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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 1, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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greg: some established republicans are freaking out. it. hardy candidate. we have this inside a queens restaurant. rosanna: sportscaster erin andrews breaks down on the stand. she remembers what it was first like when she found out there was naked video of her online. greg: all right. live and out-of-state. scott kelly of new jersey. today, he comes home. we like scott kelly a lot. he is from new jersey. he has been a guest on "good day new york." rosanna: what are you going to
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greg: peatlands in pakistan's. he is taking a spacecraft down to the desert. rosanna: it is not like in the water. greg: all right here at welcome home to scott kelly. rosanna: are you related? distantly? greg: anyway. hello, everybody. it is super tuesday you'd we do not get our chance to vote until april. rosanna: i know. greg: i voted for you for some sort of position. rosanna: think you. i see my name over there. i never got any phone calls that i was drafted. rosanna: to not be writing my
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greg: it is a little too late. lots and lots of people going rosanna: sitting back and watching the election later tonight. this campaign, usually it does not. who knows what is happening in the world. what is happening with you, either way. mike: all is good. it feels pretty good for a two state did super tuesday did march 1. the astrological change is not until march 20. meteorologist, we like to do things in months. it starts today. happy birth day meter all -- meteorological spring. here is what we have with the
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forty-one out at newark feared 40 degrees in montauk. when it comes to wind, a little bit coming in from the north, northwest. still a little bit of a breeze going on yet partly cloudy to mainly clear skies. we're keeping an eye on an area of low pressure. it will come to us here and bring us more clouds than perhaps some showers. not until about midnight tonight. 45 degrees. about where we should be this time of year. we continue to see those temperatures climbing. showers starting to popoff feared they will be going through tomorrow's commute. for you on wednesday.
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for you on friday at. let's get over to ines. she has been pretty busy. ines: let's start off with rockland county. overturned tractor-trailer blocking a lane. there was an overheated nuchal blocking a lane. traffic backed up to the garden state parkway. peninsula boulevard slow because of a crash. take a look at the l.i.e. right there. heading towards jericho turnpike. we actually have a camera to show you that accident. over by 106-107. can we go to our cameras or are they down? in accident blocking a lane so
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then we have new jersey transit problems. all of the other trends are fine. here is some earlier chopper video from sky fox ht. suspended service earlier. now, service has resumed, but there is up to a 60 minute new life. some trades are seeing a 70 minute late. back to you. greg: a huge portion of the country going out to vote today. largely in the south. alaska, two. donald trump once again. rosanna: he is the man that everyone expects to win by huge numbers. marco rubio, ted cruz. what is going to happen with them? greg: super tuesday. let's bring in robert moses with
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>> reporter: good morning to you. a new cnn poll is out. donald trump has the support of nearly half are 49% of primary voters. spray tans and small hands and sweat among other rings. today it is all about the delegates. there is probably no stopping him. welcome to the most important day of the 2016 campaign so far. the eve of super tuesday proved to be another topsy-turvy day on the trail. donald trump disavowal ku klux klan leader on a bad ear piece. >> he refused to criticize the ku klux klan. i do not care how bad your earpieces. >> a disqualifying and
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his coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the carriage or of america. duke said in an interview that the media is using him here at. >> a very biased media. really sneering donald trump unfairly. in another controversy, bus fees reported yesterday that trump suggested in an off the record conversation that his immigration proposals may not be as ironclad as he suggested. >> donald trump should give the new york times the permission to release the audio. >> he says something different. one of trump's secret service
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protesters at a rally in virginia. they are investigating the exact circumstances. last night trump answered his critics. >> very nasty. i think that is very desperate. cruises not exactly truthful. i think that that is why am doing so well with evangelicals. they like the truth. the biggest surprise of all. 155 ella gets at stake. with trump ahead, the most interesting race is the raced for second.
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american samoa. greg: we own a lot of stuff. the senator from vermont still expects to do well tonight. landslide in south carolina on friday. >> the republicans, i have to give them credit. they are persistent. persistently wrong, but they are persistent. >> millions of people standing together and saying loudly and clearly. enough is enough. >> he sounds like larry david to me. his wife said they are expecting to win some states and loose
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carrying on root july. >> not coming until april 19. they vote in june. all right. i have some other news. heart raking anger as a 7-year-old girl was hit and killed by an suv. >> it happened in west new york new jersey this morning. good morning, terry said. >> reporter: good morning. people have been bringing teddy bears and flowers by this memorial. pretty much the same spot where this little girl lost her life. asking for your help in tracking down the person who killed her. >> i feel very bad. she was just a little girl. >> reporter: killed on her way
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the little girl ran over while holding her mother's hand. >> we heard screaming. >> the incident unfolded. 820 monday morning. the surveillance videos show a chevy tahoe were responsible. the driver turned left into the path of the mother and daughter crossing in the crosswalk. the police say the driver got out of the suv, looked at the 7-year-old's body and then drove off. he does not speak english. >> also, -- speed neck back
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instilling their father's wish. >> we need to get to the bottom of this. we need to find the guilty person. >> students at the school will have grief counselors on hand today. very small children. i will send things back to both of you. greg: three separate low, thank you very much. officer vincent harrison. he was in a fender bender. he got out of his car to check it out.
