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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a jacket on the way out the door today but don't need it for long. record-breaking temperatures. 70 degrees. and in march i think we'll take it. mike woods has all of the details . >> we'll take it indeed police say that an nypd officer hit by friendly fire during a drug busts last night in brooklyn. that officer is now now in stable condition. >> bernie scored a shocking win in the michigan primary but hillary clinton won mississippi by a landslide. we'll have a break down. >> as for republicans drumple won three of the gop before the contest and went on a rambling speech talking about all types of products brand endorsements. ted cruz won the fourth contest and he won idaho. >> water, magazine, wine. are mentioned in that. >> calling out chris christie
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but governor supposed to be on vai vacation so is he there? >> good morning i'm liz dahlem in for juliet huddy. >> ben simmoneau 6:00 on this wednesday morning march had 9th it is -- >> happy. >> holding, i scared lills. >> i don't think i have been here for that. high pitched. mike wanted own hump day character. >> funny. he can do -- how hot today? [inaudible] >> very long -- [laughter] oh, man. i don't know what it does and where that comes from. >> the whole forecast like that. oh, my goodness. >> try that on one of our parascope. [laughter] anyway.
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day. well we've got another warm one. record low temperatures 74 is your forecast high for the day today would beat our normal high. 69 degrees not that standing chance not today. yesterday we made it up to 67 so today is warmer. that old reported is going bye-bye. 44 right now at newark. poughkeepsie good morning to you you've got 38 degrees. clear sky around the tristate. winds are light and variable, eventually there will be a bit of a sea breeze that kicks in here. man warm in the afternoon and sea breeze knocked temps right back down. anyhow a mainly clear sky, and looks like sun shine out there. high pressure is in control and going to direct all of that warm air toward us here today and tomorrow are our warmest days out there and looks like we're going to see record high
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for next couple of days. record warmth expected for you today with that high at 74 degrees. tomorrow if we to hit 75 that is another record high temperature for you. but then a chance of showers tomorrow night into friday morning just a little bit, and then dry on saturday on the sunday we've got another shower chance sunday, monday, tuesday, and yeah, looks kind of interesting but above normal temperatures through that seven-day forecast. okay let's bring in ines, and see what's going up to 6:00 plus. perhaps we've got a few problems around the tristate i'm sure. good morning. >> happy birthday angel tweeting us. watching us happy birthday to him. problems on 280 eastbound by exit 14 watch out for an accident blocking a lane. things fine on staten island no problem on expressway. cameras b qrk e to the williamsburg bridge. camera is blurry but an accident keeping an eye on westbound
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mostly on zebra stripes but expect delays because of slowdown. one that you're fine. driving into the city seeing more volume a ten to 15 minute inbound. long island railroad expect delays and cans lotions there's a broken rail by mineola affecting port jefferson ronkonkoma and oyster bay branches. street clining rules are in effect today. liz and ben. >> thank you so much. police believe that an nypd officer shot while making a drug arrest in brooklyn hit by friendly fire . >> that officer is recovering from his injuries this morning. live with more on the latest on this story teresa, what do we know? rng good morning ben and liz good morning everyone. one man remains on the loose today. this was a routine drug bust last night. which is as much to say that it was unpredictable vol toil and inkretdably dangerous happened in bushwick in wilton and truth
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detective was shot and aside i mentioned another man remains on the loose. >> hear a shot -- like back in the day it happened. but because it's a rarity. >> massive police presence in troutman avenue it is in brooklyn as a hunts for a known felon involved in a heroin investigation. >> surprised this happened. it's whatting happening in the area close to a buy and bust operation. trying to buy 100 dollars worth of heroin. undercover narcotic officers within peed it go down and approached the suspect car. according to police here's what's happedz next. >> detective reached into the vehicle from the passenger's side and attempted to make an arrest with him inside the vehicle the driver accelerated forward. at this point the sergeant and
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j that detective struck in the left shoulder by a bullet believed to be from his partner's guns he was rushed to elmhurst hospital expected to recover from his injuries. two men inside the car were arrested. the driver of 45-year-old was 58 prier arrests mainly for drug transactions shot multiple times. cohort with 17 prier arrests wasn't hit. a third man remains on the run. theses officers fighting the disturbing heroin problem on a dale basis that is plaguing our city. >> not only in the city but here as women. targeting these locations. ironically the brand name of this is american dream. >> another live look at the scene here in bushwick we can tell you according to police they haven't officially identified the officer involved remember he's undercover
