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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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rosanna: you hear the birds chirping in the background. it is so pretty, int isn't it? greg: let's enjoy, shall be we? rosanna: listen to this. greg: mia rudolph. rosanna: us laugh on saturday night live and other funny things she does. yao all right. it is a good spring song. it is going to be close to summer temperatures. rosanna: we're feeling it today. putting us in a great mood. donald trump must be walk on cloud nine morning, right? you are feeling good?
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feeling got fit morning! greg: i don't think so. look. he has a lot of opposition, still. but hold on, hold that thought. he that had a big night last night. michigan, mississippi, hawaii, lost idaho, who lives in idaho. four people. rosanna: they have great potatoes there. greg: after really rough week, i think, politically, everybody coming at him. mitt romney last thursday. rosanna: people in his own party. greg: really. the monies am dog the super packs to stop trump. he had a very solid night last night. it look like he is poised to have a lot more. buzz he had one of those i think it is safe to say, shooting sly bizarre hour-long have k ry speeches/press conference. why with aever came to his mind. he was back it with whether he was going after the reporter or talking about the trump stinks in water. it was highly amusing to watch. greg: come here for a second. here's the tran. on. page after page after page. rosanna: at least ten
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probably make it -- how long was it? it was af hour. woe were watching the whole time. rosanna: i wap for half-hour. greg: right. i didn't make at this time end. right. it went on and on. here is a little bit. s with all over the place. >> i have one of the greatest buildings en world. chicago, i have one of the greatest buildings. rated the income bar one hotel in north carolina. i am proud of it. it right on the river. we have water. it is a successful, you know, it is private little water company. they supply the water for all the place. is good. it is very good. trump stakes? what are the stakes? we have trump stakes. he said the company can. we have trump stakes. by the way shall if you want to take one, we'll charge you about $50. >> trump magazine is out. >> it tim? i thought i read one two days ago. this comes out. i it is called the jewel of palm beach. i had it for man if i years.
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take one. club. club. rosanna: it was all over the place. highly amusing. usually, you know, the talk when they win a primary or whatever they talk about thank ebb. it is a list of people. it was sort of all over this place. would well, there was methed to the madness. he was rebought everything mitt romney said. je uk too bad the lobbyist, too. greg: yeah. he thanked them. here is a little bit more. u see the wine because he mentioned trump vodka. [applause] its the largest winery on the east coast. i own it 100%. i want to thank the special interests and the lobbyists. t obviously this something to drive the numbers. hostility works for some people, it doesn't work for everybody. in new hampshire i spent $1.5. somebody else spent $48 million. it was one. the other person was number five. wouldn't it be nice we had country that worked
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right. right. [applause] rosanna: i at one point, oh, governor christie, you know, he is on vacation with his wife celebrating 30 years. it is he in the audience there? greg: bass a lot of fogs were wondering where is he? here that is. >> we get up to new york. i will do great. we get new jersey, i will do great. chris christie is here some lays. the governor new jersey. i watched what he did to marco. where is chris? we have another special man. >> is around here somewhere. we were wonder wreck is on a taus day night when when, you know, has full-time job in incomes. rosanna: new jersey ran sit strike is looming. we knew he was on vacation with his wife. greg: this is a great picture. march 8th, 198. again. 2:00 he got married in similar outfit. yeah. this is brown tails. so i think, anyway, my
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rosanna: i think he looks kennedyesque. greg: you rating. in the face, he does. he looks like patrick kennedy or someone like that. he is happening out with trump close in florida. rosanna: he was not at the event last fight. greg: has been at a lot of trump events lately. so it like donald trump thought he wants the room. rosanna: anyway, he went afterrer who was there at another station, right? do we have that clip? no, we don't have it. greg: jeremy kept on doing with. nobody is listening. jeremy, no one is listening. well, here is a little bit more. aloft folks think so far. gosh, could he be president? he says, don't worry about it. i can more presidential than anybody. i can be more presidential if i want to be. i can be more presidential than anyone. you blower when i have 16 people coming. 16 different angleles you do president want to be presidential. you have to win. you have to beat them back, right. i would say more presidential.
