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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> the brooklyn bridge. horrible, horrible shape. seems like a sturdy structure. greg: been around for a long time. rosanna: it is free. what do you want? greg: this bridges and dangerous rosanna: it is friday. february 19. it is chilly right now. highs in the mid 30s. mike woods has all the springlike weather coming our way. greg: we have had more stabbings and slashings. this seems to be a real epidemic. two yesterday. rosanna: the pope.
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war of words with donald trump. pope francis criticized in public. he just said -- he did not mention him by name. talking about the candidate that wanted to build a wall on the mexican border. greg: a lot of people are on his side. >> i do not want to be on either side. the woman that killed elliott spitzer of choking her. there are deleted text messages, reportedly. they reveal that she may have tried to get thousands of dollars from the former governor. police were able to get the deleted text messages from her phone. how did that happen? i thought that there was that whole thing with apple.
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permission to do it. rosanna: it is technically above us. greg: give us your password. rosanna: just take a moment and enjoy this. can we get a little closer? you look very gq this morning. greg: you do not think that it is too much? greg: okay. mike: he does look good. rosanna: i am here to go like this. that is my role today. greg: you can just call me prince. greg: i like that.
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even this is called. low temperatures dropping down. we are getting shortchanged again. 7 degrees only right now in monticello. a mainly clear sky there. 12 degrees in sussex. bridgeport, 22 degrees. twenty-seven in montauk. some wind out there, too. that is not a huge deal. we do have a mainly clear sky everywhere here in the tri-state. some clouds and snow showers, their western pennsylvania. it is a warm front coming in to us. that warm front just does not have a whole lot to it. you are looking out more clouds in the picture. temperatures will get up to 42
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i think showers, if they do pop up would be to the northwest. tomorrow we will see the sunshine making a comeback. fifty-two is your high on sunday. let's get over to ines rosales. she will give you an idea of what it is like. >> it is not too bad. we have had a couple of problems. you have an accident closing at least one lane. things are fine on staten island. on the belt parkway, there is a car fire. you have at least one lane closed. things are looking a little bit better. temporary or closed.
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a beautiful shot. heading into the upper, lower level. greg and rosanna. >> okay. a stabbing. slashings. two more cases happened in the middle of the day yesterday. >> a 21-year-old man was lashed in a clothing store in soho. do we have just copycat people? what is going on in the city. where exactly? >> we are at 88 fans: this. we have some very clear surveillance video to show you given to us by the nypd.
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it has happened again. for the third time in 24 hours. a new yorker has been knifed. walking on 88th. he made off with a candle in headphones. waiting in line at supreme. a very popular skateboard shop on lafayette street. claiming the victim had jumped the line.
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keeping a panhandler from bothering customers. stitches. >> it is going to be okay. according to police, here is this suspect's position. >> a small gym bag and a purple folder. looks like a scam to get money out of people. >> look at these videos released by the nypd. you will be able to help them track the man that carried out the crime. if any of these attackers look familiar to you, please reach out to the nypd.
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upper west side. i will send things back to both of you. >> are right. thank you very much. battling the other presidential candidates. taking on a higher power. >> it is in a way, not unprecedented. >> this all started in response to a question from a reuters reporter. each man makes enough headlines on his own. a holy war of words. this is the like of which we have not seen. donald trump has shown no function criticizing presidents both current and past. >> the world trade center came down during the, you know, wave of george bush.
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it all started when pope francis criticized trump with his plan to build a wall along the mexican border. a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building bridges is not christian. trump fired right back. >> questioning a person's faith is disgraceful. i will not allow christianity to be attacked unlike what is happening now with our current resident did. >> and there was this. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope would have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president. tone. >> i think that he said
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was reported by the media. he did not see the strain that the border is causing us with >> asked if he would tell catholics in this country not to vote for child. >> i would not get mixed up with that. we act into this holy rift. >> i disagree with a lot of things. >> we need bridges. >> i think that that is a relationship that we have with our lord and savior themselves. >> a bit of support from those that are normally critical phone donald trump. he said that between the pope and donald.
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will cost him any votes. they have been at oughts, potentially, with the catholic church. she had a little head to head with o'connor. greg: she was definitely pro-choice. rosanna: she was pro-choice. cardinal o'connor came out and said i do not see how a catholic in good conscience can vote for an individual expressing themselves as favoring abortion. may have won the battle, but lost the war.
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greg: the late great. rosanna: bringing up something earlier. he would not allow his religious views to change away he governed. you have to take a man from the pope. >> go to our fox5 facebook page. we will read some of your comments later. greg: scalia, the funeral will be tomorrow. president obama is expected to
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his body, as you said will lie at the supreme court all day. the president is not planning on attending the funeral on saturday. the white house says, vice president joe biden will attend the funeral. presidential candidate and senator ted cruz plans to attend the funeral. >> i guess if that is the term over there. the latest on eliot spitzer. was he being extorted by that woman who he have a moment with at the plaza hotel. a former prostitute. trying to extort money from spitzer. police found deleted text messages on her phone demanding cash from the former governor. she reportedly made him a
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she returned to moscow. eliot spitzer tried to choke her. he denies all of these allegations. >> remember, she is not pressing charges. the whole matter has been turned over to another perl. he actually socialize with elliott pitzer just a few days before this. let's move on now. temperatures may be in the 20s here this morning. it is baseball season once again. greg: duke is there. reporter: good morning. 66 degrees.
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the first time in his career as a manager get obviously, disappointed in the way it ended. it came up on a short end of the stick. collins was disappointed. a couple weeks to get over. he is very excited about this up coming season. >> the focus on what we need to do to win. what we accomplished last year. not get caught up in anything more than play a long season. have a long spring training. the energy level is certainly different. tremendous energy. these guys walked into the clubhouse. it is really impressive. duke: the energy level here is
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i have been down here since tuesday. today, the first official day. it is absolutely amazing. just a different five down here here it it is nice to see a period. it really is. greg and rosanna, fact to you. duke: we are early. >> this looks good. look at how nice he looks. >> thinking i am the prince. i have this sweater alongside my jacket.
