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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 14, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: greg, you are obsessed now. greg: show me the townhouses again. rosanna: they are pretty. greg: this they were in manhattan they would be $30 million. look at that. they are looking like off of 5th avenue. rosanna: yes, very nice. possibly a fraction of the cost. greg: who likes the upper east side prices, nobody. rosanna: nice and clean there. greg: should i make the move?
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how far away? 30-40 minutes. greg: there is a train station there. rosanna: when you go home you have a greenage. greg: if you have a dog, you need a yard. all though people in the city have dogs. i feel my life coming together. rosanna: it could happen, greg. i will go with you and look. i am intriguing about the burbs. greg: it is hard to look if you are not going to guy. rosanna: i don't do that. greg: i do that. well, i ask the appropriate questions. tell me about the zoning. rosanna: and the taxes and the schools. violence, what is the crime rate?
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you can watch this show in pennsylvania. rosanna: and aruba. greg: to our international viewers, and what do they make of donald trump. wow, what a weekend, rosanna. pushing, shoving. the rallies are getting crazy. rosanna: out of hand. greg: who is responsible, i was worried that some of the stuff that donald trump says, he's going to put himself in physical jeopardy or the people that attend the rallies. well, you feel free to disagree. rosanna: listen, what he's said certainly encouraged some people, but you have to remember, it is not his people who are throwing the first punches. there was one, yes, the older man that punched the protester
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the weekend, there were protestor who were there and shutdown the rally. so much for free speech. right. i mean, there they were and happy. we won, we shut trump down. they were agitating and a group of people outside of the venue. greg: donald trump cancelled the venue. what concerns me, i get it, donald trump, i understand the appeal. i'm on the fence. but when he says things when a protest is underway, get them out, oh, boy, too bad we can't punch them in the face. somebody gets punched in the face. rosanna: it is wrong, it is not mature behavior. there is talk a lot of the protesters that are hitting his
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and then of course, i saw last night on abc, some of the protestor were holding bernie sanders placards. greg: protests are part of the political process. you don't hear those guys saying to everybody, well, listen to this. >> get 'em out. thank you. okay. anybody else want to stand up? get 'em out of here. get 'em out. greg: he said more provak tif things. who is he talking to, the rally or the people attending, that is encourage ing a mob mentality.
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security, they know where the agitator is. they are not waiting for donald trump to say get them out. he likes to say it. he needs to tone it down. rosanna: his whole demeanor is a tough guy. he's taking on china, mexico and the people in his rally. the other thing -- >> greg: that is reckless. somebody is going to get hurt, and they have been hurt and it could be donald trump. rosanna: the other thing that is interesting to note, you talk about inciting violence, why aren't his followers going to disrupting? greg: he's tweeting that he might send people to bernie sanders' rallies. these are rallies like we have not seen.
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it is the stuff he's saying. rosanna: some of the people at the protests are paid, they are paid political agitators. greg: great, that's life in politics in 2016. again, rosanna, protests are part of the political life, it them. is he encouraging to followers to resort to violence, and it seems like he has. rosanna: the temperature was high on both sides in chicago, greg, you can't just say it was his followers, the people outside of that rally they were looking to start something. greg: rosanna, yeah. rosanna: the temperature is high on both sides. greg: i don't expect much from the protester, i expect more from donald trump to encourage someone to be punched in the face. he needs to tone it down when
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let the secret service handle it. someone is going to get hurt bad or killed. rosanna: let's hope it is not that bad. okay. let's take a deep breath and take to mike about the weather. how is it looking outside, mike? greg: get 'em out. mike: he's fired up. of mondays. look at the temperatures though, this is actually a cool day. the temperatures are below normal here. we have 46 degrees or so and the temps are falling to the 40s later on this morning and into the afternoon. look at the end, going up. 55 for the high tomorrow. 61 wednesday. 60 on thursday. dropping back down to 51 by saturday. warming back up after that. above normal temperatures coming at you.
