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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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good morning everyone. the police officer was shot while trying to make a drug dealer in brooklyn. he is believed to be a big them. >> donald trump with three out of four presidential contest last night.>> to the democrats with bernie sanders winning michigan. ben: good morning i am ben simmoneau. julia is here but under the weather. let's go to mike woods. he was all right yesterday. mike: it could have been a little bit warmer. today the day? >> yesterday's high temperature guess what it
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it was a forecast high. it did not feel that warm. 200 more than normal. what you want? >> 720. mike: when it gets above 72 is not a problem? >> i am really happy. >> i will not complain. it was pretty nice.high temperatures yesterday with 670 and 65 at newark. it might be considerably cooler in the ocean waters and a cooler influence throughout the north and east. 54 is the high temperature and 66 in poughkeepsie. 71 in sussex and 74 in allentown. the warmer air has been making its way to the north and the east. we'll see more of it today as well as tomorrow. 450 in newark and 41 in bridgeport.
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five. not all that significant but you will see more of the influence in the next few days. it's nosing into the tri-state and now i think it's working its way with a frontal boundary stalling out. it will start to force its way up to the north with a warmer temperature making a come back here. 55 by 9:00 am and 680 by noon. 740 this afternoon and back to 69 for the ride home. 74 today and 75 tomorrow with record highs almost looking like a sure bet . it will be close and there will be a small shower chance coming through thursday night and friday. shower chances make a come
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there is light patchy showers here and there. temperatures come down but not that much. let's bring ines and take a look at what's going on with the roads or rails. >> starting off, it's a pretty good note. look at the problem was an accident and a tractor-trailer. some of the activity will be off to the side. we'll keep an eye on that . in westchester county there is no problems this morning heading towards the bridge on both sides. should be fine let's go to the cameras and take a look at the fdr drive. no delays with construction set up as usual. you are fine southbound and northbound. as for the trains, metro-north and the metro running on or close. nypd detective is recovering after being shot during a drug arrest. >> the search is still on for a third suspect in the case. teresa priscilla has the
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>> the shootouts back in rarity. >> the massive police presence canvassing the area in troutman avenue. the hunt for a known felon involved in a heroine transaction led to the shooting of a new york city police detect if continued. >> i'm surprised to happen. it's so close to home. >> it's what's known as a buy-in bust. three men tried to buy usd100 worth of heroin and the undercover narcotics officers witnessed it go down and approach a suspect's car. according to police, here's what happened next. >> detective reached and from the passenger side and attempted to make an arrest. with the detective partially inside, he accelerated forward and the sergeant and the detective
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the detective was struck in the left shelter shoulder that is believed to be from his partners gone. he is expected to recover from his injuries. the two men inside the car were arrested in the driver , 45-year-old with 65 prinr arrest for drug arrest was shot multiple times. his cohort is a 51-year-old with 17 prior arrest. a third man remains on the run . the officers are fighting the problem on a daily basis that's playing the city. >> with people dying of overdoses everywhere. not only in the city but outside. we are specifically targeting these locations and ironically , the name on this is american dream. >> no civil rights charges will be filed. officer richard hayes says he fired because he thought he was reaching for a gun when he confronted them in
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says there was insufficient evidence for proof of civil rights charges. his family was upset by the decision of course.>> it's unfair. we should be judged by the color of our skin or our neighborhood. >> the family was awarded a usd3.9 million settlement for the city. the officer was indicted on manslaughter charges but the judge dismissed is saying the grand jury was given improper instruction. he still faces departmental different discipline including firing. remember the rockland county girl? she disappeared on the way to school but this morning, she is safe. she was found days in washington heights . she was last seen in
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a cab into new york city where she was reunited with her mother. police are still investigating why she came into the city and where she spent monday night. it's a big tuesday night for donald trump. he dominated the republican contest winning three out of four. >> the victory if you saw coming as bernie sanders in michigan. for his campaign. he hopes to keep the momentum going . what this campaign is about is doing something radical. we are telling the american people the truth! >> bernie sanders is coming a tuesday night contest with the upset of the year beating hillary clinton in michigan. clinton's blowout win in mississippi means she will walk away with more delegates than sanders. on the republican side, the