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just stepped out of gq. you look a little like harry potter. [laughter] i do not see that. >> it covers up the troubled regions. greg: i am now feeling self-conscious. >> would show you what is going on up there. you need those extra layers. it is a good day to do with. extra layers for you. we will see some sunshine out there early. i temperatures will be getting into the 50s and 60s. saturday and sunday. primarily on wednesday. it may turn a little white at times. we have the sunshine right now get 25 degrees.
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this is a warm front sliding in. they would be to the northwest of the city. high temperature goes up to 36 for the day. it is pretty mild for the night. fifty-two is your high on sunday. a small shower chance on sunday at here it let's bring in nine as. >> expect to laze on the tappan zee bridge. second stall this morning. things on the long island and nassau counties. let's go to our cameras. the lincoln tunnel. route 80 eastbound.
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just a bit. looking great. rosanna is great. great, you do look great. i love it. greg: thank you. i know you spend some. >> thank you so much. we have a helicopter flying over. rosanna: good day is coming
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greg: the old honks courthouse. rosanna: yes. greg: such a great book. it was. a mediocre movie with tom hanks. the whole city was talking about that vote. rosanna: i saw him gassing up his car one day at a gas station. the white suit and the fedora. it was so funny.
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probably a little dated at this point. a lot of research. this sightseeing helicopter crashed about 20 feet offshore. several people jumped onto the water to help. a boy that was strapped into one of the seats. non-life-threatening injuries. no word yet on what caused that chopper to go down. u.s. warplanes have struck
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u.s. fighter planes. near the border. forty-one people were killed. a senior tunisian operative. back in june, extremists opened fire killing 38 people. we had an earthquake in new jersey yesterday. take a look at the graphic. one point whatever. police say more than 1000 people reported something going on. no damage or injuries were reported. greg: there have been other
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past couple months. they felt it all the way down in virginia. >> i was feeling a pedicure. >> what are you going to do? [laughter] rosanna: have the vibrator on and everything. you know, those vibrating chairs. >> we all got in trouble. you have to stand work two hours later. meanwhile, we have this. a very nice honor for a world war ii veteran. rosanna: he is 93 years old. god bless him. kathleen rice. ada out on long island.
7:26 am
he was finally liberated by the army in 1945. >> i am no hero. i did my job. the best that i've could. i was one of the lucky ones to come back home. the real hero, young soldiers that were sent overseas and never came back. >> so happy you came back. crediting the red cross for keeping him alive. what else do we have going on? >> it is friday.
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>> jim what are you looking for?
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>> yeah, concourse hotel in the bronx. >> concourse hotel who stay there is? >> in the old days plaza holings. have you found it yet? i don't see it in this shot. rights across the street from the old yankees stadium. s there's a little park in the front of it. >> we have to move the helicopter. >> turn around. what is whatting happening around town? >> i don't know. >> with you? >> dinner parties. >> keep the conversation lively. >> people will be asking me about you. >> that gets under your skin. let's talk about me. [laughter] is mike woods ready because we have a challenge for mike woods so last summer we had a road race right in front of the studio mike and i the summer
7:31 am
front of fox 5 on east 5657th street i think we got the footage. mike arguably won bib a centimeter. hit it if you've got it please. the photo finish was a photo finish it was very, verying tight and mike woods is skipping -- weather. >> where did he go? he went to get coffee for himself. the elevator broke down. take off your jacket. let's see it -- >> go with this. >> i figured this is actually what i wore into work today. good to have the coat on. you should have a coat on outside. do you remember the race last summer. we have that olympic athlete 100 yard dash in front. you won the race by about a centimeter. >> arguably. >> are you ready for win the olympics?
7:32 am
did you bring your sneakers? >> i'm not set to run. >> neither am i. >> i can do it barefooted. >> wow. >> not in the studio you'll be slipping and sliding. take off your coat and stay a while. >> takes while -- >> first of all a weekend snapshot here. we have increasing clouds coming at you here today ppg it is i think go to be cold. high temp makes it up to 36 today. 54 for a high tomorrow. so nice and warm, both saturday and sunday you've got a lot of sunshine coming up for you here. but yeah at least today it's still pretty cold. 25 degrees out at central park. 12 in sussex. 9 degrees right now in monticello. winds from the north around 5 to 10 miles per hour, and we are going to have a sunny day. now here are clouds that are building in later on. they're going to come in with the warm front and bring you snow shower but if anything up
7:33 am
so we don't have to worry about that. high temp up to 35 degrees today but there are more clouds coming in of after that nothing but sunshine but a warm front is passing by and temps go up so much as we go into the weekend a 20-degree jump. today high temp up to about 36 for a high. 55 for you tomorrow. that is very warm, and brosy, and yes indeed we're going to keep it nice and sunny and warm. big shot of rain not until wednesday of next week. let's bring in ines rosales see what's going on as we hit roads and rails. good morning ines. >> start off with long island. suffolk county l.i.e. into nassau county great out there. no problem on southern state or sagtikos. slow spots to garden state parkway imrur usual delay. by round swamp road eastbound, westbound side no worry there. bqe different story.
7:34 am
brook linn bridge causing this traffic jam. traffic backed up to the belt merge on gowanus one lane closed. trains on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. >> one of the most famous bridges in the city in the world. >> brooklyn bridge, there it is department of transportation, one in washington, d.c., national one, they say that bridge in in sad shape dangerous but could be soon. >> our officials saying it is safe to driver over but structural flaws must be repaired in the near future. how near? i don't know liz dahlem is joining us along side the bridge in lower manhattan. liz, what are you hearing? >> good morning greg and rosanna so brooklyn bridge build in 1983 and 144,000 vehicles cross this bridge every day. so as we know it gets a lot of use and federal officials claim it is structurally deficient so what does that mean?
