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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: the right. how are we feeling. tuesday. february 23. i am rosanna scotto. sleet. it may even snow a little. mike has the details. rosanna: the police commissioner said the media is making this up. it is not true. greg: it is real. there are numbers to prove it. take a look at this really nasty video. a hard-working deliveryman being arrested -- being attacked by some punk. rosanna: the people in the
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bad guy. rallies will be held in front of apple stores around the country today. the rallies are in support of apple with it fight with the fbi. greg: a new version of donald trump. take a look at this, please. >> we have no border. we have no control. we need to build a wall. it has to be built quickly. rosanna: this is funny. greg: a guy in australia put this together. we will show you more in a little bit. donald trump said he would like to punch someone in the face yesterday. are you ready for the ultimate ride of your life? rosanna: this is where we are going today?
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this for a while. we always wondered what it would be like to be on a private jet. we are going to get that experience today. we're going to wear fancy clothes. rosanna: where are we going? rosanna: greg: cayman islands. we will go for a quick trip. you could check your finances. [laughter] we spoke to people that do this all the time. rosanna: kuwait go to cuba? being in the plane will be the tough part. rosanna: mike, how is the
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mike: it was not the best looking of days. the private jets are bit smaller. it is not a major storm. they have all kinds of equipment on board. skilled pilot. caviar and champagne. rosanna: what? greg: rosanna, i am telling you. you are going to be treated well. rosanna: i am happy to be hanging out with greg's friends for a change. greg: we have been asking and begging for a long time. mike: i think you can get to cuba in that time. weatherwise, it yeah, we definitely have some weather coming to town. it does not look like a major storm. let's take a look at what is
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we have a winter weather advisory going into effect. specifically the purple shaded areas. the winter weather advisory until 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. even there, you'll only see minor ice and snow accumulations coming up. franchise creeping towards us here in the tri-state did late this morning, early tomorrow around the tri-state. there will be some snow in the mix out there, too. just above freezing out at central park. a cloudy sky. wind coming in from the northeast. our temperatures are in the minimum range to get that went to remix.
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could and will be happening. this is the first day of low pressure. that one right there is the one coming through. that will bring us a good bit of rain at that time. it does stay cooler to the north and west. it is all written for everyone tomorrow. i goes up to 52. i get eight pete out what is happening on the roads and rails. kelly: some problems in the bronx. the bruckner westbound, a slow ride-sheridan.
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state parkway. the 59th street bridge. one of the vehicles involving the accident. trains wanted to go close. what many of us have worried about. it is getting more dangerous to ride the subway. major felonies in the system skyrocketed last month. the union square subway station. >> reporter: you present them
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subway crime. they say they believe it because they have been seeing it. they have been hearing it is just a one-off. you are still safe. they have not felt that way. the nypd is saying your perception is in fact reality. >> i do feel very safe with the people that travel with me. when i do see crime happening, it is a lot of full list people. >> that nypd says the numbers to show a concerning uptick. there is a 36% uptick in major felony crime reported underground. this past january compared to january 2015. it shows / eggs and stabbings up
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the most recent occurring this weekend. the nypd says two men got out of a car and staff day 26 are old woman in the stomach and that year. then there is this. another slashing on jerome avenue. another customer was slashed in the face. >> they can say what they want, but i don't believe any of it. >> the place we have are targeting any area that we have a problem. when we see an area of concern, we put more focus on it. warfel lease on it. today, it is rolling out columns that two-point oh. a data tool that will be
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now we will be updated in real time and be instantly accessible. the transit committee voted yesterday to do something they have wanted to do for some time. those people who are committing these crimes underground. a list will be made of these offenders. when they are caught for their crimes, they will be banned from using the subway system while their case makes it to the court system. >> several people are hurt. some badly. >> it broke out around 2:00 o'clock this morning. two civilians have been seriously hurt.
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injuries. >> 18 nature attacked a food delivery man in harlem. we have video that was posted to use to. >> they start knocking them down. it gets worse. watch. >> just so you know, people are heard in the background. it really is unbelievable. there was no 911 call about this, by the way. somebody did put it on youtube. it did happen on east seventh or 20th street. greg: we have this.
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five new york city firefighters were trapped in the bronx. it never should have happened. the landlord was illegally subletting space. the jury has awarded the five firefighters and their families $183 million. they became trapped. jumping out the window to avoid the flame. they jumped out the window. firefighter joseph died six
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the liability to the city. >> it should never happen. politics. primary date or caucus day. there. rosanna: he is poised to win this one. the billionaire has a big lead over marco rubio and ted cruz. watch this. >> i would like to punch him in the face. >> he wishes it was like the good old days. he would be proud out on a stretcher. that is how he said he would have preferred it. you want to punch him in the
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>> i think that it was. >> it does not mean that you want to punch someone in the face. >> we have not heard this stuff in a long time. here is robert moses with more on what is happening. when you say that you want to punch someone in the face, does that mean you want to punch someone in the face? >> it means you want to give a little aggressive. >> the audience seemed to like it. >> they are going like this. where are we seeing these people? i have no idea. good to see you both. donald trump says that he is in the fight of his life for this campaign. he is favored to win tonight in
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truck trained. >> it is super quick. very easy. >> in a new video, iphone good trump encourages the fatah caucus goers to support her dad did. >> we need you. get out and caucus. >> trump is widely expected to win tonight. last night he held a rally in las vegas. >> do you know what they used to do to guys like that? >> ted cruz's campaign was thrown into turmoil on the eve of the caucus after she fired
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said there were "not many answers" in the bible. >> we are not a campaign that will question the faith of another candidate did even if it was true. >> i should not have done it. i have apologized to marco rubio. >> the video is the latest in a string of dirty tricks. >> trump tweeted, while. ted cruz falsely said that. more dirty tricks. >> have much of a stranglehold does trump really have on this nomination? it shows that trump beats ojai oh governor john kasich. if you believe in polls, kasich
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own turf. who knows if kasich can even hang in for that long. >> let's stay on this for a second. i would like to punch this guy in the face. somebody will take you up on your wish. somebody will do it for you. i do not know who i am going to vote for. trump promised to make me an ambassador. look at however for the react to it after she said it. somebody will take him up on the crazy things that he said. >> that could be a problem. he vocalizes things that we all say in our regular conversational life. greg: some of us do not take
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conversational life. rosanna: you are such an angel. so on aggressive. >> on a platform, there are a bunch of people out there that may do something that you cannot control. >> he is saying whatever is on his mind. greg: i get that. there are limits. rosanna: is this what you learn from brooklyn? i do not excel. rosanna: let's come to continue the conversation. greg: donald trump on the game of thrones. watch. >> i said temporarily. we have no border.