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scene of a fatal accident. we also have this. the nypd has dramatic surveillance video. >> this is the shooting. a gunman rushing into the restaurant. two people were wounded. both people are in stable condition this morning did the man who had the gun ran from that area. he got into a newer model sedan. if you have any information, please call police. greg: it looks like hundreds of employees will get a day off of work today because of a government shutdown. remember when we have those things nationwide.
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services for the day including garbage pickup, afterschool programs, crossing guards, senior services. the mayor and the city council continue to be over budget. a budget meeting is scheduled for tonight. greg: let's go to outer space. scott kelly is coming home. there he is holding the microphone. >> he had a gorilla suit on. a lot of fun up in space. 340 days in space. the first to live in orbit for such a short period.
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you can. >> when he comes home, they will be checking him out. they want to see what her longed space travel does to the human body. >> we do not have the space shuttle anymore. he will be landing on land. i think we have videotape of that. rosanna, they land right there in the middle of the desert. >> this is their good life. >> there they go. we are showing the whole thing. don't you think that they preferred the space shuttle? >> astronaut kelly will be home about midnight hour time. >> they land right there in the
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the russians still do it that way. rosanna: coming up in the 8:00 o'clock hour. we will talk to a former astronaut. greg: he is from new york. he now works out columbia university. he spent a lot of time and space. rosanna: i would like to said both of you to space. greg: kind of funny the first time she said it feared six years ago. mike: all right. good morning everyone.
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partly cloudy skies for the tri-state region today. it will bring us some wet weather. are we going to get something? yes. it does not look like it will be lasting long. mainly clear sky for you today. high temperatures where we should be this time of year. some lighter showers popping up shortly after midnight.
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for the commute. bringing you a clear sky in the afternoon. sun and clouds. high temperature gets up to about 46 degrees. tomorrow, you will see a high of 50. it looks drier for you on thursday. a small snow chance on friday. let's bring in ines and see what is happening. we have some hiccups out there for sure. ines: we do. normal delays. traffic backed up. the goal on us, brookland bqe also slow. new jersey could knew, doing fine. let's go to our cameras. the long island expressway jammed. this camera by 106-107, an accident has been cleared away.
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a little bit along the expressway. the northern state parkway as an alternate, that is a good idea. gwb driving into the city. 495, lincoln tunnel. holland tunnel, 10-15. greg: line is, thanks. take a peek outside. what is happening out there? >> i feel spring in the air. yesterday i felt so hopeful. i have a little pep in my step. greg: a little bit of a buzz kill lately. so depressed. greg: i feel hopeful. it is within reach. greg: manhatt i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' around,
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take pbefore your appointment starts. greg: that little boat, the faerie, that is correct. making its way over to the manhattan side. from the 70s, rosanna. he ratted on everybody.
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him on governors island. they ferried him back and forth. rosanna: i try to keep you on openers island. greg: you took the ferry with you. rosanna: better luck next time. greg: that was one heck of a movie. the last thing i remember was the late shift he did. anyway. i am sure he is going up. rosanna: can we talk about the supreme court. greg: justice clarence, has spoken court. he has been famously quiet for 10 years. rosanna: was it because justice
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greg: i think so. justice, was kind of okay to read the briefs and let him do the talking. yesterday, justice, was involved in several minutes of questions. it involved gun ownership in domestic violence cases. the last time he asked a question, 2006. >> if you have not heard him speak, he has this rich voice. it is really kind of incredible. rosanna: good for him. the head of the fbi and the today. privacy versus public safety. a federal judge in new york ruled yesterday that apple does not have to give the fbi access to and iphone used in a brookland drug case. greg: this makes me feel little
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in a cab. i feel like somebody can get in there. rosanna: a growing debate between the balance of digital privacy and national security. rosanna: creating brand-new software to unlock the phone, one of the killers and the san bernardino massacre. putting all iphones at risk of hacking. greg: remember that salt warning sign that was supposed to go on menus? rosanna: it was supposed to go on today. greg: yeah, well, not happening. initially it was upheld. it will not go forward, at least for now. rosanna: only involving chain restaurants. that will not happen until march sometime. they have to go back to court again. actually, it is march already.
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of march. greg: rosanna's restaurant and bar is not a chain. rosanna: no, it's not. rosanna: how much can you contribute? this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin
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addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
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twenty-five you go, rosanna. a little bit as dirk city history feared old police headquarters. they said, take him downtown. this is what they were talking about. rosanna: are those condos new? a nice, good, solid buildings is p5 show us the building. really high ceilings, that sort of thing. 240 center street. here it is in the old days. rosanna: wow. it does not look much different. the buildings back then, i like
7:30 am
it is kind of a sick. i think that that may have been part of it. who knows. back in 19783. rosanna: a pretty penny. greg: how is everyone doing? we have the judge. rosanna: tonight, eight-9:00 o'clock. switch it around a few times. everyone is weighing in. greg: hillary and tromp, it is going to be huge. greg: doing it again. rosanna: i have to tell you, he does not complain.
