that was a responsible thing to do. greg: looking live at 42nd street. all is well. what the heck happened. >> i think that there was a water main break. it is not raining yet. mike is threatening rain. we need to be inside. >> i did not know that it was going to be that bad. all right. here is what we have up there. around. then the mild weather really kicks in. along with the windier conditions. later on in the evening, it
7:43 am
we're making that little change here today. we have 50 out of central park. 49 degrees in islip. look out how much warmer it is today then yesterday. i do not know if i have ever seen that before. forty-five for you here in providence. a real significant front coming into the area here at replacing the cold air that we had over the weekend. showers not if it drove him just yet. they will start developing later this morning into the afternoon here at uc big yellow scum of reds, oranges. it will make it right on top of us. high temperature goes up to 56 degrees. there will be heavy rain. then it starts to shut down for you.
7:44 am
overnight hours. this is where we go back to sunny skies. forty-one on friday. a little warmer over the weekend. not a bad looking weekend forecast. we want to keep track of the rain. at the itunes and google place to work did here comes ines. it has been a rough commute this morning. >> a little better. you are fine on the expressway. no delays. normal delays onto the bqe. told you before about an accident. this was before that. traffic moving slow with this accident.
7:45 am
fdr drive, a look at that. gwb looks great on the upper level. 495 headed towards the lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel, about 10-15. >> thank you. >> spring training. can you believe it? >> very rarely, qc me in jeans. rosanna: we have seen you and other things. i like that. >> thank you. duke: i am a man of style. >> it officially begins tomorrow. i am on my way down to port st. lucie right now. getting an early start. morning. went through a full workout.
7:46 am
world series. he wants to be the opening day starter. >> there were a lot of things that we learned as a whole. everybody knew that outcome going in. it is a fresh year. it is a new year. we are excited to get back where we started. >> open to a contract extension. i do not think that that is happening right now. almost always letting things play out. this is how harvey rolled into camp. the great broadcaster said, great home run hitter, you want the ball opening day. maza roddy.
7:47 am
he is from brooklyn. you have seen him. 454. >> you could hear the car. you could hear it a mile away. [laughter] >> who is that guy? maybe greg will notice him next time. in the meantime, mets players and coaches headed to florida. already there've. open house at citi field. a voucher for two game tickets. better mascots. they posed for pictures yesterday.
7:48 am
spring training on thursday. they gained key is lost to houston. he was in last week. he looks great. >> yes, he does. he looks great. we send him love and support. it really takes a family and a community to stay on track. he is all clean and sober. >> he says he is excited about spring training for the first time. i think you will have a great season. four straight home wins.
7:49 am
making it two-zero. islanders scoring three goals. did you see this? jason pierpont. this is the x-ray. >> i have seen the hand up close and personal. they have a duty firecracker. >> this is what can happen. >> you have to think in order to understand.
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the way. also the guys behind of town folks. we have been waiting for her except in the bunch in -- acceptance speech. so a big year for "thinking out loud". greg: megan traynor. all about the base. rosanna: kendrick lamar. took home five awards last night. the white house also tweeted out there congratulations. he walked onstage wearing handcuffs. a medley of songs. >> we proceed to.
7:54 am
>> also lady gaga. she did a great tribute last night to david -- david bowie. >> she is all made up. >> yes. phenomenal. let's dance. our friend neil rogers was there with her. one of the most difficult thing she has ever had to do. >> what about the trip you. jackson browne. the eagles. it was great. several band members took to the stage. they performed.
7:55 am
that you goes long time manager. he died at 67 years old. >> nice job. how about this. lionell richie. >> john legend was one of them. >> demi lovato was very fantastic. >> that s nice. >> how about running through the
7:56 am
it looked like lionell got emotional. it really was beautiful. >> carl about this one. rosanna: i love lionell richie.
