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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 2, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> goodness, they're home. tragedy averted. >> that ship is totally, totally jinxed anthem of the seas had a problem at sea. it had about three weeks ago or so, captain said it is going to get a little rough. hang in there, we'll be fine. wow, ship almost capsized and they have to turn around and go back home early to bayonne, new jersey. true, what happened this week? >> not only do they have to cut the trp short because there was another storm out there but also with norovirus. there. who is that on the leash over there. my little lulu he wants to be with you.
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everybody. >> this dog is devoted to you. my u daughter brought her. she said i wanted to just come, and that's the problem with her, like there's no stopping her. like we have this dog whisperer come on. he's the wolf whisperer. she gets so excited she has to jump on you. this is what you want in a dog complete and out utter devotion. this dog had a nervous breakdown when he came in the door and saw rosanna needed to be with you immediately and now she's calm. >> sweet and rarely barks if there's a stranger at the door or line jenna holding her and she was getting mad at jenna. smg speaking of jenna do you have a mommy jenna? >> by the way jenna is the daughter standing over there. do you have a moment? >> she probably just rolled out of bed. she has to go to work.
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talk. god to have you here. >> maybe lulu will learn something today. >> so super tuesday last night donald trump and hillary clinton won big. let's start with donald trump. 7 states for him. three states for rubio, one for no i'm sorry three states for cruise one for rubio. donald trump is it gettingheartedder and harder to see rosanna how he does not become the nominee. republicans establishment yesterday they held a press conference to basically say the republican party basically has no doubt about it. they do not -- want any association with david duke. they disavow him. >> so did donald trump by the way, and well look the establishment may have a problem with but guess what millions of people do not. but reelection results continue yulely proved it. now is it going to be the nominee? you get the sense anything can
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a fractured convention perhaps, but right now it is getting hard. we're going to talk about chris christie in a bit. >> you're obsessed with that. >> funny and stared at drurp but let's hear from the big winner last night. we're going to make america greater again. she's been there for so long. i mean, she hasn't straightened it out by now, she's not going to straighten it out but worse and worse. she wants to make america whole again. what is that -- make america great again is again. >> i guess hillary clinton means like bringing everybody together. not dividing the country. >> whatever. see chris christie staring at him just -- all right, sir then they said
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in stuff you said lately. here was trump's response. >> i'm going to get along with congress. paul ryan i'm sure i'm going to get looping great with him, if i don't i have to pay a big price, okay. >> what does he have in mind? >> i don't know. he means that i guess he's going to use his popularity. >> paul ryan has a lot of power speaker of the house. to point out. paul ryan wants to work together. >> sure. but you know what speaker of the house can baskly orchestrate imep peachment of our president happened once to bill clinton and it was about to happen to richard nixon way back when. all right here's ted cruz he won three states last night. >> so long as the field remains divided. the path to the nomination
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would be a diserl for conserveties and for the nation. i congratulate donald trump on his victories tonight. but we're the only campaign that has beaten donald trump once -- twice, three times. >> texas, oklahoma, and alaska last night went for ted cruz. one state went three times -- no -- one state went for marco rubio, minnesota. >> ted cruz has his own problems not well liked in d.c. >> hasn't held him back. i don't know, it has. >> more likable with the people on the hill. both of the guys it's wild rosanna still in the first term in the u.s. cincinnati -- like president obama was.
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states will never be held by a con artist. no matter how long it takes, no matter how many states it takes. no matter how many weeks and months it is takes i will campaign however long and wherever to ensure that i'm the next president of the united states. >> thank you for showing me speeches i have to say i didn't stay up late last night. >> i watched donald trump thing ins i entirety and i i called it a night. that rob owe he looks to young to me. >> but he's in his 40s he's not a kid. let's talk about democrats. hillary clinton had a big victory last night. i watched seven states. >> four for bernie sanders there's the lineup. let's hear from hillary. >> but i'm going to keep saying it, we've got work to do. but that work, that work is not
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america never stopped being great. [cheering] we have to make america whole. we have to fill in -- fill in what has been hallowed out instead of building walls we're going to break down barriers and build -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so -- >> hillary here in new york today. she's got a big rally at the javits center a lot of union bigs will be there. >> hillary clinton -- the hillary clinton people reportedly were so eager to take on donald trump in a general election. look at the "new york times" this week maybe not so much. donald trump seems unafreighted and not at all. >> amazing newspapers are like going at him double fisted, and he -- you know, whether it's "the
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norg post it seems like the people are speaking. things he says about hints poses problem for hillary clinton. bernie sanders it wasn't a complete bust last night four states for him. >> 35 states remain and let me assure you, we're going to fake our fight for economic justice for social justice were for environmental sanity for a world of peace. one of those states -- >> all right. so bernie sanders u you know getting his base riled up. but last night what really trending was chris chris called the christie face. >> it was wild so he introduces trump gives a decent short, but powerful introduction, and then for a half hour proceed to just stare at donald trump.
