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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  February 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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welcome. february is a little longer this month. monday the 29. juliet: we are going to have a big leap year parties. however, mike says this weekend is a different color. we have all the details. >> last night. wow. what a deep eight. listen to this. >> you have the combination of fact errors. >> he does not know how to do it.
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make a difference. >> a shooting of two police officers. the two cops were shot. especially if they are in their precinct. >> not are they supposed to. reportedly, he went home. also, this. a gunman at a manufacturing plant in kansas. we will tell you what is going on this morning. okay. what is the latest with apple? >> a are refusing to back down. >> they are pretty much legit. harder for the fbi to figure
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rosanna: did you stay up and watch the debate last night? greg: it was terrific. i think it is debatable who won. rosanna: they were throwing punches. i was like, how is this going to and? it almost felt like a schoolyard fight. greg: go to the video, if you can. the podiums were closer. it is kind of fun to watch. the republican debate last night on another network. super tuesday is tuesday. >> i never remember this many debates. it is wild to watch. sometimes a little disturbing.
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process, in a way. donald trump predicts this will be wrapped up very soon. mike, rosanna, we are having a party at 9:00 o'clock. >> we are having a party? this time, we are ready. we are celebrating the oscars. are you a little nervous? is the music going to be good? >> we arrived in our space suits. what else? >> i think that it is great. delivering hollywood to the hudson. it will be fun. >> there will be other people there.
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rosanna: we will see. >> some of the worst movies in the world. >> straight out of compton should have been on that list. has anyone seen the movie room? >> i have not. my opinion. greg: let's talk about the weather. >> we have the sunshine making a comeback even as we speak. not only is it cool, but we have wind coming in from the northwest. gusty. here we go again. it is friday. take a look at the maps. first of all, 38 degrees. that is 6 degrees below the normal high temperature.
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temperatures coming at us this weekend. thirty-two right now. thirty-two also in bridgeport. sustained winds coming in from the north and west. wind chill factors, gifts, it feels even colder. feels like 22 in newark. that is definitely a pretty good chill in the air. you your temperatures have come down 20-25 degrees. the clouds are starting to pick up for us here. the northwestern sections of the tri-state region early this morning. more significant snow is farther up to the north and west of us. we will see sunny skies coming back to us.
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fifty-five for you on sunday. we will keep it for several days in a row. highs near 60. we will take that. let's bring in nine as an see what is going on. >> i can see if. that angle is really getting in the way of the camera. the belt parkway. we have a dupree spell. it is definitely slowing everyone down. emergency repairs causing problems. that has been closed all morning long. emergency repairs. not sure if it is route 80. forty-six eastbound. let's go to our cameras. moving fine.
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or close to schedule. >> the republicans. they debated over on cnn. it was wild. it was intense. going after donald trump there in the middle. >> it was right from the very start of the debate. it got really ugly at times. robert moses is outside trump tower. what is going on, robert? >> good morning to you. marco rubio claimed that donald trump use illegal immigrant labor here. thing if he felt that border wall with mexico. this felt more like a playground fight with no adult supervision. would receive a hearty dose of
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you have been watching the wrong race. cruise and marco rubio trained their fire on trump. >> my mom was a maid at a hotel. you have brought in over 1000 people from all over the world. rubio offered this zinger. >> no. no. no. trump's land rubio for number of elite repeating himself in a past debate. >> let's talk about your new plan. >> we are going to make america great again. win, win, win. >> reporter: so far she has declined to release his tax returns.
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obviously. i think that people would understand that. >> i think that that would underscore the need for returns. ben carson, john kasich look dawn as the mud wrestling match unfolded at center stage. acknowledging former president george bush that was in the audience. >> he worked with ronald reagan to pass an effort to solve this problem. a path to legalization. that is a time when things worked. >> reporter: this, after all, was the last debate before super tuesday. the clashes were nothing short
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>> i told you that there is no adult supervision. the one question here is, will those attacks on trump have any affect of his performance on super tuesday. many think that child could have the nomination pop up by then. that is the latest live on fifth avenue this morning. back to you. >> it is amazing. we mentioned this before. commuting from the campaign trail. having the resources to do that. he has had better keep rates. it may not make a difference. >> it is hard when you are the target of every attack. he looked like he was ready to take them on. everybody came after him.
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i do not in fact cruise did very well. these debates, somebody makes a great showing. for a long time, it seemed to make no difference. >> let's talk about other news right now. scott forster has reportedly been stripped of his gun and shield. accused of clocking out after learning to his police officers were shot. >> one of your men shot. yes, he left home after he heard the news. basically, everyone in his apartment just about goes to the apartment to check on these shops. >> he was not even picking up those phone calls. both wounded officers were visited by the mayor and police
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activating the department planned. retired nypd lieutenant spent 24 years on the force. what he did was countless. >> passing on to someone else. he knows that it will be a long, long follow. too bad. you are a captain. that is what you do. >> right now, placed on modified duty. he could ultimately be fired or demoted. >> another mass shooting. three people were killed. the shooter himself was shot dead by police officer. >> this gunman was armed with an assault style weapon. the lawnmower parts companies,
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of that plan. they never sought any signs of trouble. >> it did not seem like this kind of god. >> the guy that shot the follow-up was right across the street from us. you just do not know people. >> one police officer that took it upon himself to heave ran towards the gunfire. he shot that gunman before he could wound or kill anybody else. >> authorities say that they have no motive for this. there were things that triggered this individual. >> what is the latest on this whole iphone debaise. >> i understand the apple
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help the fbi. they're making it even harder to do this. rosanna: teresa priolo has the very latest. >> what is more important? your national security or your privacy? >> the hardest question he has seen since law enforcement. apple is firing back at the federal government. investigators into the iphone. a phone that may contain information about who helped plan and finance the attack. thursday, the technology giant officially filed out paperwork. tim cook makes the argument that
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violates free speech. the pushback coming on the same day fbi director testified before the house intelligence committee. >> the code the judge has directed apple to write works only on this one phone. it is not a real thing. >> he stressed he understands the dilemma that apple faces. >> we will take you to a world where no one can look at your stuff. i step back and i say, law enforcement, which i am part of, really does save people's lives. >> speaking to abc news here is tim cook explaining why. >> there are a lot of bad guys in the world. you do not need to look forward to what is happening to our own
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personal information stolen by hackers. >> they say that they will go all the way to the supreme court with this, if it is in fact necessary. >> go fbi on this one. >> they do not want them going away and opening the door. >> it is just for this one phone. teresa, thank you very much. rosanna: a man on trial for a hate crime murder appears to videos. he was gunned down on may 8 and 2013. this guy right here have called him. this is the victim. >> he was shot. you will see him here in a
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this man. when carson and the other man followed her out less, he shot mr. carson . jurors were shown this video recorded by a police officer just after the murder. [inaudible] >> this is mr. morales moments after he was captured. >> he faces 30 years to life. this trial is not going well for him. the evidence seems to be overwhelming. >> we have to take a page rate. mikey, what is up? you coming to the party?