7:57 am
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>> hi everybody. welcome back all right what's happen hadding? tuesday the 16th it's warmer outside. i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto thank you so much for joining us it is warm earl outside and thank goodness it is melting away that little snow that we got yesterday. rming check out tutor city on east side of manhattan. >> by the way, greg temperatures are in the 50s right now. rain is on the ray. mike woods will tell you when you need to be concerned with. >> governor spitzer had trouble at the plaza hotel over the weekend. you probably heard that by now. we're learning more about the woman involved in all of this. she is in russia now. she had some relationship with the governor way back. interesting details about her leaf. reported in ted's papers. >> senator republicans say president obama should let the next president decide who fills the supreme court seat vacated
7:59 am
democrats like governor cuomo accusing gop of putting politics ahead of the constitutional. >> no autopsy. new details about the health on his final days. >> cuomo comub and talking to him about the supreme court justice as well as housing and got a lot to talk about. >> halftime super bowl seems like ten year ago. beyonce terrific but her performance somewhat controversial. the bullet, the theme wases it promote violence some think so and a protest planned to happen outside of nfl headquarters. see if anybody shows up. >> looks like a bust. anyway, hillary clinton she really can get into -- this campaign season. what is that >> i think she was referring to an old radio ad in which a dog bark when is a
8:00 am
had is not true so she was barking. quite frankly she nailed the dog intimation. >> she got my -- : my interest. >> vote? >> like wow, hillary clinton if i like that. looked like she went off script for a second. >> i have a feeling that was well planned and maybe practiced. one more time. hear it one more time, shall we? [barking] that's okay. i did any donald trump excuse me, please, excuse me. she's in town by the way today meeting with al sharpton now it's her turn. >> interesting. >> what are your barking about? >> i don't know seemed like
8:01 am
>> icy, snowy we have accidents u now time for the warmup already at 50 plus degrees. still warming up and windy as well. coastal flooding is an issue and rain is going to come down later this afternoon. have your good umbrella. dust buster, big boy there's the coastal flood advisories that are going up for you from 1:00 this afternoon until 8:00 time of high tide. running from two and a half to three feet tbhoferl. especially in the south facing shores of long island that persistent wind will bang you up there and twin forks out in hamptons. hides well above normal here at times of high tide later on. 51 central park. 51 in newark. 50 in sussex. 50 in bridget port. 8:00 in the morning. 51 degree so it is likely that we're not only beginning to mid-but upper 50s and low 50u6 60s here and there possible.
8:02 am
wind gusts a the this point and hour. 29 out in monticello those will be picking pup as front approaches so clouds are thickening. i'm seeing spotty showers. popping up here and there. but biggest won't be here until later on this afternoon. you have to get patchy lighter showers ahead of it but ig be stuff there through the carolinas and virginias, mid-atlantic region and sweep over the tristate region later on this afternoon. so from lunch time on, it gives real risky for that rain looks look it's pretty much a guarantee three in the afternoon. high temp up to about 56 degrees in the city. and windy as well. high temp of 44 for you tomorrow. 38 for you on thursday. and then our temps start to climb back up as we head into the weekend plrpt let's bring in ines, and see what's happening with this commute. obviously we have a lot of slow spots out there. good morning. >> a lot of red there on our maps.
8:03 am
l.i.e. a slight delay but glen cove road southern state parkway goods. new jersey a lot of icy spots there. this accident on route 78 been out there almost two hours. eastbound past exit 48 as you approach 49 you have this accident shutting down express lane causing this multimile delay as you approach 48 there on 78 this delay. garden state parkway northbound an accident by 280 blocks a lane and flipped over dump truck on new jersey turn peek right before interchange 14 and the truck lane. you have one lane closed not see a significant delay with that, though. let's go to our cameras route 4 in new jersey this happened around 6:00 this morning doing repairs, car spun out and hit barrier so they're trying to pex that, you have left lane blocked on westbound side. left lane as well. as for trains, checklist everything on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. so super bowl nine days ago seems like nine years ago. well -- anyway halftime show with
8:04 am
caused controversy that some people apparently have not yet gotten over. mpleth depends who you talk to. some get meanings out of her song and dance routine one is anti-beyonce rally this morning held by people upset over her super bowl halftime performance. they thought it was an tech on police officers. others staves about about black lives matter had. >> protest scheduled in front of nfl headquarters 8:00 this morning. nobody basically had shown up yet. now. what's happening? >> a few people did show up. we'll show you the crowd outside nfl headquarters on park avenue this morning. stepping out of the way you'll see more members of the media than protesters and actually there's no protesters here at beyonce
8:05 am
protesters are here to defend beyonce . there was supposed to be a red lightly by people upset about her had super bowl halftime performance. some thought an attack on police officers but we have not seen any of those protesters here yet. they were wearing leather and black burets nod to the black panther movement. the counterrally is taking place called get in formation anti-beyonce protest rally and i spoke to a woman who is here to defend beyonce and her performance as artistic expression. >> to come together just a bunch of people who want to push back against the idea that, you know, beyonce 's blackness or like her stop shooting us mnldz was antipolice or antiwhite or violent.
