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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> hi, everybody. welcome to the good day new york program. rosanna: we're going to have a cooler day. do you think that you sofia? >> he sleeps until about 11. anyway. this is going to be a little sunnier today. drive. it is in manhattan. >> to do hear about president obama. he was taking on donald trump yesterday.
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he says he will not be president. rosanna: passengers on a delta flight to jfk finally arrived last night. for the last 24 hours, it was an apple. just about everyone, is seems, has an iphone. the government cannot get into your phone. it is too tough for them to get in and out. make things any easier. >> meet this year's best in show. i have a german short hair.
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they're supposed to be very smart hunting dogs. it was not as pretty as this dog. literally hit a tree one day. hit so high, it bounced into a tree. greg: meanwhile, i have a mod. he stayed at home. yesterday we had an ice cream festival here. the ice cream man came.
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an hour or so later, we are both of us, on a diet. winning. let's see the full four photos. we are doing pretty good. slowly but surely, i am reducing. you are doing great. that was major willpower. when you know that people wait two hours, why should you not go back for a second set. i knew that that second set would destroy me. [laughter] we are glad that you pass that
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german shepherd. rosanna: i have a tournament shepherd. i have determined shorthair. >> my dad has venture trip trigger -- my dad has one as a hunting dog. [laughter] greg: this is too easy. who was training the dog. [laughter] let show you what is happening with the weather out there. to know that we so went up to 55 miles per hour. >> i believe that.
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we saw some big grade. we had 1.44 inches of rain. that is a lot. houston long island. how towards riverhead. anyhow, if you have. a lot afraid out there. that did do little for the damage here and there. lots of pictures of tree limbs down and things like that. we still have some clouds hanging out. they should be picking up as time goes on. when coming in from the west, northwest.
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the cold front has gone by. again, still some clouds lingering from the time being. cooler still dropping into the tri-state. high-temperature goes up to 42 degrees today. a small shower chance friday night into saturday morning. let's bring in ines rosales. let's see what we have on the roads. >> good morning. expect delays as you approach central avenue. there was a so earlier westbound. if you are taking the bqe, traffic also chance although it
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period you are fine westbound. the fdr drive. hearing about flooding right now. the fdr drive here, slow. they just throw away. some good news there. if left to 15 minute delay with the trains ended out of penn station. >> thanks a lot. it seems like there's president already. >> president bush talking about donald trump. >> turn on the tv. there were people talking about
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obama. >> talking about why he thinks that donald trump should not succeed him in office. hillary clinton's and bernie sanders. >> he was asked about it. meanwhile, what is up with this stuff chat or twitter pic from jeff bush? >> there is a new poll that just came out at 6:00 o'clock this morning. hillary clinton leaving bernie sanders. it is well within the margin of error. donald trump, a commanding lead
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this is nationwide. describing it as a free train barreling through on. period president obama comments on the presidential race. it should come as no surprise that he will not be endorsing donald trump. >> it is not hosting a talk show or a reality show. it is not a promotion. it is not marketing. it is hard. spielberg for him to say that is
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>> you would have to a one term president. he captioned a picture of america. much criticism on social media. asking democrats in the audience to raise their hands. bush praised his. the democrats who actually are continued courting african-americans. >> there are still wield barriers holding back african-americans. promising to fight for greater quality. >> the change never takes place from on top. everybody who knows history
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from the bottom on up. >> jeff bush must have a strong showing this saturday in south carolina. he insists that this will not be his last stand. you have to wonder what the sort of head scratching moves will do. >> it is amazing that he has not done better. greg: on the campaign trail, he is a pit of a dud. you have to look the part. >> this is the last thing he needs to hear from us tuesdays. we have some other stuff going
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we will see what shapes up politically. >> police are releasing these pictures of the woman they are looking for. she met a man who escorted her back to a hotel. they are worth about $50000 a piece. stephen they're really expensive watches. it happened at the ace hotel. the second one happened in queens. >> we have seen a lot of this, recently.
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>> is there a oral to the story? >> lipstick a trip to fit the vatican republic. a whole flight of those the passengers. they were jerked around. >> they were diverted from jfk. they had to go off to new hampshire. >> they waited in new hampshire. the dominican republic is a national flight. >> then something else goes
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to boston. passengers finally arrived in new york last night. they describe what they went through. so blaming the airline. >> it was dangerous for kids. it was crazy. >> weather comes soon. there are obviously issues. >> i think that he was a passenger. delta, by the way, did offer the passengers mileage. sometimes mother nature takes forward. all right.
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funeral arrangements saturday in washington. trip you, his chair has been draped in black bunting. his death has also touched off a political firestorm over his replacement. republican leaders are promising to book any nomination until after the election. we are have that he was on the shortlist to replace justice. he says that it is not going to happen. mike woods. who is your city council representative.
