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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 4, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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the day after the big ebay. rosanna: things i thought i would never here during a debate. greg: it got raunchy. rosanna: snow coming down. depends on where you live how much snow you will get today. mike woods is telling things out for us. mike woods has all the details coming up. >> i am talking. >> hold on. hold on. ben: one of the lighter moments of the night. i am so glad he told me what the big hands thing means. watch this. >> he refers to my hands. something else must be small. i guarantee you there is no problem.
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rosanna: [laughter] greg: he guarantees that. how do you. teeth out, by the way? megan kelly, the moderators, they were terrific. very, very intense. snooki has ruled out a vice presidential spot. what else? rosanna: new jersey transit. the event of a strike. it will be messy. of course it is. greg: remember the o.j. simpson case. a lot of people thought he killed his wife nicole brown. they never found a murder weapon. there was one found. in police custody. details in a minute. that is from, well, when wendy
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rosanna: i am fascinated. fx. the last one. i did not remember that he assisted da almost had a heart attack during the opening statements. saying things that they had no evidence on. greg: they probably are. rosanna: new information in this stuff. oj took a polygraph test. given by his counsel and failed it. >> it happened 20 years ago. oj is in jail right now for another case. rosanna, it got raunchy at times. what else about it bush or mark. rosanna: it was interesting. donald said he has not even started to set his sights on hillary yet.
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your mind based on last night. all right. we will have a complete summary and highlights. mike: it is snowing outside. what would you call it? snow showers? flurries? it looks like snow showers. i measured with my own finger. a third of an inch. >> i am doing just fine, just so you know. all right. do you guarantee it? good for you. how did i get here? let's take a look at the maps. showing you what happened out there live. this is live radar. it is picking up snow showers over the majority of the
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you can see where it picks up. that is where it is a little bit heavier. elsewhere, it is not so bad. that is why they have the winter weather advisories posted. until about 9:00 o'clock this morning. cold enough to support snow here in the tri-state. 30 degrees in central park. wind coming in from the northeast around five-12 miles per hour. we are a little closer to us. accumulation. is. new jersey. it is also a little wet thereto. as far as what you can expect
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from the white shaded areas. even a little bit more in some places. not a lot, just a little. we are not quite done with winter yet. nothing is really happening for a while. high temperature goes up to 38 degrees. the sun will try to peek out a little later in the afternoon. quick little morning snow shower for you. a warm-up coming up for us here. it will feel like spring here in the tri-state. clouds and showers here and there. let's get you over to ines rosales. what is going on now? ines: it has been a rough commute. suspended because of the snow removal going on. route 78 eastbound. a lot of accidents.
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on long island, well, no major issues. you are dealing with delays. also glen cove road on the lad. you also have some slowdowns. staten island expressway. over by bradley avenue. they have closed down the verrazano bridge. treating icy conditions. that closure was enough to causes backup. two lanes open. there was a stall. sixty-eight units. you want to take the lincoln tunnel right now. the holland tunnel, 20-30 from each approach. greg: let's start with that debate. three, four candidates on stage. let's go to the stage. we had little rubio.
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did anybody call donald trump a name? rosanna: i think that they called him a fraud. there was a lot of name calling going on last night here it. greg: it was pretty vicious. donald made this veiled threat. i have not even taken on hillary clinton yet. greg: by the way, who has the biggest hands on that stage. let's bring in robert moses. >> reporter: even by the standard of the 2016 campaign did this debate saying to a level that we have not yet seen. a suggested discussion about the male anatomy of. this seems like less of a debate for more like an episode. these are not kids. >> nice to be with you. >> great to have you here. >> you are looking well.
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donald trump exchanged pleasantries. if only the other candidates were so amicable. trump started by defending himself from the attacks from somebody not even on the stage. that romney. >> donald trump is a phony. he should have beaten president obama so easily. >> the attacks coming from the man on stage. boasting of his sexual prowess. >> you referred to my hands. i guarantee that there is no problem. >> reporter: rebate welcome all. donald trump in 2008 wrote for checks to elect hillary clinton is president. i would like to ask donald why he did that.
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>> actually, it was for business. the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. reportedly suggesting his immigration stance is not as ironclad as he publicly said. the game continued when rubio claimed that trump defrauded students that trump university. >> stuff that you can pull off of zillah did they ask for their money back. you refuse to give them their money back. >> reporter: john kasich mostly stayed out of the fray. >> i will win ohio. >> donald, please. i know that it is hard. >> brief. brief. brief. you can do it. i know it is hard. i know it is hard.
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>> you cannot. >> reporter: see what you missed. i told you it was good. each candidate promised not to lunch and independent run it great in rosanna, back to you. greg: we will stay on this for a moment. you heard the audience in their. they aren't eating it up. here is an idea, rosanna did i think that the debates are supposed to be kind of boring. it is compelling. you take the studio audience out. way, way, way back when. they did it in a television studio. just a couple of guys and a cameraman. maybe you make it a little bit more dignified.
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cheers and boos. >> i think that that is a possibility. i think the way that these guys talk, it really will not make a difference. ben: it is hard to talk like that. rosanna: there is a lot of name calling going on. even that romney. he had a lot of name-calling. there was no audience they are except for the press. greg: there was an audience there. that romney. nobody really talking about them. rosanna: hillary clinton and bernie sanders will be in michigan today. delivering a policy addressed in detroit did economic barriers. supporting trade deals. disastrous consequences for american families. speaking at a university near
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in and a flask of caucus. greg: chris christie is back in new jersey. he had a pit press conference. why did you endorse donald trump? why were you staring at the back of his head for so long? what are you going to do about the issues back here. what was up with that stare for a half-hour. listen to this. >> i was not being held hostage. i was sitting up there, standing up there supporting the person that i believe is the best person to beat hillary clinton of the remaining were publican candidates. that is why i endorsed him. rosanna: he does not expect a job in the top administration.
