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tv   FOX 5 News at 5  FOX  March 9, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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schools. a lot of these are older schools with older piping and solder that we need to address. >> parents say they should have been told monday when the problem was reported to the state. >> the information should have gotten out sooner. >> the levels should be tested every six months. >> reporter: you heard the safety ep talking about the fact that they'll be retesting the stores schools. all will remain open but the kids are not allowed to drink any water from the fountain or sink and not able to cook with it in the cafeteria. the mayor is asking that every resident of newark donate either a case or two cases of bottled water to help out the schools. they have some bottled water, but they'll need backup. if you'd like to donate, go to any of the community centers in newark and drop the cases of
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i'm sure they would really appreciate it. that's the latest from here. back to you in the studio. steve: thank you, linda. the clock ticking towards possible new jersey transit strike. new concern over how the trains would be taken out of service so riders aren't stranded sunday morning. officials have been talking with the unions, but a spokesman says nj transit has not shared its plans or asked for the union's input. contract talks expected to resume tomorrow. dari: well, i overdressed today. i have a cotton sweater and jacket on. i couldn't get my head around the temperature. steve: amazing. we broke the record easily. nick: we smashed it. we were into the 80-degree range in parts of the area. take a look at some of the highs. you'll see how we smashed the record. newark, 81. same at belmar. it was 77 officially for the high in central park today. the old record 69 set in 2000.
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82 at poughkeepsie. as we were expecting, cooler on long island into southern connecticut. 60s to only upper 50s bridgeport to montauk. the wind coming off the cooler water will make that happen very quickly this time of year. we're still in the lower 70s now in the city. 80 hudson valley. 76 at sussex. 72 at monticello. 81 at newark for the warm spot. 66 islip. 50 as you get to montauk. a few clouds out there. we'll see some clouds, but nothing rain-wise nearby on fox 5 sky guardian. the whole eastern seaboard into the 70s. it was records for maine down to washington, d.c. tomorrow, middle 70s in the forecast. look at the futurecast temps. 75, 77 tomorrow. the record high is 74. we should break that again. and then we cool it down to the lower 60s on wednesday. that's still way above average for this time of year. as the cool front moves in, our futurecast shows some clouds tomorrow and later tomorrow night, there'll be a couple of showers or tomorrow evening into
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we'll dry it out after that. steve: amazing. thank you. lots of people walked through central park today. dari: mac king is lucky enough to be there now live with new yorkers who are still soaking up that beautiful sun. hi, mac. >> hi. not surprisingly, there are a lot of people in central park. take a 10 minute stroll in the park and you'll find people partaking in every outdoor activity weeks before they might do so comfortably. toss a 77 degree day into the second week of march and one catches a group of missionaries playing frisbee. four days before we spring ahead, four days after we woke to snow, new life, rebirth and love or companionship, buds and blossoms on the warmest march 9th in history. >> i'm sweating. work days welcome what represents the arrival of a new season.
