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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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there is witchcraft involved. going to be here later to talk about it. >> do do see some of the footage? a guy rushed him while he was giving his speech. rosanna, are his words aching on the crowd. is he stirring things up and making this happen itself? >> that is what opponents are saying. i was watching another station last night here at a lot of those people that were protesting had bernie sanders. they are not donald trump supporters. greg: they do not like him, obviously.
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face for him. getting really wild out there. poised to win florida. >> and ohio. looking like she will give cusic a run for his money. rosanna: 7:03 a.m. did you have a nice weekend? did you rest at all? greg: i do not know how i feel about you microwaving things these days. mike: good morning, everyone. had a nice weekend. not bad. now we have that ring into monday going on.
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scattered showers all along the tri-state. one of those rainy mondays. not necessarily solid all day long. it is coming from the southwest and working its way up to the northeast. we are now at 47 degrees. still 50 at newark. our temperatures should hold steady or drop down slowly throughout the day. east wind coming off the atlantic hours. also on the cold side of this warm front. we will have some scattered showers throughout the day. that warm front will live through. there will be several waves of pressure. scattered showers.
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low 50s earlier today. we're dropping from this point forward. drive for you on wednesday. thursday starts off dry. did we see some slightly cooler temperatures making a comeback. let's get back to ines and see what is going on. traffic moving slow. heading towards the lat. let's go to that fdr drive at 96th street. the fdr drive has a problem with sound. there is a stall on the off ramp. exiting the ladies.
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to schedule. greg: takes a lot. surrounding six this morning. you can see flooded streets and cars submerged. working to repair that break. may be experiencing low water pressure or not have any water pressure at all. what a great way to start monday. affecting water service throughout the city. as soon as we get more, we will bring it to you right away. greg: protesters try to take over certain campaign rallies.
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encouraging these kinds of outbreak. robert moses is here this morning. rosanna: why aren't his people the ones that are instigating the violence. >> did trump causes or to the rallies caused it. >> it is hard to say. >> it has been documented. greg: the guy who punched the dude in the face was clearly a donald trump supporters.
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states hold key primaries tomorrow. today the focus is on the violence. >> tomorrow is due or die. must win florida and ohio respectively to stay in the race. >> we have protesters. some of who are so mean, so loud, so vicious. they stop us from our first amendment rights. his morning appearance was, except for some protests. >> get him out, please. get him out. the size of protests in chicago on friday, a protester jumped over a pyrrhic aid in dayton
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him. the of people has become a flash point. >> he asks all the people there to raise their hand and pledge their support to him. this is america. we do not pledge allegiance to a man. >> donald trump is responsible for what happened at his event. >> for months now. applauding violence.
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>> because he draws the biggest crowds, there are bound to be a few bad apples. >> let's look ahead to tomorrow. all eyes are on ohio and florida. by the way, that romney will be campaigning beside him today. on the democratic side, bernie sanders is hoping to win in illinois. greg: let us know what you think of the atmosphere. rosanna and i actually went to his campaign announcement. it was and aerial perspective.
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you can see two people. this is me and this is you. [laughter] greg: the telltale hairline. there you are with your purse. what else? rosanna: police are searching for the driver of a hit and run accident in queens. rosanna: a woman in brooklyn is recovering after she was sexually assaulted in the lobby of her apartment building. greg: he put a knife up to the 29-year-old vick tom's neck just before midnight on saturday and assaulted her. he is slim and described as
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rosanna: one of three crew members is still missing this morning. greg: they found two bodies. one still missing. fifty-six euros. hernandes romance. teresa priolo has more. >> reporter: morning. even that is being put on hold. >> hoping it was a different outcome. unfortunately, there wasn't. >> the tugboat specialists.
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search to salvage. >> the tub is heavily damaged. the divers did access areas of the vessel that they could reach safely. >> reporter: it. a stationary barge. captain paul and harry hernandes of staten island. they have been recovered. it is believed hernandes remains so merged with the vessel. another day i work, every day is a plus day. >> fewer accidents.
