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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 9, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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another police officer shot in the line of duty. he may have been hit by friendly fire. the guy they were looking for that was involved in this is still on the loose. rosanna: donald trump racking up wins. greg: all the stories from that romney to the full debate. donald trump took out the stakes. he was celebrating last night. >> bernie sanders one michigan. not expected to do that. rosanna: the way, oh boy. oh my goodness. they had to jump out of the way.
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greg: what about the cameraman? all right. it will be okay. last night was a big night for donald trump. rosanna: i stayed up to watch the victory speech. greg: what the heck was that. rosanna: there were brought stakes on the podium. a victory speech. the number one hotel in north america. i am very proud of it. also places.
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the stake company. by the way, you will want to take one. we will charge you $50. >> to worry. plenty of time. >> amity called out some of the people in the audience. paul o'neill, a former yankee was also there. greg: everybody gets heat from everywhere. rosanna: we have a country club boy with a sunset. it is not a country club in jupiter. greg: the country club scene.
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down there. mike: you remember the liars club, come on. what happened to your regularly. we will look at mike's inspiration. mike: oh, good. i was kind of looking forward to that. greg: terrific. we will find out more about our inspirations coming up in a
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get out there. going straight to software. it is definitely a warm day. temperatures will be going up quickly. thirty-six in monticello. lately and today regardless. drifting open to the northeast. slowly, but surely. that will continue being the case for the next couple of days. 60 degrees by mid- day. a high of 74.
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really close to the old high of 74. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. ready to hit some roads. >> take a look at the deacon here. traffic at a crawl. a stall by yankee stadium slowing everyone down. let's go to long island. traffic slow westbound because of an accident in the area. then there is the bqe. you can see how these cameras are so easy. traffic is a little slow. there is a broken rail five mineola. right now, trainer at an average of a 10 minute delay.
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close to schedule. rosanna: thank you so much. an nypd if this were covering this morning. right now, they are thinking that it may be friendly fire. >> they are looking for another person that fled the scene. teresa priolo live with more. >> good morning, everyone. this happened during a routine drug bust. unpredictable. very dangerous. you can see it as is a still very active scene this morning. just continuing together some clues. one nypd detective was shot. this morning, another suspect
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>> it is a rarity. as the hunt for a known felon involved in a harrowing transaction that led to the shooting of a new york police detective continues. >> writes "two home, you know. they're even trying to buy $100 worth of heroin. they witnessed a goat out and approached the suspect's car. here is what happened next. >> attempted to make an arrest. the data are partially inside the vehicle. at this point, the sergeant and the detect if both fired their weapons. >> reporter: a bullet believed to be part of his gun.
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arrested here at the driver, 48 years old, 55 prior arrests. we have people dying of overdoses everywhere huge that officers information has not been released. we are told that he is the father of two young kids. the officer is stable, alert, awake.
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through, in good spirits. >> donald trump was arguably having a rough week in politics. >> coming at him so hard last week. >> back to work conferences. trying to figure out how to get rid of him. greg: it looked like he was having a bad week. michigan, mississippi, hawaii. >> the democrats are talking about bernie sanders. he had a big upset. she did with mississippi, though. to do stay up and watch? >> i did. you have to do what you have to do. donald trump dominated on the republican side.
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happened was bernie sanders michigan. this is a huge boost for his campaign. >> what this campaign is about is doing something very radical. we are telling the american people the truth. ablow outwitted mississippi. on the republican side, the trump victory train kept going. trump said the recent attack ads are not stopping him. >> i do not think i have ever had so many horrible things said about the in one week. that is okay.
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public is. >> reporter: chunk kasich gained some last minute momentum. kasich now has to focus on a win in his home state next week. >> we will turn this whole thing around because we have what it takes. >> we're we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. a new wall street journal poll came out that had us in a statistical tie for first place nationwide with donald trump. >> rubio had another disappointing night. he failed to win any delegates.
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kasich. a lot of pundits saying that this could be the end of the road for him. greg: thank you very much. we were talking about chris christie. going on vacation to celebrate his anniversary. he left on a tuesday to go celebrate. we figured out where he was. i heard last night during the victory speech, chris is here. greg: chris was somewhere in florida. listen to this. >> we get to new jersey. chris christie is here someplace. i watched what he did to marco. >> where is christie? he is around here so where. we showed this earlier this week.
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he looked great. so did mary pat. what else? >> chris christie's people say that he was not there. he was in florida with his anniversary and wife. former yankee paul o'neill was that this event. donald trump said, you are supporting me. i think that paul o'neill gave him the thumbs up. >> no civil rights charges will be filed. >> you fired because he thought mr. graham was reaching for a gun. u.s. attorneys said there was insufficient evidence. mr. graham's family very upset
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>> i think that we are all criminals. we should not be judged by the color of our skin. >> a $3.9 million settlement in the city. the grand jury was given improper instructions on the charge. a second grand jury charged to indict him. right now, nothing. he could lose his job. we will see what happens. greg: missing for about a day. >> kelly rivera. we had no idea where she was. talking about her on the air.