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close to donald trump time. mike: adopting it as his on. trying to impersonate. anyway. what's up? rosanna: i know. [laughter] good tuesday morning, everyone. super tuesday. meteorological spring. temperatures are at or just above normal here. we will take it. hopefully so, here is what we have seen. just so you know, our meteorological winter is over. number two. the second warmest one for central park. 41 degrees. the second warmest one we have on record for you.
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if you thought it was warm, it was. here is the averages for today. forty-five is average high. we jot down to 40s for a low. that is pretty much where we are right now. some folks are saying just sunshine. forty-one in newark. 29 degrees in poughkeepsie. twenty-one in monticello. the quiet start to the day. not a lot of wind, but a little bit breezy at times. kind of a mix guy here in the tri-state. it is here. later this afternoon into this evening.
7:33 am
from 50 degrees tomorrow. the rain clears later in the day. cool. called for you on friday, two. the weekend also looking drive but cool side. let's get you back over to ines. get you an update on what is rails. >> a lot going on. the grand central parkway right now, you have an accident blocking a lane. the clearview approaching map. one lane blocked with an accident. as for the l.i.e., you have your normal delays. let's go to our cameras. nassau county having a lot of problems this morning. approaching peninsula boulevard. as for the bqe, heading towards
7:34 am
delays northbound. new jersey trained. affecting both lines. basically. sixty minutes of a delay. between trenton and metropark. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you so much. aaron angers. a great sports reporter. we have all same her before. >> a commentator and a participant. greg: a couple years ago, she was the victim of a stalker in a huge way. the privacy of her hotel room. they caught the guy responsible. he actually went to jail. now he is suing him. very emotional and very traumatic.
7:35 am
down in tears. she said she now suffers from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. >> so, so embarrassed. i am so ashamed. >> she took the stand in a national courtroom on sunday. she had been secretly videotape naked in her hotel room. >> i was screaming. i was naked all over the internet and i did not know what it was. why are you screaming? i just said, dad, i am naked all over the internet. >>
7:36 am
hotel room. he was convicted in connection and 2009 and spent two and a half years in prison. explaining how he figured out which room angers was staying and. >> they tried to make a household. >> the incident happened eight years ago. she is still constantly reminded of the video and the pain that it caused her. >> somebody sends me a video to my twitter. >> anders also said that one of the most difficult and she had
7:37 am
some kind of publicity stunt. have you ever been stopped? >> yes. we live in a different world. i can understand why it is so upsetting to her. sometimes people are cool. the privacy of her own room. >> 7:37 a.m. looking at that police building again. greg: a couple of concrete lines. >> the pent houses up for sale. $35 million. greg: let's get a mortgage.
7:38 am
it out right and 600,000 years. >> police department. >> what a beautiful building. i wonder what the lobby looks like there. do you have to be patted down when you go inside that lobby? greg: we will be right i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever. only fios has the fastest internet available, with uploads up to 5x faster than cable. get 100 meg upload and download speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract.
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greg: way, way, way up there. greg: picture the earth. you got yourself an out both. hanging out in outer space. the skin of the apple. in space. the skin of the apple.
7:42 am
you do not see that much anymore. >> 20 people on bikes. they come from everywhere. >> it does not work that way. 7:42 a.m. do you remember this one? he was here. greg: oreo found a home. rosanna: congratulations. a beautiful family. >> it happened here once again. happy birthday, alexa. we have sunny skies coming at you. you will have not only brain, but when does well. the temperatures, well, we have 40 degrees.
7:43 am
34 degrees in allentown. when coming in from the northwest around three-12 miles an hour. just not a whole lot happening right now. and area of low pressure coming through. bringing with it some showers and storms. light to moderate rainfall. today, it is fine. temperatures going up. fifty-four a high tomorrow. wendy and fairly warm with a high of 50 on wednesday. it is out here in time for the weekend. temperatures about where they should be this time of year. the apple itunes and google play store.
7:44 am
you are very much loved. also to georgia overturned out there in long island. happy birthday to you. let's bring in nine as. ines: oh, my gosh. it is my cousin's birthday. happy birthday. i have to go get a card here it tappan zee bridge heading towards westchester. normal delays. that is packed to the palisades. let me start with the l.i.e. (delay, southern state parkway, one accident by route and. let's go to our cameras. new jersey. traveling on route 80.
7:45 am
about a 40 minute delay. watching the rangers. we had a great time there last year. greg: a little conspicuous. greg: what are you talking about? a little bit of shameless advertising. they put us on the scoreboard. the rangers are hot. let's bring in tina sebastiano. >> that is right. you have to get back there. the rangers return back to madison square garden. in the first, scoreless. picking up his 21st goal of the season. watch this beautiful wraparound. taking a look at it again. third. same score. intercepting the past.
7:46 am
ties the game at one. later in the third, still tied. the short breaks the tie. the 14th goal of the season. deserving the win with a last-second save. right as the clock expired. ten-31 record. the best for the month of february. welcoming to the set here live on "good day new york." rangers legend. bringing it to you this morning. adam played with the rangers for 10 years. 1994. watch the highlights right now. second in the conference. fourteen points behind the capitals right now. locking up a good spot for the postseason. >> continuing to win. putting yourself in the best
7:47 am
washington, it looks like they have this for the most part. i would say for this team, getting nash back down. the new team here. >> a tremendous player for a long time. to say what is appreciated. >> it. >> coming to a different level. this is a positive team. it is in balance. the last 10 years. when you look at this, it is a very formal. forward. >> henrik lundquist got the night off last night.