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substantial unmet of diesel fuel. this accident involving the tappan zee barges. lindsay stewart and best man mark levin were killed day before lindsay's wedding when their boat crashed into a barge during a late-night cruise. they claim the barge was not properly lit. in this case, the crew knew about the barges. they simply could not avoid it. that is the latest, back to both of you. >> and amtrak train has derailed in kansas. >> a big one. twenty people had to be brought to the hospital. >> the train was carrying 128
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the railroad is now working to find an alternative transportation. greg: nj transit not on strike. that would have been a major hassle for the commuters and those that covered the commuters. greg: giving workers a 21% wage increase. a new structure for employee health care benefits. 130 or $160 a month. the agreement was reached on friday. >> what else is going on? >> he has been on our show a lot
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whatever happened to that died? sure enough, the daily news over the weekend. friends, relatives, associates, worried about richard simmons. rosanna: he did speak to someone from entertainment tonight the other day. he is doing okay. >> no, i am not kidnapped. i am just in my house right now. i love all the people that are worried about me. greg: i'm sorry, you have to come out of the house. rosanna: this was when he was on good day.
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greg: julie chang. remember her? she used to work here. mike, you are very enthusiastic. rosanna: ines. mike: it was a while ago. must be like six or seven years ago. longer them back, possibly. >> i want to see your face. getting out there on this rainy monday. hang inside. take a nap. we have a cloudy skies. lots of rain coming through the tri-state. pretty solid showers just to the
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central park is taking a quick break. temperatures have been falling through this morning. the sun just came up here. still going to have a tough time warming up. mainly the 40s. some 50s here and there. a cloudy sky with the warm front coming through. it is not going to be getting warmer. there is an area of low pressure coming just to the south of us. water temperatures are in the lower 40s. by tomorrow morning, kind of backing down. as a get to wednesday is when we finally dry it out.
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trying out for you on wednesday let's bring in ines and see what we have. >> you have some pickups out there. your new jersey commute 80 and 287 looks good. traffic coming at us northbound. there is a stall on the off ramp. on the southbound side, heading towards the 59th bridge, looks good. let's go to our camera shop. the upper level, just cleared away a stall in bound. the hov lanes moving on the west side.
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that is about a 45-50 minute delay. approaching 20 minutes. things are starting to get busy out there. richard simmons traumatized me. he solemnly eat a croissant and to yell that meet. >> really? i wish he would have done that to me. greg: he said that i was a fatty. what is happening out there?
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rosanna: this morning, al qaeda is claiming responsibility for an attack. gunmen just went on a rampage yesterday. fort team people were just having a good time there. six of the attackers. this attack is that third in the west african country since november.
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the country's airports says it's hit targets in northern iraq today. rated where the group's leadership in space. the carjacking was the second deadliest attack blamed in the past month. north korea claims that it has a hydrogen bomb capable of destroying manhattan. north korea nuclear scientist says being placed on an intercontinental ballistic missile, it could destroying new york. >> i do not want to a good that one on. greg: we all sprung the clocks ahead. daylight savings.
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rosanna: it is pi day. march 4 team. 314. 3.14444444 sub and or other. what is pi exactly? rosanna: i still do not understand it. >> they are calling this rounded pi day. rounding up. 159216. >> i was looking to celebrate that day. >> several activities going on today. i am sure that they will eat pie .
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years of pies. >> how does einstein fit into all of this. >> it is also our birth einstein's birthday. greg: here is our birth einstein. >> you are kidding me. i knew that i liked the archive. great minds think alike. good day is coming right back. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from
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>> what is going on? rosanna loves this song. rosanna: i heard it this weekend. i thought that it was overplayed. >> is that a boy or a girl?
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ask the guy to marry him. >> that would have been more appropriate. >> there is a lot of keeping it from you. [laughter] >> you need to spill the beans. >> and expiration date. >> she is nervous what that is. did you want me to keep that a secret? >> cannot wait. the expiration date is like 30 minutes. >> a scale of one-10. it is not that good.