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times. more presidential than anyone in the great abe lincoln. he was very presidential, rating? rosanna: more president than the presidential people. anyway. lots of found watch donald trump. let's talk about watching my little llao llao. my little dog. she is so cute. lasting into ways getting ready to leave the house. i was look for her. i found her. in the pillows of my son's bed. it wases so funny because, one, i don't like then middle of the pillows. i had might coat on. i was ready to leave the house. she looks secure. rosanna: i got to put this video on facebook. it went viral. greg: more people are looking that video than kim kardashian. rosanna: well, i done know who that. greg: hundreds of thousands of people are weigh in. that is great time four to offer some product. rosanna: will do well. well maybe il lows. maybe i should have a pillow launch. greg: you know what do you put a dog collar on her.
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all right. 1-00-call-fresco. this dog is ap. >> er star. rosanna: it is so cute. anyway, the does make everybody hap nin house. by the way, i was getting ready to go to memorial for bill last night. greg: great new yorker. rosanna: my dad was my date. he used to do a lot of wonderful thing for the italian american come in this tism and his family and friends of ours put together this memorial service and there i was. there were you. it was great. we got to see them. rudy giuliani. >> well, tomorrow. we have nice pictures of bill and celebrate his life a little bit. great new yorker. ran an you a am almost know service. right. rosanna: that is right. greg: what is pen happ penning? meteorologist: all right. it wince those warm days we're talking about record high temperatures in the dead of summer. we welcome this typically. i think a lot of folks are ready for little spring out there.
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high temperature, forecast to hit 70 degrees later on this afternoon. last time we saw stuff like to fit was november 6th. and, yeah, last night, last day, this year, we had 54 degrees which is still not bad, but, yeah. actually, not nearly as warm haze we had throughout today. we have 11 days until we hit spring positionally. march 20th at about 12:30 in the morning. then wilt in spring. we are getting a nice little preview now. we're currently at 55 degrees. sen central pash, 54. 55 in bellmawr. then, also where, 53 in islip. mainly clear sky. winds are starting to pk up a little bit more from the west and the southwest at around 3 to 6 miles per hour. it is not a lot of wind but a little bit. then again, mainly learn sky. we have a lot of sunshine four today. that ridge, this is the day where we have strongest hold on the eastern seaboard extending up to the tristate region. that will keep our skies crear. that warm air coming at us. now here's the next cold front that is coming in to the area. at this time is going to
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it has a tough time getting here through the day today. you will final it won't. tomorrow we will see the clouds in creasing then eventually that weakened cold front slidelution to. a looks like at 3:00 in the morning for friday morning. do you have light showers passing by. then out of here by ever you know it? p we see drier skies following up for you for the rest triv day. then going into the weekend but your temps will be coming down, too. today still in the upswing. 68 degrees by noon. high tem goes up to 74. that is a new record high by 5 degrees. tomorrow, we head up to a high of 75. there will be more clouds coming through. that, too, could be a record high temperature. be hit 75, that is record high. there's the showers. make it a quick little squeeze then drier sky four later friday into saturday. tems are coming down. more shower chances are out there. sunday, monday, tuesday, of next week. so there you have it. by the way, another birthday shout out to my pal.
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nice collage. rosanna, greg, over to you. rosanna: all right. a great wook. magazine. greg: there it is. am amazing person, model, i have been intrigued with her going back to the 1990's. man, oh, man. she is indian. she is beautiful. also a great chef. rosanna: she is top chef host and judge. >> she is, safe to say, always been mysterious. like a a little bit allusive. what is happening with her in the personal life? what is not happening if why did she break up with that guy? was she that guy some of this stuff will be revealed in the new book which is gaining a lot of attention. >> love, os, with we ate. nice have you back here. >> nice to see you both.