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rosanna: you look like you are going to the country club instead of going hollywood. >> i can rock it all. >> there you go. make sure that there is food and drink. making a quick little pop through yesterday. the whole crowd out there was real happy to see us. also, look at these guys. we had a good time. all worried about the wind and the rain that came through. great questions. great to see you. brewster and putnam county. anyhow, here is what we have out there for you today. partly cloudy skies. look at the wind still coming through.
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west and northwest. it makes it feel colder. feels like 21 in providence. the wind and temperature combination is a little frigid out there. very little going on for us here in the tri-state. we will keep an eye fall on things. that should be about it. a little instability. it should be out of the tri-state. just a few flurries. your temperatures will come up only a little. period 38 degrees is your high temperature today. thirty-eight is your heart today. it is a little more comfortable. we got to 55 for a high on sunday. we stay in the 50s for about
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here we go. we have a birthday shout out. that is to gianna here. have a fantastic one. the whole family loves you. she is getting ready to go off to school. a big friend of fox5. we will be there, rosanna and died. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on. hitting the roads and rails. >> good morning over an alleged offense. please tell him i said hello. the l.i.e., traffic slow. george washington bridge driving into the city, the upper level
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> all right.
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the 1993 world trade center bombing. this was international news when it happens. >> it sure was. it will be held at noon. the north poole at the 9/11 memorial in lower manhattan. the attack on february 6. the first terrorist attack on the world center. six people were killed. more than 1000 injured. six men were convicted for carrying out the bombing. >> they rented it. you know how they caught them, they went back to get their cash deposit. >> we may have some kind of resolution to what is going on in nassau county.
7:25 am
the sexting scandal. >> it was just a hoax. >> they never succeed each other. they could have been cut and pasted from other sites. investigators examined both of their cell phones and said no messages were ever exchanged. >> this document could not have been -- could have been created by anyone with an agenda. >> he said it right from the very beginning. worth about $50000. >> they were appropriate. the denials were very resourceful. he was righteous in all of this. all right. >> looking into the contracts,
7:26 am
new video has just been released. the owner was walking to his car. to go home or go somewhere. you see that guy in the red circle. he comes out of nowhere and he shoots the owner of the castle while he is sitting in the front seat of his car. >> police are searching for new leads in the 2014 hit. >> the owner of the castle. this has been a long time now. still no closure in this case. this video is now being made public. maybe you can help. this guy did shoot the owner of the castle right in the head. miraculously survived after being in the hospital for more than a week. >> i will take a peek outside,
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>> look at times square. what is going on there? >> pretty much nothing. look at all those empty tables there. >> i agree. rosanna: good day is coming right back. i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better.
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all right, with so what else? how about that debate? you say you don't remember as many last time around. >> i don't remember certainly even watching more than one debate last time around. rnl they were boring. >> they had plenty. but this time it's different with donald trump. >> a teabt every week or town hall had or something. j but there was last week or four years ago, whatever. now with trump in the picture it is competitive and interesting. people are watching and talking about it. what do you think about that? do you think he's going to win? >> you know, i don't know. it kind of gets it doesed before -- i think he might be the republican nominee. >> it looks that way. can he beat hillary clinton because i think she'll get the democratic nod. >> all kind of problems she's got. seen what's happened to her and people saying behind scenes
7:31 am
what about mike bloomberg, is he serious? >> you don't know. a totally tifnt election period, and so the old rules we should just throw out when we have pundits those are old days we are in new days. >> ambassador to italy you have to make a decision day. maybe you thought he was kid. >> a lark starting to wonder if we have to say good-bye to our good day audience and i'll be moving to the vatican. >> easy there, easy you don't have to get kiferled by u.s. senate. they asked a lot of questions. [laughter] all right so we'll see. mikey what job would you like if a friend of yours became president. what would you like to be? >> that's a question. can i be like wing man?
