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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: how are we feeling? it is thursday. february 25. greg: last night was crazy. rosanna's dog. we have to toughen him up. rosanna: she is sweet, though. greg: we have this. breaking news out of the rockaways. a fishing boat got into trouble last night. the coast guard showed up to rescue them and then they got in trouble. rosanna: we will bring it to you right away. all over the area. look at this. a huge chunk came crashing down. we will talk about the cleanup this morning.
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last month five teenagers were arrested for gang rapping a woman in the part. a family member, actually, the alleged victim's father, his bizarre and rather disturbing role in all of this in a moment. juliet: rosanna: that romney. one of the people that donald trump is feuding with. a bombshell in donald trump's past. >> donald trump called him grew -- goofy and all sort of things. rosanna: i think donald said he will show them after super tuesday. >> they will be very, very beautiful. let's take a live look at the rockaways situation.
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it hit one of those sandbars. the coast guard showed up to rescue everybody. rosanna: it capsized. no serious injuries. it is still going on as we speak. greg: where's the coast guard vessel? it capsized. attempting to rescue the rosanna: some of the members had to swim to shore. greg: it has to be really bad when the coast guard needs rescuing. mike: the wind was crazy. i can only imagine. i am sure the windows were going crazy. twitter, facebook, all over the place. it was heavy wind last night. around 40 miles per hour out at central park.
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westchester. this morning, things are a lot that are. we have some breaks of sun out there. not a bad start. it does not mean we are completely done with rain. there it is. 67-mile per hour wind gust for you. 65-mile per hour wind gust. moderate to strong tropical storm force raid. around 55. jfk, 54. power lines down. trees down. power outages out there, too. certainly a little close. some pockets of heavier rain. somewhat that will try to work
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we now have 53 out at newark. as well as central park. i notice our temperature trend is definitely coming down. starting to switch more to the west, southwest. the front gets a little bit further offshore. you can see where the rain changes to snow. pennsylvania. it looks like some of the rain will probably make it to us here. yes, a few more showers are expected out the day. the snow probably will not be a problem for us. maybe around sussex county. the poconos. it will be preceded. not as bad as yesterday. high temperature in the upper
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here is ines. ines: good morning. we had a rough one. campbell avenue. rockland county, a crash on palisades. let's go to our cameras. a little tough to see. trains have been a mess this morning. metro-north and new haven. this is in the vicinity of greenwich. duvets and cancellations. the waters off the rockaways right now. rosanna: this is live. this is happening as we speak. coast guard helicopter. where these people coming from? a fishing boat ran aground.
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basically hit a sand bar. the coast guard needed rescuing here. rosanna: that is unusual. >> reporter: the good news is everyone appears to be okay. really an amazing rescue to watch. let's go live to the chopper. you can see this happening. the coast guard chopper lowers down a basket onto that fishing boat and pulled the seven fishing men aboard off. so far we have seen four of the men on board. let's start with the details.
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length. it ran aground. it ran on shore. seven people on board. really windy out there. the boat rocking back and forth. the coast guard was called out to help out hope. a vessel coming from jones beach. that capsized itself. luckily the five coast guard members on board were able to swim to safety. trying to get these guys off the fishing boat. a little shaken up. it has been a wild wear them. i quickly had an exchange with one of them.
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>> what was it like? >> scary, as you can imagine. trying to get those fishermen into the ambulance. to medical care as soon as possible. the four of the seven people aboard the fishing boat have been lifted up in those little baskets and brought to safety. the weather has cleared up. we have blue skies. nothing like it was yesterday. greg and rosanna, we are staying on seeing. we will have an update for you as soon as we get it. greg: wild story. we will go back to the helicopter. it looks like it is gone.
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capsized. >> coast guard boat. 2 miles away. somewhere in the rockaways. along the beach on the oceanside you can see the fishing boat. maybe 100 future so from the shoreline. as you mentioned, the coast guard helicopter just left. everybody is now off the fishing vessel. the last person that we saw was a member of the coast guard. they were lifted off. put into the turf. rosanna: it was so close to shore. as you mentioned, the tide. the water is very, very cold this time of year. right?
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you look at the serve. there was still wind winded the area of 30 miles an hour. in the early morning hours, even stronger. it may not look that bad. if you are able to even stand in the water, probably not even deep enough to stand in, it would completely knock you off your feet. even with a life preserver, that would be a difficult situation. rosanna: rip currents in everything. greg: we hope those coast guard members are okay. jim, thank you very much. it looks like everyone is set. rosanna: following a breaking news story in elmhurst, queens. a very large section of the verizon building came down overnight.
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we will bring were offered in in a moment. downed wires all over the place. damage throughout the area. time for robert moses. rosanna: hello, robert. >> reporter: good morning. we are on chicago avenue in massapequa. the reason we are here is because of this massive tree that came down. it came up as a result of this tree coming down. you can see the sidewalk displays. they are, the tree tumbled dried onto that house. fortunately, no injury. not in the middle of the winter. i spoke to the man that lives next door. he was awake at midnight within unmistakable sound. >> it was a large salt. i cannot describe anything other than that.
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i immediately saw that the tree had been uprooted onto the house. the tree had not gone through the house. it was a large tree. i saw movement inside the house. that you look a little bleary-eyed this morning, blame the weather for keeping you awake. it did not discriminate. westchester county was hit extremely hard. leaving neighborhoods in the dark. smoke filled the air. trees crashed down onto cars. new rochelle damaging the roof. the city also felt the fury. the building next door was evacuated as a precaution. no injuries were reported.