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i may just get it anyway. >> all right, none of you got married this weekend. ines. still single? mike: what was that will? rosanna: interesting. greg: did you check the board? mike: rock and roll. kind of walking around and enjoying some mild temperatures. keep in mind, it is winter. we have seen temperatures up near 60. that is not normal. here is what we have for the
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at you. still some showers in that area. keep the umbrellas going. sunshine will make a comeback as we headed to wednesday. take a look at the radar. we have showers coming on five. a few pockets of heavier showers are rolling five. we have 47 that central park did 56 degrees and omar. cloudy skies everywhere. it is that used wind keeping our temperatures down a good amount here. it is kind of wendy around the tri-state region. the wet weather does extend well to our south. again, your temperatures are
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tomorrow will be a little wet. slight chance of a shower late thursday and also on sunday. let's bring in ines and see what is going on. >> let's talk about the commute. watch out for an accident walking a lane. this is backing things up. let's go to our cameras and take a look at the commute. this accident was blocking the right lane. you can see how things are at a crawl on the southbound side things look fine. there was a stall earlier. it looks like they use the hov lane. manhattan bound, you have this slowdown. normal 40-50 into the city.
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greg: takes a lot. rosanna: a new survey out. it shows that morale is very low. the police officers feel that the city is less safe than it was a few years ago. rosanna: good morning to both of you. morale was found to be extremely low. morale was ranked by these officers at 2.49. 80% of officers say they believe the city has become less safe enough past few years. perhaps burrell hit all-time low when officers turn their backs on their de blasio.
7:35 am
regarding comments the mayor had made on instructing his son how to deal with police. these findings are highly suspect and flight in the face of the truth. the department has not yet reviewed these findings. a news conference will take waste tomorrow. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> it is tough to talk to the cops. >> yes. no comment from the cops. greg: okay. what else is going on? rosanna: high school students are giving us a clips of the future with technology.
7:36 am
listen to this. >> pretty exhilarating. a lot of things owing on. >> coming up at 9:00 o'clock. we will talk to some of those students. >> anyway. they would be doing it a lot more. i know they can make a car. i know they can operate on your car. if they cannot for a cuppa coffee.
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america runs on dunkin'. greg: hey, everyone. tarrytown. rosanna: very pretty over there. greg: sleepy hollow. look at that. >> they are perfect. >> lovelies.
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let's take a look at this. we have scattered showers across the entire area. we do have that happening. bridgeport, checked in at 40. cloudy skies. showers in the area. that is happening because the area of low pressure is developing. kiki on june keeping our temperatures down today here at light to moderate rainfall throughout the entire day. it is an all day wet situation. less than what we have today. breaks coming.
7:42 am
it is windy and cool, too. it looks like a chance of a later day shower. the fox5 with a raft is that the apple itunes store. it shows you exactly where the rain is. all the way down to street level. we want to say happy birthday to you. everybody loves you so much. keep on dancing. >> i love it. pretty fabulous. let's bring in nine as. >> all right.
7:43 am
that is blocking two lanes. 280. let's look at the l.i.e. was found, you do have some volume. no problems on the eastbound side. normal delays in bounds. tappan zee bridge, a little slow. 45 miles per hour. greg: duke. rosanna: all right. get ready for some march madness.
7:44 am
out two. >> i actually thought they should have been a floor seat. they will face the 11th seed. putting on a great show beating villanova. >> i have to tell you, it got leaked on twitter. all the kids knew prior to that. apparently, people were not very happy about it. >> what did they find out that was so good?
7:45 am
facing the third team seed. stony brook makes their first tip. they will play kentucky. playing tomorrow against florida gulf coast university. they will be playing at barclays this weekend. phil jackson watching kobe bryant play. this is kobe's last year. twenty-six points. the knicks still when it. ninety-87.
7:46 am
huge game. fourth team assists. milwaukee wins it 109-100. fax to the ncaa tournament. the wind over at usc. is it political? greg: is it political? >> that is political. >> you were just saying political because you like the word. >> big schools give more favoritism. who you play, where you play, how you play them.
