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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the feds hack into the phone. apple says this could be impacts for millions of customers and tim cook said he does not plan to comply. a federal judge ordering apple to help the fbi break into the iphone that belonged to farook, one of of the shooters, the tech giant vowing not to participate, drawing the backing of edward snowden. he tweeted this is the most important tech case in a decade. the ruling would require apple to help the fbi disable the security features which erase data after too many attempts to unlock an iphone. many in the law enforcement community saying accessing that information is crucial to investigations. >> even if an attack is successful like san bernardino, the investigation still continues. they still need to know were they acting in concert with others? is there a nexis of the attack? what organization was working with them? >> reporter: tim cook saying,
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would undermine the freedoms and liberty our government is meant to protect. so consumers agree. >> maybe the police are looking into more than what they say they're trying to find. >> i don't let my friends get in it. why would i let the police? >> reporter: a decision could impact cases in new york city. st year the manhattan d.a. citing more than 100 examples of search warrants it could not execute involving smartphones. >> let's be very clear. we all respect constitutional rights. we all understand the sensitivities around privacy. but in the end, these companies, whether they mean to or not, are making it easier for terrorists to do their devilish acts. it must be stopped. >> reporter: even though apple's ceo tim cook sayshe case could have a wide ranging impact, some experts say that when they look at this appeal, it's likely they will only look at the specific aspects of this case. it could be a difficult challenge for apple. back to u.
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let's continue to talk out it. this is the technology etor international biness times. a big st we'reing out thepple ceo tingon t fbi, trying to protect people from their forth. at's your take on that? >> it's a big story. this pits silicon valley versus the federal government. these are important is. i think apple has real problem. they have no choice to protect their users' privacy but the issue of terrorism is huge. ernie: that's it. they want to unlock the phone so they can have access to information on the terrorist attack in san bernardino. some people say isn't that different? isn't that different? >> i think it is different. i think what's happening here is apple is trying to protect people's privacy. but think t -- can we start over? ernie: wwere talking about th privacy issue. now people are saying we're talking about our safety and how are we going to track down the terrorists if we don't have
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maybe apple has to cooperate. >> see the problem is with a back door. if apple gives it to the u.s. government, it might have to give it to other regimes we don't agree with. we have china and others that might want access. apple is in a tough spot. ernie: think it will be a big court battle? >> i think lit -- it will go to the supreme court. the issues are too important. apple has its case and the federal government has its case. i think they're going to have to take this one phone and get the data that the u.s. government needs andot create a back door that would really put all of our data at risk. ernie: even though the government says this would b a limite situation, right? only perhaps one time. but how do you control that once it starts? >> the government says they want access to this phone's data. apple sayst would create a back door that would endanger everyone's privacy. ernie: thank you for your comments tonight.
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these stories are making news. city officials are not happy with a white house proposal that would cut anti-terror funding to the city in half. the mey helps offset local municipalities' security expenditures. losi theey is something city leaders are vowing to fight. >> it's every kind of threat. it's a moral issue. the government has a moral obligation to protect its citizens. i don't know of any good argument for cutting these funds. none. ernie: the white house did release a statement saying their budget provides funding to support the terror fight. a spokesman went so far to question senator schumer's credibility saying schumer is wrong on this. >> looks like city council members are getting that 32 percent raise. mayor de blasio quietly okayed the hikes last friday, which will raise their salaries to more than $148,000 a year. the mayor gets a raise, but says he won't take it during his current term.
