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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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thank yofor sayg rosanna: oh it is friday. do you feel like this is a long week? when the weather is cold, you know how i am. you are not affected by the>> caller: . greg: yes, that is amazing. it is like a super power. rosanna: to me, every day is the longest day of the year. greg: you have to work on this rosanna. that ambulance, not a big deal. a woman fell, we saw her. she's conscious. she's okay. maybe hurt her foot. she's okay in the long run. rosanna: maybe a pothole when crossing the street.
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greg: all the people there, they are there for the singer kesha. rosanna: she happens to be talented singer. she claims she doesn't want to work with the producer at sony, claiming he assaulted her. >> sony is a big company. find someone else in the company to work with. i don't know how to contracts work. rosanna: we are not versed in the contract negotiatns. own. eg: that lew gives a hard time
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i bet you are pushover. [laughter] >> greg: he's toug we are tough too. he knows that too. how much we would we love to know what is sai in each other's? right. a couple of things going on there are more important than our careers. rosanna: yes, politics versus religion. greg: well donald trump and the pope going at it. alert came across my phone. the pope called trump a kron christian. rosanna: because of putting up a wall along the border. the pontiff didn't mention donald trump by name. it was a question he was asked. greg: at the end of the y, it was a round, oh my gosh, something happened and donald
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rosanna: i was wondering, will dold trump jump in the fray here and saying anything at all, you know, to defend himse against the holy father, and yeah, he d. greg: donald trump is in favor of erecting a big beautiful wall with a big beautiful door along the board we are mexico. the pope on the way home from mexico, had something to say about that. you are going to hear from the pope. pope one on the way home and then to donald trump. listen. >> a person tha thinks only about building walls and not building bridge is not christian. >> for a rereligious leader to
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unacceptable. rosanna: donald trump softened the remarks later on that night, but it is interesting, we put up a bl on the facebook page, and lots of people are weighing in, lots of people basically have donald trump's back saying that politics and religion don't mix and the holy father, i don't think he was jumping into the race, he was asked about it, since he was leaving mexico. greg: maybe the mexican authorities pumped him up. i am staying out of it. same. rosanna: i like that idea. greg: tomorrow the primary the south carolina and and day toe no 500 in florida. they race for how many miles, 500. rosanna: i get dizzy. greg: we have outside of the
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rosanna: and pit crew, they are teaching mike a thing or two. mike: that is right. tire. these guys are impressive. they can change a tire, how fast, like 11 seconds. holy smokes! four tires in like,less than 2 seconds. wow, that is impressive. all right, so cody here, you are part of the pit crew? >> yes. mike: they are putting on four tires and change -- >> jack up the car and pump 15-18 gallons and getting a mike: wow. a pepsi or something like that? >> coke. gateraide. >> we have the da toe na coming up on sunday. >> it is on fox. the coverage is starting at
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this year whave jeff gordon and darren waltrip announcing. th is jeff's first year in the cool stuff. wh about tuys he,re you at t race? >> y, theare going there is weekend. ve googood. get to the focast. ay. let's talk about what is going on. do another one at the same time of the forecast. that gun is something else man with the potholes, we could use you guys. nny skies coming at you, the temps in the teens and 20s this morning. were sing the high clouds in the area. some o them are coming into town even as we speak. so be ready for it. the clouds are coming in and won't produce precip. it is just going to be mainly high clouds we are looking at
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maybe a few sprinkles to the northwest tonight and tomorrow. as we go into the weekend, sunny, highs up to 55 degrees on saturday. and then 52 on sunday. no rain out there. that is good news. same thing for the forecast at the daytona. the race sta 71 degrees at daytona down there in florida. who won the daytona, the first >> when? >> this year. >> very good. go. holy skes. wow. okay.
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it would te me 25minute so again, we have the race coming up this weekend, onox f at on, race time the 1:00. looking good. they are lookingforward to it? >> oh, yes. grg, rosanna, what'd you ink, these are skills. helmet? mike: they thought i was getting in the car and riding f. greg: you may fall down. thank you. fox noon. check it out. good job. greg: 45 minutes last summer, rosanna and you were heckling me every step of the way. flat tire of east 67th street. it is the commentary.