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a am happy to be be here. rosanna: am reading the book in the mild of it. i just got it yesterday. but i was intrigued because you foe, everyone this is you leave this glamorous life? and you do? >> yes. very glamorous. rosanna: you live quite an interesting up and down life starting in queens. >> yes. yeah. i came to new york when i was four. my mom came here when i was two. you are know? she was an adult. she came here meak agnew life for us. we were like many immigrants that you can see on the street of new york. we live on up the easter side. we moved to queens and elmhurst. i went to catholic school. it was there in queens. then i was ps158 in new york. this is really about also about new york. new york is a huge cracker in the book. in a wanted to write a story that reflected a lot of people like me who grew up in the city.
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it is about motherhood. how we eat, what that says about how we love. >> that is butte. >> now the new york press, though. they are going crazy with this here. there is some stuff in there. >> basically sold the book. yeah. >> not just a fascination. let's bring it up. greg: great author. i remember when you got married. i was half world away. i didn't see it. rosanna: i did. i thought it an exotic relationship. >> le wish know, we are both indian. we lived in the west. i think we had a lot of things in common that maybe on the surface people didn't realize. i spent a lot of time with him. i spent eight years something with someone. you know, in that eight years, like any relationship, we had a lot of joy and a lot of bliss and, you know, it was something that season there. >> why did you break up? >> i think, you know, like most marriages, we
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i think, also, i had a medical dn condition wish there not fully unwhyer tan. it certainly got in the way. rosanna: you talked buy in the book. >> i do. endometriosis. >> i suffer interested this illness. here in new york, my cofounder and i, a brilliant surgeon had a foundation and a woman's health foundation called the endometrial foundation of america. i started it because two years after i got diagnosed after the divorce. i looked back and i saw what it was luck for women who didn't suffer from this disease. you know, very debilitating disease that happens during a girl's period and develops with a girl's womanhood. it is hard not to have a skewed relationship to your own body f. rosanna: in the book, you talk about how you were in bed, you didn't really feel like in the mood. >> no. zi affected your relationship with him. >> sure. how could it not it happens to 200 million women all over this world.
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like 10 to 15% 3 suffer from this. he with president don't with a to talk about it. i am a reserved person. you know, so much of my personal life is throughout that i wanted people to focus on my wo, two. this you would be were out of the cookbooks and proud of top chef and all we have achieved. but now, i do want to help other young girls. it is why i opened my mouth face with cannot talk openly about what happens to me. how can i help the next generation of women. greg: you brought it the book. were you ac aye bused. >> yes. greg: by woman. first time ever? >> yeah. you want to keep the rife sive my family in take. it happened to me. i was relative at the time. i wassef sen. i was-year-older than my daughter is now. my mother handled it the best way she knew how at the time. she dealt with it. you know, it was addressed. greg: it was addressed.
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to go back to india for a little bit. >> she didn't ask me. she want med to get me out of the situation. the quickest way possible. i went back to. >> he see my grandparents every sum mr for three mons. she was working at sloan-kettering as a nurse and study a at night for her mast ear degree and, you know, trying to do the best like most of us moms who work and keep it together. she, you know/she made decision that the safest thing for me was to be going back to ind why and studying for that school year in south india with my grandparents. rosanna: you learn thoued cook. >> yes, dy. my grandmother is an amazing cook. the last cookbook. he is on the cover of the black and white photo. all the aunts mine family really contributed to my cooking because i thought cooking was something gleamous. something really sexy and feminine. >> it is funny because years ago, it was. >> in the italian cull tur. it is like to.
9:16 am
the big italian mama in the house. >> you no he what i mean? >> making the food. >> smelling good. cooking. yeah. food for me have been sper twined. from early age, i used to get in trouble in the kitchen because i wanted to eat all of the spied i spicy food they would never give a toddler. i would climb open to shelves to get the pickle jars with chilis. i remember one time it was slick with oil. i got. i it slipped and crashed on the tile floor and glass and oil and chilis everywhere. i wasng thatting there, lit lir like in one of those action movies with a 4-year-old going oh, mid fo. he this only thing carrier than the glass i was about to fall on was the grandmother uncoming and finding me there hanging when she told me again and again. don't do that. greg: and that is no not how you got the big scar? >> no. the scar on the arm. i bring it up to. >> you can bring it up.