7:32 am
social secretary. >> you would be good. >> put in a good word with the [laughter] looks like it's happening. i tell you. >> you never know. let's get you up and running here big changes today. sunny skies out there but cooler temps are back too and all on windy side as well. winds gusty from the west northwest bringing in cool air. take a look at the maps and show you what's in store this upcoming weekend. keeping sunshine around and temps lackluster today on the chilly side but on sunday high up to 55 degrees that's ten degrees warmer than normal. so yeah i think a lot of folks will enjoy that. spring fever thing. this weekend we may get a current temperature at central park. not considering winds. same in newark, belmar and bridgeport and it's a big drop in temperatures around tristate. we lost 20 degrees from 24 hours
7:33 am
25 in sussexing and 24 degrees cooler in monticello. there's that wind that we're talking about pretty good one coming from the northwest 15 to 25 miles per hour sometimes gusting a little bit higher. but clouds are breaking up and therefore more sunshine forward through the day. not a lot going on to kick up showers here in the tristate. there are higher elevations with some of the moisture coming in off the great lakes. but here, no. we don't have much going on at all. sunny. high temp up to 38. breezy throughout the day. 40 for you tomorrow. 55 on sunday one of the warm ones. 58 on monday and lower 50s for first half of the upcoming week and cooler weather from wednesday on. let's bring in -- ines, and see what is happening. sunshine out there and wind too. >> good morning mike yeah a little bit of everything this morning, and emergency construction going on here. route 80 eastbound by exit 23
7:34 am
delays through there. slow approaching verrazano bridge. lane. and then problem on belt parkway by flatbush avenue. a object slowing everyone down. that's westbound. eastbound side two problems there's one by cross bay boulevard and one by pennsylvania avenue both are accidentings. cameras with your commute on l.i.e. by terry road traffic okay. no problem westbound or eastbound as for cross bronx here on alexander hamilton bridge you have traffic slow ed hg to jerome avenue with exit delays on deegan. trains on or close. greg and rosanna. flts costume guys in times square, trouble again. remember about two years ootion it was the summer of those costume guys always getting into it. >> invite aside few including batman. >> that batman arrested earlier this week for some sort of altercation and trying to steal money. we know him ppg he's been on the
7:35 am
what will happen nec here? hi stacey delikat with more. >> batman's name jose martinez in the last incident reports heard it happeninged 8:30 at night on wednesday. he was poz posing for her with an irish tourist and stole 50 from one of the wallet when is she gave him a tip and ran off. he was apprehended and someone snapped a picture of that man being put into handcuffs and put into the police van. that was posted on the twitter by a it better times scwir. now he's been charge west side pee tees larceny and criminal possession of stolen property. he denied allegations outside of court to the new york potion this is not the first time and he's been on our show before, and when had he was you guys asked him about what he does out in times square. here's he had to say about his process of getting tips.
7:36 am
to take pictures, give me tips, so people there are willing to love it. >> now, martinez is not the first person who dresses as a character to get in trouble here in times square. there's been ongoing controversy for years not just with the character but with painted lead t ladies an mayor de blasio vowed to make reforms. some are wondering when do reforms take effect among things that have been discussed in the past year or possibly taxing tips of the characters. as well as creating different zones for the characters about to in. here's what the mayor said about the plan when asked about it yesterday. >> much more nypd presence. much more aggressive enforcement going to continue that. we have the process underway of coming up with a zone where costume characters can do their work and others where they
7:37 am
>> well, as for jose marten rks z batman arrested in the past. "daily news" reports he was issued a summons earlier this month for being here on father duffy square where characters are not supposed to be. he's taking qualms and assumed the city for wrongful arrest two times in the past. interesting to see what happens with this latest incident. greg and rosanna. >> pretty soon rosanna it is time for another undercover investigation by us. >>s we already went elmo and big bird. >> we have to check out what's going on there again. maybe i'll be batman, you superman. smg i'm a disnudist. >> i'll be there and your painter/body guard. we sensed there koib problems because even now you --
7:38 am
you put the costume on you become disinhibited rosanna you were -- [laughter] you went nuts a little bit. >> i did but i was looking for a reaction with a camera. >> you enjoyed anonymity. >> something to say about that too. interesting situation. take a look at this please the walk, a guy under arrest they bring him out of the station house, the man in the middle there with a hands behind his back. mustache former police clef of suffolk county a couple of months ago he remains in jail. >> james burke, what we're hearing now is he may be considering a guilty plea in a civil rights violation case. >> here he is during happier day he's charminged with a 2012 bating of a man suspected of stealing sex toys and pornography from his suv. >> from the police chief suv. >> covering up the incident. the police chief resigned in
7:39 am
he was arrested in diecious december on rights of conspiracy to justice. hearing a plea might be in the works. we'll have more information later today. who is going to be the next president of the united states? there's an academic predict going back several election cycles an suggest that donald trump 97% chance will be the next president of the united states. >> interesting jennifer spoke to him about about how he's been so accurate. >> model has accurately predicted winner of every presidential election since 1912. all of this except for 1960 when jfk beat nixon in one of the closest races in u.s. history and professor is right about this one, guess who will be the 4 5th president of the united states?
7:40 am
donald it's going to be donald trump. >> based on a candidate primary performance and electoral cycle pattern shows trump has 97% chance of beating hillary clinton come november. he has a better shot of beating bernie sanders at 99%. it is also likely that republicans will take control of the white house in 2016. >> party changes control of the white house after sort of two to three times. it's not quite two terms but u two and three terms. but at the two terms it's very open. whether the party keeps control or not. with trump leading polls in most states that vote on super tuesday and winning three out of four gop primaries this year, his success surprises him perhaps as much as it surprised the gop establishment. >> i don't recall it shall other election where is somebody would
7:41 am
looks like the front runner. >> do you think more establishment orr yentsed republican voters maybe the first time we've seen it that they have not been in support of who will likely be the republican nominee >> yeah. yeah. and somebody -- somebody is able to get that point it will happen. >> what strikes him about this year's election it is never where you have a clear front runner on republican side and democrats side there's a intense battle. it make it is difficult to predetective which democratic nominee trump will go against in the election. jennifer, fox fife news. >> jennifer reporting. thank you. >> let's talk about major league baseball. they're finally crack down on flies like this one. flesh >> reck this? took out during the championship
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that. (vo) when i first took jake home we ate anything. until i decided we both needed to eat better. now jake gets purina cat chow naturals indoor a nutritious formula for indoor cats with no artificial flavors. it helps to control hairballs and maintain a healthy weight. so these days, we're both eating better. naturally!!
