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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's 5:00 and it's friday! we are looking a cold morning with increasing clouds. the weekend look spectacular. it's just around the corner it's just around the corner and we like it. mike woods in northern new jersey and is the second one this year. we will tell you the christianity. it causes the candidates to speak out. we will hear what trump has to say. >> questioning if ted cruz is qualified to run if he
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>> i am carrie drew. ben: i am ben simmoneau. thank you for being with us. 250 . mike is just like he is headed for texas. what's going on over there ? ye ha! did you get those somewhere else? >> my sister lives in oklahoma. i got them there. >> are they comfortable? speed . mike: they are a little bit warm. >> good for a morning like this. when they are down it looks pretty good. [laughter] we will show you what's happening out there.
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high this afternoon. the normal high is in at 66 for the regular high. i was sent back in 1977. we don't have any temperatures like that for us coming up for a while. it's 220 in bridgeport and 26 in montauk. winds are coming in from the north that 10 mph with a lighter wind keeping things pretty cool here this morning. we do have a clearing sky here in the tri-state region and were keeping and i on clouds. it's a warm front and here's the cold front behind it. it works its way through the tri-state and it gives us more clouds later today and tonight. the showers stay to the north of the city. maybe in upstate new york. high temperatures go up to 360 later and as we go through the next seven days, we have a high at 36 drags up the
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sunday. dry conditions with showers trying to squeeze through. on wednesday and thursday, we see a coastal storm giving us know in the mix. that spring and nine as and week. hasn't been too bad. of. >> the commute is off to a good start. all the roads are looking fine. new jersey has the same thing in north new jersey. you are fine on route 4 and route 80 . let's let the cameras and take a look at the fdr drive . no problems by 79th st. if you are heading towards the 59th st. bridge. one lane is open on the northbound side with construction wrapping up here i 79th . it's not causing any delays. as for the trains,
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close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. new jersey residents felt the earth move. a small earthquake hit. the magnitude quake was centered in the morris county borough of butler. they say more than 1000 people reported feeling the tremor. no damage and no injuries reported. it's the second one to strike the region in two months. we are seeing an increase and slashing in the city. several of them in the past 24 hours. we have a look at the problem with teresa. theresa: three more! that's the number we are hearing from police. the three incidents are adding to an alarming trend terrorizing new yorkers. >> it happened again for the third time in 24 hours.
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the latest occurred in the upper west side. columbus and 88th st. according to police, a man was walking on 88 when he was suddenly stabbed in the back. the crook demanded the 33-year-old emptied his pockets and he made off with a candle and headphones. please believe the suspect as a teenager. adding to the situation, a slashing in soho with a 21-year-old slashed in the face. waiting in line at supreme which is a popular shop . the crowds are big for the spring collection launch. the man with a ski mask became irate after claiming the vic them had jumped the line. he dragged the blade across the man's face. a few blocks away, on wednesday night, hard-working busboy is attempting to keep a panhandler from bothering customers slashed in the face at the silver spur's restaurant. that victim needed hundred
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>> he will be okay. here is the suspect's description. >> 5 foot 760 pounds with braces wearing a gray hoodie. he's holding a small gym bag and a purple folder . he looks like it's a scam to get money out of people but he's telling him he wants people to invest in a basketball league .>> it's a growing alarm over attacks citywide. the victim's are men, women and seniors. >> according to the communications, they say they are looking for three other people who were accompanying the suspect in the solar spurs driver diner. we will have the stories coming up at 530. that's the latest in the upper wet west side. this year's presidential race keeps getting stranger. yesterday, donald trump versus the pope? robert moses is here now
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>> ben and carrie that's a good question. it's hard to imagine to names then pope francis and donald trump. each makes enough headlines. together ? it's a rift that we haven't seen. >> donald trump has shown no gumption criticizing presidents. >> this man did such a bad job. >> the world trade center came down during the reign of george bush . >> during drum standards, the fight is extraordinary. it started when pope francis criticized him for his plan to build a wall after he visited the border and prayed for migrants who died trying to enter the us. >> the person thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. drum fired right back.