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luckily, no one was hurt. new jersey did not miss out on the action either. scout planes was flooded. promising to bring better weather. for some, hours of cleanup. one thing we are still dealing with him on that island, power outages. psg long island was reporting 20000 customers were in the dark. it was because of those power outages that the school district has no classes today. all schools there are close because of these power outages. if you are taking the long island rail road this morning, prepare for possible delays. my train earlier was delayed by 20-25 minutes. yours may be as well. that is the latest from massapequa this morning. greg: a large tree right behind
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up against the house. let's go there right now. i know your dog was freaking out. rosanna: i was freaking out, too. it was really, really windy. i always sleep better, the wind and the rain. you don't hear the traffic so much. rain is sometimes good sleeping weather we will have more on this in a little bit. rosanna: a very disturbing story. we have been telling you about this story for a wild now. prosecutors arrested five teenagers. they were arrested for rape. greg: all of those charges have been dropped. a horrific situation. what about the disturbing world this young man's father may have
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they have all been briefed and charges have been dropped. >> reporter: from the second that this case was made public, explosive allegations were made. the timeline of events. the police department's response. despite what the da referred to as reprehensible behavior. basically having no choice but to drop the charges and to close the investigation into the victim's father. >> there was no criminal wrongdoing in this case whatsoever. i believe this would not have happened if the truth would have been told. >> it is a story that grips the city. a young woman and raped as her own father struggled to find her help. that story, according to the brooklyn da is a lie.
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the first-degree rape charges. >> finally looking back. i can only imagine the trauma that he experienced and the embarrassment. pour. >> reporter: the woman did not wish to pursue criminal charges. >> engaging in sexual misconduct to her. criticized by community leaders for their slow response. things would have played out differently if it happened on the upper east side. he says he does not request pushing for an investigation. >> the individual's father has a lot of questions to answer to.
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times. >> a profile on this case. bouncing around. only recently making contact with her father. she is not cooperating. all right. >> what do you think. it is 7:17 a.m. mike woods, are you okay? mike: i get a lot of dripping this.
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greg: mike, you look great. mike: subwindows holding on a little bit. sometimes these things happen. colder air making a comeback today. leftover showers still possible. we are looking out more sunshine for everyone. starting tomorrow. it will be pretty easy. as we head into the weekend, it will start off rather chilly. it will end up on the mild side. dropping down slowly. a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies in the tri-state region. starting to come in from the west and northwest. that is also where the showers are. we are expect in a few patchy showers. all right.
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today. breezy. not too much with the rainfall. all right. let's bring in nine as. take a peek at the commute. >> reporter: good morning. two problems. an accident by sunnyside boulevard. blocking one lane. the southern state parkway westbound, one lane blocked with a crash. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the l.i.e. some stop and go traffic. you can see some delays here and there. the george washington bridge, driving into the city.
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tunnel. greg: last night. there is megan kelly, by the way. the republican candidate for president except for donald trump. rosanna: i think that it was kind of last-minute. he had other things to do. greg: he does not like her. i think she is very professional about it did sometimes gets carried away.
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a last-minute town hall. the other candidates showed up. trying to block donald trump. greg: talking about him last night. >> if you look nationally, in the head to head polls, donald consistently loses. i consistently beat hillary. the question right now is how do we prevent candidates that lose the general election. we will not allow it to be defined by a nominee that is not a conservative. we will elect someone in a thoughtful and serious and important way. a lot of people say, if i were to get out, donald jones would win ohio and that would be the end of it. >> doctor ben carson still in the race. still a long way to go. the republican candidates face
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at the university of houston. greg: calling ted cruz a liar again. remember mitt romney. he ran for president back in 2012. donald trumps tax returns. maybe there's something in there that could be a huge story that could hurt tom ultra. donald trump did not like what romney said. i think we have donald trumps to eat. rosanna: mitt romney, who totally blew an election that should have been one, and his tax returns made him look like a full. now playing tough guy. rosanna: pushed on the taxpaying, he said he really did not know. he was surmising that the reason donald trump is not releasing them is because there is a
7:25 am
greg: very beautiful. very beautiful. what is happening. rosanna: madeleine albright is campaigning in texas. greg: the one that said that thing about hell and women. there is a special place in hell for women that do not support hillary clinton. rosanna: she feels that people do not understand where hillary hear. greg: also. bernie sanders. rosanna: stick together. they can make "american history." seven-point national lead. greg: all right. what does all of this mean for mike huber.
7:26 am
president. 59% of voters, nearly six in 10, would not that bloomberg. >> only 7% would definitely vote for him. mr. bloomberg is said to be weighing and should have a decision made one way or another by early next month. rosanna: i think he was also looking to see how bernie sanders did did. greg: so far not so bad. rosanna: we're going to take a quick little break. 7:26 a.m. the coast guard boat, that fishing boat, looks like it may have, short. greg: write off the coast of rockaway.
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>> oh, the sun is out. boy oh boy do we have a rough night. look at that tree. >> leaning against the house. winds last nooght were crazy. >> they were. i have to say i'm two blocks away from a construction site and they have a very big crane up there already. >> thinking about it. >> i was thinking about it. >> they have to chop that tree
7:30 am
so for the rest of us no trees came down in any neighborhood. i slept better with the wind. you know why -- i hear a lot of traffic. >> hear fire trucks and ambulances. >> anyway, kind of a wild, weird, new york, pleasant not too wild. >> and then look at it. sun is out it is 53 e degrees. >> no when you were doing window shopping. eves -- a very fancy home store. french beddings i was in there shopping for french bedding to use the bathroom when had i heard a knock, knock on the window a woman with an umbrella
7:31 am
if you'll notice she starts doing stuff like this. next picture. she's like -- >> what are chances that i'm window shopping. and who is inside? by the way, with you took a picture. i broke the lamp. what? >> so excited he sees me. he breaks a lamp. >>how much wases it? >> fortunately lightbulb was only broken. trying to assess damage here. but no kidding troughs that was being crazy. i got a little oh, my gosh i have to get a picture of you. of all of the places in new york city i run into greg while he was shopping for bedding. >> mattress or sheet?