7:47 am
all right. the rangers trail in the third. that will tie the game of three. it may look like an innocent pass. the penguins beat the rangers five-three. all right. soccer now. jumping out to an early lead. the first 28 minutes. they would blow the lead. ending it with a two-two tie. >> i will agree. >> oh, my goodness. you, too. >> 27-seven.
7:48 am
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greg: think about landing upstairs in tarrytown. location, location, location. these look magnificent. it would be like dirty thousand dollars. i am guessing less than 30 million. you could have a car. you can see the river.
7:52 am
>> they look lovely. >> you carve them up big time. i think a lot of them are one-family homes. you can see the water. i think that you need to buy some time. >> joan, my landlord, has done quite well. i have never met my landlord. i believe that she lives in brooklyn. >> i am the first tenant of that welling. >> remember the time i negotiated with her on live tv? >> let's talk about eagles
7:53 am
>> they performed as a group. a tribute to glenn frey. i guess you just do not have the >> that is true. that is it. let's talk about mariah carey. a new article out. basically, mariah carey's brother is waging against their sister. refusing to get the hospital care she needs to survive. mariah is worth a lot of money. he says basically, your sister
7:54 am
where are you? probably spends more on dog food they have her sister to get properly cared for. very, very sad. rosanna: let's talk about area on the grandes. she did a number of musical impersonations. boy, oh boy, can she sing. >> i am glad that she did not
7:55 am
>> no, she did not. >> she was really good. a small world. >> how would you capitalize on this relationship? >> she was on our show one. did you see any movies this weekend? >> i have not seen any movies in about six months. >> you strike out, you resign. >> $60 million this weekend. just over $25 million. still very much alive. rounding up the top five on the box office.
7:56 am
whiskey tango foxtrot. >> star wars. you better move fast. >> okay. she is so funny. great kids. let's take a look at this picture. the kids of president and mrs. obama. here they are at the white house last weekend. rosanna: this was happening when the prime minister was there. you can see melia teasing the sister with a sarcastic thumbs up. >> those are great kids. these kids are fantastic. we watched them grow up. lelia is now 17.
7:57 am
>> young women now. melia may be coming to college next year in the city. >> maybe columbia feared. >> he sure did. all right, folks. facebook fan of the hour.
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monday, march 4 team. i am rosanna scotto. we had a pretty sweet weekend. sunset does not happen until later these days. daylight savings. one of the greatest things ever. trump claims the unrest is being caused by supporters and bernie sanders. greg: the punching and all this stuff. rosanna: it is a wild, wild seeing. a major water main break in hoboken. the pipes are really old. >> a new survey shows that were around has gotten very low. nine out of 10 officers think
8:01 am
safe, too. greg: madonna has a weird meltdown on stage while performing in australia. rosanna: i don't know. rob shuter is going to be here. he usually has great insight to this stuff. greg: rosanna may be having a bit of a crisis. greg: custody issues. it takes a lot out of you. greg: in the meantime. donald trump rallies. chaotic lately. somebody tried to rush the stage.
8:02 am
go at each other. when donald trump says get them out, remember when he used to say you're fired, now he says, get them out. rosanna: he is saying, basically, some of these people coming there are not protesters. they are agitators. they are professionals. we won. we shut them down. so much for free speech. >> it is too bad that we cannot punch people in the face anymore. donald trump may pay that guy's legal bills.
8:03 am
mike woods, what is going on? a rainy monday. it is still winter, technically. weather headlines here. it will give a little heavier at times. time. unsettled weather continues. a lot of solid rain coming through. anyone has to deal with rainfall. i really think that it will be one of those great west days for us here. 49 degrees right now. 37 degrees in monticello. chili coming in from the east and northeast. 23-mile per hour wind up in
8:04 am
a big deal, i think, is cloudy skies. a warm front to the south of us. we are on the colder side of that cold front. today, still on the cool and wet side. temperatures falling throughout the afternoon here at we will go to the next seven days. we still have a little rainfall tomorrow. let's bring in ines. the rails are what two. >> a lot of issues. 230th street. that has a landlocked they are. problems on the bqe. >> the clearview. the prepared for delays.