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we need to build a wall. it has to be filled quickly. >> i do not think that a like me very much. >> the way people look at it when they say this stuff. >> no, no, no. >> this matchup. all right. >> it works. >> all right, mike. what do you think?
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mike: probably. i probably said it over here a few minutes ago. the weather headlines. we have a winter weather advisory going into effect. not four everyone. here is what to expect. kicking off from about mid afternoon on. we could even see some wet flakes from the snow into the city. that whole changeover happens tomorrow winick it's milder. the wind picks up. it will be all rain as your temperatures continue to climb here at just a cloudy sky here right now. only support from out would jury next to the west.
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the showers are not too far behind. this is a heavier precipitation. it will also bring in warmer temperatures. today, yes. you have the risk of that later on. let's bring in kindness right now. see what is going on. >> good morning, mike. bronx. the bruckner has antioxidant. then you have the deed given with two lanes blocked. delays. let's go to our cameras.
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a slashing of a bus boy. a restaurant in greenwich, village. greg: it seemed random. there may have been some reaction. let's see here. they have a man in custody they believed responsible for that attack. twenty-five years old. he was on duty around 8:00 o'clock. wearing orthodontic retainer. wanted donations for a basketball team. he came back and then he struck with a knife. >> batman has been put under arrest this morning. we have more questions than answers and not have late shooting rampage and kalamazoo, michigan. charged with six counts of murder.
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sentence. coming down six people on saturday. prosecutors say he even drove fares around. receiving complaints about erotic driving. would not say whether it contacted him. they did get that information that he was striving a radically. he still was on the roads. six victims of. to be random. greg: real click here. feel field university. a ghetto party was held by students. brown makeup. that kind of thing. it looked kind of like a hate filled party. the president is really upset by all of this. the theme of the reported hardee's perpetuated racial
7:26 am
in our communities. >> others think that this is all a big misunderstanding. >> if you look at famous celebrities, kevin fetter lined, wearing a chain. maybe a rosary around his neck. it is not necessarily a socioeconomic thing. i think that it is style. >> the university administration is working with students and officers to investigate this incident. still in the preliminary stage. it is not clear what disciplinary actions students that the party will face. rosanna: what is happening? i will be happy. will there be something to drink on board? >> we are going on a private
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and a pilot and a flight attendant. there are only three seats on the plane. it is not a 747, rosanna. rosanna: all right.
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greg: what else? rosanna: did you think that it was that cold this morning? >> did you see the moon last night, by the way? i was driving down the street. the fdr, actually. i turned my head all the way around. >> the exorcist. i saw this huge moon just over the horizon. did you start howling? greg: it was almost like magnetic. i do not know if it was a superb build did what do you think? >> bike would know if it was a super moon. greg: i just looked at it. did you get romantic with
7:31 am
you tried that old trick, too? >> was it a super moon last night? >> it is just a perspective. that is why it appears to be bigger. you realize how big it is. mike: it is almost like it is a monday. tuesday. not much better. the clouds are starting to make we have the windshield weather advisories going up. 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. tri-state. advisories.
7:32 am
we do not expected to accumulate. we do see some showers. this is rain firing up over the southern actions of new jersey. there is some mixing happening up there. that will start to come to us in the tri-state region. i think a lot of us are starting to get wet. 28 degrees in poughkeepsie. some places are looking at temperatures that are below freezing. it is the cold rain that we have to deal with, or the wintry mix. this is the first area of low pressure passing by. it is already increasing the clouds are building the showers down. this is around one. that is around two. you can see it on the futurecast. it actually brings a pretty good poppo snow.
7:33 am
for a short while. it changes over to all rain fall. it will be heavy at times. wednesday, two. high-temperature and the city gets up to about 40. the wet weather continues for about another day and a half. let's bring in kindness. let's see what she has. >> make the morning commute a lot easier. traffic moving slow. there is an accident. the bruckner, well, we still have to lace. you are left with that traffic jam. causing some rubbernecking
7:34 am
a look at your commute. eastbound side looks good. westbound side, the coast is clear. everything is running on or close to schedule. greg: the fbi would really like to get into that apple iphone of the dead san bernardino terrorist. apple says no. there will be nationwide demonstrations supporting apple today. >> one of the demonstrations will take place. what is going on? >> pretty quiet here right now. that will change. protesters are expected to start gathering here. they are actually in favor of apple. the group organizing is called sites for the future. they think the tech elegy giant
7:35 am
refusing to unlock the san bernardino terrorist iphone. investigators believe there may be important leads and evidence inside of that device. apple ceo tim cook says this case is about more than one single phone. the data security is at stake for hundreds of millions of law abiding people. a new poll is shedding some light on this. they said 51% of americans think that apple should cooperate with the federal court order. just last week, the manhattan district attorney said, not being able to access the suspects falcon really hold up in court. >> despite having a court order, we cannot access of this
7:36 am
elegy. this has become, ladies and gentlemen, the wild west and technology. apple and google are their own sheriffs. there are no rules. >> the life that you can see. another woman saying, they are ready have this information. they are trying to steal more of our freedom. apple is doing the right thing. showing up properly around 5:00 o'clock tonight. letting their thoughts. on this issue. couple, silicon valley. los angeles and the fbi
7:37 am
greg: however, i did hear that basically if apple does this, if they helped the fbi, it is like giving a master key to the fbi. they no duplicates will be paid. somebody who does not know her. >> i am curious to know. a lot of people tweeting me this morning. they do not trust the government with this information. >> who knows. something that they want to do. >> they are both dead. we know what they did. why can't they have access to that information. once you open up pandora's box, you have a problem. cornell university.