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getting a pay raise. >> they voted to give themselves a pay praise. whoever they are, they will be. more money. some people are suspecting that this is maybe the mayor's angle to downplay this. not only is he siding off on some massive pay increases for the entire city council, but also four himself. >> he plans to get this city council members a pixar raise. he will sign the bill into law that guarantees the pay hike.
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five calendar days notice before the change. prompting the annual salary from around $112,000 to $148,000. it also plans them having any other outside jobs. making them full-time employees. council members have not had a raise in decade. $225,000. that is a 15% raise. in the past, to fazio has said he will not take a raise until he is elected into a second term.
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union issued a statement saying "the council circuited the process. that they raise their salaries were then $10000 more than what was recommended by the commission. the mayor's press team saying they are not trying to draw any attention away. there will also be a public opinion. on friday. people can kind of voice but they are thinking about all of this. they already are on twitter. 2010. a lot of people sounding off on this this morning. dr. raj: everybody up? >> know.
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rosanna: thank you, liz. who is this handsome guy? >> i should have known this. great ladies. that is it. did you figure out who you represent here. >> we have been good citizens. >> they get a raise. let's show you what we have out there. we are warmer than normal. thirty-seven essential part. it is a 13 degrees drop in temperature. we have to feel so filed to that area.
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too much. we should see basically clearing skies. looks like we have rain free. it is going to be warm soon. antioxidant has a lame plot. no problems on the tappan zee. this is the l.i.e. over by terry wrote. that camera shot. a 15 minute delay. all of the other approaches are
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get 30% off every guest every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. >> eagles of death metal. that is a band. greg: they were back last night. they played a tribute concert last night. it was sold out. some of the worst survivors of that attack. the band was playing at the
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killing 90 people. it was one of several attacks. silence. pope francis. he has a lot of energy. >> here is what happened. the worshipers got a little carried away. at one point, he seems visibly disturbed by how emphatic these people were. >> do not be selfish. drug. he wrapped up a five-day visit.
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a man from new york lost his wife. then he got a note from the person that found it in the mail. he is the one who lost his wallet. leading a concert in brooklyn. he went all the way back to look for it. he caught an envelope in the mail. i kept the cash because i needed we. the wallet because it is kind of cool. two goals. anonymous. >> i have to tell you. >> he laughed about it. going to be nice. >> here it is.
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we uncovered another note. take a look at this one. it looks kind of athletic. i saw your picture on the front of the new jerked post. this is a great new york stories. return the wallet. she had a hard time on valentine's day. rosanna: i do not think that that is really ines. who knows. she is a very nice girl. only in new york which you get a
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>> it is said to be in the mail. when we go to the store, i find my box of honey bunches of oats and i' m checking to see if i packaged it. best cereal in the world right there.
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greg: i see a couple of things going on here. take i found it very important back then. the fees, whoever it was, mailed it back to my mother. no return address, obviously. it really took the sting out. really relying on that. >> that is true. i would be freaked out. >> has your address. she lives to tell the tale. now if you are living to tell the tale. >> where were you when the rain
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russian work it was about 2:00 o'clock. >> you heard this. >> my friend abilities of these relish. greg: what happened? rosanna: you cannot find a bowlful of relish. people were so jealous. greg: you have a status symbol of just about everything. good for you. >> it is. we cannot walk around with one of those dumb things.
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>> trying to open it. >> it works every time. we are good. >> we have the dryer weather coming to you. it looks like it will stick around for a while. let's take a look at what is happening out there. we are looking at a brighter day out there. our temperatures are going to basically come up a little bit as we head into the weekend. temperatures are going to go above normal. a potential coastal storm. right now it looks like it would be bringing rain.
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we have 37 degrees and cloudy. precipitation has moved on. temperatures basically throughout the northeast are very close. a little bit above normal. anyhow, guess, there are some clouds in the area. we should see at least a little more sunshine later in the day. that will nurture doctor temperatures down even more so. thirty-seven is your high tomorrow. desmonte is coming in. pretty warm, two. let's bring in ines. it has to be better than yesterday. >> it is a lot better.
7:34 am
we do have a problem in new jersey. eastbound this accident has a right lame plot. you have to laze eastbound. we still have a lame plot. whatever it is, you have northbound. a bit of airplanes obstructed. fine. crossbones looks good. street cleaning rules rules are in effect today. >> all of those people killed. the terrorist are dead. they both have iphones. apple is not letting them in.
7:35 am
>> i do not know rosanna's >> i do not know rosanna's password right now. you keep entering things in life that and they are wrong. if you keep trying the wrong code, that goes up to a five minute. if the fbi wanted into rosanna scotto's cell phone without your passcode, they could not get it. ben simmoneau is here. we are talking about that passcode. what the fbi is asking for does not actually exist. the key issue here is the fbi has had it for months.
