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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now on "fox 5 news" at ten. >> get ready to shed winter we are in for spring temperatures this weekend. it was just a week ago we are bracing for cold temperatures. >> steve: the temperatures are going up to the mid 50s for the weekend. that is more like it. >> nick: it improves the old don't like the weather just wait a little bit. that is the case and a big change from a week ago when we were in an ice box. warmer air is coming in with clouds tonight and rain or snow showers. a few out there right now out into the catskills region. there are moving through. temperatures moving up the
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38 degrees in new york city. that's the new hyper today. we will stop around here for a few hours and then continue to rise in the overnight hour. 37 degrees degrees in jersey shore. when flow, another reason for warmer air is coming from the south. it will be about five-10 miles per hour tomorrow. were showing more moisture to the north and east and some spotty showers. thirties in the northeast but 60 in chicago. we are not gone to get too we. we will get to the middle 50s tomorrow. the future cast will show the clouds going away overnight. tomorrow night. on sunday will be talking about temperatures in the lower 50s but more sun and the the morning and clouds in the afternoon. maybe a little rain or wet snow morning. no big deal at this point. >> dari: it, thank you.
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an investigation is underway into the death of a college student from brooklyn. it may have died in a possible hazing incident off-campus. 21-year-old bradley doyle was a student at buffalo state college. the president says the fraternity involved, l papaya alpha has been suspended, pending, pending the outcome of an investigation. >> steve: tomorrow could be a make or break day for the candidates for republican. >> dari: there's a republican primary in south carolina and the democratic caucuses in nevada. here's a look at all the campaigners. >> reporter: what i think you are to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. >> fighting was again from donald trump, this time taking aim at apple on the campaign trail in south carolina. the companies refusing refusing to help the u.s. government on an crypt the cell phone from one
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terrace. >> he got into it with the pope and former president george w. bush. he had to defend his interview that contradicts his recent claim that he did not support the iraq war. >> the first guy ever asked me about iraq and i said no i don't think so. before before the war started i was against that war. >> reporter: senator ted cruz is close on trump seal. >> let me tell you this, as president i have no intention of being neutral. >> reporter: senator marco rubio's third and cannot afford to slip. >> we are blessed as a party to have so many good people. none of art candidates are socialist, that is a good thing. >> reporter: jab bush needs to finish in the top three. john k-6 says he is going forward no matter what happens. >> i will do what i can as president. i'm hoping if we went back the senate and when the
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air of their ways and quit using immigrants to divide our country >> reporter: a democrats are in a tight race to win the nevada caucuses. also on saturday. what should have been an easy win for clinton has turned out to be a tough fight. >> we do not want a super pack. a super pack today is about everything that is undermining american democracy. >> reporter: another developments today, several suits have been filed including one in new york claiming ted cruz is not eligible to run for president because he was born in canada. crew says his mother was a u.s. citizen, making him want to. cruz's camp says this is more dirty politics on the eve of a very close primary. >> steve: thank you. how about this, britney spears tweeting out the photo, hillary clinton in las vegas.
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official # leading many to believe she was endorsing the former secretary of state. she she removed it from the palace without elaborating on a reason for doing so. >> david is resting tonight where he is being treated for pneumonia. a spokesperson for the 88-year-old former mayor says he will be fine. he was admitted admitted to new york presbyterian hospital for a long of action. no no word on when he will be released. he was the city's first and only black mayor elected for one term in 1989. >> steve: the president is paying his respects to antonin scalia. a funeral service will be held tomorrow by scully's son paul who is a catholic priest. vice president biden and his wife will be expected to be in attendance. >> dari: the world is remembering an iconic author, she died this morning and was 89 years old.