7:48 am
for the rangers to win? >> everyone talks about a window. comes. going on 34. his level is second to none. i think he is terrific. for me, i think he sees athletes that lays into the 40s. he is one of those special athletes. talking about 25 years old. >> oh, yeah. >> they have a lot of young guys. he is in his mid- 20s. i do not think that there is a window. you just take it year to year. >> let's talk about another exciting thing. you still work with the rangers
7:49 am
there is special going on right now. what is it? how do people get involved? >> they have until tomorrow night to register. that is 13 and 14-year-old march 26. the teen collects the most equipment, it gets to go to sweden. all expenses paid. it is not just a hockey trip. putting on clinics for kids over there. all expenses paid. i remember back when i was 14. pain from a paper route that i had. for these kids, it is fantastic. at the end of the day, they will be helping other kids. all of this equipment will be passed on. it is pay if forward. a great lesson.
7:50 am
play again. kids that may not otherwise get the opportunity. teams have until tomorrow night to register. four different, you just have to go onto the new york rangers website. you figure out whether it is connecticut. it is a win, win. >> new york rangers. you can also go online tonight. people cannot go, they can still get involved in the auctions. rangers casino night. >> it is really interact with.
7:51 am
you realize what good guys they are. they are all dressed a lot better than us old guys. adam, so great to see you. we will see you during the stanley cup playoffs. we'll have you back on. back to you, greg and rosanna. >> we can go. [laughter] it does look like a lot of fun. [laughter] rosanna: i just saw the screen. i have no idea what i am doing. greg: there are some things that we are very equal on. rosanna: maybe he does not get up this early.
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greg: all right, hard, you may remember george kennedy. there he is on the right. he died at the age of 91.
7:55 am
1967 film. greg: he always played an executive. rosanna: here is eight clip from the concorde airport 79. >> coming right for us. greg: george was better than this movie. rosanna: george was 91 years old. rest in peace. praying for you and your family. greg: everyone has checked out. >> i do not think that that counts.
7:56 am
>> just over 34 million viewers. it is down 8% from last year. that marks the lowest turnout since 2008. several reports suggest the drop was to the diversity issue. dissecting it every which way. rosanna: he offended so many different people. >> that apparently happened late in the night. who knows whether the people tuned in and then to now. let's talk about our facebook fan of the hour.
7:57 am
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smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking. talk with your doctor. greg: hi, everybody. it says mostly sunny morning. who was that hanging in the trees? all right. iem rosanna scotto. not so bad. mike woods has the details. super tuesday. it looks like, are we headed to
8:00 am
today's resolve should pay a lot. >> apple does not have to give that fbi access to and iphone used in a drug case. >> unlocking the phone of one of the pillars in the san bernardino massacre. greg: now she is suing the hotel that allowed a stalker to check in next to her and spy on her. rosanna: spending nearly a year up in the international space station. living in orbit for such a long want to see how all of this
8:01 am
>> you will now offend god fellate. >> poor guy got tanked coming out of his ears. >> the russian language. okay. that sucked. you guys are a tough audience. getting back to his wife. it will be like romance. all right. never mind.
8:02 am
you, usually, are so good. >> here on "good day new york." i apologize to all hip-hop artists. >> i would be worried. back to the drawing board. >> i know you are. i can exist. mike: a good-looking day. maybe even a little bit warmer. sunny and a few clouds out there today. yes, there will be some showers coming through. it is primarily a morning thing
8:03 am
in the afternoon. there will also be a few snow showers in the mix. that colder wind coming in from the north at 12 miles an hour. we should start seeing. most of us here in the tri-state region for now. the area of low pressure. bringing things a little more cloud cover. through the day, right you are fine. you will see fun out there, for the most part. forty-six for a high. there will be periods of rain developing after midnight tonight. it is not a ton of rainfall. later in the afternoon. high temperature goes up to 46 today.
8:04 am
the day. lows dropping down into the 20s. there's a chance that you will see some snow showers coming through on friday. not a lot, but a little bit popping through the region. the latest info on what is happening with the roads and rails. >> several accidents. did you have another accident by peninsula boulevard. traffic left slope here. and earlier accident. starting off as one lane opens. let's see what else we have going on in new jersey. heading towards the tappan zee bridge, normal delays. a little slow down there.
8:05 am
accident blocking a lane. take a look at staten island. doing fine as you approach the verrazano. westbound, you are okay. new jersey transit, a huge investigation going on. you have up to a one hour delay. also affecting the amtrak. between philadelphia on the heading towards new jersey. it will be a bit of an issue. street cleaning rules are in effect. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. super tuesday. okay. there is a lineup. donald trump way out in front. rosanna: a lot of delegates up for grabs today. it is a big one.