9:17 am
greg: a major car. now i think, quite frankly. it set you apart as mod al little bit. there must have been someone saying you ought to cover that up. it worked for you. people were intrigued bay it. >> you know, i will not lie. i got it when i was 14 from a car accident. i was self-conscious about it and took me years to not feel weird or feel insecure ike most teenage girls do. i would even stand like that or sit like that causally so it doesn't lack like i was hiding anything. i wanted people not to think ways weird. what teen age ner then when i started modeling. i started modeling to pay of the college loans. i was doing that at the lowest level. like a fit model then he liked my scar and honestly, be with did for me is meak me look at myself through a whole new, you fo he, lens so to speak,
9:18 am
willing i, then the same designers that wouldn't book me no now were like let's back her. they wanted foam see the scar so they would know it is me. rosanna: the book is fascinating. your journey has been remarkle. ups, downs. she address it all. you know? alo in the book. i wanted to duhonest book. i wanted to have a frank conversation. i think you is about stuff we all think about every day. maybe don't talk openly about. >> you can meet tomorrow night at park avenue there. 7:25 park avenue. 7:30 tomorrow morning. >> so a great place. >> great plasmosome another one. bay ridge brooklyn a.m. all right. >> all right. the shop is 84th. 849th. >> yeah. >> 7:00 p.m. >> yeah. okay. see you at the park avenue one. a all right. >> all right. >> if you go on to love loss and what we have. just a title of the book. you want the whole schedule this res tour for the back and find me wherever you are able. rosanna: you are busy.
9:19 am
take me four years to write this. you want to make sure somebody reads. i wry we will. greg: thank you. thank you so much. continued success. rosanna: all right. see you. speaking of reading, did you ever see the show reading rainbow? it is back again in digital form. we are talking to the man pea hoon it. greg: lamar, you know them there the star ship
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debut of reading rainbow. end coveraged to read books cover cover the old fashion way. a lot of us inspired by a l.a. mar. you see him in the mix sneer. rosanna: yeah. >> he was the front man of reading rainbow. wry we know him from roots, though. greg: roots that was back when we had television events. rosanna: that was unbelieve am. we stopped and looked in the same direction. rosanna: 1977. a whole week or two weeks? >> eight consecutive nights. >> 12 hours. >> and then, a whole new generation got familiar with him in the next generation. star check and the next generation. i was curious what was behind the eyes. >> right. there he is. just fan taste career so far and it continues. back to thread rainbow
9:23 am
special happening. >> yeah. successful kickstarter campaign that got it back now. it is known as rr kid and nice have you on good day new york. >> good see you. it different now, right? a little more high-tech. >> if you want to reach today's did kids you need to be up the digital realm. television is one screen they go to during the course of any give day in. we have moved what was a television show into the digital realm. it is app. it is on-line. it is reading rainbow. it is digital ladies and gentlemennary over 800 books. 200 video field trip and what it was famous for matching the world world. >> is it updated. >> we have new content every week. new books. mu individual rows of friday. rosanna: oh. that is food. >> yeah. greg: okay. all downloadable? >> all downloadable. rosanna: where did you get the funning for sna well, it would with be a ridge nal. the original rae reading ran bow app was relead in summer of 2012 then we moved to the
9:24 am
fair and move to the web that is when we had a kickstarter. we had it to raise funds to get on the app to the web and then, develop a product for classroom use by teachers. that is what we have leased this month. national reading month. reading rainbow cool. >> i would love to get your take on this. we read. we got the kendell app and tested sometimes to jump around from app to app to app. you know, reading a book. cover to cover. it seems harder than ever before. >> it is not in fact. it is easier. people ask me all the time for my kids, do you recommend traditional bound books or digital books? i say, yeah. yes. yes. >> absolutely. a yeah. i want kid cans to read. right? >> and if you your kid likes superhero by b your kids comic books am we are to meet them where they are before we can take them where we want them to go. >> s this your nation. rosanna: i mean, what got youful vol in the? was there a turning point in your life for something like that?
