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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 2, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better. switch to fios. >> yesterday was one for the history books. >> super tuesday fallout, in hillary clinton and donald
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to the party nomination? spee2 their victory speeches they're both looking ahead to the general election. not that the rest of the candidates are ready to drop out yet. here is the tonight campaign roundup. >> reporter: clinton and trump are relishing their big win on super tuesday while democrats are looking at their success. they're looking at the concern of trumping the nominee. clinton is a new york city tonight. >> hello new york. wow, it is so good to be home. >> a strong showing on super tuesday, hillary clinton held the rally packed with thousands of union workers. new york city mayor, bill diblasio and the governor joined clinton on stage. >> i will say this loudly enough
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across the country can hear it. we will fight back against attacks on workers. >> the domenic democratic rival bernie sanders placed behind clinton about to stay in the race to the democratic convention. >> if we win main we move a step forward towards a political revolution in this country. >> donald trump is also basking in a big win on super tuesday. taking seven states. his victory has shaken up the party's establishment. >> we are going to make america great again folks, were going to make a great again. >> trump is a trail by ted cruz who finished first in taxes and to other states. marco rubio is behind cruise. he won only minnesota and at the bottom of the pack, john kasich told foxnews he is he is in this race at least until ohio. and ben carson said today he will not take part in thursday's republican debate on fox. he he may make his announcement of
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>> dari: the next big contest is ohio and florida. for those republicans who remain skeptical that trump could win in the general election, he insisted that he is drawing new voters and winning primaries and are you with us. >> dari: there could be a mad-to the northern border. donald trump comes president the search for how i can move to canada exploded on google. an overflow of our mind traffic caused immigration websites are crass. >> steve: the support for chris christie supporting trump is coming back to bite them. they're demanding he resign. a classic jersey diner we went and got the pulse of the people.
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jersey, i've never remembered an election like this before. >> people are fed up with politicians. >> it is why mike is ready to bite on new york billionaire donald trump. >> donald trump is and what people want to hear. >> let me introduce to you the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> reporter: governor christie campaign for the republican front runner disagrees with the newspapers in new jersey calling on christie to return to the state a resign. >> that's nonsense. what about anyone else running process. >> i don't trust him. >> michelle, among those fed up with christie and about those awkward moments the state governor set stood behind for the victory speech. >> he was like hanging on him. >> liberals and conservatives pouncing on that one.
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spell on tran shell shock a. >> i know he was just looking like a hostage in a terrible situation. the video bomb controversy shows the two-term governor's approval numbers are as low as ever, pulling 61% of registered voters now disapprove of their governor >> governor christie is a sitting governor at this point with some of the lowest approval ratings that any governor has had in the state of new jersey. >> reporter: we reach out to the governor's office office and they do not get back to us. >> dari: mayor diblasio's a boycott of the st. patrick's day parade is over. the mayor says he will margin this year's parade now that organizers plan to allow gay groups to march under their own banners. he. he skipped the parade two years ago when no gay groups were allowed to openly march. again last year when only one addition lgbt group was allowed in.
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irish pride on fifth avenue on march 17. >> steve: el chapo wants to be extradited to the u.s. as soon as possible. the lawyer says he is willing to plead guilty to any charges in the u.s. if authorities promised him a lighter sentence in a medium security prison. right now he's being held in a maximum security prison outside a mexico city where he complained that guards torture him by waking him up every four hours for headcount. that of course because he has escaped twice before. he could end up being put on trial here in new york. >> dari: airlines have begun vying for the chance to fly to cuba. at least eight new york area submitted application to the department of transportation today outlining the routes they would like to fly. the government will spend the next few months reviewing the request and is expected to award the havana routes this summer. there'd still have to be approved by cuban authorities. >> steve: an attack in the bronx
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please say the co-owner of dunkin' donuts past asked a homeless man to leave because he was sleeping inside the store. later the man return and/or in or in the face with a razor blade through the drive-through window. she needed seven stitches. officers arrested him in the attack. >> the nypd is assigning more officers to patrol subway trains and platforms overnight. all police radios will be fitted with a new frequency so they can communicate better underground. the mayor and the police commissioner say you have about one in 1 million chance of being slashed on the train but they are adding more officers so people will feel safer or. >> steve: the manhattan das softening his stance on quality of life crimes. were getting reactions night in