7:35 am
bridge elements such as the dax sub structure or superstructure is considered to be in poor condition. the bridges are safer drivers now, according to the american road and transportation builders association that's a group that released this report but flawing have to be addressed and have to be repaired and a number of key bridges from our area on this list. the verrazano bridge, throgs neck bridge and kosciuszko bridge. according to to this report there are over 17,000 bridges in new york state, nearly every single one of them needs some type of repairs. more than 14,000 needs to be widened and potentially rehabbed. more than 1,000 need to be entirely replaced so the macialt of bridges in our state need some type of repair according to to this report. and that's kind of alarming, of course, this cost millions and millions of dollars rehabbing these bridges but something to
7:36 am
people across the the city and the state. live in e lower manhattan this morning. greg and rosanna back over to you. >> those bridges go over water that is packed with pieces of plastic a new study rosanna says 165 million bits of plastic are floating in our waters from the tappan zee bridge all the way down through the verrazano to sandying hook to jersey. >> that includes everything from candy wrappers to straws those tiny beads in soap products. those microbeads made up tens of millions of particles. they're especially dangerous because fish are eating them, and -- >> we eat fish. >> about to say then that introduces that into the food chain. >> hopefully we don't eat the fish -- from the east river. noferts from the east river. >> but you have fisherman had out there every morning. keep that in mind there's a full -- full study they talk about it in "the new york times." >> also nassau county ed
7:37 am
of involvement in a sexting scandal. he claims his phone was hacked and racy text messages and tweets were sent to karen murphy carro of relations. her firmwarded no good contracts by the county and ed filmed a marketing segment with her back this 2013. but yesterday and really for the last few days but yesterday publicly he said, there was no type of any kind of personal relationship between the two of them. >> i've never had any communication, any electronic communication with this person. and if somebody that is out there getting their jollies, taking down, you know, a public official. we're vulnerable. you're in the public spot legit and this is some warped individual. >> okay there's his denial and it seems categorical. >> she said she never texted him and doesn't have his cell phone number. >> there was rooter today that
7:38 am
police did not foil a formal criminal complaint with nassau county police department. all right, so -- >> a few days to get on the system. could be. >> you never know. it happens. >> i buy his explanation. going to take a quick break chilly outside. but the weekend is looking sweet.
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dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> that summer mic mike and i in a mad dash outside the studio part of our summer olympic program. now if you look or have closely, at the it shall finish. who wins -- mike -- >> mike stuck his chest out. >> we have decathalon. mike do you want to do it again at 9:00. did you bringier sneakers?
7:42 am
by. all ready to go. friend liz rematch. yeah, sure. >> put something on it. >> you want to make it interesting? >> what do you got in mind? >> i don't know, what do you think? >> think about it, once you do the weather. we'll percolate that thought. >> i said coffee. >> coffee for a month. holy smokes. especially because he has four cups just during the show. >> this sound like an issue. >> you could lose on this one. >> i better kick it up a notch. see you at 9:00 9:00 let's go. here's what we have coming up for the weekend. sunny and warm. both days saturday and sunday we're winning all around that's your mildest day. 52 not bad for you on sunday. a lot of sun sheen on both of those days too. today starting off pretty cold. sunny but only 25 degrees out at
7:43 am
at 5 miles per hour. yeah, clear for now. but clouds are already on the move heading right to us in the tristate there's a warm front right there that's going to slide into the tristate region introducing more clouds and maybe a quick sprinkle to the northwest. but not seeing much other than edition of clouds and cool temps today. ski conditions county creek 42 and 44 trails open. and in hundredth or mountain loose conditions with 51 trails open there. and it is cold enough to, of course, create more snow at least in the overnight hours at the resorts our temperaturings up to about 36 for a high in the city today. but almost a 20-degree jump. 55 for a high tomorrow. breezy too. a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday is sunday 52 degrees. and then cools down next week but back to where we should be this time the of the year. a pretty good storm wednesday into early thursday. it is motionly rain but there could be some snow in the mix keep that in mind.
7:44 am
daily and hourly forecast on the weather app apple itunes store and won't cost you a thing. let's bring in ines and see what's happening . been a light commute this week. so hopefully the trend continues. >> slower than normal jim smith in skyfox h about d to tell you the problem. good morning, jim. three vehicles involved in the accident. as you can see basically three lanes taken down to one lane and the effect that is having on the traffic is making normal delay that much worse. delays extending back on to the gowanus expressway. greg and rosanna back to you. : one car crash and that stuff behind it. >> all right not that bad. there are signs that spring son the way and it's making mother so much happier. >> baseball spring train aring florida where mets and yankees
7:45 am
hi duke. perchts good morning. from port st. lucie here where temperature is now 66 degree. all right later morning, mets pitcher and catchers will officially work the for the first time. a lot of guys have already been down here really since early january. yesterday mets pipper and catchers took their physicals. many of the guys on the field yesterday. but really yesterday -- was about the manager terry collins. held a press conference yesterday and open and honest press conference. he talked about the disappointment of losing world series, how long it took to get over that but talked about big happenings here. you know, what he thinks this team is capable of and that, of course, is getting back to where they were possibly winning it all. didn't get over it any for any stretch of the imagination.
7:46 am
the club and how we're going to get better and to the next level. and you know once -- i kind of got myself settled, i had a great winter. >> the other big topic down here for noah syndergaard threw a bullpen and terry collins raving about him. he said in all of his years in baseball over 40 years he's never seen a guy mature much in a single year. i asked him about a great young pitching staff. they like the great braves fitching staff of the 90s. those guys competed with each other on and off the field and going on here with the mets -- >> we have a competitive nature and always thinking we're a team and one goal in mind. pushing each other to get better and always watching each other's bullpen, before the game an i think that's pretty cool.