7:32 am
glass of water and use their bathroom. >> i met ever been, yeah. and tried to investigate the situation further. >> the lamp was involved. everything fine. >> they came to pay the lamp, i walked out. [laughter] >> anyway. you never know. >> i know, i know. crazy how things happen i'm sure they will with you two. we cutting a break in terms of rain at that very moment but man was that rain coming down yesterday and wind kicking through big time in the evening and overnight hours. but right now i think this is are quieter, however, there's a risk that we'll see sympathetic coming to you. here's what we have for you the forecast for the next 24, 36 hours this is here a few leftover showers are possible. even though sun may be out where you are. we have a possibility of more showers coming to you later this morning into the afternoon. clearing skies for everyone
7:33 am
sunny skies tomorrow but chill hadly at the same time. temps come down over next few day. today is included in here's what we see on live radar there's a little bit of rain to the west of us coming into new jersey. we say you know what we're not quite in the clear just yet. we're looking at still the risk of more showers to come through here, and these showers are not making had quick progress through the tristate region so we have to hang on to that shower chance at least through early to mid-afternoon hours. 53 central park. same in newark as well as sussex. generally speaking tbrindz the southwest at around 7 to about 15 miles per hour. 17 miles per hour, winds will be switching directions once the actual front passes by. that should be happening for us fairly soon. but again a few showers for you this morning into the afternoon. don't have to worry about the snow. a lot of it over the backside of the storm here over the midwestern states but for us here in the tristate it's rain showers and then cooler temples
7:34 am
high temp is holding it down throughout the morning and into the afternoon. tomorrow highs only in upper 30s. both friday and saturday and it gets warmer for you on sunday. that's a nice looking day. all right let's bring in ines, and see what's going on on the situation. some may have gotten better. >> we started at 4:30 but now we're dealing with accidents here and there. l.i.e. cleared away an accident by sunny side. westbound working on an accident by 106 107 that's blocking a lane. and then in new jersey northbound garden state parkway, a slow ride approaching exit 148. there's a crash blocking a lane and 23 southbound has a wreck by route 80 one lane blobbed. cameras with the staten island expressway to the verrazano bridge westbound side you're fine. queens commute on long island expressway by grand central parkway slow westbound as you
7:35 am
boulevard. rubber -- no exiting delays heading towards grand central parkway if you statistic stick to the left it is easier. lincoln tunnel into the city normal slowtown. 45 minutes, fdr drive we have a stalled bus to 6th street northbound so expect delays. greg and rosanna back to you. >> thank you very much. a wild scene off rockaways it ran aground and dispatched to rescue those guys. they flipped over. can you imagine? >> thank goodness everybody is okay but it got hairy. helicopters in to pluck the people out of the water and off the boat. >> very hairy even though boat as you can see here jim show us the beach if you could is just a few feet away -- so -- >> with high tide and everything else you never know hours ago. >> stacey delikat is on the beach hi stacey. >> beach 56th street down the
7:36 am
now the the east rockaway by all account a very successful rescue operation here this morning. all people who were stuck have been taken off. taking to area hospitals. let's make sure we're showing you skyfox over presidents scene right now. fishing boats still out there called queen three i got new information from the fdny chief. it was a local fishing boat that got stuck. according to the fdny this is a boat from virginia out of sea fishing because of the bad weather last night. terrible conditions, the wind, rough sea, boat actually got pushed into shore. and it was around 4:45 this morning when it got stuck on shore that is not a sand barge but the sand that happens to be high toyed right now. so yeah u.s. coast guard did respond. as we've been reporting we have some video to show you u.s. coast guard boat capsized as it was on its way to respond to
7:37 am
luckily all of the five onboard coast guard vessel swim to safety. they were all okay. taken out of the water and treated. meantime fdny police and coast guard came here to beach 56th street to this area, and that's when we saw coast guard chopper lowering the little basket on to the fishing boat that's how these men got off one after the other. seven of them all taken off of the fishing boat and brought to safety. a really remarkable rescue operation out here morning. the fdny chief said yes, it is very successful. but u by no means of this a run-of-the-mill regulation cue. conditions out there treacherous. greg and rosanna you were saying boat was close to shore, right maybe they could have gotten off and swam. but you know what, the fire chief told me that one of the coast guard members was in full diving gear, tried to swim up to the boat to see if he could access the boat that way. he had to turn aped because water were so rough. no way to get those guys off the
7:38 am
did by lowering that basket down. again fishing boat is out there and will be there for a while. coast guard is keeping an eye on it making sure it is safe in terms of the fuel onboard an they have to figure out how to move it and get it to shore safely. a remarkable and successful rescue this morning. everyone involved okay. and you know what just a little while ago block lionelled with fire trucks and ambulances they have already left because they have wrapped up this rescue operation. so it was paparazzi incredible to watch it happen live, again luckily everyone is safe. and unharmed. greg and rosanna. >> nice job one more look at that fishing boat a few feet off the shore. we said boy might be a short distancing but you can drown in waves look that. >> stacey just clarified that when she talked to coast guard. j your initial reaction you don't want to take chances even in the summer time we hear about people drowning in the beach.
7:39 am
let's talk about apple i know you leak get crazy because we talk about apple so much but it is in the news, and on a l is apple is fighting back against fbi making it harder to hack the next aye iphone. >> tim cooke is making decisions not helping fbi. i wongd where steve jobs would have done. juliet huddy has more on all of this. good morning. >> tim cooke and apple they're annoyed by this whole thing they're basically move right now is essentially doubling down. if the tech company creates software that they say there are reports that they're going to create essentially no one not apple itself will be able to break into an iphone started order. demanded that apple two brand new software program that would allow the government to get into the iphone that was used by one of the san bernardino shooters that one syed farook.
7:40 am
news tonight with merer opens up about the fbi and tech giant. he's forced bit government to go around their current privacy setsup, and that is a very slippery slope. >> only way we know would be to write a piece of software that we view as sort of the soflt ware equivalent of cancer. we think it's bad news to write. we would never write it. we have never written it. and that is what is at stake here. this case is not about that. this case sb the future. is at stake here is can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds of millions of customers vulnerable around the world including the u.s.. >> at issue, you know, getting the fbi, they got the phone. they tried to break into it but after ten attempt it is make it is inaccessible. how will government react to latest potential move? we will stay tuned and keep you updated.
