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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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girl power is stronger than what you might think. women as a whole make up 53 percent of the electorate. >> more than half the people who show up at the polls will be women. >> reporter: paige garner is the founder. it's a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the number of single minority and millennial women who vote. women in general are a powerhouse, but gardner says single women have grown into a voting bloc to be reckoned with. they're 25 to 26 percent of the electorate. >> they will have a huge impact on what happens and which candidate is elected. >> reporter: take a look at history. in 2012, single women from all backgrounds voted for president obama by a margin of 67 to 31 percent in the race with mitt romney. married women, who tend to be
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gardner says candidates this year must appeal to the concerns win. >> unmarried women need paid leave. unmarried women need pay equity. unmarried women need access to affordable healthcare services affordable. college affordability is very, >> reporter: women recognize how powerful of a voting bloc women are. >> i think it's great. i think we have important issues that could be covered by a president that will take into in those issues. >> reporter: you will be voting? >> definitely. definitely. yeah. a crazy campaign going. i think it's important everyone votes. >> there are many issues such as child care, working and making 77 cents of what a male makes. >> reporter: linda schmidt, fox
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christina: this is a professor of political science at iona college. single women are changing t game. >> they are. they've been doing that for a long time in american politics. it's been since george h.w. bush won women by 1% of the vote in 1988. women have been increasingly going to the democratic side, and we've seen how that's turned out. it has changed elections. we saw it in 2008 with barack obama and in 2012 with barack obama because women turn out in higher numbers than men in the general election. christina: fascinating. also this election we have a woman presidential candidate. you would think she'd get automatically the women vote. seeing. >> it's not. we've seen young women. you think about iowa and new hampshire and other states, ages 28 to 29 going in large numbers for bernie sanders, which is fascinating. it has to do with the issues
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they care about that he represents in a way hillary clinton doesn't. the young women i talk to don't want to be taken for granted. they don't want it to be assumed that they'll naturally vote for a female candidate. they are willing to look at all kinds of options. bernie sanders has appealed to younger women. hillary clinton doing very well with women over the age of 45. christina: fascinating that the young women are making these kinds of choices. let's talk about hillary clinton for a second. she is a lightning rod among women voters. you either love her or seem to go against her. why is that? are women more harsh towards other women? >> we've seen that. with female candidates, they have sometimes a tougher time appealing to women voters. we don't quite know why, but women voters tend to have high expectations of all candidates, particularly women, and in this election, we've seen hillary clinton and some of her surrogates have made statements
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talking about gloria steinham, saying young women want dates. young women were so frustrated by the comment. and madeline albright saying if you don't vote for women, you'll go to hell, which she apologized for. that's very off-putting. hillary clinton has tried to walk that back. it has impacted her support with younger women. christina: it's tough out there. people aren't commenting so much on her policy and her experience. they're commenting on her hair and what she's wearing and her attractiveness. does she come off as a shrew. except for donald trump's hair. >> rick coming over the podium against her in the debate. she has contended with this a long time and she's contending with it again on the campaign trail.
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to see how well she does with women, if this is hillary clinton versus donald trump. donald trump. you'd think he would have locked down or repelled more women. but he's doing well in the early numbers. >> in the early numbers. republican primary caucuses, fewer women turn out. among those women, he's doing as generally. not across all states. the big question is can he carry election. it will be tough. republicans have been losing the women's vote since '88. that's a huge loss for them. it can turn an election. they have to work hard to recapture the female vote. christina: cannot be ignored. >> we can't be ignored. christina: thank you so much. that's been fascinating. >> we'll take a short break. nick joins us with his forecast when we come back. nick: it certainly has been a march day compared to last week when we had the nice spring
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rain, damp, windy, cool weather will continue tonight. we're looking at a warming trend as we head into the forecast. but still some more showers. christina: and kids use phones for everything. learn how they're less about distraction and more about
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christina: welcome back. hope you're staying dry today. here's a look at what else is happening. kellogg's is trying to figure out who's behind a disturbing video of an employee urinating into a conveyor belt. yep. this video surfaced this weekend. it was determined to be two years old and any affected products are past their expiration date. >> a new poll conducted by the union representing new york city police officers finds morale is at an all time low. on a scale of one to 10, morale is about a 3. commissioner bratton said he's not surprised. >> i'll be quite frank. i'm not surprised by it. it echos the survey we conducted that we shared with you back in 2014.