8:06 am
democrat hillary clinton targeting donald trump as well. i believe trump and his republican opponents have about 595 delegates up for grabs. greg: some experts say that there may be no stopping him. possibly a third party candidate. let's bring in robert moses. >> good morning to you. it is conceivable that trump could sweep the 11 states where republicans vote today. ted crews hoping to win his home state of texas. delegates up for grabs there. trump very well had this
8:07 am
>> the evo super tuesday proved to be another topsy-turvy day on the trail. a bad ear piece. from marco rubio, that argument falls on that years. >> i do not care how bad the earpiece is. a disqualifying and disgusting response. his coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the character of america. duke said in an interview, the media is using him. trump. >> bus speed reported yesterday that trump suggested that the
8:08 am
as ironclad as he suggests publicly. the new york times permission to release the audio. >> he says something different when he is talking to the new york times. >> this video surfaced of one of trump's secrets surface agents. the secret service says it is investigating the exact circumstances of the scuffle. last night, trump answered his critics. cruise and rubio. >> he is very nasty. i think that he is very desperate. he is not exactly truthful. the evangelicals like the truth.
8:09 am
support trump. >> results every five seconds. >> consistently, donald trump has been way out in front. let's take a look at this. eleven states on the democratic side. >> the pacific islands. he still thinks he can do well for tonight. clinton's landslide in south carolina.
8:10 am
they are persistent. stand together today. lovely and rarely. >> use a cab in new york city. bernie sanders campaigned. it is adding up. $36 million alone in february. super tuesday polling numbers. patterson new jersey. he was struck in the shoulder by a stray bullet last night. >> police say the boy was inside shooting. they do not believe that he was the target. >> apple's top lawyers facing they are battling over privacy over public safety issues. a federal judge in new york
8:11 am
not have two give the fbi access. fox5 the ben simmoneau is outside the apple store in midtown. >> we did hear from the attorney general yesterday. the judge in this case, the federal magistrate judge, that is the lowest level of the federal court system. he said, no. apple does not have to help him locked this in the drug case. he pled guilty in the fall. the feds investigating that conspiracy. involving the san bernardino terrorists.
8:12 am
they all think they have to do that. the privacy of all apple iphone users at risk. the feds say, no, that is not the case. loretta lynch. she said, listen, apple is blowing this out of proportion. these are narrow cases. here she is. >> every single one of those cases, we have gone to court. we have said to the court, is this something we can obtain under the law. going on to apple and saying we need your assistance here. we would then go back to court and say can you please direct them as we do companies every single day to work with us. we prefer to work with them directly.
8:13 am
this case. these cases, they will work their way up. apple will contest the case in california. likely, this case will probably go, i would think for some kind of ultimate ruling on whether apple does have to get involved here. >> right now, scott kelly is still in outer space. he has been there since march of last year. rosanna: he is getting ready to come back. >> i look forward to getting back to earth. there is a lot of great stuff down there that i missed. at the same time, i will miss the space station. i still have a good amount of
8:14 am
my goal going into this. i have mixed feelings. >> he is actually no longer in charge of the international space station. >> he seems very conjugal there. he comes home today. >> the veteran of two shuttle missions himself. he knows scott kelly quite well. our in-house astronauts here on good day. >> you have been to outer space twice. the longest period was about two weeks. when scott kelly comes back, they will look at this emotional state. you were there for two weeks. >> physically two weeks. we were pretty fit when we got back here. your balance is a little off.
8:15 am
it'd just when you come back. the emotional state was, we were excited to be back. we were excited to be in space. being up there for that long. >> physically, i think that he will be okay. he had been exercising two times a day. for two hours a day, six days a week, he has had an exercise. you should be in pretty good physical condition. i think he is the right guy for this. to be able to be up there for this long. going into space. it is not that easy. being about faraway. being away from your family and friends for that amount of time. >> they did not decorate for
8:16 am
him up there for an entire year. these long-term experiments. this is still early for them. it is pretty good. compared to what it used to be years ago. this is, this is a whole year. hopefully, within our lifetime. if it is not just the physical,
8:17 am
emotional and psychological support. >> today may be the most dangerous day for scott kelly. >> talus, in the desert in pakistan. >> in the middle of nowhere. it is fairly safe, though. the russians, back in the 60s, they did have two accidents on entry. it has been very reliable. a very reliable relationship. rockets will come in. a rocket while fire to cushion its landing.
8:18 am
my friends have told me, it is a bit of a hard landing. not really that bad. >> you to know each other. >> yes. we have known each other a long time. we became astronauts the same day. i hope he comes back. i hope he comes. >> could you see the enterprise? >> rosanna and i went to see hamilton last weekend. fired up to do this. let's take a look at scott kelly.
8:19 am
space. something tells me he misses the human race. everyday living and working in the international space station. up there, you don't get no -- it is not comfortable up there. pretty soon, though he will be hanging with the ladies on the view. [laughter] >> leave him alone, he wants to spend time with his hottie. >> did you write that yourself? >> you are a professor at all on the up. what would you have given him? >> he is a good guide. >> always great to have you here.
8:20 am
>> the first time around, it was good. you practice on us and then you get it right. >> 39 degrees. it is spring here. thirty-nine in central park. it feels like spring up there, too. wind coming in from the north. it pulls down some of that cooler air. that is why your temperatures have been coming down this morning. we are waiting for what is down the pipeline. it will bring us some showers, but not until tonight. high temperature gets up to about 46 degrees. we have some morning showers for you tomorrow. high temperature gets up to 50 for you tomorrow. there is thus no chance on friday. here come sign that.
