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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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going on. police said new yorker looking for this young lady. greg: like bloomberg will not run for president. it does not want that to happen. rosanna: aaron andrews. everyone talking about this big award yesterday. the man who secretly took a video of her naked and posted it online. probably and up with half of that.
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up on good day. greg: marriott does or at least 28-29 million. chris christie. still going on vacation. celebrating his anniversary. that is their wedding picture. march 8, 1986. today is tuesday.
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big weekend? that is right. >> there is a strike looming. they could settle with. >> this is crunch time. rosanna: where are you taking her, either way? >> where is he going? >> go to our fox5 facebook page. way in. [laughter] >> exactly. thirty years is a big deal.
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was is such a big deal about 50. rosanna: diamonds are always a girl's best friend. all right. let's show you what is happening with the weather out here today. warmer temperatures are just around the corner. it does not feel like it is winter. it is hot in here. it is still 42 and islip. thirty-two of monticello. as well as sussex. not much going on. there is a path toward cold front in the area. the cooler air back behind the cold front is the quite making it to us here in the tri-state.
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i have 67 degrees. not a record high temperature. when temperatures are in our future. let's bring in i missed out. >> no problems in new jersey. nassau county doing fine. after that, most are you normal delays headed towards" wrote. no problems headed towards the fares on the pitch. we also have a new show on the cross island parkway.
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>> reporter: and overturned cars. there is just one lane open. waiting for the tow truck to arrive. only one leg open. have stead avenue. beaufort to vote for delays. there is heavy rubbernecking traffic. the southern state parkway. greg and rosanna, back to you. tell. greg: we have a missing child. rosanna: last season yesterday morning at about 8:15 a.m. never read it to school. >> reporter: we really are not hearing too much about where
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seen here at this corner waiting for her bus that she never caught on. we have a poster. circulating. try to get information out. a white long sleeve shirt. blue overall type skirt. proud of his with white trim. it has been nearly 24 hours no. time to help the search of this little girl. they do believe that she is in danger at this point.
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a 45-346, 7500. student starting to walk a little further down the block. elementary school children have not made their way out to the bus stop yet. if you have any information, give police a call right away. greg: said stuff. we hope they find her safe and sound. a man fell into the passaic river. rosanna: it happened yesterday around 5:00 o'clock. the band was with friends when he somehow ended up in the water. the friends try to help him but he was swept away. divers searched the water. they could not find him last night. they will continue the search this morning. greg: mike bloomberg.
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he will not do it. he came out for billy yesterday. he stated the reasons why. rosanna: willing to spend a billion dollars of his own money to enter this race. greg: he believes if he runs it will probably elect donald trump or test crews. he does not like those guys. the most divisive presidential campaign. rosanna: he even have this campaign ad ready to go. >> a business leader building one of the world's most successful companies from scratch. creating tens of thousands of jobs. working with both parties. balanced budget. have two cities safe from terrorism.
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greg: it looks like you elect bloomberg. it will not happen. the discussions. the work was a bold. reportedly, had a vice presidential pick. >> reporter: let's talk about the people that are in the race ended we welcome back to bloomberg. the most important being michigan. donald told. hillary clinton are leaving. john k 6 could give troubled eight decent challenge. the story is similar for test crews and bernie sanders. today's voters in four states cast their ballots.
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both parties in mississippi and michigan which is the biggest prize of all. sanders sought to clarify his controversial comments from the debate sunday that whites do not know what it is like to be poor. >> in african-american communities to have people living in desperation. often these abuse by wife lease officers. >> reporter: whether she sees sanders as an ally or an adversary. >> and ally, for sure. compare that to the republicans. >> reporter: donald trump rallied his troops in mississippi yesterday. >> we have a big task. we have a company that is in turmoil. >> reporter: airing in rubio's home state of florida.
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no action. politicians. >> reporter: trumps main competitor ted cruz spoke last night. one person who will not be entering the presidential campaign is like blue bird. he announced his decision yesterday saying he fears his running would leave to a win for trump or test crews. preying on people's prejudices and fears. >> we all know that doubletalk is very readily available on twitter. bloomberg also wrote that he does not believe he could get the 270 votes necessary to win
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bloomberg had drafted a campaign website to use if he decided to run. all work and no party. a logo that read very simply fix it. greg: did you know that mike bloomberg was a guest on the apprentice twice. rosanna: very, very popular. i am monitoring donald trump's tweets. nothing about mike bloomberg. greg: curious to hear what he has to say. we have some other stuff going on. big trailer accident. rosanna: the trade was partially submerged and eight creek. crews had to fight the current to get it out. the train was caring to audit
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traveling from silicon valley to stockton at the time. greg: transit could go on strike in a couple of days. the employees, some of them have been working without a contract for years. the governor going forward with his plans to take a vacation starting today in honor of his 30th wedding anniversary. rosanna: he may not have been involved in the negotiations anyway. greg: just listen to him. he is the governor anyway. greg: good morning. the governor's response was it is not my job to negotiate, i have higher the people to do the negotiating.
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right here for five hours yesterday. the words out of that meeting, no progress. noted all. it is really bad news for the 100,000 daily commuters that rely on the new jersey transit. if this strike occurs on sunday, a continuance he plan goes into effect. accommodating 40% of commuters. the only way to get a deal done is to bring in some fresh blood and new ideas. heading out of town today for his 30th wedding anniversary. not his job to cut through steel. he hired the people to do this job.
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the agency directors also the transportation. spielberg gave chose that he is trying to run for president. >> governor christie. i am sorry. no responsibility to our people. >> fire them all and dismantle the union. strike captains we all ended -- we all lose in the end. that is a fact. that is the latest from newark.
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i am looking at my twitter. thirty years with this guy, she should give it little. governor christie should take a cracker barrel. they are all over new jersey. greg: he does look very kennedyesque. he has something going on. mary pat looks beautiful. still does. big fan of hers, by the way. bad governance and bad politics. he was just gone for how many days last year. it is a tuesday night. can't you wait for the weekend. rosanna: maybe he wants to take her somewhere nice. maybe he feels like he owes it to her because he's been campaigning and she has been holding down the fort. greg: what about a long weekend.
