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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 15, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the thing that shocks me, governor cruz steve, scooped the funeral of a state trooper. the trooper was late to rest yesterday.
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jersey. >> we are talking about the growing homeless problem. we will tell you why he is doing that. >> okay. what else. >> football head trauma and a brain disease. >> that is a big one. greg: we are a little rougher. we went to a place called per se. arguably, the best restaurant in the world. rosanna: it is a very, very special place. greg: you have to see this stuff.
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>> favoring small little plates. greg: it was great. you have pictures. rosanna: we had a chance to go to the kitchen afterwards. rosanna: we did leave our mark they are. mike: that was my question. who got the tab. i have been there before. [laughter] rosanna: you had previous commitments. greg: more highlights from our little dining out experience in a little bit. greg: it is only drizzle at this time.
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bit, at least. a little bit of everything coming out for us. we have 46 degrees, 45, my eyes are going, 45 out in bridgeport. everyone sitting at 45 degrees right now. forty-four in allentown. the wind kind of changed directions on this. they are coming through around seven-17 miles per hour. it is still breezy. on the cooler side, for starters. some drizzle. are we completely dry? not exactly. it is still going to keep a few showers going.
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kits to 58 degrees. sixty-eight is your high tomorrow. showers are out there again. still featuring some showers out there. let's bring in mind i was and see what is going on. >> it is not real wet. the grand central parkway. route 78, if you are just waking up, be prepared for some delays. it was out there for about 45 minutes. it has cleared away. let's take a look at things on the staten island expressway. the cross bronx looks great this morning. moving fine headed towards
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close to schedule. maybe donald trump could almost rafted up if he wins ohio and florida. they are holding primaries, as you mentioned. donald trope and ohio governor. some polls have been tied here it to other polls, who knows. >> robert moses has more. good morning, robert. can trump and clinton lock up their respect his nomination? cruz and sanders remaining
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>> florida senator and marco rubio are hoping that their home states grow to be home sweet home. rubio well behind donald trump in florida. >> we will win the 99 delegates here in florida. >> reporter: mitt romney campaigning beside him and ohio. kasich must when the buckeye state. polls show him ahead of or neck and neck with trump there. >> we will slow for john cusack. we will slow for marco rubio. >> trump remains the man to
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>> oh, there is such violence. do you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? i think basically none. a surprise win last week in michigan. bernie sanders is expected to do well and ohio, missouri, and illinois. hillary clinton is banking on winds in the south. she is expected to do well in florida and north carolina. more than 200 fewer than on super tuesday two weeks ago. today may be even more important. 792 delegates are up for grabs among the delegates. >> you so kristi on the stage with donald trump. there they are together. chris christie not at home in new jersey. donald trump gave him a hard
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>> your governor kasich, he goes to new hampshire. he is living in new hampshire. living. even more than chris christie he was there. right? even more. i hated to do that, but i had to make my point. greg: was he laughing? could not see him. >> nursing for a funeral for a state trooper last week. he was struck by a passing motorist last monday. our condolences go out to his family. >> will back to that video one more time. he said he will be a full-time surrogate for donald trump.
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when a trooper dies in the line of duty, it is essentially the same thing as a soldier. rosanna: he was shot and killed by a police officer back in october of 2010. he was attending college at pace university. prosecutors said, in front of dj's car. ordered him to fire. the officer made a split condition under conditions of extreme danger.
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homelessness is an extreme problem here in the city. rosanna: the city watchdog problem. it does not expect the homeless situation to drop. teresa priolo is in midtown with more. >> the adult homeless population here in new york city is at its highest level yet. the mayor is cutting some services. >> some of the biggest complaints from new yorkers. leading people to be concerned for their communities and their personal safety. calling the homeless problem stubbornly high and in creasing.
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preliminary budget slashes the shelter. homeless adult shelters next year. that is $120 decrease from this year. that is not accurate. the administration is immediately and aggressively tackling this issue. preventing homelessness and moving people out of shelter into permanent homes. the ipo recognize those efforts but said they will take years to have a substantial impact.