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>> reporter: good evening. one of the main things when you're talking to critics about this about what the da announced yesterday as they are concerned that broken windows will be tossed out the window. as you remember remember broken windows is a type of policing where please crackdown on low-level offenses in the hopes of deterring more serious crimes. despite what the da's office said yesterday you'll hear more about it now the mayor and the police commissioner say broken windows is not going anywhere. >> broken windows is here to stay. >> the police commissioner's trying to a shirt new yorkers that broken window policing will continue. he says it's going to be modified in manhattan since crime is down in the city. some are concerned the city is going to be slipping back to the other earlier days. they say they will no longer prosecute quality-of-life offenses such as public urination, drinking in public and littering. instead of making arrests, violators will will be issued a
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mayor diblasio and commissioner bratton are on board. >> what we are doing with our officers is increasing their discretion. you don't don't have to make an arrest for everything , you can use summons if appropriate. we are moving toward a system where we have written warnings. >> reporter: if a violator does not respond to their summons, awards awards will be issued for their arrest. officials say the shift in policy will free up officers to concentrate on more serious crimes instead of getting bogged down in paperwork for minor offenses. the da estimates about 10000 cases per year will be eliminated from criminal court. >> i believe this will be a successful up approach. we are ready to see it succeed in manhattan. >> reporter: critics are blasting the change in policy. the president of the sergeant benevolent association says commissioner bratton built his
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arresting for quality-of-life offenses. >> those crimes were the very foundation which we built the policing on, so which one is correct? were you lying to us in the past or are you lying to us now? you can have it both ways. they are contradictory of each other. >> reporter: getting back to mayor diblasio here, he is also saying if this is successful in manhattan the new policy by the da he is hoping the da and the other four boroughs will adopt the same policy. that's the latest from here, back to you. >> dari: thank you. the long delay opening of the world trade center transit hub it will happen tomorrow to very little fanfare. the 4 billion-dollar structure which is twice the original estimate was supposed to be ready in 2009, it features a 33, 330-foot retractable foot retractable skylight and will
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trains. >> steve: they are jealous of us, u.s. news & world report coming out with a new study claiming new york city is one of the worst places to live in the country. they finish 96 out of 100 big cities. based on available based on available jobs, portability, quality-of-life, crime, education, transit. even boston and philly hs out. when i i went to google this to look for more detail they do the survey every year, 500 wide new york is the worst place to live. >> dari: everyone wants to live here. >> dari: unsolved murders. >> steve: they keep happening and why has justice never been served. >> dari: girls use imo g's more than boys so why are those emerge easy mostly male?
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into instant stars then it went downhill.
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to victims. >> steve: lisa evers street soldiers is returning to fox five saturday night. >> dari: the latest topic hip-hop unsolved murders and preview that a lot of people are interested in. >> a lot of people are interested in. we have counted more than 50 murders of rap artists across the united states in the last two decades. many of the cases remain unsolved, is this a silence of key witnesses to blame for the attitude of investigators that the lives just don't matter? we give that question to the hip-hop cop. >> march 9 marks the 19th year of murder in l.a. of the biggest stars ever in hip-hop, christopher wallace noted cig.
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he was 24 years old. in september it will be 20 years since tupac was gunned down in las vegas, his impact was still so great that some fans want to believe he is alive. >> they keep saying tupac is alive but who knows. >> i love tupac and nobody knows where he is. >> they are just two of a dozen cases of murdered rappers compiled by former nypd detective known as the hip-hop cop. he also has the book notorious -- there is very little evidence that will be the police to investigate. there is lack of cooperation, lack of witnesses.
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close friend was killed and 2007. the case remains unsolved as does the murder of a big al. it's the same around the country, in new orleans pimp daddy and soldier slim, bugs and proven detroit, many were trying to succeed in the music industry but had trouble leaving the streets behind. >> a lot of them are gang members in different cities. some have personal personal disputes and beefs with other rivals. a lot of their issues are around jealousy. >> reporter: they say the only way the cases will get solved with p republic pressure. were talking more in depth about this issue on street soldiers which returns to fox on saturday night. our guests include chuck creek, ceo of all and former bodyguard and nypd lieutenant who worked with major artists.
