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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 7, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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rosanna: we had a great weekend. we will start off with sunny, dry weather. it is going to warm up. it looks pretty fantastic right now. greg: a wild rampage in queens. this guy went crazy with a knife. killed a man in a liquor store. allegedly. then he threw a chemical on the cal -- cops. they caught the guy they think is responsible. rosanna: remembering former first lady nancy reagan. she will be born at the -- she will be buried at the national reagan library. greg: a lot of finger-pointing going on. anything compared to what the
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rosanna: a snapping between hillary clinton and her new sanders. let's talk about peyton manning. it could appeal official today. greg: the denver bronco quarterback. thirty-nine years old. eli is staying in the nfl. rosanna: 94 years old. greg: a lot of people do not realize i had new york roots. nancy reagan was born in the city. this is her address. and flashing. rosanna: she went to chicago for a few years. that was her home. they should do something to
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greg: the father apparently abandoned the family. the mother married a successful surgeon. went on to meet ronald reagan in hollywood. this was one of the great nancy reagan moments. look who comes to his rescue. it is very faint, but you can hear it. >> doing everything we can. >> doing everything we can, sir. rosanna: maybe at that time he was starting with alzheimer's. greg: followed by the press everywhere you go. i wonder what you would have done. i think you would have let me dangle a little while longer. rosanna: she always looked
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the way i look at you -- greg: i don't think so. [laughter] they were a super couple. rosanna: a lot of people say she was the power behind the power. we will talk more with people that actually knew them, worked with him. greg: mikey, how are you? mike: a great cause. raised some money. we had a good time. rosanna: we will show you at 9:00 o'clock. we celebrated audrey's birthday. mike: after-hours. greg: wedding guys talking about. what is going on weatherwise? rosanna: it was a long weekend. mike: it is starting to make a
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susan about coming up for us. fifty-six is your forecast five. it is not crazy one. warmer than normal. the record highs 74 degrees. we will see some 70s before too long. same thing for you bridgeport. it is 34 right now one belmar with a mainly clear sky. that selfless wind moving there around three-10 miles per hour neared yes, we do have the cooler stuff for starters this morning. right now, we have a mostly sunny skies. there is some snow showers in upstate new york. we should see anything for quite a while. high-pressure is doing a great job. a sulu will welcome that really warm air into the tri-state
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56 degrees later on. seventy would be the high wednesday. wet weather coming through thursday and friday. rosales. >> good morning, mike. let's start off with route 84. traffic slammed here. overturned tractor trailer. a tough ride getting around this. take a look at 84. another accident by 21. i do not know what is going on here. trains are fine. greg: all right. queens. a man went on a wild rampage.
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rosanna: and unknowns, coal. fox5 teresa priolo joins us. she is at one of the crime scenes. >> this series of crimes occurred. this simply does not happen here in the story up. it was a quite unusual day. you will see for yourself that it was scary and chaotic. there were four different violent attacks that happened yesterday. >> as the tv cameras rolled,
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are scrambling. >> this has been a very unusual day here in astoria. >> according to police, it began here. this man, 23-year-old, james patrick dillon / his neighbor in the face and neck. dylan is merged. allegedly spraying chemical. 5:40 a.m. after he was attempting to break into an apartment. in his hand, this green knife and a bottle. dropping the knife him bottles. the suspect then sprayed the two
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their hands and face. the officer then discharged their weapons shooting the suspect. >> reporter: a history of arrests and mental health issues. his family said he had recently stopped taking his medication. listed in stable condition. it is a critical condition. sending things back to both of you. greg: thank you. we are remembered the former first lady nancy reagan. ninety-four years old. greg: her history with ronald reagan and america, let's learn
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her home in bel air. pass away from congestive heart failure. >> inking about and deciding how this week's events would go once she passes away. >> the announcement of pouring in soon after the announcement. grateful for nancy reagan's life. thankful for her guidance. prayerful that her and her beloved husband are together again. just say no anti-drug campaign. she also had several other causes while she was in the white house and in the years after. research and promoting better treatment of america's veterans. the campaign stopped in ohio.
