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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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snow on the ground >> it's very winter wonderland. driving is too can see all the white lines on the street you can't see. mike is watching the weather and ines is watching the road conditions. mike: ben: even some substance in the republican debate. they stopped just short of yanking you know what i mean.
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gesture over to the side. we will hear what was said . juliet: it's a reality show. there is concern after the new jersey strike could live people stranded. once the trains arrived , they will be packed. >> oh yes. here's the thing. there is no plan because it would be impossible. remove so many people that how would you do it? shuttlebus? >> good morning i am ben simmoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy . mike: it's always that way. friday, when the alarm goes
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man in the world. it's friday! we had to deal with the majority of it but it's still going on. if you are up and at them , there is light snow coming out the tri-state but as we mentioned, it's been pretty warm outside up until the last few days with temperatures above freezing. and it's around it's melting on contact . temperatures are at 310 and barely at the freezing mark . it's scattered up into the tri-state and up into the lower hudson valley. here's the reason why. we have light precept and 310 in central park. here's the same thing in islip and the precept is even later as we head into the north with winter coming in from the looks like an area of low pressure going to the south and it
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storm to the south of us. we are just getting into the north with some of the precept rolling through. we see very light moderate snow coming in through parts of the tri-state. you may get some heavier action out there. as you head into the nation's capital, it's still snowing and it's moderate and's down to virginia and the carolinas. that's what's going on with the storm. it's a mixed bag and as part of the reason we will not see a lot happening . we just don't see the precept piling up . in the pink shaded areas , it's about an inch 2 inches in the same forecast is what we had yesterday. the heavier snow is going to the south of us. light snow in the morning commute and once we get beyond that everyone is pretty much done. high temperatures get up to
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is the theme. it is drier and warmer tomorrow with a high of 300. sunshine returns and it will be getting really nice by next week. let's bring in ines to see what's going on. ines: there will be problems out there.we have street cleaning rules in effect and at route 84 , all lanes are closed westbound with a jackknifed tractor-trailer. it's right by the danbury mall. everything else in putnam county looks fine. in new jersey, two accidents on the 81 and one is by 26 with 1 x 25 . each of them blocking aileen. let's go to the cameras and look at the northern state
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traffic is fine westbound and eastbound and the trains are doing good , everything running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. quick shopping shocking statements made by people talking about the presidential debate. least assumed there would be fireworks with megan kelly and marco rubio's little finger comments. >> there are things that were said though that you would never expect to hear as a potential president. i think a lot of people would say it's beneath them but let's go to robert moses . >> good morning to you. one of the moderator said, come on guys we could do better than this and it was true. it's just incredible. it's the first debate since donald trump dominated super tuesday . ted cruz and marco rubio attacked them and
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workers , where his clothing is manufactured and for the former candidates he supported. the debate sounded more like a middle school playground brawl . >> nice to be with you, megan. you are looking well. >> megan kelly and donald trump exchanged pleasantries at their first encounter since they clashed in august. if only trumps encounters with others . >> don't worry about it little marco . i have given my answer lying ted . mitt romney bludgeoned him earlier that day. >> he was a failed candidate who should've eaten obama very easily. >> he turned his attention to the attacks to the men on stage. he responded to marco rubio's criticism by
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>> he referred to the size of my hands and i guarantee you there is no problem. >> one attack comes up in the other one comes right back up next donald trump wrote for checks to elect hillary clinton as president. why did you write checks to hillary clinton in 2008? it was not for business. >> it was for business. the last person to hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. >> they call donald trump to release audiotapes about a conversation with the new york times that suggest his immigration stance is and as iron clan as he said . >> will you release the tapes? >> became a whack a mole continued when he said trump defrauded students . >> when they finally realize what a scam it was, they asked for their money back.
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>> i will when ohio. >> its face it, it's hardly a night for civility. >> i know it's hard not to interrupt but try. read. you can do it . i know it is hard. >> enough with the buildup. can i answer? >> each candidate was asked if you would support the republican nominee and notably , they all said , yes, even if that nominee is named donald j trump. robert, thank you very much. >> hillary clinton and bernie sanders would be in michigan today. clinton will reveal a policy address to remove economic barriers. it's an opportunity for her to respond to standards
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had raised disastrous consequences. the free-trade deal. trade policy will form the backdrop for michigan's primary next tuesday. bernie sanders is making trade policy for his efforts to win. he has opposed all trade deals including the north american free trade agreement saying that they would hurt american workers. he speaks today at valley university. >> moving on. 4:39 am. the nypd released the video of the suspect accused of lugging a woman. this man showed elizabeth in her home on ninth street. he pulled a gun. he ruptured for about usd370. he may have pistol whipped
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woman last month. he is described as 40 50 years old. 250 pounds. if you have any information, call police at crimestoppers at 1-800-577-tips . juliet: 250 pounds and he attacks a 90-year-old woman? there is a special place in hell. >> the plan is revealed and it's not exactly a plan that they like or think it will work. they will have to find another way to get to work. teresa has the details. >> i would not be able to get to school! >> the panic is starting to set in for 100,000 daily commuters who are relying on nj transit. these folks might not have an easy ride to work if the union goes on strike .
