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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  February 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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you're not putting anything harmful in the air. >> i used to chew gum because of the players. kids will see them and think it's cool. but it's not. it's unhealthy. kerry: joe is here with more on this. this is really going to affect things when everything starts up in april with the major league teams. >> exactly. he hopes to have this in effect in early april when they take the field. he has the support of both teams and the mlb. the mlb is long-time supporters. kerry: it's not only chewing tobacco. >> one other thing to come out of this was some went off houka bars. tobacco is on notice. kerry: thanks so much. another big story we're following. a surprising endorsement for
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governor chris christie. >> the single most important thing for the republican party is to nominate the party who gives us the best chance to beat hillary clinton. i can guarantee you that the one person that hillary and bill clinton don't want to see on the stage in september is donald trump. kerry: a rutgers poll shows trump is seen as unfavorable by 57 percent of new jersey voters and the endorsement really struck a chord on social media. governor christie still a top trending topic on twitter. a lot of people are wondering why he's backing a guy he attacked strongly during the campaign. joining us in the studio, we have david birdsell, political analyst. i have to get your reaction to the endorsement. >> it's a great surprise. i don't think anybody expected this except governor christie and mr. trump. but there are two possible explanations. one is that christie has decided he's had it with the establishment wing of the party and this is his protest to a certain extent. that's less plausible than the second approach which may be
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establishment wing who's making the first really significant gesture toward donald trump. he could be a valuable voice for trump on the campaign trail. kerry: they put on a united front at the press conference. last month while campaigning in new hampshire, i have to read what chris christie said about donald trump. he said we are not electing an trainer in chief. showmanship is fun but not the kind of leadership that will change america. what changed between then and now? >> chris christie dropped out of the race. it's a given in politics. you have many people bustling for the same prize and the primary and they get out and indoors the person who's left. donald trump is not the last man standing. but he is right now the odds on likely nominee. there are many things that could get in the way of that. he hasn't shown a clear path to getting the 1237 delegates. chris christie wants his marker down quickly. this may be a bid for a cabinet post and it may be the first of the vetting process of the
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kerry: this endorsement came 14 hours after the debate last night. everybody was talking about the debate and everybody now is talking about the endorsement. it took things away from the candidates. >> absolutely. this is brilliant aimed at marco rubio. he had a great story line. this is the debate where he showed his inner fire and he could stand up to trump. now nobody is talking about that. they're talking about the endorsement. >> reporter: some talk on social media. could chris christie be a potential running mate? do you see that happening? >> it's a possibility. i doubt it for these reasons. chris christie isn't a no. 2 kind of guy. second, he doesn't bring a swing state. he doesn't bring a constituency that isn't already friendly to donald trump. he's not that kind of base broadening candidate. i would look for him to choose somebody from ohio, pennsylvania, a woman, a minority going somewhere else. kerry: david birdsell, thanks so much for being here. in other news, the batman impersonator accused of stealing
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is giving his side of the story. jose martinez was arrested wednesday after police say he tried to take money from a tourist who wouldn't tip him. he says the woman gave him the money as a tip and he is 100 percent innocent. he insists there's plenty of security camera footage out there that can back him up. >> i'm going tell you 100 percent when they release the video and my lawyer and the judge and everybody, they will see that she give the money to me in my hand. i don't touch. i don't do that. kerry: he has sued the nypd twice before for wrongful arrest. he says he plans to do it again after this incident. negotiators from new jersey transit and the unions are headed to washington for final talks hoping to avoid a possible strike on march 13th. both sides met today. there's no agreement in sight. the fight is over wage increases and how much to pay towards health insurance premiums. the unions have been working without a contract for nearly five years.
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with a look at the forecast. and sunday especially is looking nice. nick: it is. we're going to get out of the deep freeze, which we'll be in tonight. that's the good news for sure. when it collides with your weekend, always a positive thought. that's the good news. nice weekend coming up. it is going to be cold tonight. today was no picnic. we had the gusty wind and the temperatures that were in the upper 30s. it felt like the middle and upper 20s most of the time. we're going to head down to the low and mid 20s in the city with teens out in the colder suburbs. 39, 31. that's the split in new york city today. just slightly below average on the high temperature. and the records, neither one in jeopardy. 65. 1890, it was 7 on this date. right now 32. the air is dry. the wind northwest. a little busy. we have a couple of scattered clouds. pressure continues to rise. 30.00. you'll find the highs were just basically upper 30s. 38, 39 in the city. 40 at montauk.
