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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 2, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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what is up with chris christie? rosanna: let's talk democratic side. a lot to say this morning. that ship that has so many bad breaks lately. this should fit a horrible storm. rosanna: scott quiles says that it is great to be back. what a landing. they came to earth late last night.
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orbit. scott kelly. welcome home. rosanna: oh, my goodness. greg: weightlessness on the body. rosanna: you can see it on my face page. greg: let's take a look at donald trump. a huge victory for him. seven states. chris christie. it was strange. blink twice if you are alive. [laughter] >> you and i have been behind
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it is very difficult. >> you act like a human being. rosanna: he looks a little bit like he is in a trance. greg: you think. i watched this thing as it happened. former tough guy chris christie. a lapdog when he shuffled onstage. a faraway look of a man facing a long prison sentence. it was very strange. lots of interesting observation. sometimes politics can be cruel. greg: this is from regular people. that is the good stuff.
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what are you doing? mike, let's do some weather. on the upper teesside. queens and brooklyn. still a few showers. let's show you the maps and what is going on. nassau county starting to see some drier skies moving into town. coming to a close. forty-nine of my slip.
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much colder air. it will be coming through as time goes on. of 230 incest sex. thirty-eight in monticello. that will make a pick different. it will peak custody with the wind in the cooler air coming in at the same time. from this particular area of low pressure. today, we're coming back with more sunshine. temperatures falling throughout the day. tomorrow we'll make it up to 36 for a high. we do not have any winter weather advisories. we will keep you eye on it. right now, it does not look like
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let's bring in mind as. ines: not as rainy out there. traveling westbound. only the shoulder getting through. the major deegan, packed up to the freeway. the cherokee robinson parkway. by mainstreet, there's a stall. you can see that accident off to the side. as for the trains come up much of north, long island railroad, new jersey transit over the past trains, all running on or close.
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donald crews in second place. it is getting harder and harder to see how donald trump does not get the nomination at this point posting eight victories. robert moses has more on the gop race. you can see that trump one. i want you to notice the diverse city. he won states in the south. he won massachusetts in the northeast. it transcends safe borders. ted cruz, we sort of expected that he would win texas. we learned that he won in
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marco rubio. picking up a win there. second place candidate. everyone is chasing trial. >> this has been an amazing evening speed back you want easily and alabama. he learned closer victories and arkansas, fermanagh -- vermont. >> i am a unifier. the home state of texas. alaska as well.
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divided. that would be a disaster. it came in minnesota. given his week's super tuesday showing, it is nearly impossible. he did not sound like a candidate that was ready to drop out. john kasich to ben carson. neither one, kasich could say. a very close second in vermont.
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is march 15. also in ohio. that is john kasich home state. whether he will stay in the race remains to be seen. rosanna: thank you, robert. greg: a big deal for about three weeks. hillary cantin. rosanna: it looks like she may produce starting to look ahead how are things going this morning, caroline? >> they are going great this morning. saturday night after she had that dave: in south carolina,
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donald trump more and more. clinton won seven of the 11 states. six of them by at least 30 points. that is a massive margin. she has close to half of the delegates needed to secure the nomination. you need about 2300 to get the nomination at the convention did he won his home state of firm up. he also won colorado, minnesota and oklahoma. >> america never stopped being great. [applause] we have to make america whole. >> 35 states from maine. we're going to take our fight.
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for a world of peace. [cheering and applause] >> once you add in the superdelegate, sanders has about one third of the number of delegates. still possible for him to win this thing. she is trying to shut it down. greg: a very weird, funny component last night. donald trump gave a speech and then a press conference. he stood behind for a half-hour. the most bizarre matter that was quickly noticed and tweeted about. rosanna: the hash tag was christie's face. signaling for help.
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-- i do not know. >> look, it was fun. what the internet was made for. both disappoint me. losing my religion. i mean, it was just strange, rosanna. you have to eyeball the area. >> you have the vice president. suggesting why did i do this, how did i get there. >> i just feel like it is an
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rosanna: we would like to have them back. the nypd is about to lose its presence on the city's subway system. >> teresa priolo has more from times square. >> good morning. this is something that the nypd has done in years past. also attempting to make straphangers feel safe. they need to bring in the reinforcement. >> i am more worried than ever. >> get ready for more company on your subway ride overnight. the police commissioner is
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beefing up its security overnight. between 8:00 p.m. and 4:00 a.m. fears grow over slashing san stabbings. major felony crime underground was up 36% for the first month of 2016. waking sleeping straphangers that goes off overnight. manhattan transit task force will pull 60 cops from around the city and put them on the overnight train duty. the idea is to show face on every car, on every line. >> taking it overnight. >> used throughout the nypd history.
7:15 am
was before 2013. the shift will be on a volunteer basis. new york's finest will be assigned to the task at hand. >> would you feel safer? >> of course. >> this may just be common sense. they cannot do this in the middle of the day. greg and rosanna, allegedly, this will all come out at the 130 press conference. that is the latest from times square this morning, packed the both of you. >> do you feel safer now? >> have not had a problem lately.
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couple of problems. why are you shaking your head? >> because it was late. guess what, that rain is talking down on us already. look at them drop out. your chance that rain that is down. a lot drier air back to the west of us. it is also colder. partly to mostly cloudy skies. wind gusts up to 24 out at newark.