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two young kids an expected to make a full recovery from his injuries. according to mayor and commissioner and other nypd brass he's stable, alert, awake and ben and liz all things considered they say he's in good spirits. latest from bushwick morning. back to both of you. >> teresa priolo that is good news, thank you so much. >> new charges filed against the nypd officer who shot marley graham in the bronx back in 2012 >> richard haste said he fired because he thought graham was reaching to a gun when he cold fronted teenager and preek bharara said there was insufficient evidence to reach the right burden of proof. he was his family was upset by that decision. >> think we're all criminals that's unfair. shouldn't -- we shouldn't be judged by the color of our skin in our neighborhood. >> graham's father awarded a 3.9 million slents from the city haste had originally been
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but a judge niecessed that saying grand jury given improper instruction on the charge. a second grand jury declined to reindict him and facing departmental discipline up to and including firing. fng l manies of voters winning republican contest and three out of four states. but victory no one saw comes of bernie sanders in michigan in this is a huge boost for his campaign and sanders hopes to keep that momentum going into next week. >> this campaign is about is doing something radical is telling the american people the truth. >> bernie sanders coming out of tuesday night's con with the upseventy year. beating hillary clinton in michigan. she'll walk away many more than sanders.
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front runner winning the primaries in michigan and mississippi along with the caucus in hawaii. trump said that recent attack ads aren't stopping him. >> i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. [laughter] 38 million dollars worth of horrible lice. but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is. because they knew they were lies. ohio governor john kay success gained momentum challenging texas senator it'd cruz for second place in michigan. kasich has to focus on a win in his home state next week. >> you're gong to turn this whole thing around because we have what it takes. cruz did secure a win in idaho, making it his seventh state victory. >> close the gap in state after state after state after state. we know that just a few minutes ago a new wall street journal
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tie nationwide with donald trump. >> rubio had another disappointing night finishing fourth in michigan and mississippi. he failed to win any delegates. >> primaries will be interesting. ohio, of course, very important for kay success his home state, florida is crucial for rubio, if he does not have a strong showing there, political strategist believe this could be the end of his road for president. >> attempt to get senator ted cruz off the new york ballot for president has been squashed by a judge. >> dismissed a lawsuit by two who said he couldn't because he was in canada but didn't weigh in on the constitutional issue whether cruz is natural born citizen. his mother was american. similar cases questioning cruz's citizenship will dismiss in illinois and florida last week. >> good news, remember that ten-year-old rock lander county girl who disappeared on her way to school.
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kelly rivera was found days if in washington heights yesterday by an alert business owner seen on monday wait waiting for her school bus in spring valley but she skipped school and took a tacky into new york city instead g she was reunited with her mother last night. lis are still investigating why she came into the city and where she spent monday night. you have to wonder the taxi driver from the the ten-year-old by herself -- >> her friends yesterday out there. they said that's not an uncommon thing to do if kids miss the bus. they will grb a taxi and take it to school. so -- you know. interesting. >> we have a lot more still to come on this wednesday morning happy, though, of course, that she's back home. >> that's so true. check the weather before we go to break. mike what a great day on tap today. >> looks fantastic. a lot of sunshine coming up for you and record warmth as well. we're starting you off at 45 degrees and we're ending up at if 74 degrees later on this afternoon. average high for today is only
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>> a spectacular sight enjoyed by people on the other side of the world a total solar eclipse. passes directly between the rt and the sun casting the moon's shadow on the effort. so cool. rare phenomenon cross an 40 million people along its path. a partial eclipse seen from asia and northern australia and another in north america until awe august 21sst of next year. >> so cool. all right let's get a look at the weather. mike. >> michael. >> sun will do its thing here today. >> we want the sun today. we get it all no eclipsing. at least not from clouds. but yeah we're in good shape to see sun and a lot of it here with record warmth expected today.