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outside. pretty heavy showers are coming through the city. looks like we have scattered showers out there. occasionally breaks here and there. 43 at central park. that is because of the heavy rain and the winds coming in. 44 bridgeport. 42 montauk. a raw day out there. the wind speeds, sustained winds and it is on the windier side coming from the east at 6 at newark. some places the wind is cranked up. again, windy and wet day. the main event is coming through right now. dryer back to west of us. you will have breaks in the rain action deeper into the day. we are counting on the showers popping through from time to time throughout the day, including into the evening commute and breaking up later on tonight.
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we catch a break as we head to tomorrow, tomorrow, a few showers are left over. not as much as today but a little bit. today, high temp, well that already happening and now falling. it is windy. periods of rain. lows dropping down to 36-42. throughout the next 7 days, dropping temps today, tomorrow just a little warmer. high of 55 degrees with a little rain. small chance of showers thursday, and another chance of rain on sunday. high then 53 degrees. >> greg: thanks a lot. night live. the show is on fire.
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there is arianna grande. dr. ben carson anyone. >> our congratulations to you. welcome to "good day", by the way. >> thank you. >> carolines. >> what mikes woods doesn't know you were making fun of him. >> yes, mike woods. he looked like black supperman kendall. i love you how you point. it is stiff.
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rosanna: how do you think he dances? >> i don't know. we should have had him. mike: i'm coming in for you next time. [laughter] >> like this. rosanna: this is why we love you. >> thank you. love you all. greg: he's got your number, mike. rosanna: by the way, this week, you crushed the jay-z impression. greg is good with impressions too, by the way. greg: you are on fire as a group. >> it is a fun time there. i have fun messing with the celebrities. i ran into jay-z last year and what's up jay-z. i would love to play cards with
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i declare war. greg: we have showing the fake jay-z right now. rosanna: from saturday night live. rosanna: so funny. jay-z is okay with the imitations? >> yes, he's okay. no problem when i met him. i think, ben carson doesn't mike my impressions.
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>> he said it is not very good. he's always plotting. he's plotting. it is the pinky and the brain episode. you wait and see what i have in store for you, i have plans america. greg: are you going to miss him. he's done now. >> well, i will, i mean it is fun playing him. i am sure we'll bring him back in some form or something. greg: maybe vp for donald trump. ie mean, do we really want to do that? i don't know. all these trump rallies, trump is running for his life. trump is running now. people are attacking him. if ben carson is elected, he's sleepy all the time. sleepy president.
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get him energy drinks and no-dose. a lot of caffeine. jelly beans, i don't know. rosanna: this week at >> yes. rosanna: tickets are available. you do all of the em impressions, what is the act like? >> i do everything. a lot of it now is more personal, that is really fun, it is like me talking to you and being myself, but i do have impressions in there. i talk about everything, politics and growing up. rosanna: what was it like growing up with you. >> i was chubby kid. i had more butt than nicki min
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intense? >> of course, you have to come up material. so of course there is pressure. when it is said and done, you can breathe a little bit and all right, do it now for five million people. it is always, it is always pressure, but it is fun, it is a fun environment. this here, like this, i wrote this like 4:00 in the morning or something like that on tuesday. rosanna: by yourself? >> well, one of the writers on the show worked on it with me. by the end of the week, so many more impressions. first kevin and two more and cool.
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it is understandable, son. i am trying to match what i am saying. chris rock... who wants to go to africa. and they live there. yep. side by side of everything i am doing. this is like espn and the greatest hits. i was doing my thing, the fingers, eddie murphy there. all this right here. this is crazy. wow. look. good job. how does that work now. rosanna: you can really turn on a dime. that is -- even as a kid were a class clown? >> i was a fat kid.
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i was kind of funny, sigh leaptly funny until i got into the theatre and break out and do fun stuff in front of people and all coming to fruition. greg: super human talent. see him thursday through sunday add carolines. it is wild. boss? >> working for lauren, i am not complaining. he's the guy. he's the god father. rosanna: you are doing movies, too, right? >> yes, called get a job. coming out at the end of the month. rosanna: i guess it is about getting a job? >> yes, it is. it is a real fun movie. i went to the screening.