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be involved in the negotiations. he could be anywhere on the phone. greg: it is about symbolism. leadership. it is about being there. providing leadership. mikey, what do you think? mike: i knew that was coming. if you are in the governor's shoes, what do you think you would do? >> i would be on vacation celebrating. you have to growth of wood you can. mike: here is what we have out there. 47 degrees. that is your average high temperature for today. we are on the way back up. 49 degrees in central park.
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forty-nine in affiliate. 49 degrees in williamsport. we do have some birdies out there, too. we have a few were clouds. if that door cold front dropping into that area. it is going to bring us a few were clouds out here. warmer temperatures back over the southeastern states. that will continue to work its way into the tri-state region. we have that tomorrow. that is a record high. stay warm through the rest of the week and the weekend. let's bring in ines. we have pickups. >> yes, we do. a car flipped over southbound by hempstead avenue.
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the cross island parkway by hempstead turnpike. expect delays on the northbound side. take a look at that delay southbound. you have traffic jams. keep that in mind. let's go to our cameras. normal delays on the lad. a 30 minute delay on the upper level of the george washington bridge. wicked tumble, 30. holland, 30 as well. heading towards westchester, you do have traffic a little slow. as for the the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor.
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rosanna: they are warming up. greg: look at the horse he. remember all the triple crown controversy. rosanna: we have the jockey himself. and the owners. greg: show us a bit more of that track. it looks like the horses wearing
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the nassau county line. what are all the cars stewing in that place? >> reporter: the horses are running on the practice track. they are doing a lot of work to the main track itself. the horses are over on one of the practice tracks. rosanna: you keep the horses there. those are cars. greg: we obviously are not horse people, rosanna and i. rosanna: speak for yourself. greg: you took a couple of classes left work to do here yesterday, where do placido signed a law. if you are a transgender individual, you identify yourself as one sex, you are
7:24 am
rosanna: you could use any bathroom you've like basically. only in city buildings. now, that does not leave that you can go in a private business and use whatever bathroom you want. greg: let's go to stacey delikat with more. >> reporter: interactive symbol of using the restroom becomes a major dilemma for a transgender woman ever time she goes out. >> there is no reason for fear. >> it has been behind thousands of so-called bathroom fills across the country this year.
7:25 am
goes against new york values. >> somehow hate is making a come back. the mayor signed an executive order which requires building sand agencies to use the bathroom or locker room. >> they can use single-sex restrooms. areas consisted with their gender identity. >> probably prohibited since 2002. it will require signed richard all city owned buildings included agency owned, recreation centers and public parks. >> i consider that some people
7:26 am
it is presumptuous to assume it is presumptuous to assume that someone that is transgender would do something unacceptable in the bathroom. >> reporter: this initiative. but a minimal cost. cyanates behold up the no cities informing them of the next few months. greg: since rosanna says the women's room is much cleaner, neater, guys destroy the place. rosanna: i much rather use the bids through. there is no line in the bids through. greg: we are a bit more efficient about the process.
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rosanna: i need to do that. greg: i can't throw anything out. last year, we had a great big yard sale. we put all of our stuff on the street. >> i think that it was more like $60. rosanna: i will never forget that piece of art work i gave away. greg: i thought that it was some first grade kid. i really forgot that it was yours. rosanna: it may have value somewhere. like in my cell you.
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like in my family. mike: everyone is really happy with what is going on. our temperatures yesterday were nice enough. today, much better than that. wait until you see what is happening for us tomorrow. first of all, a few were clouds out there. there is no rain to worry about in the tri-state region. we will see some record-breaking high temperatures coming at us. that is happening tomorrow. that wonders just kind of a little bit cooler as it stands right now. also going to enjoy some dry skies for a little while. it is 48 out at newark right now.
7:32 am
a partly cloudy skies. those showers are not a big threat. some of the action trying to fire up. we will see another warm day affair. as we go through the next five days, it looks like a high of 67 today at. that is a forecast record high. >> good morning. we do have a couple of problems this morning. 206 closed both directions because of an accident. hempstead turnpike.
7:33 am
backed up they are to the grand central parkway. no problems crossing the white stone or verrazano bridge. greg and rosanna. >> thank you so much. talking about the sex tape. apparently, gawker by friends of his. >> a sex tape with someone not his wife. world that it is the kids. j teddy, what is happening.
7:34 am
he is completely humiliated. not just to the lady. the wife of his best friend. that was not an issue for his best friend, apparently. hold. said he was an unwilling and unwittingly purchase of parent. he says that his buddy and his wife were pushing him to have a comment you know, engaging in relations. hogan said he had no idea that the couple had set up a video camera to make some kardashian style cash down the road.
7:35 am
the news just hit the. they told me what was on the end of the tape. my hands started shaking. i got off the phone. one of those things i could not quit shaking. gawker posted the video. he is now suing the website. the video was a legit scoop. he talked about it on his own reality show. greg: he talked about it. he did not show it. greg: we are talking aaron andrews. she just made 55 million. she will never even see half of it.
7:36 am
wanted to make money off of her body. greg: who remembers him from rockies three. >> she was suspect when he went to bed with that man's wife, either way. he was concerned whether they were filming him. he was concerned that they were up to no good. greg: rocky did turn it around and not movies. we mentioned aaron andrews. let's go into detail here. $55 million a jury has awarded her. rosanna: the man who stalked her, she says that someone gave her number to mr. barrett. >> disappointed with that
7:37 am
immediately worked with the fbi to determine how this happened. >> phenomenal courage for privacy. she is a true american hero. >> the guy who did this spend some time in jail. >> he confessed. the owner must pay her 26 million. do not forget that there are lawyers fees. there is no way back i can afford to pay his share. greg: lawyers usually take an amount.
