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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 10, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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mike woods has all the details. elevated levels of lead. do they have a flint michigan problem there? the city says that drinking water is safe. are we sure? greg: jogging around the park at midnight, two people were stabbed by the same guys. they are going to be okay. they got the guy they think is responsible. rosanna: a huge pothole on the roadway. all sorts of flight to lazy yesterday. greg: hogan. beating up rocky. you heard about the sex scandal. he is suing for a lot of money.
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everybody seems to be in a good mood. >> how is this. not their e-mail below i -- not barry manilow. rosanna: i want to skip down the street. greg: she is not exaggerating. >> actually, this time, you were right. >> the ides of march is march march 15. the roman calendar. >> j caesar thought that he was meeting his friend. ice skating rinks. all right.
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rosanna: back i looks like he is happy. does not have a winter coat on. what does this mean for the environment? it is a little scary. greg: you make it sound like that is profound. rosanna: if anything happens, we will go like this. greg: thank goodness you are sitting in the middle. mike: what ever happened a couple days ago. mike: look, i am doing so much better. >> we raised money for mike. he needed it. rosanna: eight days. nine days until we hit spring officially. a little taste of late spring,
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take a look at the list. your high temperature yesterday was 82 degrees. seventy-seven was your record high for central park. la guardia tied their old record at 75. again, records either being tied or fell yesterday big time. very warm out there this morning. fifty-nine in newark. there are more clouds. pretty thin at this point in time. that will be changing as time goes on. just to our north, there are some showers out there. we have that front to the west
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also some cool air to the north. your 75 in new orleans. we will get a push of the cooler air starting tomorrow. another great day to do something outdoors. tomorrow. still well above normal. sixty-two is your average highs. rain chances come back on monday. >> heading to new jersey from
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a huge traffic jam. >> there was an accident earlier. all lanes are closed on the outbound level. bumper-to-bumper delays. expressway. ines, back to you. hutch. here is another problem. here is the bqe. there. the lad, normal delays. let's go to our cameras. doing okay.
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westbound looks good. that is blocking the left lane this is the westchester side of the bridge. traffic jams all the way back to the freeway. there is the bqe. trains are running on our close. greg: thank you, ines. what is wrong with the water and newark, new jersey. schools. at first we thought it was a flint, michigan situation. rosanna: parents very concerned about the situation. teresa priolo is in newark this morning.
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the 30 schools. half of all the public schools here in the city of newark. the largest school district in the state. they say that this is no flint michigan. >> the water is safe and drinkable. still, residents with children attending the city's public schools are concerned. >> tested maybe every six months. >> reporter: unusually high levels. as a result, water fountains and sinks have been shut off. >> working closely together. the minute we found out what was happening here. >> reporter: some levels were found to be higher than that
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here are two examples. the level is 15 parts per billion. the letter registered that 158 parts per billion. 558 parts per billion. this is causing such a great deal of worry. >> a lot of these are older schools with older piping. >> however, lead has not been found in newark's drinking water. this is solely contained to its schools. of course, you can understand why. the newark health department. they will do lead testing on your job.
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can help, please do. that will help them fill in the gap until they fix this problem for good. back to both of you in the studio. greg: we do not do water fountains like you used to in the school. rosanna: i need a drink of water. anyway, please be careful. there was some stabbings in prospect park late last night. two people were stabbed. greg: a random attack. relatively minor injuries. they are expected to be okay. separate joggers. they were jogging on their own. a man walks up to them and staff them.
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rosanna: a brutal stabbing. 22-year-old man is in serious condition this morning. stabbed three times in the back. that serves the j train. police have recovered the knife. so far, no arrests. greg: a man was pushed onto subway tracks. pushing the individual onto the tracks. that was a friday. he was able to climb back out and find no real serious injuries. this was the guy. friday february 12. this was not the subway station. if you know anything, please call police. 18577 tips. rosanna: gaining weight to debate tonight.
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is going to take a chill pill. i think that now he is getting into the presidential vote. he has been on the attack. he will have high energy. a lot of undecided people out there. greg: let's go to liz. >> reporter: good morning to the both of you. sanders and clinton battled it out and delivered a pretty clear message.
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>> we have 19 state primaries and caucuses. in the coming weeks and months, we will continue to do extremely well. >> i was extremely pleased. >> the candidates often clashed about deportation. >> i welcome those children into this country. secretary clinton said, send them back. >> that is something that is not fair about what i said. i did say that we need to be very can turned about little children coming to this country on their own. >> it is not going to happen. i am not even answering that question. >> is donald trump a racist?