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thinking that is terrible. oh, i would show this to my grandmother. it is a real fun movie. greg: wow, you are great. how do we wrap this up? >> i high end it. greg: you watch people a lot. >> yes, i am doing a skit on you when i get back. greg: go easy on us. >> this is fox. we'll chill a little bit. greg: well, say hi to everybody. >> i'm not michael cha. i'm the other black guy. i'm like i don't work on the weekend update.
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diffusing the situation. rosanna: see him at caroline's this weekend thursday through saturday. >> thursday through sunday. hard. >> yes, i have to. >> rosanna: congratulations, deena lohan is here. mother of lindsay. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the
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prevent spots and film, so all that's left is the shine. for better results, use finish jet-dry. >> greg: all right. the lohana. we are thrilled that you are joining us. all the clips on entertainment tonight. rosanna: and now going to family therapy, a new show starting up and there with the ex, michael. greg: mother of lindsay. >> and i have three other children too. rosanna: hi, nice that you are back on "good day new york." >> good morning. rosanna: how are you feeling? >> great. rosanna: are you worried about going on the show family
9:23 am
it was a great experience for me. i have been a victim of abuse. rosanna: by, by? >> my ex-husband. i was hesitant as first. it was a deep dark secret that i kept inside. i talked to my kids and they said it is time to do it. i wrote a book. just to help others. greg: what kind of abuse? >> physical and mental. greg: he physically abused you? >> yes. >> greg: did you ever go to hospital? >> yes. >> greg: and you are on the show with him? >> yes, they are wonderful. they are very protective. everyone on the show going in with family issues. it was real. it wasn't like some of the reality shows.
9:24 am
that and talking? >> yeah, he was very forthcoming as well. which made me, it helped me heal a lot. rosanna: is he sober now? >> i don't live with him, so i guess. i don't know that for a fact. greg: long island, right? >> yes. i am still there. greg: there's been a lot. do you feel sometimes that lindsay's break in hollywood was a curse or others? >> no, she started young here in new york with the soaps and she was a ford model. i was working in the business as well. when she went to los angeles she was 18. she was just growing.
9:25 am
here at one point, are you managing her? >> no. she's going to be 30 years old and she knows the game. rosanna: she's dating a very nice man now, right? >> yes, he's very sweet. rosanna: i heard you want them to get married and you want grandchildren. >> i want all my children to have children. i love children. greg: you have had a lot of attention for a long time, how often do they get it wrong? >> most. greg: most of the time? >> yes. greg: definitely the tabloids. >> in the beginning - they were hurtful.
9:26 am
they had to make things up. rosanna: are they serious? >> you know, it is 7 months, but i think she's more mature and older and ready. as you get older. she lives in london and not really in the media. rosanna: does she want to continue with her career? >> yes, she wants to produce and direct as well. greg: this new show, michael lohan was abusive to you and the tv therapy is the way to get it out there? >> not necessarily. but for me i have a voice and for me speaking about it, i'm on a charity, and they are based in new york, and what that is,
9:27 am
doctors that you can call up, the domestic hot line, and they'll give you free plastic surgery and take away the physical scars. that is important. rosanna: we are looking at the new show family therapy. >> wednesday at 9:00. greg: get ready, here it is. >> michael, you are a liar. >> clearly there is a lot of hurt between the two of you. >> i don't feel comfortable. i have fear in me. >> this is what he does. she puts on the act like being a victim. >> you have to be honest.
