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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 10, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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rosanna: i know its hard to get trin. it used to be like aegon buildings and stuff like that. but now beautiful apartmentance homes and great restaurants. nice community. greg: nice community. cool. if you want to forrish your apartment for not that much cash, be go to eyeee there. rosanna: lass great field nearby where my son used to play baseball. greg: your kid played on every playground in the city if. rosanna: well, when you don't have, you go to a city school. you don't have backyard, so to speak. you learn to navigate the system, and play different fields all over the place. would all right. ebb. you can see. they got big coats on. they will not need in that little while. it is so warm. rosanna: it is beautiful. it in the 60's. it is going to this he 70's. it is fantastic. you know, we're in spired to be outdoors. we want to pray little basketball today because we got big east fever. right? greg: they are in taun.
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over there at madison square garden. real quick, scrimmage. one-on-one. the net was cut down by last year's championship team. make and ines cut it down. why they? okay. greg: a junk ball. rosanna: i will let you go first. greg: ladies first. rosanna: really? thank you. will take that. i will take that. [cheering and applauding] greg: wow. that was miracle. i got to make this happen now. foul! rosanna: stop it. greg: yes. that is legal? that is legal. thank you so much. why all right. before anyone gets hurt. we'll tick a break. nice shot. lucky shot. let's go talk. shall they? greg: has anyone heard about what the ty council is up to now?
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it has me pretender because i feel like they don't have of this on their plate so to peak. there is one city council member who is thinking about requiring restaurants to put bass clay board in the front of the restaurant like one of these. warning customers about carbs. greg: carbohydrate and sugar. we know that in excess those things can bad four. should there be a great big warning poster in a rest rain new york city? aim out of breath from the pass can he ball, rosas na. rosanna: know. greg: a democrat out of brooklyn thinks it would be a good idea. in l listen to this. >> you can't eat whatever you want them to's east. we want to have the information to make them have a choice. rosanna: interesting. i actually put a little post on the facebook page. ju were trying to rile people up. it didn't work. jeanine whether they think it is worth the taxpayer money.
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supposed to eat certain things. you don't need the wasting more taxpayer money. you already know. i this is what i think. redundant. then listen day says if people don't know. shame on them. gu lel mer says did we discuss the city council members giving them a phrase. greg: as predicted got yourself worked up. you worked up the nice people like gu ler know. all quite frankly for no reason. here is why think so f reason. folks, this is just canned an idea, or they told me on schoolhouse rock when i was six years old. this is only a bill. watch. i am just a bill yes, i am on a bill note i am sitting here on capitol hill well, it as it long, long journey. greg: okay. around. why don't they have other important things do? down the know when you go in,
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sugar and carbs. rosanna: the french fries not got four. the burger? greg: she is just a person at the computer. ji okay. fast, carbs. i mean, you know what you are getting into when go out to a restaurant. greg: hopefully. by the way, rose san ma, she in the restaurant business. guess what? she serves a lot of sugar. rosanna: you know what inwe would not be affected because i believe it is only for chain restaurants. jal oh well where. i am going to lobby. i will lobby for all restp are as. all restaurants should be governed by this. mom and pop. everybody. everybody should know. rosanna: i think people who have a problem already know from their doctors the dangers of sugars and carbs. they gave mike bloomberg a hard time. greg: i don't know. it came back and forth.
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rosana, here's the problem, though. we are chronically bees. we looked at the cart. i am obese. rosanna: i am, too where with my bmi. that is tmi. anyway, i just feel look the more information we have out there, the more we are getting fatter. what's the rob? we're ignoring. i i have to say, one day, i decided i would go to nath apps, i think i told you this. i wanted french fries. i was dying for french fries. they are up there on the council, you know, the callous. it was like a billion calories. what i do? i ordered the french fries. greg: you are american hero. rosanna: because when you want something. are you going to do it anyway. don't care what the calorie count is? greg: you are smart. you do it sparingly. rosanna: well my doctor told me i need to watch. greg: i am glad you have great health care and doctor anohis name and he knows you or she. that is great. not everybody has those choice.