7:36 am
into it. the phone erases everything on it. the judge says apple must provide the fbi with software. hoping the information can fill in a missing gap of 18 minutes. they do not know what these two people did. apple said overnight in an open letter on apple's website. the fact or so for does not get it to us today here at it has implications far beyond the legal case at hand. he believed that it would be dangerous to create the software. he says anybody who may somehow come into possession of that software can break into any
7:37 am
the views would be limited to the case. no way to guarantee such control. he said in a statement no device, no court and no apartment should be within the reach of a search warrant. what is more important? privacy or security. >> you have to make your password a little harder. >> already. >> it is a tough issue. >> russia or china. in those countries. it is not just the u.s. that
7:38 am
greg: thanks a lot. we are going to stay on the terror issue. new york. rosanna, we are in for a $300 million cut when it comes to fighting terrorism. rosanna: they are so upset about the cut to anti-terror funding. the plan would / the initiative. giving counterterror funds. it just does not make any sense to cut these funds. by the way, we are always sporting some kind of terrorist attack here in the city. there is always something going on here at. greg: right.
7:39 am
>> last weekend was just a real -- reopening. greg: they had to shut down. rosanna: con ed found in illegal gas hook up. you can have a nice corn beef sandwich. >> rosanna is not going to go there anytime soon. rosanna: carnegie puts a greg kelly say what's on the menu, we will go. i want a lot of him and it. and if the pallone. >> i want mine to be different. >> take you very much.
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it. >> congratulations. a new york icon. let's talk about another event here in new york. >> let's meet the top dog in the world. rosanna: a german shorthair pointer. >> new german shorthair pointer. anybody know the dogs name? >> not to be confused with any of the letters in the alphabet. dave aronne hair on his head. gorgeous. i love that. different colors that he had. his owner says that she knew the
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>> welcome back everyone. first of all, it is dryer. 35 degrees in bridgeport. most everyone is cooler. 13-degree temperature drop. only a few spots have been a little bit warmer. the general trend is for it to drop from the tri-state. a few flakes try to get going this morning. not a big deal. as it comes in, not a lot of you will notice a drop in your temperatures tomorrow.
7:45 am
cooler compared to what we had yesterday. mostly clear for you tonight. " down between 19 and 29. thirty-nine on friday. dry and warm over the weekend. shower chances are up there. late sunday into early monday. another small shower tents out there then. it is on the fox5 weather out. check it out. first to isabella. turning 10 years old. happy birthday to you from your dad. swift. i think that she is rather proud of that picture. happy birthday. let's bring in ines into what is
7:46 am
>> that is great. no issues on the expressway. brooklyn side of the verrazano. route 17 north pound. there is this other problem route 80. this is eastbound. you can see an accident involving these two vehicles. causing some rubbernecking delays westbound. upper, lower level, no delays. it is about a 45-60 minutes delayed. duke is that spring training. that means we are in charge for the day.
7:47 am
it is warming up right now. curtis granderson. he has been here on "good day new york." the camp has a different feel. it gets bigger. looking to say that, hey, we know our team is better than you. we will go out there and prove it. more teams than there used to be doing that. not the content. >> better than yours. our morning show is better than yours. >> six-three. let's talk about some big
7:48 am
$34 million during the 2014 year. greg: wow. good for him. what do you say. they have been embroiled in controversy. good for him. this is america. not everybody thought that he did a great job. >> he had his hands full. making a shocking and mission. appeared on the ellen degeneres show. >> she looks like j lo sitting there on the couch. >> she admitted to alan that she contemplated suicide following the defeat.
7:49 am
what am i anymore if i am not this. i was sitting there thinking about killing myself. i am nothing. no one gave a [bleep] about me any more. >> rhonda, hang in there. thank goodness she got over those suicidal thoughts. greg: guess what, rhonda, just a couple months later is on the cover of sports illustrated. >> life is about how you get up and work from there. >> let's talk about this america. >> several jersey papers are reporting this morning. it includes over $11 million.
7:50 am
>> i have no idea. >> listen. promoting atlantic city. the billboard music. >> by the way, we want to get in the mix. i believe it is called industries city. >> fabulous. it is about time you score some free tickets. staten island ferry. it is approaching staten island. it sounds like you fell out of
7:51 am
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greg: fedex. rosanna: fedex. we will get there. coming and going from newark airport. i cannot believe this. i am so upset about this. i do not even want to talk about
7:54 am
>> getting into a party. out in hollywood. okay. they get you at the good moments and the fat. >> the drummer from the foo fighters were right there in front of me. >> paul mccartney. he is a super, duper famous guy. it has been a longtime since the beatles. listen to this. >> only had about a gazillion of them.