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. uplift your mood with hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl. dd perks members, indulge in a medium hot or iced latte or macchiato for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back everyone friday going off to the koot start. temps came down with clouds in
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out for us here. this is what it feels like because temps 2 but 22 for you newark as well as bridgeport and islip uniform across the tristate and a pretty strong is winds coming in from the nest. that's going to keep it feeling cooling and also pulls down keel or air but snow flakes up to the northwest that's going to be a -- situation where they stay up to the northwest of us. not much makes it to us. mountain creek machine room conditionings with 34 its trays open. hunter mountain sweat snow there and 46 trails are open there. going forward through the day sunny skies. 38 tomorrow. cool for next couple of days but it warms up nicely with warm temps as well. there we go. by the way birthday shoutout to milly hope you have a fantastic birthday. looking fantastic for you there as well as oh, this is star son deive.
7:46 am
pal sorry, your ma, huge good day fan. happy birthday bud. bring in ines see the roads. well it's friday. dry. isis it that bad? >> tappan zee bridge normal delays. slower, sun glare that's a big issue morning. 78 doing fine. 280 slow spot as you approach route 21. take a look at staten island expressway by bradley avenue moving fine to veer dismoan. closer you will encounter delays there's also a stall cleared away at the lower level. hudson river crossings 45 inbound. upper 15. 15 on lower. lincoln tomb with a 15 minute delay from both approaches. greg and rosanna had. >> thank you very much. we have big news today right about the rules of baseball banned rolling block slides. remember this chase from the dodgers took out during the championship series and broke
7:47 am
>>terrible happeninged during the national league series. chased out ruben's leg he was suspended for the play by the way. so new change technician coming. mets and yankees players may have to -- spit out their chewing tobacco for good. ferghts city health department wants to ban chewing tobacco that's a closeup looks like weed there. >> terrible. me in the military i chewed tobacco. stop it is a filthy habit but it gives you a kick. they want to see citi field and yankees stadium. they have jurisdiction. >> not practical and enforcement will be a problem. at this point it's just legislation you know pending legislation but health department is backing it. see what happens next. >> taking a quick look at sports
7:48 am
terse in st. louis -- henrik lundqvist all time leader in saves as they win it 2-1. devils on road four goals losing 6-1 the final. islanders -- in calgary, canada let's see they won it 2-1 in overtime. goods for islanders from union dale. j out in phoenix two of the nba worst teams i'm sorry. but nets came out strong, and this one, they won it. thank goodness 116-106. >> rose it is from cool shoes. >> what is -- >> cool kids are saying it. listen up. >> dan, daniel. >> so apparently this kid in california. name is daniel. joshua posted several of these videos featuring his friend
7:49 am
the videos has gotten to popular it landed them a spot on the ellen delaware jean is degeneres show. >> i'll post this on my senate shot story. so i'm like daniel -- daniel out of nowhere. contemplating on sneakers but now it's like mike woods does a pushup that's impressive like dan, daniel. >> i have emoji that says that. i didn't know what it meant. i thought the sizes somebody's feet. now it means nothing. >> consider yourself hip and cools no it means when it moons. this is how it started if you're complimenting somebody it shall may not be saying this in two minutes. >> it is uncool look the selfie
7:50 am
dan, daniel what else? >> wow, you got swag when you say that. tourists up there on that thing. tsmght all right, good day is coming right back. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. think about it there must be higher love down in the heart what do you think?
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hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you' re going to like these numbers. bring me a higher love
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attention parents: before school this september r all kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at >> all right kesha that controversy is not die down. this morning another protest
7:53 am
>> in a huge contract dispute with kesha and with sony and producer. that guy sexually assaulted her. apparently judge says you have to work together that's why this thing is going. judge refused to let her out of the rosser recording contract. claims this producer raped and abused her. adele got awards in brit tang the ore thielgt. night she supported kesha. lady gaga made talk about it in the oscars always supporting kesha. dr. luke denies allegations say they made them up as an excuse to get out of the contract. >> captain kirk played by william shatner. first star trek episode aired in
7:54 am
almost 50 years ago. major 50 9 anniversary, and he will be there for a major event in new york to celebrate the 50th. >> at the javits center and hundreds of trekies are will show up. >> too bad he died last year. >> my pal will be there -- >> oh, boy anyway. so couple of things going on, you know oscars are on sunday, and thank you to the committee who by the way -- sent us all of the film they wanted us to see everything before sunday. >> we binge watched every film nominated quite frankly some i had not heard about. a focus group and they filmed us watching the movies. please. keep our theater clean by disposing trash in the containers, and remember concern
7:55 am
[inaudible] enjoy the show. for five years made life in that small room as nurturing and normal as you could. >> you are not to discuss with anyone outside of this room. we're engaged in a war. with the soviet union -- this is not for the moment involvement of arms. dear rose, i miss you and mother and think about you every day. most importantly i have a job and i'm in a boardinghouse. [inaudible] [crying] >> to my family --
7:56 am
it home. you think you've got something. need to focus on the institution. show in the game from the top, down. never at war. eventually things go sour. when the hell did we forget all of that? it is by my hand -- you will rise. from the ashes. [laughter]
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>> hello "good day new york." how are you doing greg? we've made it to friday. >> all is well oscars on sunday with party in an hour. let's talk look outside l sha we. weather wise what do we have going on?
8:00 am
what? >> sunny warm and cool. >> but you need to get through friday first. mike has details coming up >> captain in hot water after two police officers were shot reportedly he went home. it happened in his district. here's one of the cops after he was released from the hospital. but you know when a cop is shot it is hands on dc everybody responds to one captain he had responsibility in that area report think went home to staten island. >> let's talk about last night. something about last night greg did you watch that gop debate? it got crazy. right from the very top, take a listen. thssments guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. you have a combination of factors -- he can't do it for the obvious reason. >> all kind of name calling last nights.