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winning the primaries in michigan , mississippi , hawaii. trump says the recent attack ads aren't stopping him. >> anything i've ever had so many horrible things said about me in one week. usd38 million worth of horrible lies but it shows you how brilliant the public is. they knew they were lies. >> john kasich gave last-minute momentum challenging ted cruz for second place in michigan. he now has to focus on the win in his home state next week. >> he will turn this whole thing around because we have what it takes. >> he did secure a win in idaho making it his seventh state victory. >> we are closing the gap in state after state .we know that just a few minutes ago, a new wall street journal pulls came out having us in a statistical tie for first
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>> rubio had another disappointing month finishing fourth in michigan and mississippi. he failed to get any delegates. in an attempt to get ted cruz off the ballot, it's been squash by a judge. the judge dismissed the lawsuit by two people saying he cannot run for president because he was born in canada. the ruling says the charge was filed too late to have any merit . it did not weigh in on the constitutional issue of whether he is a natural born citizen. similar cases questioning his citizenship were dismissed in illinois and florida last week. we are looking at record-breaking temperatures today.mike woods has your forecast. new buses.
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welcome back. it's wednesday morning and time to get you up and running. another warm day coming up and here's what we have in the forecast. record-breaking temperatures at 750 for the forecast type. compare that to the record high at 300 warmer. it's a new set and record highs.
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could be going for it here. 460 is the temperature in central park making it a partly cloudy sky in the wind is light and variable. other temperatures are in the breeze at 37 dan barry and 400 and perry town. 43 and stony brook with a partly cloudy sky. we will see until sunshine out there today along with the warmest temperatures for the week today and tomorrow. pretty close to another , therefore setting some potential highs. mainly clear skies with a few things of interest. backdoor cold front in the area making its way to the tri-state. it's not so much of a player now with more of a warmer southerly flow bringing in the warmer air to the southeastern states and the southern plains here. slowly but surely, the warmer temperatures will come in. there is more college in the area with a front
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it tries to swing through on thursday and friday bringing a brief shower . it will be in the northwest and drops through as we go into the overnight hours on thursday and friday. not too much rain expected. it will be a little bit of a cooldown coming up . the next few days are quite warm with high temperatures going up to 740 here. today and tomorrow we are at 75 . there is a quick shower coming through late on thursday and early friday. there is a cooldown as we come into the weekend. shower chances are coming in sunday and tuesday and there is patchy rain here or there coming down. temperatures are warmer than normal for this time of year. the daily and hourly forecast is available on the "fox 5 news" weather app
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wednesday. good morning . >> there is construction of course and no problem and the lie. everything is fine but if you are traveling in new jersey, no issues there. other than that, a look at parsippany and let's go to the cameras to take a look at the staten island expressway. it's heading towards the springs and their serious delays. traffic is on hold in both directions on the bridge with construction equipment around there on the eastbound side. as for the bqe heading toward the brooklyn bridge no issues to report . things are moving fine northbound and lincoln, holland, gwb looking fine. >> new buses going high-tech. 23 new buses fully equipped with wi-fi and usb charging points. you could use your phone while on board. it's rolling out in queens
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the mta says the first of 2000 will hit the city streets over the next five years. >> time to switch gears now and welcome and curtis. >> back to politics. ernie sanders is the big headliner coming out from yesterday's primaries. your opinion on his momentum and yet few think it will be for real . curtis: you know he went to madison high school where chuck schumer's the us supreme court justice. now, everyone is talking about bernie. in michigan he had an achilles' heel. he voted against the automobile bailout. everyone just thought hillary would soar to vic three but he keeps chipping away constantly. people just don't like hillary. >> speaking of this she
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with a large portion of african-american voters. she did well mississippi winning 90% of the black vote . he is doing well in the older states. he is doing well the same states that donald trump is doing well. i'm surprised they are not come on! be independent! don't be in the bag for hillary! no one likes this woman. they don't trust her and they don't like her. bernie says he would be kicking her butt all over the nation. >> trump 13 out of the four . again, not a huge surprise. we come in we see him come on top saying the slamming of the ads will not slow him down.