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plans, and ag decision. >> attorney general. rosanna: we will see. still early in the game. a possible transit strike beard that could be really disastrous. greg: governor christie has his eye on this stuff. keep it in mind. rosanna: he is tired. he needs a vacation again. on tuesday, he leaves. his wedding anniversary. rosanna: who can blame him. thirty years is a long time. you have to celebrate that. a governor's mansion. would you like to hang out there? rosanna: somewhere other than the governor's mansion. teresa priolo is in new jersey this morning. >> reporter: i would think that
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you do not need to look any further than that waiting part to see what people have to say and how this will impact them. today, a very big meeting in washington. sitting down with new jersey transit and the unions. the healthcare cost. the commuter. >> not only me. it will ruin civilization. depending on the transit system. how will life continue to go on accordingly. >> reporter: really starting to set in for the 100,000 daily commuters who rely on new jersey transit did these folks may not have anything right to work if the unions go on strike. >> they do not run very
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they cut service even more. >> reporter: the transit company flat-out admits they simply will not be able to accommodate everyone. >> we will not be able to provide the capacity that our braille service currently provides to our customers. >> reporter: after superstorm sandy. it will be greatly produced. it will be greatly reduced. new jersey transit will rely on these five park-and-ride locations. provide a shuttle to the plus terminal. other buses will take you to the faerie. if you drive to work, you will be impacted, two. at that to the congestion that already exist on the lincoln and holland tunnel.
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right now. we will take it as it comes. >> as it settles. i do not want a fair hike. >> reporter: carpooling. working from home and budgeting commute. that is the advised the authorities are doling out. now, not only is mj transit trying to put together a plan, the mta is also putting a plan in place. writers that use the metro north line. ran by new jersey transit did great in rosanna, back to both of you. rosanna: thank you, teresa. a fight outside of a nightclub in queens. it ended in gunshot.
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greg: a cab driver picks up some believe to be in the fight. they start shooting. police have made no arrests. rosanna: some scary moments for people writing the q train yesterday of brooklyn. this is cell phone video of a man with a knife beard he was threatening passengers. he started waving his arms. yeah sick paul. charged with criminal possession of a weapon. no one was hurt. thank goodness. mr. paul was arrested for years ago for jumping a turnstile. now he is back with a knife. greg: you do not get arrested for that anymore. you just get a ticket beard my metro card expired yesterday. i had money on it. the card itself expired did they said that the card is now too old.
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what is up with that? rosanna: i would go find one of those people in the booths. greg: they have money on that card. rosanna: getting yourself all riled up. greg: did you see donald trump. mikey, what is up. mike: i am impressed you held to hold onto a card that long, though. rosanna: he has at the honda for how many years. mike: here is what we have here at snow showers, still going on. it is quite a bit heavier. down near atlantic city. good times happening there. anyhow, right now, it is snow. light snow in central park.
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mainly on the grassy services. bridges and overpasses, they may freeze over. slick spots here and there. we are just barely getting clipped on the northern fringe of that storm. partly cloudy skies later this afternoon. a small snow chart chance comes to on sunday. nice and warm did have a birthday to mike powell. hope you have a fantastic birthday, my friend. let's bring in nine as. ines: a nice little treat. street cleaning rules are suspended today because of the snow. traffic has been a mess this morning. traffic backed up there to exit 12. been to queens. the lad. queens boulevard.
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bridge. making your way towards the bqe. let's take a look at your cameras. 106-107 did no problems eastbound. manhattan bound looking fine. bqe. a little tough to see the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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greg: okay. president obama and his daughters. we thought president obama may come to live in new george. word is, rosanna, he will be staying in washington, d.c. that is rather unusual. rosanna: he left it up to sasha. sasha wants to finish high school in dc. the president says that he will stay there until his daughter graduates. i think that that is pretty nice. greg: who knows if it is the real deal. when you are done being president, you get out of washington. every president back to woodrow wilson. he is the last guy who hung around dc. rosanna: i can see how he would
7:24 am
they have been under the microscope. rosanna: a year or so away from graduating. a construction worker reportedly found a knife. at the former home of o.j. simpson. greg: o.j. simpson. you remember the case. back in the mid- 1990s. a lot of people think that he killed his estranged wife nicole brown. there is a report from tmz that a construction worker, did you see that, a broken down house. some guy in the demolition crew found a knife, purportedly, and turned it over to a cop. >> reporter: could this be the murder weapon. the knife was found on the perimeter.
7:25 am
this is all according to tmz. it was found several years ago. his house being demolished in 1998. given to an off-duty cop did the officer kept it. the officer is now retired from the lapd and called a friend in the department to get a case number on the murder oj was acquitted from because he wanted to engrave it on the frame. when police found out about the knife, they demanded that that officer turn it over. harvey levin says that the knife is currently being tested. >> they are doing all sorts of testing. organic testing. they will go into this looking for some kind of dna. the people i have spoken to tell us that there is some evidence that there may be applied on
7:26 am
somewhere a knife exists. somewhere a knife exists that was a weapon to use to murder them. that knife is somewhere in this world did the question now is it that knife. >> reporter: as a for exactly when this knife was found, that remains unclear. oj was acquitted in the fall of 95. oj's house was demolished in 1998. even if something did turn up on that knife after testing, oj could not be tried again because of double jeopardy. this is still an open case. greg: no double jeopardy. you cannot be tried for the same not guilty. rosanna: we will talk with harvey levin.
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>> look like things are tapered off in manhattan by the way. >> oculus train station downtown opened.
7:30 am
there live yesterday. pibal we have footage look at this thing. spectacular. the one beef i have here rose if that is they did not have a formal opening ceremony. >> i can understand why they spend all of the money making it. no money for a party. >> i had a $5. mike woods and you threw a party we had a official grand opening. >> let me see the party. i wasn't invited? >> you were invited you had a party at the salon. said a few words. mike -- and then we had the ribbon cutting. we had ceremonial big fat scissors >>. >> what does mike have in his hands? >> there you go. okulus is open. >> what did you think?
7:31 am
because you said qk to my building. [laughter] >> owned the oculus. >> we all own it by the way. our money. congratulating us. >> somebody said can we go inside now to me -- i loved it. >> you two -- >> buddies. >> you're good. >> so on the inside by the way we met all of the people who count inside. here we go. >> greg knows people. >> there's mike on the right. there's steven plait on the far left he's port authority and guy with the tie with glasses, he is the architect behind the whole thing. >> so they were there even know there was no ceremony. >> a time to meet him. let me see i have a -- here. kalatava and husband daughter and i congratulated this guy
7:32 am
go back to the videotape he's very nice. i just thought you and i kind of made history a little bit. or at least we were there for it. take a look at the outside one more time. this is the new transportation hub at the world trade center. we think it's terrific. we think it's maybe a little bit lates. but hey, why not? >> a few billion over budget but no biggie. >> no biggie how much did our ceremony cost yesterday mike? it cost us $5 like you said. >> we had our own little tape. ceremony? >> thrilled, so were the people. >> everybody was goods t good to us. >> is used to work there when i was a young child. >> an intern, yes they remember. most popular intern for some reason. good times. go down there and check it out.