7:38 am
could use, could shoot up heroin legally. >> yes. it is set up to provide injection sites. >> they would be a will to shoot up with the care of a nurse or physician without getting arrested. greg: it is done in other parts of the world. switzerland, in fact. rosanna: they do it and they claim they have a very low incidence of drug abuse and problems associated with drug abuse. crime. that is why right now we are in aravind. greg: a lot of folks do not like this idea. including this physician. >> showing people how to shoot heroine correctly gives a mixed message. alternately, i am against that. let's hope people on methadone. let's use other alternatives. greg: methadone clinics have
7:39 am
rosanna: right now, the numbers are up. young people doing heroine and opioids is. good community, bad community. upstate. in her community. it does not matter. it is affecting everybody. a state of crisis. enable him to proceed with creating injection sites. greg: all right, folks. let's see what happens there. tasha had a couple great songs a few years ago. she is in a battle with her former company. rosanna: denying any claim that he sexually assaulted her. in a series of tweets he says that it is a shame that there is so much speculation out there. pesce is trying to get out of a
7:40 am
back, if you know, she was abused by doctor luke. a judge ruled on friday against releasing her from her record contract. the judge has not weighed in on whether, you know, there was some kind of abuse taking place there. as you heard yesterday, taylor swift gave her $250,000 to fight that. demi lovato came out and said i do not have the money, but i am talking about the problem. she was criticizing taylor for giving money, but not talking about it. greg: you go online, you go to the newspaper, half of all the stories are twitter wars. what do we have there? just outside the plaza hotel. that is a beautiful gold statue. show us the plaza. there it is.
7:41 am
what do you do? say hi to our friend.
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>> see this, richard branson. a owner of virgin airlines. his new spaceplane is giving closer and closer to taking passengers into low orbit. they unveiled the new spaceplane. they are working on the kinks. rosanna: it is pretty much ready to go. they have some testing. they have not said when they would start taking which people into space, you have to be rich. rosanna: about $250,000. greg: real-life. richard ranson.
7:45 am
jet, by the way. people have already signed up for this flight. rosanna: i wonder if they are turning a prophet already? rosanna: stephen hawkins has already started training for this. greg: he is in a weightless environment. he can float around a little bit. rosanna: i was -- greg: i was talking to this girl. do me a favor, can you give me a diet coke. i come back and she is talking to him. i am done here. rosanna: she got rid of you. it is better than her saying i want to punch you in the face, can you leave. that was subtle. do me a favor, give me a diet coke.
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greg: story of my life. rosanna: , on. he does alright. mike: good. let show you what is happening out there. we have some wet weather to deal with. we have the snow and ice also trying to make its way to the tri-state. it is rain coming through south jersey so far. you can see where the temperatures are cold enough. 32 degrees. forty-seven for you in sussex. when you have the moisture coming up against that, you could get a wintry mix. that will be happening for the northern and western tier. wind coming in from the northeast. it is only going to hold tight what will happen is that precipitation field works at suede up.
7:47 am
tomorrow as a couple of the storms work the tri-state region. tomorrow, you will make it up to 52 for hype. much warmer. a little more rain left over for you on thursday at. by the weekend it is drying out. the fox5 weather app has a live interactive radar. downloaded off the itunes store in google play store. it is free. it comes in handy. we have some birthday shout outs. the leak. also to this guy. eleven years old today. happy birthday. all right. let's bring in ines and see what we have. >> reporter: good morning. we have some problems. at least it is nice and dry up there. there is an accident blocking a lane. let's go to our cameras and take
7:48 am
this is all traffic heading into queens. center lane midspan. it is affecting your commute heading into manhattan. upper-level, 40 minutes. lincoln, 495. heading inbound. holland tunnel, 10-15 minute delay. greg and rosanna. i like that. now i know how to get rid of somebody. greg: any time. if you ever want to get rid of some dude. cu, ines. rosanna: lutz talks ports. duke is down in tampa. >> he is actually on vacation now. you are stuck with me if you days now. greg: welcome. we will see you guys the next few weeks. we will start here in new york. >> taking on the toronto raptors
7:49 am
before the game, mix signed. he would not get into the game until much later. second quarter here. coming in with a big jam. toronto turns it on. raptors all-star point guard. twenty-two points. eleven rebounds. eleven assists. pointer. this game was already a wash. the knicks was to toronto by 27 points. 122-95 was the final. the jets release. he was first with the jets from 2010-2013. debby played a year in arizona. last year they signed him to a
7:50 am
they just release them. $8 million. they could resign him to a cheaper deal. both sides would have to agree. to spring training now and port st. lucie. jacob degraw. he is not sure when he heard it. he thinks it may have been when he slipped during a running drill this weekend. he said he will be back out there this morning. the manager said he will give them a couple days to kill that one off. the mets did not seem too concerned about it. over in tampa. picture getting closer. he is coming off of elbow surgery. he reported no issues. >> i just have to go. take it day by day. my body is showing really good
7:51 am
just take it day by day and move forward. >> is project it to be on time. considered minor. the timeframe certainly is well within reason that he will be healthy and ready to go when the season starts. >> check out this yankees prospect aaron judge. greg: cannot tell from here. looks like a linebacker. he is trying to make the big-league team. he is an outfielder. talking earlier about to knock up. here he talks about judge in the chances of the major league lineup. >> using an exciting young talent. great leadership. he has dominated in every level so far in the minor league. >> he goes on to say that he
7:52 am
time. greg: that is where our team is. >> you just have to see more of that major league level pitch. he is expected to being eight really big that to the yankees lineup and that is what they need. rosanna: nice to see you. we appreciate it. greg: what do we got? rosanna: it is the calm before
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greg: welcome back. have you heard this song? greg: at pump it up. >> the song popped the billboards on monday making it her fourth number one hit. nice voice.