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but this is basically what went down last night. looks like my dog when he realized she was going to the vet. show us another one. josh jordan says i feel like chris christie will blow up like he's in the telltale heart. finally reaching his breaking point. i don't know what that meant. >> trevor are said -- >> he said -- a meme here. what have i done dear god, what have i done? >> he did seem to have the going through -- possible zero emotion and i couldn't tell which. >> this one comparison to eli manning inpa nouses super bowl face christie endorsed donald trump last week after he dropped out of the race chris christie looks like he was forced into a shotgun wedding. >> the mouth agape how different
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leader by drifting behind donald trump and staring at the back of his head like a patient for the next 30 minutes from fusion. all right. hey it happen it is to politics sometime use get made fun of. talk weather 9:10 in the morning shall scwe? >> how are you enjoying yourself? >> so a little -- you know a very good dog but she needs to learn a few things. scott kelly back on the planet of his birth -- >> earth. wasn't a splash down or a space shuttle touchdown landing. it was in the middle of the desert in kazakhstan in the spacecraft they're the only ride around. anyway scott kelly back on earth after almost a year in space. mples he did over o 5,000 orbits around the earth amazing. >> mushy because that time without gravity has an effect on the body.
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kinds of tests, evaluations this is some of this research will be aimed i think at sending guy to mars someday a two or three year trip. >> a guy who has been in out oar space who was here yesterday two and a half years to get round trip to mars. a long time so this was a precursor u how does that affect the body? >> scott kelly navy veteran 52 years old from new jersey. welcome home all of the best to your brother mark another new jersey and another astronaut former astronaut. >> nasa brings in mark and bairvegly examines both of them and sees how they're different or the same physically. after being out in space. >> i've seen mark recently he's still ripped not sure about scott. thank you for your service what's up mike? >> for us we have a lot of changes going on for us even as we speak.
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the rain has pretty much come to a close here. but now strong winds gusty winds coming through at around 40 to 50 miles per hour. they've or already been clocked in that neighborhood here and tristate region they're going to continue to come at you a we go through morning and into the afternoon. and then looks like we're going to see clear skies but temperatures falling as well throughout the day today. so our temps drops down to 44 degrees. colder weather coming up starting tomorrow and there could be light snow out there by tomorrow night into friday. all right checking your area temps cooler 45 degrees right now in newark. 44 central park, 50 in bridgeport and 39 in sussex. 34 month is low. temps tumble as colder air rises different now than it did hours ago. wind gusts there at 41 out at newark. 3 central park and 30 miles per hour gusts in bridgeport so 30 to 40 lou. but could get high as 50 later this eafn.
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have that happen hadding already. here's the rain moving on out of the picture. clowsdz are breaking up back behind it that's not to say that we have a completely sunny day all the way through. but it will be sunnier and cooler as well as windy as area of low pressure continues to lift up to the northeast out of the area. but on the backside cold air will come into place and that's one of the ingredients that will need for next storm which is coming in later tomorrow night into friday morning and that one could be producing a little more snow for us here. but what is going on for the rest of the day today continue to dry it out with gusty wns. temps fall throughout the rest of the day back to 39 for later on this evening and look at your low for tomorrow morning down to 26 for a low tomorrow morning. our high up to 36 with a mainly sunny sky. snow showers coming through with couple of inches in the triare state region. maybe a few spots getting more than that. but it will stick around for long as. gone by the weekend and ground temps fairly warm so hopefully
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for too long either. snow in our future. greg and rosanna. take a look at this dog captain australian cattle dog. we've got our eye on him been watching him all morning. >> look a wolf or fox. >> so alert there's wild in this dog and anyway his owner joins us right now. his name is brian bailey with a book called "embracing the wild in your dog" people call ryan a animal behaviorist. the wolf whisperer welcome sir. >> thank you. >> so tell us about the any book. the new book is a ut reconnecting us back to the wild with our dogs we think we own little people in coats we spend 65 billion a year on dogs and spend that on family. but the problem is that when we think their human and fur coats do we expect to behave like that and we want to train them.