7:47 am
>> does it help that you're all power pitchers? >> we have the same game. different in certain aspects. >> all right yankees pitchers and cchersor vmp yrd ldhe offial workout later today. mets ttoo he t world series as well and win it all. but manager joe girardi said there's competition amongst pitchers this year but a simple message for his team. >> not going to impress me on your size. you're not going to impress me first week, but get physically caught up where you should be before you start competing. >> all right not without some off the field drama chapman will file an appeal if he's suspended under new domestic violation policy. chapman said he pushed her and
7:48 am
neck choked her last october. they decided not to file charges with insufficient evidence. as for major league baseball, however, commissionerman ford says he hopes to have a decision by opening-day. elsewhere in sports. basketball returns after knicks at the nets and that will be later tonight over in brooklyn. on the ice in toronto original matchup. rangers taking on. giving u up a goal with 2:30 left in the clock. three time rairntion go on to win it 4- they lost to an injury -- on the night he returned from a concussion, though, last thrown an elbow in to his head. team l sat him rest of the game as a precaution. islandersing tag on capitals
7:49 am
overtime. but capitals score one goal here, and 3-2 they get a point in the standings. so that is the story here from port st. lucie mets pitchers and catchers hold their first official workout we'll be here with reports tonight at 5, 6, and 10 p.m. but we're gobbing in the clubhouse right now to talk to players hit some sound on upcoming season as well. that's the story from here. back to you. >> duke is going into the locker room. >> he gives us the weather report. 60 something degrees and here 25. >> he's got to work all day long. till 11:00 tonight. [laughter] >> let's take a look outside shall we? >> the verrazano bridge what does your brother call it when he's growing up? >> the roseanno bridge point out
7:50 am
the staten island side. not many people go there. not many people know about it. open to the public. look at that. old kind of civil war r are a fort rosanna. golden and play around. a great view of the city. >> i look that. when are they going to build that ferris wheel? >> coming next year a little bit down the road by the tearal. second biggs in the world. something like that. >> fantastic. [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing] honey, have you seen this video? [laughing] discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month.
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>> so that big ferry you were talking about. ferris wheel is bit terminal there on the staten island side. plans are going forward next year is it? >> i think you may be right. also nice restaurants over there. >> within walking distance of the staten island ferry. by the way, jim if you can swing back. if you have never taken the staten island ferry it's worth the trip. a lot of our viewers take it, of course, in staten island. but you want to see the statue of liberty for free, see it from the beautiful perspective take the ferry. >> not a lot of things you can get for free here. air and ferry are just about it. everything else you pay through the nose for. folks couple of things going on. donald trump feuding with the
7:54 am
headline trump and pope bible belters you probably heard by now what the pope might have said about drurp donald trump and what he said if about the pope. they've taken it a little bit further. pope calls out trump a person who thinks only about building walls and not bridges is not kraition. by the way, donald trump hit back and a lot of folks are on his side on this one. >> go to our fox 5 facebook page they're weigh withing in and ann says the pope should not be involved in this. first needs a wall removed so he can throw stones at donald trump. kathleen, however, i think pope francis should let the next president of the united states do what is for presidents protection of the country. people are weighing in go to our "fox 5 ny" facebook page conversation continues. let's talk about other i think
7:55 am
entertainment world now. >> rihanna postponed several dates for her anti-world tour. anti-world tour. >> this comes days after bailing out of her grammy performance she was supposed to perform during grammies but she has bronchitis that's what people say. others say she had a melt down and didn't like the way she sound and how things were going. who knows the truth. eight days from the north american lake tour removed or have been moved and toll will start on 12th jacksonville, florida instead of the 26th. >> she was -- at new york fashion week for marc jacobs that's her, pretty busy at the grammies celebrating the life -- >> she had red hair few days ago now a blond wig. >> i don't know -- she kind of blends in with all a bit shorter.
7:56 am
that platinum hair. not the first time molingsdzing she modeled a big head piece at the philip phillip trey fashion show. he's got great hats. anyhow lady gaga looking good. oprah is cleaning out her closet? >> a whole house of clothes >> auctionings off her wardrobe from harpo studio. >> oprah spelled backwards. most of the clothe and shoes were for being on tv or attending fancy events and dunts need them pneumonia. dresses, bag, pairs of shoes on ebay 1st through the 4th and proceeds to the oprah leadership academy. >> facebook fan of the hour time let's celebrate -- jada kaputo. >> i like that hat too. it's her birthday. happy had 10th birthday that was a good year. 10 years old.
7:57 am
the third grade -- oh, boy. >> problems in the third grade -- >> yeah. got worse in the fourth and fifth. sixth i bounced back.
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>> i'm greg kelly weather wise kind of cold. seasonally cold mike would say. >> but this weekend will be pun seasonal. >> by the way, the american flag, present on top of the brooklyn bridge. at least one eve them is one missing do you remember last summer, two summers they sold flags. hard to see. >> good . like it would be. news, a man stabbed on upper west side during apparent robbery. another man slashed in front of a clotting store in soho. the latest of stabbings in the city and it's happening in broad daylight in bustling areas. >> okay, donald trump heard this by now feuding with the pope back and pot yesterday. you know, i heard had the pope had come out against drump i thought this is a game changer everything is different now. nope.