7:41 am
doing this is like a cancer. they can do it for the one phone can't they? but -- >> create a whole new software applied according to tim cooke into all sorts of different cases. >> smartest guy in apple sending him to the fbi, do it on a one to one. >> phone one second, here you go taken take the information. give him a call. maybe they'll listen to you. >> doapght you have some connections. >> why don't you write a tweet opinion >> okay. >> we're going to take a little break. sun is out. 7:41 we're going to take a quick break. we'll be right back while i
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>> okay. manhattan seen from the rockaways. all right so somebody said yesterday, 20 days till 25 yesterday is 19 days till spring. which you know, giving me hope. >> come on giving you hope. >> you know, it's crazy this winter, one minute it's 50 degrees, next minute below zero. wind is blowingening it's geng
7:45 am
>> rosanna maybe seek therapy. [laughter] >> yeah. sounds like the weather. it is drive you crazy. it's the crazy. relax. wonder where that guy is going. meantime it is time for mike woods therapy. >> you're on to something, greg. >> you too. lined up. >> affected by the weather. oblivious to everything. >> it's fine. put him to sleep islip as well thank you vp. that happens to good guys. here's what we have out there right now. showers trying to make a comeback. i don't know if it will upset rosanna but something tells me saps yes. but rain off it the west of us over pennsylvania. don't say we didn't talk about it yes we have. now there's still showers that we're going to have to deal with coming into new jersey right now. not a lot of rain but there are going to be showers out there with pockets of heavier showers. they won't be here per too long but carry umbrella you need it again but not as nasty as we had
7:46 am
now it's 53 central park as well as newark. 57 degrees in in poughkeepsie. 49 in bridgeport with a mixed sky around tristate region. winds are jj coming from the south, southwest but turning more westerly as the colder portion of the storm, the air behind the cold front starts working its way into town. they rotate up and through and points to the noters and west up the lower hudson valley into connecticut. you'll see showers out there. but again it won't be -- won't add up to much. as far as snow goes, there's of us. looks like if anything we can vation to the northwest. i don't think that's a big deal the a all. but colder air that's coming in later -- today into tonight, that's going to drop your temp down quite a bit. so today temps are falling throughout the day. back down through the -- 50s do you into the 40s by this evening and then much few days.
7:47 am
forget the fox 5 weather at the google play store download it for free today. >> a crazy commute this morning. flooding has subsided we have some by exit 57 that's gone away. your commute 287 doing fine this morning. you have normal delays on l.i.e. queens boulevard slow. there's a stall on cross island parkway to white stone bridge so that's causing delays there northbound. cameras, fake a look at your comowt on l.i.e. fine westbound and eastbound. problems with the trains this morning. first metro-north. new haven line overhead wire problems so a ten to 15 minute delay in vingt of rye and greenwich. they have anticipated it delays and cans lacings. hempstead branch a it been minute wait. greg and rosanna. >> talk about sports with the knicks. tina is here. >> one team in action last nigh
7:48 am
if the trend continues for the if the trend continues for the knicks in indiana and it beginses with an l. this was a back and forth battle until the end of the game here. knicks down by just one and christoph gets the should have to go off the glass to put them up by one. one point lead and paul jog has the jumper up by three. last chance for the knicks. carmelo to tie the game and misses everything. five of 20 from the field. pacers win, knicks lose 108-105 the final score. in football news, the giants jason pierre-paul is suingest and reporter for posting private medical reports onis line. claims he, quote, imopperly obtained by medical charts and treated a photo of it to nearly 4 million tweeter followers. photo showed his right index finger amputation following a july fourth fireworks accident. now suit seek he is 15,000 dollars in damages and in a
7:49 am
illustrated" he did say he could have and should have done more to protect the records. in other giants news victor cruz thinks there's only an 80% chance that he will return to big blue for the 2016 season. he habit played since october 2014. >> 80% chance is what victor said. >> probable. >> that is probable. >> hasn't played in twoen ises. knee injury and likely have to rework his contracts, though. >>we love when he danced in the end zone. >> he does the salsa ode to his grandmother. he makes 7.the million set to make next season but he has a cap hit had 9 9 million and ben mackadu he expects the receiver to be on the field next season. >> looking at things and he's on the roster right now. if anything changes, i'll be the
7:50 am
>> i would hope so. >> head coach. >> kriewses reportedly said that he's rewilling to work his contract if had u does come to that. resigning ryan at this fitzpatrick meeting with wilkerson and tack physical. he had best season with 31 touchdowns and 300 yards passing. all of the yankees together on the field in tampa for the first time so for, far and keeps news with selection of automobiles. now we showed you this three wheeled motorcycle he drove to camp yesterday. well, that was on tuesday. this that was a video of it. this he drove up in yesterday. a lamborghini. >> i don't blame him a bit. he grew up in cuba. he only came here a few years
7:51 am
>> they drive in cuba those chevrolets from 1950. a hobby. those photo trs anthony jay harvey getting cool picks. >> running risk of rubbing it in a little bit. >> he's got to show up at the plate if he drives in runs, gets them back to the world series. >> u ber or something. another thing he sent a mets staff memberrer gave hum keyses to the car. i want you to buy a square waffle maker because in the clubhouse they have the round waflts. and he wanted square so he's like take my lamborghini for a ride. >> that's eccentric thing. how much is that -- 25 dollars? >> we have jessica -- jonathan her husband says, that she actually likes you better than him. >> whatever.
7:52 am
>> the family, thank you so much. wow we ought to have you in on one of our live shows someday. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
7:53 am
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crissy he sins about her it's perfect they have a baby. good for them. now what apparently -- >> telling "people" magazines that she and her husband john legend chose the sex of their baby. they chose a girl. skt how? >> therm doing ibf. >> if you can do that i think a lot of people would leak to do that. good for them. >> a lot of them think how chowld she choose sex of her baby one thing trying to have a baby. they don't agree with selecting gender. people are tweeting. everybody needs a big dose of mind your own busy. ment this is what she said, what is that difference? i created a embryo -- why be random? >> getting into twitter wars more and more froctly frequently. moving on.
7:56 am
the british equivalent of the grammies. chghts there's adele. justin bieber won for best international male solo art fist while accepting best female solo artist adele voiced her support for kesha. >> i like to take a quick second to thank my management and record label for embracing the fact that i'm a woman and being encouraged by it and like to take this moment to publicly support kesha. thank you very much. >> you know she's been trying to get out of her contract with sony producer dr. luke she at one point claimed that he sexually abused her in a deposition she said he didn't. who knows what's going on there. a judge rule thed it against breaking that contract by the way. fnlings briefly show joe biden, vice president sometimes he gets into accidents. he will be going to the academy wades this weekend. the vice president you know rosanna he's your favorite president. j i can relate to him. why he's going?