8:05 am
bridge. in new jersey, route three, headed towards route 46, expect to laze. take a look at your commute. no problems on the eastbound side. heading westbound. having some delays. we have a really big water main break. we have flooding and no water in a good chunk of the city right now.
8:06 am
cars submerged. you are experiencing low water pressure. bottled water is being made available. greg: did you hear about the tub though crash over the weekend. two people definitely killed. one is still missing. rosanna: divers cannot access a section of the tugboat. they believe the body of harry hernandes remains at this hour. these are rough waters.
8:07 am
hoped for. >> governor cuomo delivering somber news. visibility so poor. divers can only see 6 inches. the divers did access areas of the vessel that they could reach safely. on board, timothy cockle and
8:08 am
it is believed turn and as. another day i work. every day is a blessed day. >> just a pure accident. >> a substantial amount of diesel fuel. now, that is leaking. in july of 2013, lindsay stewart and best man were killed. days before lindsay's wedding. their boat crashed into a barge during a late-night cruise. >> it does not appear that lighting was any problem.
8:09 am
time. they simply could not get out of the way. greg and rosanna, fact the both of you. lots of delegates at stake. greg: donald trump. some of them want to beat up donald trump. these rallies, lately, have been getting out of hand. we could have seen a full-scale riot. >> good morning to you. trump makes his first appearance for that day. hickory north carolina. he is also expected to visit florida. all eyes will be on those
8:10 am
remain peaceful. >> they must win florida and ohio respectfully. they are chasing donald trump who remains at the top of the polls and at the top of every news cycle. >> we have protesters. some of them so mean, so vicious. >> trump returned to illinois. forcing them to cancel a rally. >> get them out of here, please. get them out. protests in chicago on friday. jumping over a barricade on saturday. trump's security personnel quickly shielded him from danger.
8:11 am
that gets crazier by the minute. raising their hand am pledging their support to him. we do not pledge allegiance to a man. we pledge allegiance to a flag. >> donald trump is responsible for what happened at this event. he has for months now. not just been inciting violence, but applauding violence. >> sanders has planted some of the protests that interrupted the rally. >> he spoke the truth very, very rarely. >> there are bound to be a few
8:12 am
>> a new poll is giving us -- beating marco rubio in the home state of florida. john kasich neck in neck in ohio. hillary clinton will beat bernie sanders in both florida and ohio. of course, all eyes on these three trump rallies. rosanna: the safety of those that attend these rallies. he has to tone it down. >> get them out of here, please. get them out. [cheering and applause] >> get him out. get him out. who is he talking to? he is talking to all the people there.
8:13 am
they have their own problems in chicago. a lot of people think that these are just agitators. the host of special report is standing by this morning. i can imagine just blaming donald trump. correct? >> marco rubio. john kasich. they think donald trump is agitated. trump and his supporters are pointing back. a lot of these protesters are organized in and of themselves. taking credit for a number of these protests. bernie sanders supporters that gathered and went to a couple protests. trump is pushing back saying that this is an organized effort to disrupt.
8:14 am
story. i will pay for the legal fees of the guide. have not helped or caused anything to calm down. >> the good old days. you compound somebody in the face. >> listen, trump has used this incident with bernie sanders. taking over the stage. he often says, i would never let that happen. what happened in chicago was he canceled the event. you have to deal with these
8:15 am
you make a good point. rosanna: they are also chanting, we won. how does that work? that is trump's point today. they are preventing him from talking to his supporters. though more focus on this, the more possibilities there aren't that this will be gone. there will be more violence. we will see how this plays out. does it affect tuesday? he is very close in ohio. that would be the icing on the cake. >> i would hate for something bad to happen. rosanna: do you think that it is just chicago? chicago has been so un- rule eight.