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i don't think it is going anywhere. go door to poor bill on capitol hill. he waits. waits, waits. then it goes to committee. they are going to be sad. it is just idea rosanna. just one person. you know? bloomberg with all the billions and at this point, i think he had been unaring in the city for 10 or 11 years. even he couldn't make it happen. have a feeling, rosana, you don'tp have any thing to worry about from that council woman from brooklyn. i don't think it is going to go anywhere. rosanna: i think it is silly. greg: don't wor you. it gave us something to talk about. we're talking. rosanna: let's move on, shall we? underway. greg: that should be if you. madison square garden. ate love us going down over there. we got cheerleaders. let's bring them in. that quick preview, please. bring in the set ann hall cheer team. hello, seton hall greg: villa november van the house. hi, villa three? rosanna: what about providence?
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[cheering and applauding] >> yeah providence [cheering and applauding] rosanna: all right t. that is good. that is food. we got the school spirit here. greg: where are the guy cheerleaders? did you leave him outside? bring him in. they are always like over it. that is great day four. will liability like that. rosanna: thank you, ladies. talk to you later. thank you, ladies. doing a great job. mike, did you have a big megaphone? meteorologist: ways not. we did have a meteorologist who was. i was not me. anyway, it was just casteel. many moons ago in. anyway.
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let's show you. we got a little taste of spring. spring break got start thinking about that, flight oh, yeah. there. the forecast high for today, 76 degrees. looks look we railroad going up to 76 and the average high for today is 48 degrees. 74 is the record high as it stanes now. it looks like we may be breaking that if we hit 76. we gat new record on the hands once again. so here is what we have with the tems this among. we are on the way back up. you are at 70 already in poughkeepsie. 9:00 in the morning, 67 central park. 68 degrees in newark. 69 in allen up to. we got kind of a jump on things because yesterday, we were about 15 to 20 cooler than what we started out with today. so now, temps with will go up. not so fast. we have more clouds throughout today as well. so that will also help to keep the tems from skyrocketing. but the winds coming in from the we west and southwest at 5 to 10 miles per hour.
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transpointer warmer temperatures as well as additional crowd cover and moisture t. there is a cold front not too far off. it is to the northwest trying to rose from the tristate reg opinion. there it is. it is acting there ache back door cold front. we're going to see more clouds in the tristate reg been to with a few showers possible. especially in the northwestern counties later this afternoon. i am thinking most of the show we'res that we do have to deal with won't be here later tonight. even that doesn't look lake big deal. so the if you ture cast as we roll you through forward will bring in show,s up to the authority west as we need the evening. then in the overnight hours, when the rainfall will come on by. it looks like light-to-moderate rainfall for a short period of time. midnight usp cooing in. look at how fast it goes through. boom. it is out of here before we get up to start your morning commute. we still have clouds that time at 7:00 in the morning. the rain has a thing in the past. it is cool, he drier. and, yeah. temps will be bombing back down here. 1:00 yeah. a lot of changes coming up over the next few days. on the warm side.
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looks like it happens penning again today. we going to see a high tem of 76 degrees later on this afternoon. record warmth in the air. some showers possible later on tonight. they by tomorrow morning, it is out of here. high of 64 then. still breezy. 62 on saturday. don't forget to change the clocks forward. more rain coming at you early in the next week. and workweek here. greg rosh rosana over to. greg: thanks a lot. he had another cool shot. we got to watch. it is called daredevil season two comes out march 18th. check this out. it looks intense. rosanna: charlie cox comes back in the role.