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that cold front. the rain, i think is almost gone. except for the central and eastern parts of connecticut. there are some snow showers back to the west. morning rain and gusty winds. falling temperatures throughout the rest of the day. we do have sunshine with receipt conditions. thirty-five on friday. that is when the snow showers try to pop in. drier skies as a go through this up coming weekend. couple of birthday shout outs for you this morning. gabriella. turning 10 years old. happy birthday to you. hope you have a fantastic birthday.
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right now. >> this morning i noticed a lot of flooding. there is something unusual there. let's go to queens. this is over by the parkway. you have all of this activity going on on the right. causing this traffic jam. those two problems on that l.i.e. the gwb, 30-40. lincoln tunnel, back to. if you are taking the holland tunnel, five-10 minutes, no problem. then we have some issues with
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northbound expect that. greg and rosanna. >> a great. bruce ship coating the trip off early. that is the anthem of the seas. remember all the trouble it ran into last month. >> last month, that other anthem as well. really had a problem in the middle of the storm. >> they were running into some rough weather. also, a breakout of the norovirus. >> last month the same ship turned back early after running
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our show. >> one of those was thinking about possibly taking legal action. >> after that wild ride, you
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>> astronaut scott kelly returning to earth. after a year in outer space. anyway, 11:30 p.m. last night he landed. he said he feels pretty good. >> i am not even sure if they can walk after all that time. greg: it seems like he cannot even move his hands correctly. >> they are helping him with his forearm. he is really messed up after a year in space. let's go back to j hadley. >> your muscles, you lose some of your eyesight. it is actually really rough on
7:24 am
landing just before that midnight. only three and a half hours to get back down here. >> we got a great view from him now. a very pink sierra. >> you can see that. before leaving the station, kelly tweeted out this picture. follow me. he became very famous. having these amazing tweets. they have been subjects of dozen experiments.
7:25 am
package the body. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: what about that scott kelly. welcome back. two astronauts in the family. they can see how his auntie has deteriorated. >> there ought to be. >> there ought to be. it is on my facebook page, if you care to look at it. rosanna: a nice way to welcome him back.
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to of.
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greg: trying to break the code on the statue outside. we know that it is general sherman. legs raised in the air. killed in battle. a common belief. not universally applied. they are found with writers. i think that you have one. general sherman, i am pretty sure that he died safely. boy, oh boy. they really polished that vein up good. >> they have for distorted over the years. >> walking.
7:30 am
guardian angel. >> my keys, what is up? >> we are just trying it out. a little bit further out to the east. the rain this morning, will be coming to a close. the cost will be picking up behind that front. we will be clearing out for everyone. some minor accumulation. we will have to find to not as we get closer to it again. we have the showers making their move through the tri-state region. snow showers upstream are going
7:31 am
we will bring in those colder temperatures. fifty-one in newark. 51 degrees and isolate. the wind direction is starting to shift on it. as the front actually passes by. noticing all that colder air. the showers will clear the tri-state region. your temperatures about 244 by 2:00 p.m. jumping off a way to a low tomorrow morning. temperatures through the day wednesday as well. chances for you on friday.
7:32 am
causing some problems today? traffic jams on 78. there is a truck that flipped over. only the shoulder was getting through. they kind of have to lay and skilling through there. traffic backed up to exit 33. then in the bronx, southbound. based on the jackie robinson parkway. the l.i.e. a stall. the cross island parkway. between marathon parkway and the cross island parkway. that accident was still cleared away.
7:33 am
d train southbound. mass transit running on or close. greg: thank you. so. the two big winners last night. listen to this. >> i think we will be more unified. i think that we will be a much bigger party. i think that we will win in november. rosanna: between us and them is wrong. >> bernie sanders. four of her closest rivals. i believe three states for ted cruz.
7:34 am
what does it all mean? >> nice to have you back here. let's talk donald trump first. everybody can say that he has the southern crazy people supporting him. >> people thinking he will do very well. this coalition of reagan democrats that have not voted. he has increased turnout. bringing new people into the party. that is something that the republicans have not done.
7:35 am
that he is bringing in people. you see that more on the right did you do on the left. the republicans are looking for something that does not represent anything. >> and a lot of them do not like this at all. rosanna: a press conference disemboweling david duke. >> a wanted to make it clear. the potential lead for the republican nomination. it will be very hard to turn this thing around. senators and others in the parties who say they will not switch.
7:36 am
unite the parties. >> this morning and washington, d.c. >> it is very hard. their concern is they will loose key senate rates. >> yes, i absolutely agree. >> it is absolutely right. a lot of key races around the country. the senate is on the threshold. >> a lot of people said that they could not get the nomination. he could win the whole thing. >> you know what i was interested in today. interestingly enough. they called most of donald trump
7:37 am
did not mention that all hillary clinton. >> looking at the exit polls last night. this is true and other states as well. he is going full throttle across the democrats. that is absolutely not true. heard you guys were so anxious to run against some of trump. a real nightmare scenario. he will not be afraid to say things about hillary clinton.
7:38 am
>> taking it any single day. >> former president bill clinton. somebody who has a key breed. not afraid to see things. her badly. >> i think that anger and concern and anxiety israel. should not take that for granted. going after a lot of those folders. i do think that it is important to note, the question is, can he govern? >> are you part of that?