7:33 am
from that. anyhow know is back at least for a little while and stick around for hours here and sunnier skies coming back to us but take time for this to clear the area. but light know is coming down and light stuff not accommodating for majority of the tristate. central and southern sections of new jersey, mammoth and ocean counties it pix up a decent am and see accumulation. but everyone else up to an inch or so of snow an that's it. colds enough to support snow but the precip, amount of moisture to the north is minimal. we have 32 belmar. 30 in newark. same in central park. 29 in islip and 18 in monticello. as far north as monticello little to no moisture and snow showers not a big problem. keeping it cold here today but that i things change had up over the weekend. area of low pressure driving
7:34 am
it near the mid-atlantic region that is down to the south near virginia and carolinas and heading out to sea. it is going to become a monster storm out in the atlantic quarters so situation of too late too late but it does become a big guy and out to sea. not bothering anyone. snow showers up against new england laughter on this eek but clear skies into tomorrow. then late tomorrow into sunday a disturbance that tries to pop through here. small chance of a snow shower coming on by with that disturbance passing. but today snow showers and then sun in the afternoon. high temp up to about 38 degrees. clear skies an cold temps for you tonight. look out for icy patches out and about but drying out altogether with the precip. we've got a high of 41 for you tomorrow. 43 on sunday there's that quick snow shower chance and we're going to see warmer temps wednesday, thursday, thursday a stretch of 60-degree
7:35 am
that looks nice and togsy for the winter. let's bring in ines and yeah, the project they keep changing car fire, accidents what's now ines? >> tractor trailer flipped over eastbound by exit 24 only shoulder is getting through so traffic backed up to exit 12. everyone is trying to use route 22 as an alternate around that with heavy delays. as far as westchester thingings are okay. tappan zee bridge 40 miles per hour because of the weather. for the most part no problem on 287. bronx river parkway or saw mill. cameras with the l.i. te. by lake vit roads. westbound traffic slow because of an accident involving this trek here off to shoulder but you have that slowdown. gwb earlier problems leaving it a mess this morning. 60 minutes upper level. lower level 45. if you want to take lincoln tunnel that's about a 40 to 60 minute delay. trains are doing fine. street cleaning rule us suspended. meeters remain in effect.
7:36 am
>> incase you missed the debate republican debate out of detroit, michigan doesn't matter it was held but there they are on stage, and here's a taste. >> donald i know it's hard not to interrupt. >> breathe, breathe, breathe you can do it. you can breathe i know it's hard. but just -- >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer -- >> you cannot. >> one of the more tame exchanges. >> never in wild etion dreams think we would get to a male anatomy but let's bring in experts republican strategist and body language expert tonia. mr. rollins did you ever imagine we would be looking at hands? >> and description body effort pass never seen any debate anywhere at this level that it is like this. reminded me of the smart kids in
7:37 am
ling up on the bully at the end of the day bully is still standing. >> let's watch that had moment or how big -- >> oh, slam donald. >> basketball something else must be small too. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee it -- >> amazing about this. he didn't smile or crack a joke. he was being -- it seems deadly serious. >> incredibly serious this is what we're looking for in our presidential candidate. i don't know, that was a big thing. he said it, he said it blatantly and he meant it it was like a challenge. you want to take a look right now. >> when you yo look at his body language in that kind of thing, was he -- rattled it? >> not there. he was raghtsed at certain points doing the raptor kind of ghang t ganging up on him he was mumbling under his breath but he was solid feeling goods about himself. >> i think he's made that description before and proud of what he's done -- brag.
7:38 am
and you have an amazing connection to republican party. you've been doing this for a long time you managed ronald reagan campaign and who will be the nominee? >> trump will be the nominee i think a lot of people will be disgusted by it but the way the process is set up winner take all he's going to win it with minority of the vote but he'll win it. >> last night if i guess there were thoughts about whether he could take on hillary clinton and i think during the debate we have that clip where he said, don't worry i haven't even started on her yet. can we roll that? >> i beat hillary clinton in many polls. q poll came out i beat hillary clinton in a recent fox poll. i beat hillary clinton in u.s. today in the poll today in ohio. i'm the only one that beats hillary clinton. i beat -- i have not started on hillary yet believe me. i won't -- >> i have not started yet. >> this will be the that'siest campaign in the history of the country by far.
7:39 am
in commercials, it will start in about another month. knocked down drag out from start to finish both sides. >> what's going on inside his head? is he that confident, a quite desperation or a littles boy inside? >> if you watch pretty much he gets to a boiling point, and then he starts doing these bizarre movements he gets suggestion become larger insults starts to hurl you know that he's starting to feel it. even had his facial expression when he starts getting too many of them once again starting to feel the pressure. interestingly enough they take a break. he comes back and like a new man. demeanor calmer he takes ten deep breaths come closes back and ready to fight again. >> he's a narcissist and narcissists don't like to be attacked last two debates he basically come out an overreacts. the republican party this is all or very damaging and i assume
7:40 am
be a viable candidate per for the presidency. >> by far not a psychiatrist -- >> american people there's a big group that are not in favor of donald trump, within the republican party, it seems like we people. the donald trump, and it's only the establishment who doesn't want that donald trump. >> establishment, ed? >> can't control the element. they basic created rules that allow him to winner take all is a win. what he's projected, though. but people out there see him as a leader a tough guy can take charge. done wonderful things in new york everything else with a dispute and doesn't matter their impression is he can go to washington and fix it. with no wall and move things they want. >> there's also a piece that is somewhat had manipulative in what he does and it's the way he uses his language very short sentences one syllable words for the most part and repetition. repetition. >> people might call it
7:41 am
this is -- >> relation usually is effective. >> extraordinary salesman. he sold himself more than anything else and he's -- doing that again. >> megyn kelly superstar mod moderator i want to show you this and talk -- >> how are you doing? >> nice to be with you megyn? >> you're looking well. >> you're looking -- [laughter] >> laughing of course because well harsh things were said by donald trump about megyn kelly ever since that august debate. what do you see there tonia what's coming through now a general makeup session? >> this is great because she set him up nice, and boom took him to school on trump university this was effect iive or very nice, she was cordial but at the same time strong and one of the things i was wondering is how she was going to come back after that interaction and how he's gong to react and they were good together worked it out and she went in and did what had she had to do.