8:01 am
over donald trump. donald trump knows how to fight back. it was a little ugly at times. see what happens next and see if this debate makes a difference. wasn't the donald trump best debate but may not make a difference. if you look closely at this picture the guy on the right that's batman being arrested yep. another one of those costume characters getting into trouble in times square. it actually batman we met before a couple of times. >> he's been to our home good day new york city apparently he wanted a tip from smob who wouldn't give him money so -- got in trouble an hour away from an awesome party. we have decent parts around here. going to be wine, food, and in the morning -- we actually couple of years we dressed up in costumes. we had all kind of people over. it wasn't just us rosanna. now, we are decorated. we got a great theme here.
8:02 am
is the food and guy? >> andrej sworg is working on it. kinds of company it is decorated but hopefully another awesome party. we started these years ago usually everybody leaves happy and sometimes a little drunk. >> you know who else will show up james who i loved in the following. he's going to be here in a new show coming with the guy from the wired michael kenneth william. >> a lot of wired fans here. juliet screams like this is her show. you've been on already. [laughter] we're number one. >> hug is out i love juliet. let's talk about it mike. what's going on. let's go to talk to you about the weather. >> yep. well we have a big change out there today from we had yesterday so warm, and showers
8:03 am
now it's all gone. skies are clearing out but man keeler outside and feels colder than it actually is. take a look at what we have out there. temps that is still dropping 31 here. 33 in newark. 33 also in islip. we've got 38 3-3 in bridgeport too so these temps are about 20, 25 degrees cooler than it was 24 hours ago. a 24-degree drop for you central park. monticello. 27 cooler than it was in poughkeepsie so a huge drop in temperatures. thanks to colder air back behind that front that dropped mild, and finally that cold air is here. u now we have the northwest wind 8 to 18 miles per hour pulling in cool or. that will continue to come at us through the day today and that's why your temps are limited this afternoon with below norm high temps rolling at us. the the trough keep it is gong but snow showers stay to the nest and we're going to enjoy a
8:04 am
up to about 38 degrees today. a little colder than normal. 55 on sunday. that's why your temps get into the 50s sunday through wednesdays. and shower chances are picking up wednesday into thursday. all right let's bring you over to ines rosales and see if wind may causing problems with getting around town. what's up? >> good morning mike problems for sure emergency construction on route 80 eastbound be exit 26 one lane closed so heavy delays all morning long. 46 right underneath route 80 actually you should that overpass. you have construction there. closing a lane,s as far as your commute in queens whoot stone expressway there's a stalled truck southbound right by northern boulevard back up on white stone bridge. bqe emergency construction has a lane closed there. cameras a look at long island by northern state parkway by 106, 107 eastbound traffic at a
8:05 am
there's an accident on westbound side a little stop and go but it is moving. bqe to the brooklyn bridge normal slowdown. traffic backed up to belt merge on gowanus. slow to jerome avenue. you have exiting delays on teigen. southbound moving fine with new jersey transit signal problem in and out of penn station a ten to 15 minute they with trains. as far as rest of the transit everything on or close. greg and rosanna. j thank you very much ines. captain for nypd has been tripped of his gun and shield accused of turn his become on his foal low officers. >> two officers were shot last weekend, and well when officers are shot it's kind of an all hands on deck situation. but the police captain, again reportedly after he found out about this went home ib stef responding to the scene. let's go to our reporter juliet huddy she has more on all of the this. good morning, juliet. >> scott forrester shift just
8:06 am
crown heights brooklyn. ty typically in situations like this a so-called hospital plan essentially concludes in. officers mobilize, supporting family members and each other. but instead of staying put providing leadership and assistance captain forrester bolted leaving a situation no family of a officer ever wants to deal with. double police shooting officer hit in the hip. another took a bullet, both visited by mar joe your and policeer at the hospital. the officer that hospital was the place that this officer forrester was supposed to be. both injured officers by the way have been since released. robert spent 23 years on the force. he said what captain forrester did was callus. >> he's going to pass on to someone else. he knows it's going to be a long, long, long follow eight hours. but too bad you're a cop and
8:07 am
>> what happens when you blow off fellow boys in blue placed on modified duty and possibility of a demotion to lieutenant. we reached out to the endowment association they didn't want to comment. suspect in the shooting jay malice is currently in critical condition. police say he fired at officer it is after rams a squad car and investigators are till trying to determine if one of those officers was hit by friendly fire so investigation continues on that one. >> last night a big debate -- republican debate on cnn, and rosanna once again it wases fascinating, funny. sometimes disturbing. . it was well because ted cruz and marco, you rubio going at it with donald trump. but trump able to hold his own. >> depend who you ask who won whob lost. super tuesday is tuesday this coming tuesday. did any of this mawk a difference?
8:08 am
of donald trump's home. trump tower on fifth avenue. hi there, rocket. >> good morning to you. the reason we're here is because trump tower figured largely in the debate last night. marco rubio claimed that trump has used e lisle immigrant lay or boarers here, and he says that trump would do the same when he builds that wall at the mexican border. this debate devolved quickly into a free for all. >> welcome to texas. if you thought donald trump would receive a hearty dos of southern hospitality, well you've been watching the wrong presidential race. instead of attacking each other as they have in past debates cruz and marco train their fire on trump for being hypocritical on immigration. m my mom was a maid at a hotel instead of hiring american line her you have brought in a thousand people to fill jobs instead.
8:09 am
>> hired a 200 million dollars. hasn't fin laterred it -- watches trump slammed rubio for repeating himself in a past debate. >> watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. it was a meltdown. serve -- >> rubio and cruz pressured trump to release recent tax returns so far he has declined to do. >> being audited now for two or three years so i can't to it until awe tit is finished, obviously. people would think again. >> donald say he's audited that would underscore is need to release those returns. ben carson and john kasich looked on as mud wrestling match unpotedded at center stage. kasich acknowledged george bush
8:10 am
>> he worked with ronald reagan to pass an fort to try to solve this problem. path to legalization. this gofer all last debate before super tuesday and clashes nothing short of epic. >> donald relax. >> you're a basket case. >> go heated. don't get nervous. nothing about you that makes anyone nervous pps. >> ted cruz told dump to get become on meds it resembled more of a playground pooght request no adult supervision as you could very well hear that is the latest outside trump tower. greg and rosanna over to you. >> we're going to stay is on this rosanna and i stayed up late, in fact.