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that is the latest. back to both of you. >> they forgot their costumes. the actors also hosted a student
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>> president obama. >> unbelievable. the president gave him a few words. greg: he did not do any homework or should work. rosanna: no. greg: that show was amazing. tickets are hard to. >> maybe you want to see it again. i don't know. have a great time. >> my body. he is a huge fan. he had like six pairs. >> you sound like a scalper. mike: or a stalker. just five days away.
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we got a nice taste of it last week. we have 45 degrees. the more solid rainfall has pushed up into new england. generally throughout the northeast, these tough pictures are fairly mild. you do have to area of low pressure. your chance of the more solid rain that we've saw yesterday has dropped for the time being. for the most part, we will see partly to mostly cloudy skies. it starts off try tomorrow.
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things disturbed. ten of us are wise, it will be a little bit warmer out there. the wind starts turning around to the south. st. patrick's day. we will have to see if that affects the parade. more rain coming at us on sunday. it could be a little rain / snow mix as we get to sunday. family loves you a lot. let's bring in ines rosales and see what is going on as a hit the roads. >> good morning. we just had some earlier problems on the southern state for kwai.
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45-mile per hour speed restriction. a little beyond the palisades. things are fine. let's go to our cameras and take a look at your commute. you can see traffic moving slow. george washington bridge, looking good. 495, 45-50 and found. greg and rosanna. greg: better than yesterday. wendy. cold and rainy last night. rosanna: we open the door and
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greg: the best ever created speed six i think that we need to counteract the weather today. greg: we have some bad news out of chicago. three police officers were shot last night. rosanna: they are in the hospital this morning. according to officials, sought to ms. acting suspiciously. times. one of the officers fired back killing that man. a spokesperson said all of the officers are in the hospital. fine. non-life-threatening injuries. greg: you heard about the officer shot in maryland.
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we are learning some disturbing details about what happened. it was attempted suicide by cop. he wanted to to be shelved by police. his brothers wanted to film the action on tape. they wanted to capture it on cell phone. that is a good way to get shot. the brothers were in the background filming everything that went down. the officer was actually killed by friendly fire. rosanna: he wasn't playing clothing. it was possible he was mistaken for another gunman in the chaos.
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watched it unfold. he is expected to survive. all three will face dozens of charges between them. greg: a week ago, they found a knife on o.j. simpson's old property in l.a. well, they did some testing. >> is produced no matches. the microbes in the soil disturbed in the dna. >> after the worker found it, he gave it to and off duty police officer.
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it into custody. >> the late, great, mother theresa. we learn from pope francis. it takes place september 4. >> the pope has signed off on the second miracle. mother teresa was born in what is now macedonia. did most of her work in india. >> what is happening in hoboken mayor? a 100-year-old pipe. >> issuing a pro- cautionary boil water advisory. >> willow avenue and clinton street. the city tweeted that the break
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the crews sent out this tweet saying a car has been removed from a sinkhole. crews can begin excavation on the site. restoring water back to its proper state. greg: is it a volkswagen? rosanna: finally we have things going down. >> 300,000 miles. let's go outside. let's see if we can find a bright spot. rosanna: applause.
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we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us. america means so much, weathertech.
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greg: while mac. rosanna: what is this? greg: incredible restaurant at
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greg: it was fantastic. i have to say i really enjoyed it. they really greet you. >> they were very, very friendly. each one of us has our own personal waiter. greg: duke was very chatty throughout the dinner. we did not really know what to expect. >> that is one of my favorite parts. oysters and caviar. >> that was really good.
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us about bread and wine issues. >> everything is so precise. >> our little cupcakes flags. you get what you pay for. >> this was the menu. you get to taste everything on this menu. by the end, i was waving a red flag. >> rosanna founded in herself to move on. greg: 325358%. rosanna: thank you, greg, for picking that up last night.
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a great season. i know how much you love mcdonald's. rosanna: you had a previous commitment. >> we had a great time. very nice. >> awesome. a nice day. rosanna: rainy and windy out. it was really pretty. very special. rosanna: now we are moving on. it still feels like winter. it is also quite damp. the rain has moved up to the
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tomorrow it will be with some sunshine. mild temperatures. shower chances will be out there again tomorrow. these warm temperatures go away by the weekends. this is what we have on the radar. the drops are so small. trust me, still a little damp. forty-three in poughkeepsie. wind moving through thick east, northeast. the vocals the rain has moved on. another area of low pressure or running along that frontal boundary. trying to get a few more showers going.