7:57 am
on stage. not best actor or best picture but he's doing something at the oscars, and -- >> commander in chief a party with joe. can we talk about tim can we? thank you for saying nice things on (cat vo #1) hey cats! wanna make a new flavor combination today? (cat vo #2) yeah...let's take things up a notch!
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8:00 am
anyway welcome to good day new york i'm rosanna scotto this is greg tbreg here. >> weather wise what do we have out there, crazy. >> survived storms. could be lingering showers in the area and season -- unseasonally pleasant. 50 something degrees. but temperatures are going to drop. mike woods has all of the details. wild weather and that is coast guard vessel that was sent to rescue it. the coast guard rescue mission, they capsized. they capsized on their way to this fishing boat so bad last night that even coast guard got in trouble. everyone is safe. we have another story breaking in queens. a large section of the verizon building in elm elmhurst came down mix of heavy rain and winds that we had overnight but ho
8:01 am
>> the flu vaccine they recommend it sometimes i feel like it makes me sick. we have this from the cdc it's effective 59% of the time. 59% that is essentially rosanna that is a vail failing grade. >> you're right 50% of the time -- so it's the odds. >> what sells going on. >> if you don't like to post on facebook but it offers reactions leak laughter about, anger were sadness and -- >> your iphone has it for everything. you can show everything from empathy to like scorn, you don't like hillary clinton there's an emoji for that. facebook thing is different now, so you have a little bit more variety. >> so we go all out for the
8:02 am
one is talking about movies. >> the movies. look at nominated room anybody see that? no. brooklyn i intend to see it. brooklyn hasn't seen it. mad max apparently good. >> heard of it? >> "the revenant." with leonardo looks great. no woman in the world will see that movie. mike -- >> my husband wanted somebody else to see it. television is taking over. who do we go with? >> that's a problem. a dude it shall -- that's weird. didn't mean togs there. a cute secretary. mike woods go to you. effect leave it alone. >> it's fine. he went to the missouris with the intern, troughs that.
8:03 am
going with greg on the plane. >> oh, see. this is what happens. >> come to think of it you have kissed an made out with male models on television all innocent. >> you instigated the whole thing. >> i'll never get over that. traumatized. >> kissed you on the lips, that guy. everything intact right now. >> better move on because things are coming on right now -- [laughter] >> show you what's happening out there. we're talking about temp this is morning they actually started all real mild but cooler air is coming in as time goes on. take a look at maps giving overall scenario. also talk about big winds that we saw yesterday. man did you hear this snuff it was crazy large you saw a wind gust up to 637 miles per hour that's approaching hurricane force winds. winds anyhow.
8:04 am
you out in jackson heights queens. brink port 58 miles per hour winds. 57, that was nasty stuff as that line of storms came on through but that was going ahead of the line. temperatures they're doing a little bit of everything here this morning. right now you can come back up to 55 degrees central park. 53 in the last hour. 52 in belmar. 49 degrees in islip. 48 in montauk and winds they're starting to go paghts crazy here. generally coming from the south but starting to turn west, out to the west and we're going to see a wind direction change as day goes on. as that coals to town you see a drop in temperatures, right now through the day they do this up and down thing but they head down quickly later this afternoon into the evening. as far as showers go we have showers back over pennsylvania. even a little area of low pressure, a little trough. counterclock wise spin there across allen town that could
8:05 am
still keep a few showers later in the mix into the afternoon. not a lot of rain expected from this point forward but a quk need for shower on top your lunch hour and then try out. this snow that we're looking at i don't think that's a problem for uses here if anything a few flakes fly in our cream northern counties around sullivan county and ulster county but that sb it. otherwise we have light showers during the day. high temp well it already happened. temps more or less holding steady and coming down later this arch. cooler tonight. freezing again, but lots of sun shine in the days to follow. let's see what's beginning on the roads, rails tell you what looks like we have a little bit of everything. good morning, ines. >> good morning mike let's talk about on traffic on 280 a multimile delay approaching exit 16 two lanes blocked with an accident that's why you have that slow down. van wyck northbound thr a huge
8:06 am
stone bridge watch out for that. anywhere you drive pothole is an issue. stall approach white stone bridge that's been cleared away. go to our camera with the commute. this morning by 106, 107 you're fine westbound and eastbound. trains we have issues going on. newnew haven lane we have overhead wire problems. long island railroad, west branch has a ten to 15 minute delay. but expect delays all across devore delay and cancelations are possible because was weather. new jersey tehran transit on or close. >> this morning rough in the water off the rockaways that a fishing boat needed to be rescued. coast guard tried to rescue them and they capsized. everybody rescued. they brought in a helicopter and stacey delikat from fox 5 she's watching safely from the shore. but she's in the rockaways,
8:07 am
stacey. reporter: rosanna and greg when the coast guard boat capsized you know conditions are bad out here for sure. but good news is this morning everyone involved in this safe. the rescue operation is over. but let's go live to skyfox right now you can see that fishing boat stl out there stuck in the sand rocking become an forth hard because it still is rough out there despite beautiful weather we're seeing this morning. but go over what happened. this boat is carolina queen 3 from virginia according to fdny at sea for last eight days or so. because was awful weather last night, high winds, treacherous conditions on the sea it was pushed into shore. early this morning it got stuck on the sand here that ran agrouped that's when the coast guard responded a small coast guard boat left the jones beach station. but on its way it cap sizessed and all five coast guard members onboard were in the water and able to swim to safety. i believe we have the video was
8:08 am
that's a few blocks down from we're standing beach 56th street where the fishing boat is still is stuck. well, after those coast gaitered members made it to shore more units came in and what happened was the coast guard chopper loaded a basket on to the fish ing boat and one by one seven members of the crew were lifted off the boat, brought to the shore to safety. again all of them have been rescued all tan to the hospital for precaution. i was able to have a quick exchange with one of the fisherman onbackward and i spoke to a chief on scene. listen to how they both describe the situation out here this morning. >> how are you? are you feeling all right? >> scary moment? >> what was it like? >> scary nothing about this really was routine. it was heavy surf, treacherous
8:09 am
getting to the scene and use aircraft to lift from the boat so shore. this was less than routine. >> as chief said very successful rescue but anything but routine because of the conditions out here he call thed it -- severe as you recall of conditions treacherous out there on the water. not far from shore. as we've been talking about some may wonder couldn't guys have made it into the water and swam to cast but fdny chief said that was out of the question because of this so rough out there on the water. now, as for the ship, coast guard has sent in their still response team to keep an eye on it make sure there are no fuel leaks. but we learned boat has been in distress and lost power because of the bad condition from the storm. at this point, a salvage company is going to be brought in to try to figure out how to get that fishing boat about 80 feet out of the water. so again a successful rescue u situation out here in far rockaway this morning.