7:39 am
>> 5000 people coming. supporting him or her. this is a grassroots campaign. >> sanders would not agree to a grassroots campaign. [laughter] giving all that money when she knows she will run for president. >> if you look at all these people running for president this year and the money they have gotten from wall street, actually pretty far down on that list. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver one speech.
7:40 am
rosanna: we're talking about ethics. >> some sort of first possibility. >> one of judgment. knowing that she was going to run. >> there is no causality there. >> we know who you are voting for. [laughter] >> we are officially neutral. donald trump getting stared out by chris christie. anybody? >> it is hard to picture him as
7:41 am
[laughter] one was his little sidekick. >> standing there still awake. >> he wants to get his name out there four attorney general. >> that is actually not that that idea. rosanna: great to have (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental) i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around,
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. mike: welcome back, everyone. >> it is a good news. a short period of time. no big deal. poughkeepsie in newark.
7:45 am
look at all of this full layer. 37 degrees of monticello. coming to us here in the tri-state. we will see skies clearing out. the wind will also be coming in. a lot of changes are taking place during the day. 30-mile per hour wind gust for you in montauk. again, most of the rain has argued moved on. colder and drier skies are moving on behind it. rain coming to a close for everyone. your temperatures back down to 43 degrees. we will see 36 for a high tomorrow. a few snow showers coming through the tri-state for you.
7:46 am
50s early next week. checking out the fox5 weather at. it has the live interactive radar. download it for free today. good morning, ines. >> things okay. tappan zee bridge. take a look at the freeway. traffic moving slow heading into the bronx. it has been out there for over an hour. staten island expressway, you have your normal slowdown. let's go to our cameras. overbite exit 35. traffic moving slow. of course everyone is slowing down. keeping only that one lane
7:47 am
that is pretty much your number. lincoln tunnel, 495. greg and rosanna. >> takes a lot, ines. >> great to have you, tina. he will be on sunday night "sports extra." >> the knicks last night at madison square garden. they welcomed in the portland trail blazers. here is mellow. goes up to try to dunk it anyway. it just flies off the rim. kind of embarrassing. losing the ball. it was like that all night. third-quarter lance, hitting
7:48 am
within three points. it was in reach. now at the end of his 10 day contract. he finished with four points. the knicks win by 19. carmela tells the fans, look, the owner is right there. ask for your money back. >> kobe bryant getting a retirement gift. third-quarter here. finding d'angelo were also knocking down the three-pointer. in the fourth quarter, just four minutes to play. he finishes with a career-high. thirty-nine points. padding easy.
7:49 am
107-101. to hawking now, the devils taking on the carolina hurricanes. the 20th of the season. derek ryan clyde soon. third. still tied at one. a rebound for the goal. another one after that. tying the game with a goal. later in the third. the back of the neck here. we have a winner. islanders win. and baseball, they gain keys have their first spring training game.
7:50 am
commissioner suspends gain keys closer. the first 30 games of a 2016 season. october 30. he got in an argument with his girlfriend and mother of his child. no charges were fired. in a statement issued yesterday, he had this to say. i want to be clear, i did not in any way harm my girlfriend that evening. the yankees issued this short statement. we are pleased with this discipline. >> shooting a gun and maker roche. >> after a confrontation with
7:51 am
>> there was an investigation. >> tell us. >> they took forces. full cowboy gear.
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>> we hope that they governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors
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rosanna: i have my umbrella with me. >> a little carried away. madonna is in the news today. >> wanting to see you there along with her ex-husband. no longer a couple. a couple of kids together. he does not look like that any
7:55 am
madonna is on to her. the court proceeding is here in new york. >> i think it is over the holidays. wanting everyone to be happy. >> exactly. after they perform in cuba in march. >> these guys are still on the road. march 26. the communist country. 1959. just a couple of weeks. rosanna: they figure it will be
7:56 am
three days after president obama finance. listening to rock music not too long ago. >> coming to randolph island. who is going to be there, kendrick walmart. rosanna: randall's island. there is some controversy. they got involved. apparently, a good friend of the mayor. good friends. making it happen. >> that little island.
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>> good morning, "good day new york," wednesday march 2nd i'm rosanna scotto. >> hi everybody i'm greg greg weather wise what do we have out there? rainy, gray tbhaws okay. friday is -- almost here. [laughter] we have your full forecast coming up. mike woods is standing by. meanwhile hillary clinton, drumple get closer to a general election matchup.
8:00 am
tremp are won seven of the 11 states and republicans voted on super tuesday. mrs. clinton eight of the democratic parties 12 contests. >> not over yet but this seems to be shaping up as trurp versus clinton november election. meanwhile what do we have in police, nypd boosting their presence on subway trains overnight. we've seen increased crime on this city subways. they're going to put a cop on every single train at least at night. big changes for high school students trying toe get into college. they're going to face a revamped exam. we're going to talk to the president of college and help tutor kids with the s.a.t.s. >> tough to be a group that takes that test on saturdays. astronaut scott kelly welcome back to the planet of your birth. earth.