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be the 20th anniversary. >> reporter: there's a 20th anniversary of tupac this september and were coming up on the one year for chinks. >> steve: looking for a few good actors to hackers. outlines of the plants they will focus on cyber security within the department of defense. we do know everyone will be registered and they have to be u.s. citizens, that program begins next month and the hackers will be paid for their time. >> dari: parents in france are being urged to think twice before posting pictures of your children on facebook. according to the privacy laws there, kids kids consider moms and dads if they put up photos without their consent. authorities say the pictures could attract sexual predators and cause psychological or social problems that children may face later in life. if convicted, parents, parents face
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hefty fine. >> steve: imo gees are sexist? most of the imo gees are males they show us why there is a campaign underway to change it. >> they really are second-language what is your favorite a magic. >> i think the one with a monkey with the sand over his eyes is pretty funny. as a thing goes a picture is worth 1000 words but to those words really speak to everyone? in the last several years the keyboard has gone through some they were reflected different ethnicities, but what about gender? the keyboard still lags behind when it comes to women. >> only the woman is a bride and
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there's no policewoman. in the new video there always asking the gate keepers of all things tran want to add icons to reflect the modern woman. so ask girl to send a tweet like like a girl #. i've done rock climbing, biking, basketball, and the girls are doing that. the young woman woman sending out more than 1 billion imo gees a day it says one stereotype no matter how small can small ball into a bigger problem for that reason i think it's important to have variation for both genders if there is limiting variation for women and girls i think that can be really frustrating to them
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consortium on whether it will consider making those changes and we did not hear back. >> dari: a true story of a local girl living her dream. >> steve: dancing her way to the top in harlem. >> dari: why does hair go gray and can we stop it?
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>> dari: she was born in brazil and grew up in the upper west. that is where allison fell in love with dance. >> steve: now she's living out her dream at the ballerina. >> my name is allison, i'm a professional ballerina with the dance theatre of harlem. it is a company full of rich history, it's it's one of the first companies for black dancers. speemac, time to spend here spend here in a place like this? >> we work monday through friday, sometimes six days a
10:24 pm
were always on the road. it takes a lot of dedication and a lot of sacrifice to earn that title of a principal ballerina. >> a very strong image of a black woman, a powerful image, it's great for the next generation. >> when did you first meet misty. >> i started dancing at the jacqueline kennedy onassis school, i've always gone to her with moments of doubting myself and lack of confidence. that's something i was had to deal with that growing up as a ballerina. >> you are so talented, what were you not confident about? >> i was eyes comparing myself to my classmates and why can't i look like her or that, so that's where my lack of confidence came from. so growing up i grew more
10:25 pm
now i can call myself a professional dancer and i made it. >> having all of these followers and young women who look up to, does that help at all to? >> it does. it gives a good boost. for a lot of them will come and say i look up to you and just to be like wow, i'm an inspiration to these young girls alongside misty, that's an honor. >> allison is 23 years old and the world as her stage. she's performing with dance theatre of harlem april 6 through ninth, had to dance theater for tickets. >> steve: one of the busiest intersection in queens it more dangerous now. >> dari: what is being done about streetlights that have been out for weeks. >> steve: and unusual
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the busiest intersection in queens. the neighbors in forest health have been complaining since last month. as a zachary tells us in a finally be getting some help. >> reporter: at one point the row behind me in queens earned the distinction as at the boulevard of death. people are cutting across, getting hit, it led to a number of changes including these fences being put in. now residents have more concerns. there's a series of lights out around here. i want them fixed. >> half of those lights go on the better it is for this community. >> if you pulled up her walk by the intersection of queens boulevard and 71st avenue it is darker than it is supposed to be. about four streetlights out and it's a dark, council member for the 29th district is not happy. >> it has it been like this for a long time. at night when all of the stores are closed and people are walking late at night, coming home from work.
10:30 pm
>> the councilwoman has been out despite calls and letters the contractor could fix the light as early as tonight. the department of transportation told us that we are aware of the condition and are working with to resolve it. it is a busy area, but traffic, buses and taxes. >> is known as the boulevard of death so i'm always looking around at night. i'll try to catch a cab if i can or take the bus. and be careful when i walk around here. obviously for safety concerns. >> thank goodness nothing has happened. nothing bad has happened. >> as i mentioned there have been several accidents around here around the years. it earned that area a priority intersection. people are hoping that means the
10:31 pm
soon. >> steve: calls from one part of chinatown want construction on a skyscraper permanently stop. the company came in and began building and 80 story luxury luxury skyscraper as part of mayor diblasio's new york plan. they must have affordable units, people who live in the area say the mayor is destroying the fabric of their community. >> i don't know what's wrong with the agenda right now they're not building things that are affordable to any of us. >> they go on with another protest is set for march 16 outside the match and. >> dari: the department of transportation has a band e cigarettes on commercial flights. they said they took the action to eliminate any confusion of whether the existing smoking ban on flights includes e cigarettes. it also bends other types of smoking devices to be packed in suitcases.