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an acre remembered mrs. reagan. >> she will join him now in heaven. >> making sure that they were committed. she was an incredible lady. she was very strong. a total class act. >> a viewing at the ronald reagan presidential library here in southern california. after that, she will be. with her husband on the property. fox news. greg: let's stay on this for a moment. i almost did not realize that nancy reagan was born in new york city. here is a picture of the house that she grew up in. her father was a car dealer. later the mom remarried a doctor from chicago.
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went to smith college and off to hollywood. rosanna: looking at her house in queens. not in the greatest condition. she changed her name when her stepdad adopted her. >> famously devoted to the president of the united states. they had a close bond. even the children could not get in the way. >> democratic debate. >> hillary clinton versus bernie sanders.
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the same time in every debate. greg: who won last night? i did read a blurb. it seems to sell not hillary may have blocked this up. >> good to see you both. to this day, flagged five water problems. then they moved on to other issues like the economy and free trade. it was a bit sleepy at times. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton got testy with each other last night. >> tell the whole story. >> i will.
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>> transcripts. >> asking me to release anything i have. >> i release it. >> the two sparred on guns. giving immunity to gun makers and sellers was a terrible mistake. >> people saying let's send gun manufacturing in america. >> there is only one candidate. >> almost every poll has shown sanders versus trump. a lot better than clinton versus trump. >> trump picked up wins over the weekend.
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marco rubio one puerto rico. sanders also landed the punch line of the night. >> we are, if elected president, going to support a lot of money and mental health. >> clinton and sanders will participate in a town hall meeting tonight. it will be hosted by brett fair. it comes one day before the all-important michigan primary tomorrow. greg: think you, robert. new jersey transit. will they go on strike? >> set to strike just after midnight next sunday. both sides will meet again hopefully they will make some
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new jersey transit has not had a strike since 1983. if this happens, you can expect massive grid locks on the road. only 40000 can be accommodated. >> it is number one on kindle sales. >> got to know a thing or two about this stuff. >> wearing a red tie on the cover. let's take a look at it. >> you never know. stuck with this guy, too. >> i think i was wounded in afghanistan.
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greg: how are you holding up? mike: we cannot show you all of the details. greg: mike hurt himself playing beach volleyball. >> when can we see that, by the way? i've got your forecast right now. your high temperatures are coming up. the record high for tomorrow is 76 degrees. the old record high. we may be topping the. that does not quite get to the record high of 74 degrees. we have 37 degrees with a clear
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it always brings back the warmer temperatures. 38 degrees in dc. thirty right now and all the need. mainly clear sky. snow showers will stay well to the north. it is not a problem for us. high pressure will be in control. today, you have sunny skies. going up to 56 degrees as i hide. seventy on wednesday. sixty-nine on thursday. bring forward. ines rosales. see what we have as we get up there.
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traffic jams. there is an accident westbound talking a lame. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. heading towards the verrazano. no problems westbound. you have traffic slow. that is that eastbound side. right-leaning blog showing everyone down. trains running on or close to schedule. greg: let's take a peek outside. one of these days. jim, show us the torch. >> they will not even let us on the island.
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greg: it is free. great view of the statue of liberty. you do not have to wait on the pic line, generally. when you and i wrote that fairy, we chose. >> again and again and again. >> we have other stuff going on. this is the guy that they think did it. >> surveillance video of the guide police are looking for. >> inside the seven train station. just as the train was coming into the station. managed to squeeze up against the platform. she suffered only minor injuries. look at that surveillance video.
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if you do. >> most new yorkers do not feel safe under mayor deblasio, a new poll shows. rosanna: the city is less safe under defazio. 58% of the city was safer under mayor's giuliani and bloomberg. 517 registered voters were polled by a group called one and white together. >> we also have this. the mayor showed up at to weekend. let's do this. mayor dubois ziehl marched in yesterday's event. this started 17 years ago.
7:24 am
the parade will focus on diversity in all. greg: another season for the mayor when you showed up at the rockaways parade. you heard some boos there. rosanna: it seems like you got some mixed reaction there. greg: super storms and the relief effort. >> surfing the rockaway peninsula. it is still in limbo. greg: the. parade is happening. rosanna: liberty.
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the first-ever day of the drones. greg: they put him in a little cage. they had a dogfight between the drones. rosanna: putting on goggles to get a person's view. >> drove down. drone down. [laughter] >> it is so awesome. learning about engineering. programming. rosanna: it was a real big thing. >> in six months, these drones are going to be delivering pizzas. it will be great. do not worry about it.