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is trying to raise $56 million to fight the zika virus. it's scrambling to contain the virus that has been linked to birth defects, but officials say it will be at least 18 months before vaccine trials can begin. and that's what's happening in the news right now. what's happening in the weather? the rain has stopped. a little chilly today. nick: it is. the clouds were out there. wasn't the prettiest day. we didn't get the sun today. we did talk about it turning on the colder side. ernie: i heard you talking about the weekend. nick: i should keep quiet. it's good things about the weekend. we will be warming up. the next couple ofays we'll be on the colder . today, 39. 37 the split. a little below average on the high temperature. tomorrow we'll be in the middle 30s. we're dropping into the 20s in the ity tomorrow morning. so plan on that. n, arage 42 and 29. record high 67 on this date in 1976. back in the late 1800's, it was
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a lot more daylight around lately. 37 now. humidity is drying out. 54 percent with a northwest wind. a bit of clouds outthere. the pressure is 30.10 on the barometer. it is rising. that's a good weather sign. upper to 30s to 40 most ofhe area. bridgeport was 40. 41 from montauk to islip. 30 at monticello. they didn't break freezing there. they're down into the upper 20s, a sign of where the suburbs are going, into the lower 20s, maybe upper teens in the colder valleys. 37 at newark to new york city out to islip. down to the middle 30s hudson valley and 38 on the east end. we're down 10, 15 degrees from just 24 hours ago. again, the northwest wind has been the iue with that. we have another cold front coming in as the reinforcement of colder air for tonight into tomorrow. again, the wind will be out of the northwest most of the night. around 10 miles an hour. then it will be northerly tomorrow. might get gusty at times at speeds of 15 to 25 miles an hour tomorrow. fox 5 sky guardian, nothing too much to report. a couple of flurries or snow
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pennsylvania. they're not going to surviv they'll dry out before they get here. you see more in upstate new york where they're getting squalls off the great lakes. as they come down the poconos and the catskills, they'll dry out and evaporate. we'll see a fair amount of clouds until the cold front that's off to the north and west slides on through. by tomorrow, we get into the northerly area and temperatures will respond by getti into the middle to a few upper 30s. it will be a beautiful day, as you'll see. take a look at the day planner. clear sky out the door. 20s in the city. 28 at 9:00 a.m. 32 at lunchtime. a struggle to get to 35 tomorrow afternoon as the sunshine sticks around. here's the futurecast. there's the front moving through. he yeautulif thursday high pressurill gi weather for thursday night. we'll start out withice weather friday morning with sunshine, but notice the clouds work in. here's 1:00 in the afternoon. and that's because what we were alluding to earlier is the milder air is trying to return. as it does, it comes up and over the cold air and brings the
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of showers later friday night. saturday morning, we get back to sunshine. over the weekend, it will be into the 50s. patchy clouds tonight. it's certainly cold. 27 in the city. 18 to 24 north and west. beautiful tomorrow. just a bit breezy and ld. bright and sunny. we'll stop at5 in the afternoon. here is the seven day. again, sun to clouds friday. a couple of snow showers. maybe a few snowflakes. 39. sun and clouds on saturday. look at the jump. 55. beautiful sunday, 52. a couple of showers sunday night, monday morning and sun comes back. 50 monday. then we start going down. 42 as the clouds return tuesday. there's the storm that we talked about yesterday. potential for a coastal storm. could be snow or rain depending on the trac erni we're getting closer to spng. ring. nick: more daylight every day. ernie: when we come back, for some reaching the top is enough. for others, there's a greater calling.
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great humanitarian, part of our black history month celebrion. it's all coming uphe fox 5 news at 6:00.
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ernie: welcome back to our feature story for you.
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black history month here on the news at 6:00 turns to great humanitarians this evening. these two men are among the most - both are doctorsnd saved lives and they've created a birth defect in an eight-year-old boy in afghanistan while they were there. what a powerful story as we celebre black history month. joining is vance moss. nice to have yuhere. and your brother vince just cme back from iraq. you both have done amazing work there. escially working with children in iraq and afghanistan. tell us about this. >> first i want to say welcome back to my brother, who got back from afghanistan -- iraq. we appreate ur servi and along with your partners at jfk th gave you a warm reception.
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ernie: wondl. ourission out in afghanistan was to help the children that weren't getting any help. the doctors without borders left, so that left us to go out an help the chilen that were injure throu blast iuries and things like th. ernie: people should know this was a dangerous sittion for you. you wenthere with your own plane, your own equipment. u did this a on your ownnd you took a lot o risks, but you've helped a lotf children. sad a ofves. this remarkae. has made wanto do this? >> wwere always told you can't amount to this or do that. even in arofessional care, th souon ds. wee toov the wrong. weere abo prove them on e: y w aut yoher jhineho is watchi she's beental. grt stydlife. ,she bee activist for african-amecans her entire life. my eat grandparents wer
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so blaismont it is everybody's month. we have to celebrate everyone's cultures and that's wt we lik prac. ere: y he be red. you and your brother, by several organizations. you'velowed the likes of caretta scott king, rosa parks. do you feel you're a celebrated african-american, you and your br r? some may perceive thate are at, but we our work dth talking for us. we wtur work to prove what can be dend in a pite way. ernie: you're a very positive person and very humble. really peopl have tonderstand the kind of wor th you do is from the hea and it's professional and you're trying to encoura other people to do the same. i know about your work working with hh school students as well. >> absolutely.
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african-american men. we're in trouble. and we have to rise up. we have to beat the odds. and,ou know uerndd there's a lot in my dographic erd in ein and sports but there are other things. there's trad. you can be a plumber. you can be a carpente they make great money. it takes studying. you've got to work at it. ernie: you encourage people. >>t has to be done. ernie: positive life-style. doctor, i have to tell you, i wish we had more time to talk about some of the wonderful things you've been doing. we welcome your brother back from iraq and many safe journeys. congratulations to you. >> thank you. nie: thank you so much. >> welcome home, vince. ernie: welcome home, vince. we have two days lt in our black history mth celebration. tomoow the focus is education and overcomin the roadblocks to findinsuccess. friday, we're talking srts and how success can come when we require more than a physil gift.