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to talk about him. >> the middle of the so-called movement. trying to delegitimize. >> the republicans will the date in miami tonight. >> i think that the republicans embrace it. we will win the election easily. it is really do or die for rubio. greg and rosanna, it will look really different, tuesday. >> who is carrying back? >> what? a pothole on the runway. do not have that every day.
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planes use. rosanna: lots of people have major delays last night because of that pothole. crews making emergency repairs. >> it is 13 and 31. rosanna: is that how you say it? the airport had to take that road way out of service. a pilot actually spotted the whole. >> do you have enough room to depart?
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problem. hours. lots of people not happy about it. >> delayed flights and now canceled. >> it is a little bit scary. i just wish that they would have information. quickly. >> the red cross is on hand to deliver coffee and donuts. >> everything is open now. no word yet on what caused the pothole. they are investigating. they are actually putting up a word.
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cinderella. greg: it is scheduled saturday night into sunday if a deal is not reached. >> they are also trying to prevent it from happening. let's keep our fingers crossed. they could walk off the job if they do not get a new contract. a significant pay raise. new jersey transit says that it is not in the budget without a fair increase. >> he may be president. number one, he is dropping a lot of names. it is kind of interesting. you remember him way back when. still there.
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that is on everybody's mind. >> is that you? [laughter] what are you doing? >> i don't know. i was out in washington square park enjoying it and i got a little bit crazy. she called this t-shirt a cropped up. the first day of spring around the tri-state. another warm one coming up for
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the high temperature making it up to 76. showers are possible later this evening. we have some coming back as we head into the weekend. happy birthday to my friend noreen did better at the bank yesterday. she turned 50 years old over the weekend. she is proud. >> there you go. there you go. let's bring in ines. ines: so much going on. the cross bronx westbound. i will tell you more about that in a second. let's go to our cameras first. normal delays on the northbound side. as for the george washington
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traffic from the upper level. 495 about 50-60. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> thank you. let's take a peek outside. rosanna: cannot get enough of this. swing around. show us the south. do you ever drive up there, rosanna? rosanna: of course. it is beautiful up there. greg: you really are out there. rosanna: up to exit night teen kingston. used to spend a lot of time up
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. greg: the waterfront. rosanna: out was a great movie. greg: one of the great wings
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she can get a hold me that her -- she can get a whole meal there. rosanna: used to play baseball right around there. it is really nice. you can go shopping. greg: it is a cool neighborhood. rosanna: 7:23 a.m. nice to have you back with us. greg: the doctor had to remove the uterus due to complications. >> surgical removal of the uterus.
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what went wrong. we think that this is the first time it has been done in america. it has been done several times in sweden. >> we are keeping our fingers crossed and saying prayers. greg: to nancy reagan funeral for first ladies including michelle obama, hillary clinton, will attend. >> there is rosalynn carter. on the ground of the library. ninety-four years old. greg: we have many stories routinely of man harassing women
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here is a story of a woman harassing a man. rosanna: she actually went on family values. her name is angela. she won her seat after the previous assembly man resigned. her aide claimed last year that her aide colors stir into having sex. the investigation just wrapped up. now banned her from having an turns. having the sexual climate of her office inspected. greg: we have this. take a look at this guy. a sensation on the internet. rosanna: oh, that guy. greg: this is a mug shots, by
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illegal gun possession. he has been released. he is 32 years old. hundreds of thousands of people were fascinated by this picture. he was busted for gun possession in california two years ago. they call him the sexy felon. he will spend the next few weeks there. he wants to become a model. there were several offices already on the table. this is him relaxing on a boat. greg: 32. he is married. he has three kids. that first mug shot photograph really went viral, as they say. good luck to him.
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shout i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me.
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that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all." and now in delicious chocolate. >> really cool retro music.
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so many things have lost some. love is in the air. >> ines has something to say. i just looked over at ines. maybe ines is in love. >> she has not been lucky in love, lately. >> how about you, rosanna? hey, mike woods, what's up? >> i hear you. j, she has an interesting story. she thinks her mom food poisoned her.
7:31 am
what do you call the office it? all right, mike, take it away. >> j. she thinks that her mother is trying to kill her. call the police. that way, eric god, we cannot do it. we already put it out there. you know what i mean. all right. rosanna: if you are not awake. you are now. our temperature this morning, we are starting off at 64. now, how warm is it, that is 2 degrees above the old record highs. warm temperatures are definitely
7:32 am
we do have mixed clouds and sun. 58 degrees in philadelphia. 51 degrees above low. we do not have anything here in the core of the tri-state region. some lighter stuff to drop into that area. giving us a shot out showers. it will not be as sunny as what we had yesterday. heading up to a high of 76 degrees. tomorrow, after we get through a few showers in the morning, we have sunnier skies coming up for you. do not forget, this is the weekend we change the clock forward. feeling more and more like it all the time.