7:38 am
settlement is in the works here. former first lady died over the weekend. rosanna: the reagan presidential library. a private funeral service will follow on friday. she will be laid to rest next to her husband's. president obama has ordered flags to be flown at half staff. she was 94 years old. she was probably one of the only first lady's that really enjoyed being first lady. some of those first ladies come play and about the confines of being first lady.
7:39 am
they were chasing astrologers. giving her a really hard time about the china. >> she still seemed to party it up. she relished being first lady. let's talk about one more thing to worry about. the canine flu. reportedly arrived in 26 states. including new york. the cvc recommends keeping a close i for symptoms like a cough, runny nose. schedule an appointment with your vet right away if you notice the symptoms. greg: dogs always have ready noses. rosanna: it is just so cute.
7:40 am
>> we have visited our area. in new york. she needs some vaccines himself like that. >> that dog has been made. jim looks like she is flying generally speaking northwest. >> that is right. we are working on a story in the bronx. greg: it sounds like it is new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. to local. rosanna: new jersey. greg: gospel fest. rosanna: cory booker. i think that he still lives there. greg: and palo alto, california. the guy is a leader.
7:44 am
greg: he is in the u.s. senate. do you notice that? there has been political arena. governor christie. >> it is a week day. >> things happen on the weekday. >> how about that. let show you what is going on with the weather. forty-one in brentwood. same thing for you in stony brook.
7:45 am
additional cloud cover. not a lot of lifted the atmosphere. we will just look at some warm temperatures here in the tri-state. still is not range of high temperatures brought into a warmer range than what we had yesterday. sixty-seven is your high temperature yesterday. the next chance of rain next week. daily and hourly forecast. got a birthday shout out to christians. happy 22nd birthday. looking handsome there, my friends. all over this for days now.
7:46 am
happy birthday. coming from rockland county. an accident by the tarrytown toll plaza. traffic slowed north bound approaching exit 12 because of an accident. over on the fdr drive, you don't have faith that right. 495, heading towards the lincoln tunnel. about a 45 minute wait. greg: okay. we have this. the sports star failed a drug test back in january. >> she said that she was just told that she tested positive. she said that she has had some problems.
7:47 am
commonly used for some kind of heart problem. never said why she was taking the drug. she did mention she has some health issues and that is why she was taking it. greg: is it considered a performance-enhancing drug? >> it helps oxygen intake. rosanna: here's what she said about the failure. >> i made a huge mistake. i love my fans down. i let this board down. >> what does this mean? you know what happened to lance armstrong.
7:48 am
endorsements. we will talk to dr. raj about this drug coming up, by the way. you really do not need it. she thought she had their early onset of diabetes. >> peyton manning. no longer a quarterback with the denver broncos. he got really choked up yesterday. rosanna: ending his 18 years with the nfl. >> i look back at my nfl career and know without a doubt that i did everything i could to help my team. there was no one who could out prepare me. because of that, i have no regrets. greg: albright. what a way to go. what a career. rosanna: patent hangs them up.
7:49 am
two teams to the title. greg: his brother will stay with the giants. rosanna: 7:49 a.m. in the morning. greg: what do we got here?
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what is that? in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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rosanna: where are we going, greg? show me more. that they is booking. [laughter] i have always wanted to do that. is that caring garbage? >> a little too but. i have always wanted to do that. rosanna: we had a great time. >> a new movie about 9/11. said to be underway. >> it is not a comedy. a serious movie about five people trapped in the elevator
7:53 am
>> we heard that story. there are survivors. >> let's talk about this. is he dead or is he not? feeling a little bit about his character. >> may be possible spoiler. >> nobody can figure out what he is saying. he joked that he shot some scenes where he was playing dead. who knows what that means for the new season. >> dragons could be coming to union square next week. hbo is planning an event that could involve dragons landing in
7:54 am
that could be fun. >> i would love to have a decent conversation with half the city. rosanna: hbo did get a permit for the event. they could not specify what they are doing. >> social media is a big deal. the king of social media. selling wine out of his mom and dad store. >> he has a huge social media company. a new book out. >> in our efforts, some are having questions for gary. >> we have questions. he's got answers.
7:55 am
media. what type of data you find you get the most reaction? what works best? >> a nice level of thinking. you have to understand that there are a lot of people doing a lot of different things. the more you have to think about this at times of that nature. sure i know 8:00 a.m. eastern is a good time for me. 1:00 o'clock is incredible on the east coast. i'm putting out content when i feel that it is right. i am more from the heart. a lot of people are doing the timing.
7:56 am
have to learn that. your authenticity matters quite a bit. the person on the other side of the content can taste it. rosanna: all right. here at 9:00 o'clock. he will give you a talking to. >> rosanna can taste it when she does it. rosanna: our facebook fan. thank you so much for saying great things about us on our facebook page. keep it positive, folks.
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i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." and now in delicious chocolate. >> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> hi, everybody, welcome to the "good day new york" show. it is march -- >> 8th. >> 8th. their very much. it is tuesday, right? greg kelly here. >> rosanna scotto here reporting for duty. temperatures about to soar, greg. look at it, already, 49 degrees. mike woods says it will reach the 60s and by the middle of the week 70s. this will be unbelievable. >> unbelievable. >> i love this. mike -- >> spring has sprung. >> she says unbelievable. i think it is unseasonable, right, mike? >> probably more realistic i
8:00 am
>> thank you. >> very temperate in his enthusiasm for the weather. >> he is professional. unlike you you're hysterical about the weather. >> talk about other news around town. police in rockland county, need your help. this young girl went missing yesterday morning kelly pilco. seen at bus stop in spring valley. she never made it to school. >> former mayor bloomberg will not be president of the united states. he talked about a vice-presidential pick. was very close to getting in. decided not to do. his reasons coming up. >> governor chris christie is going on vacation today, celebrating his 30th wedding anniversary with mary pat. there is a transit strike deadline a few days away, sunday night, i believe. governor christie said he will provide leadership while he is off sell it braking.