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>> sunny. >> reporter: youth wastes >> it's very uplifting. it takes you to another level. very inspire ing in a creative way and just relaxing and peaceful way. >> just seeing some animals. >> reporter: everything we stockpiled all winter, worries, shortcomings, conflicts, seem less concerning after picnicking in the sunshine. >> my endorphins are working hard. >> toss a football. >> good for bike riding. >> ride a bike. sit and do nothing. as we cruise into gentler days ahead. everyone to whom i spoke all completely amateur meteorologists declared winter over and expressed no trepidations it might return in the coming weeks. i'm mac king, fox 5 news. steve: that's where they lose me. i don't want to get too far
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dari: without a doubt. we have another big night to donald trump and ted cruz picks up the endorsement of a rival. steve: sharon crowley has the latest on the race for the white house. >> a night of political upsets for the republicans and democrats. donald trump had a very good night, as did democrat bernie sanders. sanders' victory took hillary clinton by surprise. republican donald trump had big wins in michigan, mississippi, and hawaii. polls show he's still the odds on favorite to be the republican nominee. >> so i want to thank the public. i want to thank the people of michigan. i want to thank the people of mississippi. it is such a great honor. >> reporter: texas senator ted cruz pulled a surprise victory in idaho and today got the endorsement of former candidate carly fiorina. ohio governor john kasich had a strong turnout. the upset of the night, senator
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he did not score high enough to even win a single delegate in michigan. so far, he is vowing to stay in the race at least until florida. >> here we are. it always comes down to florida, doesn't it? >> bernie sanders won a surprise upset in michigan, beating hillary clinton, but the former secretary of state is still far ahead in terms of delegates. >> we started this campaign, as many will remember, 10 months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls. what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. >> reporter: now candidates are eyeing the contests in florida and ohio. it could be a turning point in the race. >> so now anybody who's coming in second or third walks out of these states quite possibly with no delegates. and that's going to propel victory or defeat very, very
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case heretofore. >> reporter: in case you're wondering with chris christie is, he's in florida taking in a mets pre-season game today. he left new jersey saying he was not planning to campaign for donald trump but wanted to celebrate his 30th wedding anniversary. a little confusion surfaced when trump called out the governor in jupiter last night. mr. trump was mistaken. steve: another fascinating turn. nancy reagan is lying in row pose at the reagan -- repose at the reagan library. she'll be laid to rest on friday next to former president ronald reagan. four first ladies will attend. nancy reagan died sunday at the age of 94. dari: the nypd is confirming the officer shot last night was wounded by friendly fire. the detective and his partner stopped a car while
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deal that was happening in bushwick. the officers opened fire when one of them was being dragged by the car as the suspects were trying to get away. the detective is now in stable condition. two of the suspects are in custody. police are still looking for the third. steve: 28-year-old james ryan has been sentenced to five years in prison for causing the 2012 death of an officer. he was killed by a driver after he was dealing with an accident. the man was convicted after finding he was responsible for the crash that took the officer's life. ryan plans to appeal. dari: getting our heros who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder the help they get. steve: some can't get treatment. jessica says lawmakers are trying to fix that. >> my name is christopher goldsmith. i served in the army.
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>> my day to day job was photo documentation of mass grave z s. sometimes it would be one or two dead bodies on the side of the road. sometimes more than that. >> reporter: he was a stellar soldier when he was a uniform. when he got home and took it off, he was doing nothing but hurting himself. he turned to alcohol, started to have panic attacks which led to suicide attempts. >> when i woke up from the attempt in fort stewart, georgia, i was treated like a criminal. with just a few -- in a few weeks, i was kicked out of the military. i received a general post charge which cost me by benefits. >> reporter: he got professional help here on long island. he appealed his discharge. >> they said, well, you need to prove to us that you did not get ptsd between the day you were kicked out of the army and the
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>> reporter: as he continues to appeal, he's fighting to get the bipartisan fairness for veterans passed in congress. >> it would shift the burden of proof in favor of veterans who don't have access to v.a. healthcare. >> if you're denying those who received a less than honorable discharge because of ptsd, it is a major step backwards. >> reporter: the fairness for veterans act was introduced last week. now politicians believe the piece of legislation can be passed in a few months. i'm jessica formoso, fox 5 news. steve: figuring out whether to represent or buy can be complicated. dari: there's a new app that's aimed at helping users make the right decision. steve: and a sneak peek at the
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steve: with the spring home shopping season here, a lot of people are thinking about it after the weather today, a lot of new yorkers may be wrestling with the question should i buy or rent? dari: alison morris shows us a new way to figure it out. >> new york city is a city much renters. 66 percent of the population are renters.