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>> she skipped school and took a cab into the city on her own. police at this point not telling us why she came into the city. we are happy that the young 10-year-old kelly is back with her mom. >> did you ever go missing? >> no. never missing. i would love my head on the radiator and try to get it very hot. the lines would be on my head and they would know. i like that technique. she knew. mothers know. >> that really is all you want
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prices right. it worked out to our advantage. >> skipping school was always anti-climatic. >> lots of tv for kids. going to want to get outside for sure on a day like today. it is going to keep you to fall. nice and biosphere. no one is freezing. boston, you are sitting at 48 degrees. even warmer than what we have here. you will see lots of sunshine. that warm air shifting up into our neck of the woods. this cold front will eventually
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it takes about a day and a half for that to happen. high temperatures getting up to about 74 this afternoon. we are still holding the randolph until, really, tomorrow night. then after that goes by, we have the cooler temperatures making a comeback. sunny skies today with record warmth. seventy-four in the city. mostly clear skies. as we go through the next seven days, a high of 75 tomorrow. then it dries out for a little while. friday and saturday. you have showered chances out there. let's bring in ines. we do see some backups out there.
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traffic slower than normal. you can see delays go back. both of them are good options. a little slow here. approaching the palisades. heading towards the top of the bridge, you are okay here it let's go to our cameras. victory boulevard. heading towards the verrazano bridge. you will do with those normal delays. lincoln, 60-45 minute to lay. holland tunnel. george washington bridge. >> it does feel like spring. >> rosanna and i actually really
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>> what are they waiting for? stop rolling. row, row, row your boat. the harlem river. having a little pep talk right now. >> see if you could see and ask for a c on the shirt. greg: how do they steer that they, anyway? rosanna: maybe they are taking a break. harlem river. how about that for spring. let's talk about some news happening in our area. greg: this is stuff.
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and killed an american citizen. he survived to doers of duty in iraq and afghanistan. >> he was on a school trip. he was stabbed to death. >> he was stabbed to death during a series of attacks. police officers were wounded. >> this happened outside of tel aviv. a beachfront area. he says there is no
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terror. >> escaped by the hair on the chin each engine. take a look at this. wow. both men are okay. the cameraman yelling get out of the way. it was just in time. they are in harms way. more then they realize.
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homeless person. right on top of the homeless guy. oblivious to him. it has gone viral. there is backlash on social media. that phenomenon. we ignore what is after us. the problem is we see almost everywhere.
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>> forget about it. it is somewhere. >> almost 80 degrees today. i think tom brady lives on the right. rosanna: did they say that it was just sell? greg: it is right down the block. the flatiron building.
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there in the wedge. rosanna: of fox5 ny facebook page. we're kind of curious. >> maybe if it is really, really good, you and i will take our adventure there. working in that little edge. rosanna: it is so unusual, his victory speeches.
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interests and the lobbyists. it is the largest winery on that use ghost. i own it 100%. it works for some people. it does not work for everyone. i was like 12 or two. somebody else that $48 million. i was one. the other person was 45. it would be nice if we had a country that work that way. >> more presidential than anybody. big night for michigan and mississippi. and hawaii. rosanna: the weather is gorgeous. it is putting all of us in a
7:32 am
mike: someone has to start laying out the complaints. >> you know that it is true. >> i had made it. mike and i talked about that. >> that is exactly right. >> no matter what you say, you are wrong, or you are right. >> i missed that part. too bad. >> that is just around the corner.
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these are the forecast highs. 75 degrees. we may or may not get that one. it looks like records will be falling. the equinoxes 11 days away. okay. our temperatures around the tri-state region. we do have a mainly clear skies. it will be a sunny, beautiful, warm day out there. that air is slowly, but shirley shifting up this way. it continues to influence.
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there should be some outdoor dining. it would be a record high temperature. tomorrow, your forecast high of 75 degrees. another record high. some quick showers trying to squeeze through. sunnier skies on saturday. only a few patchy showers. okay. let's get you back over to ines rosales. traffic on the deacon. a real slow right here. 280 normal delays. let's go to the cameras. no problems was found in these
7:35 am
there is a broken rail in mineola. the port jefferson and oyster bay branch. the rest of the trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. was that two or three? i lost count. we are good. okay. greg: folks, we have is to talk about. a transit strike. they are still working on a deal >> they are threatening to walk off the job on sunday. they are talking. kerry drew is in hoboken. >> both sides were at the negotiation table yesterday. expected to resume those talks tomorrow.
7:36 am
workers to strike. tens of thousands of commuters across new jersey. they want to limit contributions to healthcare. that is just not in the budget. after yesterday's negotiations, union representatives said they were hopeful. >> walking out the door. >> new jersey transit officials. only about 38% of all riders. that would be available from the locations across new jersey. only during the morning and evening rush.