8:01 am
he's back after a year in outer space he landed in kazakhstan on land in a capsule, and by the way look at him. experiencing gravity -- >> looks leak jell-o. mushy dealing with gravity for thes first time since march 2015. a year ago. >> he's been around you know orbiting the earth 4500 times. amazing guy from new jersey by the way twin brother mark kelly was also an astronaut, and awe. welcome back again. what else do wept to say about that? >> awesome. >> a little bit woozy. >> to be expected but this was like a test flight from mars basically. >> i don't know mars seems it is a long ways away. hey last night donald trump, hillary clinton, looking really, really serious. and what about after the victory by donald trump and states --
8:02 am
like i'm crazy everybody see the speech where chris christie of staring at him. strange etion funniest thing seen in politics in a long time. internet, whatever everybody is hypercritical rosanna it did explode after he introduced it he stares at him for a very long time. >> you don't think chris christie should have been -- to the side? >> eric is over there. as the speech unfolds he looks at the back of his head for a extended period of time and wondering about with his health. mental health. rosanna. >> you were talking about the memes poking fun at governor christie you made some of them up. >> were you making memeses? >> people did want to see him blink if he was okay. he gave an effective introduction to donald trump. so we'll get to the news in a moment. first weather with mike. hi, mike.
8:03 am
changing up on us again today. >> is the rain gone? >> at least for us here in the city. >> umbrella need it on way in. yikes. rosanna -- got out of here. it weighs three quarters of a pound. >> umbrella weighs more than that. people want mine. >> a pound and a half. show me how much could it possibly be. >> you want it, though. a big cocoon. >> it is, and bad luck to open it inside. anyhow put them away at least for you in the city, out mid-way through long island out it extreme east end to hamptons you have rain going on. that's the live radar there. yep both knot and souths have showers and also central and eastern sections of connecticut so a little bit of rain and in the city you're goods. most of long island in good shape and east end and we don't have anything to the west of us
8:04 am
of rainfall but cooler temps it came down four degrees in last hour. so colder air is coming in quickly. 47 out at central park. 36 in monticello so we talked about the rain coming through and cooler temps not far behind coming in quickly. 49 in islip. look at that winds gust up to 41 miles per hour for you out at newark. 44 belmar. that's going to be the weather story per rest of the day. windier can bees that we have as well as cooler air coming into town so a big swap in term of the overall air mass. cold front pushing all of that warmer, humid air out of the picture here's cold or, dry or stuff to set the stage for what could be more snow. now, this is not the next snow maker it is going to be another area of low pressure which isn't really developed just yet. but it will be coming through tomorrow night into friday. so today, you've got sunshine taking over. but you'll have gusty winds, as well as dropping temperatures throughout the morning and into
8:05 am
it is going to get colder and colder, by tomorrow morning drop to a low of 26 degrees that's cold stuff here dpeerd what we have out there today. 36 is your high, tomorrow breezy but sunny. 35 your high on friday. snow sures in the area and hopefully a lot of that melts on contact since it's been somewhat warm lately so ground is warmed up a bit for you. all right i'm taking a look at ines's camera shots and yeah things looking a lot if better. >> i want to see in the umbrella. >> i'll open it. not bad luck only if you will it. let's see bqe metropolitan avenue an accident blocking a lane. you have a stall on l.i.e. as you head westbound. also a stall on jackie robinson parkway by metropolitan. route 378 so an accident on westbound sides of 78 involving a flipped over truck with a one point closed happened around 5:00 this morning. right now only shoulder and right lane getting through and
8:06 am
with that. route 80, right here by route 15 eastbound exit 34b traffic jammed because of a van that caught fire. they put it out already fully engulfed but they have to cloor it out out of the way. other camera first. 59 street bridge upper lower level good. d train dealing with signal problems. d local between tripp month an 15 street and rest of the trains on or close. greg and proas rosanna. >> super tuesday donald trump, hillary clinton, way out in front. >> all right. donald trump won seven of the races, adding 285 delegates to his count yesterday. uniter. >> okay. but this is note over yet ted cruz picked up states marco rubio won and hillary clinton seven states for her four for bernie sanders. and let's go to our reporter
8:07 am
bit of a breakdown for pus hi robert. >> let's check out this scorecard it is impress i have in donald trump's u column we mentioned seven wins, but looks at how his support transcends board ors and regions he got support in the south aka alabama and arkansas and georgia. but he also got support in slightly more liberal state of massachusetts so he had support in the northeast. let's look ted cruz. we mentioned that he would likely win texas, he did that he was the top prize, text, of course, being his home state but he picked up oklahoma and arkansas so now he really can stay is claim toed second spot. the viable alternative if you will to trump and rubio picking up that one win. let's look now at the democratic side and clearly this was a very successful night for hillary clinton. again, look at thes diversity of her support that transcends regions and statelines, bernie sanders won his home state of vermont but also picked up a
8:08 am
to do better in areas that are whiter, clinton in diverse. clearly a good night for both clinton and trump. >> this has been an amazing evening -- >> as expected drurp coasted to victory in the majority of super tuesday's states. he won easily in alabama, georgia, massachusetts, and tennessee he earned closer victories in arkansas, vermont, and virginia. his wins demonstrate that his appeal is is not confined to any one region or demographic. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this finished i'm going after one person, that's hillary clinton. >> ted cruz secured biggest prize of the night his home state of texas as well as neighboring oklahoma and alaska as well. cruz called on the field to unite behind him. so long as the field remains divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely. and that -- [booing] would be a disaster for
8:09 am
for conservatives -- and for the nation. >> marco rubio sole win came in minnesota given his weak super tuesday showing it is nearly impossible for him to secure the nomination. but he didn't sound like a out. >> i will campaign as long as it takes and wherever it takeses to ensure that i'm the next president of the united states. [chanting] on the democratic side hillary clinton cemented her status as likely nominee. she won in alabama, arkansas, georgia, massachusetts, tennessee, texas, and virginia. like trump she demonstrated her widespread appeal. and did especially well in the diverse southern states. in victory speech she mocked trump's campaign slogan. >> america never stopped being great.