8:06 am
affirmation of black girl power, joy, solidarity so the idea that it was violent or meant to be violent or racially devicive or o something that we want to push back against. expecting protest from both sides. but this morning we have not seen protesters on the anti-beyonce side. unclear if the group behind that scheduled protest which, obviously, isn't happening right now even exists. so that's latest live from here in midtown this morning. greg and rose that back to you. >> they're angry about something else and focused on that roup. so many things to be mad about. speaking of bust. learning more about the woman who -- accused former governor eliot spitzer of choking her at the plaza hotel. >> rosanna. >> a lawyer for eliot spitzer says no assault happened at all on saturday instead eliot
8:07 am
emotionally troubled woman that's according to his attorney adam kaufman and professed his love for liz smith. >> here's the picture of the person who governor spitzer was alone with in a hotel room with. back in russia -- and the post and others are reporting some what? >> they say she is once a former prostitute she claimed she earned 5,000 a night. immediate detailing her exploits with men and flew back to russia on sunday and -- >> elected not to press charges. i guess at the end of that. potentially. >> okay. let's move on then. we're learning more about justice antonin scalia's health before his unexpected death. >> couple of things he had high blood pressure, heart trouble for a long time. the judge who basically okay od
8:08 am
physician. justice too wake for a shoulder surgery. >> they felt his heart wasn't up fur it. anyway some people were very curious about why the autopsy was not -- they didn't do an autopsy. anyway, the supreme court they do not provide regular health disclosure qhs you're a member. >> unlike for the president. they publicly put that stuff out there. we did hear had this written about it in "the new york times," what did justice scalia want in his successor he wanted dwesty not ethnic ore racial. but pointed out that right now on the court, four little j's coulding in him when he was alive are from new york city. four of nine. >> from brooklyn, sonia baghdady baghdady -- sonia --
8:09 am
once again. someonfrom a school not harvard or yale. >> speaking of italian american from queens andrew cuomo. >> who i believe went to albany law school, governor cuomo welcome to "good day new york." nice to see you rosanna hear with me. about albany, law school is that right? >> you got it, greg, good morning to rosanna and to both of you. i think this would be the first time i would be against diversity with a nonnew yorker for the court. >> i hear you. let's talk a little bit about antonin scalia lots to talk about delaying a replacement for him. do you think they should replace him immediately? >> i do, rosanna because that's what the constitution says, that's what the law says. i think what we're seeing playing out is more of the same
8:10 am
we've had gridlock in washington or for years now. and this is gridlock on steroids. this is saying even though law is very clear in the constitution is clear, and court needs nine people, because it's an electio year,nd because we don't like psident oba, and we probably won't like who he picks, it's not convenient for usolitally to follow t law. so we d't wt to nominat anyone. and it'ha pressure, and it's that clear. the irony is, justice scalia agree or disagree with him had philosophically his point was stick to the constitution. conservatives stick to parameter of the constitution. constitution clearly says that president shall nominate with the advice and consent of the senate doesn't say a president who you leak. a president who is not in election year.