9:25 am
reading was mandatory in the household then the rights pierce for me showed me how powerful the medium of television can be in eight nights of television. saw the nation become transformed around the idea or the common idea of what way mean when we talk about slavery in america. so the idea was brought to me. let's use he'll vision. a point of access for mark's kids to stare them back in the direction snitch was all in. >> what was this like for you? 1977, right. >> right. the whole country as you mentioned. stopped what they were doing and watched you. >> right. >> what was that four personally when that was happening? root was the first crob. ways the first professionalle audition. so it was all new. i was fairly overwhelming. >> well, were you picked from audition. how did that look. >> they looked for months. and normal news of fining tall len. they had been through the day. they cast in new york and chicago and los angeles. they just had not fount what they were looking for. i was at drama school in southern california at the university of southern california
9:26 am
greg: by the way firing up no. they dict again. rosanna: we're. i say we because am executive producer on the project. we have remade moot root for new den racial. a whole couple of generation of americans who don't know the story. is, it is a quintessential american story. why am though history channel. >> the history channel in may. the memorial day weekend. we have the first of four nights. greg: the same story. it is. so it was already set you know in central's past. >> yes. greg: how is it? why did it need to be altered? >> it didn't need to be. it needed to be retold because there are americans who don't know. they don't though the to riff roots. it is our story. with you are a black or white or combination, roots is your story because it is the story of the founding of america. it is how this country came to be the world pow with it is. it is built on the backings of people of yore. >> i know he in with as to get into deal fas your star trek
9:27 am
>> i hear you are. >> yeah. i am out. >> i am out. yeah. i am out. well, yeah. i hope you done mind. >> well. not a all. you were a star in the next generation income you corrected a lot. >> how many. >> i don't know. >> a lot. >> was it frustrating, though. >> i would be covered by the 2:00 advisory. >> yeah. it was, it was. it was, it was, it was always explained to me by rick the executive row dues the visor was one of the ways we taked the technological sew iscation of the 24th century. however, covering the tactor's eyes is almost, it is sinful. >> well. it is sinful. >> i couldn't see it out of. >> the i played a guy who when he put the thing in. he saw more than anyone else. i pumped into everything. >> yeah. >> i pumped sign in. what do they make them so you could see. >> we went to do the movies, thand was a con concondition of my going forward. okay. we got to be able to put this sophisticated technol fly into a naller form. >> good for. quite frankly watching as student i was trust
9:28 am
ur know what? they all let him take the mask off. >> here's the ting. wearing that vasor for seven years made a much better actor out of me. it forted me not use my eyes which was the strong suit and to develop other ways to communicate. le really had i left a much better actor than i came. >> you had fascinating careerment you have dodger behind the scenance fun with camera. >> i have been bless. why such a plash sure to meet you in person. conpratted lation. >> thanks. reading rainbow. >> it is available for teachers to use at what i call the point of persian in the trends day with clid kid? s. greg: we should go to reading rain it is end. thank you, pal. rosanna: all right, coming up. fat yo, remy ma going to be here. did you see it? greg: i did. >> i did. rosanna: you got leap back. >> word is he is not that fat any more. rosanna: no, he needs to change the name, i
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rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer lets you dial up or down. for the perfect amount of fragrance. no matter the size of the room. air wick . home is in the air . rosanna: all right. i love this. lean back. fat yo, rem may. everybody had to lean back little bit. right innow they have a
9:32 am
it is already doing well. you know? fat yes, remy ma, 12 years ago. lean back, i am telling. you 12 year ago. one of the biggest rap songs ever. a. greg: where has the time gone? comb. congratulation on the new album. rosanna: thank you. everybody is starting to sing all the way up. >> true. it is definite lay a little pandemonium going on. rosanna: did you think you would work together again? >> up um, i think i always knew we would work together again. it was not the purpose of us getting together, but this is my brother. love im. >> rem, i cheated and looked at the monitor. you lookedded stunning this morning. >> oh. >> you looked phenomenal. >> oh. we're back together, man. i just love not just wearing a beautiful sways working together, but the fans, the people like we are on the phones yesterday the radio like 20 radio
9:33 am
happy for us. they are like, you are back tect. we are happy. we are so proud of you. and we love you. we love you. we're rooting for you. >> did think you would get night you know, you had some conflings past, right? >> with a happened? >> well, i was out. i with will take the blame for. >> i was really young. >> you know m when you are young. you are getting a lot of money, a lot of things going on. you tend to think you know more than what you do. the big brother walking around and i can admit, now, he was right a lot of the time. you know, i didn't know that at the time. >> i meap, you got to stop ale calling you fat. you north fat any more. you are not fat any more. >> you are trying to quigg me up now. >> i am, i am flight with you. >> we call them haters. >> no. >> i was. >> think about skinny joe. >> fever. >> never. >> fever.