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mixed bag. high temperatures still managed to get up to 58 this afternoon. sixty-three is your high tomorrow. we see some dryer, cooler weather as we wrap up the weekend here. ines: is he kicking you? >> we are pals. [laughter] >> ines rosales. what is going on? >> putnam county. things are okay on the taconic. a little delay. just minor stuff there. you do have your slow spots
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twenty-one north found. there is an accident there. let's go to our cameras. have a little stopping go. he's found, if you are fine. trains are running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules are in effect. rosanna: campaigning together. there they are. what has gotten a lot of people infomercial. there was a funeral in progress for a new jersey state trooper duty. he died last week. >> juliet huddy is taking a look at this right now. rosanna: all you have to do is look on social media.
7:34 am
lot of slack for being mia for the last couple months. a rally for trump in florida. later today in ohio. today has been super tuesday, two. some say christie should have been attending the funeral of that state trooper. not out there campaigning for donald trump. this morning we talked to some folks about what they thought about this. >> disgraceful. absolutely disgraceful. it is absolutely disgraceful. >> not really the greatest thing
7:35 am
i felt like he should be here more. >> we really have to respect our law enforcement officers. >> twitter and facebook. you hear these people commenting. he has been out campaigning for himself and donald trump as well. he said, allstate buildings flying flags at half staff. new jersey state trooper. many say that that is not enough. greg and rosanna, back to you. >> i am surprised. very surprised. rosanna: donald trump has made an impression on one man in
7:36 am
>> donald trump tattooed on his arm. >> he was just following a trend. he claims that most of the feedback has been positive. >> he is more in support of an overthrow with the government. he claims that the government is corrupt. rosanna: take a look at this. sarah palin. she has been a big supporter of donald trump. >> he was in a pretty serious snowmobile or snowmachine accident in alaska. rosanna: sarah went home to
7:37 am
they say that he will work over. sarah palin is back home by her husband's side. rosanna: the first dude of alaska. rosanna: 7:36 a.m. in the morning. greg: former secretary of state. >> i did not realize that he was in town. >> did they go see mamma mia
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with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. >> i think that i needed some club music this afternoon. greg: 23-year-old. i like it. rosanna: i read the magazines, greg. >> that was our catchphrase for
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little gloomy. >> not really. we can handle that. the hair. the hair. i don't know. it did not matter if you have the umbrella or not. things do look a little bit better. it looks dry here in the tri-state. the drops are so small that the radar does not pick up on it. the real rainfall has moved on. we are expecting a change with those temperatures. cloudy skies. wind coming in from the northeast around eight-17 miles per hour. keeping it cool for now. we are expecting a warmer temperature to come back to the
7:42 am
terms of the atmosphere. it looks like we will see some showers here and there. maybe even some drizzle. you are better chances for showers will not be back again until we get deeper into wednesday and thursday. maybe a little bit of sunshine trying to get back at you later this afternoon. sixty-three is your high tomorrow. showers trying to make a comeback tomorrow. thursday is st. patrick's day. high of 59 men. back down to the upper 40s by the time we get into the next work week. all right. daily and hourly forecast. it is free. check it out.