7:55 am
greg: love him, by the way. why would i deny paul mccartney. the bottom line sounds like this was a misunderstanding. he was going to somebody else's parties. do me a favor. if the law and order. terrence howard. a guest star. john ritter. everybody has been on the show.
7:56 am
>> on the show later. >> all kinds of people. do you believe that one? a bad guy. so first rated by this. watch this. what do we got? >> female caucasian. >> someone didn't think so. >> list maybe just do that kick. the corpse.
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i like that a lot. " my eyes. >> yes. sure. if you want.
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rosanna: we are so ready for you. the middle of february. i am rosanna scotto. look at the people that were born on february 29. let us know if you were born on february 29. weatherwise. it is so much better than it was. that will not happen today, by the way. it was warmer. temperatures in the mid- 40s. photos are too sensible. donald trump is firing back. a one term president.
8:01 am
a popular dating app. $10000. who does that. >> scamming a guy out of $20000. it was really 25 bunch of stuff for himself. rosanna: did you hear about this? a flight from mexico to new york. >> they were suspicious from him. not known for its awesome service.
8:02 am
railroad. past tag we can do better. we deserve better. tell people as your nightmare stories from the long island railroad. the hash tag for us is we can do better. we deserve better. >> you want another campaign? >> we can do better. every day we bring a different game to this show. we can do better. >> a couple of things going on here. aaa. they came out saying how expensive these potholes are. a couple of billion dollars a year. users have the nasty snow as it
8:03 am
rosanna and i are on top of it. last year we had a great time going over to fort lee. they put us to work filling potholes. try doing that all day. you really need muscles to do that stuff. >> this is not just some photo off. from beginning to end. probably in violation. [laughter] >> you were behind the wheel. remember that? you have to go over the blacktop a bunch of times. we want to thank the mayor of fort lee for going on that adventure. i think they are doing okay. >> have you talked to chris christie yet? did you see the governor was talking about being back. he thinks it has made him a
8:04 am
>> we will see about that one. the mayor, that was his name. great guy. >> let's talk weather. we can do better. do not get that confused. we can do better. >> let's try it. let show you what is up out there. we have a little bit whether as concerned. that is a little bit of an improvement. this is a little bit better. it is still warm enough for 37 degrees. that is your temperature at central park. wind is coming in from the
8:05 am
not a lot of wind like we had yesterday. we have a little trough that is trying to drive through here. that is all it was capable of doing. that is just pulling in cold air. there is more on the way. today your high temperatures are pretty close to normal. let's bring in nine as rosales and see what she's got did checking out the roadways. >> let's start off with queens. traffic on the l.i.e. same goes for the bqe eastbound. 117 in new jersey. this is right by racetrack road. two lanes blocked with that
8:06 am
an accident by exit 52. that just cleared away the accident there. that is some good news. both lanes open. the fdr drive, let's take a look at that camera shop. underneath gracie mansion. okay. most of the trains are running on or close. >> thank you very much. donald trump now feuding. the president is fighting back. >> now, president obama is actually talking about donald trump. >> the president said once
8:07 am
he said it yesterday. let's go to robert moses. >> the president talks about this race. more on that in just a second. let's get right to this poll. it is brand-new. hillary clinton leading bernie sanders. look at the others. donald trump has a commanding lead over marco rubio. seems like any discussion has been greatly exaggerated. eighteen for ted cruz. despite president obama's reservations, trump appears to be very well positioned to get >> i continue to believe that mister trouble not be president. >> declining to endorse a
8:08 am
no surprise. it is not hosting a talk show or reality show. >> for him to say it is a great sponsorship. >> you are lucky i did not run last time. jeff bush tweeted a photo engraved with his name. he captioned the picture with america. lindsey graham appeared with
8:09 am
a candidate that is democrats continued courting african-americans. they are real barriers. holding back african-americans. >> the change never takes place. change takes place from the bottom on up. >> also appeared in an ad for bernie sanders.
8:10 am
>> grover, things a lot. rosanna: did you hear about this? a to arrest was knocked unconscious. greg: i see those guys down there selling tickets. the victim was a 33-year-old man from arkansas. 25-year-old robert anderson of brooklyn came up to the victim and punched him hard. we are looking at the statue of liberty. a beautiful place. you can ride the ferry for free ride on by.
8:11 am
there seem to be some classic dating scams. supposedly, she ripped them off to the tune of $26000. >> he needed the money. oh, boy. the guy must be one smooth talker. >> a man who employed him as a dog walker. >> a big glass table came down right in times square yesterday. fell off the roof of a building. shattered. it did not land right on him.
