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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: oh, it stopped snowing again. greg: what's happening again. it is looking fine. rosanna, yesterday we had a publicity stunt. all right, the new train station downtown. rosanna: yes, okay. you are fascinated by it. greg: it is amazing. years in the works. extraordinary, down there by the world trade center. it opened yet. you department like the price tag. rosanna: and how long it took. greg: they are not having a parade for this thing.
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money on this thing. greg: here is what we did. mike woods and i, rosanna, you blew us off. we spent $7 and had a ribbon cutting. people thought we were government officials and then realized we were a television show. like it? rosanna: you own it. greg: we do. anybody else want to make a speech. we declared it around 3:00ish yesterday afternoon. a couple of people came up and asked can we go in now. we are official. rosanna: that looked like fun. that is a great picture of the both of you. i could see you on the cover of
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that is beautiful. greg: thank you. we hob knobbed with the movers and shakers. the port authority on the left with the glasses. rosanna: i think i know him. greg: yes, he knows you. the dark haired guy is the actual architect. i thought the guy totally, totally nailed it. a great, great piece of art slash urban planning. rosanna: high-tech. greg: there is mike as well. the first day it opened we were hanging with the architect. rosanna: no party so milling about, making sure that the metro cards were working? >> no, no. not a grand ceremony, but the architect was there, the port authority officials there. we department tell them about the stunt we pulled outside.
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the oversized scissors. mike: it is classic. everybody fell in line. they thought it was official ceremony and people were waiting for it. greg: we should have said the pledge of allegiance first. mike: yes. rosanna: meanwhile, were the trains running on time? it is a transit hub. greg: trains come and go. look at the train station one more time. mike: somebody asked us, if there was an admission charge. greg: someone came up to me and congratulated me on the work. rosanna: if he was a native new yorker he would know you. greg: remember the people from france? mike: yes. greg: congratulations to the
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this is a great addition to the city. sure. rosanna: as long as it works. mike, how are things looking outside. mike: looking okay. just a little snow. the other thing, greg, a lot of people were asking did you check out the bathrooms? greg: when you got to go, you have to go. i department have to go. mike: we'll go back again. people wanted to know. any ways, awesome job. find out what is happening with the weather. you know what, the air is clearing and a few showers out there. look at what is happening with the overall weather trend here. we are pretty much on the bottom with the temperatures. 38 forecasted high for the day. the highs for the next week. 41 tomorrow.
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those are below normal. above normal on monday 54. 61 tuesday. 64 on wednesday. lower 60s. a warming trend is definitely on the way. but today, we have the snow. it is not a big deal. light stuff that we have right now. unless you are down in the central and southern sections of new jersey. yeah, you have moderate snow. just a little on the wet side too, the temperatures are minimal range. generally the temperatures are in the lower 30s, but yeah, real close on the freezing point. winter advisories extended and expanded up to monmouth county and ocean county and also to somerset county. points to the south, that is up
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we hope not too big of a problem. just minor accumulations. 30 belmar. as well as central park and islip. 26 poughkeepsie. a northeast wind is moving through 8-14 miles per hour. we have a lot of clouds out there. the snow showers on the light side. not so much making it up to the north. the air is fairly dry there this low pressure if closer to us in the tristate we would have a significant snowstorm, but being far away and pulling out over the ocean waters it doesn't have enough power. clearing skies tonight and tomorrow. minor accumulation. most of us seeing a coating to an inch. a little more down to the south. morning snow showers coming to a close. 38 degrees with a little sunshine. 41 tomorrow. 43 on sunday.
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the warm temps that we are looking for. 60s next week. back to you. greg: mike, thank you. you are awesome, by the way. going back to 1994, oj simpson accused of murdering his wife and wife's friend goldman. a lot of people think that oj did it. one of the reasons why he got off, a murder within was never found. let's look at the victims. goldman. the goldman family on the show a number of times. no murder weapon was ever found. the crime scene and the simpson home close together. >> harvey, you have the latest information, all of a sudden we are hearing about a knife that is possibly could be related to
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>> it is a crazy story. we broke it on the website this morning, i am telling you i covered this wall to wall, this one even shocks me for all i saw in this case. i can't tell you the exact time frame. this is several years ago at the very least and could have been in the demolition of the house in 1998, a construction worker dug up a knife. they were working on the perimeter of the home. the construction worker walked to the street and saw is police officer across the street and handed him the knife and said i found this on the property, it was buried and i am assuming you want it. the officer took possession. this officer was actually off duty though in a uniform and working for a location movie
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the officer never turned the knife in. he took it home and kept it at his house. fast forward to this past january t officer retired. he was a traffic cop. the traffic cop retires, and he decides now he wants to take the knife and frame it and he wants to take it to a framer to get engraved. the officer calls a friend of his at the homicide decision and says, hey, can you give me the record number of the oj simpson case, i have a cool knife found on the property. the guy says are you kidding me? that guy tells his superiors and they are going nuts and call the retired cop and give us the knife now. the car turns the knife over. the knife is being tested for
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week going to the unit for testing of d.n.a. and biological evidence. it is an oh gosh, i'm blanking on the type of the knife. buck knife. it is a buck knife that opens. i am told my people familiar with this that there are signs that might have had blood on it. but it is very rusted. rosanna: it is years old and who knows how many touched this knife in the years that the police officer had it. maybe he took it to a party and passed it around. greg: well, sometimes they are get the d.n.a. out of cuffens. it was a traffic cop. a guy dealing with traffic.