7:37 am
affected by this. >> we do have plans on metro north. they would be able to access buses. >> i hope that they do not go on strike. thousands and thousands and of people would scramble. governor christie, what is he saying about all of this? the deadline is looming. what the new jersey transit
7:38 am
she called it if am positive. there is still more work that needs to be done. >> donald trout made that announcement last night. >> it will be 77. >> very high tech. it looks like the bus that you sometimes take at that airport. >> charging ports. you can charge your phone or your laptop right there. >> we should talk to the person next door. >> you must see the youtube video. >> whatever happened to the days where you looked out the window?
7:39 am
i would rather see the video. >> the first of 2000 buses. >> the articulated bus. the late joan rivers. she died september 204 team. that is your home on the upper east side. >> going up for auction. many of those will be coming from the penthouse that she has on the upper east side. >> barry gilded. there she is. joan rivers. her dog spike. take a look inside the upper
7:40 am
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. >> we told you about those new buses that are coming next month. look at who is on the front of the bus. rosanna: they will have live advertisements. >> you may see us on the front of the bus. >> i think that they put that together for us.
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rosanna: talking about the solar eclipse. people on the other side of the world. that is when the moon passes directly between the moon and the sun. >> newsrooms all over the world. i like his disco version. you had to be in indonesia. >> the other side of the world. anyway. kind of wild. >> by the way, i do not think that we see something like this until next year. >> happy birthday. he watches us every day.
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all rights. now it is you. >> record warm temperatures coming up for you. 74 degrees. the last time we had this, november the sixth. last year on this day we only got up to 54 degrees. even that was warmer than normal. white plains, 38 degrees. a mainly clear skies. we will see a lot of sunshine going forward through today. way above normal temperatures. there is a cold front. not for about another 36 hours. a high of 74 degrees. quick showers coming through
7:46 am
the fox5 weather out for free. we do have birthday shout outs. first of all to angel. happy birthday to you, powell. happy birthday to you victoria. i guess that that was it. still going on. got that set up. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. >> problems on route 80. the garden state parkway.
7:47 am
let's go to our cameras. the triborough bridge. fifty-ninth street bridge. stopping and going there. let's go to that camera shot. the george washington bridge, the upper level, lower level. thirty-40. greg and rosanna. rosanna: looking good. greg: congratulations. >> not looking so bad either. >> his mom would be feeding him. going home sick pretty soon. >> a high fever yesterday. i am getting there. blue shirts looking to bounce
7:48 am
firing the power play. rangers win four-two. islanders at home in brooklyn. today's power-play goal. 200 nhl wins. a third possible groin injury. facing the denver nuggets. carmelo anthony going in for that i'll you. knicks down by third gene. could not catch up. 110-94. that said raptors in toronto. thirty-five points on the night.
7:49 am
fourth quarter. 104-99. a tough loss for the nets. madison square garden. they will play marquette. msg. despite a tough year. we all knew it would be a rebuilding year. the first year as head coach. going to the st. john's campus. without question, very excited about this up coming tournament. >> find themselves participating.
7:50 am
a really good team. they are looking up. i feel the uk has this plan. >> the nec championship team. on fire. a couple three quarters here. twenty-seven points for him. they get a trip. 2005. jason peter paul. jets running back chris ivory. expected to type. a lot going on in the world of sports. greg: to remember the fraternity i think they were from that university. duke, you are all right. rosanna: i know that it is a
7:51 am
you probably want to go outside and work out. rosanna: westside. >> tha this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope.
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help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism and substance abuse services
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greg: all right. fifty cent. also known by 50. rosanna: apparently he does not have a nickel to his name. greg: he likes to post pictures of himself surrounded by money. rosanna: he says that it is fake. just a prop. the rapper left many people scratching their heads when he filed for bankruptcy last year. he filed for bankruptcy after being awarded $7 million. posting a sex tape online. >> the beatles fantastic band. george martin. he has died at the age of -- rosanna: i think it is like 90
7:55 am
>> signed the legendary group. mostly about jazz and comedy. sharing a story about the recording yesterday. how mr. sir martin had the idea of putting strings on that last six song. thank you for all of your love and kindness. peace and love. sir martin was the one that told the beatles to get rid of their drummer. he was a goat to producer. >> outpour drummer. a part-time bookkeeper or something like that. rosanna: i know. greg: still out there. george washington was 90 years old.
7:56 am
he has been in every movie ever made. promoting egg awareness. what do you think of that, rosanna? rosanna: check this out. >> michael bacon. >> michael bacon? >> exactly. we are here to teach you the power of waking up with bags. rosanna: the nutritional benefit of eggs. it is kind of interesting. greg: michael bacon. lehman college. all right. i hope that they get a lot of money out of this. rosanna: let's talk about our facebook fans. thank you for saying lovely things about us on our facebook page.