8:12 am
nice setups, by the way. it fell 22 stories high. it was probably blown off by the wind. taken to bellevue with minor injuries. former miss new jersey. there she is. she was critically injured in a car crash. she was in the 2014 miss america pageant. her convertible spun off a highway and hit a tree. she is in bad shape. critical condition in the hospital. police believe that she was not wearing her seatbelt and may have been driving too fast. she is a princeton university
8:13 am
we wish her a speedy recovery. please, please, please wear your seatbelt. >> you are sick and tired of these long delays and cancellations. what is the hash tag? >> we deserve better. you have to throw the long island railroad in there, too so about. this is an organized attempt together people and direct their frustration. >> a few social media campaigns. frustrated by all the delays and cancellations. they have this campaign with the
8:14 am
times a week. where is my fair money going. lirr. that is whether or not do later canceled every single day. we talked with some commuters this morning. every other day, there seems to be a delay of problems. especially on the 540 train. >> in terms of delays. there has to be something that we can do that is better.
8:15 am
the mta. we have not heard back. greg and rosanna, that you. >> thanks a lot. the front page of the new york post today is about this guy. then he got a note in the mail from the person that took his wallet. >> he was at a concert early february. he has an envelope in the mail. a long with a note. i found your wallet and your drivers license and to urge us. here is your credit cards and other important stuff. i kept the cash because i needed
8:16 am
the fair is to 75 now. the wallet because it is kind of cool. enjoy the rest of your day. you know what, i don't know. i think that that is kind of a nice gesture. i do. >> i don't know. >> ines noticed he is athletic. that does not matter to ines. this is a follow-up by the way. how tall are you. how much money do you make.
8:17 am
[laughter] rosanna: he will be here at 9:00 o'clock. whoever found the wallet, let's say it is not stolen. he went out of his way to send back the credit cards. >> maybe he cashed his check. i am pretty sure he has direct deposit. uses his atm card to buy a pack of gum. >> you will find out when you will meet riley. anyway. are you okay? mike: i am kind of curious to see what happens. mike: forget about it. rosanna: now it is riley's
8:18 am
forty-two is the advertised. a lot cooler than it was yesterday. thirty-seven essential part. regional temperatures. all of these temperatures are a little bit warmer than normal. yes. it looks like we have a decent looking day. we start out with a decent amount of cloud cover. precipitation is done. more cool air. it will keep dumping down to the northeast in tri-state. today, up to 44 degrees. more sun in the afternoon. a high of 37 for you tomorrow. a slow chance of showers then. another chance of showers sunday night into monday. do not forget the fox5 ny whether out. this is the apple itunes and
8:19 am
birthday shout outs. happy birthday to you. hope you have a fantastic one. also, this little guy. happy birthday to you, powell. >> i like that. it looks good on you. >> the commute. westchester rockland county. things are fine. flooding was an issue. last night, we are not worried about that. take a look at the delays here on 280 eastbound. before and their traffic moving slow. let's see how things are moving. no problems was found or eastbound. driving into the city.
8:20 am
forty-five minute delay and bounds. holland pummels about 10-15 minutes from each approach. rosanna: okay. anyway. happy birthday. thank you for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. you know, a new off-broadway play called a room of my own. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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greg: you have heard of bone a -- some people call this food porn. taken with iphones. just regular smart phone photography. >> i heard that they even use selfie sticks, by the way. rosanna: it looks good to me, by the way.
8:24 am
regular photos. i would have loved to see a photo of the eye camera. another from a regular camera and see the difference. >> you know, those cameras with the superduper long lenses. those still take superior pictures, i am told. >> i don't know. i cannot imagine. let's get back to business. >> taking a spring or summer trip somewhere. it may cost you more money. airfare increases already in 2016. it is february 17. i thought jetblue was really cheap right now. jetblue high airfare.
8:25 am
yes, we are doing that, too. the question is, how. fuel is cheap. they are making a lot of money. one of the reasons why they are hiking fares. other companies lay off their workers. looking to cut costs any way they can. those are the expensive tickets. the airlines say they are not making as much money for those premium seats. >> i do not know what to tell you. it is very complicated buying airline tickets. >> i love how you always see that story. this is the best time to buy a ticket and then it changes. >> i think you mentioned jetblue.
8:26 am
friend. >> cool. thank you. have a beautiful day. rosanna: coming up on "good day new york." we told you about that man that was stopped on a flight because he was wearing a turban. he is an actor and model. >> he is a working out her. he is a big fan base. they would not let him on
8:27 am
what is that all pone of the cool perks of this place pis you can eat as much cereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some.
8:28 am
we make it, eat it, love it, live it.