8:10 am
happened. greg and rosanna. >> stacey delikat there when it reporting this morning. all right weather last night crazy affecting fisherman and all problems throughout our area. here's a huge chunk of the verizon building in the elmhurst queens on the ground. >> it fell on broadway to britain avenue came down overnight. thank goodness nobody was hurt. but boy oh boy lots of damage in that area. >> all over the tristate really on the right there i think we've got wires down in westchester county on the left bad flooding in new jersey. let's go to long island down robert. >> good morning to you. this feels more like mid-may or mid-june not late february. i'll step out of the way because ept to show you workers from oyster bay taken to take down
8:11 am
nobody inside that hoasms hurt. but tell you what as guys have been cutting up limbs what are small is they are huge. so you have to get the seasons of which the power fell. i spoke to a man who described what had he heard right around midnight. woke me out of my sleep and immediately saw the tree had been uprooted on to the house. and i went over like i say to check and see if the tree had not gone through the house because it was a large tree, and i saw movement inside the house. for why boss claims you look blurry eyed blaming weather for keep you awake. barreled across the area and did not discriminate. westchester county hit
8:12 am
powerlines tumbling down leaving neighborhoods in the dark. smoke facilitied the air. trees crash down on to cars and this home damaging the roof. the city field vacant home collapsed. building next door evacuated as a precaution no injuries were reported. high winds caused tractor trailer to topple over on the george washington bridge. traffic slowed to a crawl. luckily no one was hurt. and in ndges didn't miss out on the action either. route 22 in scots plains flooded leaves cars marooned in the water. today promise better weather and for some hours of cleanup. >> and it is precisely that cleanup that we're seeing on chicago avenue as these workers from town eve of oyster bay try to clean up this tree. it will be a long process. but headline here is that no one was hurt.
8:13 am
the mas has moved out power outage. pseg long island customers are still in the dark, in fact, the locust valley school district cancel classes today because of the power outages. that is the latest live from massapequa this morning. back to you. >> robert thank you very much. we felt it when we were sleeping. so trying to get to sleep. >> separately. you in your house, me and my house. i want to clarify that. >> folks do you remember a huge story out of brooklyn browbs swirl a gang rape in the park. the headlines were disturbing, that five young men came upon teenagers came upon a woman and her dad in the park someone sexually attacked her gang raped her. told the father to take a walk and he dp charmings against all five of those young men have been dropped.
8:14 am
disturbing allegations. >> woman is rekangting her story. father's role in all of this is weird. >> teresa priolo is here right now, an awful story all around. >> when we first talk ad about it and more so. good morning greg and rosanna good morning everyone. called this behavior reprehensible and ken tomp said said he must drop charge hads against five teenagers and close this investigation. wouldn't have been done. a story that gripped the city a young woman says she was gang raped at gunpoint in the osborne play grouped by five teens as her own father struggled to find her help. but that story according to the brook d.a. is a lie riddled with inconsistency. now ken thompson is dropping the
8:15 am
against five teens. abdul represents one of the accused. j you can go back to normalcy in his life and you can imagine he's 15, trauma that he experienced, embarrass the. da tomp san said she doesn't wish to pursue criminal charges against defendants. refused to cooperate with any prosecution against her father. who was engaging with sexual conduct with her. they claim that things would have played out differently if this happened on upper east side. tony says he doesn't regret pushing for an invest. >> individual's father he has a lot of questions to answer to and he needs help because he's put this young lady through trauma that no one can really understand. >> these charmings are dismissed with prejudice that means reinstate charge hads even if
8:16 am
basically tossing it out never to revisit it again. >> we hope everybody gets help that was involved here. >> teresa thanks a lot. >> thank you had. expect to see new salt warnings on menu of some chain restaurants in the city that is going to start next week, greg. >> remember this, that is set to go forward. but somebody appealed, and took it to a judge and the judge said you know what, it's totally legal. it's going to happen. >> post warning on menu items that exceed recommended daily limit of salt. restaurants that don't to that, could face up to 600 dollar fine, starting march 1st. national restaurants association challenged thes new law they said they're going to appeal this ruling by the way, they're not happy with it. >> okay, so drinking age just about everywhere in america is 21. there is a rosanna in new jersey to reduce it to the age of 18.
8:17 am
state a lot of money like mels of dollars to do that. right now, the derision age is 21 but michael patrick carol want it is lowered it to 18 he said it was wrong to serve in the marl but can't have a beer. anyone who lowers would lose millions dollars in highway if you @adding putting that rule into place sponsored by late new jersey senator frank latinburg. >> fake a look at michael patrick carol. assemblyman but we think you're wrong on this one -- i do. 18, i'm glad if you can drink at 18 what would you have done? >> i did. it was legal then. drinking age was 18 when i was growing up. fnght yeah. >> how old are you anyway? >> very funny.
8:18 am
>> the guy who sponsored that frank originally wormed war ii veteran. i think they should keep it 21. >> they did it because of drunk driving and kids were not aware of it. now it's kind of engrained in driving program. you know, i don't know. it's different than what i grew up. mike what do you think? >> i don't know. in europe we don't have the same sort of problems there even though drinking age is not existent. [laughter] >> that's true. >> right? >> more mature than us in some ways. >> we're a young country. >> vote on that. first of all we have rain that we will be dealing with here. rain is coming in from pennsylvania to new jersey and there are pockets of heavier shower us out there near wayne county and yeah heading to sussex county. we've got shower that are looking a little more robust if you will but not done with the rain yet. we have a little trough coming
8:19 am
going later this morning into the amp. temp wise we've got 55 in central park as well as newark. 56 in al it been town. 53 in sussex and winds are still generally coming in from the southwest, but soon they will be coming from the north, northwest that's when the temps really start to come back down. but through the day today holding it steady or dropping down and we will see cooler temps arriving. not a guarantee that we get rainfall. but if you're in northern new jersey in city lower hudson valley you're likely to see showers. but almost out of here and after it goes ever by a clearing sky tomorrow and cooler temps take over from that point forward. highs drop back quite a bit tomorrow. high of 52 today but only 39 tomorrow. 38 for you on -- saturday. and then we see a warmer temp after that.