7:56 am
this record, she has now passed michael jackson, madonna. you would like that part. it does feature greg. thinking his ex- flame for his progress. >> congratulations. actually at the rainbow room a couple days ago. rosanna: you are right. greg: they do private parties. he must have gotten mega- megabucks. she is the daughter of real estate.
7:57 am
my way. summer 16. >> i think that my uncle came. did a magic trick. rosanna: mine, too. greg: real quick. radio city music hall. we will have details in a moment. rosanna: jimmy rivera.
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>> from fox 5 news. this is "good day new york." >> hello there. it is tuesday. welcome to "good day new york." i'm greg kelly. >> i'm rosanna scotto. so nice to have you with us today. we're looking very cloudy, chilly day. going to be a wintry mess out there, greg. >> yesterday was pretty nice. but yeah, back to winter. also this we have crime in the subways. crime is up in the subways. not a figment of our imagination, it is really, really happening. crime is significantly up what are they going to do about it? we'll have more in a moment. >> caucus day in nevada. donald trump is betting on victory. marco rubio and ted cruz are hoping to pick up momentum going into super tuesday. >> our apple iphones, which we love, however apple is not cooperating with the fbi in the san bernardino case.
8:01 am
the iphone but apple could make it happen, they won't. why not? >> we talked about the paleo diet. a lot of people use it and on it lost a lot of weight. >> your son. >> my son. he kept it off. >> i tried. has not worked for me. >> there the newest information on the diet that you actually gain weight afterwards. i don't know. i know people who kept it off. who knows. we'll listen to what the doctors have to say. >> paleo diet, eat what cavemen eat. they did not have access to doritos and processed. they had meat and fright and plants. >> right. >> details from the pail lee diet. we will go big time ride in a jet. what is it like to ride in one of these things.
8:02 am
>> g-6. what do you wear on a private plane. what is the etiquette. >> i think you get dressed up. >> where whatever you want. >> i'm on jetblue i'm wearing sweats. this thing i have a feeling you have to dress up for. >> i think you have to bring you "a" game. >> thank you for flexjet setting this thing up. what is it like if we've never done it. we'll get a taste of it a little later today. >> mike, it will be okay for flying this morning, right? >> it is going to be okay. it will be all right. >> what time us did the bad weather come in. >> not that bad this particular storm. if you were going out tomorrow it would be a little bit iffy. today is pretty good shape a little bit of light stuff. it will slow things down later this afternoon in terms of out there on the roadways. this is minor storm compared to what is coming by. show you what is happening out there. winter weather advisory going
8:03 am
long island. purple shaded counties north and west of the city where you have the winter weather advisory. that doesn't go into effect until 4:00 this afternoon. that is startup time of minor snow and ice accumulations. there it is. you could sigh a coating of snow and ice out there. that is happening until early tomorrow morning. things get better after that. what to expect? that wintery mix will develop by about noon with slippery spots northwest of the city. we expect a coating of snow and ice northwest of the city. changes over to terrain. the ice and snow accumulation you will see will go away. highs tomorrow will be getting back up into the 50s for just about everyone. will not stay that wintery for that long. we have rain coming into south jersey. it is edging up to the north. it is all rainfall so far. some know over pennsylvania. there will be mix happening for
8:04 am
only some of us. 39 at central park. it is included did i. we have enough cold air to support. cloudy. you can see the rain coming in our direction. i'm thinking about noon, yep, it's here. 52 tomorrow flight. it is quite wet and windy both wednesday and thursday then it's out taher. bring back ines. good morning. >> jammed eastbound from the guarden state parkway. there is accident blocking a lane here. long island commute not bad. actually normal delays on the lie and problem on southern wood avenue. there is the stall slowing everyone down. second heavy, that is gridlock. traffic heading towards queens, coming to manhattan backed up in both directions. backing up on 2nd.
8:05 am
59th street bridge level. accident has been out there for an hour. one lane getting through queens bound. that is backing up second avenue and causing delays on the manhattan side of the bridge. hov lanes are fine. if you take outer roadway you will encounter delays. trains are running on or close. greg and rosanna. >> thank you. >> thank you. now we're getting new information right now. it confirms many of us have kind of felt, you know. taking subway. it is getting more dangerous to ride the subway. >> after say months of denials, months of all in your head, months of maybe your fault because you're falling asleep. >> what about the media? it is media's fault talking about it, making it happen. >> it is for real. crime is up on the subways. what will they do about it? teresa priolo in union square. hi, there, teresa.