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is starring. just the name alone. a little bit. welcome. >> you are starting to look alike. >> you just say that because we told you. >> close up in the morning. what are you wearing? >> you know, very cute guys. thank. all right. >> look. there is so much stuff on netflix. this is a great with quality show. tell us what is going on here? well, look. i was a huge fan of what they did last season, my first time sort of coming on the show that is already, that is already been on and already been so successful. you know, i felt for me. i wanted to make sure i was not
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>> right. >> there but to. rosanna: now the superhero, right? how do you take on this guy? >> le with, you know what is interesting about this season, this season of the show. it is not so much about the good guy remembers the bad guy. we're asking some hopefully quite sophisticated questions. >> strike in well, last season. you know, they played wilson. it was good versus evil. this year we're asking the what makes a hero? you know, the clearing is more of antihero than a villain. and so, you know, these two, they come to blows early on inch then they discover actually they have pan think things in common and my character always has to admit that against his better judgment this person is cut from the same cloth as he is. greg: do you think of american accident? do you fake one? >> this is fake. yeah. this is fake.
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this is for the interview. greg: all right. howz with a clip? rosanna: okay. daredevil. >> what kind of a name is devil hell's kitchenway? >> really. >> i didn't ask for that name. >> i am sorry. i don't see you running from rite. >> i don't do this to hurt people. >> what is that a job ferk. >> don't kill anyone. >> i think you a half measure. i think you a man who can't finish the job. i think that you are a coward. >> you just can't see. you are one bad day away. >> i think they are identifying words there. do you get physical a lot in this sorries? >> yeah. >> yeah. >> do you? >> yeah. >> thats the stuff. >> i love the post. >> have you hurt tim? >> he has hurt me a couple of time much? is a strong guy. he is. >> yeah.
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eat tv show on march 18th. >> right. >> very cool. march 18. congratulations by the way. walk dead a lot of folk got to know you on that program. fabulous show. how is life into it is great. it is great. i appreciate that. i think, i think you know, the walking dead sort of was and the idea from the beginning was to take the genre to elevate it to make a show in that gn rebut mack it for the breaking bad audience and make it best quality tells have you could. the story telling cracker based. i feel that is what charlie and the guys did last year with the daredevil. on one hand, yes. superhero genre but high scale ny television it is cracker driven and really not a superhero but a man. what darryl cha reallily delivers is unbelieve. i am proud. rosanna: you know, both of you do so man thinkngs this outside of this series netflix. i just read you are going to be on broadway?
9:15 am
i will do a play in new york for the first time. rosanna: for the first time. you have done plays before. never here. >> never here. why are you ner rouse about that? yeah. you know, we shoot the show here. i got going there the theater here and i wanted to see everything i can. it is probably one of the pest in the world. rosanna: what is it called? >> it is by nick payne. >> i character do you play? >> i play six crackers. yeah. i do, i play six crackers. have fave different ac cen doing that. skied them to play all the pars in the play. greg: good luck with that. we saw hamilton. >> yeahment ini did, too. rosanna: what did you think? >> i loved him. it was fantastic. greg: being able to say you saw hamilton. >> yeah. rosanna: what other new york thing douse like to do? you know where are you living in brooklyn? where do you hang snout. >> i live in brooklyn.
9:16 am
live in brooklyn. rosanna: you do a lot of walks over the bridge. how to get into cracker. read it somewhere. that is true? >> people ask my y. maybe why aim walk offering the brooklyn bridge with a backpack and talking to myself. yeah. rosanna: okay. >> lots of tourist. lots of selfies. you don't go far without taking selfies, right? >> well, i do it late at night. the only people throughout were complete maniacs and sort of. i do remember early on when we shot it. i finished working. i went to go get food. i called john. thinking you are up and join me. we tan caulk about tomorrow. will be there in a minute. i ap on the williamsburg bridge now. i do remember that. rosanna:s that true. how's the basketball by the way? we got big east fever going on here. >> right. >> we got cheerleaders, thanks very muchp. >> cheer lead lead remembers great. >> yao check out the
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caress presents the world's first body wash with fragrance release pearls. touch your skin to release fragrance up to 12 hours. caress love forever. greg: all right. rosanna, you have an excuse to be crazy. all that basketball stuff all month long. all of it going down over madison square good in. into this if phenomenon we have cheerleaders. rosanna: we do. let's start with villanova university. rosanna: all right.