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is going on. good morning. the cross bronx. a complete mess this morning. several stalls have caused a lot of delays here. the new jersey commute doing fine. bottom of the layers onto 80. let's go to our cameras and they are chance see how things are moving. westbound and eastbound. normal slowdown. traffic backed up to the felt merge.
7:34 am
better. at the time, all lanes were closed on outbound upper level. now everything has been reopened. a slow ride. some on the inbound side. starting to get better. great, rosanna, back to you. >> board of surge yesterday. former editor and chief. they would be interested in
7:35 am
their website. greg: suing for an invasion of privacy. greg: spread all over the place. a very unusual testimony. a powerful website. rosanna: people watching the whole thing goes down. stretching a little bit. a hundred million dollar invasion of privacy website. not the iconic wrestling star. former editor and chief saying he found the sex tape footage newsworthy and amusing. kept on getting grilled by the
7:36 am
he said, his response, a child. this is a real-life courtroom. gawker later said he was joking. he said that he was come lately humiliated. agreed to by all parties. the filming of said hook up. >> my hand started shaking violently. it was one of those things where i could not quit shaking. he said it was out there in the
7:37 am
protected by free speech. apparently, just, no. greg: i think that whole cold and will win. thanks a lot. >> let's talk food. first we have the calorie count. then we have the salt. showgirl. now cards. >> there is an idea. a proposal. floating around the city council. >> warning you about the dangers of sugar and carbs. putting a poster up. in this case, it would list the risks associated with eating too many carbs and sugar.
7:38 am
information that would make them have a wise choice. greg: sesame street did they told me to eat fruits and vegetables. rosanna: if you are an adult, you know what is good for you and what is bad for you. you know that piece of cheesecake has carbs for you. you know the french fries. you know the burger. >> you have diabetes. this is just a waste of time. sitting there on capitol hill. remember schoolhouse rock. >> weigh in on this.
7:39 am
this is going nowhere. >> let's talk good news. >> out of the hospital. he was therefore a while. a bad case of pneumonia. >> put in the hospital back on february 18. the manhattan civic center. >> back on that his apartment. right around the block from us. served one term as mayor of new york city. >> earlier this week, gave an inside glimpse into his rocket loop or jan. wanting to flight test pilots next year.
7:40 am
filling six reusable rockets. scaring them to the edge of low orbit for a few minutes. >> doing a lot of cool stuff. unfortunately, you look at the movies. >> may be the ticket will be about the same price. rosanna: the big east
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sixty-four as central park. 57 degrees and monticello. they will be thickening up as time goes on. futurecast does not bring it to us through the day. starting to see some hours as we have through midnight or so. the skies clear out quickly. not nearly as warm as what we had yesterday. a ski report. thirty-one trails open. the ski conditions, that is what is going on out there. forty-six trails open. we are definitely into the spring scheme of things here. we have sunshine for the
7:45 am
the fox5 ny weather app is free. check it out right now. we have some birthday shout outs. turning 10 years old. you, too, greg and rosanna. >> yes, yes, yes. greg: happy birthday. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. greg: here is what is going on. expect delays. >> some rubbernecking delays. let's go to our cameras.
7:46 am
as for the trains, your checklist, everything running on or close to schedule. >> duke coasted lyons is outside madison square garden. he has the whole place to himself. >> duke, basically you are in there by yourself, other than those children. >> yes. this is great. i have the world's most famous arena right here. thirty-five of my friends here. how great is this. you know, the knicks call this place home. let's show you what they did first. carmelo anthony on fire in this
7:47 am
he scored 19 in the first half. he made his first start since november. a season-high. winning 128-97 the final score. first round tournament last night. taking on the seven seed. st. john's down by two. 8988. moments later. marquette holds off. st. john's rally. second half. putting the lawyers of. a game-high of 28 points. seventy-53.
7:48 am
today in new york city. get out here at noon. top seed faces number eight. at 12, 2:30 p.m.. 9:30 p.m., the number three seed. all games on fox sports one. the world's most famous arena. i want to bring in the georgetown fan here. the director here. aaron, this is really magical. to be at madison square garden. even though it is early. how great is this? >> it is a unique experience for a lot of people.
7:49 am
arena in the world. mom and dad watching? do you see that in some of your members? >> absolutely. we play at an arena like this back in dc. this is new york. >> the one see that noon.