8:01 am
a lot of folks we're talking tooto at the train station in newark, are you serious, going away on tuesday in middle. week and all that is going on and all the time you spent away from new jersey last year? >> people get it. will not be in the middle of negotiations. those people will be with and he will being on the phone. >> for a lot of people it's bit much. what else? >> if you love travel and looking for a career change there is a new opportunity, greg. could be right up your alley. jetblue is accepting applications for new pilot training program. you also have your license. this could work. >> rosanna, boy you would really like me to apply to this new job. >> this could be good for the, greg. >> the problem with this, rosanna, believe it or not, for this position i'm overqualified. hi, everybody. welcome to the "good day new yorks" show.
8:02 am
jetblue, hiring non-pilots, people who never flown before, they will train them, turn theme into pilots over four-year program. it will end up with a job in a jetblue jet. >> that's pretty cool. >> earlier, some people, wait a second you have have some sort of flying experience before you get hired by an airline. they will take non-pilots, to make them full-fledged pilots under the roof. >> you have to have some qualification. >> you have to know left from your right. >> check. >> there is actually, rosanna, there is multiple choice aptitude test they give perspective pilots, figure out basic things you might have the a chaps making it in the cockpit. anyway, kind of interesting. jetblue have the tvs on the back seat. >> we see jetblue on fox 5. jetblue is watching us. we appreciate it. >> mike, how do you become a meteorologist by the way. >> there is a lot of difficult
8:03 am
>> stick your head out the wind do i, no rain today! >> if we only had a window in the studio. >> now gender neutral, so they're okay. >> anyhow -- >> now that silliness is over. can you please tell me how you become a meteorologist? >> me personally i went to school for meteorology and communication. >> what kind of school? >> uc-davis, full-fledged college. >> as freshman you knew you wanted to be a weatherman. >> at eight years old i told my parents i would be a weatherman. >> who was your inspiration. >> tom duhane. a cankor at kcra i will have to look him up. at eight years old. >> does know you aspire to be him. >> i interned while he was still there. i was too shy to say something to him. >> mikeky. >> 8 years old he knew what he
8:04 am
>> how does it look. >> sunshine, auld kinds of good stuff. we have spring fever in the air. this is coming up for us. record warm temperatures possible for us in the tri-state region. doesn't look like it is happening today. we'll still see well above normal thames -- temps. not close to the record high of 76 but we're getting there. forecast high is 75 degrees. record high for tomorrow is 69. looks like we'll topple that record quite likely. thursday we kind of flirt wit. right now the forecast high is 72. we'll wait to see on that one. i'm sure there are several records, perhaps quite a few falling over next several days. islip, mainly clear sky. just a few clouds in the area, a few more than what we had yesterday because of that backdoor cold front that worked its way into the area. if forces its way through and
8:05 am
have dropped the temperatures. that is not strong enough and there is not enough cold air. 67 is your high today. even warmer tomorrow. high of 75. 73 on thursday. don't forget this saturday is the night that you change those clocks forward. make sure you get ready for that. is that clock going backwards? i will fix that. let's bring in ines rosanna to see what is going on with our commute this tuesday morning. hello there, ines. >> hello, mike. let's start off with new jersey. somerville circle is closed. 206 you have a closure because of overturned tractor-trailer. one lane blocked with the accident. you see the backup that's causing there on the northbound side there of 287. other problems the cross bronx, traffic slower than normal approaching the sheridan westbound because of an accident. this is affecting your commute coming up through the new england through way and hutch church son parkway.
8:06 am
boulevard. there is an accident in the area. watch out for that. trains, metro-north, long island railroad and path trains are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg and rosanna. >> we have missing 10-year-old girl in rockland county. >> her name is kelly rivera cocoa. she was going to her bus stop in spring valley. she never made it to school. everybody is very concerned. liz dahlem is in spring valley with the latest. what are you hearing, liz? reporter: i spoke with a roommate of kelly rivera pelco, says she saw the 10-year-old here at the bus stop yesterday. she had some important information that we want to give all of you but first we want to show you the poster of this little girl the police are releasing to let people know what she was last seen wearing here yesterday around 8:15 in
8:07 am
bethune boulevard and wild road. she was last seen wearing a black jacket, white long sleeve shirt and blue overall skirt with brown uggs and white trim. we spoke to a little girl kimberly, who is in fourth grade, one year younger than this missing little girl kelly. she said she saw kelly approaching the bus stop. she stopped so tie her shoe, a couple minutes later apparently she was gone. >> yesterday i saw, i saw the girl, kelly, she was outside tying her shoes. but, and then i looked back and to my friend to speak to her for like one minute. and then i looked back and the, when the bus came i looked back. then, then when i looked she wasn't there. >> your daughter seems to know maybe a little bit about what happened. did you tell the police at all? >> yeah, we spoke with them yesterday.
8:08 am
they saw. reporter: her father rudy explained all that to police officers. he is cooperating with them. giving them any information they need. kelly pilco is student at elmwood elementary school which is not too far from here. this is the corner where she grabs the bus every day. we spoke to parents a little bit frustrated with the fact that spring valley police have not been out here this morning. we've been here around since 6:15. no officers, no cop cars, nothing. to a lot of people. department. they said they're dealing with a lot of active calls. i asked to speak to a sergeant, was put on hold but did not get in contact with anyone. some parent wishing there was a little more beefed up police presence as kids stop to get the bus. they are asking anyone with
8:09 am
department at 845-3856-7100. there girl is missing for 10 hours. >> we hope they find her. we also have this. a missing woman in manhattan. she works at bellview. she is 30 years old. she is missing for a month. >> she was reported missing by her coworkers last friday but they said they were told that she went to her native bangladesh last december. she never came back. crime scene investigators are going through her house for clues. even digging up concrete recently put down in front of her house. neighbors say the house has been vacant since she disappeared. her husband and daughter reportedly left the country. police have no evidence of any foul play but they are concerned. >> all right. politics. we reported that mayor bloomberg, former mayor bloomberg was thinking about running for president. he took a real hard look at this race. there he is when he was mayor with the yellow wind breaker. he announced red he would not run.
