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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 14, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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from "fox 5 news" this is "good day early call" >> let me start by saying that is still mid-march. we should not expect big blobs of sun and 800 weather. saturday was nice . it's a miserable monday and some people's eyes. when it comes to the writer, we will have plenty of wind and rain and it will get uglier as the day , tell me if i am correct . that's coming up in the forecast be three security will be tight as donald trump is ready for a big rally. recent balance have caused him to come under attack. it's nothing new for him. breathing a sigh of relief
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it will be a normal day on the track. i know one of our tweeters , spike , is really happy about that. >> i was in new jersey on saturday. ben: on the digital signs are loaded with all the good news . >> it's monday and i am been sent out. juliet: i am juliet huddy. it was like nascar candy once a week. no one wants to go to bed. i don't understand why we do it anymore. just take one and stick to it works i would be fine with that as well. >> get a motion going! stop the insanity. >> we could get all the
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in protest. >> leave it where it is right now. then were done. >> it sounds good to me. ben: go a halfway between. fall back a half an hour. >> just go for the gusto weather coming in the tri-state region looking impressive. scattered to like moderate showers . the atmosphere is taking a while to saturate but it's happening with light rain here in the city. in new jersey it's been having a little bit longer and it looks like a soggy monday coming up. temperature wise, it's pretty mild. temperatures in islip at 510 at poughkeepsie.
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looks like we also have the wind coming in from the east at five 15 miles per hour. it pulls in one of the clear air in the rain keeps going. it's a slow-moving front hanging throughout the day. there is later showers in the east wind mixing in for a raw monday. temperatures are falling through the 40s this afternoon and as we head into tomorrow, still some rain out there with a high temperature going up to 550. today, falling temperatures and white ring . >> that spring and ines 36
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good start. as far as the new jersey commute come out to get to 87 with no issues there. you are fine in both directions. let's go to the cameras and take a look at the freeway where we have a problem on the northbound side. it was all the activity going on. as for the trains, they are running on or close to schedule. >> republicans may have one last shot at taking donald trump down. don't hold your breath . ben: donald trump is fighting back and kelly ray as the neatest. >> republican democrats are going after donald trump but the next round of primaries is tomorrow for what's been called super tuesday to . he plans to support him if he is nominated.
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washington. he is big business.the answer is to support a candidate that will stand with a hard-working taxpayer. >> a candidate for president of the united states should condemn violence! [cheering] not encourage violence . donald trump give credit to himself for canceling the rally in ohio due to a protest. >> we had to make the decision. we want peace and happiness and everyone to go home really happy and peaceful. we said, we will postpone it and it was a wise decision. he criticized from for the violence of rallies and says he plans to win his home state with a positive
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>> you have to have positive solutions in the country. you can't run around yelling at one another. it's up for bid grabs the 350 delegates at stake. this could be the last chance the republicans try to stop trump . the maryland police officers died after being shot in what is called a unprovoked attack yesterday. prince george will turn 29 years old this week. the shooting happened in landover which is a suburb 10 miles out of dc. it happened at 430 yesterday afternoon. officials say the suspect opened fire on the first police officer he saw. during the shootout, he was wounded he is expected to survive. the second suspect was arrested for so far there
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>> morale is at a low level in the nypd. this is according to a survey by the police benevolent association. 2.49 out of a scale of zero 10. 87% believe the city is less safe in the past two years and 55 percent say it's a lot less safe 6000. 24,000 members completed the survey. they say these findings are highly suspect and in the face of the facts. >> it's not the case. i have met a lot of police officers work in the city out there and the rating would be -8. they say they have not received this herb day when they do they will review it.
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video suspect and police say the shots were fired afternoon in the middle of the day yesterday on boston road. no one was hurt, fortunately. check this out! ben: wow. you can see he is my read /orange hooded sweatshirt. juliet: call 1-800-577-tips if you see this man. >> the transit and the union workers reach an agreement on friday. it avoids the strike and a fair hike. the exact times and not been announced and union members must vote for the plan . they were at odds over a new contract with pay raises and contributions to healthcare. >> still ahead, it will be rainy outside today. good writing!