7:50 am
7:51 am
>> how great was that. thank you very much. you guys have to save some energy. you have the game coming up. it should be a very, very special day. i will send it back to you. >> who are you, donald trump? i thought that they were pretty good. greg: catholic university graduates. rosanna: let's i hope we have a buyer for the
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greg: oh. rosanna: financial issues. fifty cent. greg: how about those pictures of him with the money. rosanna: he says that the money is fake. he got in trouble with the pictures he posted on instagram.
7:55 am
wanting an independent review of citi assets. the judge could rule on that next month. filing for bankruptcy last year. awarding him to pay $7 million. a woman who said he posted her private sex tape online. >> half of the fun of going there is saying that you saw it. rosanna: leaving their broadway home and going to dc. >> we will be trying out our educational program. we will shoot so many videos from there. you have no idea what is about to hit you. the cast will be going on
7:56 am
over, but they are not. they will perform for the first lady's student workshop. they are at the united nations last week. good for them. does that keith peer. >> the most interesting man on the world. rosanna: retiring him. they said that this is his final commercial. seventy-seven years old. he appeared in an ad since 2007. we will talk to him at 9:00 o'clock. the company made it clear because they want a younger audience.
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>> actually a guy. eddie, it is your b b b b b i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here.
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>> all right. how is it going out there. rosanna: march 10. enjoying the spring, if not summerlike weather.
8:00 am
we will get close to mid- 70s. seventy-five or so. >> one of the largest harbors in the world. >> there may be some showers on that water tonight. mike woods will have all the details for us. >> newark new jersey. they are shutting off the water. real concerns about elevated levels of lead. >> they are not as bad as flint. >> okay. we hope so. a stock pile of handguns. a man is now facing many, many charges. >> la guardia airport. remember joe biden promised that. a bit call on the runway.
8:01 am
rosanna: lots of new leas. >> hopefully, everything is up and running on time. >> meanwhile, the republicans will meet tonight. again, rubio, lyons had. they really want to take down donald trump. he probably will win florida. anything can happen. rosanna: i know that you watch the republican debates. greg: it is on the news. donald trump has already said that he is going to town -- tone it down tonight. he is going to get into the presidential world.
8:02 am
defending himself. greg: we will see how long that will last. rosanna: glorious. >> it really is amazing. everyone came out of the woodwork. >> they hit times square again. we will have that hold ebay. remember last year. >> was this from yesterday? >> ample footage. they put on the winter pounds like i did. thank goodness i do not have to dress up like they do. i need a few more weeks to be ready. >> it is hard to be a hard body these days.
8:03 am
about that. >> steve lacy at 10:00 o'clock. this essential part. this is posted on our twitter page. showing lots of people out side. that looks fantastic. >> it really did seem like a new season had arrived. rosanna: putting everybody in a good mood. greg: including you. rosanna: i know. i admit it. [laughter] >> it was a beautiful day out there. they are not really -- they are just nudist. rosanna: what happened? did you look or did you cover your eyes? did you take pictures?
8:04 am
i was taking pictures this way. >> they did not mind. greg: something happened in the park. mike: let's get you up and running year. we still have a few days left of winter. records are falling left and right. central park. 77 degrees. that was your record high temperature there. you also tied it in bridgeport. maybe not as severe as record-breaking is concerned. son will be falling.
8:05 am
before degrees set a decade ago. we have been there for a couple hours now. 68 degrees in poughkeepsie. temperature changes is what we have for the majority of the tri-state. rain showers well up to the north. it will take some time. i temperature goes up to 76 again. sixty-four is your high tomorrow. sixty-two on saturday. more rain comes to us late sunday monday into tuesday. let's get over to ines rosales. there is a flipped over car by the sawmill. you have at least a lane close. it is causing rubbernecking
8:06 am
southbound side. let's go to our cameras. looks good. the q gardens interchange. normal delays here. the grand central parkway, traffic slow there. trains are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect today citywide. greg: thank you very much. parents are concerned. do not drink out of the fountain. elevated levels of lead. it is a problem. not as bad as flint michigan. what is happening to the water in newark new jersey. teresa priolo is live outside
8:07 am
>> reporter: good morning. we all know how bad lead can be. this is one of the schools where the water has been shut off. they say that the situation is urgent, but it is still flint, michigan. >> reporter: residents with children attending the cities public schools are very concerned. >> unusual weight high levels of lead found in the drinking water as a result, water fountains and sinks have been shut off. >> the city and the state are working closely together.
