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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  February 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i got a text from michael over the weekend >> you are missed last night and today. you are about to get a taste of something. there is no other explanation. this was on saturday. what was your state of being and what does that mean? >> it just means there is always a price to pay and you have to be there to defend yourself. juliet: we will elaborate on this later . [laughter] . good morning!
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mike: high temperatures in the low 50s and upper 60s. 62 in newark in 64 in allentown. 64 in poughkeepsie and we got a decent start to the day. it was nice and warm yesterday with lots of sun. 500 in central park and 37 monticello. only a few spots are freezing and it's a pretty quiet start to the day. some wind coming in from the southwest and there is some changes. here is what we see with the radar. we have showers wind up to the west and they will be close to us here in the tri-state region. the possibilities were there over the last several days but now it looks like there will be a chance that through. we will have a chance of some showers popping through.
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a temperature of 480 and 560 . it's only a chance of showers coming through. it doesn't look like a lot of us come through here but there is showers to the north . we see a better chance of solid rain coming through on wednesday. that is the weather we have lined up and that is it. we are starting off this monday morning with problems. the freeway southbound , look out for an accident. if you are in nassau county in the northern state or southern state parkway. we have a garden state parkway and the lie and on garden state parkway northbound, local state is closed : accident sedona use the local lane. use express lane.
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going towards the brooklyn bridge, you are fine. in the trains, things are running on or close to schedule. >> it's only 1:30 a.m.. it went on until midnight , the oscars. >> leonardo got his gold statue with sylvester stallone went home empty-handed. >> how can you sleep when hollywood is partying? a few hours ago, hollywood wrapped up the biggest night and in case you were sleeping, here is what you need to know. the biggest awards of the night! best supporting actress for the danish girl and alejandro won the best director for the second year in row. the best picture went to the spotlight and leonardo
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for the remnant. everyone expect him to win. he gave his heart and soul to the film. he championed his concern for the environment. >> climate change is real. it is happening right now. it is the most urgent threat facing the entire species. >> we need to work on it. >> a range of other social issues including a appearance by president biden. >> she has a voice on her! she dominated when it came to musical performance and she had a real message. most of the winners are worth addicted.
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stallone to win for creed is a lifetime achievement. his last one was for rocky. he did get a special message from his longtime friend , on arnold schwarzenegger. >> just remember, no matter what they say, you are the best. you are the winner. i am proud of you. >> if you are a winner and arnold's eyes, you are a winner! >> it is kind of a bummer that he lost. he looked visibly disappointed. usually they smile and clout but you could tell he was hurt . we all expected it. >> he has given his life. >> has he gotten anything? like a lifetime award? not from the oscars. >> there has been seven of those movies and i'm sure there will be an h1.
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sequel. >> it's been plenty of money along the way. i am not crying for him now.>> we expected him to get that golden statue. >> maybe there is a chance down the road. ben: oscar diversity or lack of . chris rock expected it. those chose to stay away like kerry drew in the messages that were being sent . >> i am here at the academy awards.otherwise known as the white people choice awards. >> chris rock opened up the oscars by addressing the diversity or the lack thereof at the event. >> we want opportunity. we want the black actors to get the same opportunity . that's it. >> not just once.
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the show was the issue of diversity. how would be addressed and this is the second year all white nominees. some like will smith and his wife with director, spike lee, to boycott the show. >> at all of our responsibility to make sure that diversity happens. we have to make sure we are being intentional about the activities and initiatives that we do. >> the topic came up later in the night as alejandro in reno accepted the oscar for the remnant. >> for once and for ever . the quarter of this scheme becomes as relevant as the length of our hair. >> include all of us! protesters gathered outside abc studios on the west side. >> we are here in front of
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our voices in total opposition in the erasure of the black people from the oscars. >> we will have a lot more oscar coverage in reaction throughout the morning. >> a woman in highbridge park in manhattan found a severed horse head. no word where it came from. police say some of the parts may have been cooked and were found with fresh fruit and soda. juliet: what ? ben: that is disturbing. juliet: five hit-and-run accidents with three of them ending in death. robert moses has the latest. >> the nypd is looking for the drivers who hit in the killed two pedestrians and a bicyclist. each driver drove off. the first collision took
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the tremont section of the bronx. josi contreras was standing there entrance ramp for the crossbar expressway when he tried to cross webster avenue . cops say the driver of a going. a little more than three hours later, and south ozone park, police say he was trying to get items out of the back side of his vehicle and 111th st. in a vehicle hit him and left the scene. he was taken to jamaica hospital and pronounced dead. an unidentified man on a bike was hit and killed near the intersection of ninth street and fifth avenue. police released the surveillance video of the 10 nissan altima that they believe him. city councilman who shares the transportation committee says three fatal
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day is inexcusable.he was hit on the turnpike elizabeth. he got out of his vehicle after a fender bender only to be hit and infinity. police located the driver of the infinity and charges are pending. >> still ahead , it's 4:41 am. there is a chance of scattered showers. >> did you bring your umbrella? >> mike woods is up with the forecast, next.>> donald trump is under attack from both
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>> let's get you rocking and rolling. clear skies and 500. dew point degrees so the wind is coming in from the southeast at 6 miles per hour. it's nice and mild over the weekend and we will start out with not as much sunshine. there are shower chances coming . 470 in philly and 48 in williamsport.