10:32 pm
the fumes and possible biohazard onboard. >> steve: with grandma got to the roots about what makes your hair turn gray. you can blame your family dna. they have identified a gene for gray hair bite study more than 6000 volunteers. gray hairs more comedy people with european origin, despite the the findings straight in your environment also contribute to going gray. >> dari: good years giving up at peak into a tire of the future called goodyear eagle 360. is a concept tire that can move in any direction. making easier to park in tight spaces. the tire features a spongy substance in the tire groups that soften and provide greater traction when it rains or snows. goodyear says the tires not in production yet and they will not save it ever will be. >> steve: cooking and baking
10:33 pm
and butter spray turns into liquid butter in just a few seconds. there is no chemical propellants or co2 cartridges needed. so far they have raised 30,000 dollars on kick starter. expect to start shipping in september. >> dari: you want have any idea of how much you're using. >> dari: you part of people losing their marbles, one musician figured out what to do with his. >> dari: martin spent about 14 months making a marble machine which uses 2000 marbles for melody and rhythm. the instrument is played by a
10:34 pm
the top so it can roll down, he was inspired to build the machine after visiting a museum in the netherlands and. >> steve: that's incredible. imagine posting a video that all of a sudden you're famous. >> dari: that was really good. >> dari: i remember the christmas special when he was making pies with her. it it doesn't always work out so well for everybody. were looking at the downside of going viral. left it's not too early to think about spring cleaning. audrey helps us plan. >> dari: here's tonight's new york minute.
10:35 pm
the far end in where the grass grows school teachers put on dr. seuss shows. often a corner one teacher set, reading kids the lorax in cap the hat. >> the students relate to them, they're easy to read and it has such a strong message that teachers can pull in a lot of world lessons. >> today kicks off a new lorax dean's recycling initiative at the school. >> it's called enhancer awareness month. educated people by letting them walk through an inflatable : today and letting them talk to the experts. >> colon cancer is very scary for people. they're worried about getting colon cancer and about the test that we use to prevent colon cancer. we allow people to come to the fair, answer their questions,
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protection today. they plan to to sell 140 stores over the next three months. not sure how many will be in our area. more more than 3000 workers could lose their job or the company made that decision after missing at 20,000,000 dollar debt payment in january. >> dari: the good with the bat. the start of spring is a few weeks away. we all want we all want that to happen for the weather in the daylight. that means it will be time to switch or close for the season. >> steve: you have to clear up space, get that task done. audrey says how to make money doing it. >> reporter: one look at instagram and you'll see it as the season of spring clean your messy closet. here are some some suggestions for your unwanted items. the consignment shot encore on the upper east side will help your close turn to cash.
10:40 pm
different types of items, and, and we have lots to sell. >> you earn 50% of the sale price of your item. bring your best stuff in. >> make sure it's clean because we'll look at the item if it's in good condition will sell faster. >> reporter: of your item is on sold after three months you can pick it up or have it donated to charity. >> earning money can be done right in the palm of your hand with apps you can download to your smart phone. close five is a free and easy option for selling your close locally. descriptions are not required so you can sell your item with just a title and photo. down load the app and enjoy the many people make and thousands of dollars selling close, julius, and accessory. it's developed into a retail social network and host sharing parties through the app. text time is around the corner and you can earn a write up by donating items to the salvation army.
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scientists someone else's spring. lunch. >> last week is the hottest video on the internet. >> dari: now the teens who made the video being told in a big way, were looking at the dark side of going viral. >> steve: and instagram account of how much men really do hate
10:42 pm
i do everything on the internet. but, it's kind of slow. my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (husband) we're out of 2%! i wonder what else could be better around here? (husband) i heard that. switching to better internet is now easier than ever.
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>> dari: so many people want to see their video go all over the internet. when you go viral you can also become a victim. no one can really explain why some videos get so popular. >> steve: it's such a mystery. the 15 minutes of fame and you can look at the dockside of going viral. >> i have a announcement for you all.
10:45 pm
e-mail, tax and other mediums, we watch, we laugh and then we click on a different video. after nearly nine years on youtube this video has over 9 million views. when he realized he might profit office pet. >> looking at the future pop culture, the future of character >> today call themselves a mean manager. today he consults a rotating cast of viral sensations in addition to seven full-time clients. including grumpy cat. >> some people cry, some people laugh, some people bring her gifts are painting. >> viral videos attract attention bringing subject the good, back, and unknown. >> in the entertainment industry people sign up for that part of the job.
10:46 pm
is posting something online and i all of a sudden you have to hold yourself like a celebrity. >> people rarely find themselves prepared for it to go viral making a demand for businesses like benz to protect themselves. >> making sure you're not releasing personal information. you're giving different pieces of information to different sources that are not revealing to your home or high school. >> julie kennedy represent 70,000 creators of digital videos across all platforms. she says a viral anything attracts those looking to cause chaos and inflict harm. >> it always attracts haters, people online, trolls trolls as they column.