8:08 am
higher than that epa action levels. the epa lead level is 15 parts per billion. the letter registered at 158 parts per billion. this is causing such a great dual foray. high levels of lead were found in the city's water supply. water contaminated by aging pipes. some of the pipes go back by more than 100 years. >> we need to address this long-term. >> reporter: let has not been founded newark street kid water. this issue is solely contained
8:09 am
>> ring a bottle of water. you can take your job down to the newark health department. they can be tested for lead contamination. i just spoke with one parent that lives across the street in an apartment building. they are going out to different home improvement schools. it has people on edge. that is the latest from here. back to both of you. rosanna: we were talking about water fountains. you do not see them publicly like you used to. that is the poison. that had all the germs. anyway, it was a nice little feature. it is a bad thing for the climate.
8:10 am
fountains. >> the worst thing you can do is run in the hall. we have other stories to talk about. this guy in queens had a huge weapons arsenal in his house. fifteen or 17000 bullets. rosanna: police say they found these weapons. a bulletproof vest and rugs. lieberman. >> we have a missing 13-year-old boy from the bronx. folks, have you seen him around? please, if you have, 330
8:11 am
that is between the avenue. he has brown hair. >> remember that 10-year-old girl. please call that number there. rosanna: we are not looking for bernie sanders. we know he was at a debate last night. >> donald trump. really beat going after donald trump. you are telling me that donald trump will be above the fray. >> that is what i am hearing today. he will not be so feisty. >> i have to see it to believe it. he will not respond guns blazing.
8:12 am
turn. facing off in miami. their final debate before the florida and ohio primaries. these debates go on and on and on and on. >> look at list all him. >> i think so, too. >> last night it was all about the democrats. they met at tuesday night's crucial primary. delivering a pretty clear message. this is just one day after sanders ran away with an unexpected win in michigan. >> i think in the coming weeks
8:13 am
do extremely well. >> deporting children. >> first of all, that is something that is not fair about what i said. i did say we needed to be very concerned about little children own. reporter: clinton could not escape comments. both candidates took jabs at front runner, donald trump. >> there will be a lot of time and talk about them. >> trump was at the middle of the so-called movement. trying to feel legitimized. >> the republicans will debate
8:14 am
urging the gop to embrace him. >> we will win the election. the last one before crucial contests in ohio and florida on tuesday. >> it is do or die. that would be a huge blow to his campaign. kasich that he will be out if he does not win ohio. tonight, things kick off at 830. >> president donald trump. imagine that. i think he was serious. a factor to italy. remember that one? he was not laughing. >> i do not think that he has plans on doing this. meanwhile, everyone is talking
8:15 am
did you notice that last night? it depended on the lighting. it appeared to change colors. showing the changing colors. the washington post. >> thank you. if you had to get out last night, you may have been delayed. the pilot noticed it. rosanna: it back up flights for hours.
8:16 am
when we see potholes. all right. what else is going on? >> is still have not reached a deal. if they walked out, if they don't reach an agreement, it starts out midnight on saturday. >> also trying to prevent getting stranded on the train. they want pay raises. it is not in the budget. >> by the way, chris christie. another sighting. at a baseball game in florida. one of these stories. you find out how much a railroad worker is making. the new york post reports some
8:17 am
their normal salary. they are doing work. over time, it is time and a half. >> they get people to do overtime. what are they going to do. empire centers says overtime was up 11% last year. greg: $330,000 / tier. again, you have to be working six, seven days a week around the clock almost. overtime, only went up 3%. greg: okay. what else? some people freak out about how much.
8:18 am
whether. they love it, at the same time, it makes them concerned. warm too soon. rosanna: i think that it is a nice little gift. rosanna: it is not completely out of the question. that is the official start to spring. starting to feel like it ahead of time. these are unusual temperatures for sure. wind coming in from the southwest around five-10 miles an hour. warmer than what we had the last couple of days. that's southwesterly flow brings us to warmer temperatures. there is a cold front sliding
8:19 am
looking like it will hold off later tonight. they will dry it out as they had throughout the day. seventy-six. download it at the apple itunes google placed order. let's find out. take a look at the cross bronx. one stall and one accident. the henry hudson parkway. traveling on 684 in putnam,
8:20 am
causing rubbernecking delays northbound. you have issues. take the taconic as an alternate route if you can. is downside looks good. lower level under the apartment there is an accident. it is about 30-40. at least an hour delay. >> things, ines. first. there is a really cool show on netflix. another one. >> daredevil. the second season. john is new in the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun.
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after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador. well, i am sorry, carly... it' s something you earn. brookside.