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that, we have a dry start to the day . we see the clouds increasing as the showers make the approach in the tri-state. how much of it is there, not a lot . the cold front doesn't have a lot to come on. as it comes by, it will hold onto a few showers. we'll see what it has in the future cost. they are not capable of producing a lot in the next few days. there will be a chance of snow coming later in the week but it looks to be fairly minor.there's a
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during the day and temperature wise we get through 500 for the high with a high of 400 tomorrow. there is a small chance coming through on friday as well. the weekend looks dry and cool.a good daily and hourly forecast is a next. >> we will see what's happening. we do have some problems to start the morning off. southbound past exit 16. let's go to cameras and show you the garden state parkway. here is the second problem
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expressway. it's between the other two exits. there is a multi car accident.the local lanes are barely moving. but in the lower level and things are doing fine and the holly tile. great options this morning. >> street cleaning rules are in effect. you are mister popularity. she messaged curtis for president. >> is carol available?>> she is not. >> oh yeah !
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we'll talk about politics. juliet: let's do it. is four hours of talking about trump, rubio and their insults. whose insult was worst? it is hysterical . it's not for the fact that one of these people were here and it's a really strange thing. >> he did from day one when he announced that we were running from the presidency. we will build a wall over mexico. rubio had it in him. chris christie pimp slap him . he is at trump showing he has some in there. you know shampoo is there and anyone says to chris christie, do you want to fly with me?
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jerry jones and the owner of the dallas cowboys and now donald trump. this guy was bad mouthing trump a few weeks ago. >> let's talk about that. the hewlett-packard ceo and was christie's national cochair financial campaign says she can't believe it. donald trump is unfit to be president. he is a dishonest and our worst fears and the governor's endorsement of donald trump is an astonishing display of political opportunism. >> all of a sudden in he was depressed and now he was in the opening act and warming up . this guy should resign! >> it seems like donald trump of all people will be
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through that. david duke white supremacy. now they talk about that tony. you can't put a square foot of concrete without hitting it from organized crime because no one else owned the concrete business but members of the genovese and the mb nose. i defend trump on that but do not you don't know who david duke is? ben: do doubt he will be the republican nominee? >> they are doing their last, causey attack of donald trump. they are coming at him from all angles. >> the more they do that ,
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>> they are not going to be satisfied with donald trump as the leader of the rnc. >> super tuesday is tomorrow and that could be the nail in the coffin. >> expect more , causey attacks on donald trump. is hillary rodham clinton. he annihilated bernie sanders who says hey, , i have my second wind. i think we need some metamucil. you really got destroyed. curtis leyland . it's your other show that you don't invite us to. ben: your driver five. >> i love you , groupies.
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ben: duke continues his month-long vacation. >> he worked really hard for spring break . >> spring break is a vacation. >> age 12 hours of baseball. >> he did work hard. >> baseball players are the worst. >> they clearly don't work very hard. the next host the miami heat . miami is led by five points at the half. it's heat on the break. here they go.
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he finishes with 26 points. derek williams goes in for the slim. he cuts the lead to not letting them get any closer to that. it's a 24 second call as they go off. it's a lot of miami fans chanting let it go. it's an abomination at the garden. they won 8/1 in the last meeting. after that humiliating loss, they were looking to turn things around on the islanders. the oilers are down 1/0 and they fired from the game and it's the same score with taylor hall and you can't find the park with
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the boilers when three /1. this afternoon as the trade deadline.the rangers got a job on any deadline completed with the hurricane of eric's tall. he is spent his entire year and he was the hurricanes captain.10 goals and 23 assess. the rangers have two second round picks. it's two brothers on the rangers.
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the pictures are rising. ben: temperatures are surprising. showers could rain on the fiftysomething parade. mike has all the details, coming up. >> leonardo dicaprio gets his first oscar. it's for his message he delivered during his except in speech. >> instead of watching, there was those who decided to protest the lack of diversity. it's an ideal host for the topic. donald trump under fire at the republican candidates getting attacked from republicans and democrats going at him. it's one day away from super's


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