8:10 am
we have to make america whole. >> won in home state of vermont. his path forward is very difficult but he says he'll fights own. >> 25 states remain. and let me assure you, that we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace for every one eve those states. [cheering] hillary clinton in the city today and she is scheduled to headline a rally at the javits center at 5:45. greg and rosanna back to you. >> wilted exciting time. interesting time in politics whatever your leanings. we have this donald trump had something, has something called trump university. it's been embroiled in controversy and in legal action. >> university was unlicensed welcome and engaged in bait and
8:11 am
who wanted to learn about real estate. trump opponents raised it as a campaign issue but presidential front runner denies any wrong doing. going for the. >> what about ted cruz by the way questions raised about his eligibility to run for president because he was born in canada. well, one lawsuit challenging to become president has been thrown out of the court. another one is getting underway here in new york two noarks suing board of elections trying to get cruz off the ballot which again is april 19th. >> all right state supreme court, justice began hear hadding arguments yesterday. born in i believe calgary, kndz his parents, father working in the oil business back then. claims he's not a born spts. that. >> police meanwhile identified former nypd officers killed in a shootout with a suspect in texas.
8:12 am
old he was a graduate of nyu and patrolled east village for five years before joining force in texas two years ago. : new york city cop who found other work in plawrmt down in texas. one of the officer who is responded to shots fired near an elementary school yesterday. police say someone opened fire and it fatally wounded hopper. s officer hopper, the new yorker and partner returned fire and killed the shooter. hop per by the way was engaimgd to be mard. very sad. about to drastically reduce presence in the subway system. >> every train will have a cop onboard. which -- sounds pretty good. >> all right well teresa priolo has more on this in times square. good morning. : you talk to people inside of this subway station here and you asked them if they feel safe.
8:13 am
of answers either a flat out no riding the subway or sometimes. nypd is hope hoing to combat that so they're putting these cops on the trains overnight and hoping to reduce crime and make you feel safe. more worried than ever and getting older crazy. there are cops that think -- yeah. >> get ready for more company on your subway ride overnight. according to "the new york post," the police commissioner is expected to announce today the nypd is beefing up its security overnight. putting a cop on every train. patrolling each one car by car. between 8 p.m. and 4 a.m. this move comes as fears grow over slashings and stabbings, and as the nypd reports major felony crime underground up 36% for the first month of 2016. it also follows initiative bit
8:14 am
straphangers who doze off overis night. and an increase of transit cops on patrol during's all hours. task force will pull 60 cops from around the city and put them on overnight train duty. they'll travel all throughout the city. the idea is to show face on every car, on every line. >> would you make you feel safer knowing there are cops on the subway with you especially taking it overnight someplace? >> it would. it would. >> it is a tactic throughout nypd history about when had crime creeps up. the last time it was deployed was before 2013. right now, the shift will be on a volunteer basis but if there's a shortage of cops willing to step up new york's tinist will be assigned to the task at hand. >> safer seeing a cop walk by on the train? >> of course, and you -- >> now again this is going to be
8:15 am
apparently greg and rosanna people might being ask why don't they do this during the middle of the day, the reason simple it is crowded and cops can't make their way through. latest from times square back to you. >> i find riding the subway at night i have trains barely come you're wait for a long time on platforms after a certain hour. it's luke almost feels like they have canceled service. >> you complained about it on parking the weekend too. manhattan district attorney will no longer prosecute quality of life offenses. these are things like public urination, drinking in public and tag up two seats on the subway. >> it doesn't mean you're free to do these things but if you do it you'll get a ticket. a summens like a traffic ticket. >> however outstanding warrant you could find yourself with cuffs on. problem is a lot of those quality eve life tickets are really clogging up the court system.