7:26 am
greg is behind the wheel. >> jim, what do we have here? it looks like a graveyard. >> that is correct. rosanna: we were reading about this this weekend. greg: crafted. southern edge of the arm. i can almost see it. focus a little bit more. ride around the sidewalk. no. oh, shoot. southern edge. that is away from you, right? >> we will keep looking.
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but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. >> all right. we will find where alexander hamilton is buried. go in a little bit closer. rosanna: it is like a peer amid.
7:30 am
alexander hamilton. the first secretary of treasury. one of the most famous residents. greg: the start of hamilton. being able to say use all hamilton the musical. >> people walk on the sidewalk right i have. here it is. alexander hamilton. he was only 47 when he was shot by the vice president of the united states. now. >> his wife is buried in that cemetery as well. rosanna: what the heck was going on with his sister. he was cool and chill.
7:31 am
$10 bill. that is what got us in trouble original late. >> ready for a glorious week of weather. >> people get spring fever. >> exactly. warm temperatures are coming up for us. it gets even better in the days to come. here are the averages. maybe i should appreciate this warm temperature coming my way. 46 degrees. keeping good about where it should be. we will be warmer than normal. that wind direction change coming up for us now. 27 degrees in poughkeepsie. twenty-five in monticello.
7:32 am
really helps us out in terms of getting warmer temperatures into the tri-state region. other than that, pretty quiet weather scenario. we have the warm air over the southeastern states. the warmer air will start coming up this way. as a matter of fact, check out the temperatures as they stand right now. temperatures are sitting in the mid- 60s right now. a lot of that warm air will be pulled up this way. it is coming to you today around five-20 miles per hour. tomorrow you will see eight even warmer high of 63. seventy on wednesday. rain will be coming through. it is a mild rain.
7:33 am
let's bring it over to ines rosales. we have a pretty quiet weather scenario. >> a lot going on. overturned tractor-trailer. new jersey hearing about an accident. it looks like it is slowing everyone down there. let's go to our cameras. normal slowdown westbound. no issues on that eastbound side. just cleared away an accident blocking one lane there. traffic moving again. take a look at those flashing lights.
7:34 am
upper level. greg: thanks a lot. nancy reagan died this weekend. rosanna: she was at her home in bel air. classy. stylish. seemed like a very powerful lady. they actually start in the movies together. check this out. >> telling me not to tell. >> they told me not to worry. >> there they are together,
7:35 am
>> she went to the big man on campus. >> let's talk to someone who knew them very well. he ran his 1984 overwhelming victory when he was elected president. welcome back to "good day new york." >> ronald reagan was asked a question and did not know how to respond. it seemed like nancy's whispered the answer to him. >> he was very hard of hearing. it wasn't like he didn't know the answer. he was a very smart man. rosanna: people were saying
7:36 am
alzheimer's there. >> he was in his 70s. when he got shot, most people don't realize this, he almost died. they rushed him back. she was very protective. my sense of her was she loved him dearly. the closest friend he ever had. she wanted to make sure that he was treated the way he should be treated if. greg: she was a bit of a lightning rod. >> $800,000.
7:37 am
the big issue is china. spending about $200,000. >> she seemed totally devoted. to the detriment of her children. just the two of them and the kids were sort of on the outside unit. >> not because they were not devoted parents. by the end, they all sort of god back together again. >> governor, president of the united states. cared very deeply about his children. >> tried to take advantage of her husband. the second to last chief of staff.
7:38 am
ultimately. tell us what happened here. >> jim baker was a very able man. i went back. he did not have a good style. i said, i run a campaign in i did not see your name. he did not treat her very well. at the end of the day, he was really responsible for that. she was really very angry with that. other people basically convinced the president. greg: the president or the first lady on major decisions.
7:39 am
meeting. the white house was not ran by an astrologer. i promise you. he basically tried to get his revenge put in that both. >> simple campaign. also got some slack for it. >> she traveled all over the country did just say no. obviously, a very tough issue. she was fabulous on that. it was a very painful process. all of a sudden, he is not there.