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time time, officers expressed concern at that time, and it's one of the reasons why we've made such an effort since 2014 to address training. christina: he says as a result of the findings, the department has focused on improving training and equipment as well as reorganizing specialty units to provide more career opportunities. and new york is preparing to implement the country's first paperless prescription system. the goal being to reduce fraud and fake prescriptions for opioid-based painkillers like percocet or oxycontin. >> we have a certain amount of time to work out the kinks. it should be getting to e-prescribe. be able to see are there individual providers that aren't capable of doing it due to an electric hiccup in the system. christina: the system will take getting used to. the prescriptions can only be sold at the pharmacy that
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it mandatory on march 27th. >> let's hope nick writes the prescription for sunshine. nick: it's going to be a little challenge to get here. we had a beautiful weekend. march has sunk in. what an ugly day it's been. cloudy, cool, damp, gusty wind, and we started out at 51 early on. it's really been around the lower 40s most of the afternoon. that's our low for the day at 40s. our current is where we should be. we got spoiled by the weather. we've had .2 of an inch of rain. there's the new sunrise and sunset times. 7:07 is your sunrise. down at 7:02. northeast winds have been gusty and keeping a chill in the air.
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again, earlier, lower 50s, but we've been down much since then. 48 at the jersey shore. right now 41 in the city. low 40s just about every you go. uniform temperatures with the cloud cover and that northeast wind. these temperatures are not going to stay where they are at. i don't think we'll see much change. upper 30s north and west. lower 40s around the city. we find the temperature change is significant. ago. a northeast wind has been significant. 15 up to 20, 25 miles an hour at times. we'll back off later on and become more northerly tomorrow. as we talk about our latest look at fox 5 sky guardian, there's the area of rain. this light rain over the city. more organized areas of rain as you move off to the east. it looks like not much going on. the northeast wind will continue.
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drizzle as the night goes along. you can see how this is advancing from south to north on fox 5 sky guardian 3-d. the main storm in this position. some of these areas of showers and thunderstorms will push to the east. they're not going to survive. we may see some more drizzle tomorrow, particularly in the morning with the northeasterly wind. the storm off to the south and east. this system kind of falls apart. some of the cloud cover will come our way. eventually another system comes out from the west that will be affecting us starting probably wednesday afternoon with a couple of showers. tomorrow morning, a bit of drizzle, cloud cover, patchy fog. 40s through 9:00 a.m. we should, with brightening in the afternoon, maybe a little sun peeking through, climb into milder conditions, into the mid to upper 50s. you see the futurecast trying to sugges that. that will be a little improvement tomorrow afternoon. dnesday morng miint be okay for a while. then this system arrives inging i another round of showers probably as early as
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moisture that will come up for thursday, particularly in the afternoon again and better weather for friday into the first half of the weekend. we'll call for light rain or drizzle overnight with patchy fog. the northeast wind keeps it chilly. temperatures holding in the upper 30s to lower 40s. figure 42, 43 in the city. spotty rain or drizzle in the morning and a fair amount of clouds in the afternoon. a little brightening may happen. we'll get to a high of 56, 57. a little sun wednesday morning. then the shower threat comes in by early afternoon into wednesday night. 63 wednesday. still more showers thursday in the afternoon. 58. sun and clouds. 53 on friday. saturday looking great. that's the best day with lots of sun at 51. sunday, got to watch a storm. it's rain into monday morning. i wouldn't be surprised if we might have to start throwing the s word around. christina: again? nick: we shall see. all will depend on the track of the storm. christina: okay.
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spring. trees are budding, crocuses are breaking through and cherry appear. local farmers are worried it could put crops in danger. >> it is too early. if we get a cold freeze and we drop below 35 again, it's going to affect the spring when it does come in may with the production of flowers and fruits. christina: you can blame the warm weather for your early allergies. it's probably not pollen yet, but there's enough for mold and dust mites. >> nothing like the big dance. for kids on long island, it's an experience no one at school has ever felt. much more on stony brook coming up next. >> and it's tough being a working parent. what about being a parent and starting a business? we'll talk about the delicate balancing act between having a kid and being an entrepreneur wednesday at 6:00.