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very frequently. getting to work would not be fun. >> it would be the opposite of fun. they admit they simply won't be able to accommodate everyone. >> we would not be able to provide the level of service that they currently provide. >> rail service will be reduced so that buses will pass pickup some of the slack. they will be able to pick up 40% of the commuters and these five park-and-ride locations will have to be relied upon. they will provide a shuttle to the bus and other buses take you to the ferry. if you drive to work, you will be impacted. 10,000 more cars per hour will be forced on the roads. add that to the issue that already exists at the lincoln and holland
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>> it's really an inconvenience. >> carpooling and working from home and budgeting more time for your commute that's the advice the authorities are doling out in the event that this nightmare materializes. >> still ahead, it's going to be a snowy start. >> we are messaging each other. >> wait until you see next week's forecast. they will still come out to the beach. all across america families are coming back to time warner cable for a whole new experience. pwe came back for internet speeds so fast even the kids are impressed. oh she's impressed.
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welcome back and happy friday! yesterday was going on out there. . snow in the tri-state region with a line down to check it out. here is what we see on the radar. may look impressive but it's falling at a very
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on's a snowstorm trying to make the comeback but it did not have enough going on with it. there is an area of low pressure driving it to the northern french. we are getting the light precept. at least our temperatures are cold enough to support the snow. future casters giving us little nothing. snow . we do see the light snow showers going on but when it hits the ground, it goes away so it's almost like it's raining outside. you can see the snowflakes but as soon as you see it it melts.
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morning commute we have snowflakes coming in until then. we have another chance of snow showers trying to come through the area as we head into sunday morning and it looks even weaker than what we have .the snow day is not happening! we will see some clearing in the afternoon and high temperatures up to 380. we get to 41 for a hike tomorrow and there is the snow chance on sunday. it's not a big deal. look at the high next week into the 50s and 60s! we will have to wait and see what goes on with the showers but it does look like it's going to be the way, fox 5 ny weather app is at the apple itunes store. download that for free and get your daily and hourly forecast. we are ready to rock 'n roll . let's bring ines to see what we have as we hit the road . ines: checking in on westchester, things are fine as you make your way into rockland county.
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middlesex county looks good on the turnpike. let's go to the cameras. have a look at the commute on staten island expressway and victory boulevard. looks good heading towards the bridge eastbound. westbound. there's construction leaving to lanes open on that's about a 10 15 minute wait . it's a better option with good on the 495. ben, back to you. >> he and his family will stay in washington. he finishes his second term. i've seen this coming for a while.his daughter will finish high school without having to transfer. it's how long he plans to remain in washington. week after he graduates, we will be out there. >> you have two years left
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obama will be the first president to stay in washington after its terms since woodrow wilson. i believe juliet that woodrow wilson is the only president who is buried in washington d.c. >> he is buried there?>> i believe he is the only one buried in washington d.c. >> he must have a love affair with washington d.c.? >> let's get over to . >> my parents didn't care about that. >> it's kind of rough.>> it was not pleasant. >> now they are trying to strip woodrow wilson's name down at princeton university saying it's bad. >> he was a clan member.
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has to say about this. mayor diblasio talked about the face slashing that we have had lately and he says it's probably a result of nypd gun seizures. he turned into a positive somehow. >> i could just imagine. i am that diet that diner that are hundred and 20 stitches from the crazy who walked in and slashed him across the face. if the minis of dozens of others that were stabbed and slashed and now they say it's a good thing i wasn't shot! this guy is so hopefully disconnected. he must've been smoking one of those fatty . how ridiculous ? look at the put a spin on this. i was in the subway all night. they said they would flood
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did not see one cop down there. not even texting or busting doughnuts. >> this talk about the debate. candidates did everything except stopping short of putting it on the table. juliet: putting what on the table? juliet: that would have been entertaining. it's hardly presidential! mike: curtis: my hands-on indication as size, are they?
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rubio . shorty short. that was ted cruz and trump university. the donald does not handle it well. >> trump is a real problem for him. it was basically a big scam. he was being sued by the attorney general and several is was relentless. he could not squeeze out of it. rubio started it and ted cruz was on him and megyn kelly demolished him. >> the problem he faces is he made business millions and hundreds of millions of dollars over his name loaned on these various enterprise.maybe it's buildings in florida or new mexico or in places where they don't come through. trump university is another example. >> .
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often made them go away. >> bill clinton regretted not paying college owns off. if he had paid college owns off we would've never found out about monica lewinsky. initiative paid them off and they would've gone away.remember, the non-discussion would've been signed at that moment. you can't discuss it because i'm giving you quite a bit of money. that, he will regret . first they had romney attacking trump and then all of a sudden the debate last night puts trumps negatives into the forefront. juliet: it really did. watching the reality show it is reality. his is the behavior that we want out of our president? >> right now they are fighting like this in crumbling each other. breathe. ted cruz saying stop , take a second and breathe. >> romney might maneuver behind the scenes to contest this convention. >> that's another one. this time with the glasses. >> that is ludicrous. >> does it make you more
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>> you're not as dumb as you look . >> they look like women's glasses. >> w abc noon three. thank you. >> still to come. we will take a break and come back .
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. taking a look at the sports. it's a frustrating loss for the rangers. >> here is something you don't see every day. second. in no score after taking a big hit . asking for a timeout while he was knocking over the net. he was given two minutes for a delay of game penalty. the rangers lives 4/1. the devils are not ready to give up . in overtime last night as the predators, they took a power play. he got the loose plug in the game results at 5/4. >> the islanders sweep in a tie at three.
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the game-winner. they went 4/3. we will be right back. st again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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today - at from "fox 5 news" it's "good day wake up". juliet: it's not really legit snow. it's more like a wet one that evaporates. >> it turns into a blob of water. >> that's what snow is. >> it's all thanks ben for clarifying that. >> mike tells us what to expect as far as the accumulation. >> it was the presidential debate and that's like we've never seen it before. hopefully we might never see it again. there were things said that were beneath the dignity.


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