8:20 am
download it, it's for free. ines see what's going on. we have backups all over the place. >> start off with staten island expressway heading to very verrazano bridge but a huge pothole hearing a lot it be that this morning. that weather last night expect ate more potholes and bigger ones during that commute. s nassau county l.i.e. traffic slow approaching jericho turn bike, and let's go to cameras check out new mexico with a problem on route 80 this is exit two bridges road here an accident on westbound side causing rubber necking delays eastbound. you can see a car off the roadway there. police are blocking left lane and everyone slowing down to take a look. and then there's the george washington bridge if you're taking upper level, they cleared we a stalled truck. 45 on upper, 30 on lower. lincoln tomb has a 45 minute delay. holland 20 to 15 from each
8:21 am
>> o.j. simpson this is a wild time in america. that's chris, he prosecuted o.j. as we know o.j. was found not guilty. that new movie you're watching on fx called people against o.j. sterling is here. boy oh boy he looks like him, sounds like hype him everybody is talking about it so much to learn about this show. anyway, ailing p also sterling is in the new tina fey movie. we're going the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99.
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8:24 am
are we still talking about chocolate? brookside. talk about delicious. >> all right let's get down to business shall question? >> okay. lauren simonetti what's up? rk you see the five new emoji on facebook they came out yesterday. >> we're loving them. >> you are -- >> one of them is love, other is ha-ha, one is sad and angry so you have five in addition to standard thumbs-up that you like something. popular demand for this. a lot of folks saying i wanted
8:25 am
appropriate to like it so you have words and feels to use about that post so other people are complaining, saying youover complicated and simplify things all at the same time. some are roll their eyes i suggest rolling your eyes emoji others are say leave it alone. it's fine. >> a being who cares -- : there is. that would be the emoji for that? >> no emoji or logging off from facebook forever. >> not for this. >> you're on facebook. i follow you. >> don't want you talking about that on tv. coming up on "good day new york" the entrepreneur damon john he built a clothing company. remember that? >> guy on shark tank. >> he's fantastic.
8:26 am
and his rich friends away. absolutely rosanna taking that restaurant you've been -- with for 20 years right putting on qvc but how about a frozen food section.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
rosanna: that is an awesome shot. greg: what is happening up there in the helicopter? >> it is an exciting day and hats off to the coast guard. not the ideal conditions and they have pulled it off. greg: if you want to know the names of the bridges on the east river. jim, let's start with the
8:30 am
bmw. brooklyn, manhattan, williamsburg. >> if you are going the other way, wmb. >> i had to figure it out. i think bmw. >> you are in williamberg lately? >> greg: man, am i cool or what. rosanna: stop the presses. >> greg: my brother lives there. rosanna has this, this is all pictures. pay attention to me. it took me how long not to text back. five minutes. rosanna: it is funny, you don't text back. this woman is me and symbols and pay attention to me.
8:31 am
you are very, very attractive. where do you get this? rosanna: it is easy. mike has done it, ines has done it. greg: you send in your pictures? rosanna: no. it is an app, and figure out of your hair and face and the clothing. greg: this is your version of you. mike: guess what the people do. greg: pounds off. rosanna: a few years and a few pounds off. it is easy. we can do it for you. and pay attention to me when i ask you something. greg: is it free? rosanna: yes. mike: what is fun about it, greg, you try to have an information having those. rosanna: i have done that and gone over on my plan because i didn't realize it is taking up a
8:32 am
greg: go with all you can eat data plan. rosanna: thursday is the new emojis. greg. mike: step up. grab his phone. greg: all the cool kids are doing it. mike: it is free. greg: mike, what is happening? mike: first of all it is wrong. it is trying to clear out by there is a wrap around moisture. the colder air is coming in for all of us. a few showers are going to pass through, mainly to the northwest areas and tomorrow sunny. it is breezy and chilly and then the mild weather is going to come back again for us early next week. so here is a live look at the
8:33 am
little kick to it and trying to work into new jersey. not everybody is going to get the rainfall. again, up to north west of the city with the light rain. the temperature right now 55 central park. mostly cloudy skies. 48 philadelphia. 41 in williamsport. the heavy storms and rain is out of the picture. the disturbance coming through here. a few of us getting this to the northwest, in the city, minor side. the showers won't be a big deal. the snow in the mid western states is not our problem, but we are seeing the colder air on the book side of the area of the low pressure. that is coming as we speak. the temperatures are slowly falling throughout the day and small shower chances in the middle of it. tomorrow starting at 32 and 38 for the high. 39 for saturday. warmer on sunday and 53.
8:34 am
the weekend not looking so bad. now to ines. still have problems on the rails too. >> yes, roads and rails, that is a rough come meet. we are starting with 280 traffic jammed up going eastbound the exit 16 here. an accident with two lanes are blocked. take a look at route 80 delays both directions. we have a camera on that. now to queens first, belts parkway. a lane is blocked with an accident. potholes are the issue in the area. especially after the rain. huge potholes in the area. now to route 80, over by exit 52. 2 bridges road. a car left the road here. rubber necking both ways. left with slow down east bound. this is westbound side, that is the eastbound side.
8:35 am
well as lirr. delays in the area of blie an green greenwich. the west hempstead with delays. give yourself extra time. street cleaning rules in effect. >> thanks a lot. so, iphones, apple, they make great products, the apple tv is pretty good too. but the management of apple is infuriating a lot of people because they are not cooperating with the fbi, and making it harder for the fbi to do their business. rosanna: lots of people are supporting apple. juliet is checking things out for us. juliet: technology is over my head. basically apple is angry with the government. apple according to the new york times is doubling down because of the anger and daring the feds
8:36 am
privacy and threaten to create the software that makes it more difficult if not impossible for the government to hack the iphones. the fbi basically demanded apple develop a brapd new software program to allow the government to get into the iphone by one of the san bernardino shooters. on world news tonight, apple's ceo tim cook is opening up and saying forced to go around the privacy setups is leading to dicey situation and slippery slope. >> the only way we know would be the write a piece of software that we view as sort of the software equivalent of cancer, it is bad news to write, we wouldn't write it, we have never written it, that is what is at stake here.