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question a person's faith, is disgraceful! i'm proud to be a christian and as president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weekend , unlike was happening now with the current president. >> there was this. >> if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been the president.>> the holy father demure when asked . >> who would i say to vote or not to vote? i would not get into that. >> there is a lot of things donald trump has said that america does have a right to secure the border. >> there are too many walls between us. we have bridges between us if we are going to fix the
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>> i think that's a question between their lord and savior in themselves. i don't question anyone's faith. >> a man would usually criticize trump and they this. ted cruz was also asked about this clash of the titans and he says , that's between the pope and donald. >> the issue surrounding ted cruz as canadian birth is heading to court . a lawsuit has been filed here in new york state . chris's father was cuban canadian and his mother was canadian. he was a american and that's my dispute. they say only a natural born citizen can be present. cruz has admitted he was born in canada. they want his name stripped off the april primary ballot. the case has now been moved to the supreme court in
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that's at the request of election officials. he faces the same challenge in texas and in illinois. a chicago judge will hear a lawsuit on the illinois matter today. >> law enforcement piling on the criticism of apple. the tech giant fights a court order to unlock the iphone from one of the san bernardino shooters. the latest to speak out saying the company's decision to encrypt newer versions of the iphone is also having a direct impact in the city holding up investigations into more than 170 cases. >> iphones are the first consumer product i know of in history that are designed to be and are beyond the reach of judicially authorized warrants. >> apple says creating the software to break the encryption would make them vulnerable to hackers and it would affect privacy rights by allowing government to access all the information stored in your phone. >> battle of words over new york city schools.
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it's analysis of state data shows violence in city schools increased by 23% last year. there is a violent incident happening every five minutes and a weapon is found every half hour. the mayor plans to open the system with a disciplinary policy working and the charter school disagrees. >> 2015 was the most violent year on record for new york city public schools. >> violent instances in the schools went up a staggering 23% over the past year. >> we have the official statistics for the school system . under my predecessor , crime and the schools has gone down. >> the mayor wants to get rid of metal detectors. they say doing that could increase violence in the schools more. >> 5-1-1 a.m. we will tell you how the people aboard are doing.
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the forecast. we have a nice weekend on top. temperatures are starting out pretty cool , right , mike ? mike: we are looking at 240 is a startup temperature. still cold but the normal high today is 420. we are going up to 36 for a high. the daily and hourly forecast is available on the app in the apple itunes for free today . it works over the weekend. >> will be right back. >> the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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very footage of a helicopter crash. it's right next to the uss arizona visitor center. they helped free a 16-year-old boy that was trapped in one of the seats and he is now in critical condition.for other people suffered non-life-threatening injuries. no word on what caused the helicopter to go down. >> it crashed into thousand 14 leaving the test pilot dead.
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to carry a crew of two and up to six passengers on suborbital flights. they hope to offer regular tourism flights. >> money was no object if you could go? carrie: no! ben: neither but i . mike: why not? would you go to mars? yes . [laughter] i see that through maker in your. >> that would be awesome! it six months they are in six months back. >> is a good question. let's show you what's going on out there. 150 right now in
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it's mainly clear skies coming from the north at 10 miles per hour. not a lot of wind but a lot is happening. on the real satellite, nothing to see in the tri-state region. we have clear skies and lots of sunshine. the colder air from canada has not down in the northeast . we have this area of low pressure working its way through with the included front and it's scooting by to the north. it's a major impact in terms of clouds and precipitation but it brings up the temperatures . therefore, it bumps up the temperature.>> we have additional cloud cover here this afternoon but the preset it holds together and it will be in upstate new york.
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tomorrow. temperatures will come up . saturday and sunday , 320 with a high of 36 in windsor fairly late today. tomorrow, we will see the warmer temperatures with sunny skies. it will be snow in the mix. i will keep an eye on things again and we will look at this out there.
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for you on thursday. here is a look at the staten island expressway. we will look at the fdr drive and we have an accident out there by 79th st. heading northbound. the right lane is blocked. this accident is not affected. it's heading towards the brooklyn bridge moving fine morning. in the upper and lower levels in the lincoln and holland tunnel . report. is just out from the us transportation.