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>> what's wrong with that? >> problem is for example a time if you want to know he's a good dog and i have one and a half seconds after he does a behaver to reward or punish him. >> this dog is beautiful. but he's a little edgy, and you know, with i'm not sure if he's the best dog for the house. what are you saying here that these wild dogs are better for us to own and play with and be with? >> i think every dog has its own temperament but they have a general temperament this is a herding dog so they aren't always best dog to have with young children unless you want them to go to the yard to bridge your children back into the house. so they're not one of the best breeds they have to be a little aggressive otherwise that animal was designed to push cattle weighs 50 times more than it. >> overly kulgding them and dressing them up and treating them like people. >> that is a problem because
9:16 am
second book coming out amazing how they never expected their dog to may behave the way it did. well another human wouldn't behave like that. my child, family doesn't behave like that so caught offguard. to you understand what you own they're grounded in realism and you can do better. >> so book is embracing wild inier dog with that you're also trying to do something training with the dog right so captain, what does captain know like i know captain look leak -- you know could be rough around the js is what have you taught captain? >> i've taught captain a lot of things for example i have -- he sits and i i shake their hands so i don't have to worry about him jumping on anyone. >> i troy that with lulu she jumps on people immediately.
9:17 am
people make is that they accidentally are reenforced jumping all of the time. we get excited hey, what's up buddy looking at lul porks over there somewhere. but for the most part he gets excited and now what i'm gong to do with him is know he can jump. up, at a boy. he can jump up and i can catch him he goes higher but that's a cue. >> but you're in charge. >> do me a favor captain we want -- give him a two minute break bringing in another dog. opposite of captain. let's take care of that. >> okay captain you're over there. l porkslulu watch this. come here sweety pie. come on.
9:18 am
some don't like it when dogs jump on their furniture. >> nice golfy cuddly loves rosanna. is she doing anything wrong? >> not at this point as long as i don't mind this dog being in my lap or close to me. some people do. some admire your dog from a distance they don't want your dog up on you. so one thing we have to understand about jumping i understand that she jumps is so. this is how they connect with us and how they communicate and identify us. wolves greet head lfl so now i have to go had had level so their scent glands help them positively identify who it has i'm greeting some wolves you greet don't want to be greeted by you. >> vice versa by the way. >> when people come to my house also lulu sit. them. so what do i do?
9:19 am
>> i would make her sit and tell people if i come up to her. if she jumps on me. how are you -- >> no she's going to prove me wrong. no mart what, what you can do is have people give a -- total on her own program. for the dog. looking for the other dog. >> like her mother. you can offer a treat. one thing we do is we come in and excited to see the dog we want to be polite because it's your dog we don't want to be offensive even though we're going i don't know if i want that dog to jump on me. but we want to pet it anyway. and we do this to excite a dog and they want to come up to our heads and learn who we are. >> do not pet the dog it -- >> no but more upright but we bend over we cause a dog to be fearful he took a little bit of a offense to a bend over.
9:20 am
right now like the wolf that he is. captain is over there. >> brian -- look at the ears rosanna. >> he's ready to do something book is out now called embracing the wilted in your dog. come back, sit down. >> you're going to lose fight with that dog. you're going to lose i want to -- >> all right. you're staying with us because again no. not going to end well for you. thank you brian. thank you captain. >> all right when we come back mary is going to perform for us talking about her u new show going to be amazing -- oh. all is good. today, lori grabs delicious jimmy dean sausage from the fridge, fully cooked and ready in seconds. it makes breakfast complete, which makes bill feel like completing the gazebo, prompting a celebration in lori's backyard.