7:42 am
night did a wonderful job but she was superb attacks on him last night she took him apart like a lawyer and she laced him and basically made the charge. >> she's a lawyer. >> like research she had everything she needed to go back right at everything that he spills back. what had he does is yes you to death and you believe him back to that repetition if i keep saying it over and over again you start to believe it. like a child. >> so mr. owens does donald pick up more supporters after this? >> i don't think anybody lost any votes last night. john kasich gave a history of his 40 yearses in politics help people in ohio, and i think kriewses cruz has a nice night but donald didn't lose support. >> there are talk about republicans forming a third party of the constitution party. and with heavy weights, and running in november. is that -- do you have any sense of what will happen?
7:43 am
create rough riders basically the party and iniumbent republican lost . >> after this time it could happen this time but i'm doubtful. >> doubtful. >> all right. tonia ed rollens thank you so much for being here. >> everybody hold up their hands. >> i think my hands are bigger than yours. >> the man with small hands i don't that as a measurement of anything else. >> not the hands. >> somebody told me about the tie -- >> the new hashtag should be instead of daniel but donald. >> he moved it to second agreed and affected him ever since and didn't invite you to a party you have to watch the chemistry. >> you know the first thing you say is -- why didn't you invite me. you were invited. first thing she said (vo) new tidy cats lightweight 4-in-1 fights mess right. attacks three strong litter box odors,
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7:47 am
of our trucks here. that's live out in the field with a camera shot. we're on route 36 head toward garden state even there it doesn't look that bad but own the median there, divider, maybe a quarter to a half an inch of snow has accumulated on that particular surface. but this is what's happening on both of the trays roadways there you're looking at wet roadways and slushy spots especially is look out o on bridges and overpasses but that's all you have going on for the time being. show you the maps along with our temperatures, again as that as far as techs go freezing in some places. some places it is below freezing. freezings at 32 belmar. 30 at newark. 1 central park and 18 in monticello to colder temps to the north and webcast and less of the precip there getting leftout on heavier precip even though everyone is pretty much missing out on it this go
7:48 am
northeast 5 to 12 miles per hour, and yes light snow shower go on until lunchtime that's it for the majority of the tristate. and it will be heavier had and central and southern section of new jersey that'ses that's where there's a weren't weather advisory and minor accumulation of maybe up to two inches or so. all right, so as question go through the day morning snow showers and then break out into at least a little sun this afternoon. high temp up to 38 degrees and as we go through next seven day, 38 today. 41 tomorrow, and 43 for you on sunday. let's take a look at the ski resorts see what's going on with that. fox 5 weather app at the apple google play store with a live interactive radar so check that out it's free. here's the ski resort report. mountain creek machine room conditions with 35 trails open and hunter mountain 42 trails open. okay let's get over to ines rosales, and check out what's happening as we get out there, do what we've got to do. good morning ines. >> check in on long island
7:49 am
l. iment e. no problem, highway moving fine. putnam county 84, 264 and taconic no major issues. things calmed down accidents especially on l 484. commute by new maple avenue to 287 looks good. so does heading eastbound. cross bronx on alexanderham had fill ton bridge a slow ride from exiting delays there by deegan. new jersey turnpike visibility poor so if yoirg tay a flight call ahead. turnpike does have speed restrictions of 45 miles per hour the entire length. innovator asbury toll plaza that is 45 miles per hour. greg and rosanna. >> in full there's snow out there. report ines thanks a lot. duke is off. teen is off. you and me. piece of cake. frustrating for rangers last night. here's something you don't see after taking a big hit.
7:50 am
was not granted and he knocked into the knelt. got mad. lundquist was given two minutes for a delay of game penalty. >> no kidding. >> they lose to pittsburgh penguins 4-1. >> lundquist i think from sweden. i meant handsome got upset. >> interesting. >> devil its are ready to give up hope on playoffs in overtime last night devils win it -- 5-4. >> islanders let's see they beat the winnipeg jets 4-2. i wish -- >> in o.t.. >> i wish i could ice skate like these guys they're amazing. two super bowls ago tom brady deflated the football. or o did he? >> right. softer than usual. nfl rules that he probably has something to do with it. footballs gives you advantage. he appealed supposed to be this
7:51 am
he won appeal. well nfl they haven't gwinn up yet and there's a hear hadding yesterdays about this. federal appeals court judge in new york ripped union arguments or for dismiss l. >> the soft footballs is now a federal case. i think they should gave it up quite frankly he beat him. trying to get him had to sit out. >> be back. we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products.
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>> okay who remembers the alley g show. how does this look? >> and "borat," i love "borat." trvelgt guy behind those characters got a great big movie coming out it is called tell me i'm not sure. why the brothers groomsby. anyway threfs a scene where trump gets infected with the hiv virus in this new movie. audiences are cheering. british comedian and trump has been feuding for a very long time. spoofed or they did him on the show and got him had to cooperate. showed up ad office like you are
7:55 am
>> sony wants this scene deleted they want it out of the movie, but alley g. "borat" southern sha say it's going to stay and he has the final say. >> sometime use get to work that into your contract. hamilton the musical it was awesome. went there last weekend. we have a quick hello who actually is the creator of the songs and raps from the hit broadway show. >> hit broadway show you usually put it -- make it so people can buy the album. >> two weeks ago original cast album won a grammy later this year. miranda plans to release another cd with major hip-hop artists doing the song. >> cd form you want that in the theater. >> busta rhymes and queen latifah in common of artists that want to do this project. >> so -- "american idol" what's the latest there? >> young girl from jersey not
7:56 am
>> one of the most painful decisions we've had to make. never seen a bottom three with this much vocal ability ever. so strong. but the last person who made the top eight tonight is avalon. event her -- wait. that means giana is going home. she's brenda k.'s daughter. >> who has that great hit from the late 80s but believes they'll find in love again. anyway, so i've not been watching "american idol" this season so -- >> down to eight now. >> so coming up at 9:00 you can talk this out with chris daughtry he'll be here he was on "american idol." smg everybody thought he was going to win especially him. >> he's won afterwards because his albums sell leak hot cakes. but -- >> take hot cakes or the carbs.