8:11 am
and what we miss in all of this is when you polarize government this way, and you gridlock government, everybody loses. and if you want talk about the constitution and our founng fathers, th were a very diverse group, and they didn't agree witheng. they agreed frk loin frankly on anythg. but let's get the compromise so we move forward. i'm a governor of new york, we have a republican senate, democratic assembly, if we only moved forward when we agreed rosanna and greg, we would get nothing done. because we never agree but compromise, and we move forward rosanna that's the point. >> can't argue with you. we're running out of time. we want to talk about this housing initiative undercover
8:12 am
being discriminated against in new york state. >> yes, sir. rule one in new york, we discriminate against no one, and we don't tolerate discrimination. and in housing it's one of the most important areas to make sure that's a reality. housing especially today, really there's sech to structure our live, why where you live is where your child lives, how safe the community and discrimination still exist in new york. it's hard, hurtful to say, but it's u true. and it's not just wrong, it's illegal. you can't say i don't to live next to an italian american. i don't to live next to an african-american, that violates the fair housing it law, and we're going to enforce it and crack down on it because it's not who we are as a state we don't tolerate discrimination
8:13 am
>> let's talk about riker's outspoken about riker's recently. city council speaker mark viverito talked about possibly cloying down riker's at some point. she said it's a mess. you agreed with her and police unions saying there were problems at riker's but shouldn't let everybody out right now. do you want to clarify your stance onhis riker's issue? >> let me restate it. i don't think i need toclarify but'll reste iosanna. riker's island is a problem. it's a big problem. riker's island was built in the 1930s. it has maoreople out that i was designed tholed, and it's a dangero, dangerous place. it's dangerous for the correction officials. it's dangerous for the inmates.
8:14 am
rikers not like a state prison at riker's not everyone has if been found guilty of anything. people there that is awaiting trial. it is a bad situation. i believe part of it is too big, it's too old and doesn't have any of the new technology and designs that we would use if we were building a jail or a prison in the state of the capacity. now people say well, it's where wutd you put a new one, and it's hard to site and politics are difficult. i understand that. but that shouldn't be the reason we shy rose that. if we shy away from autoof the big problems, it's over for us in new york and we never shy away from problems we're rebuilding laguardia awrpt. a new tappan zee bridge. we're rebuilding penn station and the pavings.
8:15 am
toed a mutt it and go forward. >> as we wrap up i want to bring it back to housing a look at your house in albany. governor's mansion i think frankly coolest thing about being a governor of any state is you get your own house. this thing looks magnificent. i've been in albany tempted to ring the doorbell. what's it like living in the governor's mention, also as a son of a governor y've be there. load question when my father was there for 12 years my father, my family lived there. all of the holidays were there. two of my sisters got married there. so it was a real family -- warmth to it and a lot of good memories. for me now, my kids are off to school so it is different. we use it for social functions that go along with government. i've been inviting you to come
8:16 am
you've never taken a tour. >> we would love to come up to visit you up. >> her i want you to know -- you'll never come. invite you rosanna. >> now that we have the invitation publicly. formal, terrific. smg can we bring mayor de blasio if we come? how are things going with the mayor? >> bring whoever, bring whoever you want. you can do your show from the mansion. >> that's a great idea. >> cook -- >> no i won't cook. >> not bringing de blasio. andrew cuomo thank you so much. details about your housing policy on our website. good to see you, sir. >> say hello to sandy for us. >> thanks good to be with you. >> mike. >> take him up on that. one of our adventures. good day on the road things. i can see that happening. show you what's going on.
8:17 am
off in the low 50s. wow, 51 degrees out at central park. newark same thing for you islip. 50 bridgeport. a lot of clouds around town, rain well it's taking a quick break but starting to make a comeback even as we speak. look at wind gusts up to 31 miles per hour for you in islip. there's a lot of flooding along the south shore of long island as well as eastern long island because of that persistent south and southeast wind that's coming to us here in the tristate renal. but yes we're going to to see, you know, again a bit of a break right now. but see showers to me a comeback especially up lower hudson valley right now. but down it our southwest is more significant. that is going to work its way through and we're talking about rain which will come town heavy at times. the gooses is it's not around for too long and not sticking around for entire day. only for mainly the middle to late afternoon hours. sunny skies with a high of 44 then. 38 your high on thursday and
8:18 am
well as monday of next week. a long way down the road, though. "fox 5 ny" weather app will help you keep track of the storms here. download it at the itunes and google play store it will cost you disprp another look with ines and see how things are going with the commutes this morning. not good. >> we've had a lot of problems right now westchester, rockland county taking the tappan zee bridge 45 miles per hour restriction. cross county parkway by saw mill a downed tree. queens normal delay on l.i.e. to grand central parkway and continue to be slow to new haven boulevard. slow to the kosciuszko bridge. see i think this is on long island. l.i.e. hov lane fine. eastbound traffic moving slow. everyone heading to work. problems with the the subways mechanical problems effecting couple of license. one lane southbound between 14th street and chamber street.