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take the home buying plunge in new york city? the tipping point, a new metric from street easy, may help you answer that tough question. >> our research looks at the typical amount of time it would take in each neighborhood and borough for it to make sense to buy rather than rent. >> reporter: the average tipping point is lower than you might expect. about five years. that can vary dramatically by neighborhood and borough. >> it gets lower in some parts of queens where it's just over one year. and west harlem in manhattan, 1.2 years. there's a lot of variety. on the upper end, soho, tribeca and carnegie hill where the cost is so much higher, it could take in excess of 30 years for that tipping point to take effect. >> reporter: buying versus renting is about more than just home prices, especially in new york city. >> we look to the median sale price. we looked at taxes and fees you would end up paying in new york
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like condo fees and the mansion tax. if you're buying a property above a million dollars, you have to pay a tax on that. >> reporter: while a neighborhood may be affordable, it doesn't mean buying a home there is a wise investment. >> consider where homes are going. that's a huge factor on what the return on investment will be. in the bronx, we see high tipping points. home value appreciation is very low. in some cases even negative. >> reporter: another thing to consider, the down payment. street easy factored in 25 percent, which is a typical down payment in new york city. would you be better off renting and investing that somewhere else? another factor in the big question, rent or buy? i'm alison morris, fox 5 news. steve: so hard to figure all that out. it's not cheap. nick, let's talk weather. what's not to love? today, everybody on earth loved today. it was phenomenal. nick: everybody was happy. dari: the energy is so different. nick: everybody was smiling, had
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steve: everybody was out. long lunch breaks. nick: exactly. new record highs 77 today. we blasted the old record of 69. another record high will come up tomorrow. this morning was 44. we're very mild at 72. winds out of the south. humidity is dry. the pressure is holding steady and as we look at fox 5 sky guardian, nothing coming up tonight as far as any rain or much happening tomorrow. late in the day, there's the risk of a shower. it was more likely tomorrow night we'll see showers with an approaching cold front. that's deceptive. it will get cooler friday, but not colder. here are the highs for the day. let's enjoy them. 82 at poughkeepsie. 73 monticello. 81 down at belmar and newark.
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we thought we'd be cooler there. islip, 68. that's great. upper 50s montauk to bridgeport. they're cooling down again. 50 degrees on the east end. it's 59 at islip. 80 up there at poughkeepsie and 72 in midtown. 81 at newark. 79 at the jersey shore. back to 70 in sullivan county. look at the temperature gain of seven to 25 degrees across the area from just 24 hours ago. the southwest wind prevails tonight. it will be back tomorrow at 5, 10 miles an hour. we'll hold temperatures in the mild range tonight. won't drop out of the 50s across the area tonight. there are some clouds that will be arriving. the wider view shows we're in the southwesterly airflow. a cold front that's straddling to the west will be coming our way. the bulk of the rain which has nasty thunderstorms, that will be sliding off to the west. we'll get some of the showers pretty late tomorrow, more so tomorrow night. sun and clouds. 60 at 9:00 a.m.
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take it outdoors. 75 will be our new record for tomorrow. the record is 74 set in 2006. the front stays to the north. here come the showers for tomorrow night. not a lot. friday, sunshine, clouds, a little breezy. it will be pleasant even though it cools down. it's in the lower 60s on friday. way above average. saturday looks good. most of sunday looks pretty good. i'll hold the showers off until late in the day on sunday. it's mild this weekend. patchy clouds tonight. 58 in the city. it stays above 50 in the northern and western suburbs. 75 tomorrow. another record. sun and clouds and showers late in the day. seven day shows breezy and 62 for friday with a good amount of sunshine. 62, sun and clouds saturday. could hold the showers off sunday until late in the day. most of sunday should be fine. not as pretty as saturday. okay. 62. good bet for rain and showers on monday into tuesday. mid to upper 50s. steve: phenomenal. awesome. great. dari: it is great.