9:21 am
cheer cheer >> nova! let's go, fova! >> all right. good. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you. thank you very branch villanova. rosanna: don't get hurt, whatever do you. greg: it was slow start but you came through at the. thank you i have much. rosanna: that was very good. who is next?
9:22 am
greg: all right. let's see what you got. rosanna: let us' see. let's go! [cheering and applauding] here we go! fight, go fight! blue, white, identifying, go fight! fight, go fight. >> fabulous f. rosanna: very nice. greg: that was amazing. rosanna: you scared the heck out
9:23 am
greg: we almost brought it all the which were a. >> i. rosanna: okay, good. seton hall, very nice. all right. >> thanks so much. greg: see you in a bit. come on in. providence, rhode island, do your thing. >> her we go! here we go!
9:24 am
>> go, bulldogs! rosanna: they like the bulldogs. greg: let's beat the bulldogs. >> butler. greg: all right. all right you were amazing. let's bring everybody else here back. all right. [cheering and applauding] greg: all right. real quick, a do we know most? >> what do we know most? we are a family. everyone loves the flyers. we're all here together! we are all in support of the basketball team! we are super expedited to be throughout on the court. rosanna: all right. seton hall. let's talk to setop hall ladies. come on over here. all right. >> take it ate way. >> seton hall university.
9:25 am
jersey. >> yes shall it is inmuchp we want to know what makes it so good. >> why do you like going there. >> i know i fell in love with the community. we're community throughout the campus. not just on the team. our team is family. it is really great to be here. greg: any dirt on chris christie? rosanna: stop it. greg: all right. thanks very much. villanova. hello. rosanna: hi. yo outside of philly. right. >> how long? >> sophomores and juniors. who smells who is a famous graduate? rosanna: my nephew, and honey. greg: rosanna scotto. >> you come in handy when the other team is trying to make free throw. hit the video. rosanna: what? greg: you wering that stuff. rose nan and i would like to have it. go ahead, do it. create a riot.
9:26 am
rosanna out as the tries to sink a basket, okay? rosanna: okay. greg: fair enough? rosanna: okay. greg: wait a second. right here. all right. what do we do? go crazy. [cheering and applauding] didn't work. all right you got to get freakish. two shots. rosanna: i want to. greg: railroad the mission is to stop her. [cheering and applauding] rosanna: oh. >> woe. greg: oh, boy. rosanna: okay. sorry. okay. come on. i will show you how it is done. >> okay. here we go. [cheering and applauding] [cheering and applauding] rosanna: woe. greg: what did you think by the way?
9:27 am
one more time. okay. come on. [cheering and applauding] greg: one or two. two for four. villa sleeve, rov dense, seton hall. rosanna: thank you, it is a lot of fun. good luck over there at the garden. [cheering and applauding] >> all right. good day new york is coming back. greg: you guys are great. excuse me. thank you. rosanna: the most interesting
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rosanna: reminds me of the old cheerleading days. ways high school cheerleader. you took the picture? you son of a gun. greg: look at that, rose nan. i hear she was dating a quarterback. greg: all right. rosanna: anyway. the most interesting man in the world. greg: >> a dream beard. what is that for you? greg: oi's. i thought you had the picture. greg: from mexico.
9:31 am
you know, the spokesman for this year. he p over the years. rosanna: the most interesting man in the world. greg: there he is. he has been in a bunch commerces over the years. very, very popular. take a look at one watch them >> just because they find him interest aring. his beard alone has experienced more than a lesser than man's entire his blood smells like cologne in the fast life, he was himself. if opportunity knocks answer is not home, opportunity waits. he gave his father a talk. he is the most interesting man in the world. i don't always drink but when i do i prefer those things rosanna: wow. that is jonathan gold myth, right? greg: howe i did not picture his name being jonathan goldsmith but it is. he spent a lot of time growing
9:32 am
the news here what i am we're talking about it. he will soon no longer be the spokesman officially he will no long are be the most interesting man in the world. >> because he wants a younger man. >> that is the days? well, let's bring in the most interesting man the world them? played him on tv far good successful and very profitable run, i am told. jonathan goldsmith joins own the phone. good morning, sir. can you hear us? i can. good morning to all. rosanna: where are we fig you in the world now? >> this morning you are finding me enjoying a very spring vermont. rosanna: oh, very nice. how do you feel about this news? are you a little melancholy over the decision that well, not really. it has been an incredible run. i really had the good fortune to be involved with some wonderful people with extremely successful campaign and it has banyuous experience. and sure, i will miss that.