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of 59,000 it's structurally deficient. it's coming about a decade after that .he drew the attention of the nation bridges. >> there is a big change that could be coming. the sec wants to unlock the box and change how we watch television. >> it's taking the first step towards making your cable box obsolete. cable companies are pushing back as they want our money for a lackluster product. cable boxes are terrible. >> you see the number on your bill every month. >> your time warner stinks. >> this later have to go through the cable box. the cable company is not so
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very few of us on our own boxes and every provider uses a different box so it changes things up so we pay a monthly fee to rent it. the fcc wants to change it and opened up a standard for boxes.research shows buying a box pays for itself in two years. it could reshape the way we watch t.v. if it's changed. >> if your cable box was made by apple , maybe there is a feature where you can get your t.v. to a laptop easier. >> the cable company is out of date . >> the cable company is fighting back . they claim the regulators offer more choices and boxes . households could on more than one and pay more. x i'm not sure if that adds up. regulators haven't laid out a timeline yet. they say they plan on bringing an consumer groups to see if they can hammer out a solution. it goes to show, could be the death of the cable box
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a lot of us watch t.v. through the loop. a lot of people are already cutting the course.>> my cable box is so slow ! you press the button on the remote and it takes forever. then it has to reboot . >> we pay $12 per month $15 per month . >> maybe more than that. ben: you figure if you can buy it out of the gate , it will make a difference. >> change cable companies! you stink ! the cable box is a monopoly run. it really is.are you driving the car that increases your chance of getting a ticket? we will tell you which ones top the list . >> 5:22 am and the day comes right back. stay
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we are back. you could be likely to get a ticket on the drive to work. did the surge survey for the lexus es 300. the nissan 350 z top the list of the most tickets. is that you, ines? >> that explains how she gets the tickets all the time. >> no wonder. >> the dodge charger and the volkswagen jetta with the chevrolet monte carlo. do they still make them? >> it's the encore and the
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they were the best followed by the cadillac ats and the chevrolet express. the buick encore? i guess it's the size of a buick . >> my parents drive a buick . i hope ines got a picture of her car. oprah is cleaning out her closet and now it's your chance to own her close. she is auctioning off her wardrobe from harper studios. 200 jackets and bags of shoes will go on ebay . it's from march 1 fourth. it's for the oprah winfrey academy for girls. >> ines, who gets more tickets? >> is it parking tickets? >> they go down and pay the tickets together. >> they have money left over for lunch.
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kerry, i think we are out of the woods. i don't want to jinx us but i think we are. i am getting grounds in the back. mike woods has the forecast. donald trump in the news. taking on the pope.what the pope says that sends trump . i get ready for a final farewell. anthony scalia will get live in washington. >> forget about hitting the snooze button. you might want to get up when your alarm goes off. we will tell you about the dangers of sleeping too much. >> i don't have that nor does mike . >> a little more sleep. we made it to friday! i am ben simmoneau. carrie: i am in for juliet . no flu shot huddy should be back on monday. before i need evidence. carrie: maybe she'll produce evidence on monday. ben: has sitting in that
5:32 am
there is not going to be evidence because there was no flu shot that happens. ben: [laughter] carrie: this is an ongoing discussion. >> 240 and it's cold outside , again. 19 in newark and 700 and allentown. bridgeport has 72. everyone is looking and clear sky in the tri-state. no problems other than the cold temperatures and you don't have to worry about standing ice. if there was any standing water it could have closed up. for the most part it's a dry condition. here's a warm front sliding and . by the time he gets here, it will bring cloud cover this afternoon. high temperatures are still managing to get up to 360. once the one from goes by , it pops up to 55 for a high . it's a little bit breezy and mild over the weekend. it's not bad at all.
5:33 am
if we are doing okay on the friday commute . >> not so bad. off to a good start in westchester county. we have green there and no if you're driving on the parkway , you are fine and new jersey turnpike is doing good when you look at interstate 14. let's let the fdr drive. there is an accident near 79th st. blocking the right lane. the south downside is not affected. the li double r and the trains are running on or close. >> it's not often that the pope weighs in . it happened yesterday in the pope question donald trumps christianity. trump responded. >> trump in the pope the clash of the titans. call it what you will.