8:37 am
what is at stake here can the government compel apple to write software that we believe would make hundreds hof millions of customers world. >> look, if you are going to force us, if the government is going to force us to do this program, what are they going to force us to do next. by the way, the fbi had access to the terrorist's phone and after ten tries it is switching off the access key. rosanna: so they screwed it up? >> juliet: basically. they were finding out the information too late. it is a confusing thing. whether or not that the americans are supporting the fbi or apple, it is depending on which poll you are talking about.
8:38 am
fbi to be able to look at the terrorist's phone but not everything. >> greg: we want to see what rosanna is texting. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. rosanna: are you going to lock me out? greg: when does it say, how many tries until it is locking down. rosanna: if you lock me down, i am going to knock you out. i will get donald trump to punch you in the face. greg: just for minutes. okay. rosanna: use your own ipad. greg: yours is more interesting. rosanna: several media outlets in iran say they have added $600,000 to the bounty of the
8:39 am
greg: he wrote a book satanic verses. bounty was put out on his head in iran. if you kill this guy, we'll give you money, and guess, a couple of decades later the bounty is increased. >> he was on "good day new york." >> greg: i was out that day. rosanna: it doesn't seem it is stopping him. i have to say i met him at movie screenings and he's a man about town. greg: he is. any more details to get into here. $600,000 added to the bounty. they want him killed because of the book. i didn't read the satanic verses. it was a best seller.
8:40 am
little pictures z. moving on, the chairman of the civilian come mrapt board is facing criticism because of the choice of words. the ccrb chair, an attorney, legal aide attorney at one point. >> look at this head line, blass big, calling the cops pigs. rosanna: the unions are upset. mr. emery is facing controversy because his law firm represents a man suing a sergeant and officer, and he won't be driven out and the exact quote was this, here is the quote, i am not going to deprive the public and people who are abused by the police officers of have ks access to an excellent lawyers
8:41 am
like a pig. the heads of the associations are taking offensive of the use of that word. >> greg: read all about it in the daily news or on facebook. >> full house, right? >> i remember a little bit. john stammos. rosanna: yes. greg: wasn't my thing but they are talented. rosanna: hugely popular show and now a sequel, fuller house, coming out tomorrow. we talk to the remarkable things are happening at your local acme.
8:42 am
and we're getting better every day. cleaner. friendlier. fresher. like fresher meat and seafood. and fresher produce and hundreds of organics. to top it off! we' re lowering thousands of prices throughout the store. get lean cuisine favorites entrees. 5 for $10 when you buy 5. and hatfield center cut pork chops or roast $1.99 a pound when you buy 3 pounds or more. low prices, great quality, and friendlier service.
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. ones that can kill you fast. ones that can change how you see yourself. ones that can take away
8:44 am
there are 16 different types of cancer caused by smoking. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. greg: who is this? rosanna: this woman sued johnson and johnson and they are paying her $72 million and she died from cancer. well a jury in missouri ruled the the ovarian cancer was caused by baby powder. classic. dr. raj, sorry this woman had this happen. baby powder is the cause? >> this is controversial, the jury made this decision, but johnson and johnson is appealing this. when you talk to the ovarian
8:45 am
not conclusive. there is increased risk of ovarian cancer, but most agree there are a number of causes of ovarian cancer and talc powder is not one of those. some some talc powder contained asbestos years ago. certainly it is not a definitive definitively link. it is unclear. >> what do we use it for? rosanna: i don't know, it feels good. >> used it in the diaper area for the little kids on the feet. now people are not using it on the children. that is a good idea, we don't
8:46 am
there are studies that shows increased risks. greg: well, do you want to take your chances with 12 random crazy people? we have been rejected being on the juries. >> did you want to be rejected? >> greg: no, they rejected me based on the answers. >> now to the flu, we are in the flu season, it is quite a severe season in the sense that the strain is affecting young healthy people and some died. the good news is that the cdc reported the the vaccine is more effective than last year. last year protected for 18% of the circulating strains and now 59% effective.
8:47 am
we hope you got the flu shot. at this point we are seeing increases in young people. greg: doctor, a lot of people are reluctant about the flu shots. rosanna: you had it last year. dr. oz give you the shot. greg: i know. he's the only one that can give it to me. no disrespect. rosanna: you department have one this year. the next time can you give him a flu shot? >> i will give him in shots. greg: it made my sick before. rosanna: i will put the rubbing alcohol on. >> thank you. >> thank you, dr. raj. rosanna: "good day" is taking a quick little break. greg: what is out there? rosanna: and actor travis.
8:48 am
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greg: one of the greatest songs of all times. michael jackson off the wall. rosanna: i know. greg: we have to brush up on the lyrics. rosanna: we are talking about michael jackson, oscar has gone missing. back in 1999 he brought the best picture oscar for gone to wind.
8:52 am
reporter he paid one and a half million dollars for it. he kept it at the estate. it is gone. executives would like to have it, it belongs to the kids. greg: i never saw gone with the wind. we miss michael jackson. you are looking at the footage of the neverland ranch. it is provided by a drone. rosanna: it is set to be part of the man in the mirror. greg: yes, it is the song in the background. we'll tun that up.
8:53 am
greg: okay. rosanna: they are trying to sell this, right? >> greg: that was quite a place. i liked the original video. back when people are making a change for the good. beautiful video. roz ross michael brought the property if '87 and asking price today, take a guess. greg: i know the answer, about a couple hundred million. and you have to maintain it. rosanna: maybe a hotel is interested in buying it. now to "american idol", the fate is resting in the hands of the viewers. okay. so i thought she did a great job.
8:54 am
judges say she improved a lot and has a lot of growth potential. rosanna: so do a lot of other people i know. greg: may the best person win.
8:55 am
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