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>> it was done. i am told a lot of people were impressed by the mag cue linty. rosanna: i like the fact you can do it in a suit. >> yes. wh remembers se in the city, right? >> rosanna: how about the carrie diaries? greg: well, really cool show about the young carrie bradshaw. this time a civil war era drama, on pbs, mercy street, this weekend is the finale. nice for you to be on "good day
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>> first of all, you are looking gorgeous. >> thank you. >> maybe a little seasonable inappropriate. >> yes, i have a very big coat i put on. rosanna: are you freezing now? >> greg: well, the wardrobe is great. talk about the project. >> mercy street has a fantastic wardrobe as well. we are taking place in 1862 in a civil war hospital and based on real characters and real scenarios and they just, i am so impressed with pbs and how how much research they p into the projects and each one of the characters and i had to research on my own. rosanna: yes, what type of research did you have to do? >> well, they had advisoring on the battle wounds and the medical procedures and behave
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this wum wrote this incdible book on how we move and how we act and how we physically interact with one another. so it is capturing the intensity and it is more than just a battle. it is like -- >> relationships, yeah. greg: what about the medicine back then, scary uff. leeches, right. >> they used a lot of what it is called, >> alcohol? >> no. rosanna: stuff like formeldhide. >> a lot of blood and guts on
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roz ross give us a peek into what we are going to see. give us a lite hint of what is going to happen. >> so we are sort of seeingalice, my character, went through a transformation, it is playing on pbs online and amazon and itunes. rosanna: excellent. people sometimes don't watch it when it is on. >> i don't. greg: you have a tv? >> no. i have a computer and projector. rosanna: do you binge watch too? >> no. game of thrones and mercy street. >> we have a peek. we have a clip.
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i will invite a colonel over for dinner and woo him into changes his wind. >> woo him. >> lower your voice, please. no favors to be paid us for now we have to follow the rules oochlts that is all we ever do is follow their rules and what has it gotten us, mother. if you want to sit about, you may do so. i swear i will not submit and do my part to defend who you are. >> rosanna: you are a tough cookie. >> alexandria is taken over by the union arm and she's a strong
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able to speak for herself. rosanna: we have moved on. greg: so glad i was born when i was born. >> yes, so glad things have changed in the u.s rosanna: with your job you are doing a range of things. mercy street and then jack of the red hearts? >> yes. >> what is that about? >> it is dealing with autism. it is autism awareness film and very sweet. so basically it is the story of a young woman coming from the wrong side of the tracks and infiltrates this family posing as a nanny and trying to get a job and back on her feet and the young girl is autistic and they
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about her and the family and a picture of the complications of autism and what a family has to go through and our director is phenomenal. he's a professor at nyu. rosanna: you do there and how is that going, a you in clays classes? >> yes. >> how does that work for you, you are working a lot and going to school. yes, it is a balancing act. york. that makes it easier filming murky street, i emailed my papers in. rosanna: was your director your teacher, right? >> no. rosanna: the wr or director at u? >> she's a professor. but i hadn't gone to yet. >> greg: how about that. success.
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rosanna: where do the nyu kids go to hang out. >> i don't know. i live in brooklyn. greg it is like a commuter school. >> yes, basically. where do i hang out. no. i fall asleep. rosanna: ll, you are busy. >> everybody has nyu is busy. you meet the other students and they are doing so many things and they are interested in, interdisciplinary and producing films or doing human rights project or fashion design. greg: or working six jobs because it is so expensive. >> tell me about it, i know. greg: it used to be a safety school. not any more.
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schools in the country. rosanna: what are you doing in brooklyn? >> hang out, drink coffee. wear beannys and stuff. rosanna: she's a hipster. greg: thank you so much. rosanna: mercy street and jack of the red hart hearts. >> lou diamond philips is back and he has an a special project we'll be right back. there's something to be said for exploring the world around you. for seeking out the new; for trying the untried; for doing the undone. why should snacking be any different? discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity.