5:34 am
have not seen before. immigration was a flashpoint on the campaign trail. it's never more than now. pope francis visited the border when he prayed for migrants that died trying to leave the united states. he was flying back to the vatican and he spoke to reporters about trumps plan to build a wall along the border. that triggered a back and forth between two men who make enough headlines on their own . >> a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not a christian. >> a religious leader , to question a person's faith , is disgraceful! i am proud to be a christian and as a president, i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked and weekend unlike what is happening now with our
5:35 am
>> some of those who criticized trump came to his defense. marco rubio and john k-6 says the us has a right to defend its borders. it's not bush's place to question someone's christianity. ted cruz has been the most formidable challenger to trump and he says , it's between donald and the pope . i will not get in the middle of that . >> he seemed to soften his tone at a town hall meeting. he was a bit softer and he said it is in a fight . perhaps it's communicated to the holy father via the mexican government and maybe there was something he did not understand. he said what he said. >> thank you, robert. thousands of mourners like president obama and first lady michelle are expected to pay their respects. late supreme court justice . >> his body will lie all day in the supreme court. joining us live from
5:36 am
reporter: good morning. president ronald ragan appointed justice scalia and he was a conservative voice on the bench. now , his death at age 79 has left a gaping hole in the high court. >> i look to the words of the constitution. what do the words mean? it was a brand when the supreme court justice had a way of charming while screwing those who disagreed. his death was nearly one week ago in it took many by surprise. it sparked a political firestorm over his vacant seat. republicans are threatening to delay until after november's general election. they hope their party will take back the white house. >> his job is to nominate a
5:37 am
after that, it's out of his hands and it's in the hands of the senate . he hopes to nominate a replacement soon. his intellect will be hard to match. >> justice scalia and i had different political orientations. we would have disagreed on the outcome of certain cases but there is no doubt that he was a giant on the supreme court . >> obama will pay his respects at the viewing later this morning. the white house says joe biden had a close personal relationship with the family and biden will represent the white house at the funeral tomorrow. >> . >> thank you, matt . ben: eliot spitzer choking a woman with no allegations. a former prosecutor tried to extort money . they say they found deleted text messages on her phone demanding cash. she made him upgrade her
5:38 am
she returned from moscow. he claims he threw her out of bed at the plaza hotel last week and tried to choke her.he denies those allegations. cyrus vance has been recused. he says he and spitzer are good friends. the district attorney will now handle the case. >> man of logical make members from the city council extremely happy. he will find a bill giving them $36,000 and a pay raise. from 112,000 148,000. this bans them from having outside jobs. the mayor does not leave himself out. he will also get a hefty $46,000 salary increase per year. >> mike woods checking the forecast. you have to say judging by the weekend, i would
5:39 am
>> i will take it! people were trying to get in my pocket. >> last weekend we're going big pay cut . >> we have a good-looking weekend coming up. your average high is around 420. let's make it up to 55 for a big deal. you won't be out there streaking but it will be warmer than normal. 550 and mainly sunny skies . 52 with sans on sunday and mild temperatures coming to you. you want to appreciate the mild temperatures in the dead of winter. we will come out of this so we will see the light at the end of the tunnel. 240 in central park with clear skies. coming through with temperatures around the region at 12 in albany. we are not seeing it ridiculously cold like it was yesterday. we will see a change here
5:40 am
regime is concerned. it starts off chilly and it will stay like that throughout the see the clouds to the west? will drag into the tri-state and right now, it does show showers in a nation capital near the virginia has sweeping across pennsylvania. does it make it here? the cloud cover does but the precept should stay to the north. we see clouds out there with a high temperature getting up to 380. it looks mild tonight with a low not dropping much up to 350. go to 55 for the high on saturday and 52 on sunday. there is a rain chance on wednesday looking for a significant period to good amount of rain mixed with snow. on the fox five at dodge downloaded in the google place low. that spring and ines and
5:41 am
no problems on the lie or the bridge. if you are traveling in putnam county 684 looking fine. let's go to the cameras and check in on long island over by westberry. traffic moving fine and the lincoln tunnel driving into the city. no delays heading and brown. same thing goes for the george washington bridge. in the grand central pkwy. it's clear both directions. >> the mets are getting ready to take the field today.
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checking the headlines for you at 5:44 am. another new yorker has been stabbed. the first person in 24 hours. this happened on the upper west side. a teenager stabbed a man in the back and made off with a candle and headphones. the 33-year-old victim is in stable condition. >> to new york retirees have sought a lawsuit to remove ted cruz's name from the ballot. he is an american citizen but they say his canadian birth is not fit the constitutions natural born requirement. there are similar challenges going on in texas and illinois.
5:45 am
the magnitude 1.6 quake was centered in butler. thousand people reported tremors. no damages and no injuries reported .getting too much sleep is worse than not getting enough.>> second. researchers say people who sleep more than eight hours per night increase their . hundred 50%. people get less than seven hours in the risk goes up 22%. seven eight hours a night and exercising three six hours per week. occasionally, i do on friday. >> we will take a look at sports and basketball returns after the all-star break . they take on the nets. >> rangers in toronto for another original six contests. given up the goal with two minutes and 30 seconds.