8:24 am
rosanna not. not too long ago. >> what? >> i read an old new yorker magazine. takes a crater to europe. you can do that. all the way to europe. just kind of enjoyed. it is more expensive than a regular cruise. there are no benefits. they take passengers. >> let's get down to business. fox means business. >> oil prices surging. a similar hike in effect. most of the olive oil comes 40%
8:25 am
italy, believe it or not. then you have the bacterial disease affecting all if trees in italy. you have the price of olive oil. okay. maybe we will try some alternative oil. whatever it is you do with olive oil. >> it deep and on the type that you buy. all of them are higher. >> i usually wait for it to be on sale. extra virgin olive oil is about $10. >> i like that. thank you so much. have a good day.
8:26 am
rosanna: cheerleaders. madison square listen up new york. there's a new drug out there. and it's trying to destroy our generation. it's called synthetics. . . so, some guy thought it might be a good idea to spray poison on some herbs, and then sell it to you. no, it's not marijuana. it goes by names like k2, spice, rocks. causes hallucinations, rapid heart-beat. vomiting, seizures. and it can kill you the first
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could thank you, eyeee. rosanna: who put it together? greg: ahead the guys do it. ikea crew. there is a way you can do it. they will send a crew over. you got pay for it. they are good. trying to put that stuff together, yourself, no. rosanna: know. i heard it is really good sturdy stuff. greg: my mother put together a chair. rosanna: your mother did. i know. that kind of stuff makes me overwhelmed. i have a husband, he puts a light bulb in. he thinks it is a major accomplishment. greg: well, these days with the halogen, it is a little bit. rosanna: why do guys always stick up for one another when it comes from around the house.
8:30 am
borderline abusive, demeaning him and his ability. rosanna: anyway. hello. it is 8:30 in the morning. how are we feeling? greg: fantastic. thank you to the crew at ikea in red hook. we get a kick out of them to. rosanna: yeah. a fairway or whole foods around there. greg: yep. rosanna: there is a spirit shop around there. in fact, when we had, a liquorer to. greg: a liquor store. rosanna: when we had sandy, that area was greatly impacted. greg: hit hard. rosanna: yeah. anyway, i think everybody is up and running. we wish them well. yao all right. mikey crash what is happening, buddy? meteorologist: we got warm days throughout. a lot of people enjoying the waterfront. we got warm temperatures. folks will want to be outside like we had yesterday. not as much sunshine, but still warming up. you can't resist days hake this. winter is coming to a close in ten days much? anyhow, 64 at central park.
8:31 am
then, k la at these warm temps. lack at that. boston at 64. bangor, maine main, 5 there. 60 in pittsburgh. warm throughout the northeast. we do have more cloud cover, and in the area, so far, when it comes to rain, that is to the northwest out of the tristate region. but we will have the opportunity for some showers to am cous to here. not for a little wile. not until later on this evening. here is the stats for you for the month of march, so far. the average temperature is 43.4 degrees which is 4.3 degrees above formal. it looks like we are heading toward the warm a march. the warmest day we saw. well, that was yesterday. 77 was the high. we get chose to it today. the coldest temp we have seen is 26 degrees. that was on the third, so far, resip coming in a lilac luster almost an inch behind. we could use more rain. what is coming us to, tonight. help us a little bit. it will be here later in the evening, really, high gets up to 76 in the city.
8:32 am
suburbs like newark ap so on. you make it up to 64 for high on friday. 62 on saturday. change those clocks forward saturday into sunday and then we have rain chances coming back later sunday into tuesday. small rain showers, though though. dup look like any major are storms. okay. let's bring in ines, of course, we have the regular issues. good morning. >> good morning, mike. putnam county, come meet flees. there is overturn by the sawmill exit causing delays here. delays remain even though the accidents clear away. as far as commute in new jersey. still working at 280 westbound as you approach the parkway there. one lane blocked. we have a little dally that. let's take look. looks good. no issues getting close to the verrazano. things showdown a bit. as for the george washington bridge, this is accident on thor level. the gwb has been a mess this morning. inbnd and outbound.