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the caustic novel, to kill him mockingbird about racial injustice in a small small southern town. in later became an oscar-winning film starring gregory peck and despite her -- even the friend say she was very friendly and sociable she released her only other novel, go set a watch met with some controversy last year. >> steve: sentencing day for a teen who killed the girl on the upper west side. 18-year-old is sentenced to three-nine years in prison. he was been chased by police when he lost control of his at suv and slammed into the little girl killing her and injuring her grandmother. he apologized to the family. >> if he really means he is sorry, he is is going to take what i said about sharing his
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he will take it seriously. >> they said they will do everything that they can't make make him serve the maximum sentence. >> dari: the report they caught the swine flu from an actual pig. the cdc says he visited a farm where pigs are kept. this happened in december. in december. he never had direct contact with the animal. he fell ill two days later. the child was not hospitalized and has since recovered. the swine flu can be caught from pigs, it person-to-person. >> steve: testing is available for free for people who have traveled where that mosquito borne viruses active like in four days to get results. right now there's no vaccine to prevent zika. >> dari: how reports look like fun but there is a warning about them. the consumer product safety commission does not think here is more on what the government wants manufactures to
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>> reporter: we have seen the whole areas videos of mike tyson being punched out by his own hover board. hover boards became the number one requested gift sun and christmas list their safety have come into question after some blood causing fires and injuries. now the u.s. consumer product safety commission has deemed that no hover board currently on the market is safe. >> we went through a lot of test and what they found as they can eventually catch fire. they do do not think they're safe anymore. >> reporter: the editor says a cpsc is calling on hover board makers and sellers to voluntarily take the device off the market so they can be certified as safe by ul, the independent testing firm widely used by american electronic manufacturers. >> i will tell you right now that none of the manufactures and none of the retailers are talking.
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what they plan on doing. certainly there has to be tens of thousands of units sitting in inventory at retailers. none can be sold in the u.s. now , they have to have the ul certification. >> reporter: they sent out an official notice to retailers and manufacturers that stated that if these new safety standards are not followed it could result in seizure of devices as well as civil and criminal penalties. >> i hear they have big problems with them catching fire, people going into water with them. so i thought i'm not good to spend my money on that. >> went to one of my buddies on the company that produces them. the knox office aren't safe. >> higher prices does not mean the devices are safer. it's unclear what will happen next but clearly this morning will
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industry. might be making a return. they fall. all because of second avenue project. >> dari: i remember w trains. >> it runs from queens to coney officials say they want to restore w to take its place in run and they will hold a hearing the spring to talk about that >> dari: you can tell mets fans are excited for the upcoming baseball season. >> steve: hopefully the mets can get the record again today. they held their first workout today and duke was there. >> russ: thank you very much. the defendant national league champs, your eat new york mats on the field today. mets. mets pitchers and catchers held their first official workout in front of a very enthusiastic row. mets pitchers and catchers held their first workout in front of
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well over 1500 enthusiastic fans poured into the port st. lucie and to say thank you for a great 2015 and wish and wish them well for the 2016 campaign. >> they deserve the recognition. they came out today and they deserve the players to say thanks for the support. >> simo life long mets fan. >> were you surprised to see how many people were out there? >> yes, i think so. for day one and this many people to be here is pretty cool. everyone is really excited. >> russ: the captain addressed threat. >> i feel like i come up with a plan that will allow me to be on the field as much as possible
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>> we also learned today a key to a successful marriage. that and catchers first official don't believe me, just as some of the fans we met to do's. >> for 33 years you have been you're spending your anniversary. >> here at the mets, spring training. it. day. >> the pitchers and catchers will be on the field again tomorrow. we'll be in tampa covering the yankees but for now i'm duke in port st. lucie. >> russ: and all-star catcher, why she refused to cancel her contract. >> steve: a new app coming up
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in court for pop store kesha. >> dari: she broke down in tears when she found that she had to go back to work with a man who raped her. >> catches fight about sony records is far from over. today a manhattan manhattan supreme court judge ruled the 28-year-old singer must continue making music with doctor luke, the producer who allegedly raped her. she claims doctor luke has been threatening and abusive over the course of the past decade. biting incidents of gender motivated violence and sexual harassment. doctor. doctor luke and sony hold an exclusive contract with cachette that require six more albums from her. today a judge denied the request to free her from that agreement. she arrived at court today and outside she found a fan protest, drying together supporters from
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newtown, connecticut. >> kasha from the beginning was a stronger center for human rights. , for her music and to hear that her music and she is be in silence underneath her abuser contract is terrible. >> what michael use the twitter account, kesha today to rally fans. >> on -- so many women suffer through this abuse by people in positions of power. >> protesters were disappointed by today's outcome. >> we will not stop fighting for her. >> while cassia did not speak to reporters she released this message. >> this is for every woman kind every human was ever been abuse, sexually, emotionally, mentally. we reach out to sony records for comment and did not hear back. >> steve: fifty-cent is in hot
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content. since a judge is not happy with him posting photos and videos with stacks of cash. the problem being being he is not supposed have two nickels to rub together. he filed for bankruptcy in july. the bankruptcy judge wants them back in court. the rapper says he did nothing wrong. >> dari: more ups and downs in the life of actor shyla --'s performance that hasn't cramped into that elevator there. he is interacting with other passengers. viewers on youtube can watch a live stream area he is no stranger to bizarre stunts. last november he joined a marathon binge watch of all of his films at the angelica theatre. >> steve: this is the weirdest one by far.