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you don't need a terrible winter for a day like today to be incredible. nick: exactly. steve: it's been a long time. nick: the last time it was this warm was october 9th when we hit 78. dari: that was a long time ago. thank you. big east staff, coaches and athletes are donating their time at boys and girls clubs during an afternoon of service. kids took part in several activities, including reading and playing sports. it celebrates tonight's start of the big men's east basketball tournament at msg. you can watch on fox sports 1 and the big east final here on fox 5 saturday night at 5:30. steve: all right. with no more books left to draw from on game of thrones, it's uncharted territory. dari: the new trailer for clues about what's in the upcoming season. >> i can come in in here and record but it's like a home. steve: a bronx studio where
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dari: a first look at the new season of game of thrones has fans buzzing about popular characters' fates. steve: simone boyce is here with fan reaction to the trailer
5:23 pm
broken down looking for every little clue. >> reporter: absolutely. the big question, what is going to happen to john snow? steve: i don't care about the show, but he's the thing. >> the long-awaited trailer shattered records online. here's how some new york fans are reacting. [music] we've only got a month and a half left until we hear that sweet game of thrones theme song every sunday night. but until then, the season 6 trailer is here to tide us over. how did you react to the new trailer? >> first of all, i started shaking. then i started crying. i got overwhelmed and watched it again. >> everything they've taken from us, we're going to take back and more. >> reporter: tons of fans had the same idea. the trailer was viewed over 30 million times in 24 hours, a new record for hbo.
5:24 pm
were all whispering and stuff. how is the season going to go? then they put in the action. it was like all right. >> step aside or there will be violence. violence. >> i choose violence. >> reporter: the queen reminds us how high the stakes are. especially for john snow who was presumed dead. >> they opened up with him on the ground. i don't want him to be a white walker. >> reporter: is he really dead? it looks that way. but the trailer provides a glimmer of hope. >> i think he's coming back. >> reporter: we know the red witch is powerful enough to bring men back from the dead and maybe that's what the promo is trying to tell us. >> she brought back a couple of other people. >> they got cut in half earlier in the season. >> reporter: and what would a game of thrones trailer be without the dragon shot?
5:25 pm
the dragons. >> reporter: the dragon scene was amazing. can't wait to see what's going to happen. on the john snow front, there are a couple of theorys. maybe he'll get resurrected. maybe he is dead. maybe he'll come back as a white walker. i don't think that kit would come back to play the character if there wasn't something more there. dari: there has to be. too many people are into him. steve: that's the worst thing. >> reporter: they did it with med. they killed him off at the beginning. we can't put it past them to do that. i'm holding out hope. i think everyone is. dari: that was the beginning. we're too invested in john snow for him to be gone. >> reporter: he has to save west rose. game of thrones returns april 24th. steve: thank you. something else to look forward to sunday. helping artists find inspiration. dari: the studio that's
5:26 pm
imaginations run wild. >> i'm so thankful for this amazing team of doctors. steve: just one day after thanking her doctors, the
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uterus transplant suffered a look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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steve: monday, doctors proudly introduced a woman as the nation's first successful uterus transplant patient. dari: we talked about it. we celebrated it. tonight doctors are telling us it did not work. so the transplant was removed, the uterus. jen lahmers joins us with more on the unfortunate turn of events. >> the recipient is identified as lindsey, a 26-year-old woman with three adopted children. she was born with no uterus. she was a prime candidate for the transplant. she received the uterus from a deceased woman in her 30s. this was lindsey monday when she talked about the transplant. >> the reason i chose to speak is i want to be open and honest and to share my story. that began when i was 16 and was told i would never have children. from that moment on, i have prayed that god would allow me
5:30 pm