7:40 am
>> very lonely in the end. >> in the truth to the rumors. >> no truth to the rumors. >> nancy in the white house. [laughter] >> try and travel with us. and interesting man. greg: a native of queens, nancy reagan. rosanna: appreciate it.
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p5 we were just talking about nancy reagan. >> not at all. >> i know. i remember that picture. it is etched in my memory. she does have a what do you want quality. >> it is his house. rosanna: not true that they were lovers. greg: absolutely not. my keys, what is up?
7:45 am
weather coming back at us. it will warm up real nice. checking other area temperatures. 37 degrees and far rockaway. we do have some coolish temperatures for now. high pressure is in control. we will see that wind poll of all the warm air to the west of us. rain, not a problem until we get to sometime around thursday. seventy-four a high on wednesday . warm temperatures all the way through this upcoming weekend. keep that in mind. get out there and enjoyed springlike weather. download it for free today.
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happy birthday to you. that is gabby. let's bring in ines now. just cleared away. flip the way. it just reopens. as far as your commute in staten island, doing okay. heading towards the bqe. atlantic avenue. an accident by the lapd on the bqe. let's go to our cameras. south oyster bay road. eastbound side, you are fine.
7:47 am
trains are running on or close to schedule. >> how was the weather? >> take a look. >> he loves taking on his clothing. >> holding an official press conference later today. >> help the broncos win super bowl 50 last month. the greatest regular-season quarterback of all time. that is amazing.
7:48 am
thirty-nine years old. fifteen of his 18 years. this, the first time these two teams have played each other. scoring and tying the game. a little over one minute left. the game-winner. the islanders beat the rangers six-four. doubles hosting the penguins. scoring two. six-one is the final score. mls openers. starting at new jersey. the red bulls play host to toronto. this one by marquis del gato.
7:49 am
wrapping it up, basically. all right, on the move in chicago. patrick vieira. on the board. spectacular goals here. nyc going on to win a high-scoring game. friday night. we had a great event. we had a lot of fun. a ton of us were there. greg, rosanna. steve weatherford. a celebrity bartender. my good friend. and amazing job. >> there is the taxi driver. everyone had a lot of fun.
7:50 am
the money raised will help the medical bills. rosanna: i am getting some tweets that people want to still help. can you tweet it out? >> this is a random moment. >> looking very sharp. >> a very talented cameraman. we wish him the very best. >> sending our best. coming up on "good day new york." >> is that the anthem of the seas? greg: you heard about the guys over the weekend that fell overboard. you can have a great time on
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greg: is that alive? rosanna: a yellow jumpsuit. greg: the top of that ship. put it in a one seat. when was the last time you saw -- greg: this is a common occurrence.
7:55 am
prince charles. look how cute. charles was ultimately not very nice to diana. whatever. rosanna: yesterday was mother's day in the uk. greg: it was? rosanna: yes. new animated movies. rolling into the box office. [laughter] >> you strike out. >> $73.7 million in the box office this weekend. the most of any disney animated film.
7:56 am
>> still not against all of those cartoon movies. we had angela bassett here this week. tina fey f debuted in fourth place. >> house of cards. that whole thing where they unleash the final season. watching episode one and episode two. i am serious. >> what is going on in this presidential campaign. so far i did not want to binge eat this season. >> interesting. >> facebook fan of the hour. rosanna: thank you for saying
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and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even a real spaceship. rosanna: the weekend is over. we are back to monday. greg: somebody is really into it.
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greg: we had a little problem in queens. rosanna: he went on a violent rampage. officers shot the suspect. they did not know what it was. we will have a report for you coming up. >> there was a deep page on the democratic side. did not see it. >> things got a little edgy there for a little while. bernie sanders snaps that hillary. greg: all he said was excuse me. i don't know. only two of them onstage. they are being targeted by a
8:01 am
former malware. any time you log on to a computer. apple does not have that. that seems to be changing now. >> i know that you are going to lose your mind. >> he has some new music out. it is going to be a lot of fun. >> came out with the mid- 90s. >> it is shocking. kind of cool. he is a great individual. what else? rosanna: what do do do this weekend?