9:34 am
since i grew up the pron ex. so they have been calling the that since i was baby, you know? so i would never. if i turned into the skinnyist guy ten america i would be fat yo. greg: fat row, isn't it a good theming were you born the bronx. if you were born in milwaukee, i don't know if would happen. well, i was fortunate to be a part of hip-hop history just being a fan, just going to events to see, you know, mel her to first time in the grammys come out, and the next day, he came back to the block, and they had white mercedes, then. i remember all of this. and that is what pushes me and influence me. it likes freeing the motherland, the mecca of the hip-hop. we went out with a badge of honor. 1 million percent. >> i wouldn't be where i am now if i didn't live in the bronx. >> that is what people say, you know, two live most people the gram my nominator in the hood of thep bro ex. >> by the way, today,
9:35 am
sadly, biggy smells was gun do in looking. >> good friend of main. you know, you really suffered. we still suffer. he is one of my fav are favorite rappers of all time. probably the greatest. i remember when i found out a friend of mine, steve, called me up and told me, that biggy had been gunned down. my heart just quit. people don't understand. look at notorious big. knew him as the cute teddy bear, funny, charismatic, a great guy, you know, it was like, my heart dropped when that happened. i remember, i remember being afraid to go into the funeral i was invited. i sat downside. i didn't want to see biggy like that. talking about that. they, i went to brooklyn, and fro his home with the people you see, almost like rioting. i was with the people in brooklyn, you know, when the casting came by. putting are the building, you snow. >> violence used to be, well, almost a part of the dual. the yeah, the backdrop. not any more.
9:36 am
>> well, everything fell down. >> well, people are more business savvy. people realize this is not just, you know, the nicest rap four, trying to carry on. it is a business that people realize you can actually use this to elevate yourself and your family and actually be something. it is not just, you know, people taking a lot more. you are watching surroundings, and, i think, i think that is pretty much what it is. people realize that, it is more of life than just violence. >> well, the new song, everybody is loving, all the way up. at this time is off the new album. a what what is the name of the new album into what is that? we got from narco's. you know, the ball. heed that thing where with he was in like 18-wheeler full of like let's say contraband on gooded day. >> well, you can't top them. they say, well, what do you got? he says, man, i got tons of cocaine unhere, man. they are like, he says listen? i can pay you a ton of money or get this.
9:37 am
they took tons of money. >> they took tons of money, obviously, and they moved on. and this competitive game. we like to say we can give it to you in a nice ways. give it to the hard way. >> this is the new netflix. >> on netflix. >> yeah. very current. s this is addict. it all right ton the new song all the way with up. greg: this is hot you guys should see it. you should be in the front row. i think you would enjoy it. >> i heard it is amazing. rosanna: yeah. i was proud of the lead guy.
9:38 am
the grammy. he threw the puerto rican flag up. you know, i always expressed how we guilty to be proud of the heritage, how i put them unup on the instagram immediately. this is the ga. like, he did what i would do like write up there if. >> you know, you do great collaborations would you go back and do something if. >> he is me idol. >> he nice ieye toll. you can't say nothing wrong. >> he is your idol. he is my idol. when i he get in the studio, i make music. i hope i like ll cool j. rosanna: your friend and my friend twee. >> twitter chubby, chub where i, light? >> chubby harlem. chubby, we love you. greg: rosanna, quite the home girl. >> she has it. >> you are the best. rosanna: good choice guy. what happens if you are back. okay.