8:21 am
there? >> always have a problem. an accident has a lame blog. same goes for the jackie robinson parkway. this is over by route 110. let's go to the traffic shot. there is an hour delay. amtrak also affected with this delay. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in
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8:24 am
>> i wanted to talk to him. >> we will see. >> no. >> it has kind of gone viral. >> i will google it. i cannot wait. three and four u.s. drivers are
8:25 am
driverless car. google is testing one of their economist vehicles. all of a sudden, this car crashes into a bus. the bus is going 15 miles an hour. buses you not yield to passenger cars. that is exactly what happened in this case. yes, it is our fault. buses do not yield, essentially. why so many of us are worried about this technology hitting our roads. >> it will be a big deal. it is still a couple of years away. >> getting rid of your honda.
8:26 am
>> what year is that honda? >> going strong. >> still ahead on "good day new york." you know her, she was in that great movie tru grip. that great song. love myself.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
greg: really coming together. i included a line about rosanna. rosanna: do you want to do a little bit this morning. greg: astronaut scott kelly. he is out in there space. he is coming back today. i brought in rosanna. could you imagine rosanna in space that. rosanna: that is funny. greg: rosana, imagine you? you don't want to go. you without your girlfriends, you would be crying every day until to your friend elvis duran. huh? i a little bit of music. we are going to be okay.
8:30 am
i could not last a day in space. greg: i said take her out of the monster truck. remember we took you out. rosanna: i know. i know. greg: certain things you can do. certain things you can. it does not look cozy. rosanna: i parentally, he had little bit more energy left in him to stay up there. greg: i would be good and ready to come home. what is that? a shower? what is he hiding behind? rosanna: did you see him this week? one of the friends was celebrating a birthday. somehow he got a monkey suit up there. he put the monkey suit on and chased him through the castle. greg: noing around in space! i bet their boss at nasa is probably mad. rosanna: i don't know. i thought it was cute. rosanna: am sure it was. clowning around in space. rosanna: i feel like they can hit the wrong button.
8:31 am
to find ways to amuse yourself. greg: how many thousands of times have they gone ash the earth. scott kelly, twin brother of markel hi, both from storming, new jersey. rosanna: he went around new york over 5,000 times. does that make sense? greg: remember, we were interviewing him buns. we were three minutes into the conversation. what are you over? he "i have no idea." it could can be africa. it could be western europe. rosanna: maybe our friend can make happen. we can work that out. greg: yeah. what is up? >> all right. well, it looks good here back on earth where it is meteorological spring. you know win terned yesterday? rosanna: it did? meteorologist: meteorological winter did. rosanna: i love it when you start talking crazy stuff. greg: you turn rosana on when you talk about science. rosanna: thank you. meat everybody is looking forward to spring.
8:32 am
a smile on your face, if anything works. the second warmest meteorological winter we have seen? well, as meteorologist. we lump the months together clearly so the winter was the months of december, january, february. womenned up with the average temperature of 41 degrees for that three-month stretch there which us put us at number two warmest winter we have seen so far on record. so there you have it. just a little weather could tail four here today. a little info. 45 this is average high for today. 31 is the average low. we dropped down to 39 degrees. basically, where we are now. we are going to see a lot of sunshine out there today. especially early on. it is now 41 at newark. the same thing four islip. 37 in bridgeport. and yes. partly cloudy to mainly clear sky for starters here today. but we do have incoming wet weather. area that is coming through the plain states and mainly to central and northern plains. it doesn't look like it is going to be
8:33 am
it will bring us some light to moderate showers come tomorrow. today, define dry. 45 degrees the time that ture. actually, the afternoon tem at 2:00. 46 will be the evening temps. notice how the temps keep creeping up here. will have the incoming colden from ant showers once you get beyond about midnight. those go into tomorrow morning's commute. then after this, it shuts down. it will be windy and mild tomorrow. a high of 54 in the morning. then drier skies in the afternoon. 36. cooler for you on thursday, and then, friday, a few snow showers in the area. they are out of here in time another upcoming weekend. all right. yeah. yeah. rosanna: yeah. all right. >> a lot going on. bronx river parkway, an accident southbound by 177th street there k blocking a lane. new jersey, that is jammed this morning. eastbound heading toward mccarter highway because of an accident ton the side blocking a lane. every one with is slowing down there.