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new fresh step with the power of febreze.
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rosanna: it is going to be a great day, new york. greg: i am greg kelly. pushing 80 degrees at one point. rosanna: march 9. it looks like it has that hazy,
8:00 am
verrazano bridge in the distance. greg: details in a little bit. rosanna: and nypd officer was shot. police thought that viewers have died other officers bullet. that officer is recovering from his injuries this morning. one of the other guys involved in that drug yield. greg: a big night in politics. hillary was seen in michigan. a lot of people thought that she would win there. she did not. bernie sanders. on the republican side. rosanna: donald trump 13. ted cruz did when in idaho. greg: all right. a bridge from long island to connecticut. >> i usually take the ferry.
8:01 am
i went from connecticut to long island. i took the ferry. it was an endless trip. greg: they are thinking about it. hi, everybody. what is going on. rosanna: celebrating this gorgeous weather. greg: a huge night for donald trump. he had a rough week. 2012 nominee coming out against you. rosanna: i know. and then you are here. meeting behind closed doors. what do we do about this donald problem. greg: last night he was in command. concerns about whether donald
8:02 am
trying to address him last night. >> more presidential than anybody. more presidential than anybody. i have 16 people coming at me from 16 different angles. you have to win. you have to beat them back. more presidential. i have said this a couple times. he was very presidential. >> okay. greg: he did say on the show once if he did become president, he would tone it down. >> he was an act or. the best president of our country. greg: not everybody, but a lot. rosanna: what i am saying is, may be donald trump can grow into the job.
8:03 am
>> it will be very key next week. the first time they get to new york. everybody keeps saying that it will be a done deal. greg: shut up already. we knew that this was going to be a big deal when we went to his announcement that in june. we felt it. we knew that this would be significant. rosanna: they wrote it off. just a reality tv star doing something for tv, basically. obviously, he knows how to work up those crowds. greg: let's bring in mike keep. rosanna: usually you where this kind of an outfit on a friday. mike: i don't think that there is a rule in a longer. it is time. it is time.
8:04 am
we are all set for the day. not just one, but two days in a row. at least out at central park. here is what we have for you today. the normal high for today is 47 degrees. sixty-nine is the old record high for the date. our temperature's are jumping up. no. forty-nine out at central park. forty-one in sussex. 46 degrees in bridgeport. wind is not really doing a whole lot. a lot of places being reported calm at this hour. our temperatures will be coming back in the tri-state. another quiet day coming up for about a day and a half before this cold front comes through.
8:05 am
probably not a whole heck of a lot. today, sunny skies. a new record. tomorrow, if we make 75, that is also a new record viewed two days in a row of record warm temperatures. all right. let's get you back over to ines. find out what is happening with the roads and rails. ines: good morning, michael. route 80 over but exit 58. an accident westbound blocking two lanes. over but exit 147, there is an accident. as for the deegan, a stop.
8:06 am
a differing spell. delay's and cancellations. delays are averaging 10 minutes. everything else is running on or close. street cleaning rules rules are in effect citywide. >> two suspects under arrest. they believe these gentlemen were involved in some kind of drug real. they believe one of the officers was hit i another officer. >> according this is a buy and bust situation. the corner of wilson. they pretty much have cleaned up the crime scene here.
8:07 am
towed the vehicle. >> back in the day. >> a massive police presence. the hunt for a known felon involved that led to the shooting of a new york city police detect if continued. >> the shooting known as a buy and bust operation. the undercover narcotics officers witnessed it go down and approached the suspect's car. >> the detective reached into the vehicle from the passenger side.
8:08 am
at this point, they both fired their weapons. he was rushed to the hospital where he was expected to recover from his injuries. the driver, a 45 euros with 58 prior arrests. shot will to pull times. a 51 year old with 17 prior arrests. remaining on the run. these officers find this disturbing operation on a daily basis. >> we have people dying of overdoses everywhere. ironically, it is the american dream. >> not identified. and undercover narcotics officer. he is the father of two young
8:09 am
according to the mayor last night, he was stable, alert, awake. he was in very good spirits. that is the latest. back to both of you. >> let's move to politics. donald trump was celebrating big time last night. >> everything he owns he talked about last night. a big night for him. what happens next, we are not sure. a bit more complicated. going big in michigan. bernie sanders beat her. >> one in mississippi. lots of plugs our way last night. >> whatever you want to call it.
8:10 am
sanders in michigan. sanders hopes to keep that momentum moving until next week. >> this campaign is about, doing something very radical. we are telling the american people the truth. >> bernie sanders with the upset of the year. the blowout win in mississippi means she will walk away with more delegates. winning the primary in michigan. the recent attack ads are not stopping him. it shows you how brilliant the
8:11 am
they knew that there were lies. >> challenging texas senator ted cruise for second place in michigan. now having to focus on a when in his home state next week. >> we have what it takes. >> we are closing the gap in state after state after state after state. we know a new wall street journal poll came out that had us in a statistical tie for first place nationwide with donald trump. >> rubio had another disappointing night. failing to bring any delegates. >> tuesday night will be one to watch. casey figures hoping that he comes out victorious.