9:33 am
since the opportunities that i could not take advantage of because of agreements before so i have many of rent things. they say one door opens, and ten open. greg: congratulation. a real successful run. you have done well. good stuff. now, technically, though, your cracker is not out of the picture. they sent them off in an interesting way? >> i guess so, they isn't know mars. >> i gat call to go down to this casting office. there were 500 people there. they all looked like juan valdez, the handsome flail that did the coffee commercial. i thought i didn't have a chance. they were, indeed, younger, than
9:34 am
if i decideed if nothing else, i will make them laugh. i think i did. i was empty studio. they were talking to me. this was in l.a. they were talking to me from new york. they laughed. i was concerned about the car being illegally parked. i kept going. a couple of in mos, a couple of weeks later, i got called back again. i thought it was, i din have a chance because these other guys were macho looking younger fellas. the process went on for three months, they lack all over this world frm foon hi, i was the very listeningy by to get. i. greg: beautiful. base am sorry to forgive me talking about age here. according to public records here. you are 77 now. this was in 2007. this would have put you at 70 late much's something like that. >> right. yeah. greg: these gigs done come around like that very of tep. rosanna: you look really good. >> thanks.
9:35 am
rosanna: thanks, jonathan. all right. so you are not upset or ruffled at bawl the fact they are looking for younger drinkers so they are bring in a younger spokesperson? >> no. i am really not. i was very fortunate accomplished what, you mo he, i was really glad. my task. it increased three times. so i did a good job. life guess on. greg: did you a fantastic job. by the way before the tv commercial. you were in all the favorite tv shows from hawaii 50, well, one out of 12, eight is enough. what did you do? i don't remember if you. >> you done remember because i don't think i was on. i they not i was on star trek. i never was on that one ether . greg: it developed around the most interesting man in the world. in a way? >> in a way. yes. indeed.
9:36 am
are you sick? are you going to continue drinking them now that you are not the spokesperson? >> i will certainly continue drinking beer. i am hooked on the dark, it a is a great beer. greg: all right. other than the machine if i and the fame. what's thele couldest thing happ that happened as a result of the campaign? you know, somebody you met, some ek perience you had? >> oh my goodness. there were so many. but not long ago, i was sitting inlet me plaug great restaurant in hollywood. in place. the waiter comes over. he says miss lawrence would like to to have a picture with you. that is in not. it was jennifer in a went over to her. >> wow. >> i went over to to the stable and she was, house and produced me to her friends and took some pictures ap then same restaurant about two weeks later some ruffled looking guy disheveled comes over and psychs me. are you jonathan gold myth? i said, yeah.
9:37 am
picture? it was leo decap preknow wheres what preparing for revenant. so flows not things. think two of the nicest things that say it allle about the run and the demographics and the success of the campaign. i was sitting with my wife who was instrument in my getting the project. he was my man fer. we really like jonathan but they feel it e is too old. we have to gougere. she paused for a moment and said, well, how can the most interesting man in the world be young? you need time to have life experience. greg: what a great point? it was good point. so obviously,. >> we wish you the best. when you are in new york, please stop pi. we would lo of to have you here and talk to you on the yellow couch. >> will be around lunch. ji okay. >> all right. rosanna: all the best to you.