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and we'll take it if we get it. sunny and warm and great day for the beach here at the bottom in the picture here in the background here. few rain showers are expected tomorrow night, and it will get a little bit cooler easer that and into the weekend. we are going to see, you know, a little bit of a cooldown. but altogether still not bad for this time of the year it is 45 central park. keep in mind the average high temp for today is only 47 degrees. so we're starting off with a temp that is pretty much where we should be for our high in the afternoon. sun is just now coming up in the next few minutes. 44 brentwood. 35 in danbury. 37 in tarrytown and 41 in bridgeport with a mainly clear sky. yeah a lot of sunshine coming up for you here today. high pressure is in control. and that will bring us warm temperatures. warmer air man making its comeback last several days but today more so into the mid-70s and stay there or for a couple of days. but eventually that cold front will work its way through and
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that's not happening today. today sunny sky, and high temps at 74. tomorrow up to 75 even though you have more cloud cover in the area. it's that warmer southerly slow that brings in warmer air and keeps your temps well above normal. however, thursday night into friday that's when that weekend cold front is dragging through. and about 3:00 in the morning, some scattered light showers coming on by. folks will probably sleep through it if it does materialize. shower chance on the the minimal side but get wet weather not a big deal but coming through thursday night into friday and cooler temps. today still warm high up to 74 with sunny skies. both are record highs we hit them both there's the quick light showers late thursday, and then dries out for you friday, saturdays nice and sunny, exprn sunday, monday, tuesday a stretch of potentially wet weather but scattered showers here and there.
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>> this they wash the car so maybe -- yeah . maybe take it in. >> a nice day for it. here's what's going on, mike route 280 eastbound exit 14 an accident there. that's been cleared away all lanes open. traffic accident slow just delays easing out. things fine on brooklyn in bqe. fake a look over by williamsburg bridge an fox on zebra stripes before this exit. delays heading westbound. go to bqe take a look at brooklyn bridge slowdown inbound. van wyck hillside avenue ab accident off to shoulder there watch out for that. and long island railroad a broken road in mineola causing delay and cancelations in oyster bay branches. street cleaning rules are in effect. ben and liz. >> than so much. spags of trains progress is reported in new jersey transit contract negotiation. >> hope they come to a deal
6:19 am
job if they don't have a new contract by then as many as 4,000 rail employees would take the labor a tion this weekend. that, of course, would shut down rail service for about a hundred u thousand commuters. at issue, the unions have been asking well they've been asked for a contract for five years. they want pay raises and they want to limit contributions to health care. new jersey transit says that's not in the budget. made progress and walking where it's in better condition. >> we have plans for the west of hudson commute rs on metro knot where they would be able to access buses and at middleton.
6:20 am
contingency plan to accommodate three on weekdays only o during morning and evening rush hours and aside he mentioned they're also going to have buses shuttling in from rockland county. west of the hudson river. >> hopefully they can get it together. thrrt some new mta buss are going high-tech. 23 new federally funded buses equip west side wi-fi and charging ports so you can use your phone or laptop onboard. they'll be rolled out in queens starting next month. mta says they're the first of 200 buss to hit city streets over next five years. a few could cause delays with unplugging needing to back up. getting off and on. no, i don't think so. >> a scary situation on live television as a reporter and his photographer both just escaped with their lives.