9:28 am
you hit me. >> i'm done with the lies. greg: he's saying a lot about you. saying you were abusive to him. >> all right, okay. absolutely not true. rosanna: are you okay now? >> well, you know t scars are healing, in this situation, you go back to the person of being abused. as we talked and as dr. jenn kept me safe, i was in a safe place, i healed. it was helpful. i never voiced that before and doing it in this setting is bringing awareness, i hope
9:29 am
and will get the help. greg: you are an all right person. nice to meet you. rosanna: all the best to you and your family. i was nervous watching that. rosanna: family therapy. >> coming up... >> beautiful and talented enya. she's here today with the musicians in the back. i do everything on the internet, my friends said i should get but i thought it would be too expensive. no kate. turns out they have a deal that cost me even less than my slow service. and it's 100 megs. i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. we're out of 2%
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rosanna: beautiful. greg: we love enya. out with a new album. rosanna: yeah, yeah. greg: welcome the "good day new york." here. you have brought a lot of back up. rosanna: i love this. all women. >> yes. rosanna: what have you been doing, making music, you want
9:33 am
>> prior to that i took a break. i work three years on each album. i took a three-year break. i did not write music. i was gathering the inspirations and when i went to write the album, i knew what i was going to write about. rosanna: what are you performing for us? >> even in the shadows. greg thank you so much.
9:34 am
i could fall and keep on falling i could call and keep on calling wonder why this love is over wonder why it's not forever
9:35 am
i hear my heart it's still a part of you and even in the morning when light has come i don't know what to do i could fall and keep on falling i could call and keep on calling wonder why this love is over wonder why it's not forever i could fall and keep on falling
9:36 am
wonder why this love is over wonder why it's not forever i could fall and keep on falling i could call and keep on calling wonder why this love is over
9:37 am
greg: wow. rosanna: beautiful. greg: unbelievable, thank you so much, enya. that is like a religious ex experience for us. joint. i love this, all ladies, fantastic. congratulations on the new album. greg: where are you going next? >> japan. greg: wow. rosanna: "good day new york" and next to japan. greg: good luck and safe travels. rosanna: we are getting healthy, we are doing food for the soul. greg: do we have the robots? this is the winning robot of the
9:38 am
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mike: welcome back. we have rain in the region. moderate has come through the city and central sections of long island and connecticut. we have breaking down to the southwest and the risk of showers is out there throughout the day and at times it is heavy. watch out of the ponding on the roadways and localized flooding. it is quite cool at the same time. the temperatures this morning are dropping quickly. now 43 at central park. 46 newark. 44 in brick port. 46 in islip. cloudy skies. it is that east wind that keeps things on the chilly side along with the rain and the wind coming off the atlantic waters. it is strong too coming through 6-25 miles per hour for you in
9:41 am
very cool temperatures and wet weather they are all here right now. so here is what we have today. we have cloudy skies and showers rolling on through. light to moderate rainfall. the temperatures dropping do to lower 40s. then tomorrow, well, we have a few showers left over for you, and the highs up to 55 tomorrow. catch a break on wednesday. a small chance of showers later in the day on thursday and shot of showers on sunday. this is probably the nasty iest of the days, well, cool and windy. >> rosanna, robots, they are always like wisecracking on television. rosanna: they are. greg: lost and space days.
9:42 am
we had a cartoon robot. rosie. keep going. oh, buck rogers. short lived shot, could have done better. the robots are wise cracking. this is vicky. there is a cute little one. oh, wait, that is the robot. show me another one from the years past, please. rosanna, we have a ways to go before they are walking around. rosanna: and part of the culture on the streets. greg: well, we are getting there, because of today's youth and the smart kids from styverizon high school. rosanna: they are on the way to competition.
9:43 am
at the javits center there was a competition. welcome to "good day new york." rosanna: we have sam, the director. nice to have you here. >> thank you for having me. rosanna: what happened? >> we had a 3 day exhibition, and hosted the lego championship, the top 80 teams. and we had a new york city regional that hosted 66 teams from around the world. greg: this came in first place? >> it was one of the winners in the team alliance. rosanna: what did you like about this one, sam? >> what i like about it, i love the students. i love how well they know how to navigate the challenge. greg: the kids had helpers. the teachers back there. rosanna: let's see it move. greg: what does it do? rosanna: get it going here.