7:57 am
show on broadway on fox called the passion at the live musical event. meanwhile beverly it's about you. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. with veggie or sausage today.
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7:59 am
>> hello happy friday "good day new york" i'm rosanna scotto. >> i'm greg kelly what do we have out there, snow just a little bit. mike is monitoring the situation. and yeah. it's coming down but we can deal with it maybe an inch something like that, right, mike?
8:00 am
means. mean white we're digesting that gop debate last night did you watch it? it's started rights at the very beginning talking about male anatomy or very risque. my hands something else must be small. i guarantee there's no problem. i guarantee it. >> that -- wow. by the way, a problem either way, donald trump. you know what i mean? >> sometimes you don't need all of it on. >> whether it's this or that -- >> always something used to say. a lot of people think that's you. megyn kelly superstar mod ray tore. >> swinging against donald trump yesterday let's talk north korea their military has been told to get their nuclear missiles ready this follows a decision by u.n.
8:01 am
korea with a new round of sanctions. so you know, we're talking sanctions they're taw missiles . >> that kim jong-un what should we do send aircraft carriers right now? i want you to stay away from the united nations. >> stay away from the button. : starting tomorrow -- that is a big deal some high school students are going to be taking the revamped s.a.t. first makeover in a decade. we're going to break it down and somebody from the s.a.t. to talk the exact. >> brand new test. cool thing, only cool thing about that test is you're encouraged if you're taking it to not study the nights before. >> but study nights before. the night before basically watch tv made. >> which is impossible. >> tmz is reporting that a knife has discovered that was buried at the home of o.j. simpson they found it years ago.
8:02 am
nicole brown and ron golden but found not guilty as you know. they never found a murder weapon. did they find a knife that was used to kill nicole brown and ron goldman? a lot of people think so tmz is on it. >> harvey heaven will talk about this new information. he's got information on this by the way. >> okay, so hi everybody who watched the debate? i saw a good chunk of it. rosanna. [laughter] oh, the hands. >> the hands up. i heard bigger feet something else. i never knew big hands meant big you know. that was addressed last night in classic donald trump fashion. do we have it, show it, enjoy it. for us mike woods, welcome. shall is -- >> hit it. >> i keep hearing he's the only one who can beat me buzz he's getting beat badly.
8:03 am
there's no doubt donald has done well in elections. >> you referred to my hands something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. i guarantee you there's no problem. no problem either way. >> right. right. >> trying to stick up for fellas with small hands. >> we've never measured that beef in political and presidential races. right, to my knowledge -- that has never been a measurement. >> people with small hands can be president, fact. there was a wild debate. not much like it. not too many minds were change haded last night. mitt romney he came out against donald trump like i've never seen anybody do of his stature. republican nominee. j he lost the last time. you know, and he courted donald trump while he was running for president. >> i think it's one of the reasons his speech he called him a phony it didn't resonate not
8:04 am
we're looking at chris christie in well probably a regrettable time for him. asking him about it. >> going off on various tangents people in the kroal room don't know what button to push for the videos. for us to move on and talk to mike woods. >> bong bong -- >> prozac put your hands up. >> weather button ready to go. >> you didn't want to do it last time. you said you had bigger hands than me. what's the take away? what does it mean? you have more to explain than me. [laughter] >> big gloves. i object to this conversation. [laughter] >> all right. >> kids. show you what's going on out there. first of all yeah we need gloves out the there today. bring out the good ones nice fuzzy ones because it's toasty outside wet weather and wet and white but snow coming through that is a lot of people are
8:05 am
lyings snow with maybe a coating to an inch of it. coming to us core of the tristate but down to the south just a little bit. you're seeing if heavier snow showers and you'll see some accumulation there. that's where you have the winter weather advisory that does include mammoth and ocean county to summer set county as well. yeah, you've got the winter weather advisory up until at least 9:00 this morning going on till perhaps lunch time and slow down after that. even for us in the core of the tristate. temp qiez we're all the still freezing right around 30s where most of us are sitting. 30s in belmar and islip and montauk even providence in rhode island so everyone is freezing so you could have this sticking but mainly on grassy surface and rooftop most of the roadway since they were fairly warm and recent days not really having a problem with this snow melting on contact. but winds are coming from the northeast around 6 to 13 miles per hour. this will be a potent coastal
8:06 am
down to the south with that being the case it maybe potent but down there. here we're getting northern fridge and light precip not a big deal at all. gray shaded areas and about an inch to two inches few spots seeing more than that locally down as you head into southern and central section eve new jersey. so far we're ahead of the game with 31.2 inches of snow received so far but adding to that but less than an inch. hi of 38 today. 34 on sunday with a small chance out there sunday morning too that sleses than what we had this morning. all right let's get you over to ines now and see what we have -- as we head out the door, roads not good. >> no, it's been a crazy mornings. overturned tractor trailer exit 24 shoulder getting through causing a multimile delay. drivers use 222 backed up going to be a belong day trying to get through that traffic mess. and then on staten island
8:07 am
and verrazano bridge. icy conditions comploaz that. upper level around you 6:30 long enough to cause this backup here. gowanus slow heading to brooklyn bring bridge. cameras this morning on l.i.e. by terry road not bads of a ride another mess this morning construction and then a stall earlier. lincoln tunnel not a bad option. 45 to 60 either way not better. if you want to take holland better 30 minutes from each approach. trains on or close to schedule. back to you. >> big debate last night. great debate i don't know about that. but it was amusing at times. >> was it president at times? s >> -- president of what? it did keep our interest for the most part. we haven't seen this kind of dialogue before in our country,
8:08 am
>> as joann put on my facebook page this reminds me of the locker room but playing out in our living room. >> all right so republicans met last night and it's unleak, well, i guess kind of used to it bloc night raunchier than before. hard to digest robert. >> does civility seem to quaint and old o fashioned anymore. i don't know this campaign has redefined ugliness, this debate to go ugliness to a new level and add in reference to the male anatomy you have something that we will never forget. hello. how are you doing? >> nice to see you megyn pl you're looking well. >> they exchanged pleasant reis in their first encounter at a debate since they famously clashed in august. if only trump interactions with other candidates were so amicable. >> i've given my answer --
8:09 am
attacks from someone who wasn't on stage mitt romney who bludgeoned him earlier in the day. >> donald trump is a phony, fraud. : he was a failed candidate he should have beaten president obama very easy. >> trump turned attention to attacks coming from men on staimg. he responded to marco rubio criticism of his hands by boasting of his sexual prowl. >> something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no problem. >> trump played debate swatting away one attack only to have another pop right up up. >> donald trump wrote four checks to elect hillary clinton as president. i'd like to ask where did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008, it wasn't for business. >> actually it was for business. >> let me finishing something, ted, the last person that hillary clinton wants to face is donald trump. >> rubio and ted cruz called on truch to release audio tape of an off the record tape with
8:10 am
his immigration stance isn't as ironclad as he publicly says. >> release the tape? >> game continued when rubio claimed the trumple defrauded students at trump university. >> you know what they got in these courses stuff you can pull off of zillow when realize the scam you refuse to give them their money back -- >> john kasich stayed out of the fray. >> i will win ohio. >> let's face it hardly a night for civility. >> not what you said -- breathe, breathe. breathe, you can did it. you can breathe i know it's hard. but just -- >> when they're done with the yoga can i answer a question? >> you cannot. >> despite fighting and name calling each candidate to the end of the debate promised not to launch an independent run and to support eventual republican nominee.