9:39 am
>> feels like we rain dream. like it is moving up the charts so fast. people are grabbing things. it is like phenomenon. the little kids are doing spoof videos. it is crazy. spoof video this. we love of that. greg: fat joe. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. thank you so much. >> a your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
rosanna: all right. fun. we love rapper greg. yeah. he is auditioning for them, bay the way. by the way, fat joe and remy ma on the seats on the desk. they want to take over. they watch us in the morning. they are take over good day new york. i think they may rock it out. what do you think? i don't know. looking gorgeous. >> thank you, my love. i said our colors are tan and brown and orange even though we're look forward to spring. okay. was win soho. there is always great things in soho and stood looping broadway. take a look. >> hanging out on broadway in soho and i spotted this new sneak sneaker. it just came done the runway. let me just show you two things. my jacket is tommy hill identifyinger collection.
9:43 am
details on. i i was about 400 bucks. let's pop down to the boots and they were $199 on ebay compared to $8. love them. now he let's see soho. eyespotted him for multiple reasons, first, like your vest. what where did you get that? >> well, h&m. how much was it? >> $40. how about your praise reth. that is a loft it. >> it is it. what is this for living? >> i work at h&m. >> okay. >> so physician. i. >> and in tv, that is bar rying the lead. >> you bury the lead. no in two der, aim sure? yeah. >> yeah. >> you look great. >> you are ryk a walking billboard. i love it. >> your shoes are so incredible. where did you get that? >> i got then london. ty these are last season's runway. and they have different ways. >> yeah. >> he kay. how much were they?
9:44 am
am sure you have been before with people. >> where did you get that into yeah. >> no it tries. >> they are a standout piece, so it is worth it. >> i really am digging your. where did you get that? >> i got it at the market in l.a. >> it was only $45. >> cute. >> yeah. >> wow. >> wow. >> i know. it was really excited. >> look. >> look. the best thing about it is that it has a little old people are provide dy. i was fill also's coat. >> okay. >> feel like phyllis would be proud that her coat lives on and you are working it. >> some places still smiling. maybe. >> i hope so. i hope so. i hope so. >> yeah. >> well if not, you are happy, rating. >> am happy and i am warm. >> you are cute. >> come in. >> come up. the perfect trifecta. >> happy, warm, cute. fot >> tell me, where did you get that? >> i got it down the block. at this time was $10.
9:45 am
>> so it is like a do-dad, right. >> like a key chain. >> right. >> check it out. >> i just bought two. bought two for my sisters $1.98 on ebay. the next time want to save $8. ebay. okay, girl. >> okay. thank. >> all right. all right. you are cute the way you working it. simple, plain, a little something to catch your eye. >> not afraid to run after something that i think is amazing. i really like your coat. it has just the right amount of cool. where did you get that? >> actually right down the block. >> yeah. yeah. that is right. >> yeah. $80. >> right. >> yeah. right. i like it. >> the whole casual but you got like the shoes and the bags. >> right. >> right. >> okay. >> right. got ya. it would look good every a suit look i see you in like a navy blue or black like john's jacket then you need another layer.
9:46 am
>> yeah. >> simple, plain, you are work. thanks so much. >> really, really fies. you look pulled together in soho. rosanna: all right. soho. you need to do the spring edition. >> herb i do, right. rosanna: shortly like today f. get thought immediate? i. all right. when we compaq, go to a great new restaurant in williamsburg be the fot former auto body shop. it really is. it looks interesting. i do everything on the internet.
9:47 am
my friends say i should get fios because it's the fastest. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2% i wonder what else could be better around here? i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this good? fios can do that. cable just can't.