8:16 am
manhattan court. >> problem with that, though, is sometimes these lower grade crimes are -- systemic and sometimes lead to an atmosphere of lawlessness and then more serious crime follows the whole broken windows theory. so keep your eye on that one. we'll how it all works out o. a ship that caught in a wild storm returns early again. anthem of the seas. it has a jigsaw. >> do some -- burn the sage. they really got stuff to do on that. >> so less than month ago it went out to sea. hit a horrible storm in the atlantic. ship captain said it's okay we're going through it. that was a big mistake almost flipped over. everybody onboard got sick. almost -- this one didn't come close to that. they're back home. they're in bayonne. they cut the trip are short. some bad weather. but some of the guests were
8:17 am
>> so it came in this morning a couple of hours ago. back in port, the anthem of the seas by the way captain in charge is not the captain who was in charge during the really rough weather about a month ago when they went into the -- went through the storm. >> so by the way so we're looking at the people getting off this manager no bayonne people we spoke to happy they didn't risk this time. cruise was perfect in every way. >> it was a responsible thing as well to cut the trip short by a couple of days. so that they could avoid going through some additional weather. >> didn't we find anybody who was arate? company offered partial refunds -- >> a cue coupon seconds time fleeces than month they had to
8:18 am
i need to get you on one eve those -- >> anthem of the seas. a discount send him out. [laughter] >> may have a sale going on right now. >> let's show yous what's happening on average almanac and 41 average low. low for the morning is pretty much where we are right now. 47 degrees and your temps are still drops so low for the day won't come nlg close to midnight tonight because temps drop into this evening into tonight. 45 newark. 41 sussex. 36 in monticello. winds are coming in from now west and northwest and look at the wind gusts up to 41 for you in newark. 31 out at central park, and we're going to see gusty winds with skies dry out nicely for you today. your high temps have been had. our temps drop throughout the rest of the day and windy too. 36 tomorrow. colder and then snow on friday. and it's drying out for you
8:19 am
fox 5 weather app with a live interactive radar check it out on the apple itune store list for free. bring in ines and see who is free and who is not trying to get around town. good morning ipse. >> here's this morning in westchester on tappan zee bring traffic jammed to westchester county normal delays here from rockland county. look at new england throughway slow by road in the bronx but now an px accident by exit one. commute on northern state parkway by ranted swamp road fine eastbound, westbound. reports of an accident, though, westbound in the area. the george bridge upper level into the city 40 minutes. lower level 30. 495 to the loik tunnel 45 to 50. a little windy out there. holland tunnel 15 from each approach. street cleaning rules are in effect today greg and rosanna.
8:20 am
you want to meet my new friend. oh, gosh. going on me -- there's a dog down there. [laughter] come on captain. it is australian cattle dog he wants to go that way. leave the dog alone. letter. do you have a dog that doesn't listen to you? >> this is one of those dogs we have a world class animal trainer right? >> he's going to be here and l porks l porks coming shortly. >> looks wild. hyena out of her the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid
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>> rosanna it's -- >> i have to tell you i know what i'm going to get you or for your birthday a trip to anthem of the seas. come what may. sm you use a friends coupon. [laughter] rosanna you know what i might do it. >> i'm intrigued by this vessel. come on, right? >> i'm sure it is nice -- third time will be the charm. >> one way trip i think how thoughtful.
8:24 am
ship that had a big problem less than a month ago had to turn around and same thing happied this week. prchg >> hopefully not hurting business too much. what's up with lauren simonetti. >> sports authority in our area they might be going bye-bye. here's the reason four the learmings sporting goods retailer is struggling to pay its bills and luges for someone to scoop up and buy it and diction sporting goods, academy which is based in texas we'll see. in the meantime they need money to pay bills waiting for finance ing to come in. if they don't get that this could close all 450 stores across the nation. they're already closing 25 texas stores no matter what had. "the wall street journal" and others are reporting that the chapter 11 bankrupt file for sports authority could happen today. why is sports authority struggling? everybody shops online they have to chalk up e-commerce and ask
8:25 am
use yoga clothes workout gear during the day like lululemon taking a bite out of sports authority. >> in the meantime go to most. >> what are you saying? >> got to go to most. taillight commercial a great little jingle. smg you never know hopefully saved by somebody. >> they're in talks. lauren, thank you. >> coming up on "good day new york" a look at the changes that are in the new cats. >> s.a.t. exam that is saturday. the test, there's the only good thing about the s.a.t. that i recall you were encouraged not to study the night before. [laughter] >> so you've been studying almost a year. we're talking to the president who does a tutoring service and
8:26 am
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8:29 am
>> i think an art installation. >> show pus a little bit more please. >> where is it? >> maybe -- by the plaza hotel in central park. come on it keapght be a real tree. no way. an art -- in the meantime movie theater knicks to the plaza. rosanna one thing about new york is -- some of the notify theaters they have signage from hollywood when they talk about the movie. >> to the truck. >> that is -- you love carol. >> moi mom said it was boring you said it wases worse they smoked out the window. >> subject is deeply intriguing, though. the 1950s anyway that's a beautiful ferris theater a new
8:30 am
>> iconic plaza hotel. >> say hi to mr. ringo. getting ready some kids are taking s.a.t.s this weentdz. you talked to president of bard college. >> upstate right -- >> it's beautiful up there. smg they give him that job when he was 28 years old. second job as university president. >> first he was 23. he's really brilliant. also he wears bowtie. mikey what's up? weather changers in tristate region and happening fast too. 47 degree that's your temp central park. 46 in bridgeport. 45 in newark, and 34 degrees in monticello. these winds gusts have been picking up real quk too. 31 miles per hour wind gusts at central park. 41 newark all if gusty winds and cooler temps are making their way into the tristate region now and rain is shifting on out of the picture.