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right, at least in new york there is. >> yes, i should be clear, lapd that works in the traffic division. he's part of the lapd but in the traffic division of the lapd. he's a full fledged cop. that is the way it works here. i will tell you this, the lapd is unbelievably secret about this and they have entered the knife in the computer system. not in the oj file, which is by the way an open case. they don't want anybody to know about it, but the officer screwed up so badly. rosanna: you are a lawyer, do you think this officer could get in trouble for not turning in the evidence? >> i don't know. he's retired now. i just don't know. i mean it seems to me, well, look, if still on the force there would be an san diegos and he'd be disciplined for sure.
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to a retired cop. they are not going to take his pension away. i don't know. i don't know. greg: harvey, when do we think that the knife was turned over. when was it. he was found not guilty in 95. >> i don't know, greg, i have a number of stories. one person familiar with it several years ago, but doesn't know the date and the other person said closer to demolition, and this was, i know that the construction worker was doing a demolition, it seems that it might be '98 when working on the demolition of the house. i can't give you that. it was years ago. greg: fascinating, it is not making a difference, because he was found not guilty. he's off free criminally.
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fascinating but so what, harvey? >> i will give you one theory, greg, let's, i believe i have no doubt that oj killed them, but let's assume that somebody other than oj simpson buried the knife and that person's fingerprints is on the knife. rosanna: oh, all the intrigue goes along with the great show on fx t people versus oj, which i am clued to. >> it is a fabulous show. i love it. you know, it is coincidence. this guy just happened to call in to homicide to get the number. greg: wild, harvey, you have great sources and doing great journalism there. there is a got of g in the
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thank you, harvey. from tmz. >> at this time tomorrow morning, lots of students will be in the thick of things and taking a new sat. hundreds of thousands of students will be taking the new sat tomorrow. greg: sat tomorrow. good luck with that one, kids. yes, they have a new revamped test. they are redoing it. the essay optional is not penalized with wrong answers. pick c. when in doubt pick a c. rosanna: we have students that have taken the test and some taking test and we want to get their temperature on this. hello. alexander and meredith. stella. >> what year?
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>> sophomore. >> junior. >> emma, are you taking it>> i took it. >> isis welch? >> are you taking it? >> i took it. >> jaylean? >> i am a junior. taking it tomorrow? >> not tomorrow. >> carly. >> where do you go to school. >> roosevelt academy. >> you heard about the changes, after we got ready for the old one. how do you feel? >> i feel like it is the norm to take it as a junior and puts a little more stress on the juniors not knowing how to test is going to work. >> rosanna: how do you study for something like this? how are you studying? who is in the process of taking test?
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well, i took the old sat and it was a long preparation. you have to manage your time well. you don't know how to plan it. but you have to take your time, and go over english, i took the let's get ready. rosanna: i heard you don't have to study the stupid vocabulary words? [laughter] greg: stupid. no more vocabulary? >> how is it different? >> i heard it is less obscure words. greg: harder to read the new yorker magazine then. all right. collectively, we were freaked out about the sat, what is the mood in school right now with the s.a.t.'s? do you sweat it or not so much? >> it is a much different vibe tha that we are experiencing right now.
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it is a totally different test, but at the same time the curriculum is geared towards it. rosanna: so today you don't study for it, right? >> we are done. greg: again, this is not a test you study for the night before? >> no. what do they recommend you do? >> take the practice tests. greg: we had the guy coming up with the questions, i was prepared for him being a jerk. he was a nice guy. listen to this. >> it is more closely aligned with the skills that students need today to be successful. rosanna: like what, like what? >> first, there are areas that need to be focussed upon. data analysis ks for example.