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flonase changes everything. greg hot new show. rosanna: on hbo, called vinyl. greg: the record industry inhe 1970s ad bo dietl is in the show. check out b dietl. the private investigator acting. >> we are still going. >> since two nights ago. >> he wants to talk to you. get ov here now. >> hold on, i have a house full of people, it is my birthday. >> this is important. >> come on. >> oh, this looks very intense.
9:21 am
dietl got a great review in rolling stone. greg: bo dietl can act. bo, welcome back to "good day new york." congratulations. >> i fe like i am home with the family. rozros youit abo the seersz? >> yes, working with them again, it is fabulous. we have andrew dice clay, nails it inhe perfornc hed libbed l a thingsi , c t wh s. butndrewas great. rosanna: how about bobby? >> hands down, emmy, he's going to winagain. heas w fabulous, great to be part of this. i am in the whole season here. it is every nig at 90 on sunday night. it is great. what it is, the music industry, they have spend a million doars evlly show to buy the music. you are goio hear the music
9:22 am
greg: how didou meet martin. >> >> hetarted to write a book wise guy and became good fellas. that was the first time i worked with him and the wolf of wall street and he's just, i mean to work with martin it is fabulous. you do the scripted lines and he lets you go off on it. that is real acting and you become the character. i learned from bobby how to really act. he'll help you out. he'll call you out and he helps you learn. a lot of people want to be actors. it is being that person. put yourself in that person. become that person. rosanna: you have become an actor on us.
9:23 am
>> i learned from really fine actors and you watch them and you start to see. know the part inside and out. become that person. roz is that the same bo dietl that we know and love? greg: bo, did you hear this stuff from bobby and reciting it? >> no. no. he was the great killer that killed 50 people in brooklyn and sylvester is going to play him. there is a talk thabo man is con contact contacted. >> rosanna: do they say bo come in and read for the part? >> that happened, i read for the
9:24 am
director, i go on to the camera, mart may, i'm joe, and he calls lang, marty saw you. iiked that part. it is bo. s exciting. rosanna: you know, bo, you were a detecte. greg: well, here is bo dietl is good fellas and arresting henry hill. hit it. they turned it dow because of the foul language. you play add cop. no t a huge stretch for you. >> like anything, i honestly, i would ke to do other things. i would like to play, i tell you what --
9:25 am
to be or not to be. >> i would have liked to be in "revenant." why can't i be a cowboy. i could get it. greg: friendships are great. they only get you so far. who knows, bo, who knows. >> when i ce the show, it is cominghome. i loveou guys, you do a great job. eg: edest things a bo he prse psident na reagan. enteainebo in the oval office and impressed, kept talkginbo him after bo left. bo, tell us when this was and why, why are you taking up the time of our president? >> look atthis, bo dietl
9:26 am
department for six months and going to washington, and the said you are having a photo opportunity and i go to oval office and bo, the president sit do. sehe tchairs. sit. :ou a running for congress as a republican at this part and he was rooting for you. >> testifies a special election. you know, i became friendly with theuy that was the vice president, the first bush, and then all of a sudden i helped him campaign in '88 and appointeof the crime commison, and i had been in the oval office after this a has dozen time, exciting to be part of the history of this country and with theatresident na reagan. rosanna: youave had remarkable life and also the
9:27 am
what abouthe band-aid. >> sun cancer. basil whatever it is called. dr. becker had to dig three times. put proteion on. i play golf, i lov the sun. yoow what, this is serus stuff. get it checked out. rosanna: what'd you notice about it? >> it wouldn't heal. they to a by iopsy. it is not the bad one. this can continue the spread. yesterday i went in, he had to dig three times. this surgeon, he says, you might have a small scar. no, make it a big scar. i could be like scar face bo. marty! rosanna: marty, are y
9:28 am
>> whatever you want it to be. greg: bo dietl, congratulations on vinyl reviews are positive. >> very excited and honored to be part of the great tv and movie series. vinyl is great. watch it on sunday nights at 9:00. >> giving the hollywood kiss and hand shake. rosanna: you remember lou diamond philips. really, i saw that movie i don't know how many times. greg: he's got a special project in connecticut. we are excited. rosanna: coming up. man (sternly): where do you think you're going? mr. mucus: to work, with you. it's taco tuesday. man: you're not coming. i took mucinex to help get rid of my mucusy congestion. i'm good all day. [announcer:] mucinex keeps working.