8:06 am
people scratching their heads saying i don't feel that safe riding subway. we're looking at crime data, the crime data is showing they are up, not by a little bit, but by a lot. in this case perception happens to be reality. >> i feel fairly safe because a lot of people traveling with me. there is lot of homeless. problem. >> reporter: if you're one of the many new yorkers fearful of getting slashed or stabbed above-ground or below, nypd show there is concerning uptick. according to nypd crime data there is 36 felony up tick reported underground this pastian january compared to january 2015. above-ground, data show slashings and stabbings are up. 20% over last year, citywide. the most recent occurring this weekend. surveillance video showing this
8:07 am
bronx where nypd said two men got out of the car and stabbed a 26-year-old woman in the stomach and ear. another slashing on jerome avenue on a food truck where a customer was slashed in the face. >> when bloomberg left can say anything he wants. i don't like believe it. >> i feel safe. >> police are targeting any area where we have a problem. that is the the bottom line this is what come stat is all about. --com stat. when we see area of concern we put more police and focus on. >> reporter: city is adding 2,000 beat stops and rolling outcome stat 2.0, a data tool available to all beat cops. it will show where crimes are occurring and where their resources are needed. this kind of information is currently only available on weekly basis. now it will be updated in real
8:08 am
now an update to bring you on a story that had a lot of people concerned. you recall last wednesday night a busboy at silver spurs diner in greenwich village slashed across his face when he tried to show a panhandler out of the restaurant who was bothers patrons. according to nypd they have a person in custody and charges are pending. greg and rosanna, that busboy needed 120 stitches. he vowed to be back at work. we don't know if he is. responsible. we don't know if it was teenager or if it was speculation. we don't know if the turned himself in with all the police coverage or police got him. that is the latest from nypd. thank you. >> teresa priolo thank you. >> a man rape ad woman on staten island. >> this is pictures of maurice scott. they believe he walked into an
8:09 am
in the mariner's harbor sex on friday and rape ad 44-year-old woman and robbed her of cash. police have this man in custody. "the color purple," first it was a book, then it was a movie and now it is on broadway. the star of the show is apparently talked by her ex-boyfriend. >> she has been -- saying that her ex-boyfriend was stalking her. stars as nettie. police say her ex, was found outside the theater in mid town. it was tucked away in his jacket. he threatened her on facebook and text messages somebody is going to die and pay for security. he has been charged with aggravated harrassment and criminal possession of a weapon. >> look at a couple of kids, hassling a hard-working delivery
8:10 am
he comes into the building. gets his bags knocked down and gets worse from here. watch. [shouting] >> oh. >> that part really bothers me. >> i know. actually took place. we know it happened. they put this on youtube. >> watch the delivery guy fighting back. >> this is terrible. you can hear in the background people cheering him on. 120th street. police are looking for those involved. >> by the way nobody called 911. >> well, we have this. the second avenue subway looks like maybe, could be, opening in 2016, which is this year. >> this is possibility. but they need a few more dollars, like a few milly to make it happen. $66 million in order to speed up work on second avenue subway.
8:11 am
around the clock to get it done. >> that would be nice. 6 million sounds like a lot. building a new railroad, that is not that much money. goal to get first section over by end of the year. includes new stations at 96th and 72ed in street. built by separate contracts. >> it is your neighborhood. once it is done you would have to walk all the way over to lexington avenue. it will be fantastic. >> the line will join the existing washington avenue, 63rd street station. additional money coming from agency's contingency find for the project. that is fund has only $50 million for anymore unforeseen issues pop up. >> it is about time. they have been talking about this stretch of train tracks since robert most's grandfather was head of parks department. >> robert moses. >> he is not related to the robert moses. >> has nothing to do with robert moses. >> robert moses, new york's master planner.
8:12 am
robert moses at all. >> reporter: no relation but i read the book. >> you actually read the thing? >> reporter: most of it. >> you did some roofs or whatever, not distantly related? >> reporter: not that i am aware of. that book is one of the best pieces of non-fiction that has ever written. >> it is cumbersome but i love it. there are rich stuff. politics, donald trump versus ted cruz and rest of the republicans today in nevada. >> big caucus in nevada. right now the billionaire has big lied over marco rubio and ted cruz. they're hoping that changes. >> donald trump said he wishes he could pinch somebody in the face. robert moses, your turn. welcome back. still no relation to robert -- moses the master builder. >> reporter: trump is expecting to win tonight.
8:13 am
trying to build themselves as alternatives to trump but not really working. >> very quick. secret pool lot. check the box next to the name, donald j. trump. >> in a new video ivanka trump encourages nevada support e voters to support her a dad. >> we need you nevada. get out and caucus and let's make america great again. >> reporter: last night he held a rally in las vegas. disruptive protester had to be is courted out. got trumped fired up. >> you know what they used to do with guys like that and place like this, they would be carried out on stretcher. would like to punch him in the face i tell you. >> reporter: ted cruz campaign was thrown into turmoil on eve of caucuses after he fired his tyler. he tweet ad video of cruz speaking with a staffer in the
8:14 am
subtitles claimed that there was quote, not many answers in the bible when rubio actually said the bible are you'll have all the answer. >> we he are not a campaign questioning faith of another candidate. even if it was true our campaign should not have sent it. >> reporter: tyler admits he erred. >> i posted it in haste. i apologized to marco rubio. >> reporter: cruz's opponents including rubio pounced saying the video is latest in string of dirty tricks. >> disturbing pattern of deceptive campaigns and flat-out just lying. >> reporter: trump tweeted wow. ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mocked the bible and was forced to file his communications director. more dirty tricks. i want you take a look at this new quinnepiac university poll came out this morning. shows trump beating ohio governor john kasich among ohio voters in ohio. why do we care about ohio.
8:15 am
if he can't win there, where can anyone else win if trump is beating everyone there? that is the question. will kasich last until the ohio primary on the 15th. who knows. democrats vote in the south carl line saturday. >> donald trump has been on the show many times. we get a huge kick. he has serious ideas. go to the videotape. if he says i like to punch somebody in the face and somebody punches somebody in the face for him at a rally, that could really put him in trouble. you can't be seen inciting or in any way encouraging -- you want to beat up on isis, great!. you're on your side, but start talking about somebody in the audience punch them in the face, taken out of here on a stretcher. that is going too far, rosanna. lucky nobody was hurt. if that does happen -- it could happen. >> i don't know what is going on in donald trump's mind but some people use it as figuratively. they don't mean to go literally go punch somebody. >> that's the thing. i'm sure he was but people in
8:16 am
they were up applauding said take this guy out on stretcher. >> he is talking like everybody else talk. >> there is more to is appeal you know being blunt and saying kind of outrage just things. there is the wall. there simi graduation. protectionism. there is a lot of things people like about his message, not just the manner, the manner and antics, you know what i mean? >> all right. >> all right. we're going -- >> i don't want to debate with you. >> i understand. i understand. we know donald trump is sometimes watching. we don't want to -- or do we? >> can we wish malik michael a very happy 14th birthday. he is watching with his mom, dad, little brother. >> getting back to what we were saying about donald trump. let's do it. let's do it. no. mike, your turn. >> want to start with that guy? >> we'll start with her. put it off for now. >> she is not having it. >> i'm not doing it. >> smart. let's show you what we have up there.