pregnancy and here we are today at the beginning of that journey. >> reporter: that journey has taken a sad turn for lindsey. we're told surgeons at the cleveland clinic had to remove her transplanted uterus yesterday because of a sudden complication. no more details on that, but doctors did say they're reviewing what happened. we spoke with a physician to get a sense of what could have gone wrong. >> there are potential complications after any surgery, including infection, which might be the cause of the failure here. it might be related to the fact that it's a transplant and the human body is designed to reject foreign material and it may be a rejection issue. >> reporter: most importantly through all this, lindsey is recovering and we're told she's doing well. she thanks her doctors, writing in part, they acted very quickly to insure my health and safety. i'm doing okay and i appreciate all of your prayers and good thoughts. in the meantime, the cleveland clinic says it does plan to continue its clinical study on
5:31 pm
uterine transplants. back to you. steve: thank you, jen. that's a setback for sure. the mayor's office says the city is aggressively repairing conditions in homeless shelters. earlier state inspectors found unacceptable living conditions in many shelters. the city says more than 12,000 repairs have been made to shelters in the past two months. the number nearly as many as were fixed in all of last year. >> we are tackling this head on. we're holding ourselves publicly accountable with this scorecard. steve: officials said for the first time in city history all sites housing homeless individuals and families will be inspected twice a year. dari: students at new rochelle high school missed class time today because of a gas leak. they were told to evacuate to the football field shortly after 10:00 this morning after a strong gas odor was detected in part of the building. firefighters were called to the scene and are working to find out what caused it. officials are saying that the
5:32 pm
back into the building. steve: an nypd officer who taught cpr to officers at the police academy has been stripped of her badge and gun. one of her students was peter liang. officials say melissa brown has been placed on modified duty. the nypd began investigating after several officers testified during liang's trial they were not given proper training and they did not attempt to give gurley cpr because they didn't feel qualified. dari: well, you can't be on the cutting edge of pop culture without a space to create. steve: true. zachary takes us inside a studio in the bronx where artists turn their wildest dreams into reality. >> reporter: i'm in the bronx to check out the compound. it's a spot where creators come to collaborate and put their minds together on projects. i want to take you along for the ride. come on.
5:33 pm
>> reporter: inside an industrial building surrounded by the hum of cars, they're flowing to a new beat rooted in a different time. >> andy warhol used to be painters, musicians, actors, actresses, everybody. he put everybody from creative art forms in one place. it helped his career. >> reporter: beginning in the 1960s, andy warhol had the factory. it was the hip spot for artists, the birthplace of inspiration. the compound was designed with the same mind-set. the curator. >> a playground of creativity. >> reporter: today isn't different than most others. the space is alive. still photographers catch the moment. there are projects being hashed out. jim jones connects with a rising star. it's organic.
5:34 pm
>> that's dope. >> that's her, yeah. >> reporter: ann elise is the name, she's taking advantage of wrap around services. branding, recording, connections, one stop. >> it's like intimidating, but it's an honor. i'm being blessed to be able to come in here. some artists don't get the opportunity. being up and coming, it's like a dream come true. >> reporter: jones and set free go way back. it's relationships like this that make the place work. we listened to jones' new project, the kitchen and catch the vibe in a space where artists, athletes, musicians, come to be a part of something bigger than themselves. >> you'll see somebody here working towards making their product the best creative
5:35 pm
>> reporter: the beneficiaries are endless. >> it means everything. i can come in here and record but it's like a home. >> reporter: i'm zachary keisch, fox news. steve: is eating carbs as bad as smoking cigarettes? >> there's a link between carb intake and lung cancer. steve: and meet the two women run -- meet the women running two of the ncaa's toughest conferences. dari: first, here's a look at tonight's new york minute. mozart's classic the marriage of figaro is getting a makeover on a new york stage. [music] the opera, figaro 90210 opens on march 19th. this new adaptation blends the original score with a new english and spanish and put immigration reform and income equality at center stage. >> by reimagining the story, the
5:36 pm
a beverly hills estate, we're looking to help contemporary audiences relate to this message. >> the show runs through april 3rd at the duke on 42nd street. >> the north shore animal league, the tour for life kicked off at the empire state building. other volunteers lit the building in white and blue. over six weeks, pet adoptions will take place in 53 cities, saving the lives of thousands of homeless animals. and i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for