8:34 am
traffic jammed because of an accident in the area. you can see how everyone is trying to go away. that? est westbound, traffic flow. gwb, upper lef rel, let's go to the camera shot. 30-minute dally that. 20 minute on the lower level. the holland tunnel, 10 to 15. problems with new jersey traffic affecting amtrak. there is a police investigation going on at the jersey avenue station. so the northeast corridor has up to an hour delay between trenton and metro park. because of that investigation, amtrak's northeast corridor, also affected between philadelphia and new york city. street cleaning rules are in effect citywide. greg and rosana? greg: thank you very much. erin andrews one of the the country, really, household name famous. she is reporting for fox sports. several years ago, some of us forgot, she was the victim of a stalker. a stalker who took pictures of her in the privacy of her own hotel room and put picture in internet. rosanna: those videos made her break jun on
8:35 am
was like when she first found out that her body was on the internet for all to see. and by the way, still comes back to haunt her. >> she is suing the hotel for a lot of nin along with a guy who took those pictures. let's bring kerry drue. she has more. reporter: good morning to you. erin andrews cried several times during the testimony. she says she still suffers from deregs, anxiety, pan uk attacks, as a ult are of the nude video taken of her nearly eight years ago in a nashville hotel room. >> i am so ashamed. reporter: af emotional day in court for sport caster erin andrews who took the stand monday recalling the moment she found out the shad been secretly videotaped naked unher hotel room. >> i was screaming that i was naked all over the internet.
8:36 am
was. my dad said why are you screaming? dad, i am naked all over the internet. reporter: and dries suing her stalk the nashville marriott for $75 million. barrett altered the people in the door adjacent to andrew's hotel ram and video tapped her coming out of the how we're. he was convicted in conknicks with thence dents in 2009 and spent 2-point a years in prison abe taped deposition. par receipt explained how he figured out which room andrews was staying in. [inaudible] report while the incident happened eight years ago, andrews says she is constantly reminded of the video and the pain it caused her. >> it affected every day of my life. what i get a tweet or
8:37 am
or someone says to me, the video on my twitter. reporter: meanwhile, barrett admitted he had taken nude videos of ten other women in various tolls and bosted that footage on-line. the company which owns the national marriott says only barrett is to blame for what hap meaned. greg, rosanna, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. aum cov things on our agenda. rosanna: yes. dr. oz is going to be here. by the way, oh, scott kelly. greg: i came up with another line in the wrap. rosanna: yeah. greg: scott kelly coming home from a year in space. let's see he here, roseanne. stay long time to be in space for week. can you main gin a year with all of those tweaks. rosanna: that is. i like that. i hope he appreciated your rap. coming up, also, dr. oz will be here. i know, he appreciates your rap. we will talk to him about something serious,
8:38 am
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8:41 am
just a terrible story out of west fork-new jersey. that 7-year-old girl killed yesterday. a hit-and-run. it looks like police have made an arrest or possibly multiple arrest. rosanna: all right. we'll bring it to you. meantime, lyme disease. do you have it? do you know somebody who does? if you do, you know it is not an easy battle, and someone who has been the face of it, because she has been out there talk about her struggle is yolanda, i know as yolanda foster from housewife, but going by yolanda hadid now. greg: all right. lyme disease, wow. we don't know that much about it. she has been very vocal in her efforts to combat this dies. she sits down with dr. oz, american's physician. he has more with us. good morning, sir. >> good morning, greg. you know? it is interesting she has been accused of mulling, she has been forced to talk about her journey over the last four years with lyme
8:42 am
actually tacked openly, authentically, about what happened. i have been speaking to her for the last year or so. she finally agreed to come on, to have a discussion about a very difficult time in her life, and part of the reason she did it, and i think you will find it compelling this afternoon, she realizes there are millions of other women around the country who have fatigue, head way, fogginess, aches and pains, things that just are not right. they don't feel bet when they rest. yolanda was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome ap went to europe. she had been to a dozen countries. 110 doctors. she has been all over this planet because she has resources to do this. on behalf of a lot of women, she went on a journey. we take you through what she did, what she found, things that work for her. it will open a lot of eyes to what is happening, especially women in america. rosanna: dr. oz, we will show you highlight interests your interview right now. >> i am sitting in 18
8:43 am
on good day, i have four hours, where i can get up, you know, work with daisy, do my treatment, run to doctor, get iv. on bad day, i stay in bed all day. rosanna: you know, i got a chance to meet her, dr. oz. she is not fake. her two kid vits now. she is very concerned about their health. am wondering why do doctors not recognize this as chronic illnesses? >> well, i think, doctors rewhip beginning to appreciate is a chronic illnesses. the question is. what is caution it? how do you treat it? there is not much you of fora patient when you don't have answers. some patients are resistant to the possibility there is something going on. most of my colleague, we share the same values this the know something was wrong. we feel perilous help. then journey i took, i talked to some of the world's experts in the area. some were at the in tietution, new york-presbyterian hospital. we are getting close. we believe there may be
8:44 am
there we never tacked about before. when a tic bites you and gives you lyme disease, it can give you other viruses a z well. she haded another bacteria they found in her body, but also, a possibility that there are toxins in the environment that are affecting the way the intestines process. so they leak through the gut. yo dlan's case, one big like to, she realized she had broken one of the breast implants, all the material leaked to the body she believes she was having reaction to it. he had operation not only to remove implant she had but old leftover material that leaked from a skiing accident decade ago that gave her the biggest relief of anything. several thing going on. i neat is true for a lot of women who are facing this issue. we are a well-oiled machine, when one spark plug is out, everybody can begin to hear, you begin to feel you are not right. subtle things that will take us a little while as doctors to figure out. greg: watch out for those thinks summertime.