8:10 am
but he is not doing. >> an op-ed piece he said the 2016 election risk i will not take. he thinks if he ran it could help donald trump or senator cruz. >> this was serious effort. he already apparently select advice presidential running mate. even tape ad tv commercial to be run across the country. let's go to robert moses. he has more on all of this plus what is happening with donald trump and hillary clinton. reporter: greg and rosanna, good morning to you. every day brings a whole big circus on the company pain trail, this is no different. one caucus, three primaries 300 delegates up for grabs. seems like a normal tuesday in campaign 2016 if you ask me. donald trump and hillary clinton are expected to win the big prize today which is michigan. the big question is who will finish second and will it be good enough showing to keep trump and clinton within shouting distance. today voters in four states cast their ballots.
8:11 am
both parties vote in mississippi and michigan which is the biggest prize of all. where hillary clinton and bernie sanders gathered last night for up to hall meeting on fox news channel. sanders clarified his comments he made on sunday, whites don't note what it is like to be poor. >> what i meant, in african-american communities people living in desperation often being abused by police officers. >> reporter: clinton answered a question by a boy named samuel whether she sees sanders an ally or adversary. >> ally for sure. we air differences about issues. compare that to the republicans >> reporter: speaking of republicans, donald trump rallied his troops in his sip yesterday. >> we have a big task. we have a country country in turmoil. >> reporter: trim's campaign
8:12 am
it will air in his home state of florida. >> all talk, no action. corrupt politician. >> reporter: rubio seemingly has to win florida's primary a week from today to stay in the race. cruz spoke on fox news channel. >> these views of brokered convention are a fantasy of a washington establishment. >> reporter: former mayor mike bloomberg announcerred his decision yesterday says he fierce his candidacy would lead to a win for trump or cruz. speaking of trump, bloomberg said he has run the most divisive and demagoguing campaign he can remember, playing on people's prejudices and fears. so far trump has not responded to the words. we're looking at his twitter feed and interviews he has done recently. he has not responded yet. in his interview, trump didn't rule not rule out a independent
8:13 am
get the republican nomination. he signed the pledge he wouldn't do that. gone back and forth on this issue. he seemed to leave wiggle room he could run as an independent if he doesn't get the nomination. greg and rosanna. >> how about that. what do you think? mike bloomberg, huh? could have happened. i bet he is kick himself he didn't get in earlier, you know what i mean? he is richer than donald trump. >> i think he was always concerned about being a ross perot, spoiler to the election. >> but he is probably thinking if maybe i gotten in earlier, rin as republican. who knows what is on his mind. what is up. >> united airlines mechanics are picketing in midtown. this is going on right now. they're outside offices of jpmorgan. >> united airlines is still flying but the mechanics are upset. ben simmoneau outside the financial headquarters on madison avenue. hi, there, ben. >> reporter: yeah, greg and rosanna we're outside jpmorgan chase in midtown. the reason we're sheer, senior leaders of united airlines are
8:14 am
they're making their case to investors of the airline. mechanics are outside saying not so fast. the teamsters mechanic, specifically represent about 9,000 united mechanics across the country, they say they're not getting their fair share from the airline the they have been without a contract deal for three years and they rejected about a week or so ago united's latest offer. reuters reporting that offer called for a 25%, 25% raise immediately and bonus checks up to 9,000 dollars you about the teamsters rejected that. apparently largely over some issues with what it would mean for new mechanics, new hires of the airline. mechanics say say airline, united is profitable yet again to the tune of billions of dollars and they should share in that. >> we're asking for a fair deal. we're in negotiations with them. they're not honoring the sacrifices that the members have made to make this airline successful.
8:15 am
the last quarter and on the backs of our members and on backs of all the workers at united that made that company successful. >> it upsets us we shared in the sacrifice through the bankruptcies and lean times. we gave up wages and benefits in the promise of getting it back in the good times. we haven't gotten anything back. >> reporter: they are making money again? >> billions and billions for the last three years. and nothing for us. >> reporter: of the big three airlines united faced rough pages of late. ceo jeff mize second resigned questions around a flight united put in place perhaps to curry favor with the chairman of the port authority which is laguardia, jfk and newark where united the dominant carrier. the new ceo subsequently had a heart attack after taking the job. he is scheduled to return next week. he said we'll go back to the bargaining table with these guys, these mechanics try to
8:16 am
goes without saying, rosanna and greg, if the mechanics go on strike it would shut down the airline which is the dominant carrier at newark. they also have a presence at lagarde -- laguardia. they have to get federal approval for a strike. >> we want the mechanics to be happy the guys that fix the planes, right? >> i know. very important job. >> nobody has any real airline loyalty so far. whoever is the cheapest. that is where you go. travelocity or >> where do you go? >> things like that. >> good. >> are you travel agent? travel agent in manhattan. lower plane travel. like superman's secretary. or partner. >> very funny. mike, do you have a travel agent or go online? >> most of the time, a lot of jetblue. a lot of jetblue. for some reason they go all my place. >> jetblue. use delta. >> a lot of american. >> very nice, okay. >> everybody. anyway, show you what is going
8:17 am
good morning, everyone. happy birthday to kahim hope you have a fantastic night. your wife will take great care of you. here is what we have on the day for average. we're still in winter. high temp of 47 degrees. 43 is the average low temp. we dropped to a low of 47 degrees. that is not that low at all. it will be a very warm day out there all together. 50 out at central park right now. we have partly cloudy sky. we have, we have got, just a few more clouds in the area. that's it. all right, so let's check other area temperatures. 39 degrees right now in monticello. same thing in poughkeepsie. 52 out at newark. 52 also in belmar. it is a warm day out there and also dry even though we have a few more clouds in the area the rainmakers are not here. we had a few tin any showers west of us. it will stay there and keep us high and dry.