8:31 am
for you for the south fork out there in long island. other than that clouds are breaking up quickly and wind gusts are hanging tight for the day here today. pressure gradient drives that northwest wintd through and keeps your temps falling throughout the rest of the day. what you're going to see your temps fall down into lower 40s later on this afternoon and then tonight low it is drop all the way down into the 30s believe it or not and even 20s. i should say come tomorrow morning. tomorrow high temps in the 30s. windy today breezy tomorrow o. breezy for you on friday. another area of low pressure comes by with snow showers out there but that should be about it. a drier sky for you saturday, sunday temps will be a little cool. but not too far off the mark. that's a look at your forecast bring in ines and see what we have. and as we get out there i'm telling you waves -- nots a good hair day.
8:32 am
on new england throughway by fenmore cross county markway to the bronx two problems you have one accident, over by exit one, and then i thought it was cleared but i hashed it is there southbound. so heavy theys there. once you are fast that you're fine. in new jersey still dealing with problems so this was route 80 here a car fire and still being cleared been extinguished take a look at that multimile delay. cameras and show you route 15 eastbound heading towards that accident over by exit 35. also if you're taking 78 westbound, only shoulder in right lane is open. a truck that flipped over approaching 287 so you have heavy delays beyond that. other cameras actually in meantime and also rubber necking delays eastbound. gw normal. lincoln tunnel 49 5 busy morning. about an hour delay inbound and
8:33 am
going around there windy outside. 20 each approach. van wyck slow through q garden interchange had. laguardia has delays because of windy conditions. greg and rosanna. >> aptitutte test resigned they do this every so often and sometimes it throws kids into a panic. >> i have a stomach ache thinking about it. administered on saturday. >> i'll say again best thing about this test is kids, you can't study the night before. it doesn't ruin your friday night although get a good nights is sleep. what are changes what do they mean and how will the results be evalwaited? let's bring in expert panel of brainiacs first on the left we have leon president of the bard college university. upstate and also by the way he runs two public high schools in
8:34 am
new york city public high schools. >> we have eric greenberg runs an educational and tutoring service in new york city. nice to have you both here. what do we think are the changes and most significant changes eric on the new s.a.t.? >> most significant change is number one, a lot of really rare vocabulary words will no longer be there. number two retiring back to the 200 to 800 scale on two sections. which is a math score 200 to 800 and verbal score. third thing that will please a lot of students out there, is that the s.a.t. is now option. so three main changes but big item that it is looking more like a.c.t. and responds to haven't gained a lot of market shares so many ways a business play. >> how do you weigh the s.a.t. now at if bard college?
8:35 am
i think both these tests are ludicrous and don't do anybody good nor taker nor the college, and america is obsessed with these tests. and the college rankings are partially to blame for this. >> what is the problem with the test? >> they're dumb. doing on the test is nothing to do with learning or being successful in life. it helps you get into college and you learn absolutely nothing from it. i sort of feel badly if the loss of all of those rare words that was a only thing they every learned from studying this test with all of that nonsense vocabulary that was only on s.a.t.s. >> surprising you say nonsense. >> no one has asked you in your job to solve something by choosing among a set of multiple choice. multiple choice questions are outdated form of testing. testing is important to learn, and to evaluate how well you do.
8:36 am
>> eric greenberg tutor kids for this test. let's face it it's a moneymaker. how do you feel about what the president just said? >> i think highly of him but i think they play significant role. i think it shouldn't be overstated but when colleges are seeing applications from thousands and thousands of high schools, many of which they don't recognize, or barely recognize they need some type of octave way to compare students between and among each other. >> we look at grades. our feeling people perform in the context they're in so not a good high school an they do very, very well that shows that they're ambitious so fileting field is not 90 feet between bases but of 0 feet and they adjust to 90 feet. these -- tests don'tses test knowledge. they don't test motivation ore and their skills we did well it is like a game. but the game is not connected to
8:37 am
>> do you think racially biased that's been raised. >> correlation in income and performance, so someone can afford erics's service is in great shape. and the who whole logic of the test which is with a multiple choice aspect of it. no one asked you what would be the decision is to make on your job and five choices and try to trick you out of the one. i saw a sample test of reading test based on a representative jordan -- barbara jordan i saw three answers that i could defend as possible. >> you're president of bard. >> absolutely. >> by the way, president of bard they just don't take you onier good looks if you don't take the s.a.t. or submit that, you have to answer exam essay questions. >> that's fascinating and works
8:38 am
college university of california state system, all right let's compare you to that. they've got hundreds of thousands of applicants. how can they measure like you mentioned motivation, ambition -- >> we can device computer technology a new generation eve tests get rid eve these. all of these industries, but a new generation of tests that are interactive and use computers your question is a good one. performance in high school, sustained performs in the classroom is a much better indicator for survival in college. >> let's bring it back to the new s.a.t. test. a couple of questions, sample questions of the new test. eric we're going to need your help on this one. you too mr. president. all right put a question up for everybody. a type of question we'll see on the new test. oh, boy. can you read that? number one -- i need a prompter already. i -- greg read it off the card. off the card.