8:12 am
if he doesn't, it could be the end. >> that could be really bad if you lost florida. >> thinking that he may quit before the actual conference. >> taking it on a anniversary trip. celebrating 30 years of marriage. greg: it is a week day. he just spent a lot of time out-of-state. apparently, we know, where he is celebrating the anniversary on a trump property. >> we get up to new york. chris christie is here someplace. the governor of jersey. >> it turns out that chris christie was not there.
8:13 am
he was celebrating with his wife. rosanna: he has a property there. okay. anyway. he is in florida. rosanna: florida is a big state. one thing we know for certain. for merging key was that this jupiter events. donald trump gave him a shout out. believed about paul o'neill is supporting donald trump especially when he goes to ohio. getting some flak today. >> well, it happens. >> he is still a candidate. those questions about where he
8:14 am
>> that is that. >> okay. change of heart from the landlords of one world trade center. >> a have seen the light. they will allow this. maybe because they got a little pushing from the governor. towers foundation. logistic issues. it is kind of like a general term. now they change their minds. governor cuomo stepped in. he urged everyone to find a nice solution. >> he went to the towers. >> i think that they did it once before.
8:15 am
>> president obama. former first lady nancy reagan. the funeral of nancy reagan. i think that it is customary for the first lady to go. >> after, you know, this goalie funeral. he just said see you. president george w. bush. >> rosalyn carter and hillary clinton.
8:16 am
almost 80 degrees. >> it is like my mind has completely opened up. >> quite difficult for the past four months. welcome back, rosanna. >> the weather was crazy. >> you really are in touch with your self. >> oh. wow. okay. [laughter] anyways. firs of first of all, happy birthday to a huge fan. i know she has been waiting all morning. i hope that you have a fantastic day. it is going to be beautiful outside. sixty-nine is the old record
8:17 am
2 miles high temperature, 75 degrees. it looks like we could be beating that. record warmth is in our future. that 10-degree temperature. anyhow. 49 degrees. same thing for you and newark. wind is pretty light out there. we do have a mainly clear sky. lots of sunshine. we have this front off to the west of us. for about another 36 hours. dry skies. the clouds will increase tomorrow. today, you are fine. tomorrow, that front it's a little bit closer. let's see what is happening at 3:00 o'clock in the morning. they are not here for too long.
8:18 am
to follow. record warmth today. i temperature getting up to about 74 degrees. yes, it is warm. maybe a little bit more humidity. as we go through the weekend, things try out. more shower chances. do not forget the fox5 weather out here and daily and hourly forecast. check that out. also, do not want you to forget, textile word whether if you want to weather forecast it to you. good morning, ines. >> a lot of son out there. the taconic is doing good. the expressway, normal delays. the brooklyn side, it you have
8:19 am
let's go to our cameras. westbound no problem. eastbound side, you are fine. driving into the city, at least in our inbound. gwb, 30 on the upper and lower level. not a bad ride. greg and rosanna. >> a viral video. take a look at this. this is fantastic, actually. this is literally a viral video. it is no big deal. >> lulu and a bunch of pillows. >> it is crazy how many people shared. >> does anything happen?
8:20 am
i don't. go to my fox5 ny. you will see it. rosanna: a new book out the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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8:23 am
greg: it is about trust. rosanna: writes. that joe will be here in the 9:00 o'clock hour. greg: by the way, that joe is not fat anymore. he is a big deal. what else do we got? >> they have partnered with the
8:24 am
testing sales of cosmetically challenged -- [laughter] and ugly tomato. so delicious. greg: when i go to whole foods, once or twice a year, joining a movement called for big-name supermarkets to stop throwing out food based on appearance. these people, they said that the produce in the vegetables were perfectly fine that the supermarkets were throwing out. greg: this may be reaction to a controversial practice that they had. they started selling them for $6. a tweet went viral. rosanna: $6 for a peeled orange? greg: if only nature could find
8:25 am
that we did not waste plastic on them. rosanna: is this more appealing? >> yeah, i know. >> i get it. >> nevermind. all right. what is going on here, lauren? >> remember that e. coli virus. it really killed the company's sales. yesterday, a restaurant in massachusetts closed while complete sanitation of the entire restaurant was started. one of the workers possibly to others testing positive for norovirus. what do you do if you arch up
8:26 am
try to figure out what it is. you know, try to convince people to go back in. they thought, it you know, a current campaign. everything would be great. >> the lines went away. then they came back. thanks a lot, lauren. we wrapped things up and get ready for fat joe. greg: they have that fun song. love that song.