9:44 am
the robot. what is it supposed to do? >> it acquires the balls from under the rollers. it basically pops the ball back to the hopper and this wheel is bringing the ball into the shooter and then these two wheels bring the balls out and shoots. greg: let's see it. rosanna: okay. >> it is destiny. greg: whoa, is it dangerous? >> a little bit. rosanna: who got hurt putting this together. you have marks on your arms. greg: let's see it shoot a ball.
9:45 am
very nice. how long did it take you to make this? >> six weeks. greg: bring in the advisors. so that is what it does? rosanna: greg is not impressed. that is from scratch. greg: yes, that is impressive. rosanna: how many weeks to put it together? >> that is part of the six weeks. rosanna: wow, you worked fast. greg: how about hitting a basket. i heard your basketball team is bad. [laughter] next year, what'd we say? rosanna: he's a little short. what do you think about
9:46 am
>> they have done a marvelous job. they ran into problems on saturday and bounced back. it wasn't moving as well as it should have. they tackled it. greg: it is a great school. you have to be good to get in there. thank you. your voice is out of it. jonah. >> anthony. >> what is next. mit? >> are you finding out today? >> yes. >> what do you want to do? >> i want to do like a tech start up, i want to start a business. >> anyone want to become something not technology related? smartest kids in the city. a great public school. thank you.
9:47 am
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9:50 am
you can all kinds of variations at this, juice generation. rosanna: lots of stores around the city. eric is the ceo of juice generation and he's with us on "good day." i love it when you go into the store, you learn things about fruits you never heard about. >> this is a new fruit. rosanna: what is it doing? >> it is from southeast asia, it is the larger tree born fruit, growing up to a hundred pounds. rosanna: it looks like it is alive. >> it tastes like starburst. greg: yes, it is delicious. >> it takes on the flavor whatever you cook it with. some think consistency of pulled pork.
9:51 am
rosanna: it is pineapple. jack fruit. how are you serving it? lunch. eat a plant based meal a week. if you do that, it is the same as taking 5,000 cars off the streets. one plant based meal a week. >> like lettuce? >> no. this stuff tastes amazing. pulled pork or chicken. these tacos are made with the jack fruit. we marinaded them. this is tasting like pulled pork. >> greg: h is that? >> yes. rosanna: with seasoning.
9:52 am
tell me what you think? consistency of meat. 20 grams of program in one dirn. >> this will make you a billionaire. this is national fruit of bangladesh. it is gaining popularity in the u.s. rosanna: what other things here? >> have you heard about the spiralizer? rosanna: no. >> people that love the pasta, this is all the rage with the people wanting to give up the carbs. rosanna: i need to know about this. >> this is root noodle ragu. push here. just twirl it. this is dicon. carrots, watermelon and radish
9:53 am
this is a product you can buy at the gourmet markets. rosanna: we love eric. by the way, when you go to jugs generation, there is a line. it is fantastic. the delicious uses. now we have something else. >> yes, something new. >> where do you get these? >> asia. we import them and marinade them. >> wow, this is a miracle fruit. i want to be a spokes model for this.
9:54 am
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on big, soft surfaces. discover a new way to lysol that. jennifer, thank you for saying nice things about us on facebooks. we are appreciate it. >> greg: a couple of things going on, a trump rally today. we anticipate one. go to the video. it was a wild weekend. rosanna: it was wild. inside and outside. inside and outside. greg: we have an election, well tomorrow. rosanna: it is interesting to election. florida thinking it was going to rubio, maybe not now. greg: here we are, this is june 16th at donald trump's opening.
9:57 am
now look at who is standing in the audience. we are behaving. rosanna: right there. greg: there you are. everything was fine there. rosanna: just listen. all right, we are coming up live on facebook.
9:58 am
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glad forceflex. now even stronger to avoid rips and tears. be happy, it's glad. live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. it give it no chances. >> now here's wendy.


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