5:46 am
take the lead on the brilliant play at 3/2 rangers. captain ryan mcdonnell elbowing to the head. he had just returned from a concussion . he set out for a caution. >> the capital score on the goal and they lose 3/2 . chapman says he appeals if he is suspended by baseball in the new domestic violence policy. his girlfriend says he pushed her, put his hands around her neck and shoulder during an argument last october. prosecutors have decided not to file charges in the case saying conflicting
5:47 am
evidence make a conviction unlikely. as for major league baseball, the commissioner says he hopes to have a decision by the opening day. the yankees pitchers and catchers reported in tampa. the mets are already at camp . carrie: duke is with the team and port st. lucie florida! duke: morning from port st. lucie. they took their physical later this morning and they will work out for the first time. yesterday, we spoke to terry jones who reflected on the past and the world series. it's the future and expectations for the team this year.>> although it's not mandatory, many pitchers and catchers worked out yesterday. he spoke to the media last spring and talked about the bitter disappointment by losing the world series . it's excitement about the upcoming season. >> it was a little bit tough.that's not by any stretch of the imagination.
5:48 am
different . it certainly tremendous energy with anyone you talk to. these guys walk into the clubhouse and it's really impressive. it's the respect he gained , not only is on clubhouse but in the big leagues. it grew this hour. >> game three of the world series. >> most people think i am a quiet guy. i tried to be as intimidating as possible and i tried to use it as a weapon of mine. >> this guy is a bona fide picture. he commanded respect from his teammates to the way he works in the way he went
5:49 am
this guy for me is talking about jake and how good he is.this guy has a chance to get off the charts. >> official is officially work out . so many of these guys down here for so long. that's the story from port st. lucie. ben: it's 400 warmer and port st. lucie florida than it is here. ! how to do get that assignment? mike: spring training. he makes it sound like it's a lot of work. he doesn't mention the fact that he tax on 10 days of vacation afterwards. we will see him in march or april or whatever. who will be back first? him or honey? maybe he did not get a flu shot .
5:50 am
bad! mike: high temperatures is what we are going for. 36 is the high and 42 is the average high so we are a little below normal. they are well away from the record normal at 620. is 24 now in central park in 19 in belmar. winds are coming in from the north and a one front is heading into town dragging and more clouds. it tries to bring in snow showers but they will be limited to the north. this is a future cast were looking at with computer models. it's in the tri-state region and the temperatures are coming to us tomorrow. it's the low mid-50s. it's temperatures that 150
5:51 am
up to 360. 520 on sunday. at 630 in the morning, the weather is text to 77. it cost you nothing but a text plan. let's bring a nine as rosales. let's see what's happening as we hit the road on this tgif. >> we do have a couple of problems. let's look at the westchester northbound. look out for an accident blocking the lean southbound by hundred and 30th st. let's go to the cameras by the fdr drive. we're keeping an eye on that problem.
5:52 am
lane by 79th st. you can see the white lean blocked. everything is running close to schedule an street cleaning rules are in effect. carrie: we want to come this morning, including this . [music] ben: the final idol contestants were picked. we will tell you who
5:53 am
we will be right back. again! r again!
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we are hearing from my dell for the first time since the brent grammy performance that went wrong. ben: she said she will got embarrassed. >> i cried all day yesterday. >> you cried from your own song? >> if it was really well, i would've cried. i spontaneously burst into tears yesterday. >> i guess she is a crier! she blames a technical issue saying the piano mike fell on the strings causing that guitar sound. her overall uneasiness on stage. >> another big night with five contestants getting the field of 14. they performed with past winners and finalists. >> you don't know what it's like . you don't know what it's
5:56 am
music that's trent harmon and jordan sparks seem to love somebody by the bee gees. they turned in a beautiful performance, the judge's say. [music] ben: great song. carrie: it is a great song. shelby is a contestant there. they performed bohemian rhapsody. it overshadowed shelby. four others were eliminated last night. >> is fresh out of the kitchen . mama rolling that body . , i am drunk. baby, we are about to have some fun. ben: do you want to continue, carry? carrie: that's a good
5:57 am
it's a unique performance by ryan seacrest. the little rap got a standing ovation.harry connick junior, keith urban not too shabby. >> this was at a church. this week , it's a live show.>> it's getting good! emily blunt is reporting and talks to play mary poppins in the sequel of the movie classic. several publications say the deal is not set in stone due to scheduling. it's just announced that she is pregnant with her second baby. the movie will take place in london, 20 years after the first film. you love her! i think they are the cutest couple! >> looks like hairspray will be the next musical
5:58 am
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every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. you good morning. a beautiful shot. temperatures will go into the 50s tomorrow and on sunday. mike woods has the full forecast. ben: a man was stabbed on the upper west side. kerry: the pope does not agree with trump. trump is fighting back.


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