8:11 am
to delegates there are important contests tomorrow in kansas, kentucky, maine, nebraska, and louisiana. greg and rosanna. >> important what tomorrow? >> contest primary caucuses -- tomorrow. >> kentucky, maine all of those? >> why aren't we in this mix? i want to -- >> april 19th we get in on the action. >> over by that time. >> new jersey not until june. whatdemocrats up to, hillary clinton, bense still in the race. they'll both be in michigan today where republicans were last night. >> clinton will deliver a policy address in detroit outlines to remove economic barriers for american work rs and senator sanders accused her of supporting trade deals that he say it is have had disastrous consequences for american families. he's going to speak at a university grand rapids held tomorrow while michigan voters go to polls on tuesday. >> okay you haired about about 91-year-old woman mugged in park slope brooklyn we have
8:12 am
suspect. police believe this guy assaulted her. >> he choked elizabeth gionino on home on 9th street and pull aside gun on her and reportedly robbed her and her neighbor of 370 dollars. police believe he may have pistol whipped and robbed another woman last moangt. he's described between 40 and 50 years old 6 feet tall if -- can you see him here? police need your help please 1-800-577-tips. >> do you remember this case where turner tide in police custody out in mount vernon last summer. a mother of eight has been found that basically no one is at fault here. attorney general eric schneiderman issued findings and relatives disputed autopsy that said he died from chronic cocaine and morphine use. >> attorney general took up the
8:13 am
cuomo gave the authority to look into the deadly police encounters and he relates pieppedz there's no criminality here. >> north korea what is least in another crisis it looks like kim is saying to get nuclear weapons ready. >> kim wants warheads diploid and ready to strike at a moment's notice this comes after united nations security counsel hit north korea with more talk. oh, i'm sorry tough sanctions easer its recent nuclear test and robert launch. >> rosanna don't want to be messing other options on the table right now. how about that guy he's only like 30 something years old he runs country what a bizarre place north korea. >> power plant up the hudson riff they had to shut down in december. there was concern about a massive radiation leak. there wasn't one. but what lead to this shutdown? >> bird droppings.
8:14 am
energy corporation filed a document with the regulatory commission last month that said excrement from birds damaged understand lay forces at the plant. the december 14th shutdown had had no impact on health or safety an they'll have bird guards to prevent streamers. amplest meltdown in pennsylvania if anything goes wrong with that plant on the hudson river we in the city could be in trouble but they have their act together. >> no streaming there. okay new jersey is preparing for a possible transit strike that could affect a lot more people than just those who take new jersey transit. >> all right so sphears talks underway. by the way, the governor is he involved? well kind of but he's going on vacation on tuesday to celebrate the 30th anniversary with his wife. >> maybe he can work it out before hi leaves on tuesday.
8:15 am
what's going on? >> writers are hoping so greg and rosanna a bigs meeting in washington, d.c. all sides combing together for the thirds time and they hope to figure it out. what hangs in the balance are these commuters. >> myself in a big pickle not only me but it will ruin civilization basically for next few days as we know it because we're dependent on transit system so how will life continue to go along accordingly this is insane. >> panic is starting to set in for roughly 100,000 daily commute whors rely on new jersey transit come march 13th these folks might not have an easy ride to work if the union goes on strike. >> the authority they don't run frequently on my line. so if they cut service getting into work, will not be fun. >> this would be opposite eve fun. transit company flat out admits they simply won't be able to accommodate everyone. >> we will not be able to
8:16 am
the the capacity that our rail service currently provides to our customers. contingency plan mirrors one enacted after superor storm sandy reduced so bus will pick up some of the slack. but be able to carry about 40% of commuters. nj transit will rely on five park and ride locations and provide a shogs to the bus terminal new york pen station or harrison path. other buss will take you to the ferry. and if you drive to work you'll be impacted too. 10,000 more cars per hour will be forced on the roads. add that to the congestion that already exists at the lincoln and holland tunnel. >> hour and a half as it is u right now in metro park so -- >> what do you think it will be once this strike happens? >> ridiculous. i don't even know. you know, we're going to take it as it comes. >> i believe they should settle.
8:17 am
have trains than not having anything. >> carpooling with, working from home and budgeting a lot more time for your commute. that's had the advice the authorities are dealing out in the event that this nightmare materializes. >> and by the way, the mta is preparing alternatives for metro-north because they're operated by nj transit latest are from inland morning. greg and rosanna back to both of you. >> so hoboken new jersey going to have a great big pub crawl to celebrate st. patricks day a couple of weeks early. >> hundreds of people will get their irish on and celebrate st. patricks day as you mentioned a massive pub crawl celebration has been around for about 30 years. >> sometimes quite frankly as a marriage person mixed feelings about it. sometimes it's embarrass abouting everybody getting drunk around streets. last time you and i, though, did a pub crawl awesome.