8:29 am
greg: boy, the empire state building looks haunted. rosanna: it does. greg: yikes. rosanna: are you excited, greg? greg: this is a great song by the point sisters. by this? here is what music can do. rosanna: you are right. greg: move over. maybe going on spring
8:30 am
this movie on the sound track of summer love. great time in greece. rosanna: all right. ruth pointer is going to be here. she has new book. boy, oh boy, it is a painful book. i know she is concerned about her kids reading it. she is here talking about the ups and downs and on the upswing now. greg: the point sisters looked like they had a great time. rosanna: a great song. greg: jump, i do remember. jump. then this one. rosanna: yeah. greg: anyway, what else is going son in. rosanna: well 8:30 in the morning. it looks like it going to ran again, mike. meteorologist: i mean, it is trying to. the trend is to dry out. there is enough going on throughout. there is a threat. there is a little bit. it is right at the cloud base. greg: the cloud base? rosanna: esap operation. meteorologist: something like that. verga. >> verga?
8:31 am
yeah. how do you spell it verga. greg: viagra, we got it. all right. meteorologist: anyway, any how, we got, yeah, still clouds around the tristate region, and, yeah, could be a few little lying sprinkles or showers trying to happen. again, most of it doesn't make it to the ground. that is what we call verga. anyway, here is what we can expect today. you. cooler temperatures. high temps this the lower 40's. low to mid 40's. temp on the rise as we go though weekend which is good timing. then there is potential for coastal storm next week. then, you mare the coastal storms. yeah, you pay attention in. that would be tuesday night wednesday. right now, it looks like it would be rainmaker but a little shift out to sea. pulling cold air. snowmaker not out of the question. a long ways down the road.
8:32 am
curp ren temp. bridgeport, same thing four. it islip and mon talk, now 39. newark, 36. depends on where you are as to what the sky condition is. there is a good a. crowd cover around the tristate. winds were the northwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour. there it is. the weak little trough that is swinging on through here trying to kick up a few shower, but not much it to. still clouds leftover for you here this morning. drier skies will be coming to us later on, but there is also another cold tron coming in to up to. that one doesn't have much moisture with it. here is what we expect out of it. gain, not much. you can see the general trend from snow showers upstream, not going to quite make it us to here as far as the snow is concerned but the cooler air and the breezier condition that will come us to heiress pushily tomorrow knocking the bit. then goes back up as we head to weekend. today, sun and clouds. high temp up to 44. tomorrow, 37 for high. then 39 on friday. we get to the lower 50's over the weekend both saturday and sunday
8:33 am
warm. let's bring in ines row sal throws see what is happening. and wednesday morning commute, so are fa, you be? it has not sounded bad at all. >> good morning, mike. a little fender-bender here and there. right now problems on the pulaski skyway northbound. there is accident by raymond boulevard which has all lanes closed. this is affecting traffic there on the skyway. the rest of the commute northbound as you approach north avenue. watch out for accident there blocking a lane. let's go to our calm as to take a look at long island here. the l. e. over here. this tires ry road. no problems westbound or eastbound if you are drive though city, the lip contunnel is looking good this morning. just normal delays. 45 to 30. ing if crazy. holland tunnel, 10 to 15 inbounded. the gwb has no delay on the upper or leer levels. a good option. greg and rosanna. greg: thank you very much. our next guest, a you successful actor. take a look at the grand
8:34 am
rosanna:s on the right. greg: okay. rosanna: yeah. he wants the film "inside man" along with denzel washington. greg: and in the gp's love campaign. he is a busy actor, however, what a great picture, by the way, he group in bay ridge, brooklyn. when he travels with that sur been a, sometimes, believe it or not, it gives him trouble. security they eye him suspiciously. it happened recently in mexico. was boarding a flight. attempting to boarded a flight to new york city, coming home. he lives in the west village. they would not let him get onboard. this man. rosanna: they wanted him to remove the tur been a. do so. rosanna: right. morning. thank you so much for coming here. >> thanks for having me. happened. mexico flight. you are coming fact to and what happens. >> well, so i get the boarding pass which has the four s's. it is secondary screening. sometimes it is supposed
8:35 am
sometimes you are the list. i doubt it is random because i get it all the time. i am defying all theds. so i got it. i knew this was the process. secondary screening process. it happened at the ready booing gate. so there, you know, same thing. i had been through the first round of security, the second round of security, pat down, there is protocol. tsa set up a protocol for every state going in and out. you know, you pat down the tur been a. you wand it. the whole thing. thisp this happened before. they asked know remove the tur been a in different airport and i said now. we'll wand it down, swab it, go through the protocol. greg: why not remove the tur been a? >> it is part of religion, it is part of the sikh religion, it is sort of like, i not the same thing as apparel. i imagine someone to public. the funny ing is, it is
8:36 am
equality and justice. greg: the transportation administration in >> yeah. they work with the sikh coalition which is civil rights organization. after 911 they worked together to create this protocol. rosanna: so you doesn't take the tur been off. then what happened? >> so then they said, you will have to fly another airline, and they said you won't be flying air mexicoment you have to fly another airline. >> what do you? gate. it did know what to do. it has come to this point before, but never where i was not allowed on the airline. that is when i reached out. you know? >> i did do you? who did you reach out to? >> two things: i posted it on instagram and said they won't let me on the plane an reached hit to sikh coalition. greg: how much time has lapsed. i know this story en with us on air mexico flight two days later. two days later, wednesday morning. same flight, wednesday morning. greg: here you are are with the crew. everything has worked
8:37 am
it took two days. this protocol, there is civil rights, i was just, it was not just me as a sikh but me as an american. these are my rights. this is what makes, you know, am all for security. i am getting on that plane, too. look i want everybody checked. let's check everybody. you know? so it is just, if you are doing it, you should do it, you know, follow are tow call, follow the rules. we're all following rules. let's follow the rules. rosanna: so were you angry or hoping now to get the word out there about your experience and maybe avoiding it, in that same experience again? >> in that moment, i created a hashtag called everything about hashtags now. fear is a an opportunity to educate. that was what i realized immediately. that is what it was. if this happened to me, i know it has happened to countless other people. everyone else. i couldn't leave be there without it going else. greg: now again this happened in mexico.