6:21 am
>> is scary alex savage and his photographer vaughn had to jump yesterday morning to avoid a car heading right into that are live shot. he was later okay. savage thanked for yelling get out of the way just in time. he's glad he jumped into the right direction to his right which is instinctive move he said . the car went behind him to his left as you can see in that video. crazy. adorable back gorilla welcomed into the world. >> all right. we'll see that and good day will
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: welcome back former subway sports spokesman is not packing on pounds they said he gained 30 pounds in prison while serving time but says it is a lie and client hasn't gained a pound he was quite a bitted last year of having sex with minors in connection of child pornography bars. >> in today's health watch amount of money surge on prescription drugs eight percent more than in 2014 according to a report from the department of health and human services. in an effort to cut costs, they're propose a change in the way medicare administers drugs
6:25 am
the average price, plus 6% change would drop that to 2.5% plus a flat fee regardless of price. an >> to get doctors to start using lower costs drugs. yeah, drugs are just unbelievably expensive. so true. denver zoo celebrates new edition to its family. >> zoo officials release this video of their new baby gorilla -- momma gave bit to her in february. it's a major success for the denver zoo since both mom and daughter are considered critically in dangered western low land gorillas. her bit is fifth of the its kind born in the first now in 11 years. >> there -- a little snooze. [laughter] >> all right your top story when we return. >> better business bureau is weighing in on donald trump claiming about trump university. we're going to have more on that.
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>> good wednesday morning everybody. winter is not over yellow light but it is going to be a beautiful spripg day today. highs should reach the mid-70s and we're so excited. mike woods has the lovely forecast. >> kind of warm out there already. believe that an nypd officer shot while making a drug arrest in brooklyn hit by frentdly fire had. he's going to be okay but in stable condition in the hospital. >> company that runs one -- world trade center has changed its mind about tunnel power climb and expecting charity event that can happen that commemorates 9/11. >> man behind most famous rock band first passed away producer george martin often referred to as sixth beetle and 90 years old.
6:30 am
it is witness wednesday morning march 9th i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm liz liz an epic day ben. juliet is under the weather but unfortunately it is a spectacular morning out there. >> realizing a 75 drag day juliet is -- >> sick. really not feeling well. morning. >> i understand. but she cast a lot of shades so it's my turn. j and not here to defend herself. [laughter] >> not in this. staying out of this one. [laughter] we hope she feels berets. we do. show you what's going on around the tristate region. we have record warm temperatures today and tomorrow. today your forecast high 74 degrees. and that beat the records by just a degree but still very
6:31 am
just 11 days until we hit spring, the vernal equinox coming up for us march 20th at 12:30 in the morning. so it's not too long before it's officially spring it is meteorlogical spring but it is around the corner. 34 in sussex. 37 e-36 in monticello. clear sky, sunshine coming up for us here. this is up came about ten, 12 minutes ago. anyhow we've got high pressure in control that will gives the clear skies and nice kivel day out there well above normal temperatures by about 25 to 30 degrees. so our forecast high in the city today about 74. clear or for you tonight with lows dropping between 50 and 57. mild out there tomorrow up 2075 for a high. shower chance cools through for you thursday night into early friday. all right let's bring in ines rosales see what's going on so commute we have problem which we do.
6:32 am
least the weather is nice. staten island xreatd no problem to the verrazano. things in west westchester good. problem on the bqe by williamsburg bridge. zebra stripes expect delays. van wyck let's go to those cameras by q garden interchain by hillside of a an bs accident off to shoulder. long island railroad experiencing delay an cancelations because of a broken rail in mineola this is affecting port jefferson ronkonkoma and oyster bay branches. trains on or close. liz and ben. >> in news this morning nypd officer now in stable condition after being shot during a drug arrest in brooklyn. >> police believe he was hit by friendly fire. teresa priolo has more from bushwick good morning to you. >> shot during a buy and bust
6:33 am
happen haded 6:15 in wilson and troutman avenue in bushwick stl a very, very active scene here this morning. it was even more active last night with this man still on the loose. one man who was involved. three tried to buy 300 worth of heroin. two undercover narcotic officers witnessed transaction and they moved many to make their arrest. two of the threw men were sitting in a car. the other one was the lookout guy . as cops approached, they leaned into the car, they identified themselves and here's what happened had -- next. >> detective reached into the vehicle from passenger's side and attempted to make an arrest with the detective partially inside the vehicle the driver accelerated forward. at this point the sergeant and the detective fired their weapon. that detective an nypd veteran father of two young children shot in the left should earl.