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>> ah, young lou diamond phillips. boy, oh, boy, you know? i love him i'm so happy that 'r playing this song. u diamond phillips goes, okay, this follows me around wherever i go. >> we had ralph macho here, the karate kid, he's got the same thing going on. lou diamond phillips, it made a huge impression. >> absolutely. , no i'm proud of it, i love it. >> stand and deliver, he was
9:32 am
and then, of course, on broadway in shows like the king and i. >> lou diamond phillips joins us, welcome to good day new york for the first time. >> i believe so. i've seen the show many times, so i feel like i've been here before. >> i feel like you've been here too. >> exactly. >> i'm interested to hear about this play called burning desire, you actually wrote it. >> i did, indeed. i wrote it when i was doing the king and i on broadway. we've done a number of readings over the years, and i've never had a chance to get it produced, but now incredibly thrilled that my friend is directing it, brought it to the seven angels theater in waterbury, and we had our first preview last night, standing o, lots of laughs. thank goodness it works. you know how it is, you want the jokes to land. >> i know. plus, i realize you wrote most of the script on the train. >> absolutely.
9:33 am
the show at night and catch the midnight train going back. at the time i drank, and i'd get a 40, you know, writing, oh, yeah, this is funny, this is a good joke, you know? and finished it in a matter of weeks. it just sort of descended on me like an epiphany. >> that's nice. >> when you weren't drinking, it? [laughter] >> actually, i hear it's good to write when you've got a few in you, but it's better to edit when you're stone cold sober. >> this you go, that works -- there you go, that works. we've opinion in rehearsal for a couple weeks, first performance last night, and it's really coming off the page. it's quite beautiful. >> what's it about? >> in a nutshell, if there's a balance to the universe, lucifer has half the responsibility for love. and so in this, lucifer is cupid who's going to give a young couple true love, and then he's going to ruin it so that one of them will sell their soul -- >> who's lucifer?
9:34 am
[laughter] >> did you have to channel rea deep for that one? >> the funny thing is it's a comedy, you know, and in movies like la bam pa or in the 33 that i just had out in theater, they're very intense, i cry a lot, and i cut my teeth doing comedy. i did a lot of comedy when i was in college, started out in fort worth, texas, so i le to bring thfuy. bu even being a medic ro and playing lucifer for laughs, i still have to have a little bit of edge and darkness. >> good. lou diamond phillips whe'd you grow up? >> all over, i was a na kid. stlymo texas. i wasn in the philippines -- >> on t navy base there? >> yeah. and then my dad was sationed in a bunch of acespl and eventually settd down in corpus christi, texas. call texas home en thoh i've been in los angeles since did la bamba h 2 years now -- >> is it really that long ago?