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dari: we've got breaking news. police are reporting that there was a stabbing at the j train station in brooklyn. steve: joe beerman over the scene with what we know. joe? >> steve, dari, the stabbing took place a short time ago. this is the j line. the cross streets are fulton and crescent streets. you can see police up on the platform here. they're not confirming whether it happened on the platform or down on the street level. but you can see major police investigations. now ems is telling us a male was stabbed stabbed, raced to jamaica hospital, listed in serious condition. the j line northbound is suspended between broadway
5:40 pm
we've seen a few trains coming through in either direction. but expect delays on the j trains this afternoon due to the police investigation. back to you. dari: thank you. former rivals on the basketball court are going led to head again. steve: the women commissioners of the big east in the atlantic 10 talk about their ongoing rivalry. first a message from fox 5 vice president and general manager lew leone. >> i'm a lifelong new york yankees fan. and a true believer in a free market economy. that's why it was so disappointing to me and other fans when the team announced last month that tickets printed at home would no longer be allowed for admission to a game. if you have yankees tickets you can use and want to resell them easily, you can do so through the club's official partner ticketmaster. the only catch is you can't price them below an arbitrary
5:41 pm
the biggest competitor is stubhad you been. -- stub hub. the yankees forced them to relocate about a half mile away where it is not convenient. but stub hub customers had the option of printing the tickets at home. the yankees cite security and fraud as the reason. i can print my airline or movie ticket at home with no problem. with the elimination of the printed home option, you can store an electronic ticket on your phone, but the yankees have not allowed that convenience for tickets purchased on stub hub, which makes it harder to sell your tickets on that platform. effectively restricting the ability for many fans to buy cheaper tickets for low demand games. who gets hurt in the battle for market? the fans. in a perfect world, there should be equal access to tickets and the fans who pay for them should have the ability to freely resell them. of course, the yankdes should have full control over the
5:42 pm
but attempts to control the aftermarket should be unrestricted. i'm sure the yankees and i have the same dream. that is to see a complete sellout with every seat occupied at home games. in a totally free market, that would happen because there is more than enough demand for tickets. i'm sure we will never see a season where every seat, to every game is taken. i would encourage my favorite team to do everything possible to put more fans in the seats. the yankees can help by taking out some of the risk of purchasing tickets, giving buyers the knowledge that they can resell them at some level above zero. that has the benefit of giving those who can't afford full
5:43 pm
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ticket from someone who ca i've been a turkey farmer my whole life... and i raise turkey for shady brook farms . we don't use growth-promoting antibiotics, that's just the way things should be done.
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my name is glenn, and i'm an independent turkey farmer. (female announcer) shady brook farms . no growth-promoting antibiotics, just honest, simple turkey. steve: in fox 5 health news, eating carbs isn't only bad for your waistline, certain types can increase your risk of lung cancer. dari: joining us is registered dietion rachel. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. dari: bagels, bread, this is very hard to take. >> well, when we start talking about cancer, that takes it to the next level in terms of people feeling nervous about eating these types of food.
5:46 pm
came out saying is that the flipside, the positive piece, is we've found a way that we could actually help limit our cancer, avoiding certain foods and incorporating healthier foods can mitigate risk. that's a good thing. steve: is this actually cause and effect? like white bread can raise your level of cancer? is there a socioeconomic thing? >> not yet. what the study is looking at is there an association between the two. that's what the study found. steve: right. just seems like maybe people who eat -- who eats white bread? maybe they smoke more. we haven't ruled that out, right? >> what this study found was that the people who were eating the most high glycemic. what that breaks down to, what that means is foods that are highly processed carbs. that's bread, pastas, cookies -- steve: the stuff we love that gives you a great rush.