8:18 am
year by the time we get to the tomorrow fast. looks like our high temps will be up into the mid 70s. we end up as 67 for a high later on this afternoon. as which go through the next five to seven days, this thing is jumping all over the place. anyhow, we have a high of 67 degrees for you today. as we head into tomorrow we'll see a high of 75. that would be a record high for that day of the just keep that in mind. and then, we'll see some cooler temps as we head into the weekend. don't forget the fox ny weather app, at itunes and google play store. let's bring in ineses. see what is going on as you hit the roads and rails. >> good morning. problems in new jersey. 22 eastbound morris avenue. a accident blocking two lanes. garden state parkway, accident by exit 145. one lane closed. problem on the cross bronx westbound by sheridan. there is another accident on the
8:19 am
go to the cameras. rockland county heading towards the tappan zee bridge. traffic moving okay. as you approach the tappan zee bridge you encounter delays. as you're taking george washington, to to 40 on upper level. lincoln tunnel, heading down 50 to 60. >> thank you. "mob wives," you know the show? >> on vh1. lost big ang. i think tomorrow night is the season finale. we have karen with us and we have rene. we'll talk about that at 9:00. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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>> you probably heard by now. aj transit may have a strike coming up. they're trying to reach a deal. meanwhile governor chris christie goes on vacation today to celebrate his 30th anniversary. >> that happens right now. he is taking heat for the decision but governor christie said it is not his job to be directly involved with the negotiations. however he will still remain in
8:23 am
>> but how does this look and what do people think? just came off his unsuccessful run for the presidency. some folks not pleased he endorsed donald trump. now he is going on vacation. listen to this. >> trying to be the vice president. he want to be the vice president of somebody, you know. >> because he is an idiot. shouldn't be doing that. he should be more worried what is going on with us, instead of worried about going on vacation. can do a vacation later on. >> by the way the 11 rail unions are asking for 18% rise over seven years. and they're asking for some health benefit increases as well. >> in the meantime, we will now wish governor christie and first lady of new jersey, mary pat, happy anniversary. >> that's right, happy anniversary. >> march 8th, 1986. they were students together at university of delaware. >> that is school. let's go to fox means business. >> you can fly a plane, greg.
8:24 am
>> anybody can try flaying a plane not just any plane but a passenger jet that seats 100 people. they have a new program called gateway select, inviting anybody, you have to pass critical thinking, interview process but they will train anybody, even people without the resources to learn how to fly, but they will train you over course of four years at cost of $125,000. after you graduate you can fly one of jetblue's planes. what do you think? >> i think it is cool, taking a non-pilot, making them a pilot. technically it can be done. is $25,000 that a student has to pay. >> they do pay you at certain points during this training process but that is the cost, the tuition of this program. >> i'm surprised more people don't want to become pilots on their own, that they need this incentive program. >> they do. the problem you have to travel all over country sometimes gaining flight hours to be eligible for a job like this. now it is under one roof so to speak. i like it.
8:25 am
about it because of senority issues and who they're hiring. i do think it is safe. i don't have a safety issue with this. >> pilots union at jetblue actually opposes this. typically now, greg, i can help me out with this, regional and smaller airlines don't pay pilots much money but that is considered your due, right? you make your way up. work for major airline or they take military pilots, corrects. >> that is correct. there are lots of different ways to become an airline pilot. it used be more glamorous and pay used to be secure job. those guys and women have it tough up there in the cockpit. >> they do. >> major airlines pay pilots, $100,000. smaller airlines, shocked me, 27, $28,000. >> they are seriously underpaid. they commute, live in baltimore but commute to las vegas. kind of a wild system. something to check it on the jetblue website. fan fantastic. >> coming up on
8:26 am
restaurant tour who will join us that who has a new restaurant called la-serina. they just opened one of the hot spots in the to inin the city. >> rosanna, will you go flying with me, with me at controls? >> i'm not so sure i could do that. i think i would need to be sedated heavily. >> now look, i am a littleries city. if i practiced for a while?
8:27 am
8:28 am
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8:29 am
>> we're still in newark, new jersey, greg. >> so, rosanna -- >> what is happening in newark today? >> we know cory booker -- who knows where he is. great guy. comes by "good day new york." >> we like him. >> government spends one million dollars to train me to fly. >> okay. >> would you, never mind. never mind. your face says it all. see offered rosanna a ride in a plane that i rent once a year.
8:30 am
you won't get with me in a plane. >> you and nick gregory have gone flying together. nick has a death wish as far as i'm concerned. i don't. i have a family. >> i think to fly with passengers is something you've got to do. you have got to stay current. i haven't done it in about a year. >> good to know. >> i would get all refreshed for you. >> good to know. i have a family that depends on me. >> is that true? >> that's true. >> yeah, you are the -- >> i have a family -- >> two-income family. >> every income counts. >> including l.j.'s. you're on notice, kid. >> it is 8:30 in the morning. nice to have you here with us on good gay new york. >> hi, everybody. everybody out there, weatherwise? exceedingly mild for a day like this, march 8th. >> gone up a degree since the last hour. 50 degrees right now. >> not that impressive. >> it will go up into the 60s. >> and, and we're going to hit
8:31 am
this is premature but it is great. >> spring is on the horizon. it is here. you can feel it. i heard birds chirping yesterday. >> you did? >> yes. >> folks are asking permission to put their snowblowers away, stuff like that. >> what have you said? >> i say go for it. i say its time. >> who is asking who for permission. >> i'm getting requests on twitter and facebook, can i put my snow blower away? is it official? taking a chance. go for it. whatever you got to do with it. >> you know where to find him in april just in case something happens. >> are you sure about the that? all right. >> one of those winters. right? >> pretty much on a wrap here at this point. >> good. >> definitely looks warm for a while here as a matter of fact. so i think we're good. let's show you what is happening out there. first of all how warm is it not only here but around the region. actually very warm stuff. keep in mind the average high temp for this time of the year is only 47 degrees. we're already at 50. we're barely getting the day
8:32 am
well above normal temp bies already. 50 degrees in buffalo. partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. that's not so bad. 8 degrees cooler in higher elevations. partly cloudy and mainly clear skies. there is a backdoor cold front and that is bringing a few more clouds into the area but it doesn't have enough push behind it and cool air behind it to knock your temps down. it is not going down at all today. in fact if anything it is going up. here is the reason why. high pressure above us around winds circulating clockwise around it, we have south they arely wind, south they arely bringing up warm terms. that's why we're seeing warm temps here for a while. changewise. a lot of sunshine along with warm temperatures.