8:16 am
excellent at protecting the candidate. they have a lot of people around him. the question is how the protesters and the crowd interact. >> i am wondering what they are advising. what to say and what not to say. that happens much more commonly. this is fascinating to watch. i hope no one gets hurt. rosanna: we will see you on your show. we are learning more details. >> it is good news for a lot of commuters. they did not have to do extra work. everybody is happy. greg: i hear that the employees got a pretty good deal.
8:17 am
eight and a half years. new structure on the employee healthcare benefits. that includes employees paying 130-$160 a month for medical coverage. the agreement was reached on friday. union members must now vote to ratify the deal. the fitness guide, no one has seen him in like two years. do you see the big story on the daily news? >> he made a quick phone call last night. >> he is saying that he is fine. i don't know. people are concerned about him. he has a lot of money. witchcraft is involved.
8:18 am
more concerned with those people. let's show you what is happening around the area. we have the wet weather rolling through. we see it shaped like that. pretty intense rainfall. you also have to look out for some localized flooding. maybe some pondering. it will not be a good one. forty-four of bridgeport. forty-four also in montauk. wind speed picking up. also got stuff there. i mean, it is not ridiculously windy, but it is on the windier side. if brings in the cooler temperatures. plenty of showers. will this crane keep going? yes, it will. helping to enhance that ring
8:19 am
our temperatures will be going down for the day today because of that persistent east wind. you will start to see the temperatures making a comeback. still at risk for some showers tomorrow. by the time we get to wednesday, it will be drying out. i think the showers should come to a close before we get to the wednesday morning commutes. windy and wet. periods of rain. patchy fog and drizzle will be in the area. tomorrow, your high temperature goes up to 55. significantly warmer. showers late in the day. we have more showers back in the area. a live interactive radar. check it out.
8:20 am
like today. angelique. she is right there. thirteen years old. happy 13th birthday to you. turning 11 years old. there you go. let's bring in ines. good morning. route 70. a slow ride this morning. rockland westchester county. accident. traffic slow, as usual. offramp partially rants because of an accident. let's go to our cameras.
8:21 am
wet roadways there. lower level is 30. lincoln tunnel, about a 40 minute to late. >> thank you very much. a very happy recovery. she is at home. feeling good. greg: we are thrilled with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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>> let's get down to business. >> snap chatting. i do not get it. a video picture. it disappeared. i think it still wins. there are reports that snap chat
8:25 am
works on snap chat. the reality that you are seeing. share that to all of your followers instantaneously. everyone is working on some sort of eyewear. perhaps, those teenagers will be wearing some freaky glasses. >> remember when the google glasses came out. >> it was a bust. >> it was a bust. good to see you. rosanna: i wear glasses. >> i love my snap chat. at least once a day. at least once a day. >> it seems like it is a golden
8:26 am
watch this. i am so thrilled to be here today. [laughter] yes, we are very different. we are like night and day. ebony and orange.
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at your local mercedes-benz dealer. greg: i heard this in a disco tech in europe. rosanna: what happened? greg: i was amazed. it was a club med. rosanna: did you do the hands up?
8:30 am
it was in switzerland. rosanna: good morning. we hope you had a restful weekend. we lost an hour. greg: well, sleep in. the sun goes down at late. what else? rosanna: mike woods is here and we are dealing with the rain. mike: it is coming down pretty good right now. that is mainly for the morning and it is a rainy monday going out the door. look at the sunrise and sunset times. 7:08 is the sunrise. it is coming up later and going down later too. 7:02 sunset. a lot of folks like that. 49 is the normal high. we dropped down to a degrees.
8:31 am
region. it took a while to make it up to connecticut and eastern long island and they have it now. the rain is coming down at 46 degrees. rain and cooler temperatures and breezy too. the temperatures are mild throughout the northeast, however, it is going to be cooler because of the rain and the on shore wind. winds around the area of low pressure is circulating clockwise and the cooler temperatures. that acts like an air conditioner and we have the rain here too. the temps are continuing to follow into the lower 40s this afternoon. keep the umbrellas around. tomorrow is just a few patchy showers and highs going back up to and the warm front to the north of us.