9:35 am
>> do you ever sing that song anymore? [laughter] >> no, i will never karaoke that song. i've sung it at a couple of friends' weddings because it's a dding song. i'm much more likely to go to blaze of glory from young guns two. but although when i was doing the 33 down in colombia, they put it on the speaker, and i got up on a table and had to sing. so every once in a while the spirit wl grab me, yeah. >> lou diamond phillips, good luck with this. we can see it at theeven angels theater in waterbury, connecticut. when can we go? >> opening night is literally tomorrow night, and we will run through march 13th. >> fantastic. and then i heard you're off to santa fe -- >> shooting my series, longmire. we film in santa fe for wyoming, it's based on the craig johnson series of novels, and we're on net netflix, thrilled, and very,
9:36 am
fifth season. >> thanks a lot man. >> nice to have you here, thank you. fest. we're getting in the mood, greg. are you ready for your hosting duties? >> it's coming in may, mother's day weekend. we'll be right back. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think? and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, to like these numbers. bring me a higher love i could rise above here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make
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>> oh, man, it's coming again,
9:39 am
may. rosanna it was, again, nuclear powered last year. >> you better herly up and get your -- hurry up and get your tickets, greg. they're going fast. >> one thing i've got, tickets. i host the darn thing! curtis is the executive producer, the brains, the architect -- >> the organizer, the musician. >> yes. >> curtis, welcome back to good day new york. >> thank you, greg. i love you. >> hi, curtis. >> rosanna. >> you guys are nominated for an emmy. >> i know, can you believe that? >> are they, again? >> again, which is phenomenal. >> you've got to win it. >> curtis, what is the date this year again? >> saturday may 7th in newark, new jersey, prudential arena. or go to the box office. >> now, curtis, last time -- this seems to be african-influenced gospel. >> that is correct. >> this is kennedy. how are you, sir? >> yeah. it's amazing. gospel around the world is growing. as you know, we have a choir
9:40 am
from japan -- >> you had them here. >> we had them here, exactly. >> that was awesome. >> this particular choir auditioned for me a couple weeks ago, they made the finals, and they are all from brooklyn, but nigeria originally, yeah? [cheers and applause] >> all right. >> and how big is gospel in nigeria? >> it's one of the leading aspects of music in knew jeer that. -- nigeria. it has a very big influence in it has a very big influence in the african continent. >> a lot of us associate it with urban centers or the south, but it truly is global. that's awesome. >> yes. the uncommon champion choir, and from what church? >> christ life ministry. >> fantastic. >> well, hey, everybody. we're ready to hear some music. >> yes, we are. >> you ready? what have you got for us? >> ready. you alone are the biggest. >> you alone are the biggest. >> a song written by this choir. >> oh, nice.
9:41 am
[applause] >> let everyone praise the lord! [cheers and applause] come on, hewe go, here we go,
9:42 am
>> make a joyful noise unto the lord! [cheers and applause] are you ready?
9:43 am
finish. [applause] >> absolutely beautiful! [applause] the power. where's curtis? kennedy, thank you so much, man. >> i love it.
9:44 am
here. anna sophia rob's still here. [applause] >> come on, come on! [laughter] >> you guys were terrific. oh, my goodness. all right. available. >> tickets available or the box office and saturday, may 7th in newark, new jersey. it's the event of the year, and [cheers and applause] >> greg kelly! [cheers and applause] >> please, please. >> and we're hoping that rosanna and her hundred family members -- [laughter] are going to do a drive-by. >> we're going to drive by. >> we're talking to her people. >> yeah, we're talking to her people, exactly. [laughter] >> that would be me. >> curtis, thank you very much. rosanna, we'll see you there. >> okay. >> all right. let's -- we are going to race, what's his name, mike woods. >> oh, wow. >> mike woods, you and i are racing. >> we have the olympians now. >> we have some great people
9:45 am
9:46 am
9:47 am
limp picks v >> one more time. oh, i'm on. sorry. hello. thank you so much. it's nice to have you back on good day new york. this weekend, very, very busy weekend.