5:47 pm
those types of foods, they're eating more fruits and vegetables, beans, lean protein, those people had less of a risk. so on one hand, this is not really new news. but to hear it from really respected researchers in a large scale study, that brings it home this is something we should be paying attention to. dari: okay. let's talk about this. the latest health craze, quote unquote health, cactus water. full of antioxidants, which makes it popular. like the coconut water and all the other waters. but is it really that good for you? >> we've seen is this the new coconut water? steve: every year there's a new thing that's pretend healthier than a year later that that's terrible for you. >> the truth is there are some electrolytes in the water, but this is water with a concentrate with the syrup from the prickly pear, which is the fruit of the
5:48 pm
it's kind of like sugar water. are there as many calories or sugar in that as, let's say, regular soda or juice? no. but it's probably sugar we don't need. steve: right. right. dari: wow. it seems like -- steve: every year. it's always under the [indiscernible - talking over one another] steve: it's satisfying because it's full of sugar. >> they speak about the benefits of this in terms of hydration. liquid is hydrating. water is your best bet. if you're an endurance athlete, you need something like a sports drink or possibly one of these coconut water type drinks. for most of us -- steve: 99 percent don't need the hydration of coconut water while we walk around in our lululemons. thank you very much. we settled that. nick, a lot of people were out today. what an amazing -- this is like late april, early may. nick: we're talking record high temperatures out there.
5:49 pm
area. philly, 81. 80 at albany. 78 washington, d.c. 77 in central park. great weather for this time of year. and another one is coming up tomorrow. we'll be in the middle 70s. there's fox 5 sky guardian. there's nothing going on. mid to high scattered clouds. that's about it. let's take a look at our current temperature. first i'll show you the satellite photograph. we have some of the clouds streaking across the sky. mostly high clouds. it's no big deal. and we'll be talking about just some clouds around from time to time tomorrow. late in the day, more so tomorrow night as a cold front approaches from the west. it may kick off a couple of showers. look at the current temperatures. they're awfully warm for this time of year. 81 at newark. 80 at poughkeepsie. 70 at the jersey shore. 72 at new york city. it's 50s as you move on to long island. again, it didn't get out of the 50s in some places for highs for the day. it's cooling down with the wind off the ocean. same deal tomorrow. you'll find the coolest temperatures across long island
5:50 pm
many locales. that's above average for this time of year. we'll take it. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10. we've seen some higher numbers, up to 15 miles an hour. that's about it. we'll figure that southwest wind continues tonight at speeds of 5 to 10 miles an hour. satellite photograph, we have the southwesterly wind in play as high pressure is off the eastern seaboard. off to the west, there's a cold front moving along this position here. it's been nasty weather as you move into east texas, louisiana northward. heavy rainfall. they've had severe thunderstorms and possible tornados. we're not going to see that kind of weather move in, but we'll see some of the showers and you'll see that in a second on the futurecast as the cold front crosses the area tomorrow night. in advance of the front, record high is 74. we're going for 75. the record set back in 2006. somebody probably will get close to 80 in the area as we head into tomorrow. so here's the futurecast. we'll find some clouds around from time to time. it could be some low clouds
5:51 pm
island for part of the night into early tomorrow morning. then sun and clouds during the day. you can see showers lining up at 1:00 in the afternoon up in upstate new york back to buffalo. you'll see as we put that forward the showers come in late tomorrow afternoon as a first risk. it's tomorrow night. and then they're out of here fast. sunday, nice and mild for this time of year. into the lower 60s. i think we'll hold lower 60s into the weekend forecast as well. most of the weekend now i'm thinking is going to be okay. our problems won't get in until sunday. 58 in the city. 50 in the suburbs with patchy clouds. tomorrow, sun and clouds. just a risk of a shower late in the day. wouldn't worry about it. should be a record high of 75. lower 60s at the coast. showers a good bet tomorrow night, especially the first half of it. sun and clouds friday. 62.