8:17 am
winter weather advisory to the northwest of the city. even here we get a few wet flakes of snow. wintry mix turns over to rain for you today. today later tonight, will be slippery especially to the northwest. making transition from the wintry mix to rainfall. it is all rainfall by the time we get to tomorrow morning for pretty much everyone. north of the city slick spots are developing. evening commute could be a little messy for us and later tonight. 41 out at newark. 29 in sussex. only a few spots looking at temps freezing or below. here in the city that is not the case. northeast winds coming through at seven to 14 miles per hour. they are pulling in cold air and everything is working its way in primarily with rain and frozen precip out there, not a whole lot but not adding up to a heck
8:18 am
you see a little bit of mix coming into pennsylvania. this is the first day of low pressure which is going by. on the futurecast it is saying even at times later on this evening around 5:00, 6:00, that snow or at least the rain-snow mix might come down in moderate rate for you there in fairfield county during the evening commute. if that is indeed the case quite a few slick spots for the northern tier especially for the tri-state region. most of the tri-state region will see more rainfall if anything. that is round one. round two with more solid batch of showers which will be heavier at times and windy and warm at the same time. that is more wet weather as opposed to white, the frozen stuff will be done by tomorrow morning for everyone. even what we get here today doesn't look like it will be much. if you get anything in the city. up to high of 40 degrees. if you get the snowflakes, they will melt on contact. no big deal. 52 for you on thursday. then it is done. weekend looks dry. cooler as well.
8:19 am
interactive raid star you can take down to your street level or your neighbors place. be nosey. >> why not. don't be nosey. >> want to see what is going on. what if i'm going over there later on? >> all right, mike. talk about the commute at staten island. expressway enormous slowdown approaching verrazano bridge. gowanus towards b.q.e., always a slow ride. for those in the bronx, that is different story. traffic jam bronx parkway and earlier ask and normal delay. and deegan normal delays on the southbound side. heading towards yankee stadium. there was earlier accident by grand concourse blocking two lanes, 138th street which affected the commute on bruckner westbound. road. everyone heeding to work.
8:20 am
no problems eastbound driving into the city. normal, 45 to 50. nothing out of the ordinary. gwb, 40 minutes on upper level, 30 on the lower. holland tunnel, 15, 20, from each approach. greg, rosanna. >> cool, thank you. >> we're excited nick cannon is coming back here. we love him. you know him as the host of "america's got talent." he is so talented. >> used to hang out with stern. >> right. >> howard stern. >> has a big youth empowerment event going on in our the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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>> that is not that big debt clock. that is just a regular clock. >> oh, that's right. 8:23, right. >> all those other numbers, you need basically wikipedia to evaluate this thing. >> right, 8:23. >> numbers in the middle. it was like an art project that stuck.
8:24 am
that is out in union square. >> fox means business. >> lauren simonetti. >> thank you so much. i did not know that about that clock. i always wondered what that was. >> it is the time. >> thank you. >> here to inform. >> yes you are. i got the news about the starbucks and loyalty program. it is changing might not like it. a lot of people are mad and taking grievances out on social media. starbucks says every time you get a star. you get enough stars, 30 of them you get free stuff, "goldmember." most people like that. some people say i don't get cheap, i get the fancy stuff, whatever. we should get more stuff because we're spending more money. fine, you get two stars for everyone dollar that you spend. then you accumulate 300 stars which will cost you about $15
8:25 am
when you get the free stuff. like airlines, rewarding how much you spend rather than how many times you fly. >> when i buy coffee no reward program. a buck 85. >> war is that from? >> it is about that. ordinary cup and it is terrific. >> america's wrap, right? >> america's burgers and wraps on third avenue between 67 and 68th. >> by the way he has four cars during the show. >> that explains it. rosanna, how do you deal. >> poor rosanna, how do you cope with me? thanks, lauren. >> very easily. thanks, lauren. >> bye, guys. david: >> did you hear about master card by the way? rolling out new feature lets you pay for stuff with selfie >> okay. >> mobile app. uses facial recognition to verify identity. you look at your phone and blink once. the blink prevents thieves from
8:26 am
attempt to fool it. so you have to blink. mastercard say facial and fingerprint scans are safer than typed passwords. >> i like the fingerprint thing. use it in my iphone. this works great. >> could be coming to your phone this summer. all right. coming up, remember carl, jr.'s commercial from 2014. >> charlotte mckinney. >> 2015. she was a big hit. anyway she is off toking per and better things. she was in dancing with the stars. >> yeah. >> was in guess? jeans commercial. >> named international woman of
8:27 am
>> can see her in after trying brookside chocolate, people talk about it online. love at first taste. i would liquefy it and bathe in it. curse you, brookside! your nefarious plans have succeeded. nefarious? are we still talking about chocolate? brookside.
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8:29 am
>> rosanna's favorite building in all of new york, the crown building, i believe. >> isn't that a pretty building? >> that is interesting. you're the one that turned me on
8:30 am
i never really noticed it looks old-fashioned quaint and new york. >> what do you think of the old music? is that like high school prom time? >> i like this song. >> ambrosia. reduced to it over the weekend. the new show by judd apatow called love. >> where do i see it? >> on netflix or amazon. one of those binge arrangements. got through first episode. signs of hope. not really sold. but ended episode with this song which was really nice. >> i'm caught up on billionaires. >> billions. >> one of the people coming on this week. i need to be caught up on billions. it is juicy. good show. and now i need to watch "the good wife" tonight because apparently "the good wife" is very happy. she's very happy. >> okay.