9:48 am
tomorrow at noon at the new balance track and field center, it's one of the most prestigious track and field events. it attracts the best of the best including nine-time world champion allyson felix. where are you, don't leave me by myself, and eric kinard, nice to have you both here. are you ready for the competition this weekend? >> yeah. we're excited. >> not right now, it's a little cold. >> it's freezing out here, i'm sorry. does this help or hurt your game tomorrow? >> it's indoors, so we'll be good. >> what are you doing tomorrow? in high jump at 4:30. >> how do you practice that, by the way? actually. >> really? why? >> i have no idea. i wish it was just jumping, but does. >> interesting. and i heard you love to run, but [laughter] which, you know, i'm reading about her last night x i'm like,
9:49 am
nerves, because i heard you like to eat sugared doughnuts and -- >> i do. i like to splurge once in a while. >> because i would think somebody of your stature, you've won so many gold medals, you're so disciplined about what you put in your body. >> yeah. that's all important, but every once in a while you've got to go for it, you know? we do a lot of running, a lot of training, so every once in a while. >> so are you going to the olympics soon? what's going on? >> that's the plan. >> that's the plan, yes. >> are you nervous about the speak ca virus at all? >> no. >> my focus is really on making the team. our trials are a month before, so that's what everything is focused on. >> so these games this weekend, it's just kind of a precursor to getting yourself ready for the big olympics? >> right, right. it's just all about the process competitively. we don't have to be ready until july, but, you know, these are the steppingstones here. >> so when you go back, you've both been there several times. when you go back, do you go back
9:50 am
confident, or are you still as nervous as the first time? >> probably as nervous as the first time. because it's different. every experience is different. the location is different and, you know, the outcome can be different. so you have to approach it like it's a fresh experience. >> i know. i imagine you want to go for a gold this timearound, huh in. >> yes, yes, exactly. congratulations on what you've >> thank you. the way? [laughter] i mean, come on now. winning medals. >> you don't? >> you're striving for greatness, that's what it's all about, and excited for another opportunity. >> all right. listen, i want you to give some advice to my friends here. >> greg is on the way. i think he might have got cold feet, because we're going to have a race out here. greg is getting his track shoes on. i'm kind of afraid of what he's going to come out with. >> track shoes? >> yeah. [laughter] >> so, wait -- >> i did not put -- >> please don't tell him to wear
9:51 am
out looking like a crazy man. any good tips for me? i'm kind of a novice. >> yeah, start fast. >> you want to pump your arms, you want high knees. >> okay, that much i can do -- >> focus on that line. >> last time greg almost, he almost caught me at the end. he tried to cheat and reach out with his hand. >> yeah. >> not with the hand? >> not at all. >> i know. but the race last year between greg and mike, mike automatically through his chest out, and you can do the chest, right? >> yeah, that's good. >> that's your body. see? that was good sport. >> and mike, you know, he likes a doughnut or two every now and then. >> you kidding? i love it! that's why i was like, see, i knew i liked her. [laughter] >> how many do you eat at a sitting? >> nothing crazy. >> just one every once in a while -- >> do you ever splurge? >> i'm a chip guy, i like chips.
9:52 am
>> i do both. >> do people come to see you guys this weekend? >> yes. and they can also watch us on television from 4-6, i believe. and the -- >> the meet's going to be at the armory so, yeah, melrose games 4-6. yeah. >> very good. i did just see it, there was a greg sighting. >> where is greg? >> he snuck around this way. i'm still a little concerned. he's on the backing side, he said he needed something else. >> he may be warming up. >> stretching, all kinds of stuff. >> while they warm up, we're going to take a quick break. when we come back, we're going to have these olympic athletes help mike and greg, the can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
9:53 am
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>> all right. thank you, debbie, for saying nice things about us on our fox 5ny facebook page. i'm standing by with two olympic athletes, the best of the best, allyson and eric competing this weekend at the melrose games. good luck. >> thank you. >> now we have our own competition here. i don't know what we would call this one. [laughter] but we have mike woods in one corner, greg kelly in another. [laughter] we are competing, it's very serious, allyson and eric. and if you wouldn't mind, would you give them the countdown to
9:56 am
>> wait a second, wait a second. i have a few things to say. may the fastest man win. >> thank you very much. >> we'll leave it at that. >> works for me. coffee for a month? >> for a whole month? >> a month, that's what she said. don't back out now. >> allyson -- >> on your marks, get set, go! >> wow! [inaudible conversations] >> i mean, hey, could be anything. >> on your marks, get set, go! >> oh! [laughter] i don't know, who -- >> the referee over here. who are we saying won? [laughter] >> who are we saying won? who won? who won? >> it was a tie.
9:57 am
all right, boys, i don't want you guys to be -- >> otherwise -- [inaudible conversations] >> congratulations, congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. allyson and eric, how'd they do? did they do all right? >> you want to connect to great story is the and people, engage fox 5's facebook, twitter and youtube pages and go to for news you care about. [inaudible conversations] >> uh-oh, other way. >> take a picture. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood
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