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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. ben: mike woods is here. it's cold out side note on juliet huddy. should we save it for later? mike: i don't think they are ready for this yet. she continues her crusade of her stuff. ben: she will be back on monday or maybe tomorrow. mike: she is going to get us. that's when we are going to call in sick. 350 and montauk. the wind from the northwest at five 12 miles per hour. his little bit breezy with cooler air coming into town and sold it cooler today than it was yesterday. there are clouds and a snow shower so you might see some flakes to the northwest.
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makes it to us here. we are primarily bringing back some of the cold here when it comes to snowflakes. a little bit is to the northwest. like temperatures go up to 35 for a high later on this afternoon. as we go through the next five seven days have a high of 35 today and 39 tomorrow. small shower chances . i'm not really worried about that.let's ring in ines. ines: we are starting out the morning with route 22. we have an accident and an investigation going on so all lanes are close between springfield avenue.the rest of the commute is doing fine. no problems in westchester county and both sides of the bridge looking good.
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with construction going on on fdr. only one lane is open northbound. that should be wrapping up around 5:00 . as for the george washington bridge, your fine on the upper in the lower level. if you are taking the holland tunnel, is a great option. if the presidential race that we never see in this country. ted cruz is daring his opponent, donald trump , to go ahead and sue him. robert moses is live with the whole political roundup .>> so, sumi! >> last night they participate in town hall forum. tonight it will be donald trump , jeb bush and john kasich. he is so many twists and turns that the feeling of what whiplash is setting in.
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scored a key endorsement from the state's republican governor, nikki haley. >> i wanted someone that would oem show that the best decision i ever made was coming to america. >> haley's endorsement is a blow to jeb bush who did sought her support. the gun with his name was widely tweeted on twitter. at the beginning of the deli, the mayor tweeted this picture of the pastrami sandwich captioning it , america. >> wall street journal poll is coming is welcome news for ted cruz. the survey shows him with the support of 28% of republican voters nationally. at the head of donald trump. rubio is in third place. trump and cruz continue to class. >> .
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>> cruise responded , you want to file a lawsuit challenging this ad? claiming its deformation? filed a lawsuit! >> life was more subdued democratic race. >> we need a president who is passionate about creating jobs and raising income like i am . [cheering] polls suggest that as many as one third of voters in south carolina may still change their mind before saturday's primary so the last few days are critical. >> the security concerns are at the center of the debate over the unlocking a terrorist iphone. the white house is disputing apple's position saying it just for one case.
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>> the fight between apple and the federal government heats up . this is after investigators say is harder to fight terrorism because of encrypted phones . >> going forward, we are increasingly blind for terrorist purposes in general law enforcement purposes with the new devices to make them more secure against court orders authorizing law enforcement. reporter: the court ordered apple to unlock the phone . the information to the phone is crucial to the case in national security. google ceo says it could compromise users privacy. lawmakers are saying the needs to be middle ground. >> you can't litigate this on a case-by-case basis. it takes too long and hampers law enforcement. the solution that protects privacy but gives law enforcement the t terms
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. >> apples is not just about privacy, it's about the security for the customer. >> without loosing that it's not just the master key that it ended up in the wrong hands, it violates the security of everyone's iphone all over the world. >> apple says it will fight the court order but the company has five days to appeal the decision. 4:37 am.ben: a man is targeting women in manhattan. he has robbed five victims so far. many of the women were hurt . suspects were caught on the surveillance video attempting to use a debit card. three of the robberies happen last month and one was in the east village with two on the upper east side.
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if you have seen him, call crime stoppers. 100 577 tips. the bus driver was attacked in the bronx. a man punched the driver in the face and got off the bus then coming back and hitting him again. this happened just after 6:00 pm on tuesday as a bus was idling on e. form rd.) fordham university.if you've seen the suspect, call crime stoppers. >> despite the reports that big and passed away, she is still fighting for her life . she is battling brain and lung cancer. she has been a popular presence on the vh1 series. her uncle, salvatore lombardi was the captain
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>> cosby filed a breach of contract lawsuit against andrea constant. she is the woman who sexual assault accusation led to an arrest. the lawsuit was filed this month but was recently unsealed by a judge. it was filed a day before the key hearing in the they accused cosby for drugging and molesting her in 2004 . the case was not prosecuted at the time . he is due back in court on march 8. a jury has acquitted in ohio man stalking gwyneth paltrow. he was accused of sending her dozens of letters and gifts and it's the second time he was accused of stalking her. he was accused of sending lewd messages and a lot of
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he intended to frighten her but his actions reprehensible. breezy and cold mornings with images and 30s. mike woods has a complete forecast. carrie: yankee fans, beware. you can't print your tickets
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let's get an idea of what's temperatures. are they doing the up thing or the down thing? we are at the worst of it when it comes to the temperatures. we are at the upswing but today looks like it will be quite cool with a high of 350. it's coming in at 39 in the average for this time of year is 420. we're just below the average for the next few days do we go above average as we head into the weekend. timing is good and the weather will be cooperative. looks like there is some precept coming back at that time. mainly clear skies.the air is fairly dry with when coming out of the northwest at 16 miles per hour. not a lot of wind but it's a little bit going on. 230 in albany and 13 in buffalo. we will continue to see the
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35 in d.c. and 33 in philadelphia.we have a partly cloudy sky. today, we will get more sunshine in there for you. there is clouds upstream and maybe a few more snowflakes flying in upstate new york. you could see a few flakes. it's a little bit too dry. tropical pressure kicks through here and tries to get the snow showers going. most of the states to the north and west. presence known. temptress are coming down today with a high only in the mid-30s. yesterday. we go into tomorrow and it proves a little bit as we go into friday and saturday. we have another front approaching and it will temperatures.