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that is what the colleges and universities are expecting from the students and too few students have those skills and the new s.a.t. helps them with that. >> all right, greg is ready to administer part of a test. are you ready here? okay. you are going. greg: this is a tough one. >> erin is staying at a hotel that charges $99.95s a night and tax for a room. the tax is 8% applied to room rate. and additional one time untaxed fee of $5 is charged by the hotel. which of the following represents the tomato charge in dollars for staying x nights. greg: here are the answers. so let's see who comes up with
9:19 am
which is not stay with the friend on the couch. roz sanna: abcd? >> 99.95 plus >> you may notice and remember her, he's been on "good day new york" and talking about horse carriage industry. greg: congratulations for going the harvard in the fall what. do you want to do after being the president of the united states. >> come here. rosanna: words of wisdom?
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i'm not the best test taker. really take your time and focus in on the question, don't rush it. greg: but there is a time limit. how long is the test? >> four hours. >> greg: of a saturday morning. they have some nerve. >> bring snacks definitely. and a sweater. you get cold and hungry. rosanna: we wish you all the very best. greg: enjoy this time. what advice do you give them? rosanna: it is not where you go to school, it is what you get out of it. greg: start saving from the very first paycheck. i just started to save. i'm paying for it now. you are the best. thank you. rosanna: staying to learn to do the dab.
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greg: hi. wow, on top, on fire. he's got a lot going on. i remember the moment, he was shocked shths i was shocked, when "american idol" sending him home early. rosanna: well, he won in life. greg: who remembers who won that year. >> hicks. rosanna: oh. >> greg: he's a nice guy. but welcome back to "good day new york." >> nice to be here. hits. coming out on the 12th. the video is coming out soon. and yeah, it is crazy. it has been ten years since "american idol", the first record. maybe a nice little intermission between albums. rosanna: how has your music
9:25 am
>> well the song writes has changed dramatically from the time i started until now. i guess, for a lack of better reasons, more life. a lot of life. rosanna: you have kids? >> yes. we have a full house. yeah. greg: it is amazing, chris, on march 20 you are part of something incredible, the passion performed live on march 20 and you are playing one of the baddest guys in human history. who? >> >> judice. >> yes. >> it is a heavy role. if i had gone out for this, it wouldn't be a role i want to be. rosanna: if you had a choice of characters in the the passion, who would you like to be?
9:26 am
greg: not jesus? >> no way. look at this. rosanna: you were raced christian? >> yes, i was. rosanna: do you feel a conflict of trying, how do you play or portray. >> there was a part of something i department want to do it. i didn't know how the approach was going to be and i didn't know the old school garb, well seeing the images growing up and i was told it is modern songs, modern time, that is interesting to me. it is appealing to different demographics. greg: it is updated. this is a police scene of some kind. what is happening here? >> i'm about to kiss jesus. envy me. i am about to kiss him.
9:27 am
greg: you say polarizing? >> the way they are approaching this, no matter what your back ground or religion, you are going to feel something, you are going to get something out of this, love, inspiration, hope. that's the bigger picture. it is about faith, hope and love. i don't think you have to be a christian to get something out of this. anxiety. this is live. sweating. rosanna: did you see the last one live musical, grease. they were amacing. no mistakes. >> so no room for error? >> rosanna: we want to see a little something.
9:28 am
greg: you can do it on the passion. >> it is a little different. greg: it is live. that was a live show. >> well the acting and the music. it is one thing to tell a story with your face and emotions and wanting to sound good. greg: all right, you are screwed. >> yes, i'm done. rosanna: march 20 on fox. in the meantime, you are also, you know, fulfilling other parts of your -- >> eggs in a lot of baskets. roz batman sketches here. ? >> batman number 50. greg: you have done a comic book cover? >> i did. everything i wanted to do before music i am doing after the fact. rosanna: it is amazing. you are good.
9:29 am
>> i did the pencils, it is a three-person process, person, pencils and the ink. rosanna: we are impressed regardless. chris dauthry. greg: and appreciate how far you have come. it looked like on your face your career was over leaving "american idol." why is chris going home this early stage. he's the most talented guy on the stage. >> i have a face of they are going to change their mind. greg: well everything -- rosanna: good luck. congratulations. we are going to do the dab. do you know how to do the dab? >> i have seen it.
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out of atlanta. rosanna: what is that dab thing? greg: the whole country is talking about it, the celebrities from cam newton. we have betty white. hillary clinton doing the dab at one point. rosanna: here the betty white. where is hillary? greg: everyone is doing it. things have changed. rosanna: possibly. greg: welcome, guys. rosanna: what is the dab exactly? >> dab is a way of fashion. swagging. rosanna: what is this? >> when the beat drops we do that, we dab. the world picked it up.
9:34 am
it wasn't a press release. it went viral. >> yes. rosanna: it is addictive. so is there an expiration date on the dabbing? >> dabbing forever. greg: it works, congratulations. this is one of the international global means things. are you ready to do this?
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greg: awesome. migos. this is austin. put it there.