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monticello and belmar at 39. 33 in sussex. look what's happened north and west. 21 in sullivan county. it has gone below freezing sussex to poughkeepsie and freezing at islip. in town as well. 34 at belmar. our temperature drop significant from 24 hours ago, down nine to 13 or 14 degrees. northwest wind has been gusty. that will back off later on tonight and tomorrow won't be as windy. we'll have a westerly behind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. again, the wind gusts calming down a little, but we're still in the middle 20-mile-an-hour range, something along those lines. here are the windchill values in the middle 20s. need to keep the gloves, hat and scarf if you'll be heading around town this evening. don't have to worry about snow or rain. look at fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing out there to speak of. not much in the way of any clouds. just a few scattered clouds here and there. off to the west, that's where there are snow showers. they're not coming our way. you can see the cloud erodes as
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that's the cold air on top of us. eventually we'll get a quick recovery. take a look at the temperatures. 33 in chicago now. they're going to jump into the 50s tomorrow. kansas city and memphis, they're 50 or greater. 60 down to dallas. this air will start filtering back up towards us for the second half of the weekend. look for a cold start to the day. 23 at 6:00 a.m. 25 at 9:00. up to 36 lunchtime. beautiful day. nice and sunny. 42 is where they'll stop tomorrow afternoon. pretty close to the average for this time of year. this front trying to come down. as you look at saturday's forecast, we're in the sunshine. front stays to the north. here's sunday, bright and sunny. that's when we'll find temperatures taking off into the 50s. a little front coming from the west might kick off a shower monday morning. i don't think it will be a deal there. clouds tonight. it is cold. 24 in town. 13 to about 20 as you get to the colder northern and western suburbs. tomorrow, beautiful, sunny, a little chilly.
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might not get out of the upper 30s across the northern and western suburbs. let's look at the seven-day forecast. as we do that, you'll find that we have the big jump in temps on 58 now. somebody may hit 60. lots of sun. sun and clouds monday. a shower or two in the morning with the system coming in. deal. 59, a gusty breeze, staying in the 50s tuesday. best chance for rain in the forecast going to be wednesday. notice we're in the middle 50s. after that, it's a shot of cold air at the end of next week. 30s by friday and the question by then is could that be the last cold attack? kerry: i'm hoping so. nick: it's possible. i don't want to jinx it. we'll see. kerry: this weekend looks good. nick: looks great. kerry: thanks. here's a question. if you had to choose between going back for a forgotten phone or catching a flight, which would you choose? if you said the phone, and a lot of people do, you might be addicted. steps to break free coming up next. and come back on monday as
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that went all vegetarian for lunch and hit it big with the kids. on wednesday, a look at the cruise ship industry which has had some high profile problems as of late. that's all next week.
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends. plan your legendary
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kerry: welcome back. for some reason, we still call these things phones, even though making calls on them is probably what we do the left. it's the ability to connect that makes them addicting. the question christal young has for us, could you ditch your cell phone? >> reporter: if it seems like the entire world is on their cell phone these days, you're probably not imagining things. >> i'm addicted to my cell phone. i'm not ashamed of that. >> i can't leave without it. if i do, i have a panic attack. >> reporter: from school to dinner, even at the movies, people just can't seem to put them down. let's face it. cell phones do a lot. you can google anything, take photos, tweet, check your e-mail and catch up on the latest news. if you're feeling too attached, you may be addicted. psychologists call it a process addiction.
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phone seems funny, this doctor says he treats people with cell phone addiction all the time and it's no laughing matter. >> we're in a state of angst if we forget our cell phone. so i would have to say, yes, as a people, we have become addicted. >> reporter: how do you know if you're really addicted? surprisingly, the clues are pretty easy to spot. >> you're isolating or spending more and more time on your cell phone and less time with people. >> reporter: in order to change a behavior, you have to admit you have a problem. >> i think people on their phones way too much. it bugs me. >> reporter: if you were going on vacation and thought you left your cell phone home, but getting it meant missing your flight, would you continue on and let the cell phone go or would you go back and get it? >> honest answer, it would depend on where i'm going. if it was a vacation, something i really wanted to do, i would probably leave it. if it was a business trip or something that can affect my business trip, then i'll go back for it.