8:31 am
love in her life. >> here's the thing, just because you can binge watch it doesn't mean it's a good show. keep that in mind. we're finding out some tv shows that they released in one fell swoop, they're not all that hot. >> that is true. binging you will know whether it is good or not. hi, everybody, what's going on? morning. we're getting ready for a wintry mess out there. you and i are getting ready to take off. >> we're going on a private jet somewhere. somewhere warm. >> we're getting caviar and plane. >> i thought you were going to take me to cuba. >> what else, mikeky. >> we should look for he willian gonzalez. >> he is married, 25 years old with his own family and kids.
8:32 am
closet and officers coming and grabbing him. >> 20 something years. >> by the way you want to add anything to the snow moon we had last night? >> the snow moon. i did see that online. this is something i found out about the snow moon. that is term i hadn't heard of at least not in long time. i wondered if it holds water. you know literally every full moon has own name. turtle moon. dog moon. everything that has a moon has a name. >> something like you should school. >> good to know. okay. >> bottom line. doesn't really matter. full moon. >> it was a full moon, that is the bottom line. >> anyaway, here is what we have out there today. looks like we have a storm on our hands. two of them are coming this way over next couple days. i feel a little tickle in my throats. ines get ready. i can feel it. maybe i can get through it. maybe i can't. we're about to find out. winter weather advisory going up for you are from 4:00 this
8:33 am
morning. there is purple-shaded counties have rick of coating of snow and ice. should not be a big deal but we do have a little bit of something coming this way. some is many coulding into pennsylvania right now. however, most of what we see for the time-being is rainfall, light to moderate rainfall coming into the central and southern sections of new jersey as it stands. comes to us, higher relations to the northwest. minor accumulation happening. right now, the northeast winds coming through 5 to 15 miles per hour, pushing in cold air. barely enough to keep it as wintry mix to get the whole thing going. that is northwest of the city. 39 degrees. other regional temps, staten island you have 41 degrees, cloudy skies. same thing for you in westfield and montclair. but the showers are closing in on us. i see that midway through the state of new jersey coming up toward us.
8:34 am
showers coming to us. might be snow in the mix but tore the most part rain we'll deal with. northwest. this is the big weather-maker as comes through tomorrow. that is latter half of tomorrow. that could be pretty heavy. windy and warm at the same time. today on chilly side. high temp only gets up to 40 degrees later on this afternoon. 53 for you on thursday. that's the showers wrapping up fairly early on thursday. then we're done. friday, saturday, all looking dry and cooler side. i made it. thanks for bringing by the water bottle just in case. bring in ines rosales to see what the big slowdowns. good morning. >> good morning, mike. traffic backed up to the garden state parkway. queens, well normal delays on
8:35 am
throgs neck fridge -- bridge. on eastbound side you're fine. as for the b.q.e. heading towards the brooklyn bridge, business as usual. traffic slow approaching the brooklyn bridge. northbound backed up to the belt merge on gowanus. 59th street bridge finally cleared the accident on lower level. manner hat tan-bound you to have traffic slow on both sides of the bridge. queens bound is fine. lincoln tunnel taking that into the city 45 minute delay. gwb. 40 on upper, 30 on lower. holland 20 from each approach. trains are running on or close. greg, rosanna. >> they have a big line outside the apple store because of new iphone or ipad. >> a lot of people are going out there to support the company's fight defense the fbi. investigators want apple to develop new software to help break the digital lock that
8:36 am
they are concerned the software could end up in the hands of hackers and cyber criminals. >> they want to get into the terrorist. can't fbi i don't know, let apple in the room and apple do all the work and we found this or didn't find that? >> it would set precedent and basically all of our privacy would be compromised. >> liz dahlem, let's go to you. you're outside of the apple store with more. hi, liz. >> reporter: hi, greg and rosanna. this pro-apple rally is set for 5:30 tonight. we will see a lot of people gathering on the flab ship store on 59th street. organized by group fight for the future. they believe the tech giant is doing right thing by refusing to unlock the san bernardino's iphone. fbi wants to look inside the syed farook's iphone 5c.
8:37 am
others in those attacks. app pell ceo tim cook says the case is more than about one single phone. he believes it is about data security for hundreds of millions of law-abiding people. we spoke to people outside on the new york, on the sidewalks to see what they had to think about all. they had a lot to say and wade in. take a listen. >> how much should we allow the government to tap into our phones and research what is going on in our personal lives? they already have so much. 9/11 and things like that. once again, like bring balance to things. >> reporter: is this right for the nation, right for them to use that information to help protect the whole of the people? so i have lived overseas before and they're accessing my personal information in another country and how it protected me. >> reporter: we're hearing from a lot of people also on fox 5 facebook page. david says in this case i side
8:38 am
time for those opposed to so-called privacy act, they need to wake up. kenneth says if fbi experts can't break in and crack the code themselves i don't see why apple has to help them. back out here live the people gathering believe it's a threat to their civil liberties this is one of many protests taking place across the country. one in san francisco as well as outside of apple headquarters in silicon valley, los angeles, as well as fbi headquarters down in washington. we're live in midtown manhattan. greg, rosanna back to you. >> we're live as we stay on issue. rosanna, the government, if they want to, go to a judge, get a form, and filled out and come through your house to look through your drawers literally. >> what is the problem with the phone? isn't that the same thing. >> that is how i feel and go to the judge to get the right authorization. apple says if we do it one time the master key will be out there and anybody can get into your
8:39 am
can't apple help the fbi do, like do it together. do it one time and throw it all away or something like that? >> i don't know. >> i don't know. by the way everybody lives, basically i would say quarter of their life on the phone. >> they do. >> fair enough? >> what you walk around that phone is your office. you can be anywhere in the world and still be in touch with your office or your clients or whoever else you need, right? your family. >> or kim kardashian. see what she is doing. >> emojis. anyway let's talk about other things. the oceans are rising faster than they ever have in the last 2800 years. >> read from the ap. new study concludes that sea levels on earth are rising at rate several times faster than they have risen in the past 2800 years? scientists seidman-made climate change rising temperatures are to blame. man, oh, man. 28 years, before christ. >> what can we do? >> turn off the lights when you leave the house.