8:39 am
i simply can't. i have no idea this is question -- select an answer i see none of the above is available when in doubt choose c. >> but it's been controversial and whether you actually are penalized for giving the wrong penalized. >> s.a.t.. >> but also a.c.t. u now no penalty for wrong answer. s.a.t. in kind of a switch to get more like the a.c.t.. smtion i wases a kid when multiple choice test came around. first i remember there was a question my parents both doctorses was how many lungs do you have? there was 12 -- 35 and two is too few so between 70 and 35. now if i guessed wrong. but i'm sure i guessed pretty well through the rest of it without knowing anything at all and i never found out if i got
8:40 am
>> two lungs right? >> whew. >> it is. >> by the way david may be youngest president of a college in the country. >> i was when elected. smg how old? >> when i came to bard i was 28. >> let's tackle a question that you give students peculiar to bard essay questions. number one what is art compare leo's ideas about the meaning and purpose of art making with -- i'm sorry -- walter pater influential defense -- online are the text you need to read so you need to know walter because online is everything you need to know to answer that question. >> this is critical thinking. >> on the pairm and weir giving you intercity everything you need to know. >> the challenge is some person is going to have to read thats
8:41 am
thousands of applications you can't read all of those. >> a tremendous amount of subjectivity with essays at least per s.a.t. and act it is subjective in in ways. >> i don't think it is octave but a good question i don't think these tests are necessary. you could create a much more effective test i would be in favor onis line in a way that when you got the wrong answer the clock stopped like in a chess game and they taught you why you got the wrong answer and what the right answer was so you learn something. nobody learns from taking these tests. >> two new york city public hules one in queens one on the time. do you teach your kids how to take the s.a.t.s? >> no we don't. but they take the test, and they most of them do very well. and people are crazy where they go to college but important how
8:42 am
>> eric if anybody -- world we live in test is on saturday. university somewhat evaluate the system. >> they can take it plenty of time. >> numerous times if anybody wants to use your services how do they find you? >> reached at tbreen burg educational and i look forward to hearing from your audience. >> leon i tell you you're so smart. i don't think you need the bowtie. [laughter] >> don't get any soup on it. by the way he's also a musical conductor. >> in your spare time? >> that's my field. specialty. >> you would think i would know that before you sat down. professor, thank you very much. mr. president, thank you. >> thank you. good day is coming right put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> all right. so let's talk about erin andrews i have to say, i'm a little frustrated by some of the questions that they asked her yesterday i thought it was outrageous that defense attorney asked her whether her career took off after that nude video of her surfaced. i mean, are you kidding me that is outrageous she's not a
8:46 am
she's suing a hotel chain and trying to assess how much were you hurt by this. it is unpleasant may not be politically correct but everybody deserves lawyer go to juliet is -- >> no we're going it talk about erin first. >>my kids say you're naked on the internet, someone say it's an issue when you're 60. who will explain it to my grandkids. >> some people want to be in control of their destiny and not exploiting them while they're in their hotel room. >> she should be in control are she's a victim here. victim of a crime. they're trying to determine, though, what role the hotel played in this. there's the guy by the way the stalker. >> he said he did it per the money so she should get some of it. >> we're not going to settle it here and i can't sit through the whoats trial. >> we've been arguing -- >> we have had some moments.
8:47 am
erin andrews. >> long lost cousin scott kelly. >> back on earth scott kelly after a in face is back home. >> landed along with two cause cosmonauts a video he looks woozy. >> jelly like he can't say okay o thumbs-up. juliet huddy you can, though. you're in space so no gravity and muscle astraif i and they're studying that. kelly and his counterpart landed dmazzic stand before midnight our time touched down after leaving international space station so you can slide to los angeles in longer time than it takes you to get back home. 48 consecutive weeks spent in
8:48 am
>> scott kelly back on mother earth after 340 days in space. now -- thumbs-up. we've got a great view of him now. the folks here in mission control of houston letting out a very big cheer. >> they went around and around the earth more than 5400 times. mission began last march and before leaving station he's become famous for tweets and beautiful pictures. he said thank you for following this journey as i rediscover earth see you down below. he's 52 years old they've been subjects of dozens of medical experiments designed to learn about how the human body reacts to weightlessness and by the way greg you were talking about this earlier. he has a twin kelly so interesting to see see that compare to his twin and very quickly can i say something about erin andrews defense in that case, for marriott defense was saying, to her well wait a
8:49 am
didn't your career skyrocket and gets endorsements, opportunities and things like that this was uncomfortable awkward thing but interesting, though. >> but it's like blaming the victim you know what i mean? >> yes. yes. >> next door to her, violated her privacy -- >> you had have to keep -- >> trying to make money off of it. >> her father he kept himself together. my dad could have -- grabbed the guy. >> never should have happened to erin andrews as to what happens next we don't have time to sit through the trial. we'll see what the verdict is. we mentioned scott kelly back torte we send him a welcoming home message. >> so welcome back scott. to this plan the of your birth, earth. >> don't hold your breath for a ticket tape parade they barely showed up for those who won the world cup. >> in science is impressive but
8:50 am
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>> goodness, they're home. tragedy averted. >> that ship is totally, totally jinxed anthem of the seas had a problem at sea. it had about three weeks ago or so, captain said it is going to get a little rough. hang in there, we'll be fine. wow, ship almost capsized and they have to turn around and go back home early to bayonne, new jersey. true, what happened this week? >> not only do they have to cut the trp short because there was another storm out there but also with norovirus. there. who is that on the leash over there. my little lulu he wants to be with you.


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