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cover out there and i think will deal with much when it comes to showers and lessons to the north of the tri-state region. this thing coming through just doesn't bring as much in terms of precept. looks like it will be pretty dry. high temperatures up to 350 with a mainly sunny sky. a high of 35 today and 39 tomorrow. 53 for you on saturday and i think the weekend looks pretty dry for us. the weak system comes in early on monday and it could squeeze out some sprinkles. this looks like some snow possible and trails off to rain. the fox five app by going to fox 5 ny weather app. download it for free. let's go to ines. ines: good morning. let's talk about the commute on long island.
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no problems at all there. the commute looks good in new jersey and parsippany at route 24. we have nothing there. let's go to the cameras at the staten island expressway. heading towards the bridge eastbound , we are doing fine. as for the trains the checklist is looking close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. obama will visit cuba. obama will make the official announcement today.this comes after the president reopens ties. travel restrictions to the island nation in the american and embassy. the yankees are swinging through the fence. the team will no longer accept the tickets at yankee stadium. it sounds like the makings of a disaster. everyone has to go to the will call window. that's go to linda with the decision affecting stub hub.>> the yankees are no longer accepting tickets that you can print at home.
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longer welcome . the yankees have their own market ticket business called yankee ticket exchange. the team partner with ticketmaster on the venture. from now on you will have to have a traditional ticket like the one you get the window or a yankee generated electronic ticket with a mobile bar code. professor with brew college is a sports law expert. >> there are many benefits that the yankees gain from this. what is increased control of the tickets in the second will have the role in reducing fraud . there could be an economic fit that they will have greater control over the ticket resale market by making stub hub less desirable for people to use. >> the yankees say the move is being made to combat ticket fraud and make it convenient, safe and secure for fans. stub's response?
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tickets whenever and wherever they want. 35 now, you can still buy tickets on stub hub but what you have to do is go up to the ticket office which is outside of yankee stadium to pick up the traditional tickets that the previous owner has dropped off. >> linda schmidt , fox five news. >> that doesn't sound like a lot of people will do that. the florida couple is a lot richer after coming forward for the third florida jackpot. they claim their part of the one half billion. they took the lump sum payment . they were presented with the 327 million . it's exactly the annuity valley value. marine says she is playing the same numbers for about three years.
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long island and they say they don't plan to change much. >> will still live the same lives. my truck is about to fall apart so i need a vehicle but he will retire. that's what he wants to do! [applause] ben: the other winners of the jackpot is someone out there in california. we haven't heard from them yet and i was a group of people in mumford tennessee. carrie: began winners, the winner of the westminster dog show . ben: can i say something? this guy is much more attractive than looking at some of the previous winners. we love you cj! carrie: he went to the empire state building. he even had a celebratory . i wonder what was on the
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still ahead. it's the boys of summer returning to the field. we check in with the nets and spring training. good day early call is
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let's check the forecast. it's a little bit chilly out there. as long as we are above freezing. the average temperatures around 380. that's not so bad. we're sitting in the area where we should be. is 310.anyway, here is what we have. it was at 32 33. >> we would be right around there. anyway, it's a typical day and ends up being colder than average. we have a sunny but cold day coming up with highs in the mid-30s. the average high is around 40 one 42. we are a hair below that . temperatures are on the rise and it looks like we will get up into the 50s so
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the next storm for us is not coming up until tuesday night and wednesday. looks like it could be messy . good start out with some snow . 350 in montauk and 32 in islip . 31 at central park . 270 in sussex in same thing for you in allentown. tenders are cooler in most locations. that's according to the 24 hour map . 60 cooler in central park and newark and 80 24 hours ago in sussex. the northwest wind is coming through and we have reinforcing shots of colder air coming in from the northwest. there are snow showers upstream and it's very light . you've seen little to nothing making it to us in the tri-state. there you have it. sunny skies with a high of 350. 39 is her high tomorrow.
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get to that storm on wednesday. >> rangers on the ice hosting chicago in an original six matchup . it's three in the third when the rookie had his second of the night . the rangers with the goalie looking to tie it up . chicago wins 5/3. >> it's an exciting time in baseball. the yankees pitchers and catchers report to spring training. there pitchers and catchers report yesterday and they are scheduled to vehicles today. duke is here for us in port st. lucie. >> good morning from port st. lucie. the mets pitchers and catchers are reporting yesterday. a lot of guys on the field working out. there is a different buzz down here. last year there was some excitement but after winning and going to the world series they were disappointed that they lost but this year's team is on a mission.
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>> the mets pitchers and catchers reported to camp . many of the guys already were down here in port saint lucie and have been for a while. that includes stephen matz. yesterday, have a chance to native. >> what did the team learn? getting the postseason and doing so well losing on game five of the world series. >> i think we gained experience. we had a young team with our pitching staff.for us to feel the atmosphere and experience it postseason i think it's a lot of game for us. >> many of the players are already in port st. lucie working out. michael is one of those guys. he was having high x-rays to expectations. knowing what it's like to
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out on top he is excited about the potential. remember , he has faced the talented pictures as an opposing opposing batter. you have three or four games in a set and you need to have power arms at the front end and backend. you have to be prepared for that. the game is going that way now. it's a lot of aspects in regards to pitching. it's exciting to be on this side of things. >> here is what will happen. some guys will work out and
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we are sitting in the low 30s for much of the region. it doesn't climb much higher today but the good news is there are changes on the way in the weekend. it looks fantastic. mike tells us about the warm weather headed our way warm weather headed our way >> police in manhattan searching for a man in a robbery spree.he is holding up women at gunpoint. we will have details. >> it's the case of national security versus your privacy. apple fights the court cell phone. you have a live report on that debate . it's a site that's out of this world! take a look at nassau releasing time-lapse


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