8:45 am
healthy tip for today. you know, something, something easy. you always got one. what do you have? >> well, tomorrow is bawl the new body types. had the apple and pears. tomorrow, we are talking about what is doing with on. the fat around your hips. the testosterone fat that is under your arms. we will redefine. the big tip is a major reason we gain weight is we are not coping with stress well. one little tip to cope with stress is eat omega 3 fats because they help the brain process. get the fish oils. greg: salmon? a salmon is fine. a lot of people don't eat fish or don't look the test. they are vegetarians. you can get fish oil pills. buy them from a big overpay them. they are free of toxins. you can actually get the healthy fats where the firn get them. probably a great way to get them. jay okay.
8:46 am
we will watch your interview with yolan did on today. >> its on today. rosanna: great. okay. greg: very gool cool. rosanna: what happened to the rap song? rosanna: is working on it right now, dr. oz. >> okay. i came up with a new line i am work on. let's see here. le it actually involves, um, rosana. how about this one? it is about scott kelly the astronaut in outer space. when gets up, he will look woozy it's the effects of weightlethness on the body. leave him alone. he wants to spend time with his hotty. >> that is cute. >> toast to you my friend. rosanna: dr. oz, he needs medication as soon as possible. we'll see you later. greg: you mean for the head? rosanna: all right. maybe haley seinfeld may be interested in. she is a singer. she may be interested in your wrap. lass a great actress she was nominated for oscar
8:47 am
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rosanna: all right. how are we feeling this morning, greg? 8:50. greg: on the right. rosanna: on the right. greg: a little bit of everything in new york. you know? there is nothing before the 1800's. rosanna: look at the lamppost on the right. you think of a refurb ired one. greg: a picture of fork. we got a lot going on here. you go to paris, like everything was built between 1890 and 1895. rosanna: rome is so old. i mean, coliseum. it is falling down. >> they should renovate. i guess it is part of the charm. rosanna: think so, too. greg: all right. what smells. rosanna: let's talk interesting news here. over the name kiley, when it comes to advertising service. greg: here is kiley mon knowing, i to love woman. rosanna: last year kylie
8:51 am
application for the name kiley but kiley mon knowing says, hey, not so fast. she noticed opposition claiming doing that will dill loot her brand and confuse audience. greg: turn the volume a little bit. great song. it is over. here is kylie jenner. i don't know much about her. she is callous. rosanna: so reps say they are already existing trademark registration for the term kiley but kylie jenner filed paims to trademark under entertainment service not just advertising service. so oh, it is so confusing. the fight is not over yet. that was what you need know. 2:00 sly stall loan. we were radioing for him to win an oscar, for best sporting actor. greg: i did not see "creed." i hate to admit it. i didn't see. i. rosanna: his brother, frank, stall loan, he gots crazy. he launched a nasty twitter tirade against mark. >> he is a got physician.
8:52 am
>> anyway, frank said academy should be ashamed of themselves and should have been em barrad to win. yesterday, frank brought about it. he said, oh, let me retweet. oh, this is what said doings doings i will defend what is right, but i was wrong to put down mark rylance and i apologize. it probably not a good idea to tweet it. a good rule of thumb. will frank stall loan make that announce to mr. mark rylance in person? would you never in a million years. rosanna: why. you could be a brother. you could be a big brother or little brother which is which? rosanna: i think he's the younger brother? greg: put your arm around your big brother and say i thought you should have won. this is twitter. rosanna: yeah. speaking about the ultimate snub. abe about a gotta, you know, the family, the in fans from snubbed he was not mentioned tin, you
8:53 am
the academy. greg: they have this look back and those we lost over the past year. rosanna: the problem was they thought he see you died many times, they didn't know. greg: there he is. en there the godfather. that is how he became famous much? then lots of tv shows. rosanna: barney mill. greg: are yep. then a resin did of the up easter side. rosanna used to see him at food em forrial. rosanna: they do this all the time. they always snub somebody. i think the year before last, it was joan rivers. greg: you can't. that is true. rosanna: how could you forget about jone rivers? greg: 80 million people. a big show like that. will make a couple of snafus. greg, a birthday today for justin bieber. 22 years old. rosanna: heard about that. rosanna: by the way, you blower he t here is a stupid story a net worth of $200 million. greg: is he still though eggs at the maybor's house? rosanna: i the has grown up, greg. he has grown up.
8:54 am
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rosanna: thank you for are saying nice thing bus on the fox 5 facebook page. all right.
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governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. greg: we got you here. what is that old police building show as you little bit more. yes.
9:00 am
street. it says police department. for long time, it was police headquarters. 1909 to 1973, and now, guess that? rosanna: fancy car wash. >> high-en housing. rosanna: i went in there. i was looking to see what is available in case you wanted to buy something, because i know you are up for buying something. there is a four-bed ram, five-bath available. $35 million, greg. greg: yeah. just think, $35 million to york the coupessed to work. my father worked the switch board in this building. rosanna: wow. >> he remembers the phone number. rosanna: the police department left this building because they outgrew at this time or it was falling down, but apparently, i is has probably got the most expensive homes inside of that building. high ceilings. that kind of a thing. rosanna: it looks grand and beautiful. lack at the windows. greg: 240 center street. any of the old tiny pictures of this? we found a couple.


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