8:40 am
>> until the 1800's. >> recycle your plastic. >> wow. international team of scientists doug into two dozen locations across the globe to chart rising, falling seas until 18 '80s and industrialization, the fastest seas rose was one-to-one 1.5 inches a century plus or minus. 20th century, seas rose five .5 inches. the seas now have rose to a foot in a century. do you buy that? some people question that stuff. i think it kind of makes sense. >> i don't know anything about the seas rising. >> i know you like the beach. >> i do like the beach. beach. have you noticed, rosanna, >> i do. i was out at the beach around thanksgiving and there was very, very little beach there. >> happening erosion, seas are rising. >> talk about dogs, shall we? labrador retrievers, most
8:41 am
the united states. >> from the american kennel club. >> labs claimed top spot for 25th consecutive year according to american kennel club. >> i have had experience with top dogs, including german shepherds. >> yes. >> i had mixed beagle. they don't cover mixed breeds like hybrid. >> like spike on the left? >> spike on the left. >> spike was beautiful job. i feel bad i never met him. he was such a the past your life. a good mutt. >> good mutt. he died in the '90s. lulu, how insanely devoted lulu is devoted to rosanna. i saw you get in the water. he almost shied, all dogs seem to be masculine to me. she almost decided so worried about you while in the water. >> she was.
8:42 am
>> spike hadn't -- hadn't streak.
8:43 am
>> when we got him home since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing
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from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. because making something in america means so much, to so many. weathertech. proudly made in america. >> paleodiet. you thought about doing it, right? lot of meat and vegetables? >> your son tried to turn me on. >> he lost a lot of weight on
8:45 am
>> i didn't have success. not supposed to eat fruit at night. >> you can have fruit during the day though. >> i was eating it as nighttime snack. dr. roshini rajapaksas, the diet is in the news. >> unprocessed things that the cavemen had access to. meat and eggs and low-carb, high fat, fruits and nuts, veggies. new study looked at effect of the paleo diet, this was in mices, it caused them to gain weight. gained 15% of their body weight. think of 200-pound person, that is 30 pounds in two months. compared with them eating regular diet. maybe not a great weight loss. no diet works for everyone. palio may work for several people. one that proves healthy and effective in weight loss is
8:46 am
incorporates olive oil, healthy fats, whole grains, fibers, fruits and vegetables. >> lots of strawberries. >> fruit is great. if you have too much of it, still has sugar you have to watch out for that. paleo is trendy but not necessarily the best for everyone for weight loss. then a study looking at whether media, tlevision in particular affects perception of female body ideal. this was looking at small town in nicaragua. compared access to television n those communities where they had lot of access to tv versus those who didn't, ones who were big tv watch watchers asked perfect female body was much thinner than those who watched tv. is media thickal making us think all women should be stick skinny. >> we didn't have so go to village in nothing log waa.
8:47 am
-- nicaragua. they have been around a long time. >> a lot of people know the media in general. this last looking at particular part of media. >> don't say anything to charlotte mckinney. first of all she is not stick thin. people would consider her curvy. >> take a look. this is one we're talking about. is that her? >> yeah. >> she did carl's, jr. commercial from the super bowl. >> she is in really good shape. >> she sures is. she is skinny but voluptous. she is in mexico "gq" magazine. we can talk about issues. she said she was bullied when she was younger by the way. >> a lost models. >> bring that guy to me, whoever gave her a hard time. >> might be a girl. >> i will fix his wagon. >> might be a girl. >> i will fix her wagon. charlotte mckinney coming up
8:48 am
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8:51 am
>> see what i mean? >> yeah. >> a third of our lives on those device. >> at least they're not looking down while they're walking. they have them in their hands just in case. but -- >> it's not bad, it's not good. it is the way things are. that's it. >> if you don't answer the phone when the boss calls you or texts you, they're concerned, right? where were you? why weren't you on call? >> no. here's the thing by the way, nobody calls anybody anymore. your phone rings, when does that happen? >> i know. >> we've got this. "the x-files" on fox 5, great show, rebooted with mulder and scully. >> last night was the finale. cover your ears if you didn't see the finale, because we have a spoiler alert. say it has left fans on social media screaming for more. scully realizes her alien dna is only way to save the world from
8:52 am
when she finally catches up to a deadly ill -- oh, he is very ill mulder, ufo appears and hovers around her. then the credits roll. >> got to catch up on the show. >> credits roll. david duchovny said he would love to do more episodes, fans with the cliffhanger ending have to believe there will be more. he looks terrible. oh. he looks awful. >> celine dion back on stage after the death of her husband. the first time she is performing after she lost her husband rene. >> the show will have 10-minute tribute to her late husband life streamed. she has residency at caesar's coliseum for years. >> that will be tonight. >> rene died last month after a long battle with cancer. boy, oh, boy, she, they must have had a great marriage. >> it was a little unusual. he met her, i think when she was like seven, he was like an adult. yes.
8:53 am
she was very young. but, apappropriate time they became a couple. >> it worked. clinton running for the white house. ful house coming back to tv. another blast from the past. cassette tapes. yes. they're apparently making a comeback, greg. >> we stream music. before that we digitally downloaded music, cds. before cds cassettes were very popular. >> artists such as kanye west and justin bieber are releasing new music on cassette. >> why, by the way? >> some people sayvinyl has a great sound quality. cassettes with rise in sales. urban outfitters on festfifth avenue is on board. they have a walkman. a walkman and cassettes in their window display. >> listen to this. >> i think they're probably jumping on indy bandwagon,
8:54 am
saw it in the case of lenny kravitz he may be waxing nostalgic for them. i'm sure his first recordings were on cassettes. justin bieber, not so much. >> cassettes, this is what can happen. they would work for a little while. something would happen. >> go haywire.
8:55 am
8:56 am
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