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soon. there's a committee to look into strategic alternatives. that policy news that they plan to cut 15% of its workforce. yahoo's online and mobile market share has taken a big has taken a big hit from google and facebook. it will be up for possible wires and partners. and i was greeted favorably by wall street. >> dari: if you want to look at your social media game there's a new app to help you. it is called know me. it makes it easier for you to make movies of your own from the videos and photos that you take on your phone. >> reporter: it will tell your story or edit something, it uses and videos and all the stuff you're collecting. there is no easy to do that. >> andrew came up with an easier way to tell stories with the media on your phone. he created an app called know me. ultimately we figured out that if you could just touch your finger to photograph and talk
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down that be the best way. >> reporter: about a year and half ago he got to work putting together a team in developing the app right here in the city. >> i just think new york is the center of the universe for me. >> reporter: is designed to turn regular people into moviemakers. in a few weeks onset launched almost 100,000 people have signed on. it also has some real hollywood support. celebs like sean hayes are users. gnome he has the potential to bring people together and totally change online dating. york. >> if you know someone through know me who seemed something about them you have that initial bit of awkwardness and you can figure out if this is the right connection for you. >> reporter: on terrible social media so he gave me a tutorial.
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right here. then go to the creation tool. >> reporter: this is what i made. >> hi this is allison, this is my first know me. >> today i visited the know me office to talk to ceo andrew. you might know him from moviefone or as the director of the jenks, the series that god rob arrested. no -- when we got there there is this huge line outside because the store had just launched some new stuff. andrew offices were way more civilized. the interview was awesome. andrew super smart. for princeton guy. when when we're done i walked across the street to one of my favorite cafe s. andre had never tried their cappuccino. andre had to go to another suit so i jumped on the r train train and went back to the station. who says that davis can't travel by themselves. minutes to make before he went to bed last night. andrew made a cooler video about
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5 . right now it's free and only available for apple devices. >> one of the popular podcast in the world from his garage, we are back, this is too much. this is the biggest show ever. >> dari: i look this up, they are hugely popular. we are going to show you how some guys from queens converted their grudge into a bar. >> steve: space wars moving closer to reality.
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america runs on dunkin'. >> steve: which you be brave enough is in your friends that and talk at the bar. >> dari: that is exactly the premise behind an online radio show and podcast. it is put together by five guys in queens. they are broadcasting tonight and we paid them a visit.
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backyard in queens, this may look like any other garage but every friday night it transforms into a radio studio, broadcasting a hilarious show around the world. >> we are back live from the garage, think everyone. >> it's called live from the garage. a weekly radio brought cast from the garage, bar combined with the garage from john houlihan. he's joined with some of his best friend. >> we have news, trivia games, celebrity interviews and mostly were bantering back and forth about the things that happened during the week. >> is basically what you would be doing on a friday night except everyone can listen and. >> that's exactly right. >> we've all been friends since we been children. we've all been in bands together and things like that, we've always had creative outlets. this is just the direction of the guys we like to hang out with. >> reporter: broadcast radio and to build an itunes podcast, this little little show that could has managed to attract some big-time guest. >> you have millions of listeners on a regular radio
10:27 pm
we managed to get like mark merrin,. >> is a labor of love. we been doing doing it over four years. 150 episodes. >> reporter: with tonight's temperature in the 30s and drinks and cigarettes to keep them warm, nothing can stop the banter's that only emerges from true friendship. >> there's no heat, running water, or air conditioning. so if it 0 degrees out here were out here freezing. if it's freezing. if it's 95 degrees right here sweating. >> but the microphones and headphones to work. >> reporter: this new york gang is be brought to the world. >> steve: thank you. >> dari: you know that guy or girl at the office who is incredibly mean. >> steve: they reveal the impact that they can have at the office
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switch to better. switch to fios. >> steve: it only takes one, a coworker can can wreak havoc on the whole office. >> dari: there's a study that