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9:49 am
greg: all right. williamsburg, brooklyn. the coolest up to in the universe. back in the day, take a look at this. the old school auto body shop? right. boy, oh boy. >> it has been transformed radically. >> look it a now. >> wow. >> look at it now. gorgeous. >> well, isn't that into a little different. >> total radical overall. this is a new restaurant there. >> yes. and the owner, by the way, is a transplant with major roots in the new york. she worked ap then in chicago, you were at the restaurant. >> they like it there. >> yeah. welcome to good day new york. did you get a good deal
9:50 am
i womanly gin so? >> well, we are pleased to be there. it is amazing space. the first time you saw that, that car was in there. >> i mean. that picture the first day i saw. >> i how much work did you have to do in there? you know, to make it to a restaurant, a lot. i mean, we did it. it took about a year plus to build it out and you foe, it was, it was, it was really interesting because we have all the original buildings. >> what about the fra feet? i a well, it is gone. >> but the ceilings are original. the windows are original. >> the brick is. we had the beautiful structure to work with and made it even more beautiful? wow. okay. the food is travels off the road. >> north, east, west. it is a loft fish. a little bit later. a lot of vegetables. love fish and pasta. >> do you have spa spet spa greta. >> we have something better. this is something better. a and so it has cool texture.
9:51 am
>> my kids love this. >> it is thicker. >> it is thicker. >> yeah. >> it is kind of like a form of macaroni. >> yes shall in deed. >> okay. >> yeah. there is some in there. >> all right. >> i don't want to ru within the dish. u can cook it, though. >> no, we want the full fledge. >> yeah. this is the super easy dish much this is the most pop lar on the menu. i has three. >> butter, pink peppercorn, parmesan cheese. that is it. >> this is called? it is called malsadini which is poorly cut whichs where the rims come from. greg: that is what say its on the on m. >> yes. greg: i need help. rosanna: he needs to go with somebody that can in translate. >> i will sit with you and translate. rosanna: the open open for break noose we have calf nay is open at 7:00 a.m. now. we serve baked goods all house made and fantastic coffee. then, we are open seven nights a week for dner at 5:30.
9:52 am
challenge now. >> well, be a reservation. >> that is your biggest chal helping. >> right. >> right. >> i folks have head of the line priv lemes. >> all right. that is. >> i you know, all right. well, good. >> lack at the baked goods? those are rosemary short bred and chock hate, mozzarella. we make it in house every day. >> and stuff rating here. >> that is a salad that is kind of our house salad that is little gem which i call eye taian that started the ply on the old school vinegarrette. >> that is olive oil cake. >> olive oil with whipped creme and blood oranges currently. >> olive oil cake. >> that sounds delicious. this epp that is a simplish dish with butter that has butter ad tithed and mus hard we mix with balsamic. okay. all right. so i like i said. >> i love when you take. >> i you like to? >> you do have a bad slip into i had many bad flips sna. yeah.
9:53 am
have i had bad flip. >> yeah. >> every day. everyday. >> you use the with a from the fast. >> we use the water. has little stanch and has little salt and kind of adds a little flavor. a all right. s who the most famous person in the rest flon i can't tell you? well, i like that. a all right. >> the second most famous. the second most famous. >> prnson has been in quite a bit. >> action branson. >> okay. >> he is a rapper in a huge foodie in the show. >> you know who he space that i am glad that all the best people are coming lynn. >> all right. we come back and taste this. don't go anywhere. >> let's do it.
9:54 am
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9:56 am
rosanna: thank you for saying nice things bus on fox 5ny face book page. greg: lillian, the food is delicious. missy, thans very much. rosanna: thank you. greg:le the rest rain williamsburg. we highly recommend it. >> thank you. thank you for having me. thank you. rosanna: all right. anyway, thank you so much for watching. we will go live on the face book page and the fox a 5 face book page shortly. greg: look for the new buses coming out next week. they have wi-fi. rosanna: we will not be on the front of. >> we will. rosanna: okay. not going to be moving.
9:57 am
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>> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. with all due respect. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chasers. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> everybody's hands go up. i love it! welcome to the show. thank you for watching. >> wendy: nice to see the audience. love it.


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