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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  February 21, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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christina: webster hall more like webster brawl, a popular rapper is attacked by security. i am christina park, antwan lewis has night off, a concert for rapper skate ma lou will i turned into an all out brawl, many of his fans watched the assault play-off, lisa evers with the latest from the east village. reporter: rapper sing are, usually draws a calm crowd, as you see in this music video.
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women started throwing punches at each other, one waving a piece of silver hair piece like a victory flag. >> we were just trying to have fun this just happened, we paid to see a show we got robbed by it. reporter: onstage, fans say his partner was man handled and beaten by security, they made it worse. and she ended up with a concussion. >> it was so scary, i thought i was going to get tased. i was pushed down the stairs by security guards. reporter: venue manage. said there are misreports about what took place, the webster hall staff do not carry tasers and are not armd. >> they made it worse, there are so many different ways they could have dealt with it. reporter: skate said he took
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crowding the stage. he never got to finish the show. this is very unusual for this venue, it holds many concerts, despite what you just saw, the nypd is telling us there was one arrest for someone who arkansas lekedly -- alinkedly purged there are person in the face. christina: new information about the brooklyn shooting that injured two nypd officers yesterday, the test show that bullet that hit one of the officers was fired from the suspect's handgun. he is in critical condition, the two officers remain hospitalized in stable condition. christina: a 23-year-old man from queens is missing after a small plane crashed in to long island sound. 4 people were on that single engine piper from massachusets
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student pilot of the in control when about 11:00 the plane had engine trouble, the student turned controls over to the instructor who landed the aircraft, everyone onboard got out buton only 3 were rescues re. >> they were able to keep two passenger two victim afloat. >> the men were not seriously hurt. christina: police in westchester county are asking public to help them find a missing teen could 17-year-old tatiana was last seen yesterday at her home, she is 5-9, about 135 pounds and has black and burgundy hair. anyone with information please call police.
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win in south carolina. and nevada, donald trump and hillary clinton look to ride that momentum as they push to the presidency, zachary is joining us now. reporter: what a night, in nevada, hillary clinton's campaign picked up momentum in part with the black vote. she and bernie sanders have been competing for. they made loud statements in south carolina last night. despite doubling down on his views of the iraq war. donald trump was victorious. >> we had such an amazing victory yesterday. reporter: there were winners and losers, donald trump with a double digit win in south carolina, and hillary clinton victorious in nevada from democrats. >> we need more than a plan for the big bank, middle class needs a raise. reporter: they used sunday talk show circuit to drum up their victories.
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losing by a lot, i am self funding my campaign, i am not controlled by special interest or donors are lobbyists. reporter: trump won with women, and the evangelicals. trump is predicting a slowdown with clinton, some say that texas senator ted cruz, and florida senator marco rubio would be better in a general election, at-this-point it looks like republican establishment in washington is behind rubio. >> they do not support donald trump that 70% has been divided between 5 to 7 people. as this race continues to narrow it will be easier to coalesce. reporter: cruz is saying, hey, i won in iowa.
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trump. reporter: for the democrats hillary clinton said this morning there is work still to be done, a lot hinges on under earning the trust of voters. >> i don't think we're a single issue country, i am not a single issue candidate, i want to knock down all of the barriers that are holding people back. reporter: it will be interesting to see what direct the voters turn as republican field narrows down, last night jeb bush did drop out of the race. christina: interesting thank you. police in kalamazoo, michigan are trying to figure out why a 45-year-old man with no criminal record killed 6 people during a shooting spree yesterday. they say jason dalton seemed to choose his victim at random, he drove around and opened fire outside of an apartment, a car dealership, and a restaurant. he was arrested after a massive
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confirms that he was one of their drivers. but she declined to say whether or not he was working last night. >> our heart goes out to the families of those individuals, who were just out enjoy their life. it was interrupted fatally by this individual. christina: two other victims, including a 14-year-old girl were seriously wounded, the suspect faces multiple counts of first-degree murder in court tomorrow. christina: a series of suicide bombings have killed more than 140 people in rural torn syria, isis said it is responsible for two car bombs in the city, and 4 blasts in capital syrian tv showed footage of damage shop fronts, charred vehicles and debris. today's attacks were one day after the syrian government claimed advances in isis controlled areas.
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cosby's wife filed an emergency motion to delay her deposition in the defamation lawsuit brought against her husband by 7 women who say he sexually assaulted them decades ago. she has had no involvement with the facts oralgations, and argues that a public testimony would create a unnecessary media circus. christina: sexual assault results of new yorkolleges ha spiked under new policies, inw y sinceed new pcies, the number of schools under federal investigatn fo handles of sexual violence increased from 4 to 25. at the statement university. albany, the number of alenned arca -- alleged victims seeking help
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>> we should be doing is holding people, a acountible, we take isrime seriously. make sure that law enforcement is involved from the beginning. >> for years critics argue that many u.s. colleges hid assault crimes behind federal privacy laws to protect their grants. christina: the county government this owns iphone at heart of legal battle, paid for but never installed a feature that would have allowed fbi to unlock the phone. it the technology had been installed, officials would have been able to remotely unlock the iphone for fbi without a court battle, fbi waso examine the phone as part of investigation into one of terrorists in san bernardino shooting in california. >> a lot more to tell you about, an australia man lucky to be alive following a near miss with a train.