8:19 am
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okay how do we feel? i think it's time for fox business means business. lauren simonetti hell local. >> i think we' feeling very impatient and needy because we just keabts wait for a video on our phone to load. buffering it takes too long at&t is testing this year 5g are you ready for it faster than 4g. i just can't wrap my mind around this. still cool is the fact that you're poor at the end of the month because it will eat through, and everything you want is going to load so fast. going to move into the direction, of course you have to wait for standard to be met at the government level internationally, but you have testing the superfast service later this year. additionally at&t wants your business. the wireless carriers is so competitive right now. up to 650 dollar in credit. 650 and let you be part of their two-one deal two phones for
8:22 am
fine print with all of those but those are el hads of their deal if you will. >> i have problem with my 4g i can't imagine 5g will be any better in new york city. trchg what is amazing is cell phone connection, the connection is better than a land line. have you noticed that? it's truly before better than a land line. >> not in my apartment either. >> when it connects it's better than a land line, amazing i think quality is great. >> 5g is way better. think about that they have to put more -- more antennas and we have a lot of blackout spots here. >>ening it's pretty cool -- >> just saying. keeping it real what else? >> i remember him as kevin in theer wonder years successful director as well. but he's also acting again in the new show, grinder. the grinder on fox 5.
8:23 am
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>> hi three there nobody believed me when i said -- >> text and walking with. >> you're the worst texter, walker in the world. >> i walked into a pole. it brought home the point they shouldn't be doing that. >> i saw you crossing the street. no excuse me. crossing the street in instagramming and tweeting at the same time. rosanna during the weather. you give yourself such a pass. you're wrong. >> i don't cross the street and text at the same time. >> i have proof you put it online. i have the video. because you use instagram to go away. oh, my god look at the puddle. >> no, no --
8:27 am
>> you have other stuff. i think i remember that too. >> thank you. >> but i wasn't -- at that point not posting. >> no, no. >> big difference. everybody is on their phones greg, do you have a problem with ?a? >> you brought it up. quite frankly it wasn't my fault. it was more of the pedestrian's fault i almost ran over somebody last night. i was making a right turn, a crossing and i hit the brakes, she had her earphones in i rolled down my window like you could have killed me. well, yeah but you're part of this equation too. that was -- i was upset. >> did she recognize you? >> no. >> maybe she knows now. anyway, u you've got to be careful out there. i was not on my phone. interesting. >> no, i know -- feels you didn't find that interesting but i'm concerned about vision or zero one thing
8:28 am
>> not behind the wheel but texting -- yeah. >> walking in poles happen aside few times. other they think, that facebook live thing do it while you're walking down the street. >> you start running into people but you want to show them. >> after the show at 10:00. down -- couch over there. something on face time. >> are you still there? >> hello. >> what's going on guys? >> this is lamar . i think that audio quality of this face too many audio is better than landline. anybody ever seen this? rosanna unpressed. >> clear and fine on tv so this is kind of a bonus. >> i'm telling you audioversion is better than the land line and that's a big deal. rosanna is so used to
8:29 am
she can't stop. she can't give them a little bit of credit from time to time. [laughter] okay. >> i think if you have at&t in the city you can be frustrated at times. that's it. [inaudible] anyway. >> all right well up and out the door because you're going on a day like today you want to bring your umbrella along. dry out right now. we're expecting some rain pretty big showers and storms possibly laughter on this afternoon. here's a look at the almanac. 42 average high for today. 29 is average low. so far in the rain gang we were getting it basically half an inch but add another half an inch to three quarters before all said and done. showers are beginning to surround us. lighter stuff up the hudson valley. a few over new jersey but big stuff to our south and west and later on this afternoon. right now we have a clouds did i sky central park.
8:30 am
weather gear ready for you. 58 in philly. 50 in d.c. 27 degrees much colder in albany. but yeah we're tboin to see warmer air working its way up so our temps climb up through the 50s at least mid-u 50s later on. but being showers and storms through carolinas andirginias as well and closing in on us quickly. big rain through in the afternoon. some of the brighter orange spots around 3 to 4:00 in early evening commute but it gets out of here pretty quickly and drier sky later on tonight. that's what we have for you tomorrow next few days. more cold air from canada so temps are coming down. if you look it warm this is your day. 56, mild and windy. coastal flooding is an issue. cooler on thursday with a high of only 38 then. let's bring in ines and see what problems are. maybe they're getting better. >> they are, yeah icy this morning.