8:11 am
but i have to say it wouldn't let up. talk about high energy. it was high energy. >> how about this rosanna, the proximity so close to each other. i mean, at one point i thought it was going to get physical. you know what i mean? >> so funny i thought the same thing. what's going to here next particularly cruz and trump it got nasty. >> like a schoolyard fight. flghts without the fifth. political debate bore me many this one did not. i want to bring in chris wallace right now. chris from washington, d.c. host of fox news sunday. chris, what do you think of last nooght in who won if anybody, can you say ?e >> first go back to exactly what rosanna said, i thought it was a schoolyard fight. frankly i thought it was kind of embarrassment to republican party if you saw anybody there acting like a president then got better eyesight than i do.
8:12 am
pretty good night he scored some punches and scored some point against donald trump. i don't think he looked presidential doing so. but it was an entertaining television but not a particularly good night for the republican party. >> that ted cruz sorry marco rubio he looks so yuck to -- young to me. so young. >> in his 40s. same age as ted cruz. but i agree that he looks younger. other point this is a lot of people are saying in the beltway rubio did make effect five points and tried cut into his image as working class hero says he talks about helping working people and he's going to get jobs, yet he hires illegals and he'll take people with visa
8:13 am
effective line of attack where was it two or three months ago. awfully asty guess yogi bear said get late early and to start this before super tuesday, after trump has won three contests in a row, it is maybe too late. >> interesting to see how it plays out. rules for campaigning are completely ripped up, thrown out. we have a whole new book i guess to write on these things and pundits they're scratching their heads. they don't know what to believe anymore. chris. >> look drurp has rewritten the script for 2016. idea of what trump gets away any more politician tried to say he would get murdered. it's interesting i don't think trump had a goods night having said that he had a bad night
8:14 am
bush on iraq in 2011 in south carolina and ended up winning that contest so you know, some people are starting to call him teflon trump and see what happens on the polls on tuesday. >> any plans for sunday you've got your show day after tomorrow. >> we know -- we know one of the people we're going to have that's it'd cruz and nobody has more writing on super tuesday he's defending home court in texas. biggest state in terms of the most dell tbats on super tuesday and if he loses there, and in his home state i don't see how
8:15 am
that's one of the reasons he was >> included women who weren't skinny minis on the cover. fng one of them features ashley graham she's known as a plus sized molds she looks great. former covergirl cheryl, super-duper polgd from the 70s and 80s there she is. >> that was 1983 she's come out publicly against putting the larger size women on the front page. >> criticizing "sports illustrated" saying it's glamorizing full figured women. a woman's waist should be small or than 35 inches. ashley has a beautiful face but doesn't think is healthy in the long run. now as you can expect cheryl
8:16 am
on social media for comments. plenty of people were shaking their heads at this. >> cheryl one more time let's tack a look at those days. what do we know about her? >> still out there and looks pretty glam. but outspoken, and -- i don't know. the conversation can continue on social media i don't think i want to dive into that. >> let's avoid it mike woods what's up? >> not quite baa keys bah bikini weather. >> on the the almanac 44 afnlg high and 1 average low. that's what we dropped it to but highs com in short of the average for this time of the year. 28 degrees in sussex. 21 in monticello and windchill factor feels like 23 in bridgeport feels look 20 in islip and 25 in montauk so it's a chilly start to the day but
8:17 am
expected. we have snow upstream and even flurry it is early this morning in our extreme northwestern counties looks nice and dry but spill across the tristate region. as we roll forward we'll keep it sun gnu from today into tomorrow. both of those two days will be on cool side with temperatures a little bit below normal. but as we get into sunday winds come in more from the south that brings back warmer temperatures. high above normal at that time. today high 48 for you. tomorrow up to 40. don't forget it's also quite breezy today too. 5 is your high on sunday. warm for four days in a row. shower chances back to us wednesday into thursday. fox 5 weather app has daily and hourly forecast. download it at the apple and google play store. it travels well with you too. got some birthday shoutouts quite a few as a matter of fact mike looking great and then we
8:18 am
shop kin and great adventure happy birthday to you. last but not least is thomas. turning two happy birthday to you from your opt mary ann. wow so many birthdays out there. >> enjoy your birthdays kids. you have emergency construction going on. slowing things down a bit and taconic southbound by saw mils has a lane blocked. expressway is doing good. gowanus traveling inland belt to gowanus second exit you have a stall blocking lane. spots there's earlier incidents with accident debris spill and see u how eastbound side it is moving slow from the bridge pretty much cross bay bridge up to the van we can and westbound. southern state parkway accident off to the the side here this is westbound northern state parkway after the sea ford oyster bay
8:19 am
jorge washington bridge upper level there's a ten to 15 minute delay on upper level. rest of the approach is good into the city and then 15 holland. greg and rosanna. >> see you at the party 9:00 bring something fancy. >> we're getting dressed up too by the way. i know you like your dunkin' donuts every u now and then. >> i like german chocolate cake. >> your favorite. >> there's a sushi chef who is using dunkin' donuts and he's making them into i guess -- >> looks like sushi a donut rots. takes donuts and makes them look fancy. scoops out filling slices donuts and carefully assembles them together in a layered roll. that looks kind of delicious. sushi by the way that is not roe on top but jelly. roe is fish eggs.