8:33 am
at least 45 minutes. lower level, 30 minutes. a the hour delay. just cleared away accident. i was on 495 by kennedy boulevard eastbound. the holland tunnel, 30. trains are running close to schedule. greg, rosanna. okay. hulk hogan has thrilled crowds. he has been on good day new york. rosanna, he once co-hosted the 9:00 hour with you. rosanna: that is true. he did. greg: he filed a lawsuit. he said the privacy was invaded it was when a sex tape emerged. he was having condition sennual sex a woman. that tape was published. it went viral. rosanna: it was published without his permission. juliet hud disjoining us now with court spreadings and depositions that are going on there that is so surprise what is coming out of this trial. reporter: this wormed is getting scary, i have to say. you know that push r bubba the love sponge, well, it was his
8:34 am
with hulk hogan. everybody approved of the whole thing. we'll talk about that there. anyone watching this thing initially might have felt that hogan was pushing it a little bit when he started to ask ask for for $100 million in invasion-of-privacy lawsuit. thin see what happened with erin an drews, then yesterday's courtroom sec kell involving not hulk hogan but the former head hon co of gawker. form erredder to and chief albert saying he found the sex tape footage are, newsworthy, amusing, he dea sided to post it on the web site. he was asked where he drew the line when it came to posting videos of people having sex. his response if they were a child. so hogan's lawyer they pushes him a little bit more on that one and asks what age. remember, this is real life courtroom stuff here. he replies under four. at the age of under four. gawker later said that this man was joking when he said that.
8:35 am
when you are in a a courtroom, and so on, so forth. so when hogan took the stan earlier this week. said he was completely humiliated by the publication of the video showing him sex with then best friend bob the love sponge's wife, heather, found, open relationship, agreed to by all parties. hogan says the filming of it is what he did not agree to. heed into idea it even happened. >> my hands started shaking violently. i get off the phone. i didn't go into a spasm, but win this things i could not quit shaking. reporter: gawker said it was legitimate scoop. hogan has talked about the sex life out there in the public arena many times before. apparently, that makes it okay for to you post a sex tape. rosanna: a sex tape that was not authorized by him. reporter: unknowingly. gawker says the post row teched free speech. we shall see.
8:36 am
i am sure you will. greg: she is not amused. she is ap planessive about the whole subject. it was una bed ram. it was not in a public place. you know what i mean? rosanna: thank you so much. coming up, cassie ventura, the actress, the sng, he she is in a new movie called "the perfect match. " and it is a lot of fun. well take to her, coming up. the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today.
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greg: who that is guy? rosanna: he is at the beacon theater, by the way. we know the big east is going to be front and center at msg. greg: what do you mean he is at the beacon theater? rosanna: they were and the same family. greg: umbrella? rosanna: yeah. greg: area ry seinfeld has monthly show now. we know. let's do that. rosanna: who do we know? okay. greg: the box office.
8:40 am
rosanna: we'll figure it out. cyndi lauper and boy george this weekend. greg: remember boy george? i will tumble four. anyway, we're getting ready because the big east tournament underway. the winner guess ton play in marched madness. greg: all right. duke cast stig gly own has the whole arena to himself. except for those kid bees hoon him. hi, duke. reporter: good morning, greg, rosanna. the horn just went off as we are about about to go on air. i am joined by donny marshal. an analyst for fox sports. donny, you played at uconn, you played six years in the national basketball association. what makes this tournament so special? >> i, i could put my finger on one thing, but every time i come back to this building, you think about who has performed here. not just basketball-wise, you talk about sinatra, michael jackson, muhammed ali. you go done the list.
8:41 am
building performing as they did. that is, to me biggest thing, because you realize, people really lo of this game, especially in new york. the other thing is get in that freight elevator. it smells like gar wage. we, as a player, you could not wait for that smell. leave it or not. most of the dorm rooms spell smelled like that. you could not wait to get in that elevator because you understand madison square good in. big east tournament. you will do great. okay. here's the trophy here. there it is. oh, yeah. you know, who do you have? main, we have villanova the one seed playing at noon. it a love people think this is their tournament to lose. seton hall play at 9:30 tonight. coach willard has done a great job with them. they are red hot. whose team do you strike in. >> i love seton hall. coach willard has done a tremendous job that young team
8:42 am
by rodriguez telephone then they are local kids. they have three or four kids from brooklyn and the bronx, so they are special. i think, if you talk about long term. you think about winning this and doing something in the ncaa turn. you know? xaviers the team we have to expect. i think everyone knows about villa three? we're finding out more about chaffier. they are built the right way. they have size. they have veterans. chris mac again, he gets the national coach of the year. the coach of the year. he doesn't get the big east coach of the year. i think he is going to have a chip on his shoulder. >> now, look. you are here at 8:00 this morning. you have to work all the way past midnight tonight. and on fox sports one. >> does this work? >> i know it is. we appreciate you getting up. people can watch today on fox sports one. the first game at noon. you will be walking straight through all the way through midnight. righting? >> again, it is basketball. its the best time of year. these kids give everything.