8:31 am
temperatures, it's making things a little we are better but u right now cross county packway a downed tree but the u saw mils so you have at least a lane close there had. as far as your commute express away is good between the verrazano brj. repairs on four by joans rooted happened around 6:00 in the morning so car spun out. dabblinged that barrier now they're fixing. eastbound and westbound left lane is closed there but jones road. bridge. those delays have eased up, that's better. lincoln tunnel and issues earlier with that slow. but 20, 25 minutes heading into the city. holland tunnel five to ten minute delay. one train signal problems so train southbound running express only between 14th street and chamber street. three train northbound
8:32 am
earlier signal problems left residual delays. greg and rosanna. >> thanks a lot. so get interesting when it comes to politics. donald trump on a tear threatening to sue, ted cruz donald trump is one who called ted cruz a liar the other night. also jeb bush a liar. things are hot right now in south carolina. >> democrats they're barking like dogs. >> listen to this. [barking] you know -- i think we can -- >> why did she do that ?rntion that something you do with lies. robert moses is keeping a close eye on all of this. : hear her do that again but essentially saying that's from an old political ad and there was a dog that would bark every time someone in the ad told a lie. so she wants to apply that to republicans. weal explain that in a second. first of all speaking of republicans we're closing on this very about important republican contest saturdays in south carolina. that accounts for all of this
8:33 am
between trump and cruz and bush and for some coulding in jeb bush this could be make or or o break. act of brotherly he took into account stage to rally support for the man who would like to be the 45th. >> thanks to brother -- >> george w. bush testified to readiness to be president and he took thinly vailed shots at the map who has endlessly criticized trump. >> jeb will listen to voices was disenfranchised he will rise above the petty name calling. earlier man who has done plenty of that name calling held a free wheeling news conference once again accusing george w. bush of failing to protect the country. >> the world trade center came
8:34 am
bush right it came down. threatened to it sue ted cruz. >> he doesn't have the right to serve as president or run as president. he was born in canada. this morning hillary clinton meets with reverend al sharpton civil rights leaders in manhattan. following one that bense had last week with sharpton at sylvia at harlem. another reminder of the african-american volt. clinton who used a carefully scripted line broke out of that mold yesterday. she harkened back to a radio ad when a dog barks and when one says something that is not troupe >>. we need to get thatting do and follow him around an every time they say oh, the great recession caused by too much -- [barking] you know. back in the republicans for a second marco rubio has morning
8:35 am
this picturesque skyline shot that is vancouver, canada. not exactly appropriate for an america. by the way, there also appears to be a canadian flag flying on that tug boat right there. greg and rosanna. whorveghts who is that rubio you said? >> george w. bush he looks significantly tircht. hair, everybody gets older. he looks smaller. i don't think he's hitting weights but he's a big bike ridesser. >> almost 70. 70 o this summer. so -- a man got caught in surveillance having sex with a woman on a ferris wheel when he should have been marrying another woman. police in vegas say cameras caught phillip, the third and another woman on the high roller
8:36 am
now, this guy was supposed to have married missy botha day and gotten into a fight after misesy told him she was pregnant with another man's child. oh, no -- engagement was off. they meet and have relation when is it is at the top. they thought they were in the clear but a security camera each little car, on the ferris wheel has a camera so they were arrested. i believe they were arrest for wheel flank -- anyway. one of the parties is from long island. keep you posted on that one. question is do they have a reasonable amount of privacy? let's attack a look. cory booker has name is up for supreme court justice. he's going to be here at 9:00 also a new book the called
8:37 am
we'll tack i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
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hey, this song -- freaked out. >> apparently adele had sound problems last night her microphone fell into the piano and there was some sound issues throughout grammies last night.
8:40 am
they love adell. >> everybody in this country is like obsessed all of the time and then they go on, outrage on twitter. j you're so perfect and nothing bothers you. nothing is perfect. we have to accept that. i mean with there's protest everybody was go tbing to protest beyonce people forgot why they were angry and nobody showed up. ready for them, but they moved on. >> i think people went to work. i don't you to work yourself up over this. >> we have cops ready for them but didn't show up because else. flts interesting he doesn't need medication to calm him down. [laughter] >> i don't. hello doctor.