6:34 am
bullet came from his partner's gun by friendly fire. another suspect in that car, was shot. he's 58 prior aces arrest or for drug crimes. basically as much to say that these are known people to the nypd with very, very long hrs. history of drug crime third man remains on the loose. not much in the way of understanding exactly what his identity is or if he has any sort of drug past ben and liz that officer is expected to make a full recovery. he's being treated at elmhurst hospital. that is latest from bushwick this morning. back to you in the studio. >> teresa thank you very much. a change of heart from landlord at one world trade center they'll allow a charity stair climb in their building. >> reported durst organization that manages building on behalf of the port authority says tunnel of the towers foundation
6:35 am
of logistical issue but they change their minds and they urged parties to find a solution. that's good news. good news there. president obama is skipping funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. so he can attend a technology festival. the president will appear at the south by southwest event in texas this friday, first lady michelle obama will attend mrs. reagan funeral instead. george w. bush and laura rush and former first lady rosalynn carter an hillary clinton will also attend. president obama also skipped the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia last month. so vice president biden could attend. mrs. reagan will be laid to rest next to her husband ronald at the presidential library in simi valley, california. >> he'll get slack for that decision. >> i think that's already happening. fox means business. >> joining us from the fobs business studio is to tell what
6:36 am
bureau has to say about a donald trump claim. that came up last week that has to do with trump university we talked a lot trump university and megyn kelly a d, he said an a what do you say? >> both. explaining some things yesterday so rating agency say this is, back in 2010 before the wind down of trump online university trump university, it has so many complaints on a site about the school that it got a d minus rating. then the university wound down and couple of years later it went all the way that rating from a d my mous to a plus not because the school did better because no complaingts were registered on the site. so this is what you need to know as you decide what your view is on this story 5,000 people are u suing trump and trump university say they spent 30,000 on an education that they don't necessarily value and better business bureau wog to just say
6:37 am
our grade, rankings and yeah i went from a d minus to aplus and giving us a reason imrp >> ax because there were no complaints, but it doesn't exist anymore. >> shut down -- so basically let's be honest last grade it got is a d -- >> d minus i think whether you leak them or o not. big issues with that. >> testifies railing about those last night. he did. >> for all things trump. >> we keep watching. lauren simonetti for pus lauren thank you very much. keech her at the fox business network if you're not sure where to find it go there or fox thank you.
6:38 am
accident pangs for one of its competitor. diction sporting goods could be a big benefactor. company says that sports authority stores were the current expansion plans. analysts say diction could capture 20 prkt of sports authority business which said its stockup nearly 3% yesterday. i like going into dick's sporting goods and wag around the. they have like that golf simulator. duke knows what i'm talking about. looking at clubs that you can't afford to buy. >> all right a great day to get outside. run in the park, do what you've got to do. toys -- yeah, golf clubs out there playing whatever the case may be. exactly. exact on a day like this forget about it. better get your tea time right now. that should be out there. anyhow here's the day. record warm temperatures as well as tomorrow . at least potentially tomorrow.