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and goliath fell face down on the ground. who will stand up for you? >> we're going to have fun with this next book technology and visionary picked up awards along the way new book is called "the future of men masculinity in the 21st century welcome to "good day new york." >> so you really feel a shift is happening right now. >> it's a transformation. . in which way? >> in new york city, more than
9:24 am
growing up in fatherless homes. most of teachers are women. their classmates are primarily moving ahead and going to college are primarily women 60% of college students today is female only 40% are male that's a flip from 1970. >> what do you attribute that to? >> there are a lot of factor but fundamental issue in the transformation an boys say what is it to be a man today and that's change hadding and only answer they're getting is man up. you know be a man, and real you know big boys don't cry. or complain. they go ahead and do it. flings still the message in today's society big boys don't cry? tell me or about that. i've not picked that up. >> out on a ball field and that's what coaches are still saying very much in conflict to what boys are hear in home so a lot of transforms why are boys
9:25 am
science, and reading. in the past ep they were more dominant. >> that is why women are encouraged to go into the stem field because you have more women going to college more girls graduating from high school and getting into those programs in college. >> but that's a good thing. saying that's as a result of the lack eve exposure to male, father figures as you alluded to earlier. it's all a good thing greg. women movement of the past 40 to 60 years is positive implications for society. what we haven't been looking at is flipside with the young boys what's happening with the young men and young men are feeling disenfranchised confused conflicted and we have this conflicts between the what had is a real man today versus what boys are growing up with more many female centric society. >> did you or certain age groups that you looked at in this book?
9:26 am
it's a man's world. >> you would feel that way and my reality is that's true although in 13 of the top 15 growth industries in the united states women at the junior and middle management are dominating of 0% of employees in that level are are females, and what's happening is it used to be first of all people got married younger now getting married late 20s early 30s and it used to be that woman would step back and stay at home but because in more homes now two parents homes, the women are out earning the husbands women are staying in work force so we're seeing that glass ceiling shattered in decades. >> decades that long -- that sounds gender make any difference. transjeaneder is mainstream more than ever before. all of this i'm sensing is positive. and i'm kind of feeling leak it can be positive. trnghts that is conflict because young boys it is generational,
9:27 am
a more female centric young boys today and kids going to college gender neutrality is the norm for them. gender equality is norming and looking at a world where they're recognizing females as being more dominant and that transformation is happening and they're fine with. but then they com into their career, first job and seeing this male centric die it signallic and confused because they're different than from what grown up with but generational and young boy and young men are confused and conflicted by who they are and who they're supposed to be getting mixed signal and messaged and don't know how to -- what success looks like. i have the men when you look at tender guys are swiping -- swiping right. >> option, same option is available to women.
9:28 am
fnght 85% of all heterosexual relationships that are ended is by the women. so you said yes men may be in charge sexually but women are really in charge. women are using -- being with men in different ways in their college years, and premarriage now. there's more equality in the relationship and in many ways women are taking control in that generation of the relationship. >> i want to follow-up on that in a minute. but first off -- >> he and i argue about that all of the too many. >> e masklation going on here. it is but also to me like you may not think that's a big deal perhaps what is that? >> that's a great question but you think young men who are growing up -- are not feeling emasculated but equal that they're okay with equality but then when they come into their adult years so let's take the stay the home dad the dad who decides to stay at home or take a part-time job or work out of the home because his wife
9:29 am
then he goes to party, event with his wife. first question he gets what do you do for a living, and then he's feeling like he's embarrassed conflicted opposed to society say that's wonderful, greet and tweeting them equally. it's a century eon of thinking happened in the past couple of years. >> we're in the transforms process where women's movement having great success and now we need a men's movement not in response to women but support women and for women to support men. it shouldn't be either or in my concern is that as i looked at the region happening to young men that it's becoming more of an either or. >> touchy feelly but i like it masculinity back to tender women are swiping as much as guys are swiping.