8:20 am
he live? >> i don't know but not around here otherwise we would be calling out and posting that in a second. >> in a story i have fluent me identified as he and him. hold on one second here please this is cool. master sushi chef, uki -- can turn just about anything into an incredibly appetizing platter of sushi he's done this with mcdonald's. with a big mac from mcdonald's. a kfc chicken pot pie and now duncan do now thes just when my waistline needs. shall we talk about our oscar party because we have to get reside. we're getting dressed up. we have a big party. we have people coming. >> you see this not the is this rind auditorium but studio five. studio five right here -- east 57th street to have 50 people. friends, family, well wishers, we have a fashion show. we're going to talk movies,
8:21 am
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>> all right let's get down to business because fox means business. are you in the market or for a home might be the time to buy one because mortgage rates are low and has been historically low. 3.62% that's the lowest in a year. since last february, so this might as far as folks to buy a home new home sales plunging in january. down more than 9% and can jump in the market as well. restoration hard war 10 million sofas guess what their mirror is not there anymore because their customers are invested in the stock market usually higher end clientele and their portfolio taken a huge hit because of what
8:25 am
and not buying as much of our stuff anymore >>. >> the last part? >> feeling higher income shopper slow down because of the effects of the stock market on their portfolio. >> how much was your desk from there? >> i never look at it anymore. >> i want to buy nails and screw, ware that i wouldn't know how to put on. lauren appreciate it. >> else is going on? >> obsessed with the serial killer on the following. a tv show he's with michael k. williams if you follow the wire he's unbelievable. anyway they're teaming up, they have a new tv show on the sun
8:26 am
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new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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fln >> this is our tradition on fridays. rosanna: we are celebrating native new yorkers or any version. people out there and jogging. this weekend it is going to warm up. this is part of the tradition on friday at 8:30. native new yorkers and nose who aspire. who wish they were born in this great city of ours. greg: they don't wish. half of the city coming from some place else. rosanna: we are celebrating a native new yorker no longer with
8:30 am
greg: on this day, 1916, jack ri gleason was born. rosanna: in brooklyn. greg: i forgot -- rosanna: the famous character. greg: the great one, jackie grew up in bensonhurst. a talented guy. you can see the reruns. he had a hard life, rosanna. his father checked out early. his mother had it tough. rosanna: i don't think he was the best student, but he was funny. greg: he was a funny kid in the neighborhood. not doing so well in school. he went to hollywood initially. didn't do well there. he returned here to night club/emcee comedian. his skills on the stage, boy,
8:31 am
rosanna: he was 71 years when he died in 1987. greg: i saw his house in florida street. rosanna: of course you have. greg: we did a honeymooner's skit. rosanna: i was alice. greg: we recreated the scene. rosanna: make it a little bigger. greg: you are getting it. he was perfect in there. any way, happy birthday jackie gleason. rosanna: yes, rest in peace. he's entertaining upstairs. to the weather, mike woods. mike: we are doing well. a lot of birthdays today. we have a list. rosanna: oh, we have a big list.
8:32 am
a lot of them. we are happy it is friday. to what is happening out there. the temperatures are cooler than yesterday at the same time. we have dropped 20-25 degrees. so that is significant drop. here is a look at the forecast here. throughout the day today, breezy and cold, lots of sunshine out there for you. on tomorrow, saturday, sunny skies, chilly and turning milder for us on sunday. it is a little lackluster with the temperatures. 33 newark. same thing in bridgeport. 31 central park. that's what's happening with the winds coming in with the winds in islip. 35-mile-per-hour gusts in islip. the clouds are breaking up. a lot of sunshine coming up. not much going upstream with the snow.
8:33 am
and breezy and cold for this time of the year. the high temps normally 44. 38 is a little shy. 40 tomorrow. 55 much warmer on sunday and the winds are coming in from the south and staying in the 50s for a while and showers on wednesday into thursday. all right, we are looking at the commuting situation. the camera shot is shaking out there. ines: yes, it is sunny. we have a lot of delays. whitestone bridge slow southbound. an earlier stall. the l.i.e. normal delays headed to queens boulevard. to the l.i.e., over by round swamp road traffic is moving fine. fdr drive delays southbound by 611st street. an accident being cleared there. southbound delays there on the fdr drive.
8:34 am
lincoln tunnel drive into the city, 30 minutes. holland tunnel, george washington bridge, gwb is doing fine. new jersey transit in and out of penn 20 minute delays. >> greg: going to cast of the characters. mike woods was a perfect ed norton. protrayed by mike woods, the best. we have to tell you, we need to put the skit online. how ya ralph. rosanna: he did a nice job. fwreg greg mike woods is act. rosanna: let's talk about times square and people like to dress up as characters in times square. they are having problems again. batman was aest ared and he
8:35 am
tourist that wouldn't tip him. greg: he's been a guest on this show. hi, stacy. >> good morning. we have seen the first of the characters out here this morning, in fact, we had many around here, there at the corner, we are standing at duffy scare where the characters are not supposed to be. batman getting in trouble, former guest on "good day new york", it was 8:30 wednesday night and he reportedly taking a picture with two irish tourists and he snatched $50 and ran off. here is a picture of someone snapping the picture of him being arrested.
8:36 am
the court, he told the new york post he's innocent and he didn't do it. of course, this is not the first time that the characters have been in trouble and not the first time he's been in trouble. when he was on "good day new york", here is what he said about the tips in times square. >> you say to the people when done to take pictures give me tips. they love it. >> reporter: so martinez say that the tourists love it and many do like their pictures with the characters and don't mind tipping them. but over the years there are a number of issues with the characters, issues with the money and assaulting and complaints about the painted ladies. mayor deblasio is vowed to make changes.
8:37 am
>> much more nypd appearance and enforcement. we have the process underway of coming up with a zone where characters can do their work and other areas where they can't. >> reporter: the mayor said if the nypd is made aware of a trend regarding the characters they are going to take action and step up the enforcement more. as for martinez, batman, he's been aest ared here before, the daily news reports he was ticketed this month being out here in the duffy square. he's also spoken up himself and filed two lawsuits against the city for wrongful arrests. we'll see what happens with the latest case. again, the characters in the news for the wrong reasons. >> stacy, thank you so much. greg is getting ready for the oscar party.