5:52 pm
sunday and clouds. showers sunday. cooler monday, but not bad. definitely showers for monday. 59 tuesday. a couple more showers. we get back to 62 on wednesday. steve: great. this is great. march is not usually a beautiful time of year. thank you, nick. star gazers got to see a show in indonesia. a total solar eclipse filled the sky. some people knelt in prayer. others cheered. it's a powerful sight. only a partial eclipse was visible to millions in australia and the south pacific. it was not visible here in the u.s. dari: it was gorgeous. look at that. okay. college sports still a male-dominated business, but two major conferences have women calling the shots. steve: joe sat down with the heads of the big east and the atlantic 10. >> reporter: buzzer beaters, upsets and dunks are synonymous with this time of year. it's march madness.
5:53 pm
to watch young men compete for tournament glory, it's women who are running the show in two of the ncaa's toughest conferences. this is the commissioner of the atlantic 10. val has the same title at the big east. >> having women around offers perspective. we look at life, look at problems and solutions to problems in different ways than men do. >> we put a lot of individuals in the same room with diverse philosophies and visions. i think greatness happens. >> right now men outnumber women as commissioners to the tune of four to one. there are nine women in all of division one. >> it's exciting to see how things change. there are more women in executive positions. is there work to be done? sure. am i proud of what the ncaa has accomplished with nine female division one commissioners? absolutely.
5:54 pm
commissioners are leading with competing tournaments in new york city. this wouldn't be the first time they've faced off. >> val and i have been competing since college. she played at uva. i played at unc. both at the same time. and we're both from the state of new jersey. so we have a long, long history. i have great respect for val. >> reporter: even though they no longer face each other on the court, they hope their stories will become more common. >> i think real work needs to be done to get more women in leadership positions in sports organizations globally. >> reporter: both tournaments tip off tonight in town. i asked both to give me their picks. they have to stay neutral. steve: you don't get to the top of the conference by doing that. they're smart enough to avoid that pitfall. thank you. dari: thank you, joe. we'll see you tonight at 10:00. steve: we will, we will.
5:55 pm
up at 6:00. >> thank you for that. straight ahead and all new at 6:00, a story that's close to home. tracking health threats around the world. from the zika virus to ebola, we'll tell you how doctors are working to contain the spread of these diseases. and in a minute, we're in your neighborhood if you live in forest hills queens. christal young gives us an inside tour of this city gym. nick will be here on the incredible weather we're having. don't go anywhere. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr
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>> announcer: live from studio 5 in new york city, this is the news at 6:00. ernie: it's wednesday night. good evening, everyone. i'm ernie anastos. thank you very much for joining us. we have been hearing so much about the zika virus lately, and we know world health experts are tracking it very closely. but so are public health officials here in new york. a live expert will join me on set in just a minute. but arthur chi'en begins our
5:59 pm
ongoing efforts to predict and contain the world's growing pandemics. >> reporter: the pictures of birth defects ring the alarms. the zika virus is new to the western hemisphere but has spread to two dozen countries. the world health organization estimates 4 million people may be infected by the end of the year. in new york, winter has been our protector from the virus which is spread by mosquitos. >> my first thoughts when i knew about zika infection were that this is probably not going to be a big deal. >> reporter: when it comes to the health of our city, this doctor the lookout, keeping a watchful eye on outbreaks from the moment they surface. they may seem remote, but as we saw with ebola, someone else's problem can become ours. 600 patients in new york had to
6:00 pm
>> as we learn more, i've gotten more concerned. the reason it's more concerning is that originally we didn't really know how close the link was between this infection and problems in pregnant women. >> reporter: health officials face a balancing act, to fine the in79 line in predicting an outbreak. you can tell from testimony being given the scramble is on to find the line. >> the virus would be considered guilty until proven innocent. >> what makes predicting the next epidemic challenging is that we are an international hub, as diverse as we are, new yorkers travel everywhere, which means an outbreak in what is a remote part of the world can land on our doorstep like what we saw with ebola a couple of years ago. we don't know how many have been infected so far. many say governments are downplaying the number of cases by the hundreds of thousands and


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