9:30 am
>> actually, for every women are more in control because women have about five swipes and men can do five swipes and no one responds. they have to do 30 swipes before anyone responds. women if they start swiping, you know, they'll find a man who is responding to them pretty quickly pep >> interesting. i've never done it. >> on this show we have a bogus profile. >> it was a composite of the both of us. it was really are strange. >> it was fun. another day -- >> whether you've done it or o not -- >> good idea. future of men available everywhere. >> os wowrve the future of jack myers with like a question mark. anyway, nice to see you. >> mary, mary one of the greatests go else duos in history. right, stores they're here. the reality show is back on the air. they're going to perform for us
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>> mary, mary, a great gospel group. great crest tains. >> the sixth season of mary mary starts tomorrow night at 9:00 on
9:34 am
the sisters. i don't want to see anything hap nen sisters. >> okay, listen. loop. erica. >> thanks for having us. >> thank you. rosanna: okay. the drama. you have very, very viable solo careers. >> yeah. >> we are trying to figure out do we navigate being mary, mary. mary mary is not dead. am busy touring. she is busy touring. she is busy winning award then playing another tour with my hus pan this year. they are like let's record. >> we don't have time. rosanna: you don't have time. >> we don't have time. greg: now, looks look you are hanging around the house possibly thinking about home improvement. what is happening here? >> i think that was last season when you was getting ready for the wedding dress and giving the stylist the way to go. rosanna: ready are. what is going on at moment what is going on with the hus noon the husband is great. actual hi, for me and my husband. we have a great relationship now. we went through hell and came
9:35 am
we came back from it all. concerned he may have strayed a little width. right. >> i was not concerned. he actually did stray. season three exploredded that. season four actually showed. season four showed the recovery and it is funny. the same thing that broke us down. the same thing that we're going around the country using to help other marriages that are broken up. am who would have thought now you are helping other people out of their pits so we're going on tour and evening with teddy and tip na calm nell fall. >> that makes it hard for know recover with mary. >> oh. >> i can't be mad that. you can't be mat at her helping other people restore their marriage and find the way back to love after you ex experienced devastation. >> the cyst remembers together. >> the sisters are going to perform together. >> yes. >> it is coming up. >> all right. we're obligated to show a little crip from the new season of the reality show. hit it. >> speaking of that.
9:36 am
>> are we going to do this album because my tipping is, i look like an idiot right now. >> right. >> i, i could tell nain,en, i owe sony a lot of money for the album, buy know if i do, they will freak up. i will handle my way. things will be a lot less stressful if nain would go ahead and do this album. oh, boy. greg: he's the man of the house. traditionalist, isn't he? es the man. he he is the man of her house. she feels a little more swayed to accommodate the schedule. >> you did say last year you would do. you happened to change your mind. you said you would do it. rosanna: no fighting, sisters. people are entitled to change their mind. my house is different from her. we're trying to navigate that. greg: no hair pulling. >> you cannot pull this fabulous hair. she is too busy being fabulous the hairline. that is why she cannot record.
9:37 am
greg: what do you got into go get it. mary mary.
9:38 am
9:39 am
9:40 am
rosanna: oh my goodness. the sisters are so good! erica, nain, nice have you back. >> thank you. rosanna: nain, on the road with the hubby? >> i am going to be on the road with the-buy. hopefullier and her hubby will support us. rosanna: what is it with you? umarry when the last name campbell. >> right. >> birthdays two days apart. our kids are barn year apart. we're stuck together. >> we're sposessed to be together. greg: we tv. thursday is season five. could you pitch us for reality show? i he mean, seriously. >> yeah. greg: roseanne, that is our blessing. >> i do you think the realley way to be? greg: plenty of strife around
9:41 am
halting music. rosanna: we can't sing look the sisters. >> if you got strife, you can have reality show. greg: listen, it is a blessing. >> it is a blessing. >> i is a blessing. >> yeah. >> you are in negotiations. greg: all right. mary mary you are on our side. who knows? rosanna: we love having you here. thank you. good luck with the new season. you and husband on the road. greg: when we come back, how is rosanna dog doing? with a happened?
9:42 am
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rosanna: hello. i feel like are trying to channel springtime am. yes. years ago, it was february and a i felt spring. it is coming. >> what is up? >> so do you know who brad is? greg: no? rosanna: why he, i do. i do. greg: i do not know. rosanna: the guy glass? >> yes. well long story short, is he is a popular celebrity star us and teamed up with wonder. i know you think c wonder went away. c wonder was pressing. steve wonder.