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rosales. >> what are you talking about, that jim? the staten island expressway doing fine. the bqe approaching the tunnel. watch out for a stall there. one lame blog. normal delays as you head towards yankee stadium. those are your normal delays touched. >> there is a stall in the area there. change the grand central parkway. the cross bronx area. forty-five. thirty on the lower. in our delay. the holland tunnel through each approach. greg: to to enjoy the experience
7:44 am
>> i did. mike has a problem with that. rosanna: he is politically incorrect. rosanna: greg is going to call his irish friend. rosanna: we are all feeling, you know, the effects of a great dinner last night. rosanna: duke a with us. i was shocked that he ate everything. it is his temple. he is very careful about what is inside. greg: he was not jerking wind and he did not have a cocktail. what is up? >> jeff miller. the cte. the senior vice president made the emissions while appearing
7:45 am
committee. see tiki ctt can only be detected after death. players have seated in their brain. listen to the response when pressed on the topic by a representative. >> mr. miller, do you think there is a link between football and ctd? >> absolutely. the answer to that question is certainly guess. there are also a number of questions that come with that. >> is there a link? we feel, or i feel, that that was not the unequivocal answer three days before the super bowl. >> i will not speak for doctor berger. >> you are speaking for the nfl. >> you asked if i thought that
7:46 am
there was a link in a number for tired football players. duke: that was big news yesterday. greg: it looked like he did not want to say that. duke: it was pretty powerful. the devils and the ducks. that goes right in right there. tying it up. he knocks it in. four goals in the sixth. completing his first trip. winning seven-one final score. the third. josh bailey will collect the
7:47 am
that will tie it up that to. tiebreaking goal. cops off in the third. it re- to victory. ncaa basketball. the first game of the ncaa tournament tonight here at picking up the eagles. having the honor of the first game. game one. on the road. the third pick. automatic of the ncaa tournament. thursday. number four, kentucky, while have feared for of the last five years.
7:48 am
especially when it came to clinching a spot in the tournament. >> what is the message? >> just to go out there and play hard. represent a school in the right way. >> maybe get some lucky breaks. duke: there you have it. greg: tipoff against kentucky is 930 on thursday. rosanna: okay. greg: all right, duke. we will see you. duke: i am back at 830. >> okay. excellent. >> what is happening?
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it is not as bad as
7:52 am
rosanna: 73 years old today. greg: happy birthday. how is the family. rosanna: he has been through some hard times, but i think that he is okay. >> you go after. you just go along. >> this guy is a pro. >> very good legs to where the stretchy pants like that. those shorts, regular sweatpants. i walk all. do you ever find yourself in that boat? he pressed his watch. good for him. rosanna: let's talk about what
7:53 am
it has entered the second week. the former pro wrestler's name is terry. suing the website for publishing a sex tape he did not know existed. >> this was not the situation that i expected. >> all right. whole cogan. he did not know it was being taken. recorded. suing for a lot of money.
7:54 am
violated. rosanna: let's talk about caitlin jenner. could she be trying to cozy up with hillary clinton? >> recently criticized the presidential hopefuls saying she would never vote for hillary. greg: i think that she called hillary a liar. donald trump would be very good for women's issues. >> ll cool j from queens is not retiring or retiring. he deliberately confuse people on twitter yesterday. take a look at this. today i am officially coming out of retirement. rosanna: i have been doing this a long time. he also released this video.
7:55 am
i love when he posts those shows. greg: michael jackson. what is going on? making a lot of money. rosanna: they just got a lot richer. $750 million. michael had a 50% stake in the joint venture. new york new york. jailhouse rock. keeping old songs written by michael. >> basically the beatles. the remaining beatles are not
7:56 am
>> it is worth a lot of money. let's talk about facebook fans right now here at that is cynthia. thank you so much for saying nice things about us. rosanna: stay with us.
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i get out of workpand i go to the store, and somebody' s,psmellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that'
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>> from fox 5 news, this is "good day new york." >> hello, welcome. tuesday, the middle of the month, march 15th, i'm greg kelly. >> is this the ides of march? >> that is that when caesar ran into his problems? >> we'll look it up. temperatures getting milder, will rise up to the 50s. mike woods has all the details for us. >> today a huge day in politics. they're sewelling it super tuesday 2. the republicans, three guys on the right still clamoring to stop the one guy, trump.
8:00 am
clinton still going at it. >> mayor de blasio's new budget slashes funding for homeless shelters for $200 million. they are betting that the homeless population will drop. a city watchdog agency suggests that is wishful thinking. >> this pill works like viagra but a fraction of the cost. it contains the same active ingredient as the little blue pill allowing them to save potentially a lot of money. >> if you plan on riding lirr or metro-north on st. patrick's day, leave the booze at home please. both the metro-north and long island railroad will ban alcohol on thursday. >> if you're thursday, not on the train. >> that is grounded upon. we had a great night last night. rendezvoused at the big fat statue at time warner statute. >> is that botera. >> what?