8:33 am
there, tempwise. highs in the 70s for you tomorrow and day after that. 70s. we could flirt with record high row. got it for one. suspect. today you have a partly sunny day. nice and warm. high temp between 62 and 6degrees. 67 here in the city. partly cloudy tonight. lows between 47 and 556789 as we go through the next seven days. 75 for you tomorrow, 72 on thursday. that would just miss the record high temp. there is still a chance we could head to 74 plus which would tie or beat the record high temp. it is cooler into the weekend. no rain expected in the tri-state until we get to next week. let's bring in ines rosales with the latest info on the roads and rails. >> new jersey, problems at 206, somerville circle closed in both directions because after flipped over tractor-trailer.
8:34 am
8:00 parkway, 145, watch out for about. eastbound morris avenue, a crash blocking a lane. george washington bridge, that is heading commute towards the upper level. accident blocking two lanes by webster avenue. earlier wreck by the sheridan. traffic normal with that accident. as well as normal delays. suffolk county on the lie by tarrytown road. issues on the eastbound side. george washington bridge, told you about that accident on the cross bronx, causing 45 minute do lay on a upper level. upper level is barely moving. lower level, if i i want to use that instead 30, 45. exclusive lines are all backed up. i haven't heard any stalls. that is telling you expect delays, 60 minutes heading inbound lincoln tunnel there. looks like issue inside one of the tubes. holland tunnel, third from each approach. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. j.c. watts, former congressman, he was a super star on capitol hill.
8:35 am
american revolution class in 1994. four terms on capitol hill. a republican from oklahoma. by the way, before politics he was a superstar on the playing field, a quarterback with the university of oklahoma. back in his congressional days from time to time, j.c. watts was mentioned as potential vice-presidential pick. it didn't happen, hey, there is still time. j.c. watts has a new book. it is called, "dig deep, seven truths to finding strength within. jc watts, former congressman. welcome to "good day new york." >> good to be with you. you guys were running with me this morning. i enjoyed the run. i was watching you guys. >> staying in great shape. you look like you could quarterback right now. we have a couple political things. michael bloomberg, our former mayor, not running for president. do you think he had a chance to begin with? >> i think it would have been tough. i met the mayor. don't know him personally.
8:36 am
have been tough. i think the field is set. what's out there it's out there, good, bad or indifferent. somebody trying to get in at this point it would have been pushing one boulder but about five boulders up a hill. >> what do you think about the republican can diet right now? do you think donald trump has the legs to go the distance? >> well i do think he is the can diet to beat and i'm somewhat saddened by that, but nevertheless it is what it is. i think ted cruz probably is the one candidate still in it that -- >> ted cruz was not really liked in d.c.? >> you know that is not a bad thing. if you're not liked in washington, that's not a bad thing. >> they don't like donald trump either. >> they don't like donald trump. you know, there was some people that didn't like me. i mean there would be some people that wouldn't like you. but nevertheless -- >> those guys are jerks. >> i think the field is set. >> just about ted cruz, love to
8:37 am
is he not liked, but for whatever reason he is despised by his colleagues by people in that system. any insight into why? can you tell us a little bit more? >> well, greg, think about it. i think, i actually think the two people most qualified to be president probably was jeb bush and john kasich. now, jeb bush, i think his campaign was stuck in the '80s and '90s. right guy, wrong time. john kasich, probably not going to get any traction, even if he wins ohio, he is probably a vice-presidential candidate. i think he still has a chance there. but the two most qualified people, you know, one of them didn't even get out of the chute. john kasich is still hanging around. again he has two boulders he is pushing uphill. >> talk about the book, "dig deep, seven truths to finding the strength within." why did you want to put together this book? >> it is a book trying to do
8:38 am
guys, we all are dysfunctional. just a matter of degree. i may be more dysfunctional than you, but we're all dysfunctional. >> unlikely. keep going. >> and the challenge is, and what i'm saying in the book, don't make, you know, try not to make your dysfunctions your normal. and when you see someone saying, that is just the way i am, that tells me they don't want any accountability. they probably can't handle correction. they're is probably no humility, and when you talk about presidential politics, it's dangerous to have that kind of person as a city council person. let4* alone, the leader of the free world, or of a country, any country. so, it is really about doing life better, understanding what the forgiveness does to us. when we live with unforgiveness, that is like me drinking poison
8:39 am
it does something to our soul. i speak from experience because of things happened in chapter one, i talk about dealing with adversities. >> talk about being associated with some corruption you halved nothing to do with. >> that's right. around i was angry at the guy that put me in that position. he happened to be another republican on the commission. i was angry about it. i got upset about it. and i went and apologized to him, and, i was wrestling in my mind saying that if i apologize, that will make him right. it didn't make him right. it made me free. and so i talk about in the book. and forgiveness and letting go the strength is not in hanging on. the strength is in letting go. and it's awfully difficult to do sometimes. >> so you are in your 50s, right? >> 58. >> 58. plenty of time. trump is 69, would be oldest ever if elected, would be 70.