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i need it everywhere. >> reporter: really? why? >> my life is on this phone. my mom, my friends. it's like everything. >> reporter: the digital diet book suggests a four step process to help you break up with yourself. step one, rethink how technology has overwhelmed your mental, physical and emotional health. step 2, reboot. simply step away from your device. step 3, reconnect. focus on restoring the relationships that were harmed by your addiction. and step 4, revitalize. learn how to live with technology the healthy way. and optimize your time spent on your cell. if you don't feel like you need professional help yet, but a four-step process seems too cumbersome, the doctor says one of the easiest things to do is just set boundaries. put your cell phone down after 9:00 p.m. at night and tell yourself i'm not going to touch it. don't google anything. don't check to see how many
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just back away. it's the best way to make sure you own your cell phone and it doesn't own you. i'm christal young, fox 5 news. kerry: good advice. joining us live in the studio we have: >> we're on our phones constantly. how do we know if we're addicted? >> well, it's about how often you use your cell phone and whether you have boundaries and how it's affecting your everyday life-style. when we start overusing, there's no messages and we're looking at our cell phone, people check on average anywhere between 75 and 125 times a day for messages. we usually check every 6-1/2 minutes. so when you think about that and where you are in the scope of your day, that's excessive abuse. if they're driving, they're doing texting and e-mailing, that's excessive. some of the things -- some of the signs of looking at
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often are we using it, where, how appropriate is it? sometimes people go into the shower. the phone is with them. so how is it impacting your life-style? kerry: what advice do you have for someone that wants to use their phone less? >> look at your patterns. is it keeping you from normal functioning behaviors like social interactions, like dinnertime and detaching from everyone else? it's important to be aware of those things and set up rules for yourself. something to distract you from that. either a verbal cue from a loved one or a family member or getting up and removing yourself during the time that you're going to use it. so setting up a pattern of behaviors that are different. kerry: a lot of times you'll have a dinner and a husband will tell a wife to put it away or a wife will tell the husband to put it away. >> or a parent telling your children. it's okay in an attempt to help the individual stop using the phone. kerry: there is a clear
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addiction? >> absolutely. there's nomo phobic. that's for no more mobile phone fears. we have the show that -- we have statistics that show that 66 percent are between the ages of 14 and 25. that's tremendous when you look at that. it's a cultural thing for that group. phones have become a status symbol. they're very important to our generation that are addicted. and it is a problem. and it creates such an addiction that it's an obsessive compulsive disorder. it's euphoric. kerry: great tips there. thanks for being here tonight. >> a year ago at this time, many yankees fans would have been happy to never see alex rodriguez again. now it's a different story. russ is joining us next to discuss the about-face about
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kerry: time for sports with russ. a-rod is getting a lot of love at yankees camp this year. russ: it was a big time love fest yesterday, quite a bit different than a year ago. he proved everybody wrong, his critics, myself included. i never thought he'd have the year he did. 33 home runs, knocks in 86 runs last season.
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if you perform on the field, really, if you perform on the field, they forget everything. short of being a murderer -- i don't mean to make a joke about that, but really they will forgive you as long as you help their team win. that's the way fans are. quite frankly, media is like that as well. a-rod had a good season. wildcard. kerry: some fans are saying he redeemed himself with the season he had. russ: i'm glad you used that word, redeemed. again, he's doing all the right things. he's saying all the right things. he's being great with the fans. redemption, you think about it, it's about atoning, if you will, atoning for sins, for mistakes. the lying and the cheating is the lying and the cheating. home runs, performance on the field doesn't make those things go away. yes -- listen, i give him credit. what i call it -- when somebody is doing this, he's surviving.
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public image. but that doesn't atone for the mistakes he made. he's just doing better as a person publicly. you follow what i'm saying? god bless him. i hope he has a good season for the yankees. that doesn't change what happened. kerry: another sports story. fifa has a new president. russ: he has a lot of work to do because as everybody knows, we don't have to get into it, all the corruption and everything. listen, that is a big time billion dollar industry. and there's a lot that needs to be fixed. the face of fifa with all that's gone wrong is a bad situation. kerry: he sort of has to turn things around it seems like. russ: turning things around. and he's got some issues. the world cup in 2018 will be in russia.
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those are two places with, you know, some not so much good human stories. so it's got to be fixed. kerry: we'll see what happens with that. russ, we'll see you at 10:00. thanks so much. we've all seen buzzer beaters in basketball. this is a new one, a full court game-winning shot backwards. take a look. georgia southern university tweeted this out yesterday. it happened in one of their intramural games. it takes the ref by surprise. he turns to the person shoot g ing the video to ask if they got it on camera. what is getting the shot without sharing it on video on social media? unbelievable. and backwards. had to see it one more time. next, you'll meet a firefighter
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call came from kerry: a michigan firefighter is a hero in more ways than one. a family with a young boy on a ventilator called 911 because their power was being cut off and he needed to get to the hospital to survive. when the firefighter showed up, they explained they had fallen behind on their bills, so he decided to pay the whole $1,000 electric bill himself. that firefighter says he knows what hard times are like. he had been laid off himself for two years, so he wanted to help someone else in need. what an awesome story. that's it for now. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kerry drew. for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great weekend. we'll see you back here on monday. russ: that's a great story. nick: great story.
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>> today on "tmz" -- harvey: louis tomlinson is going in one direction, custody court. >> louis tomlinson thinks briana jungwirth, baby mama, is not allowing him access. he feels she's trying to get a big payday out of him. harvey: oldest trick in the book. >> taking a chick home from the nightclub that you don't know and getting her pregnant. >> he must be shaking his head. saying i wish i went home early that night. that's the most expensive one night stand ever. >> jamie foxx. oscars are sunday. he's been also catching a little flak about some jokes he's been making. >> let's not take everything too seriously, man. i got these jokes. >> also been throwing a little shade -- harvey: a little? >> yeah. harvey: #act better. [laughter] >> clarence thomas. he's very excited. he cannot stop laughing. >> lance et -- ito --


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