8:38 am
respect but not going to remove it. they do still inspect. they can touch and wand. they can make hair to there are no metallic objects. greg: you are fine. you wan that. i want to be checked as much. i want, i want to know that they are eking ebb. greg: you mentioned you go through this all the time. >> i go through it all the time. you know, after primarily after 9/11, primarily after/11 i was sucker punched. i was sucker punched at the statute of liberty 4:00 a.m. in the morning at gentlemen's pizza after a night of downhills by someone. committed hate crime right here two year after 9/11. that is the problem. the hate, the hate crime that has gone up. the sikh coalition reported it has doubled what it was the year before. rosanna: so we need to get the word out there and change people's ideas, you know? i this i some people are just afraid, you know? >> that is the whole
8:39 am
that is the basic everyone functions out of fear. why not, why not step forward with love? greg: how about a little well. rosanna: right. greg: i want to take you september 11th, the hijackers were not dressed inlets' call it traditional garb. mohamed, when he boarded that flight, i think he started the yummy in maine, al qaeda gave him instructions, shave, buy khakis at the gap, wear a belt, these guys, they blend in. it is american attire. regular. that was the tactic to blend in, so you know, somebody sees you and is afraid, they have to remember what al qaeda's own playbook says. >> yeah. what anyone's playbook would say. you don't want to stabbed out. you don't want to call attention. this is calling attention. the whole point of the tur been a is that it symbolizes, equality, justice. it is reminder to myself. it doesn't mack me more spiritual religious than
8:40 am
it is a message to world, that was what i stan for. you can relay on that. it is strange that in this day and age, it has come to that. people are getting it confused for something else and associating with it fear. rosanna: educating ourselves this morning. in your religion, you have to wear a tur been a every day. >> we are, i wear my tur been a every day. rosanna: you have to? >> yeah. rosanna: okay. the sa respects that. american author thinks are onboard. >> abc lit. >> what else are you >> film. hopefully filming in a few weeks about the first american soldier in world war i that was sikh, sikh-american and then they revoked sit glen ship. so it is a continuing, it is a continuing about rights. it is always about, it is always but civil right, human rights. greg: juarez is from bay ridge, brooklyn. rosanna: local boy. single, married, what is the status?
8:41 am
single. rosanna: really? >> my mom will be happy. rosanna: your mother is watching now. >> she is happy. rosanna: what does your mother want from you? >> she wants grandkids. she wants grandkids. greg: frank lit is up to you. she wants me to find love. that necklace you are wearing that is what she love. love. get on with my life. greg: what is the hold up? how do you go? how do you go about this? >> i am not looking to get robbed. rosanna: are you, do you date only within the faith? >> that would make my mother happy. that would mack my mother extremely happy. i have not dated within my faith yet. rosanna: what? i am happy to. i am not not dating with my faith. i am dating who i meet. rosanna: ines is
8:42 am
>> great. greg: i don't think that is going to happen. >> what are you doing for lunch? greg: the thing is she talked to this guy from "the new york post." rosanna: she doesn't know him. >> that is not going to last. greg: looking for guys. >> that is not going to work. greg: not the guy who wrote the letter the guy who ref sood the letter. who knows, you should have a cup of coffee. rosanna: i am glad we met. thank you for educating us. we appreciate it. we love to have people on from brooklyn f. that helps, too. greg: juarez, you are okay. no hard feelings? >> love mexico. love air mexico. they made a mistake. it is about learning. greg: what happens to the next person who goes through security mexico city with the tur been on, do they change? >> they have agreed to do education and train all of their staff. rosanna: juar rerez is a life changer. love this. thank you. thanks so nice neat meet you okay. greg: that pointer
8:43 am
rosanna: yeah. the pointer is going to be here. greg: wrote a memoir. her life in show business. great music, by the way.