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take that stress to their home. here's some advice on how to get around all that negativity at the office. >> reporter: it disrupts your productivity. if someone's bringing negative energy you cannot be productive in the workplace. it does affect everybody else. >> if you handle it the wrong way it looks bad on you to. >> uis have to be professional. you have to treat people with respect. >> is that important. when you have bad behavior tends to be toxic and can run a culture. it can be contagious. >> reporter: the executive vice president and chief human resource officer with time inc. >> sometimes workplaces a little bit like high school in the same interactions that go on in the same pettiness. >> he know sometimes you may have to deal with the mean coworker. research published by online academic journal bound it is not
10:32 pm
poison the office, rude behavior is just as damaging. aggressively bad behavior and it can also be passive-aggressive. where your isolating people are blocking them out. than the rule. hopefully there is been enough written and read and talked about in terms of what is appropriate behavior what is >> reporter: whether it's giving some of the side i or leaving them often e-mail chain. the victim's personal personal life. >> i think one-on-one is where you are at. let him know what people might be saying or thinking. then you take it from there. >> i like to ignore it the person. i'm very shelled up to my cell. mind my own business. hopefully they do not mess around with me too much. >> if it is in your policy and you talk about how respect for communication and colleagues in the way you interact. if you make that your proactive part of your culture then he
10:33 pm
minimizing that behavior. >> reporter: follow those rules for stress free workplace. selling stuff on ebay pays to be a man apparently. 600,000 ebay transactions, found that when men and women with equal selling reputation sold the same products, women received lower prices than men researchers believe it might be the result of both sexes assigning a lower value to product that women sell as opposed to the product that men do. so do you have to change your name or be unisex. >> steve: okay working galactic the spaceship is hitting ready. it's designed to carry pilots and six passengers more than
10:34 pm
above the earth. test flights should begin later this year. an earlier version crash during a test flight last year. spee1 nasa says says it has received a record number of application for its next astronaut class. more than 18000, that is more than double the previous record. nasa promoted heavily on social media. the odds of of getting picked are still very small. a limit of 14 candidates. >> steve: the best of the best. >> dari: how men and women are also different when it comes to how they use social media. >> they would tell us know it almost fired us up. all really no,. >> steve: gloria stephan and she talked about all the problems she encountered.
10:35 pm
new york minute. >> a newly remodeled nintendo store is now open in midtown. mario and luigi helped unveil the store and fans lined up waiting for the store to open. they wanted to feel like it's again. >> if you like the majority of us like to play and we grew up with them. >> also the nostalgia and it's a lot of fun. >> the first-ever hoops. the nypd officers were involved to promote peace in the community it and better relations between residents and police. >> the teens and nypd need to start building a relationship that they can have between now
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>> russ: glorious. >> dari: tomorrow night gloria savon sits down with us with a candid and intimate look at her look my. megan has an interview you will not see anywhere else. >> reporter: some say you can divide pop music into the two arrows, before conga and after conga. 1985 was the are everything change. gloria savon and miami sound machine released conga and pave the way for every latin pop star to come. not without hurdles. >> we think of it as obstacles because we had such a great time. when i joined the band it was for fun. i didn't have a social life in high school because music was my escape. it is what got me through the top toughest moments of my life.
10:40 pm
artists dominating today it's hard to imagine a time when the had no presence. >> there is times we had to change a last name, the biggest network would never do something because they were worried about ratings. >> reporter: the sound, and irresistible hybrid. it wasn't straight up pot music and it wasn't straight up cuba. it was something you haven't heard before and was being performed by a cuban artist in english. >> it fired us up. if we can't go around here will go here and we were our biggest cheerleaders. we were convinced that we had a
10:41 pm
loved it. it was taking convincing these guys that were in the way a little bit that our stuff is going to work. it was exciting and fun. >> reporter: thirty years later they are still making history. don't miss more of gloria's interview plus exclusive behind the same tours of the hit broadway show tomorrow night at 10:30 p.m. >> steve: people wanting to score tickets to the jerry seinfeld, steve martin did stand up the first time in 35 years. during a ten minute set last quote, i'm here tonight because the old showbiz thing, you never lose a that to jerry. >> dari: what to social media post say about the battle of
10:42 pm
and his mother nature playing tricks on her eyes?