8:02 am
>> and anti-her itinerary. >> she has a shopaholic. it is like a beautiful life. you can read about it. >> it is a beautiful life. trust me, don't think that it is all, you know -- i would love to know your weekend. getting a little peek into your saturday. [laughter] >> would you be intrigued? >> watch that tv show. i went to cancun for six hours. [laughter]
8:03 am
>> good morning, everyone. now we have a good-looking week. it is meter logic spring. we have 38 in central park. thirty-three in poughkeepsie. most of us are seeing a mainly clear skies. three-10 miles an hour. it is also the direction coming from the southwest that warns us of. mainly clear skies here. even some snow showers way upstate new york. they even have some snow showers coming to their. for us, it will not make it far
8:04 am
we have 52 degrees. more clouds in the area. it would be a record high temperature for that day. more clouds gather on thursday. this is a weekend where we changed those clocks forward. anyhow, let's bring in ines rosales. hello there, ines. >> it has been a busy morning. take a look at to get off the verrazano. that is because of an accident as you come across the bqe. there is a crash by that clearview expressway. new jersey, be prepared. seventy-eight, there is an
8:05 am
let's go to our cameras. see how things are looking this morning. normal delay southbound. as for the trains, our checklist, things are doing pretty good today. street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: it was wild in queens. a man is accused of slashing a woman, stabbing a man to death. >> two officers with some sort of chemical that burned badly. what happens in queens yesterday? hi, teresa. >> we caught the cops unleashing a round of bullets on this guy. he was wreaking havoc on this area. by the time yesterday was done,
8:06 am
the bloody attacks. police tell us that this happened when a man went off of his medication. >> as the tv cameras roll, shots ring out in a peaceful stretch. five gunshots and police are sent scrambling. only being described as a frightening day. >> a very unusual day here in the story up. according to police, it began around 1130 sunday. this man allegedly slashed his 39-year-old neighbor in the face and neck. just after 3:00 o'clock, dylan
8:07 am
some sort of chemical. from there, this neighborhood went into lot down. alternately found dylan in the story up. in his hand, this green knife and a bottle. the officers demand the suspect dropped the knife and the bottle of accelerant that he was carrying. >> the officer then discharged their weapons shooting the suspect. >> no neighborhood menace. recently stopped taking his medication. >> the owner of a story up. sustained in one of the attacks. they did sustain injuries, but they are in stable condition.
8:08 am
concerned, he was critically wounded. it is unclear if he will survive the injuries. back to both of you in the studio. >> we have this. killed in texas not too long ago. he joined a texas police department. him. two years while moving. he was killed last week in a shootout. accused of being high on meth. his funeral will be held today at 10:00 a.m. only 29 years old. the mac he went missing back in the late 1970s. never seen after that.
8:09 am
jury. they are basically working on round two, rosanna. >> a control hearing. it ended in a hung jury. could not be convinced. up to 18 days of deliberation. vanished may 27, 1979. walk into his bus stop in so hope. his lawyers say he was made up because he was mentally ill. >> time to start the political situation. it is always interesting with them. >> talking about wall street. talking about the water in michigan. bernie sanders. that is trending on social media right now.
8:10 am
hello, robert. >> hello. good to see you both. a far more civil affair. bernie sanders comes off a weekend of an important win. he had to use last night to try to spend hillary clinton's momentum. >> they got testy with each other. >> let me tell your story. >> excuse me. i am talking. >> i will be happy to release anything i have. >> i release it. here it is. >> the two sparred on guns. his support of community.
8:11 am
and sellers was a terrible mistake. >> people saying let's end on manufacturing in america. >> not as complete without a few donald trump references. almost every poll has shown sanders versus trump does a lot better than clinton versus trump. >> picking up wins. ted cruz one in kansas and maine. marco rubio secured. sanders also had a punchline of the night. referent to the below the belt republican race. >> investing a lot of money into
8:12 am
>> you know why. >> tomorrow is another busy day of primaries and caucuses. both parties in michigan and mississippi. >> another one last thursday night. ran by fox news. brett fair. making kelly and chris wallace. a+. they did a fantastic job. >> and lot of pressure on them to do something like that. >> look at john k 6. let's bring in bret baier. he is indeed try. once again, great job on that debate last week. when is the next one? >> good morning.