8:01 am
said what the pope said was disgraceful if not outis right disgraceful and donald trump is -- thriving in south carolina. >> a lot of them support donald trump and don't think politics and religion should mix. apple people who make iphones come oing under a lot of fire for not cooperating with the the fbi. they want into that attackers cell phone. the one from san bernardino. apple not budging law enforcement they're upset but a lot of tech industry coming to apple's defense. >> i know you're a kesha fan. you like that one song that she sang. >> but singer is heading to court in manhattan today. her fans are gathering out by the courthouse to support her. >> what's her beef? >> fighting to be let out of the a contract that forces her to work with a producer who she
8:02 am
>> yeah. so -- >> hogs she doing? last i heard. >> required to make albums with this producer but she may be be -- because she has a lot of work because he claims he a15u9ed her. >> song she used to sing wake up fielding -- >> i heard a perfect score on her s.a.t. imagine that. let's talk weather with mike woods. >> why all of a sudden -- >> the race. got your sneakers. pmpleght bad boys puma. don't bring that up, because he's got a problem with puma. put it down. [laughter] >> big beef coming on. mike and i are going to have a
8:03 am
time this year. stay tuned nice and fresh and cool outside. sunshine out there too. man oh man one of the day where is it feels look we have a pushback into winter. what to expect. yeah, it's sunny but cold at the same time. more clouds making a comeback as time goes on. over the weekend milder temperatures making a comeback and sunday and then a potential coastal storm tuesday night into wednesday. yep interesting again. right now 27 central park. 24 in bridgeport. 16 degrees in sussex, winds coming in from the north at around 5 to 10 miles per hour. fulling in more of that cold or air. but this is it . the last of the cold day, smart clouds back to the west of us that's the warm front coming into the tristate region and come in this afternoon, bring us more cloud cover, and behind it is much warmer air so our temps go up a 20 degrees from today sphwoorm.
8:04 am
tomorrow 55, warm degrees not record but still warm for this time of the year and stays that way over the weekend. now over to ines rosales and yeah we have travel issues outs there. right ines? >> problems westchester well if you're coming from rock land county expect delays on tappan zee bridge two stalls that left traffic backed up to said southbound. route 24 there's an accident eastbound by columbia block a lane. route 80 by exit 34 an accident there. go to our cameras at the l.i.e. by terry road. traffic slowing down westbound. slower than normal an texas by that highway blocking a lane. hov lanes are fine and b q well that's a mess morning. delays from verrazano bridge on to gowanus heading to brooklyn leaving right lane open there's cross bronx fine on alexander hamilton bridge an fox by jerome avenue eastbound blocking a lane. van welcome there. trains fine this morning. greg and rosannaing tba to you.
8:05 am
growing concern in the city following a recent rarve slashings and stabbings. >> it's been happening seemingly every day. do you mean where we were told an anomaly this sun usual -- don't worry about it. latest one we had two yesterday. one in soho. one in upper west side. teresa priolo was standing by on 88th, and where are you amsterdam? >> no, columbus, greg. bustling area as you guys probably know. family filled area, a place that was busy last night. the latest incident occurred around 5:00 last night. it was the guy was caught on surveillance video. outside of this -- restaurant, red awning this guy running away from the alleged attack. according to police victim was a 39-year-old man knifed in the back by a person believed to be a teenager as you can see in this video, he made off with a
8:06 am
the only one happened as greg and rose that a lewded to that happened after a slashing in soho. 21-year-old slashed while waiting in line at supreme a skate shop at lafayette. crowds were long because they were launching their spring collection. according to eyewitnesses, the suspect slashed the victim after the victim allegedly cut him in line. and then we have the didn't that occurred wednesday evening at the silver spur diner in gren itch village. police have given us the surveillance footage first is the man they believe to be the slasher. slashed a hardworking busboy trying to get him away from customers that he was bothering. they gave us a couple of other pictures of three other teens they say are accomplices. two females, one male, they're hoping that by identifying this click, that they can eventually be led to the person who actually committed the crime so greg and rosanna a lot of different incidents happen hadding.
8:07 am
eyre conceed about this. happened in underground and different neighborhoods hope it is they can catch them before this fern strikes again. latest from upper west side this morning. back to you. >> not every day but a medical doctor -- >> cancer surgeon arrested by cops in some sort of altercation over a traffic ticket. >> police say that she actually used her car to ram a cop. >> this is dr. rachel double parked at 55th street and 8th avenue. officers tried to give her a ticket and she hits an officer in the leg. another unit stopped her and charmingeddededded with resists arrest and leaving the scene of an accident. she drove off because officers beat her up. so, obviously, the investigation is continuing. we'll keep an eye on this. >> okay mike bloomberg our former mayor possibly a presidential candidate. there he is back his mayoral days he was at an event on the
8:08 am
rosanna he's talking about running for president. we have u new information here. >> he didn't mention any intention to run he did outline reasons why he's fed up which could be reasons why he would seek the white house. >> leaning that way. let's see "new york times" reports this has been a race to the extremes will bloomberg said. let's see, had said that -- the current candidates sense that america has lost faith with its institutions. he explained that current candidates says that with institutions, but instead of trying to fix it, candidates are trying to exploit it mayor said. >> any way we're hearing he's doing a lot of polls and he's going to mac a decision probably by march. i'm hearing that it really depends on hillary if she opportunity get nodges that's what he might jumple in the race that's what i'm hearing. >> that kind of makes sense. list of swirlens is long but solutions in short supply. he's itching to do it.
8:09 am
the race battling other presidential candidates but u now taking on the pontiff. suggested to build a wall at the mexican boarders is not christian. that's when all hell broke loose, so to speak, robert. robert moses is here, i didn't know whether donald trump would be quiet with on this issue and let it ride out. >> he hit back hard. . not a chance that he would be quiet on this issue. greg and rosanna donald trump, in fact, says that the pope is a pawn of the mexican government wholly father responded by saying well that's up to your. this clash of titan transformed presidential race into what has become a holy or with a of words. >> donald trump has shown no compunction criticizing current -- and past. world trade center came down
8:10 am
>> by trump standards this fight is extraordinary. it all started when had pope francis criticized trump for his plan to build a wall along mexican border after pontiff parade for migrants died who entered the u.s.. a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be and not building brimmings is not christian. trump fired right back. >> a religious leader to question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian, and as president i will not allow christianity to be consistently attacked in weakened unlike what had is happening now with our current president. there was this. if and when the vatican is attacked by isis, i can promise you that the pope qowld have only wished and prayed that donald trump would have been president.