8:38 am
i will be too. we have a special show for the 9:00 hour. we have skits, foods, gift bags, we have stars, we have got james and michael williams. they are here as well. we have a great fashion show with twins. don't go any smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.
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rosanna: all right shs it is cold outside and that guy needs gloves. people don't like to use them because of using their phones and how high-tech stuff to buy. ben simmoneau catching up with people with the great gear. hello, ben. where are you? >> we are in the park, a lot of people in the park. it is rush hour. out exercising, the joggers, the bikers, and it is cold out here and a lot of people with the cell phones. i have my phone tucked into the mitten here.
8:42 am
helps you out in the cold. check out this jacket. it is a heated jacket. these are a couple of the items we help you to get through the new york winters. winter in new york, or los angeles. >> if we can bring the california sunshine to places like that us, that would be great. >> l.a. inventor likes new york but not the weather and sets out to warm it up with the battery power heated wear. >> imagine taking a heated blanket with you. the perfect place to meet him at central park just inside of the inventor inventor's gate. >> this is our puffy jacket. >> the clothes are running from the battery packs. >> it is simple plug it in.
8:43 am
and you actually have, you can adjust the temperature to your liking. press and hold, the light comes on. that is the high setting. you can change the level of the heat. look at that. red white blue. >> i want to do red. i can feel that already. it is amazing. >> how long is it going to last? >> on this setting unto ten hours. >> those who work outside and there are hoody ies hoodies, hats, gloves, scarves and belts. talk about the cost. how much are they running? >> more than your traditional clothing, a hundred to $200. >> if you want to warm up, check out these gloves. >> i wanted a mitten to wear every day, comfortable, not
8:44 am
gloef. >> this is multimitt, one size fits all. valerie is the creator. >> you can remove the hood. i'm a texter and my hands get hot and then cold and hot again, i like the removable of the thumb. and fingers to text with. she was inspired to create a better gloef. >> do you have a phone? >> i do. >> i am putting you to the test. oh, i'm not scared. >> this is a big phone with the case, right. so we made, we are having these gloves for a few years and this year we upsided the pocket because of the demand for the bigger phones. >> the other glove holds id, credit cards and doggy bag.
8:45 am
my favorite part you don't even have to take the case off. you are feeling freer and lighter. >> all right. one more, this is a beanie, one voice, it is blue tooth. it has a set of earphones built in and wear it, listen to music, talk on the phone. no wires. you are the pair the hat with the phone. a lot of interesting items. we have all of the information at rosanna: thank you, ben. you sent me those gloves. you can put in the iphone and no fingers and you can text. i love this. talk about leonardo dicaprio. everybody is talking he's probably going to win best actor role for his role in "revenant." we have oscar predictions coming up. we have a party, food, booze, stars. you name it.
8:46 am
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>> rosanna: did you watch "american idol" last night. it was so good. kelly clarkson back again, a guest judge and performed a song that brought her and the judges and the audience to tears. the song is called piece by piece and it is about a man that puts his family first. and her dad didn't do that. they were all crying. she was the first winner back in 2002 and she's pregnant and we
8:50 am
america voted to keep gianna from new jersey. she made it to the top ten last night. next week the competition is tougher. two more singers are eliminated. it is getting good. yesterday, i sat down with angela angela bahsette. i sat down to talk to her about the diversity and angela is talking about this. she's got a new movie coming out london has fallen. yesterday we talked about the oscars. >> i am happy for chris and support him for being in the room. he's a phenomenal host,
8:51 am
moment and for this time and for this conversation and dialogue. it is exciting, you know, i played a female head of the secret service. but we in the movies we made it so, and a year later it became so. you know, so, so art changes, why do art if you don't mean to make a statement or a change or shine a light. rosanna: well, change is coming to the oscars soon. we love talking to angela. and more of the interview next week. london has fallen is coming out next friday. coming up, i have to change. james, my favorite serial killer on tv is back. he's no longer in the following,
8:52 am
everyone is talking about this show. i am seeing both of them coming up. ready for the "good d again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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8:55 am
mike: you are the facebook fan of the hour. thank you for writing wonderful things about us on facebook. if you want the facebook fan of the hour, write nice things and you could be next. there you go. we have set up with the forecast. good friday morning. we have a good looking weekend coming up. a little chilly today and tomorrow. tomorrow 40 degrees. it is getting warmer on sunday. sunday sunny skies and mild, high up to 50 degrees. you are going to feel good out there. today and tomorrow, a little lackluster with the temps. 32 at central park. 33 in newark. 32 allentown. 21 monticello. the windchill factor is out there. here is what we have, windchill
8:56 am
feels like 22 newark. same thing in belmar. and 19 feel like in poughkeepsie. at least the sunshine is making a comeback. earlier we had the cloudy skies and now the clouds are breaking up and moving out to sea. a little light snow outside of the tristate region. we had snow showers around northwest new jersey. a few snow showers in the northeast, but not in the tristate. we are cool and breezy today. the brings are breaking down tomorrow and cooler temperatures with us. the winds are relaxing a bit. sunday, more of a southerly wind and bricking back the warmer temperatures here in tristate and that means, yes, the highs are going into the above normal range opposed to the below
8:57 am
afternoon. keep in mind, it is a little breezy out there too. a high of 40 for tomorrow. not bat. we are getting geared up.
8:58 am
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9:00 am
party. we are looking at all of the fim ms nominated, including one of the best films ever. kelly. greg: we are looking at the two body guards. the storm troopers from star wars. rosanna: okay, we are making the entrance. greg: hey. rosanna: come on party goers.


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