8:41 am
specifically a class of heartburn drugs used by millions in this country and now a public link with the risk of dementia. now these are drugs used to treats acid reflux heartburn issues and known in the past could be linked to osteoporosis. maybe increase risk of infection the way work to stop your stomach from producing acid and side effects but now a studies out of german that looked at 70,000 elderly people people over age of 75 found that if they were regularly using these proton pump inhibitors prilosec needs to be looked at carefully. if you're taking these medication i do prescribe these they work very we also for acid reflux but you should try to get off of it as soon as you can. try to do other measures luke
8:42 am
losing weight. anything to stop your acid reflux without being on this medicine. it is better to do that. >> not to pry but i know you -- every day. >> some every day. >> say over ten years. they don't check in with their doctor should i try to get off of it. every six months try to say let's try to get you off of it. see if you still need it. >> important for you. as it is memory -- >> who is the fust fifth president of the united states? >> monroe. >> that's a good one. >> organic foods which are generally a little bit more expensive and wonder if it is worth that increased price. organic dairy and meat have higher concentration of omega-3 and these are those healthy fatty acids against heart disease and possibly dementia as well.
8:43 am
orr if organic besides not antibiotics those type of things. theory is here that cattle what are raised there are or more plant based diets with clover with a fatty acid so one more kind of point for the orr o organic farmers with nutritious meals. organic meat and milk particularly. not using artificial chemicals to treat the cattle -- only natural feeds. we have a dj coming up. alex sensation one of the hottest djs -- i've seen. wmples a name look that, you have to bring the parties. he been be heard on 97.7. greg if that doesn't work, have
8:44 am
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8:47 am
>> hey. see the birds. the song, they go together. >> i like that. looking at grand central terminal things back to normal today. >> nice weather out there. milted even though you see the flag moving in the wintd. a lot warmer. talking the "x-files" if you didn't see it cover your ears for a few seconds. social media is buzzing about a possible spinoff after skully met their fbi -- do l tbanger. einstein and miller. he was on our show yesterday. the veteran agent teamed up with
8:48 am
take down a terror cell u through a series of strange event but a spinoff series is speculation. the season finale next monday right here on fox 5. we have a nice time with lauren ambrose she plays einstein. ll cool j a host and celebrating lionel richie. >> so good. i got chills -- such a great job. meggen trainer. all paid tribute to lionel. missy eyed during this medley and got up there and performed
8:49 am
>> lionel richie known as father of nicole richie. great song, tune. >> did you see this sofia dressed as a taxi? >> that's her. [cheering] >> hot stuff. wow. i missed this part. pitbull they close out the show. he sang in english. el taxi which is -- >> tell me that taxi song. they had a fun time. u ber next time. and being called first live music video every and gwen
8:50 am
>> what's going on here? performed her new single make me like you. live during a commercial break during grammies last night like they did for greece and stuff. >> anybody see it during the commercial? >> they u saw it four minutes along with wardrobe changes and that fall near the end. a target rep said it was planned the clip be become the official music video coming up. >> she's all right. and -- rng i hope she and blake shelton work out. you know, you hear things. but you know -- it's hard senator cory booker has has a memoir out called united but is he on the short list to replace supreme court justice antonin scalia? >> there are movies about him. a couple. now a book.
8:51 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in the hudson valley, with world class biotech. and on long island, where great universities are creating next generation technologies. let us help grow your company's
8:52 am
york." >> he sang that. performing tyrese from fast and furious thank you jim. we have a big 9:00 hour cory booker, senator cory booker will be here. so will salve sage star in the fox show grinder great guy. alex sensation will be here and keep your hands off the
8:53 am
8:54 am
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but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. >> from fox 5 news, it's time for more good day new york. >> all right, yes! beauty is in the eye of the beholder. >> rosanna, been there for months, but for some reason or another, we just noticed this sculpture. a bit of a blob. you call it a -- [laughter] actually, it's called big clay number four by a very famous artist. >> this is on park avenue x it's very prominent. months. for whatever reason, it just caught our eye, and you're right, rosanna, i kind of see where i'm coming from. i'm not sure i approve of your visual, i mean, of your imagination.
8:56 am
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