8:32 am
st. patrick's day 50s. let's bring in ines and see what's going on, if we have big hang ups with the commute. ines: good morning, mike. the rain is affecting the roads a little bit. a stall on the deegan. bqe westbound at the l.i.e. an accident. the whys itestone, the traffic is heavy here. so particular reason. people are taking it slow because of the weather. the garden state parkway is seeing the traffic slow headed to route 3, and backed up to the union toll plaza. we have a look at rockland county near the garden state parkway. as you get closer to the
8:33 am
down. close. greg: being a new york city cop is a tough job and under the past two years it is tougher, according to a new union survey. rosanna: the morale is lower. kerry drew has more on what the survey says. kerry, what are you hearing? kerry: good morning to both of you, the survey completed by six thousand nypd officers and overall the moral is extremely low. on a scale of 0-10, the officers ranked the morale at 2.49. 87% of the officers believe that the city is less safe in the past two years and 55% saying
8:34 am
safe. perhaps morale hitting a low when the officers turned their back on the officers. the unions were angry because of the comments that the mayor made on instructing dante on how to deal with the police. the findings are highly suspect and fly in the face of the truth and adding there are historic lows in criminal activity. a spokesman from the nypd has not received the survey. there will be a news conference regarding the findings of the survey tomorrow at pba headquarters. back to you. greg: okay. look at the size of the flag, that is like big.
8:35 am
rosanna: it seems like it. greg: thank you, kerry, drew. rosanna: coming up, singer, enya is singing for us. we have violins and a harp. it is amazing. greg: we have a harp i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that' s honey bunches of oats, that' s all."
8:36 am
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8:38 am
greg: how about the club med music we were talking about it? hit it. we have to do it ourselves. hands up baby, give me your heart... the words are... rosanna: this is not going with the neighborhood that we are looking at. greg: you are right. rosanna: it is looking like -- >> greg: we were sharing club med is school cool. it is all inclusive. everything. rosanna: they lost money when you showed up. let's talk about family history. have you wondered about your ancestors and carrying inherited conditions. greg: i went back to great
8:39 am
grandparents. rosanna: a lot of people are doing d.n.a. testing, it is expensive, right? >> it can be. 23 and me. this is the first and only jeanettic test that you can bring into the home. we had duke take the test here. it is providing a saliva sample and we have the kit here and you mail it back to company and in six to eight weeks you can get your report online. it tells you ethic background. there are wellness traits, things like your muscle fibers and things that preexpose you to
8:40 am
carrier status, and genetic diseases you can be a carrier for and physical traits, the color of your eyes, hair, it is a funning thing to match up with the genetic testing. greg: where do you get the kit? >> from the company, it costs $199. >> you get a lot of information about yourself via email. i would lie you would want a doctor in the room. >> that is a great question. they'll help you find a doctor and you can discuss it with your doctor. it is not telling you have a certain disease or>> predisposition, it is carrying the traits that you could pass
8:41 am
rosanna: we have duke here. >> yes. rosanna: what'd you find out? duke: i was pretty health. we talked about this, it is scary doing it. greg: just the saliva. duke: well, whether you are going to pass on traits. it said i am athletic, i won't be a sprinter or power lifter. we are talking about the muscle kofrn composition. this is one factor and environment and how you train plays into it.
8:42 am
duke has more knee an tral traits. >> duke: they nailed the heritage. greg: you knew you were italian? >> not necessary. well, sis sillian too. the island is mixed. rosanna: yes, we think we are mixed too. duke: some irish. they said i don't have a cleft chin and i do. they said that the middle finger is longer than the rest of the fingers. rosanna: don't tell donald trump that. greg: why?
8:43 am
duke: they nail add lot of things. you laugh at some of them. it is serious for the people wanting the genetics. rosanna: is it trustworthy? >> yes. some of the information is fun and some is serious. greg some is insulting. they called him a cave man. >> if you consider that an insult. duke: my wife says i knew it, i knew it. greg: suspicions confirmed, oh, i am limited therefore i won't try? >> we are talking about the athletic thing, it can be overcome with certain types of
8:44 am
>> i can be endurance runner. rosanna: thank you, guys. rob shooter is coming up and we are talking about madonna. >> madonna had a melt down. sometimes i think it is better not to know. in my opinion. rosanna: that is your choice. as a small business owner, you know things have a way of but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. get fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon.