8:18 am
about raging and getting hammered and walking around like fools that was a great time. >> it was fun. fun, anyway, they named this event on saturday leprechaun day just so you know. >> no they changed the name rosanna now legally if it has a designation the bar crawl. >> not leprechaun crawl. >> santacon that again we wore silly santa suit. i want to think spring, not santa. 16 days until spring. >> 16 days and counting. [laughter] >> you're right yeah. 16 days until we're there. yeah, right now we're still experiencing a little wasn't. but there's a little spring in the seven-day forecast. stay tuned. all right here's what we have for the weekend partly cloudy. chilly saturday and sunday and chance with more snow coming through early sunday. not a big deal but a weak low
8:19 am
that one. what's coming through today is light stuff. this is bigger than sunday. lights snow coming across majority of the tristate come fog a close up up to the north and to the west here according to to this here radar. up around sussex and parts of lower hudson valley. we've got 30 degrees central park right now. still reporting some light snow i was out there. indeed that's what we have. 32 in philly. 29 in williams port. okay, so main area of low pressure which is kind of the drives machine behind this all way down to our south neer carolina and virginia that's going to head head offshore down there. getting clipped and future cast gives us nothing from this point forward so a few more morning snow showers and flurries and then it heads outs to see with clearing sky, and here's a quick look at sunday. see that is right there a weak disturbance coming into the area. doesn't want to give us much of anything in terms of snow but flakes here and there. all right today your flakes will
8:20 am
then maybe a little sun this afternoon. high temp up to 38. 41 your high with partly cloudy skies. snow shower chance there on sunday not a big deal. advertising for next week high temp of 1 tuesday. 64 on wednesday so warm temperatures coming your way. fox 5 weather app at the apple and google store. here's ines with the latest with roads and rails. what's up? >> been a busy morning. grand central parkway an bs by 188th street so traffic slow on cross island parkway as you pass the l. i.e. route 78 such a mess morning and trarkts trailer flipped over between exit 24 and 26. only shoulder is getting through, and this happened about three hours ago o more or less. but traffic backed up to exit 11 getting off at 78 and use 22 as an alternate but such a mess the roadways.
8:21 am
looks at that by exit 31 eastbound. that's the delay that we're talking about. you can see traffic inches along there. qb side here this area you're fine. cross bronx alexander hamilton bridge. you're doing okay. normal delays heading to jerome avenue. back to you. >> thank you so much ines we're getting ready because chris drawghty will drawght rei is here with a great hits album and role of judas on the passion. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives,
8:22 am
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8:24 am
>> all right let's get down to business because fox means businesses. >> larning she works over there a at the fox business network. hi there. >> how long it takes you to get to the office fever day. tewel ya real estate people looked into the matter because they're trying to figure out as nation shift to winters as o posessed to owner os trying to live closer to the office. closer to their jobs, and answer is yes. guess what had this is no surprise. new yorkers take longsest time commuting into the office. you be surprised by the number it's about 35 minutes.
8:25 am
27 minutes. i know that's all short. right i thought it would be longer than that been but pending as average and looking in metro areas. >> should do it what we do 5:00 usually no traffic in the morning. nothing. right to work. >> i always said wherever i'm done with the morning shift, i want to be in an early shift because i can't deal with crowds and traffic and a lot of people. >> you like that? when you get accustom to off hours. >> we get it lauren you're not a people person. >> i hate people yes. thank you. >> thank you. circus is in town. >> no, us the real circus. wringling brothers changing things up, greg . m did you see dogs jumping rope? dogs -- looking -- we're going to to have dogs coming up.
8:26 am
we're going to talk about changes per the circus. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew...
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8:29 am
greg: hey,everybody, it is a "good day new york" tradition. we play this song every friday at 8:30. >> rosanna: for the native new yorkers and aspire to be one. greg: things are looking up. two weeks out to st. patrick's day. rosanna: let's sing. greg: is that singing? is you are talking that through.
8:30 am
score by now. [laughter] greg: now the flight life portion of the song, listen to this. greg: easy does it, rosanna. remember starting here, starting now? what's going on. i hope you have decent weekend plans. rosanna: are you ready for friday? we are. greg: you don't have to do much. netflix show, not homeland, the other one. house of cards. drops tonight. rosanna: ouch. i get smacked around. greg: easy does it. you hit me behind the head. that was a love pat. rosanna: okay.
8:31 am
he's trying to keep me awake. mike: guys don't realize that the women are dainty. rosanna: i will take him on. greg: this is a tough girl. she grew up with two brothers and had a baseball bat in the car and under the bed. are you okay, are you wounded or anything like that? mike: wow. greg: mikey, what's up? rosanna: look, the line. right there. mike: don't cross it. like when we were 12. greg: what is the show this weekend? rosanna: house of cards. i'm not a house of cards person. mike: big things.
8:32 am
to what is happening in the region. wech a light coating and going away. we should see the sun later this afternoon and the coating of the snow, it is probably gone by the end of the day. who cares. any ww, we have that light snow trekking on by. look out for the slick spots. coating up to an inch for most of us. more down to the south. the weekend is chilly with a mix of the sun and the clouds. big time warm upcoming up next week. you are impressed with the high tpsz coming this way. the snow is coming down over central and southern sections of new jersey. temps are cold enough. 30 in montauk. 22 islip. 19 monticello. cloudy skies and snow showers are going on right now.
8:33 am
per hour, that is keeping the cold air in place. the area of low pressure, the main driving force of this storm, it is not with us here, it is fairly disstance to the south and coming up from the virginia border and headed out to ocean waters here. it is going to strengthen leaving the land and having less of an affect. we are clipped by the northern edge. light stuff out there. high temp of 38. clouds and sun at that time. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun. high of 41. 43 on sunday. a snow shower chance is there, but very small. then there are the warm temps. highest in the 60s in that stretch. now to ines rosales. tell us it is looking better, ines.
8:34 am
rules are suspended because of the snow. look at the red here. an accident blocking a lane by 1 # 68th street. ahead. the airplanes have delays. the gowanus an accident. route 78 eastbound tractor trailer flipped over by exit 24. the shoulder is getting through. it is such a mess. route 22 seeing delays there because of everyone looking for alternatives. approaching the accident there the the delay on the east bound side. the traffic is inching along. it is tough to offer alternatives around that. george washington bridge 45 upper. 30 lower.