8:43 am
you know, in the dy and wage the nba guys just play certain times of the year. this is basketball at the purest form. to be here calling these games. cannot call fit work. you know what? it is not just about the basketball. it is not the fans. it is about the experience. i is about the band. >> what are we going to play here? >> gormingtown band once again. a little something for us here >> how great is that? >> woe. >> there we have it. we have the trophy. we got the band. donny, thanks very much. >> thank you.
8:44 am
i know it is a long, long day. i get hear this, too. i am awake now. >> all right. check im out on fox sports one today. can watch all four games in person or on fox sports one. back to you. greg: the pep band has pep. rosanna: they were good. they were good. was it a miss stake they were warming up. sounds like it is together. greg: say hello to the cuba player. you can probably see over the guy. rosanna: by the way, we have cheer squads here. from some of the big east schools. they will show us the schoolle spir vit. >> we are talking about boy george. you don't hear any more. this is for us. we remember that one. boy george is performing where? rosanna: at the beacon at the
8:45 am
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what is up with that? rosanna: maybe the bus driver. >> he is doing it by hand. you knee inthink about it. when you get a bus washed, you need a special car wash or you got do it by hand. rosanna: right. a big program. pretty cool. greg: yeah. too big to take through a regular car wash. all right. rosanna: a good die have a nice clean bus. you kneel i mean? beautiful day. >> feel great when you get a car. rosanna: i know. all right. shall they? here. there is another protest plannedded for tomorrow in support of kesha. the group behind the prekesha moment is planning to gather outside in the city. they have a big petition, thousands of people. they are upping sony to releaser there the contract with a guy named dr. luke. she has made music.
8:49 am
also claims he sexually abused and raped her. he denies that and said she made contract. last month the judge ruled she must stay. meantime, there are reports that dr. luke is going to be drop interested sony. he dice ni though reports. but apparently, his attorney says luke has excellent relationship with the company, but an organization reported yesterday that sony expected to part ways with dr. luke. because when you have people like adele, lady gaga, ta ror swift, coming out and sport of kesha, you got a problem on your hands. so sony is not commending now. greg: here is a show i have not seen. people are crazy about it. the pawn stars. pawn. pawn stars. all right. what is the sure? greg: rosanna: well, austin russell. he has been arrested for guns and drug charges in las vegas. he was arrested after police
8:50 am
sexual assault case. greg: this nice it self pi f. this is a mugshot. rosanna: yeah. several report ares say police found pot, meth, at least one weapon during the search. greg: how does the show work? it is great. they run a pawnshop. a family organization you know, everybody likes it. it is like good family fun. so this is a real, you know, that is real stick to them. main, it is really hard for them. i mean, so the sex you a assault is still inner investigation. he is being held on $62,000 bail. a lot of people like the family. they like this show. it is a shame. greg: well, here is an item. the festival begins today in new york city. who knew? i love dancing. it is festival of scottish dancers and musicians. 11 dancers will heat up the floor while singers angie tarrist play.
8:51 am
where are feathers? rosanna: you can. i don't think it is required. greg: they subdued. thy they look fan tanks. rosanna: okay. this happens at the new york city center on west 56 street today through march 19th. greg: that is it. rosanna: tickets start at $35. are you going to go? i love dancing. is sexy, isn't it? greg: all right. folks. rosanna: anyway, the source of netflix will be here. you no the daredevil sorry are this is the second season is coming back. charlie will be this. but a new cracker, the punisher mays that cracker.
8:52 am
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thanks so much. we'll falk the big east. oh. i think we should've taken a left at the river. tarzan does not know where tarzan go. do you know where the waterfall is? waterfall? no, me tarzan, king of jungle. why don't you want to just ask somebody? if you're a couple, you fight over directions. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. oh ohhhhh it's what you do. ohhhhhh!
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9:00 am
rosanna: i know its hard to get trin. it used to be like aegon buildings and stuff like that. but now beautiful apartmentance homes and great restaurants. nice community. greg: nice community. cool. if you want to forrish your apartment for not that much cash, be go to eyeee there. rosanna: lass great field nearby where my son used to play baseball. greg: your kid played on every playground in the city if. rosanna: well, when you don't have, you go to a city school. you don't have backyard, so to speak. you learn to navigate the system, and play different fields all over the place. would all right. ebb. you can see. they got big coats on. they will not need in that little while. it is so warm. rosanna: it is beautiful. it in the 60's. it is going to this he 70's. it is fantastic. you know, we're in spired to be outdoors. we want to pray little basketball today because we got big east fever. right? greg: they are in taun.


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