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the special question. checkhis one out: >> do you mind your own business or do you get involved? ernie: what do you do? interesting answers on the streets of new york in just a few minutes. first we're going live to mets spring training camp in florida right after the break. keep it here.
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ernie: russ is here. good time. spring training about to get underway. i love it. russ: i say officially about to ge underway. the guys have been there, but officially mets pitchers and catchers catchers, they report for physicals tomorrow an t first workout is on friday. but it's a different ball game. when you make it into the post-season, there's a whole different buzz, a whole different atmosphere. everybody is enthused. that's the situation for the mets. duke castiglione is down in port st. lucie today. he was talking with the mets earlier today and he's going to tell us what's going on. what happened the first day, duke? >> reporter: russ, ernie, today was the official reporting day for mets pitchers and catchers and you're right. there's a different buzz here.
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not like this year. this year after winning the national league pennant and losing in the world series, it's a young team. a lot of guys got experience last year. they're hungry to get back and a lot of guys in camp real early. that includes position players. one of the guys, the new second baseman, the switch hitter neil walker. he came overn the trade from the pittsburgh pirates, traded for jonathan neece. he's going to provide improvement on the defensive side. that's for sure. he's going to guard against tough lefties when he hits from the right side of the plate. i had a chance to talk with walker with other guys. walker has competed against the mets, especially the mets pitching staff. he knows how tough they can be. he thinks it's a win now team. >> when y're coming into town or you've got a threer f game set, you're going to see power arms and the the front end and back end.
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in a lot ofpect it's eiting to be on id things. >> our pitching staffs young. fo uso fee tat aosphere and experience that post-season is a lot oai f us >> repr: i think thi is my thr co s trnin yok. i thi about growing up in baball. and how things have changed. steven got here right ater the first of the year. a lot of guys have enbeere since january. pitchers and catchers will have their physicals tomorrow and work out friday. back to you. ernie: lots of anticipation. it's a little early to tell, but what do you expect this season? russ: listen, nobody knows what kind of injuries or problems you run into. injuries aside, if the mets pitchers do what they're
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they don't win the division. they have the best young staff in all of baseball. ernie: the fans certainly are all hopped up here. russ: they have reason to be hopped up because they have the best young staff in all of baseball. they just -- they have a new second baman, neil walker. as great as murphy was, wker aetter second baman. if they don't win the division, i'm going to be surprised. ernie:e'll be talking about at a lot. a lot, russ. i want you to think abo thi question. do you mind yo own business o youend toeold people'slives? russ: ernie? ernie: your answers are cing
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ernie: do you mind your own business or get involved in people's lives? >> i mind my own business. except when people ask me to get on tv. then i get involved. ernie: you like to keep to yourself? >> for the most part, yeah >> iou getnvolved if someone's health or sety is at risk. but if it was just funny, i would let it happen. ernie: right. right. >> if it was inappropriate, i wouldn't be >> it all comes back at you. you're a troublemaker. ernie: got to be careful. yoget involved in people's
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>> i keeo myself. much better that way. ernie: why? why does i work that way? >> stay out of trouble. i think unsolicited advice is not well received. >> ion't think it's any of my business what people are doing. i get the information from my wife. ernie: you get involved. do you like it? >> yeah. make me fee connected. that's what maers. >> i keep to myself. ernie: does it work for you? >> uh-huh. ernie: keeps you out of trouble? >> ye ernie: why do you dthat? i don't know. it works. ernie: okay. bye. i wonder who those red roses were for? i want to get involved. i'm just kidding around. i want to hear what you think. go to my facebook page. i'd like to hear fm you. that's it for now. thank you for joining us. i'm ernie anastos. all of us studio 5 and our control room staff, john, give us a wave.
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heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: there was a big thing with rihanna at the grams, and she says that she bailed because of bronchitis. there e others who say she bailed because she had a temper tantrum. >> basically she called in sick for worklaiming it was physical illness when rather it was a mental health day. >> she was at work. she went home si early. >> then you don't get charged a sick day. [laughter] >> we got kanye west at jacob and company to drink champagne. harvey: you can't beg for money and shop for expenses watches. i'm mark zukerberg. convince me you need more money. >> i'm the greatest living artist - harvey: why don't you have enough money to buy your own stuff? >> i didn't say i don't have enough money. harvey: excuse me, i'm mark zuckerberg and i don't like being interrupted.


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