8:11 am
trump seemed to soften his tone. he said something softer than the media and he heard one side of the story probably bit mexican government and didn't see the tremendous strain that, you know, borders is causing us with respect to illegal immigration. wholly father demured when asked if he would tell catholics in this country not to vote for trump. >> what would i advise to vote or o not to vote? i would not get mixed up in that. man competing with trup for republican nomination reacted to this holy rift. >> i disagree a lot of thingings that donald trump has said but i do think america has a right -- >> a right toll build a wall but too many walls between us. we need bridges we're going to fix problems in washington. i don't question people's christianity that's a their -- with their lord and savior and themselves. pope and donald.
8:12 am
this will all have tomorrow on the south carolina primary. back to you. >> that's right that's tomorrow. let's bring in chris wallace host of fox news sunday. chris what do you think of all of this? >> look, in a campaign that we had seenering the idea that the poem could get injected into a presidential race is topper. it's really interesting you know i always say don't watch wha politicians say but what ey umiredk pretty hard early in the day when he said that questioning somebody's fahit is disgraceful but as the day went on and you saw him in theown hall last night he was kind of -- dialing that down, dialing that backwards make me wonder if they think they overdid it earlier in the day. i will say that south carolina the state, the second lowest percentage of catholics in the country. massachusetts has the most. south carolina somewhere around 6 to 10%.
8:13 am
badly as it would a heavily catholic state. >> it's interesting because our fox 5 facebook page has people who support donald trump who think politics and religion do not mix. you know, they're talking about the wall around the vatican. yeah that's right and won't hurt as bad in other places. i wonder if his demeanor rather than shrugging it off at the beginning and saying that it was disgraceful whether that might hurt had him. because i think one of the doubts about trump is temperament ands that's one of the things that h has to be careful about even if you support him and right in a lot of these issues do you think he has the temperament to be president. a lot of people do. a new poll that indicates that his lead seems to be dropping. other it is show he's holding on to his lead. we'll find out tomorrow night who's right and who's wrong. >> talk about demeanor.
8:14 am
i think jeb bush he's already lost saw him in that thing. when that governor endorsed rubio looked like he got punched in the stomach. did you notice that, chris? >> absolutely. and i think you put your finger exactly on it greg when nikki haley, the very popular governor of south carolina endorsed rubio instead of bush i think she was in effect says look we have -- because she's made it clear she opportunity like trump we have to stop trump who is most likely establishment candidate to be able to stop him and she ended upsz picking rubio and not her form earl fellow govan, jeb bush, and this is on a week when with haley. so as you say was a real punch in the stomach. >> he looked really sad. looking sad a lot lately. no i'm sorry it is u true. you can feel it. >> when he's with his mommy and brother he's fine. >> his mommy --
8:15 am
but mother, the great barbara bush former first lady at the town hall had. you can tell just like it's gone. chris who is on your show? >> all who finished on the top in south carolina, who? they're all cagey. they're in effect saying if we do well we'll come on if we don't we may not come on. all of the top people because they'll want to come on. >> so right now it's influx. you tell me who finishes first and second and third they'll bonn o the show. rubio. that's your lineup. efntle available. >> can you say that again i'd like to write it down. [laughter] >> all right my prediction usually i'm not ass you think trump, cruz rubio that's the
8:16 am
very close. have a good weekend. >> do you think he wrote that? >> i think he felt that it was obvious that's where he gave you one eve those -- >> oh, sorry. violence in new york city schools everybody is talking about this this morning. that families for excellent schools which is a prochart advocacy group says it's analysis of state data shows violence in city schools increased by 23% last year. it says a violent incident happens almost every five minutes. >> why is de blasio smiling shaking his head. >> an mayor says that they changed protocol at the schools. and he thinks that his new policies are working but charter groups disagree.
8:17 am
year on reported for public new york city schools. in our school it is wingt a staggering 23% over o the past year . we have statistics and crime in skells has gone down. >> who do you believe? mayorments to get rid of metal detectors but doing that could increase violences in the schools more. >> what was violence in the schools running in the halls? remember if you ran in the hall that was the worst thing in the world you could do. >> or talking i went to catholic school. not allowed to talk in the what what hallway. you know what school was sanctuary. you went there that was a safe haven no matter where you lived not so much that. >> mikey what's up? >> ready for the weekend here. got bad birthday shoutout here.
8:18 am
and that's my buddy chuck his birthday, obviously. a good guy altogether. happy birthday to you chucky. good morning to you paul. show you the state region. let's see 42 degrees that's your forecast or average high for today. 29 is average low, and you know what, we're going to see a cooler than normal delay, in fact, our low temperature here this morning is -- quite a bit lower than what we normally see this time of the year. 27 your current temperature. 26 newark. 24 bridgeport. 10 in monticello. temps are coming up but only o a little bit. winds coming from the north at around 5 to 10 miles per hour. other than that we have a lot clear skies. a push back to poconos closer to catskills but as far as anything that produces any rain or snow, well it's on the move. but most of that will be passing by to the north of us here. there's a chance we could get a sprinkle as that front passes by but i don't expect too much out of it. partly sunny sky going for in the afternoon.
8:19 am
36 degrees. brief shower not out of the northwest. close drop down to 35 so not that much different than highs. temps holding steady for the city. 5 a is your high tomorrow. 52 on sunday and nice and mild. small shower chance on monday and then a good one coming up for us wednesday into thursday. so some wets weather is out there. but heavier stuff not until midweek next week. weather app with daily and hourly forecast. download it at the google and apple store it is free and comes in handy even when you travel. another birthday shoutout to this young guy nicholas turning four years old he's our pal. here, yep that's his fourth. i can't believe he's four years old already. growing so quick. cute guy. >> yeah and dad's birthday too. they share a birthday. >> shy he never wants to say hello but happy birthday to you both.