9:45 am
steve wonder. story's ex-husband opened a store in 2011 but then filed for bankruptcy so it went away and am coback on qvc. greg: my understanding is he got it. >> yeah. greg: now the tables have turned. >> the tables have turned. he is back. i want to show you what brad is going to have coming up on qvc. check it out. >> when brad decides that he is going to kree it a line, you know at this time is going to be fact louse well eat get that in one minute. first let me toll you what on the dress. down from $149. she is a crazy bargain shopper. i am. my type. $6.99. dkny. i got at century 21. my shoes were $40 on sale. i am loving every second them. now check out what brad has that
9:46 am
before i met up with brad, i roamed the room and found a few standout items. eye spy what probably is a belt that could be a necklace. check out. now i would wear it. like this. how cool is that? >> and it comes can in other colors and tasselles are so in right now. now, aim loving this shoe half suede, half leather, with cutouts and tassels. mean, seriously. he thought of everything, 109. another fun find. the initial bracelets. they are $59. they come in a ton of colors. i would stack tem the way i have them here. autos sy trend to get in on and really reasonable. now on for the collection, but first, i needed a few answers from brad. so your jacket, pant, shoes. >> fit came together last minute because i try travel light. so my backkits actually, by one get one free. i love a deal.
9:47 am
my shoes are christian. >> fabulous. so here you have this very long tuni dra comes in a nice neutral stripe and you can wear with it or without pants. i like to mix it. this is the signature trellis design on the denim. the denim has so much stretch in it. i am great way to mix. >> we have a neutral look that really helps you stand out in the crowd with our crop den nin jacket that has signature gold biotopes on it. it gives it den nick that casual feel as well. and here, this is one of the favorites. i love these pants so we have this border engineered pasley on the loose-if it fit pant. what is great about this. it can go from work to weekend then the laser which the contrasting patterned lining both of these have stretch in them, so there is going to be a lot of movement in them. then, we can add, also, another little pop of color.
9:48 am
well, we're all about it. we're all about comfort. we're about celebrating. we are all about celebrating. >> now, a few more favorites. >> i love our super soft tailored blouse with these gorgeous pockets in the front, the tabs for rolling up the sleeves. we have these gorgeous super soft really bright stars and the vibrant prints which have the wonder signature false and you can wear this with jean, you can wear one of the printed pants, it transitions really well from vacation to your every day life. so i want you to open up your cross set, see all of your friends, just play dress-up every day. i like that. and add more friends to the collection. because you can never have so many friends. >> thand has the fabulous racial stripe that comes in about six colors with the wonder status hardware and of course, you have your little zippy clinch side
9:49 am
lipstick in so you don't have to go digging around. >> very, very cute. eye picked one that goes my outfit. i am styling myself without knowing it. >> thank you, darling. >> thank you very much. 2:00 >> looks like fun drops for tomorrow. it is a collection foretop tomorrow evening. rosanna: very nice. greg: meantime. look at the dog over there. what is going on? rosanna: nice to see you. greg: hello. >> hi. greg: this dog, roseanne, its amazing. rosanna: what is not love? >> no i. maybe because she feeds you. greg: thank you. thank shall, crystal. rosanna: we will come right back with good day. greg: what tricks do you know? your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like
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with no annual fee. cash back on purchases. this is where we put food. s foot is cleaner s mouth. that' is it? cleaner than my mouth. backed by the service and security of american express. greg: awesome animal. awesome. we love you, baby. rosanna: why putting a spell on her are? ier that song. greg: yeah. greg: losing it or just kind of in a weird kind of funky trance like state. meteorologist: we got
9:53 am
now at 44 central park. 45 newark. to. the winds are am cooing were the west and switching more northwest. these are sustained winds coming through at 15 to 30 miles per hour. pretty windy throughout. look at the gust up to 41 at central park. 32 at central park. 41 newark. 33 in allentown. so the rain has moved on. the skies well they are cleared up four. not completely clear but you will ten to see more and more sunshine as we go through the day. yeah. the colder air is now are rushing on the back side of this. to see going forward from it all. falling. still dn which today. tomorrow, we are up for hive 36 and 35 green. there will be some snow showers again. just light accumulation. greg and rose noon. much. much. lets take a lack gain. staring at donald trump rosanna: this is so funny. you know what inwhenever you are behind the greg: yeah.
9:54 am
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now, here's wendy! [ cheers & applause ] >> wendy: welcome to the big show. [ cheers & applause ] >> wendy: you're the one that makes it big so thank you so much for watching. [ cheers & applause ] >> wendy: say hello to my co-hosts, my studio audience. fantastic. [ cheers & applause ] >> how you doin'? >> wendy: hump day. doing okay. let's get started.


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