6:39 am
to the tristate region that's happening for you tomorrow night and then it does gets cooler over the weekend but above normal temperatures all the way through. all right now let's get a snapshot what's going on with the mute this morning. where's our big hangup if any, ines. >> good morning something going on there but i'm happy with that weather report. hudson river crossings 15 lower level. 30 minutessed a lincoln tunnel. holland from each approach traveling on long island. doing fine southern state parkway reports of an accident by hempstead avenue blocking a lane. l.i.e. to glen cove road and lakeville. cameras with the b qerks e at the koive koa bridge a stalled truck westbound past the l. ti. e. at least one lane closed. duke is here with a look at sports. >> municipal in sports rangers in buffalo looking to bounce back on sunday. highlight when is we come back. >> plus latest entertainment
6:40 am
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> all right let's check had headlines for you on a wednesday
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picks up a big upset last night. he won the michigan include primary. but hillary clinton still gets more delegates. she won mississippi by a landslide. >> republicans donald trump popularity keeps soaring with wins in three of the four states last night. the primary in gn and mississippi along with the caucus in hawaii ted cruz won idaho in his 7th victory overall. >> ten-year-old girl who disappeared on monday morning is safe. kelly rivera found wandering in washington heights yesterday by alert business owner. instead of getting on her school bus she took the cab to new york city. trying to figure out why and that cab driver. a ten-year-old girl to the city. all right sports now. good morning. rming hi, duke. >> started on the ice last hour so let's start with some basketball. basketball knicks to denver to face nuggets and second quarter
6:44 am
alley-oop and throw down -- knicks down by 13. 30 points -- and teammates in double figures. they couldn't catch up. they trail for last 340 eu7bs of this game, and new york loses 110, 94, 17th loss in the last 21 games. that's not good. all right nets and raptors in toronto less than 10 seconds in the half. brook lopez with a lay-in. 30 points on the night. 7 blocked for him great night up 14 at the break. a big upset by rap or tores would go on a run in the fourthing and they would come away with the win 104-9 tough for the mets. at the garden with two games. one would feature st. john. st. johns with just one big east win on the 10th and final seat to play at 9:30 p.m. you can see that game in person at the garden fox sports one. we knew it was a rebuilding
6:45 am
this, of course, chris mullins big east tournament with a chance to catch up. chris and some of his -- it players when i went out to st. johns campus. and they're excited about the big east tournament. >> something they've watched on of it a lot and they're participating many it. probably a big deal. and time also for the young guy for the freshman. >> big east is a high level and -- really good player, and teams, so make history. been mecca the world. so much at event. can't describe. >> the fnc championship game. reel pots on fire here for fcu three point of impacters. 27 points for him.
6:46 am
they get a chance to the big bid. first since 2005. on the ice range terse up in buffalo facing say about percent blue shirts looking to bounce back after that tough loss to islanders on sunday. first period dak broussard behind the d and fire it is, power play goal. 24th of the year. adding goals in the second. they win 4-2 and now they've won their last 13 games following the loss. islanders facing penguins tied 1 in third. brooklyn gets it in. they win 2-1 and 200nhl win. but left with possible groin injury no word on his status. now nfl year begins today and already there's big news. jason pierre-paul returning to joonts a one-year deal for up to ten and a half million or
6:47 am
espn, played in the giants final eight games with a heavy wrap in right hands and lost his finger in that fireworks accident on july 4th and new york jets runningback expected jackson jaguars yesterday. and 247 carries. 1,070 rushing yards. seven touchdowns and 30 receptions so you know, it's just so odd to me grow up, running backs were, you know, whens i a kid, i mean, that was possession and they were paid. accordingly. now okay. runningback one of three. >> let him go. >> times have changed. quarterback, left tackle. you know . corner back. you know -- wide receiver. duke thank you. nice day ahead nicer than yesterday if you can believe that. amazing out there, mike. >> it is very nice outside, in fact, i'm sure some people
6:48 am
oh. [laughter] ty i love it. could have been warmer. >> but i turned over a new leaf, sir. >> yeah, that didn't last anyway twhas going to do for us feel like spring. normal high temp for today central park is 47 degrees and today 74 is record high temp for the day last was november the 6th and this day last year we have 54 degrees which had is still above normal temperature. so yeah we're doing just fine o out there as we get a good taste of spring. 34 nuke as well as islip. bridgeport 41. mainly sunny sky. 45 degrees. winds are variable and should come in from the south here as we have a mainly clear sky. lots of sunshine again for you today with high pressure still in control. it's basically anchored in same