8:27 am
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and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at greg: this little kid has scooter. rosanna: how cute. just about 8:30. greg: he drives one of those things. he takes the scooter from madison square, from penn station up here. he swears by it.
8:30 am
greg: 2015 was the hoverboard until they started blowing up. rosanna: yeah, i agree with you. the high-end ones are good. greg: thumbs up, kid. rosanna: at least he is using energy. by the way, zack's birthday. he is 9 years old. he and his mom, jessica, watch now. greg: we appreciate f. so today will feel different. flex the first day of greg: rosanna: when you go outside, it does feel mile milder. you anticipate the 75. greg: we are going to launch to the it upper 70's today. should be nice. what else? rosanna: mike woods is here. backing the country club. >> yes, indeed, mike. meteorologist: like mid 70's. rosanna: what country club do you visit here around sneer. meteorologist: let's see, are there country clubs. rosanna: mention greg's name. greg: men want to do drinking. oh, really?
8:31 am
stop by. you know what? i will dress up as chef and come out of the kitchen and scar the heck out of you, too. i am honorary member. greg: it would be fun are fo you to you come out with a chef's hat ap mustache. rosanna: dy that. i snuck in. i was part of the cake. greg: you popped out of the cake? rosanna: oh. a bachelor's party. greg: then what happened? rosanna: you know what happens at bachelor's party. greg: it stays at the party. rosanna: exactly. anyway, let's keep talking. greg: you poppedded out of a cake at bachelor's party then what? what were you wearing? rosanna: clothes. greg: that is broad. apparel. she was wearing apparel. rosanna: not a kim kardashian moment, trust me. okay. greg: wow. meat mooth you are still here. rosanna: yeah. meteorologist: anyway. we do have a warm day.
8:32 am
i mean, bathing suit. we got warm tempsp coming up for us. oh, man. record high temperatures the next couple of days here. today and tomorrow, then a little bit of rain scoots on through the tristate region. we are talking about tomorrow night. it doesn't look liability is a big deal in terms of rainfall that it brings us to. a little bit will be coming up for us. i will be cooler as we head to the weekend. trust me, it is going to be cooler for this time of year, you are fine. still winter. it is 49 central park. the same thing four in islip. now, 49 for providence, montauk, same thing in newark. we have all kinds of 49's around the tristate reg bon. when it comes to wind, we have winds, especially the coastal areas, 5 to 100 miles per hour. it is call. we do have mainly clear sky throughout the region. high pressure in control. warm temps over the southeastern states. they aring if to be pushing in to the northeast. you can see warm tems that are down over the deep south.
8:33 am
working the way into the northeast. that will happen for the next couple of days. so your temps this afternoon, get up to 74 for high. that is a new record high temp. tomorrow, forecasting up to 75 with more clouds. that also would be a record high if we get up to 7 a. 63 this is high on friday. then thele coulder temps are back. youer 50 tee around 60, though, this upcoming weekend. shower chances four on sunday, monday, tuesday. all right. let's get you to in eustace what is going on with the come hut this morning. hello, ine. reporter: hello, there. let's start off with queens. approaching the long island expressway. an accident has a lane blocked. if you are traveling, expect delays off the white stone bridge queens bound t. there is a debris spill on the roadway. one lane blocked show slowing things down there. in new jersey, route 80. two lanes blocked. westbound at 58 madison avenue. traffic backed hope to parkway and route 19. the garden state parkway. traffic slow as usual from 280 as you head to
8:34 am
let's lack at the verrazano bridge. this side of the bridge, just heading westbound. on the eastbound side heading toward the verrazano. traffic jam. slow things back to bradley avenue. tunnel. an hour delay at least. the city. it is slowing everyone the city. if you want to take the holland tunnel, 30 to 40 from each approach to the george washington bridge. on the upper level. there. you do have a stall there in the right lane. a 40 minute delay inbounded. 30 at the low her level. experience deg lays and cancellation. it is the average ten minute delit ton the port jefferson. oyster bay. this is because of a broken rail in min olele la. the rest of the trains this am the petro nrt and the new jersey trains are doing fine. the path trains and hoboken in the world trade center. you do have delays because of a medical emergency. greg and rosanna. greg: thanks a lot. hillary clinton lost an
8:35 am
night. michigan and bernie sanders there. a lot of people, rosanna, surprised. million ry still has significant advantage, though. yeah. i mean, she has a little bit more. rosanna: she won mississippi, too. and she won the overall delegate count last night. 86-69. greg: and the republican march continues for donald trump. big night for him. successful night. rosanna: he took michigan, mississippi, the hawaii cause. ted cruz picked up a the important win in idaho. trump earned 69 last night. cruz got 50. john kasich took 17. nothing from marco rubio. meanwhile, everybody is talking about maybe marco ru bu yo should pull out before the florida, because maybe, ted cruz could win that state, if marco rubio pulls out. greg: well, if he loses florida, and he tries to win it, remember, he is the senator from florida. donald trump calls a little marco. if he loses the own tate. he could be damaged politically for a long time. all right.