8:13 am
sanders together. they will be separate on the stage answering questions from six-seven tonight. that is our next big event. we are looking forward to that. there was a moment at the beginning. i thought that it was going off the rails. >> what moments are you talking about, greg? >> justin the first few minutes, rosanna. on. we did. we got it there. >> good for you, brett. the democratic forum will not be as interesting. you spaced it out. that is not your fault. they will not be on stage together at this time. >> they will not.
8:14 am
well as three others asking questions as well. i hope to ask some questions that have not been asked on the demographic side. rosanna: do you want to foreshadow that a little bit? >> they could be watching, rosanna. how do you guys psych yourself up ahead of time? >> you have to be a little bit nervous doing something like that. >> yes, definitely. that is my eighth moderating republican primary debate. we have a great team. we work through things. polishing those questions as much as we can.
8:15 am
and others jumping in. i said at the beginning, a library and a red wings game. hey, folks, how about a little bit less red wings. >> good one. thanks a lot. good luck tonight. >> thank you. >> town hall tonight. >> special report time. on at 11:00 p.m. eastern time. >> thank you, brett. greg: afterwards, you can go to canada and gamble. >> there is a little peninsula. right across the bridge away. it starts right next door. >> i saw the movie 8-mile with eminem.
8:16 am
bit. >> all right. good morning, everyone. what is happening with the temperatures this week. it could be happening for us here. the record high temperature is 76. on wednesday, 70. we may set a record they are. it does not look like it happens on thursday. we do have some clouds out there. it is at southwest wind that will warm you up. a lot of sunshine out there. now, 41 in islip. 33 degrees in poughkeepsie. there is the southwest wind that we are speaking of.
8:17 am
a lot of sunshine. trying to reach snow played up to the north. we have high pressure in control. above normal temperatures. record-setting temperatures. thursday, we will see a high of 69. rain coming through on thursday and friday. this is a weekend where we set the clocks forward. the apple and google play store. download it for free. let's bring in ines and see what
8:18 am
of course we have our monday morning issues. >> lots of problems this morning. southern state parkway. let's go to our cameras. see how things are moving this morning. out on the roads. let's check out our cameras. it is actually a 60 minute delay. taking the lincoln tunnel. the holland 30 from each approach. greg: thanks a lot. those moments on the real housewives show. phony or real? rosanna: i don't know. i will go with phony. greg: they say you better be crazy here.
8:19 am
read over the weekend. >> a great article about how these women are encouraged to do outlandish things on the show. we will have the author of that article. is it worth it for these people to go on the show? sometimes they really make themselves look foolish. >> skinny girl margarita line. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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8:22 am
rosanna: not too far. this is a toddler, basically. greg: nancy reagan. living in flushing from the age of zero-two. father was a car dealer. her mother was an actress.
8:23 am
everything changed basically overnifht. rosanna: nancy came back to new york. >> i love new york. a tie to just about every story. nancy reagan. former first lady. rosanna: and adoring family. there was some criticism about it as well. greg: chris christie. you do not have to be in love with the guy. >> that would be really weird. looks away. they look back at them. kristi was just in a trance. >> talk about a trance.
8:24 am
he adored her. >> so into each other. some people speculated. greg: the kids really acted out for a wild there. rosanna: ed rollins said they kind of got together at the end which is nice. fox means business. >> probably not at risk of getting hacked. it has changed. the type of malware has been inspected on mac computers. turning your computers into a brick. this time, $400 that coin to get
8:25 am
you may be affected. apple has fixed the situation. it spells it out for you. very complicated. you go to the blog on pillow also network. they will give you all the information you need to know. getting into your system. we have to get ready. are you going to review the lyrics again? greg: quite frankly, i know every song off this album. probably sick of that one.
8:26 am
when we come
8:27 am
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8:29 am
greg: flushing, queens. rosanna: i have to tell you, this song, you heard morgan freeman say the words to this song, it is funny, he does all of the justin bieber lyrics to the song. this is hysterical. greg: another viral video? rosanna: yes. greg: sometimes they are funny and sometimes not. roz ross talking about go and love yourself. welcome to the show. greg: this show is dangerous, well, rosanna took a terrible tumble ice skating. here she is moments after breaking her wrist.