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>> dari: we've heard this to many times, men are from mars women are from venus. >> steve: differences really seem to play out on social medias. men and women are sticking to stereotypes on facebook. world. >> whenever we use facebook to tell her friends we use words to communicate our message. in 2013 a team of team of researchers collected and sorted and facebook messages of 75000 users. the found men use different words then women.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: the most used words love you, you, excited, boyfriend, omg, and various spellings of so. men preferred variations of the f word, video games, you, lead, versus and when. >> now facebook users curse more are more likely to discuss family relationships and posted more symbols lament. >> but the language and facebook ads and facebook ads to 1.59 billion users around the globe, words, gender, nationality, personality type and others categories should continue to change. >> cool, awesome. >> i'm matt king,. >> steve: we seem to all get
10:47 pm
facebook. this weekend is going to be awesome. >> nick: a complete turnaround from last week. last last weekend we are just getting ready, we had the blizzard three weeks on saturday, negative last week and then we had the arctic express that rolled in last week. now we are going the other way. that's the way the winter has been. we'll turn colder next week and we have the threat of snow. 38 degrees today and that happened in the last hour. the temperature will level off for a little while longer. it will continue to rise as the night goes long. we should on average 43 for the high, at least ten - 15-15 degrees warmer than that tomorrow. 535 sunrise. southwest wind is going to have temperatures still falling. high pressure will move off to these goes. as mild there comes in it could
10:48 pm
were seeing them up on here now. they're some patchy sleet or brain that could be in some of those areas. don't worry too much about it will be gone tomorrow. our highs now in the current temperatures, poughkeepsie is at 40, 38 in the city, 39 and islip. monticello is come up to 34 degrees. current temperatures are in the upper 30s range around the coast. bridgeport a 38 degrees. twenty-eight monticello and temperatures will stay here for a few more hours and then continue to rise as the night goes on. a nice jump and temperatures. southwest wind is in play. that will stick run. look. look at the temperature regime, 30s, 50s. the 50s are on the move as we go on to our forecast. you can
10:49 pm
couple of snow showers overnight. the cold front is going to take a while to get here. the southwest when with mild air moving on the eastern seaboard tomorrow. high temperature chart you'll see readings stay in the 50s from new york city to chicago. 7070 in the south and west of that. mild there through the weekend and cooler for next week. 50 degrees at lunchtime, 55 the high tomorrow afternoon. sun and clouds tomorrow. sun and clouds on sunday. this disturbance is going to quickly pass a to the south on sunday. there's some snow sunday night and early monday morning. that could accumulate a few inches. rain or snow shower that will not accumulate. sun and clouds tomorrow, breezy
10:50 pm
55 degrees, sunday 53 degrees. snow threat sunday night into monday. there's a few storms to watch a stronger storm on wednesday, that is the tough one. some indication show goes west of us and that it would be all rain. if it gets close to slb rain and snow. tomorrow.
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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>> with pitchers and catchers for all of the teams officially reporting for spring training this week. it's an exciting time for major league baseball. the story comes out today that was about the last thing mlb would want to hear. agents from homeland homeland security and the fbi arresting player agent hernandez specialize the cuban defectives on human trafficking charges. on on believable. the charges are related to a
10:54 pm
charging the two associates of hernandez held him and his family hostage while hernandez and his employers negotiated a five-year deal with the texas rangers that was worth 15 and half-million dollars. dollars. according to the lawsuit martin paid 1.2 million for a smuggling operation. if convicted, hernandez faces up to 20 years in prison with a minimum sentence of three years. at the time of his arrest this morning hernandez was still active represented players in his company, global sports management remains an arbitration with martin for fees owed. this is a horrible and really terrible disturbing story. there are many great cuban players in major league baseball today. the mets have one of the very best who just got himself a new three-year deal worth $75 million.
10:55 pm
24-year-old -- in the summer of 2012 he signed a seven-year deal worth 42,000,000. some of 2 million. some of these players are making big-time money. not that these two have been smuggled or extorted, but the point here is that is the end game for these human traffickers. small the players out and when they get big contracts charge those players and teams ransom. a few local scores, berkeley devils one-zero. now i want you all to get a load of this. 5-foot 5'" a high school in slamdunk the ball, he slamdunk set over two defenders. so who says you have to be tall to play basketball? he says otherwise, that is what hops.
10:56 pm
i have seen little guys get up but that was impressive. out a show on yosemite national park. >> dari: this is called fire fall phenomenal. it looks like lava flowing over a rock formation but it is an optical illusion. it happens only around this time of year in the park's horse tail falls when it is warm enough to melt the snow. the light from the sunset reflects off of the falling water and creates a glowing effect. rare conditions are just great to see it, any any rain or clouds will ruin the effect. >> steve: i should do a natural park vacation.
10:57 pm
and they are fabulous. >> i should really get on that. >> a lot of optical illusions. >> steve: i can only imagine al. have a great weekend.
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