8:44 am
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rosanna: this is make meg melon connie. greg: the dark empire state building. listen for moment. greg: all right. change the station! change the station! all right. greg: all right here we go note the empire state building. it is a little bit dark but everything feels good. rosanna: we are so excited. the members of the city council. they have not had a raise in ten years so they are getting a big, big raise. they voted. s a big one. yao yeah. then, also, rosanna and i figured out who prep sen us in the city council f. we did not know. we're getting a 32% raise. how much moneying that is go to be be. let's go to liz in the carnegie deli. the mayor expected to will be. >> i time, liz? reporter: greg and rosanna, he arrived probably two minutes to walk in. rating on time here at carnegie deli. hes here because they are having a reopening
8:47 am
you may remember, this restaurant ap deli was closed for just about a year because there was no illegal gas hookup inside. in fab, a couple of residents have come by to say why are we celebrating that ex a licht this the rest in are a is up to geocode now. we're here to ask the mayor why he has dea sided to approve these massive pay increases not only for the city council, but also, forels. mayor bill de blasio put it on record. he plans to give the city council members a big, fat raise. the mayor filed a last minuteth in noose the city record on friday, that says he will sign the while in law that far ren tees the pay hikes. we believe the mayor's office has to give the public five calendar days notice before the change. here is a break down. members of the council will get a 32% pay hike bumping the alley sal friday 112,000 more than 148,000. that number is $10,000 more than the mayor's
8:48 am
pay increase. it also bans having any other outside jobs making them full-time employees. keep in mine. councilmembers have not had a raise in a decade. the mayor's salary would also go up from $225,000 to more than $258,000. that is a a 15% raise. in the past, de blasio has said, he would not take raise nell was elected into the second term. on february 5th, 40 members of the council voted yes on the measure including speak erma lisa mark whose own salary will also climb. after the vote, the citizen's union, the government watchdog group issued a statement saying, the council short sir quitted the remember review process by curtailing us public inmaut they raise the salaries more than $10,000 more than what was recommended by the commission. so the city council insists hate witness transparent throughout the whole process and
8:49 am
has said they don't want to bring any a atonings this bill. they say it is an important one. there is going to be a public opinion, a public hearing process starting on friday, at 10:00. people can voice their opinions but they are on twitter. a few followers saying jr coppance firemen put their lives on the line every day and get a 1% raise every year. we should be warning the real heros. again, lots of mixed reaction on this. dirrability arely as long as a he takes questions in here at carnegie deli and brk you any information as soon as we get. i live in midtown, back to you. greg: liz, good luck. go in there. mike wallace styling. also take a look. what is happening in there now? what do you got? reporter: with well, free pick elsam pells. a lot of people chechen in. a pretty big crowd. a big restaurant and dellly a as you no. we'll go in and check inside and let you know how it is looking.
8:50 am
far wook now. nows the grand opening hence the american plague. the red, white and blue bunting. greg: good luck to the cash gy deli. why all right. we take a quick break. shall we? greg: yeah net i need a break. rosanna: need break. >> what else is going son in oh, we meet the guy who received the wallet. riley who is interested in in. rosanna: she is not. >> yeah. take a look. this guy is actually coming to good day new york. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and
8:51 am
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rosanna: all right. we know who the best of show is. greg: take lack at the new dog. >> the 2016 german shorthaired pointer. j.c. >> he this new championship dog, best in show. one guy, the judge there, all up to him. made this dog the wenner. rosanna: yeah. top dog out of 2700, okay. graceful, i heard. graceful.
8:54 am
look at that two tone, you know. beautiful. greg: congratulations to miss nu nez. she had a sense it would happen when the dog was puppy. rosanna: all right. we know you love coney island. now another reason to go out to coney island. they are getting a brand-new sea side venue where you are able to go and hear music. >> this is actually pretty cool. 5,000-seat capacity. 5,000 person capacity theater right there eventually on the beach and it will open in july. >> yeah. going to have 5,000 seats year around events. the concert promoter live nation will schedule acts at the new site and nothing has been booked yet. the site will be home of the free side summer concert series. i think you know. >> he has stake in the thing. >> yeah. he is involved with
8:55 am
8:56 am
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greg: oh sandwiches. carnegie deli once again opening. rosanna: i am fog petition for a greg kelly sandwich with tons of ham and baloney.


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