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>> and the new york city is home to many different dog breeds, i'll tell you when is the most popular. >> and a hair raise -- you will never believe how much a lock of hair from beatle legend john lennon goes for. audrey: i will let you know if cold will be here for morning commute. duke: coming up from tampa, "sports extra" presented by toyota, we're live in tampa
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from the yankee manager, and christina: a man in melbourne, australia, is lucky to be alive after make a very bad decision, you see him jumping to train tracks trying to get to other side, just as he gets there another train pulls into the station, he nearly avoids being struck, officials release video to show people how dangerous it is to cross the tracks. christina: there are a lot of dawes in the the -- dogs in the city, which is most popular, the french bulldog took number one spot for a second year in a row, the english bulldog came in second.
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christina: a lock of john lennon's hair sold for $35,000, at an auction in dallas, it belonged to a barber in germany who gave lennon a trim when he was about to star in the comedy film, how i won the war in 1966. lennon's lock was purchased by british collector of beatle's memorabilia. christina: many people are still without power in fiji due to a cyclone that hit the pacific island chain. authorities urge people to remain indoors as they clear fallen trees, power lines and vital roads. >> i have offered australia's support, and we have in place, prepositioned supplies, that are
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the adfto send a p-3 oorion to care out surveillance. reporter: they are trying to get actos to hardest hit areas. >> all right time for a check of our forecast, it has been a beautiful weekend, audrey, how about e workweek in. audrey: temperatures were above average, saturday, and sunday. our high number in central park to 55. we hit that number this afternoon, just after 3:00. so far low temperature 47 is recorded at 10:00 this evening, numbers will drop overnight, highs above average all across the region, right now we are to 40s across long island, bridgeport and hudson valley,
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spot right now. else where, colder air is just off to the northwest, this is where we find temperature drops about 20 degrees from this time last night in places like buffalo, pittsburgh and albany, readings in 30s at the moment, that colder air mass will work to the region. tomorrow we're back to normal with average highs. we have been dealing with rain that came in since about 5:00, this afternoon, coming down pretty good across long island at the moment, pockets of heavy rain fallin kateed by the -- fall, indicated by the shades of yellow and orange, from west to east. we are anticipating heavy rain fall to montauk and to coastal connecticut we get a good clip. in new york city we get steady rain fall, now it seems to becoming to act end across
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we'll see things improving, and tomorrow morning we should start off with a dryer day. there is an area of low pressure that is sits to the south. it is moving just southeast of us. that is what is producing rain across the area, it will be exists through overnight hours, and then we should stay quiet for the week, our next weather focus will be an area of low pressure that is developing across southern states right now around texas to louisiana, this will makes it way eastward, that will intensify, and right now we anticipate it to be a major rainmaker for us, there could be wet snow mixed in at higher elevations, but this will be mainly a rain event, temperatures will remain above treeing mark -- freezing mark, rain tonight, exits out. and tomorrow wake up with sun shine. that will stick with us for the afternoon, temperatures close to average, mostly in 40s
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start with clouds, that will thicken as that area of low pressure makes its approach to the region, rain over portion zs of central and southern new jersey. then northward, as it gets colder air, i anticipate maybe wet snow mixed in most of us will stay with rain, tuesday to wednesday, wednesday will be a washout. we're anticipating heavy rains at home, that could result in some flooding. tomorrow, we'll have sunshine, with temperatures colder than over weekend. but average for this time of year, mostly in 40s, staying in 40s tuesday, rain and snow mixed in. wednesday, a washout, we are anticipating heavy rain at times that lingers to early thursday, middle part of week will be a rape out, temperatures, will -- a rain out, temperatures above average with highs in 50s,
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not snow in the area, next weekend sunshine but chilly, highs in upper 30s. >> all right, nice while it lasted, talk about ice water in your vein, some russian swimmers did not check the crazy idea of playing shes chess in icy water, the water was 41 degrees, air temperature in 20s, players say it helps their concentration. >> presidential candidates like have you never seen before. coming up how the prop crop of democratic and republican
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how sweet it is to beloved by you christina: wow could bring it to simpsons to bring the candidates together. singing along to james taylor's how sweet it is, a dream sequence, to see the full video log on to our web site >> history of the made today in the 38th running of daytona 500, the winner came down to a photo finish.
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look at that. yep, danny ham hamlin just edged out truex just by .01 second. incredible, duke castiglione is live in tampa, at yankee spring training with "sports extra." duke: hello, yes, we're here in tampa, covering yankees on "sports extra" present by toyota we hear from joe girardi, and ccsabathia, and we hear from steven mattes, i went one-on-one with st. john's head coach, we have that more at 10:30 on "sports extra" present by toyota. christina: thank you, duke, we'll be right back, but first a look at what you need to know about tomorrow's commute. >> i am ines rosales with the
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construct going on this week
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christina: audrey has a final look at forecast. audrey: a wet evening turning into a dryer week, tomorrow, temperatures in 40, then tuesday night, we are watching for a precipitation maker to come in. i think mainly rain. we could see wet snow mixed in the higher elevations of northwest new jersey, but on wednesday, a soaking rain heavy at times flooding could be an issue. christina: thank you, audrey, that is our tonight, i am christina park with audrey puente, thank you for watching, wake up with "good day new york"
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call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. duke: hello and welcome to tampa, florida, i am duke castiglione, it is great to have you with us, a lot of baseball to get to. i am in tampa covering the yankees, have been since saturday morning, before that, i was with the mets for 3 days, because we're in tampa let's get you caught up on what is going on here. the new hill that sits on practice field. they call it mount krause in honor of matt krause, the yank's strength and conditions coach, to get players in best shape potential for 2016 campaign.


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