8:30 am
a few weeks ago, mike woods playing beach volleyball. rosanna: was that part of "good day new york"? mike: i was tweeting. rosanna: okay. greg: mike, how'd it happen? >> mike: the thing was ten feet wide. so you are supposed to gently push it. i thought i could hit it. i heard a pop. i felt it. it hurt bad right away. now we have done a piece on this whole thing. everybody wanted to know. greg: you looked like the bionic man. mike: actually, everyone has a point where they can get hurt and so this is part of a whole
8:31 am
we have a bit of it right now. >> how is your motion? >> remember forest gump. he runs the street and busting the braces off. can you straighten it out? no problem. >> how is the flex? >> about here. >> let's see the left side. now no restrictions. you can push it back. the more you stretch it out, the strength follows and going to feel more normal. rosanna: who is the doctor? greg: ines is intrigued. what's the deal?
8:32 am
greg: ines, what'd you think. he's handsome and has a good job. mike: he's married with children. joshua dines. i am still on the road to recovery. greg: what'd you men? mike: people ask me every day. it turns a village to heal this man. rosanna: we are seeing more tomorrow. mike: yes, more tomorrow. greg: maybe a gofundme page, mike. mike: no, i'm good there. rosanna: i am intrigued. i want to know more. mike: yes, we have more. rosanna: i don't want to see is gory stuff. mike: i had to work out around the injury. rosanna: what is with the
8:33 am
>> slowly and surely reingauge the damaged piece. if you do it wrong, you get reinjured. greg: back to perfection in no time. rosanna: who is the trainer? mike: keeria. rosanna: she's amazing. mike: yes. mike: we have more coming up tomorrow. now back to work and to the forecast. now, the forecast high 56 degrees. 47 is the normal high. today we are warmer than normal and staying away from the record. now is what we have central park. 38 degrees. southwest winds 9 miles per hour. pulling up the warm air. so far we are waiting for the
8:34 am
3 p in tar ritown. glen cove 40 degrees. near the north shore here. we have a mainly clear sky. it is not looking bad at all for starters. in fact, it is nice through the majority of the week. a little spring fever happening for you. the southwest wind is helping out in terms of the temperature. 56 degrees with a mainly sunny sky. tomorrow 63. 70 on wednesday. that would be a record high temp. another chance of showers coming up on sunday. by the way, a birthday wish. having a good time there. happy birthday to you. have a great day.
8:35 am
going on. ines: queens, slow headed westbound westbound. everyone is headed to work. headed to the varz know bridge. the accident there. the holland tunnel moving slow. for the trains, everything is running on or close to schedule. thank you, ines. a young girl is pushed to the subway tracks over the weekend. rosanna: this is surveillance video for the guy they are
8:36 am
the 17-year-old pushed to the tracks on saturday inside of the roosevelt and 103rd street just as the train was coming to the station. she squeezed up against the platform. the police need your help. take a look, they want you to call crime stopper financial statement you know him. 1-800-577-tips. >> that is kind of blurry. rosanna: it is not the best. greg: so this time next week could nj transit going on a strike. the rail unions set a deadline for next sunday. they have been working without a contract for five years. they are meeting today for the talks. the new jersey transit not striking since 1983. more than a hundred thousand
8:37 am
another way to work. only 40,000 accommodated by the alternative services. so they have to use the roads and that would be grid lock central. >> for example, roo paul is with us. rosanna: he's springy looking today. greg: hello, sir. welcome back to "good day new york." rosanna: congratulations. good day is coming right back. alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile.
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always be real. don't be fake, don't be artificial, but always be sweet. and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners. just good. greg: rupaul, i have been fascinated with this individual since the mid 1990s when per happens the best chance album came out. rupaul, super model of the world. since then he's introduced to millions and millions of people, through rupaul's drag race. tonight, rosanna, the 100th episode.
8:41 am
you are a vision in flowers this morning. spring as sprung. >> it has sprung. rosanna: on "good day" with you. >> why not, this is the place to do it. i have the most fun with you guys. tonight all the good. rosanna: what is going to happen tonight. >> a hundred drag queens. you can call me anything. rosanna: well, we need to be political correct. >> well, i have to say, the one thing about the donald trump thing, it is end of political correctionness. you don't have to do it. we can say whatever we want. greg: are you endorsing? >> it is a new day, say whatever you want. if your intention is coming from love, why not. greg: actually, you never wear women's clothing on the show.