8:01 am
>> this is adam and eve over to the right. >> adam was happy to see you. rosanna there is something going on here. granted i'm grabbing his lower pelvis. nude just like adam was in real life. have you before. >> have you ever been to florence to see the david? >> yeah. the david? >> the -- >> rosanna thought it was risque to take statue -- picture in the statue. >> i was keeping my hands off you had your hand on the botera. >> we met there before we had fine dining experience upstairs. >> what i love about you, your appreciation of art. >> rosanna, i am surprised, oh, my gosh, it is nude.
8:02 am
>> i was afraid where was this going to go? who would have something to say about it. >> what did you want a bathing suit on it? >> maybe should have went to per se, should have done that. this is what happens after dinner. digest a little bit. >> oh, my gosh. that is a lot. >> good. glad you enjoyed. get you up and rock and roll. what is happening with the weather. gray skies a lot of truth. real rain has shifted up into new england. we're going to catch a little bit of a break. show the maps what is going on. weather headlines the rain is the is getting out of town. we're left with drizzle and cool temps for starters. the warmer temps should be making a comeback. right now looks like a struggle but should be happening. tomorrow you start off with sunshine and milder temperatures as well.
8:03 am
only well into the upper 50s but low 60s. 45 central park. same thing in newark. 39 degrees in monticello with a northeast wind coming through at seven to the 17 mile-an-hours. that is generally speaking a cool wind this time of hour. here we have some drizzle. the drizzle, the rain drops are so small they don't show up on the satellite. it's a little damp out there. could see more scattered lighter showers. we haves waves of low pressure, keep a little bit of rain here and there, not a big deal. for the month of march, what we've seen so far. average temp 49.1 degrees. that is .8 of a degree would have normal. on precip we're about a inch below for the year. drizzle, high temps get up to 58 degrees.
8:04 am
peeks of sun by the end of the day. high of 63 for you tomorrow. shower chances pick up late tomorrow into thursday and dries out friday and saturday but also cooling down a at that same time. we bring in april necessary. what is going on? >> mike we have issues out there. been a busy morning. major deegan northbound stall by willis avenue. northbound by route 80. car flipped over a lane blocked. garden state parkway jammed past 280. another accident by route 78. northbound had a crawl towards essex toll plaza an. on eastbound side there is accident in the area. westbound side no problem. grand central parkway by laguardia. look at that camera shot. traffic heading eastbound that's moving okay.
8:05 am
accident on the b.q.e. trains running on or close to schedule. greg, rosanna. >> politically what is happening today? a bunch contest. >> florida and ohio are the big ones to watch because i think it is delegates, all the delegates go to one person. >> there's the map. so what else? we've got republicans and democrats vying for more delegates. start with the republicans. donald trump by the way, i saw him at rally yesterday, rosanna, he seemed to calm down. >> toned it down a little bit. >> when there was protester, he was, not go get him. he was chilled down. in ohio, kasich has an advantage there. >> two polls say they're tied and two polls say kasich wins it. it is up to the people. front-runner hillary clinton is hoping to keep bernie sanders from momentum in the midwest. >> what is wild, marco rubio looks like he will lose his own
8:06 am
most polls show he is double-digits behind donald trump. might come in third place. what is up for him. let's go to robert moses? reporter: five states, one territory, millions of voters. can hillary clinton and donald trump basically sew up the nominations today? can ted cruz and bernie sanders remain viable contenders in respectable second place? is there a way forward for marco rubio and john kasich? soon we will have those answers. today florida senator marco rubio and ohio governor john kasich are hoping that their home states grew to be home sweet home. monmouth university poll shows rubio well behind donald trump in florida but rubio sounds nonetheless. >> we'll win 99 delegates here in florida. reporter: kasich got a government from 2012 candidate mitt romney campaigning with him in ohio.