8:35 am
trains are running on or close. >> rosanna: tomorrow morning at this time, what is administered? greg: sat. rosanna: it makes me nervous talking about it. it is a new version. greg: i don't have a care in the world, however, i am curious because the sat is revamped, yes, the kids taking the test tomorrow are taking a different test. have you ever wondered who makes the test? who is the guy that actually sits there and comes up with the questions. this man, take a look. jim montoya. he's at the college board, the organization that puts the test together. you are looking like a smart guy. i can tell by the bow tie. welcome to "good day new york." >> it is great being here. you introduzed me as close to the sat, i am a great enthusist
8:36 am
greg: you like it? >> i love the fact it is creating opportunity for the students, it changes the lives of students. rosanna: some colleges are saying it is not measuring of what they are capable of what they can do in college, you have to look at the whole picture, high school consistency. >> the college board says no at mission decision should be made by the sat alone, but i will tell you, the new sat is so aligned with those skills that are necessary for students to be successful in college. parents are always concerned about the high cost, the best way to assure they are getting their money's worth, make certain that the students are well prepared and the sat is a great pathway to that. greg: give us the high lights. >> well, it is more closely aligned with the skills that students need to be successful.
8:37 am
>> okay, so, first, let me tell you there are areas to be focussed on. data analysis. students need to know how to read and analyze. that is what colleges and universities are expects of the students when they walk in the door and too few students have those skills and the new sat helps them with that. greg: so the students are watching now, they want to know what is different on tomorrow's test? >> for them, here are the great things, no penalty for guessing. that is a great one. two, it is clearer, it is more focussed and it is going to be rosanna: okay. what about the writing sample now? >> so the essay is optional. but what is important for them to know, is that the new test,
8:38 am
important. the essay is optional because not all the colleges use it. greg: you are affiliated with stanford, do they use it, do they require the essay? >> many of the selective schools do, they want more information to make the tough choices. the fact of the matter is, at the highly selective schools most of the students have a's, but they have to look at the writing and sat scores. >> there is criticism of the sat's, if you have not been tutored, that means you are in a certain category of wealth, then you will not do well on the test. >> this test aligns the students with opportunity. there is access to free online
8:39 am
it changes the game. it levels the playing field. that is a huge change. families were worried about the money for the test prep, now it is free to them and the students and it is world class. rosanna: are they getting the answers after wards? >> yes, it is individualized as a result of the psat or taking the sat, they will get very focussed advice as to those skills they need to practice to do better the next time. greg: let's see, how much does it cost? >> $52.50. rosanna: that is expensive. >> it is a great bargain. rosanna: well, some kids take it a number of times. >> well t college board spends a hundred million dollars on the
8:40 am
we don't want to create roadblocks for the students. that is a very important message. greg: so you are so happy about this test. rosanna: we had a college president on, you saw the interview. >> i did. rosanna: he thinks that the tests are tests are tests are lewd kris. >> this test is important and relevant, the students are competing around the world, this is a great standardized measure that is helpful to colleges today. greg: jim, we are putting up the question on the board. this is one of the new questions. we have it. yes we do. sample multiple choice, the math question. aaron is staying at a hotel that
8:41 am
8% is applied to the roommate and one tim untaxed fee is charged by the hotel. which represents the total charge in dollars for staying x nights? rosanna: it is multiple choice. greg: yes, here we go. the answer is e. try airbnb. rosanna: it is b. 99.95 99.95 times 8%. >> they love the fact that the test is practical. it is clear. it is focussed. i think that is a huge difference. i will tell you students overwhelming support that and it is still useful to the college. >> and the answer is b. rosanna, you are going to
8:42 am
rosanna: thank you. >> i will admit you. rosanna: i don't want to go back to college. greg: jim used to be at stanford. sir, you are cool. thank you. >> thank you. rosanna: greg, i'm doing this. this is the dab. we have the guys behind the dab coming up. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) i wonder what else could be (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't. switch to better.
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rosanna: on a day that would have been bobbi kristina's 23rd birthday and we are getting more information about what led to the death. we waited all this time, she died in july. she was found face down. >> greg: there are protocols they have the follow. this confirms what we thought. we have on official. i'm not sure if that answers all of the questions. rosanna: they said, some antianxiety medicines there.
8:46 am
>> greg: and concerns of foul play around this case. >> all right, oj simpson back in 1984 allegedly murdered his wife and goldman. what one of the wild components of this case, many, many, but no murder weapon ever found. however, was one found in the late 1990s and coming to light now. rosanna: kerry drew as more information. kerry: this knife found at the simpson home in l.a. the football legend lived in a home in the brentwood section for 20 years and tmz is reporting that a folding buck knife was found by a construction worker on the edge of the property a number of years ago and given to off duty cop. the officer reportedly kept it
8:47 am
the officer is now retired and called a friend to get a case number. he wanted to engrave the information on the frame. when the police found out, they demanded that the officer turn it over. no murder weapon was ever found. the knife is currently being tested. >> they are doing all sorts of testing, organic testing for the d.n.a. there could be blood on the life. some where a knife exists that was the weapon used to murder nicole and ron goldman. the question where and the question now is it that knife? kerry: when this knife was
8:48 am
the murders happened in 1994 and oj acquitted in the fall of '95. oj's house demolished in 1998. even if it turned up, oj couldn't be tried again because of the double jeopardy rules. however, because oj was found not guilty there is an open murder case. we should know whether this could be the weapon. greg: the police are continuing the knife, not the case. they believe they have the right guy. kerry: well, they are investigating the knife, if d.n.a. comes up it could help them solve the case. rosanna: harry levin is coming up. they broke the story. greg: what else?
8:49 am
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rosanna: i can't wait, i saw d trailer for the new ghost buster's film. all women. no guys. greg: let's watch. rosanna: it is going to be fun. they are paying tri bhut to the original. greg: they are talented and funny women. it is coming out in july. rosanna: we have to go.
8:53 am
as you know, he won "american idol" and tonight see him on long island. he recently released thiz third album. greg: where is the venue tonight? rosanna: bolton center in bay shore. tickets are available. greg: great family by the way. good luck to him. what else? rosanna: we have the grammy nominated rock star chris dauthry coming up. greg: he was on the way to going all the way and they sent him home. rosanna: home. right here. rosanna: he's got a new album and in the new live musical on fox called the passion.
8:54 am
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america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: oh, it stopped snowing again. greg: what's happening again. it is looking fine. rosanna, yesterday we had a publicity stunt. all right, the new train station downtown. rosanna: yes, okay. you are fascinated by it. greg: it is amazing. years in the works. extraordinary, down there by the world trade center. it opened yet. you department like the price tag. rosanna: and how long it took. greg: they are not having a parade for this thing.


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