8:42 am
>> yes, you don't pay to come on the show. rosanna: don't tell everyone we are cheap. greg: you are here out of love. to put on the stuff it takes a lot of work. >> yes, life is not easy. young people, you know, the generation of kids that everybody gets a ribbon, no kid left behind, the kids if you strike out you run the bases, life is not like that by the way. i don't know where i am going with that. but life is difficult. everything is hard. it is okay. greg: rupaul keep that up, you are going to be on the o'reilly show. rosanna: 100 drag queens tonight, a 100 episodes. the show is phenomenal. every show is leading up to this show tonight. it is going to blow you away.
8:43 am
>> the kids grew up with the show. they understand the ins and outs. add that to the mix, it is beyond. greg: watch this. >> look at that. gorgeous. rosanna: that is fun. he's working on another show too i heard. greg: for this one, tell us what is the aim and what are the rewards? >> the rewards, a hundred thousand dollars. but the aim is launching careers. this show launched careers of a hundred drag queens. greg: how do you make money? >> they are performers. the battle of the seasons hour, that starts in a few weeks in europe.
8:44 am
world. greg: there are enough venues to employ them? >> yes. they are doing albums like me. i have an album butch queen. drag queens are like the queens o the lgbt. semper fi. rosanna: your album out on friday? >> it is out nout. butch queens.
8:45 am
>> it is back to my roots, a role call of different hair styles because the clip for the hoe is in a beauty salon. you are going to love it. this is my favorite album yet. rosanna: we are going to dance to it. greg: available now? >> yes, on itunes and amazon. >> you have a tv show and books. >> we have a game show, pop trivia. >> gay for play? >> yes. >> this is a twist. >> how do you play this? >> celebrities and two contest contestants and tough answer the questions, you go with the celebrity or answer it yourself. it is pop culture.
8:46 am
it is infiltrated main stream pop culture. greg: it is cool to be gay. >> there is time, darling. always time. >> greg: ru, get back to me on that. where'd you grow up? >> san diego. >> when growing up, you couldn't have imagined you would be this it? >> in life, and i tell this, you project the life you want. the life you lead shows up on your face and at your doorstep. you project what you want in this life and it will happen. greg: when you were young. were they difficult years, san diego is a conservative town. >> yes, i left when i was 15. i got to leave and become a man in atlanta, georgia.
8:47 am
but listen, life is difficult. you have to work it out. you have to learn the processing tools, your own gps system and figure out how to work for you. rosanna: are you in love? >> i have been in love with a man for the past 22 years. he's at the hotel and sleeping and obsessed. just crazy about him. greg: how does he feel about you? [laughter] he's sleeping, you can say it. rosanna: why isn't he watching you know? >> he doesn't care about this stuff. he loves the show. greg: i wish you a lot of luck.
8:48 am
>> that's fine, it's fine. greg: back to the roots. >> you are going to love the old song. is that it? rosanna: make it louder in the studio. >> no is one of my other songs. the new song, you wear it well, is it updated version of back to my roots. this is it. greg: you are amazing, welcome back. >> thank you so much. i don't even know the words any more. greg: well, you have written so much new stuff. rosanna: check out the 100th episode tonight.
8:49 am
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mmmm, yoplait. governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
8:52 am
greg: how about that rupaul? rosanna: i love him. social media, some are required to do it, some of us escape it, but we want to learn to it do it better. greg: ask gary v, he went from a mom and pop wine shop to international global media
8:53 am
he's a full fledged expert on this thing. you can ask this guy and he has the answer. rosanna: we are going to ask him things before coming to the show tomorrow. greg: here is a question to gary v. >> we got questions, he's got answers. just ask gary. gary, this is one thing that gets me, the hashtag. when do you use it, and what does it actually mean? >> listen, mike, hashtags are scary, they are used for discovery, they are important in instagram, it is a great way to build the audience. they are creating a context. it is summing up the rant on a given subject. it is a context data point that
8:54 am
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rosanna: here we are, monday, monday. it is sunny and nice out. greg: and we are listening to country music. rosanna: there is a big, big country station in town. greg: i would be switching the station. every now and then i listen to a country song and liking it every now and then. rosanna: you like... [laughter]


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