8:20 am
all right ines. >> we have issues out there bqe take a look at this delay here the belt merge to brooklyn bridge traffic jammed accident leaving one lane open there. if you're traveling rest of the area is fine. just normal delays. check had the fdr drive if you're taking that by 79 thestreet 7 1st southbound to the 59th street bridge normal delay. if you're head if ok on northbound fine to the bridge. jorge washington upper, lower level fine. traffic lighter than normal with the hudson river crossings. 20 at the tunnel. greg and rosanna. >> thank you. outside. >> let's do it. you know who is going to be here in the 9:00 lew diamond phillips. you know, i loved him -- in labhaba a new play that he wrote in and starring in in connecticut.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
the ipad, the new ipad in those? i don't think they're not all over the city yet. talking about it for a long time. nobody uses the pay phone anymore. they don't even work even if you want them to. i remember when i started in this business i used to wear a beeper and they used to beep me and then you have to pull over wherever the heck you are and call into the assignment desk and tell they will the status of your report. >> a status symbol you have cool, you were important doctors and rosanna had beepers. >> other o people too. >> let's get down to business because fox means business. >> lauren simonetti hi.
8:25 am
parkway and the like. i know guess what they cost us driver. that's the number for folks living in beg cities. so we have a solution now what they're doing and fusion b six with the car. this technology that detects the pothole on the road ahead and stiives settings on the wheel so it doesn't fall hard into the pothole and goes over it as lightly as possible sending a signal to the rear wheel that we're about to go over a pothole. cool technology to save folks from twistinging axels. we filled a pothole in fort lee. >> we know how to slam into one as well. did it the other day. >> my husband -- i borrowed it for fife minutes,
8:26 am
you know what, i think i did. >> a flat tire? >> two -- account did you drive home on the flat tire? >> bit time i put it in the garage it was flat because the garage call thed two flat tires. not one but two. show. she's in a new civil war drama series with a new movie coming out.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
not her but the blond, fwreg greg hi, everybody. it is our friday morning tradition. 8:30 we always play this song. we love it. rosanna: it is part of the time that we celebrate native new
8:30 am
be native new yorkers. >> you are or you are not. rosanna: when i lived in brooklyn, well, i am a native new yorker. but manhattan is considered new york. greg: this ise7th time we have brought up your brooklyn roots. rosanna: come on. once yesterday, once today. greg: rosanna is from brooklyn, by the way. rosanna: as if you can't tell by the accent. we are listening to the music, shall we? rosanna: searching for
8:31 am
greg: something or someone. rosanna: mike is not a native new yorker. but we should try to indock nate him in a way. >> greg: half of everybody in new york is from some place else. rosanna: good for them. mike: and you are from brooklyn any ways. rosanna: people from brooklyn know what i am talking about. long island, nassau county. thank you. you a california y. mike: we need the cheer around here. people say you are so nice, you are not from around here. all right, good morning, everyone. hey, up and running and out the door. it is looking cold outside but we have the sunshine too. over the weekend things are
8:32 am
high up to 36 degrees. hard to say that is the high. that is the high. the average high 42. 66 is the record high. not going there. anyhow, we have 16 in sussex. 28 in islip. just a little wind coming in from the north 5-10 miles per hour. the clouds are on the move and pushing in and there are snow showers back behind the initial cloud deck headed into town, but by the time it gets here, very little to none of that holding together for us in the tristate region. more in upstate new york, but not here. the futurecast is saying the same thing, a lot of middle and high level clouds coming into the area. a few flakes trying to pop up. not much is happening in the
8:33 am
dryer for you tomorrow. clearer. warmer temps too. the highs are going to jump up 15-20 degrees tomorrow opposed to today. today a high of 36 degrees. we see more clouds in the afternoon. looks like the shower chances are small. tomorrow more sun than anything. high up to 55. 52 is the high on sunday. 45 on monday. the better chance of rain is coming at you wednesday and thursday and rain prior marly and snow in the mix. no u now to ines. ines: the cross bronx, a problem on theest>> bound side by western avenue. an accident causing delays. let's go to the cameras and look at the commute, l.i.e., by the cross island parkway, westbound you are fine. everyone is headed to the east.
8:34 am
accidents, just delays. now to the bqe. the delays are left and delays back to belts merge. gwb is looking good. lincoln tunnel 20. holland tunnel 10-15. trains are running on or close. >> greg: thank you so much. officially this bridge, the brooklyn bridge, is structural deficient. sounds like a 6th grader's report card. rosanna: they are saying it is safe but the flaws need to be fixed in the near future. >> greg: 59,000 bridges in the country are falling apart, this is in washington dc. they have made this finding. now to liz on the manhattan side of the brooklyn bridge. how is it looking to you? there always working on it and
8:35 am
rosanna: don't they close it at night? >> reporter: there is always work being done here. a lot of the times is down to one lane because of to repairs. this bridge was built back in 1883, more than 134,000 vehicles cross the bridge every day, people walk over it, drive over it, it is always crowded and the federal officials saying it is structural deficient and more than one of the key elements, deck or structure is considered to be in poor condition. the bridges are safe to drive ore according to the report, that's a group that releases the report of 59,000 bridges across the country that has flaws to be repaired and there are a number of bridges here that need to be repaired.
8:36 am
bridges in new york state and every single one needs some type of repair. 14,000 need to be widen add rehabbed and a thousand replaced all together. so alarming findings, the bridges are not up to par and fixing them means lots and lots of money. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: they are working on that now. what is the orange stuff. check that out. >> reporter: it seems there is a decking under neath so the workers are working on the bottom of the bridge. rosanna: it is catching the debris. greg: thanks a lot. rosanna: now we are talking about apple and that whole controversy. apple's unlocked policy is
8:37 am
york city. greg: we know about the california attackers and guess what, they are not cooperateing with the nypd and all kinds of cases that apple could help out with, but they are not doing because of the privacy concerns. here is the district attorney in manhattan. >> today, the iphones are the first consumer product in history that are designed to be and are in fact beyond the reach of the judicially authorized warrants. >> apple is saying that creating the software the break the en enkripgs. a federal court ordered apple to unlock the phone of the california shooter. the company is fighting the ruling, interesting today, one
8:38 am
talk to the family of one of the victims from san bernardino and they are supporting apple and don't think apple should give over the keys to the government to be checking out your personal information on the phones. >> greg: keys, you know, it is simple as a key. they should help out. what else? rosanna: coming up on "good day
8:39 am
daytona 500 and jeff gordon and
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every ship in the caribbean but hurry, this offer won't last long come seek the royal caribbean book today at 1-800-royalcaribbean. greg: greg: nascar, big, big race is coming up. rosanna: and yes, it is dangerous. gr: ff gordon, a popular driver, we have a picture of him winning a race. he's retired now. you can find him on tv. rosanna: yes, fox this weekend. >> greg: notice how fast the the pit crews go. rosanna: that is crucial to the race. greg: there is jeff gordon.