6:49 am
and it is going to direct that warm air that's been over o southern state and southeast really bringing it to us here in the tristate region today. tables but there's a cold front and squeezing out showers until earlied from. up until then sunny warm day with a high temp up to 74 degree ares. which is a record high temp if we hilt hit 75 tomorrow quite likely that would be another record high temp for that day. shower chances late thursday sphwried. not a big deal with that rainfall. dry on saturday but sunday and monday, tuesday shower chances out there again. we're still fairly mild temperatures, and again this weekend is the weekend where we change clocks forward so here we go. longer day in the evening but dark at this time in the morning. dap daily an hourly forecast available on fox 5 weather app google play store and it is free. can't complain about that now can you, ben. >> seven day is pretty nice. as long as it stays at least in the 50s we're happy about
6:50 am
>> okay we're good. ben wants that high pressure to stick around. >> called arizona m that's true. latest entertainment news is coming up. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even
6:51 am
start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot
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>> good morning, traffic is slow on bqe slower than northbound westbound stroll block a lane let's talk about the trains because problems with long island railroad delays and cancelations afng 10 minute delay on ronkonkoma and oyster bay branch bit mineola other lines are fine. >> liz and ben back to you. >> iconic music producer george martin known as fifth beetle passed away. guiding hand led to stardom. martin signed that phone records in 196 . he i'm sure was not paid enough they are that division. and at a time when records for focused on jazz and come by. posted a picture with this
6:54 am
recording of yesterday and how martin has idea of putting string quartet on classic song. >> ringo or star saying thank you for your love and kindness george peace and love. working on the music and produced pop tracks, george martin 0 years old survived by four children. okay. another of the matrix trilogy filmmakers siblings has cool out of transgender. fng now a woman named lilly her sister lana came out in 2012. according to a statement in chicago windy city times lilly family friends, and colleague already knew about her gender change. >> more than 200 of joan rivers personal possessions will go on auction block at kristys. >> many coming from her fast including jowl rei and french
6:55 am
style home. the auction celebrates her elegance and collecting style among items of silver for her dog spike which is engraved expected to fetch up to $800. a portion of the proceeds will go, of course, go to charity. >> rapper has explaining to do in court today. >> he said all of that he's been flaunt on social media is fake. spells there with stack and bills and that he hiding from the court. make an appearance with the judge in connecticut this afternoon and left many scratching their heads when he filed bankruptcy last year but continued putting up videos on instagrandmother and filed to bankruptcy after paying $7 million to won one who posted sex tape online. >> interesting to see what happens there. pamela angd anderson has a way
6:56 am
>> through peta she said vegan meals cost less to be healthier. that's apparently after they meet with the mean you but they had didn't say this is funny. greatly respect the work that peta does but probably a better chance of me being in the bay catch group. >> that's a you know -- good to know. haas will be in it. >> did you see that movie? >> totally. you have to do it. >> i love that tv show as a kid. that's it for us on this wednesday morning. rosanna and greg coming up. >> enjoy this beautiful day. >> see ya. put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees
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like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today.
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun.
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a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: hello. wednesday. march 9. rosanna: base to have you with us. get ready. you can feel it the minute you walk out the door. it feels milder outside. speed is pushing 80 degrees at
7:00 am
another police officer shot in the line of duty. he may have been hit by friendly fire. the guy they were looking for that was involved in this is still on the loose. rosanna: donald trump racking up wins. greg: all the stories from that romney to the full debate. donald trump took out the stakes. he was celebrating last night. >> bernie sanders one michigan. not expected to do that. rosanna: the way, oh boy. oh my goodness. they had to jump out of the way.


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