8:36 am
going on here? rosanna: all right. the new jersey transit contract. up for grabs now. they are negotiating. workers are threatening to walk off the job on sunday night. they don't get a new contract. greg: governor christie is monitoring the situation from the beach in florida. and he is on are acation there. donald trump confirmed to us. he is on a trump property. rosanna: well he didn't confirm he is on trump property. greg: he said he is here. rosanna: he made it sound like he is in the room. he is not in the room. he is in the state of florida. greg: he is in the state of florida. i would bet he has. who knows? let's go to kerry drue in hoboken with more on this. hi, curry. reporter: good morning to you, greg and rosanna. talks are expected to resume once again tomorrow. this strike is am looing. it could happen this sunday, march 13th, 4,000 workers could walk off the job. that of course is the tens of thousands of people try to figure out how they will get to work on monday. also take about the possible strike. union workers have been
8:37 am
for almost five years. the last contract was back in july of 2011 and want pay raise, they also want to limit contributions to health care. but new jersey transit officials are said it is not in the budget. so even though a deal has not yet been reached. union representatives seem to be pretty hoechful after yesterday's talks. >> well, we made progress again tonight. i think we are walk ought the door in better position than we walked in the door which is lass positive for us. reporter: the mta is working with new jersey transit official a as on the contingency plan that would accommodate only about 38% of all riders or about 40,000 seats. this morning inside of the terminal here. we did see sign age that talks about that strike and the plan. so this would include a regional park and ride service that would be available from five different park and ride locations across nothing. but only on weekdays, only during the morning and the evening rush. also, this strike would affect staten island
8:38 am
well because several bus routes are being divert and traffic to brooklyn the mornings and the earnings. if the strike does happen. they should plan to carpool or leave from work early or even work from home. this morning, we have been talking to commuter finding out what they would do if the the strikep happens. >> we're thinking, possibly, some kind of a shuttle, i heard. but other than that, i mean, i would take the bus and the train. sos it is going to be tight. i have no idea. i am worried. i go my fingers crossed. >> think the new jersey transit train. i take the new jersey transit bus. i take the right rail. it would affect me big time. big time. how would you get to work on monday? >> i don't know. this is all new to me. so i would, i cannot imagine how i could get to work. reporter: a lot of people in that same situation. mean wile, governor christie has said he is monitoring these talks, but doing it from afar. hes on are acation this week for his 30th wedding anniversary
8:39 am
the state until the end of the week t. dead this line, again, this sunday, march 13th, both sides do seem to be optimistic as talks resume tomorrow. new jersey transit, a spokesperson did call yesterday's discussions productive, positive, but added there is more work to be done. that is the latest live from here this morning. greg and roseanne, back to you. >> okay. thanks a lot. we got new buses coming or way toll the streets of new york, and here is a picture of one. rosana inside is fog have all kinds of cool technol he lo gy they say. rosanna: i know. you can actually charge your phone, a laptop, whole you are there taking a ride. by the way, it is going to be rolled out in queens starting next month. the mta says they are the first of more than 2,000 buses that will hit the city streets over the next five years. they look good. hope ny it will be nice, easy. greg: this we are in the front of the bus. sometimes they do that.
8:40 am
this to have fun here. >> drar 755,000 a pop for the bus. rosanna: wow. greg: all right. rosanna: there is a renewed push, meanwhile, in albany, to get a bridge or tunnel to link long island to connecticut or westchester. greg: a bridge now. right now, roseanne, if you live here, you got to drive all the wayne basically, take the throgs neck or the whitestone bridge, you got come all the way though city. rosanna: yeah. or you a cap take the ferry. >> the for ry is hour plus. it is a big hassle. rosanna: it was af hour mall of. you got to make reservations if you are taking a car. greg: they have been looking that for a long time. someone in nassau county, connecticut s. here us one proposal from oyster bay to westchester. another one to connecticut. rosanna: all right. so the governor is saying, okay, this could be a possibility. he is proposing a $5 million study on the tunnel under neath the sound to make the connection. it would take hours off the trip. greg: sounds cool. >> to get off the island
8:41 am
drive all the way west, and you litter sly to get into new york city to get off the island. that is causing the congestion within the island. either drive to new york city, or you have to be a great swimmer and swim from connecticut. rosanna: that is not going to happen. a. greg: come on. rosanna: the long island association also wants al been a no i consider port options further east. so you never know. it is a pretty ride when are on the ferry. nice. okay. folks, remember, "star trek," the next generation. lamar burrton with the things on. key not see. he us on the reading rainbow. we got to know him. why yes. and anyway, we will talk to him. he will be here about relaunching the reading rainbow, and we'll talk about it right here on good day new york. meantime, patty, thanks for watching. happy birthday to a very special birthday girl. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito --
8:42 am
go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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greg: olivia newton-john. it does, actually. rosanna: what happens when hear this song? greg: i was on the way home from taking the s.a.t. for the third time. i was listening to old-fashioned rock band. love this woman and her music.