9:38 am
rosanna: can you do the dab wrong? >> well. rosanna: we have room. see them tonight at urban plaza. >> sold out. >> the only play to see them is on "good day new york." >> congratulations, guys. nfl is crazy about you guys. who is the dj? rosanna: thank you so much. we are doing drone festival and maybe a dab. one more dab before we go. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working
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rosanna: all right. greg: do it. one of our favorite toys in the world, the drone. the drone. with some appropriate music in the background. we are playing with drones again, but drones have become a big business and something very special in town, the new york drone film festival. the drone festival. oh, man, that is so cool.
9:42 am
57th street, seminars and movies. greg: the guy with the orange sweater. he's flying right now. randy the founder, yes, the director o v the drone festival. bring it nor for a landing. rosanna: we have more director weres the festival. we are celebrating all things drone. >> we know you love the drones. rosanna: he's drone crazy. >> everyone is. greg: who is going this weekend? >> hopefully you. >> productions, directors, enthusists, anyone. we have having events. anyone interested in drones, bring out the kids, see the drones flying, racing. greg: we get the pictures we
9:43 am
bring in the fillic makers. jodi. is this is a short? >> four and a half minutes. rosanna: what is about? >> it is an about psych hospital and i recorded the demolition. rosanna: where is that? >> morris plains. >> the vantage point that the drones are providing, it is breath taking. if you were god you can see like this. we can all see like this. >> >> salutely. we are god like. >> careful. >> i teach at the university of cincinnati and i have a production job in new york. as a side gig the class shoots a documentary and edits it and
9:44 am
shot a race through. adventure race. all with a map and compass. 7 students, 2 teachers and nine professionals. greg: this is director guilds of america theatre. that is tomorrow. then you go to another location on sunday? >> liberty science center on sunday, drone racing, battling, more screenings of the film festival and drone awesomeness. rosanna: do you need tickets.>> yes. rosanna: are the tickets available? >> we opened a ticket block for tomorrow night. so we have a few left. sunday, it holds 7,000 people. greg: drone battle, i would love to see it.
9:45 am
>> no, we are not battling here. greg: bring that up again. how much is this drone? >> six hundred bucks. rosanna: so you use this type of drone to capture the video that we see? >> yes. you can capture all types of videos of drones of all sizes t smaller the footage is a different quality. greg: go down that way. down to the green wall. this the what i love about it. it is like a star trek episode. keep going. >> i can't see that well out there buddy. i don't want to crash it. rosanna: greg loves to crash. >> i know. it is not good for me to crash it. rosanna: mike isn't there. greg: how about the dogs.
9:46 am
greg: just a fly by. the circus can handle it. so cool. right there. over there. heads up, we have a visitor. the dog is into his own tricks. closer to the dog. >> not too close. rosanna: that's it, greg. greg: oh, well. rosanna: all right. randy, you know how to control these drones. i have seen situations where there's people, you know, with a wind, weather crashes it. >> the drone in alaska was four times that size and it had full fullfilm camera on it.
9:47 am
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greg: by the way the last time with the elephants. that's okay. look at the dogs. rosanna: and ponies. greg: we'll bring in the ring master. welcome back "good day." >> ladies and gentlemen, and chin, we are back, we are back, we are back. presenting legends. rosanna: we need you every morning. so this year, right now, having a great time. rosanna: saying good-bye in the elephants elephants? >> yes.
9:51 am
final brunch for a variety of reasons. barclays and then to prudent shl? >> yes. >> these are fabulous rescue dogs. >> this is jackson. >> he's going for the drones. we are ready, what do you have. >> ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, from the big top, annamaria. >> come here.
9:52 am
>> come here. good boy. rosanna: that's fun. >> now for the grand finale. good boy. easy. good boy. jackson. up, up. jackson up. come on. jackson up. you can do it. hold it. hold it. that's great. all weekend long at barclays sentser. >> this is the best dog in the world. rosanna: how do you reward them? >> they are getting little treats here.
9:53 am
>> he's been eating muffins in the green room. he likes the blueberry kind. >> greg: now he's acting like a dog. we love the circus. good luck. ooze ooze tickets are available? >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> thank you.
9:54 am
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rosanna: william, thank you so much for saying nice things about us on facebook. greg: okay, the new train station downtown. rosanna: mention your name. greg: they'll look at you funny. it is officially opened thanks to mike and me, even though rosanna was there in spirit. we had the official grand opening ceremony for the new train station downtown. we cut a ribbon and spending six bucks on this ceremony. and i think it was really nice. we had one.
9:57 am
after wards? greg: well, it was a week night. rosanna: we are on facebook pages live coming up. watch after the show. have a good weekend. i'm going first. no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line. life's bleachable moments
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>> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect, my girlsq are always turned out. i give itt( to you straight.i >> now, here's wendy!ok [ cheers and applause ]qlp


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