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they were firing up in the overnight hours. right now, the morning commute will be a little bit wet for you and wendy . back to winter is what it feels like.we are not talking about anything like snow. unsettled weather comes through and we will see sunshine back in the area with high temperatures getting back to 600. some of that saw that stuff that we saw comes back to us again but it's getting a little bit run out there. showers throughout the entire tri-state with areas that are drier for you in connecticut. it's getting a while for the rain to reach the ground level. we have seen the showers moving in and it doesn't look all that tremendous. there are heavier pockets of showers coming through
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into northern new jersey. we'll see the general trend continued to come at us with an area of low pressure. it hangs in the area and rides it over the warm front. it increases the chances of showers that you will see throughout the'll see showers throughout the day and it will be on the lighter side as it continues to work its way through. it's another area of low pressure and disturbance coming through tomorrow keeping things going as we get into wednesday with the general direction of the dryer sky. today it will be showers throughout the day and for the evening, it's going on with cooler temperatures right into town. temperatures are back where they should be and highs around 47 480. that's what we will have his falling temperatures throughout the day. temperatures continue to fall down . it's still wet tomorrow and
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with some showers. leprechaun is patrick's day . chances of showers throughout the day with a high of 600.all temperatures are above normal. i will show you where the rain is now. let's bring in nine is. good morning, michael. here is rockland county with things fine on either side of the tappan zee bridge. there is one problem northbound with an accident having one lane closed. here is all the activity going on so you do have
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as for the george washington bridge, it's a look at the lower level doing fine. with the subways and one train suspended both direction between 14th and south ferry is because something is going on. that to you >> divers stop searching for a man who is still missing after he told crash near terry new york. divers will be on the scene this morning to determine how to remove the wreckage. teresa perillo has more . >> it's improbable and they were hoping there was a different outcome. >> governor, delivered news from the banks of the hudson. cruise had save those on board the tugboat specialist.i have now switch gears. they are moving from fresh to salvage. >> visibility is so poor
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>> they did access areas of the vessel that they could reach safely. >> he is pushing a barge from albany to germany jersey city. it hit a stationary barge used for the tappan zee bridge construction project. on board, timothy conklin with captain paul ammon and harry hernandez of staten island. the bodies have been recovered and it's hernandez who may remain submerged with the vessel. he shows he loved working on the hudson and here's one. another day at work , every day is a blessed day. >> sometimes is just a pure accident. just a pure accident.
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glenn were killed days before lindsay's wedding. barge. the operator claimed that lit. >> is the latest reaction between south korea. the nuclear expert says the new bomb was placed on the intercontinental result and it could destroy new york but however, they do not believe the device lives up to its claims. i'm not shocked about that. >> the dismissal could not release this heart far. >> i don't know if you are aware that he is crazy. >> joining us now , speaking
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trying to say? >> pretty much. >> i am crazy with a k . >> have a great weekend. >> it's dry out there.not much action. >> that is every weekend. >> donald trump what is wrong with you? >> donald trump on friday night in chicago. >> at violence in the raleigh, it's like what's his name in casablanca saying they are shocked with gambling in the establishment. he had incited violence. he is encouraged to punch protesters in the face. i love these guys like shampoo , chris christie. trump came out of jamaica estates.
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this guy could be targeted with assassination. you how many looney tunes who probably have their picture all in the room with a boarding house ready to take him out ? george wallace was surging in the democratic primary and obama shows up in a parking lot and shoot some and he becomes a paraplegic. >> the propensity for damage has increased at these events . he doesn't seem to be bothered by it . curtis: the white supremacist elbows the black guy and now donald says he will cover his legal expenses. it's almost like he is enabling the folks. >> can we talk about this pda survey? as i moved off to long island, i have become friends with police
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the city. >> is a giving you cards he could avoid being ticketed? yes. >> i don't need one for that. >> so, anyway, the result is that i have to go through the details and they are saying the morale is low. i scale from one 10 , it's a two point something. most of them say it's the highlight.>> glamour girl says she doesn't need it. >> trust me, i know. >> just bet your eyelashes. >> of course . [laughter] curtis: are they fake ? juliet: i have eyelash extensions.>> of course they are upset! there morale is low! he tells his son that he
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a cop . the morale is bad. >> if there is a connection between low morale and the city , is one a product of the other? >> i noticed one of the people being arrested . they are resisting because they don't think guys give them more lip and they are always flexing in front of the cops. they get in their face. >> that did not happen under giuliani and bill bratton when he used to be rough and tough. shootings over the weekend yet again. guns are being taken off the street . >> you are the one that pointed that out. >> he does give you credit. >> even i wasn't hip to
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it's about what you said. >> it's about the slashing and stabbings. >> please rewrite it . >> give you a little bit of credit? >> a lot of credit! >> w abc at noon/3:00. curtis from 5/6. >> you never will. >> will see my name and ben, back me up, my name. >> you get no street credit . >> that is outrageous.>>
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>> will be right back. welcome back. 4:55 am. duke will be in later. the next play the lakers. this is colby's last name game against the next. phil jackson is watching them play and they won five
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>> kobe bryant gets the fadeaway jumper. the lakers are up 85/81. carmelo anthony will nail a big three here. they are still and at the second. tied at 87. he wins the game at 90/87. >> looking for their fourth straight win over the nets. the second is winding down. the nets are down one in brooklyn is against the tough layup . let me tell you something the man deserves usd1 million per year. with they go on? they would. >> they would lose 109/100. >> march madness is on the books. >> it's a number of local teams making tournament. they were there when they
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>> seton hall faces west coast conference time and on thursday night. the parents to a great show to beat nova on the big east championship over the weekend. >> is the number 13. [cheering] this was the scene on iona. in the name was announced with the maca champion. they are the number 13 in the midwest regional. >> i was state on thursday in denver. stony brook made its first trip on the east regional. they play kentucky on thursday in des moines. >> it's m aac.
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>> never saw play today and look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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. juliet: good morning, everyone. we are in for a crappy day with cooler temperatures , wind and rain. it's not ideal but the light is at the end of the tunnel. ben: i do . police need help capturing a man who sexually assaulted a woman in brooklyn. brooklyn. they're hoping the surveillance video will lead to his arrest. >> police officers here in tba. they claim cops feel less


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