8:40 am
game of elected politics? >> i can't say i would never do it again. i can say, i have been in ministry full time. i've been in politics at highest level. athletics at highest level. some great corporate boards i sat on. there is one common thing in all of them, greg, cheer of the crowd. it is so seductive. worse in politics than any arena i've been in. >> worse in politics. >> worse in in politics football, ministry. >> seduction of applause. >> cheer of the crowd. >> you get booed a lot as politician too. go to yankee stadium. >> you get booed a lot as quarterback. nevertheless we tend to think it is all about us. i think sometimes in the public arena. i just on february 1st became president and ceo of feed the children and so, i'm there
8:41 am
will be transitioning back home to oklahoma. and you know last year in 2015, feed the children, we fed nine million kids in the united states and every day abroad we feed 263,000 kids. so, that's kind of my arena right now that i'm pointing to. can't say i would never do politics again but i don't, i never sat around any day since i left saying boy, some day i will figure out a way to get back into politics. >> you had your share. >> i had my shot. i had my day in the sun. so i moved on. >> you're on the right track. heading a non-profit and moving back home to oklahoma. >> greg is very, very leery. >> not leery. i'm excited. >> moving back to oklahoma. you know, running for governor, president, i'm trying to uncomplicate my life. >> okay. >> read his book. it is called, "dig deep, seven truths to finding strength within."
8:42 am
congratulations. >> enjoyed running with you guys this morning. >> how many miles did you put in. >> got about four. >> you're in good shape. >> maria sharapova, she was on medication. we didn't know she had health issue or not. >> how was she in good shape? took performance-enhancing drug. came somewhat clean yesterday. we'll have more in a why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people? why are we so committed to keeping you connected? why combine performance with a conscience? why innovate for a future without accidents? why do any of it? why do all of it? because if it matters to you, it'
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>> all right. yesterday everybody was buzzing about maria sharapova. she failed a drug test at the australian open in january. she said she was using some kind of drug i never heard of before. >> meldonium. but apparently makes you better athlete. let's bring in dr. raj. have you heard of this. >> this is used to treat es keep yaw, lack of blood flow. not available in the u.s. russia. this is something apparently a lost athletes has been using. it is considered a performance-enhancing drug. she said she was taking it 10 physician. not really clear what the indication was though. >> she said she might have early diabetes. >> yeah. this is not a drug that really addresses diabetes. she has magnesium deficiency. this is not a drug you would
8:46 am
so sort of a little bit suspicious. >> sounds like she was cheating? >> to be clear this was not on the banned list this january, until recently. in that sense was she really cheating? i don't know. >> whoo is from taking this drug by the way? all the drugs if you watch commercials the risks are longer than the actual commercial. >> i know. >> everything from suicide to sleep walking. >> right. so the side-effects of medical drone yum, they are not as dramatic as a lot of other drugs out there. can cause rapid heart beat. gi symptoms, nausea, vomiting. there have been a few cases of stroke potentially associated with it. not fda-approved in country. it is considered a performance-enhancing drug, why many athletes are taking it. don't see a clear indication why she would be taking it other than enhancing her athletic performance. >> she said she had irregular heart test results and repeated boughts of the flu and early indications of diabetes. >> none of those would justify
8:47 am
again, used generally for heart failure and not in the u.s. so. not really clear. >> she has a lance armstrong situation on her hands. >> not a good situation for her. >> yes. dyslexia, which is very common learning disorder including difficulty reading diagnosed in childhood usually. now there is a new kind of gift going around the internet showing what it might be like if you had dyslexia. when you try to word this, words being jumbled, letters being jumbled. puts you in the mind of someone with list lex yaw. this is disorder should be diagnosed as early as possible. there is no actual cure. with tutoring, right educational plan people, kids can really benefit from it. this has nothing to do with intelligence. it really is just a matter how the brain is processing sound and reading letters. >> you're darn right has nothing to do with intelligence. >> i know what you're growing to say. >> a guy named david boies, one
8:48 am
universe, famously has dyslexia. malcolm gladwell wrote about this he focuses on other things, during cross-examination he will watch the witness so intently, where others might be distracted by words. a whole host of other talents compensate for dislex yay. >> albert einstein. absolutely. >> as hamilton might say, the dyslexia might make you sexier. >> i like that. thank you. >> we have a social media expert gary vanner chuck. of he went from running liquor store to become a social media star, you can too in his new
8:49 am
we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers.
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>> all right. bob dylan, the folksinger, rosanna, coming to queens. >> i love this. >> reactivated that stadium.
8:52 am
mentioned july 8th, forrest hills stadium in queens. he last played the stadium in august of 19656789 tickets for the show go on sale later this month. >> a gary run as big social media firm. ask gary v. he is expert all social media. our boss, lew leone, fascinated by social media. a wanna be youtube star. >> lew? >> he has a question for gary which i'm told involves me. >> we got questions, he has got answers. it is ask jerry p. >> gary v. lew leone here, simple question, so far different cut to answer, how do i get greg kelly on social media. >> lew, this is easy. greg, i have seen you multiple
8:53 am
if you want to be relevant in 2020. you need to get on social. more than welcome to come up with tons of excuses. don't want to be out there, this that, other thing. i get you're a big tv star, buddy you are a young man, greg. you are a absolutely not positioning yourself for success in a 2020 world. that's it. lew. you have to scare him into it. obviously nothing else is working. the truth is that scare tactic is real. >> easy there, gary. >> what are you going to do? going live on facebook right now. gary, i'm doing everything. i'm on facebook. >> everybody shut up. somewhat relevant for the time-being. however, however, you guys are on to something. i will be revitalizing -- >> what? alert the presses! >> here is my concern here. >> okay. >> this is what social media done to us, a lot of us. take a look at this, a man and woman on their wedding day, just
8:54 am
see what they're doing? on their cell phones. people are not living life. just looking at phone. go all the way to paris to see the "mona lisa" and looking at camera. >> gary vee coming let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
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>> "good day" fan of the hour, brought to you by mazda, driving matters. >> patricia, thank you so much for saying nice things about us. we really appreciate it.
8:58 am
"mob w look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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rosanna: all right. 9:00 in the morning, get ready for spring. it sprung in new york city. greg: what is happening, chris christie is leaving. >> i have been mon ring to donald trump's twitter feed and he mentioned nothing about michael bloomberg. >> the former mayor is not running for the president and he sited one of then ares, it is more likely that donald trump would become the president or ted cruz and he doesn't like policies. where does that leave him? i bet he could have run if he announced a while ago.


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