8:42 am
they are joining us live from the racetrack. how are you? >> good morning. >> good morning. rosanna: jeff, i guess this is a little strange, this is your first fox komen tating job, and sitting on the side lines and watching the 500? >> yes, kicking it off with the biggest race, no pressure, it is certainly a unique perspective not to be in the race car. to me, there is a big adrenaline rush and being with fox by watching from this perspective. >> if you think it is strange for him, it is strange for me. i have been covering him for 16 years and watching him on the racetrack and now in the booth with us as an analyst, it a
8:43 am
from the track to the booth. >> he seems to respect your position in the both, is he shaking it up. he's trying to prove himself? >> tell him about my ego. we have to break in the new guy. he's been fun. we weren't buds. i knew him as a competitor and now we are becomg friends and sharing the stories and making the telecast better down the road. a breath of fresh air. he comes off the racetrack and bringing the knowledge and insight and things we can use and it is making the telecast better and better and better. greg: fantastic. we have a pit crew outde of "good day new york" and they
8:44 am
the pit crew is key to the driver's suck cess, it is crucial to backing the guy up. how long does it take to change four tires when you were racing? >> well, these days the teams are doing it in 11, 12 seconds. they are exfootball players from college, some of them from the level. it is so important on what goes on, what the pit crews can do and the strategies and changing the four tires and putting the fuel in. >> that car won in the dual. it is a cool paint job. pit stops in my area, we were running 21 seconds. that was a good stop.
8:45 am
>> rosanna: yesterday was a sad anniversary in the racing world,dale's death, on the same track that you are at right now, i know, jeff, you were very good friends with him on and off the track there. what's it like being back -- sorry. >> certainly he's a legend, he's somebody that will never be forgotten for what he brought to the sport. we certainly remembered him yesterday. junior paid tribute to him and winning one of the duels last night and may win on sunday. >> awesome, guys good luck covering the race. good to see you both. thank you, guys, have a successful show and race.
8:46 am
on the mark, get set. they continue to change the tires. rosanna: greg, you think you are good at changing a tire? greg: remember last summer? rosanna: i do. greg: the worst thing about changing a tire, everybody in the neighborhood things they know how to change a tire and insist on giving you advice, they insist on it. rosanna: thank you so much. we are taking mike out and giving him a lesson or two. listen to this song, kesha is headed to court in new york and fighting to get out of the music contract
8:47 am
8:48 am
in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state the economy is growing, with creative new the lowest taxes and university attracting the talent and like in utica, where a new kind and in albany, the
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of the world. let us help grow your company's tomorrow, today at >> greg: alrigh
8:50 am
wee e n pitre and standing by and changing a tire in 12 second r get set ago. o. 12 seconds ilready jacked up they did it in conds. ronna: can mike woods beat that time coming up. greg: remember last summer, it took me 45 minutes despite your continued heckling. no kidding. rosanna: well, you had a suit on. greg: worse was the commentary. it took 45 minutes but done. thank you. rosanna: you did it. i am impressed. we'll see how mike does it later. let's talk about kesha. she's getting ready for a show
8:51 am
she's fighting to get out of a contract at sony. one of the producers was abuser to her and she wants out. greg: listen, sony is a pretty big company. maybe somebody else to work with. rosanna: i don't know what is going on, kerry drew is outside of the courthouse in lower manhattan. what is happening there, kerry? >> there is a small gathering. you see they are here. some of them holding signs like free kesha. they are here to support the pop star as she goes into court this morning. kesha is locked into a contract and fighting to get out of the sony contract. she's accusing dr. luke of
8:52 am
the fans are here and protesting. it is a contract that would force her to create 8 more albums with dr. luke, the man she's accused of abusing her. tmz caught up with kesha as s was leaving l.a. and she's got this message for the fans. >> they are my everything and i could pt get through this without them. they are the rock in my life. i so grateful, like. they have been like the most amazing amazing. >> reporter: we talked to the protestor and they are here to support kesha. >> this marks the fate of her career and whether onot to share the music with the world. seeing the fans here today is going to help her without the
8:53 am
>> i have been a fan of kesha and this means a lot to me. >> again, kesha posted this picture on instagram with a message that reads in part, this is not just for me, it is for every woman, every human that ever has been abused. we are here in person supporting her and fans who create add siti, a petition over a hundred thousand signatures demanding that sony let her out of the contract. back do you. greg: they are taking someone away in the ambulance there. is that kesha related? > reporter: no, a person fell crossing the street. it is unrelatedincident.
8:54 am
ronna:hank you, kerry. >> greg: she mumbles in a way. rosanna: greg: sten. rosanna:
8:55 am
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rosanna: you know what, we are
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thank yofor sayg rosanna: oh it is friday. do you feel like this is a long week? when the weather is cold, you know how i am. you are not affected by the>> caller: . greg: yes, that is amazing. it is like a super power. rosanna: to me, every day is the longest day of the year. greg: you have to work on this rosanna. that ambulance, not a big deal. a woman fell, we saw her. she's conscious. she's okay. maybe hurt her foot. she's okay in the long run. rosanna: maybe a pothole when crossing the street.


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