8:45 am
rosanna: this makes me feel so -- between it skip out on the street somewhere. greg: coop the volume out. we got ben, our great morning anchor/afternoon morning reporter. ben, happy spring to you a little bit early f. how is it going? rosanna: spring fever? reporter: yes. i do have spring fever. who doesn't? other though, really, guys, all considered, not that bad of a winter. you find it intriguing how people dress on days like today. i don't want you to be deceived. right now, it is not that warm out here. it is probably 48-50 degrees according to my phone. you can see some people still dressed like it is alags a. we have heavy coats on. other people, then you got people out here, i see a couple of guys wondering here in shorts and short sleeves. we asked some people about the weather they have seen the last day or so.
8:46 am
have a listen. >> it is fantastic. >> we are truly blessed for this fantastic weather. not too cold. just right. it is beautiful. >> it is sweater weather. a butte. >> not bad for the first week of march. abc utley not. >> so, hey. >> you are okay with that, fright. >> i actually am. >> all right. >> i am. >> any plans to get thought afternoon. they say mid 70's. >> yeah. >> i think i will can actually get away from my decks today. report now you know, it is officially spring weather here when kids start breaking out the toys like the bikes and scooters. within of the scooters went by there. you can not see it any more. they are a popular item, greg. if you have a gift to give. i recommend you buy one of those scooters. stay away from the hoverboards. that this is to try the
8:47 am
will step out so you can cron the view. spectacular architecture here. rosas fa, greg, to you. thankthank you very. they are great. it ties bad they blow rup and cause fires. rosanna: you have to be careful. greg: which manufacturing. they great. last summer was the am mer of the hoverboards. it was. coming um. i am excited bass we have a top chef host and judge here. greg: there she is. rosanna: she has back out. and, it is called "love, loss, what we ate." greg: a tell-all with about herself. rosanna: you know what? you will be shocked. when you look, she has glamorous life. she does. but boy, oh boy, she has
8:48 am
8:49 am
look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
8:50 am
mmmm, yoplait. rosanna: hoboken. greg: hoboken is not named for the hobos. when growing were up shall we thought that. rosanna: no. it is a happening place. >> the name is dutch or something like that. hobos.
8:51 am
you know, very yucky, familyville now. a lot out there. hipsters. greg: hi, ebb. what is going on? rosanna: all right. let's talk about things we can do together, greg? i know you have been to 3d movies, right? greg: occasionally. rosanna: have you heard of 4-d? greg: tell me more. rosanna: well, a new movie coming out. batman versus supe herman is coming out in 4d here in new york city. greg: time travel. what do you mean 4-d? rosanna: smell. two regal theaters will present the movie with shaking seat, wind, pog, rain, yes, scent. greg: what does batman smell like? i done want to smell batman. rosanna: i think like a disney ride. it is going to be fun. it is going to show us the stadium in times jair beginning april 28th in. word on what kind of
8:52 am
greg: what does batman smell like this also pamela anderson from bay a.m., we he met her a couple of mon ago. she was nice. beautiful. rosanna: she has new way to save money in new york's prison system. she says go vegan f. greg: that means no animal prod walk this soever. none. rosanna: not even cheese. in a throat governor cuomo, through peta, vegan meal was cost less and be healthier and she would visit a prison and service the food. that would cause a riot. apparently, that is what she did after arizona prison dropped neath the menu last year. cuomo's office didn't talk the bait saying we brate greatly respect the work that they do but there is a better chaps of me being on the "baywatch" reboot. greg: wow. prison boot not known for the mystery meat. rosanna: right. that is part of the deal. part of the glamour. threat, about a show joup of words in
8:53 am
greg: what do we have? rosanna: well the 2016 women of the world poetry slam starts today at pratt institute that features 96 women or nonor gender non-conformerring pets around the world. greg: there is always something for end. this is great. you love poets. cue go there tooned the raps. greg: you think i should. rosanna: the pets goil through several rounds of am cotition before they are chosen another finals on saturday night. greg: all right. coming up on good day new york. fat joe. that guy knows something about poetry andp rap. rosanna: and remy ma. this they are back together. they got a brand-new hit song all the way out. rooting here on good day
8:54 am
let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit attention parents: before school this september r all kids entering 7tht must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care provider today. learn more at
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rosanna: you hear the birds chirping in the background. it is so pretty, int isn't it? greg: let's enjoy, shall be we? rosanna: listen to this. greg: mia rudolph. rosanna: us laugh on saturday night live and other funny things she does. yao all right. it is a good spring song. it is going to be close to summer temperatures. rosanna: we're feeling it today. putting us in a great mood. donald trump must be walk on cloud nine morning, right? you are feeling good?


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