8:07 am
reporter: by his own ad mis, kasich must win the buckeye state to justify saying in the race. polls show him neck and neck with trump there. ted cruz is urging voters to unite behind him. >> a vote for john kasich or marco rubio is a vote thrown away. reporter: trump appears the man to be beat. chris christie appeared with him. trump addressed recent violence. >> press is calling this such violence. violence. you know how many people have been hurt at our rallies? basically none. there is no violence. these are love-fests. reporter: on democratic side, buoyed by a surprise win in michigan, bernie sanders is expected to do well in ohio, missouri and illinois. the demographics of the midwest favor him. hillary clinton is banking on wins in the south where the electorate is more diverse. she is expected to do well in florida and north carolina. much has been made of course
8:08 am
in an interview today trump says he does not condone violence and he seemed to back away from suggestions that he would pay legal costs of supporter who punched another man at a rally north carolina. greg, rosanna back to you. >> shows you how wild what donald trump pulled off here. like him or not he will probably beat marco rubio in his own state of florida. >> and maybe kasich in his own state of ohio. >> that could happen. what does that mean for marco rubio? last fall it looked like he might be the nominee. that is looking almost impossible right now. he is a young man. plenty of future left. >> absolutely. police searching for two men behind several armed robberies on the upper west side. the guys. both robberies happened after march 6th. police say these guys pulled a gun on a man on riverside park
8:09 am
minutes later on west 91st street. we have pretty good look. >> i think you can identify them if you know them. if you know them kuhl crimestoppers. 1-800-577-tips. police divers resume their search for the body of that tugboat crew member has about been missing since saturday. you remember the accident at the tappan zee construction site? >> missing crew member are believed dead. they are grouped to be in the section of the boat they have not been able to access. the boat hit a barge and sank. drowning obviously was a factor here, was the factor. the 90-foot tugboat named specialist hit the construction barge on saturday. the investigation continues and so does the search. >> as the city tries to deal with growing problem of homelessness mayor de blasio's budget of next year calls for a cut of nearly $200 million.
8:10 am
it could be a problem because it does not expect the homeless population to drop. this is raising eyebrows. this is bill de blasio's budget he is cutting homeless services just as, just as the homeless crisis seems to be getting out of hand. >> teresa priolo is uptown. what is going on? >> you don't need to go far to fine homeless people around the city. one gentleman tried to cozy up to our crew all morning long. this report from the independent budget office basically say the adult population is at highest level yet this as the mayor wants to slash services. it is one of the biggest complaints from new yorkers, the spike in the homeless population. leading people to be concerned for their communities and their personal safety. the city's independent budget office agrees. calling the homeless problem,
8:11 am
the despite the growing problem, new report from mayor bill de blasio's budget slashes budget for shelter. the city claims they are budgeting $325 million for homeless adult shelters next year. but that is $120 million decrease from this year. and for family shelters, it i was allocating 452 million, which is $72 million less than 2016. when asked for comment the mayor east office disagreed with the ido's assessment saying quote, that is not act root. the de blasio administration is immediately and aggressively tackling this issue with the most comprehensive effort in the country and to prevent homelessness and move people out of the shelter into permanent holes. those programs include rental subsidies and new supportive housing units. ibo recognized those efforts but says they will take years to have a substantial impact.
8:12 am
currently reviewing this problem. it is undergoing a 90 day review. after that they will assess the situation and increase funding if it is warranted. latest from midtown. greg, rosanna back to both of you. >> thank you very much. >> talk about new jersey, people. if you live there you will decide future of gambling in the state in november. >> you can gamble in atlantic city, right? >> right. both the state and senate assembly approved a referendum question that can bring casino boom link to northern new jersey. it doesn't specify locations by jersey city and meadowlands have been commonly discussed as potential sites. >> hoboken had a big water main break yesterday. lots of flooding and all kinds of complications as a result. >> they're saying please boil your water if you live in that area especially on first street between willow avenue and
8:13 am
it was a massive 12-inch water main that broke early this morning. the city tweeted the break is isolated and does not apply to the rest of the city who, saying a car removed from a sinkhole that recall toed after the break. >> water company called suez over there. what kind of car? we determined what that is? looks like late-model did, rosanna. >> i don't know. do you think you can keep it, greg? if that was your car you would try to salvage it. >> totally. looks like a little damage by the front right wheel. no, that thing is going to ride again. >> now that the car is out of there, emergency crews can begin excavation work on that site. so, st. patrick's day, thursday. yes, if you plan on riding lirr or metro-north on st. patrick's day please leave the booze at home. both railroads will be banning alcohol on thursday. mca -- mta police will confiscate booze on the trains
8:14 am
>> this is what i don't like about saint patrick's day people drink and get silly walking around. >> bar carts around grand central station will be shut down. >> st. patrick's day is awesome. about time. >> celebrate the irish heritage. including my greg kelly. great to see you. >> we'll wear green. >> i will wear green on thursday. talk about alaska. a three-peat at one of the world's most famous race. >> this is the iditarod. this is the guy that ran. this is dallas. can we see dogs and stuff like that? >> won his third straight iditarod shred dog race this is the fourth overall title in the he is good. >> this is where the dogs pull the shred, right? >> yeah. crossed the finish line in alaska this morning, 10 days after the race began.