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(vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. p head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales p and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... p change your thinking about buying your next one. christina: hell may never freeze over, but you can buy it. hell, michigan. it's a devilish five-acre town outside of ann arbor. it is yours for 900,000. the owner hopes the new buyer keeps up the tradition of having a hell of a good time. >> i think somebody really wants to be busy.
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to -- that prefers humor in life than anything else. >> come to hell. there's a lot of getting out and exploring to do and adventuring. christina: hell does some good. this weekend they held a successful fundraiser for flint, michigan, selling t-shirts that say beer in hell is safer than water in flint. got to get a kick out of that. >> it's all about march madness and local teams have something big to celebrate. russ: it's that time of year. everybody goes crazy. for the local teams, it is a lot of fun. listen, there are four teams in. it's seton hall, iona and the big one everybody is excited about and for good reason is stony brook. it really is a great story. christina: the first time. russ: it's the first time ever in the ncaa tournament.
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it's the first time in. they are close four out of five years, but people have to remember something. why has it taken so long? it really hasn't taken that long. i think it was 1999 when they first went into division 1 play. and they've really -- they've built a very good program there. they've got a very good player in varney. he's a great player. he scored 43 in the big game. he's a heck of a player. christina: what do you think about their chances of advancing? russ: did you have to go there? christina: yes. you know. you call it. russ: i would make a deal with the devil for them to win their opening game. christina: you wouldn't be the only one. russ: however, they're playing the kentucky wildcats, and they are up against it big time. that's a -- calipari has a good team -- >> speaking of calipari.
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complaining? russ: i hate to say this. he's probably got a legitimate gripe. he was complaining he should be a no. 4 seed. you want to know what? this is john calipari, who i've said it before, i'll say it again, who left university of massachusetts with sanctions. he left memphis with sanctions. do me a favor. if you want a violin, don't come here. christina: all right. some people are talking about the selection show. is it too much? what is it? russ: it was watching paint dry. christina: that exciting. russ: everybody gets into it. you want to see your team and see how they're going to do. the show last night -- i don't ever remember it being that long -- was two hours.
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russ: of gobbledy gook. it was too much. i like it. i love the tournament. everybody loves the tournament. from what i understand -- christina: dragging that out russ: -- the ratings were too long. it was lousy. christina: maybe lebron started the trend with the decision show. russ: that's a whole other story. christina: very exciting for the kids.
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christina: there's a lot to celebrate on long island.
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brook is going to the first ever march madness tournament. jodi goldberg paid them a visit to get a feel for the excitement on and around campus. >> reporter: for four of the last five years, almost was a word they were too familiar with. especially when it came to clinching a spot in the ncaa tournament. this season, the word is actually after going on a major run and winning saturday's game against vermont. did you ever imagine this? >> oh, not in a million years. >> reporter: all eyes are on this senior who walked away with a career high of 43. he tells me he wasn't going to let his final shot at the tournament slip away. >> our coach told me get 20 shots up. i decided to get -- that game was the best time to do it. >> reporter: students have a case of fever. they're ready for the round of 64. >> i think they have a good shot. i hope the others are just as
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>> reporter: that spirit spread to the seaport deli where the sea wolf sandwich is a best seller. >> it's the best. everything is on it that you could want. >> reporter: the team has their work cut out for them with three days to go until the big dance. what's the message? >> you know what? the message is to go out there and do what we've done. win and play hard and represent our school the right way. we're looking forward to doing that against kentucky. >> they're a great team. we have to keep on working out, maybe get some breaks. >> they play kentucky in des moines on thursday. for those of you wondering what's a sea wolf? i'm a sea wolf. at stony brook university, jodi goldberg, fox 5 news. christina: thanks for joining us. i'm christina park in for ernie anastos. for all of us in studio 5 and the control room, have a great night.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: we now have video, rob kardashian is not only losing weight, he's now officially light on his feet. >> blac chyna's working, putting on a show for us. the thing with rob, he's smiling. harvey: he just needed -- i hate to say it -- available ass. >> what man doesn't need available ass? [laughter] >> donnell rawlings was involved in a crazy bawl over an unpaid bill. >> hey! >> the kitchen guy comes running out and he just swings at donnell. this is probably one of the best fight videos that we've gotten in a long time. harvey: best fight video. it's like ooh, this is a good one. >> it is really good. >> we got a video of aaron


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