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8:47 am
greg: club med? rosanna: i could use sun and fun. greg: i went twice, it is like a cruise on land and it is one price for everything and activities at night and playing a lot of music. it is fun. it is called a mini club. they have an adult version as well. rosanna: let's talk about madonna. greg: she's begging some guy to have sex with her in a graphic
8:48 am
rosanna: or a publicity stunt? we are going to see part of the concert over the weekend. the talk is was she drunk at the concert in australia. greg: he's looking fun. rosanna: they are saying she was drinking. rob knows all of the inside stuff. was she plowed? >> she drank out of a flask and used erotic behavior. greg: that is how she got famous. >> i am told it is a stunt. she's not selling the amount of tickets she used to sell. we are talking about her, once again, madonna is awarded for
8:49 am
she's been doing this her whole career. rosanna: we know she's in the middle of a custody battle with her son and maybe that is affecting her. >> yes, she's is an ugly, ugly battle with guy ritchie, he's in london with the dad and he doesn't want to return. nobody more disciplined than madonna. she doesn't drink. rosanna: so maybe a sip or two. >> she finished the show and did another hour of performing. her show is intense and she's dancing. greg: in the meantime, nobody has seen richard simmons in a long time.
8:50 am
a major story in the daily news that richard simmons behind closed doors and maybe held against his will. >> this is big the daily news, they are standing by the story, they have sources good friends of his, insiders are saying they have seen richard in a long time and alleging he's kidnapped and being held hostage by people around him. rosanna: maybe under a spell? >> maybe the people are shady and managing him. you hear this story, as stars get older people have taken control of their lives. rosanna: and their money. >> yes, we has a lot of money. greg: he's in the house in beverly hills and he may have got really, really fat. he's always phishing the fitness
8:51 am
he's put on weight and he's had knee surgery. so maybe put on the weight and wants to be out of the spot light. so he's always been on the edge. he phoned in and said he's feeling great. people are suspicious if not troubled he wouldn't have done that. rosanna: we want to see him. we have the phone call. >> no, i'm not kidnapped, just in my house right now and i love all of the people that are care about me. it is time to be my myself. rosanna: he doesn't seen exyub rant. >> yes. that doesn't sound like the richard we know. greg: yes, he's been here
8:52 am
by the way, he's a smart businessman i believe. dollars. he's made a lot of people. people are concerned. the money, where is the money and are the people looking after him or after the money. greg: no way, sorry. knock yourself out. rosanna: we didn't know what was going to happen. hulk hogan. >> yes, suing for a hundred million dollars. his wife is not speaking and she said she doesn't believe he should get a penny, he's ruined the family and their lives. the reason he's suing is made the sex tape. >> well, he had the sex, someone
8:53 am
>> yes, recorded and leaked and he's saying they ruined his life. >> that is a site that takes pleasure of pushing the envelope envelope. greg: naughty gossip is your site. >> thank you so much. you have to be a little naughty to get the attention, too naughty you are a mean girl. rosanna: or cheeky. i love rob. greg: check him out, naughty gossip. rosanna: coming up, enya is here. >> so classy.
8:54 am
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8:57 am
about us on our fox 57 facebook page. greg: number one, enya from ireland. rosanna: fantastic. and jay from saturday night live is here and deena from long island. she's talking about her new show.
8:58 am
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rosanna: greg, you are obsessed now. greg: show me the townhouses again. rosanna: they are pretty. greg: this they were in manhattan they would be $30 million. look at that. they are looking like off of 5th avenue. rosanna: yes, very nice. possibly a fraction of the cost. greg: who likes the upper east side prices, nobody. rosanna: nice and clean there. greg: should i make the move?


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