10:47 pm
of that. >> when we do public appearance there is no touching grandpa and cat. >> for those struggling with negative attention ben says, congratulations you have made it. >> you don't have people lining up to hit you probably doing something wrong. >> from the upper east side, i'm matt king. >> there funny. >> steve: it's crazy when you do the year and stuff and you saw 145 weeks ago that went everywhere and then you haven't thought about it once. it's a lot of nonsense we filter through our brains again. then he see it again. were in the rut of march. >> steve: were talking about a cold snap for the end of the week. this is going to be up for a
10:48 pm
>> nick: there might be a cool down later on. the pattern is changing. we're still talking so the forecast forecast before this happens because it is colder now and that's deceptive. the the high 55 was right after midnight. the most of the day it was in the 40s and 31 is our current temperature. seventy-two for the record high, nine for the record though. about 1407-inch of rain today in new york city. that was really this money. humidity is dry, the the northwest when has backed off, clear sky. now that the skies clear we will confirm that there's no precipitation for tonight. the highs are deceptive in the 50s but that was right after midnight. most of the time temperatures are descending. it is 1919 in
10:49 pm
poughkeepsie 32, 31 in town and low 30s from i slip on east to southern connecticut. our temperature drops significant to 15 - 20 degrees from 24 hours ago. northwest went ten-20 miles per hour. when chill valleys are in the teens and lower 20s. colder taking over the northeast, 28 in boston, 30 in washington dc. the skies washington d.c. the skies clear, cold front has gone off shore and that's why were have a northwesterly airflow. look out here, here's us storm center that will dive to the south and then take a look at a future cast showing snow coming in for the first half of friday. twentys out the door and in the morning. clouds increase in the afternoon it will stop at 36. here comes the clouds in the afternoon, there's a quick bit of snow.
10:50 pm
store moves away. the chilly first half of the weekend. clear and colder tonight, breezy or at times 25 in the city, the city, 15 and suburbs, 36 light tomorrow. sun and clouds in the afternoon. there's snow from 2:00 a.m. friday, maybe an inch or two. lots of sun, 42 on saturday. forty-two on sunday. fiftys on monday and tuesday. sixtys on wednesday. >> steve: russes up next in
10:51 pm
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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>> russ: the yankees are held there is spring training opener against the dodgers in tampa
10:54 pm
something to put it to this way, if, if you wanted to see some good old-fashioned pitching, it was a place to be. he first walked in around with bases loaded and then gave up this grand slam or to brian holliday putting the yankees at a five nothing and it was the second inning. in the fourth inning with the score now six-zero. they devour it for solar bomb that deepens the yankees a deficit to seven-zero. at the bottom of the it seventh they deliver in the clutch and a two-out, two-run two-run double to write, gives the yankees back in the ballgame at seven-three.
10:55 pm
nine-eight. while he leads the inning off with a triple and then scores two batters later so the yankees were even at nine a piece. here we go with two out, i hit which looks like it routine out, he can't locate the ball bounces off the glove and it allows a run in to make it a ten - nine yankees a final in the spring training. not what you would call an early pitcher's duel. as for the mets, they play their spring training opener tomorrow against the nationals on the road. locals tonight have the night off. >> steve: and instagram account rick talks about how much men hate jobs.
10:56 pm
their significant others are off shopping. the men look in total despair, mostly slumped over them all seating areas and dressing rooms. the pictures are from all over the world so i guess it's a common thing. they have more than 220,000 followers a. >> steve: i feel like there's such a lack of seating in the stores. when i'm in that situation i'm fine if there's a place for me to sit. but when there's no place to be well those shopping is taking place that drives me nuts. >> i'm not terrible when it comes to that i don't mind it. >> i'm about 5050.
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you're wrong. no, i'm not. yes, you are. no, i'm not. settle this. those little animated pictures on the internet, are they called "gifs" or "jifs"? well, the g stands for "graphics." that's a hard g, so i'd say "gif." w... the guy who invented it says it's "jif." i'm sorry, do you mean the guy or the juy? well, i'll give you three guesses why i'm so irritated. something happened different
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i guess news travels fast. it's true, a select group of scientists was invited to a weekend symposium at a former home of richard feynman, and i wasn't included. oh, sheldon, i'm sure it's not because they don't think you're an elite scientist. yeah, i bet you anything it's just 'cause you're a pain in the ass. you're just saying that to make me feel better. look, you can spend the rest of the day being bitter about this. agreed. i was gonna say "or," but why bother? our whole universe was in a hot, dense state then nearly 14 billion years ago expansion started... wait! the earth began to cool the autotrophs began to drool, neanderthals developed tools we built the wall we built the pyramids math, science, history, unraveling the mystery that all started with a big bang


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