9:38 am
on good day new york. >> my best to you all. greg: all right. interesting. rosanna: interesting on and off the commercial. all right. speaking of interest. cassie, you know her. a cassie ventura. actress, singer. she is starring the movie the
9:39 am
9:40 am
she is coming up. welcome aboard my starship. ahoy, mateys! it's full of things i love... like me brave crew... and my fellow space adventures and free of things i don't. like aliens. just like eye patches. and when it's time to refuel, i eat chex cereal. it's full of stuff we pirates need. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. excelsior! eat up, me hearties! keep it down! i'm exploring the galaxy. arrrr, that's not even
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greg: hear that music? hear that there is no fortunately, oh, my fod, thank goodness, no relation to jesse the body ventura. everybody ask her. actual hi, they should know. rosanna: if you know career. you know she is actress. she is a singer. she is known for hit songs like me and you ap roles in movies. greg: all right. the big news is. there is a new movie called "the perfect match" it comes out tomorrow. she is per terrific in. let's see the trailer then meet the star! >> the is the best. u date woman. >> okay. >> for the first time. rosanna: welcome to good day morning to. >> thank you. so i heard you turn the table on the guys in the movie. i liked the whole premise of this. >> yes.
9:42 am
a total energy change. >> yeah. greg: not sure what was happening. set it up. the perfect match is -- >> i will sit up four in. charlie mac this is player. he doesn't fall in love. he doesn't take advantage of women. he has his time with them. then leaves them aside. rosanna: he won commit. >> he won't commit. he goes through a lot of women and makes that in the beginning of the movie. my character over here. a bet he has with his friends in. she overhears it and which with is unheard of for girl in the movie. rosanna: what does she do that gets under his skin? >> i cannot say. rosanna: okay. it is a great cast. >> it is a great cast. rosanna: who else thins movie? >> tarrance jay, paula pattop,
9:43 am
riley, i hope i didn't forget anyone. rosanna: yes. yes. greg: she is terrific. well, conlation. >> yes. rosanna: let's watch. >> really? >> yeah. >> so no strings, correct? >> no pg strings. no strings. >> you may be right. ii want to try something new, something different. i can't in a relationship now. >> what are you saying? >> so i am saying, keep your phone handy. greg: i think i am supposed to frown none. rosanna: i am not. i think it is time. i think it is great. go, cassie.
9:44 am
>> well, eva think she's wants a crash relationship then he wants the same thing. so maybe they would work out. that would workout. rosanna: in the movie, you have, i guess, you know, some very intimate scenes. yeah. i am wondering about the boyfriend? whether he dime the set to make sure everything was okay with you? no. he trail this really trusted the situation. they spoke beforehand. greg: wait. wait. wait. wait. you date p. diddy? i didn't know that. hold the phone. >> normally, i typically don't talk about my proof vate life. they put it on the television. greg: all right. really? eye let that one go. rosanna: all right. she was telling the story. >> okay. he is a bit nervous. i told stuff about it. he said have him give me a call. they had the man talk. make it believable.
9:45 am
movie. he is fine with it at in the of the day. rosanna: didn't know you called him puff. >> yeah. ebb has different name. greg: i met him once when he was selling vodka. inhe brought a big jug of it. rosanna: bee by the way, she comes from connecticut. you got family this. i do. new london, connecticut. rosanna: that is night. >> we had screening last fa. e came it to. i was nice. i got be with them. why all right. you can company of "the perfect match" tomorrow, in theaters everywhere. so nice meet you. >> thank you so much. rosanna: say hello to puff for us. greg: yeah. tell him we said hi. shall we facetime here? i always wanted to hang with him. rosanna: all right. a new restaurant in bush wic getting a lot of buzz with italian dish. greg: look at those dishes? i. rosanna: i know. we will talk to the owner of this restaurant. jill and kate use the same dishwasher.