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he had his stakes in his pride with a bottle of water. it's all about marketing! all about branding! this guy is 24 seven 365 branding.then he is looking for schimmel. chris christie. he was at the trump estate but he was not at the speech. curtis: he should be in new jersey. he has every excuse in the book. >> one of the governor spokespeople was heard saying he is at a trump property in florida. curtis: this guy should just resign.he uses every excuse to vacate. donald trump is just soaring.
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can't stomach trumpet and they will try last-minute measures to deny him a nomination. >> ted cruz one idaho . there is more potatoes than people. you want i don't ? that's an outstanding big three! it's jesus? he is not mentioning jesus anymore. what happened to it? rubio had a disappointing day. curtis: he went in there trump. he did a political, khasi. the only one with marco rubio not ready for prime time. ben: curtis at w abc noon at three exclusively if you would like an hour with him by himself.
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i don't know why you would. >> you don't rant and rave as much on the radio show as you do here. it's like you have to get it out here. you are reserved on the radio x want to go find juliet huddy ? make her feel better. take care curtis. >> ? duke has it all , next in
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ben: if you like yesterday, you will love today. >> i am learning to love today. >> it was okay yesterday. i take it back . mike: didn't you say yesterday that it could be the best day of our lives? ben: mid-70s, sonny? i said best day of the year! >> i'm sure you have morning. mike: is going to be very nice. we're just ahead of spring. we have 460 and
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and central part . 45 and allentown at bridgeport. 45 in montauk. the winds are light and variable and they are not there with a mostly clear sky. there is a one front to the north and we will see warm temperatures making a comeback with record high temperatures getting up to 740 in the city today. it will be two days in a row with record high temperatures. another shower chance comes in on sunday . let's head over to you . >> time for sports. >> good morning. we start with basketball with the nixon denver facing the nuggets. carmelo anthony going up for the alley-oop . they could not come up . they trailed for the last 30 minutes of the game.
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the nets and the raptors. 10 minutes to go in half an it's a night for him with seven blocks. they were up 14 at the brick at the raptors come all the way down with a 90 night loss for the nets. >> safe face the sabres after a loss to the islanders. derek gets behind it than he has the power play goal. the 24th of the year. it's added goals in the second. the rangers win 4/2 and as their last 13 games. the following loss. we islanders at home in brooklyn and he gets in front deflecting it in with a power play.
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. it's a 200 when in the third with a possible injury. the nfl year begins and it's big news. jason is returning to the giants with a deal for up to 10 half-million. that's what a source told espn. remember, he lost a finger. the former new york jets is expected to sign with jacksonville. was expected to happen today. multiple career highs with 247 carries. 70 rushing yards and seven
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wagner host dickinson the nbc championship game. earl potts is on fire. it's a couple of three-pointers here in the second half.dickinson wins at 87/79. they get a trip to the big game and it's the fifth ncaa tournament . spring training baseball. he purchased two scoreless innings. was strikeout is here pitching three innings . the mets went on to win at 5/for the final.
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this is good day wake up. we are going to have a great day out there. it will look like steel. it will look like spring. it's the early morning and mike woods has the full forecast coming up. it's a drug arrest in brooklyn. the search is on for one of the suspects. we have a live report. >> again , yesterday it's a rare phenomenon. look at this it's a total solar eclipse. it's beautiful! >> good morning. juliet hardy is under the


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