8:15 am
minutes faster than he did in 2014. >> i want to see the dogs. they're really responsible. they're so amazing those dogs. dallas, anyway, this is your moment. congratulations. >> his father was in the race. he crossed the line. number two. pretty cool. >> what was name of that movie? 44 below. >> that was a few years ago. >> two years ago. about the dogs up there, very smart. mikey, what's up? >> we're looking forward to spring. i think a lot of folks are. looking forward to warmer temps. trying to make a comeback. last 24 hours just over a quarter of an inch of rain here but we might add a hair more when all said and done. 35 is the average loy. so for our low for this morning is 34 degrees. we need something to get going but right now the temps are not.
8:16 am
cloudy skies and drizzle around tri-state region. we have 39 in monticello. 42 also out at belmar and ice slip and bridgeport with cloudy skies. the rain we had yesterday pushed into new england. northeast wind at seven to 17 miles per hour. making it cool but not as bad. yesterday was raw and windy wet throughout the day. cloudy sky and drizzle for the time-being. will we see more rain? yes, we will. doesn't look like too much during the day. this area of low pressure starts to lift through here, better chance of scattered showers coming through later in the day. on futurecast don't show you a heck of a whole lot but another area of pressure comes through later tomorrow with better chance of show is late wednesday into early thursday and another push of cool air starts coming down here on thursday that helps trigger more showers at that time. we're not in the clear for the wet weather for a while.
8:17 am
high temp gets up to 58 degrees. tomorrow you see a high of 63. starts off dry but ends up on the wetter side. still showers for you on thursday but cools down for you on friday and saturday. another shot of rain coming through here on sunday which is the first day of spring by the way. fox five weather app has daily, hourly forecasts all broken down for you. check out what is happening maybe 2:00, 3:00 this afternoon. i'm sure it says it on the app. download it for free today. here comes ines. she will give you latest information today. good morning. >> good morning, mike. 8:11, everyone is trying to get to work. stall on jackie robson parkway on stall on van wyk. new jersey commute if you're taking route 80 this morning slow ride heading eastbound towards 287. nothing happened. just a lot of delays. southbound, northbound side of 28you're doing fine. look at cameras.
8:18 am
county through way through garden state parkway, fine through the tappan zee bridge. as you get closer to the tappan zee bridge, excuse me delays, southbound side. george washington bridging looking pretty good. upper level 40, lower level 30. holland 20 for each approach. greg and rosanna. >> today is the ides of march. that is the day that julius caesar was assassinated in 44 bc. how do you feel about that? >> i'm over it. >> this sounds good. >> 2000 years ago, plus or minus? >> yes. coming up on "good day," the actor, william h. macy, in in the showtime series as frank. we like him. you know him from his movie, "fargo." years ago. >> with the accident.
8:19 am
play games here, i'm working with you on this thing here, but, okay. i'll do a damn lot count. >> sir, right now. >> yeah, right now. you're darn tootin. >> he had a lot on his plate there. he was involved in a criminal conspiracy. great movie, "fargo." we'll meet him in a with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it.