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9:49 am
it looks cool, clean, sleek. rosanna, find hi for me, i have been fascinated by the region. it hovers right around basically the area between france and spain and a little bit on both sides. >> bring in ella the co-owner in did we get that right. we had trouble. >> a little bit of co co lum bee yen which is what i am. >> yes. very fun at the table. a little bit of italian. it is here in new york. >> my mother lived for the past few years. >> your last name is schmidt. >> all right. are you related for one of the reporters here? >> i don't think so. okay. my father. >> yeah. that is beautiful. >> okay. hill it of everything there. how long has the restaurant been
9:50 am
>> for a year. >> one year. >> yeah. >> it looks cool. by the way let's get address route there. >> 159 central avenue. >> okay. >> what does it mean? >> well, it is a girl's name. >> oh. >> very nice. >> okay. >> how do you characterize it? >> okay. >> just really good. they take it to another level. >> a lot of fish and meat. they have everything. >> because of the land and the sea. so. >> what are we making indiana. >> okay. what is that? >> it is basically, basically colombian corn party. >> okay. >> right here. >> okay. >> it looks like it. >> okay. >> sure does. >> all right. >> no.
9:51 am
>> all right. okay. >> so we're making poached duck egg and going to go on top it. >> okay. >> and it is going to be v a little sauce made. >> okay. tell us what you will do? g ahead. do it. >> okay. all right. >> you know what? when they come opp, they dop realize they are not king could in real time. >> all right. >> this is a heavy taste. rosanna: what is this? together -- greg: i have a feeling it delicious. zi! no. you use a fork. greg: chef, may i? that is edible now? thank you. rosanna: thank you. do not put your finger in there. it is good. all right. rosanna: do you like think it okay. that is good. a little bit. greg: all right.
9:52 am
rosanna: emma, how long have you been cooking? >> since i was 16. i always always cooked at home. rosanna: i love cooking an egg in boiling water. that stake takes skill. i have thought thoughts. you have a little cup you put the egg in. greg: look at what is happening there. rosanna: isn't it cool until have you have made it like to? greg: no. i never made an egg. rosanna: what? greg: can you believe? i grew up on cereal. i cannot be bothered about w that stuff. i can't. i can't. i never turn ob the stove serous willing i. eight years, never turned it on. rosanna: what is the dic maaing a poached egg in the frying pan? >> well, just, it keeps the teg from moving around so much. if it get as to much water, it starts spinning around inch then you neat need a nonstick pan so it won't sticking to the bottom. rosanna: food. tell us. what is it?
9:53 am
>> oh. i got go. ji he kay. what is this? >> that is cheddar with watermelon and black truffle. >> oh, that looks good. >> i love it. delicious toasted bread. greg: portuguese corn pread. i want to check out the restaurant. rosanna: okay. this is the finished product here, greg. it looks mikes nice. one more time in central avenue in brooklyn. take another look. what kind of a scene sh what kind of snib who close to? >> all the cool people in the world. ja all the cool people. rosanna: all right. i like it. we'll take a quick break. when we come back, the finished product already done. stay with us. she will show us how it looks and taste.
9:54 am
governor andrew cuomo: there is an unhealthy income inequality gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this
9:55 am
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facebook page. greg: look at the food. rosanna: you have to try it here. >> had it. too? greg: i am in. thank you very much. rosanna: you are coin confusion. is open from 5:00 to 11:00 from tuesday to sunday. fantastic. >> thanks. all right. coming up. greg: also, rosanna, not bad. not bad. greg: we both sank two pass kets even though they were trying to disrupt us. rosanna: okay. have a good daze new york. we see you on facebook live,
9:57 am
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gap that is only growing. if you work full-time you shouldn't have to choose between paying the rent and buying food. i say lift up the working families of this state and pay a real decent wage. we fight until this nation fulfills its promise of opportunity for all and that's what this fight for $15 is all about. i'm going first. no you're not, you went first last time. why are those lines on my floor? a distance contest. i already made it from this line. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. it's "the wendy williams show."
10:00 am
>> you won't believe what i'm about to tell pup. >> all due respect, have a seat. >> my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: tada, here we go again! thank you for watching today. say hello to my troublemakers. my cohosts. [ cheers and applause ] i'm doing great. it's thursday, which to me is


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