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8:22 am
>> all right. you see that globe? donald trump owns it. >> are you sure about that? >> that is the trump world tower >> right. name, right? >> yeah. >> anyway there is a big trump logo outside the building. you see the gulf and western building. what else? >> 8:22 in the morning. nice to have you with us. let's get down to business. >> lauren simonetti, hi. >> you guys remember the avon
8:23 am
she went door-to-door selling makeup, right? >> exactly what it is. it is goings-on for 130 years. avon is in trouble. obviously is a fora, other makeup brands dominating. avon lady is not as popular. as a result the company cutting 2500 jobs. 7% of the global workforce. it is moving the new york city headquarters on third avenue, 777, third avenue, moving them out of new york out of the u.s. over to great britain. the reason they need to be near operational base. couple months ago the avon sold north american business to private equity company, cerberus capital management. seeing all the changes after the company reported quarter after quarter of sales decline. the stock is down 40% for the past year. times are tough for the avon lady. >> face it. it doesn't sound safe to go doors. >> that skin-so-soft, works so
8:24 am
the summertime. smells nice. better than all that stuff. with the zika and lyme disease, don't get me started on lyme disease. we may need to go heavy on that. thank you for that information. >> thank you. see you guys tomorrow. >> thank you for that information, skin-so-soft. what about kiss my face? isn't there a cream called kiss my face. >> how do you know about that. >> a little blunt, isn't it. >> i heard of other things. anyway, there is a new, cheaper alternative for men who would otherwise dues viagra. >> continue. >> the pfizer version of the little blue pill often sells for about $40 a pill. now new york city based, bling health is selling a pill with viagra's active ingredient and this online pharmacy is charging just 76 cents a pill. it is being touted as a hypertension pill. >> for blood pressure, but obviously something else you
8:25 am
>> i hope you still need doctor's approval. it would be terrible for people getting the pill for recreational use, you know? >> i think it is kind of designed for that. >> you know you could have a heart attack. have you ever seen the ads, you can go blind, lose your hair. heart attack. >> but -- >> you're one and done. >> don't want anybody using viagra recreationally. all kind of mostly, arguably -- >> without a doctor's prescription, greg. >> you want the doctor involved but -- >> we're clear about that. >> okay.
8:26 am
viva -- we'll be smoking causes 16 different types of cancer. you have one clear way to reduce your risk. you can quit smoking.
8:27 am
8:28 am
>> so one of the great things about eating per se, even though it is kind of expensive, the tip is included. we gave over the required amount.
8:29 am
>> a little bonus. >> it came out of our pocket. >> i want to emphasize rosanna paid for alcohol on separate tab. boy, did she drink a lot of alcohol. >> myself. >> actually she had plenty of help. we had a fine dining experience. new york is known for its food. we thought we'd go to what is known as the best restaurant in town, perse. >> they have michelin stars. "pawn stars." the way they do it, very, very personalized. you know? >> yeah. >> not a lot of people in there. they really take personal attention to everybody that comes into that place. >> did you notice how cool everybody looked? i mean the staff. they just looked, they were like great-looking people. >> that kitchen. you could eat off the floor in the kitchen. it was really gorgeous. >> ma i make more after mess on sunday cooking than they do. >> what is that kid asleep in middle. city. that kid is totally out.
8:30 am
>> oh, yeah, covered up. welcome back, what is going on? >> 8:30 in the morning looks like the rain moved out. last night we were in the thick of the win and the rain! >> it was going, it was going last night into the evening. >> it was a messy monday. >> we survived it. >> it was brutal. so what's up, buddy? >> we have got the rain out there, doing coming and going thing with the drizzle left over for us today. time to get warmer temps back in the picture. here are weather headlines for the day today. cloudy and sunshine moving up. drizzle is still here. we might see sunshine later on into the day. depend what part of the day you're talking about. we'll see pretty much everything on a day like today. next several days we're lynn lined up. clouds thicken up and showers making a comeback later in the day. as we head into the weekend
8:31 am
making a comeback here again. a little bit of everything over the next few days, that's for sure. cloudy in central park. 45 degrees. northeast winds at 13 miles per hour. 40 in albany and with a cloudy sky. yep, we've got that but the real rain as i mentioned has already moved on but drizzle still here and back to the west of us well, there could be some more showers trying to push back into the tri-state region. i don't think it will be a big problem for us for the next i'd say later in the day today into early tomorrow. but then tries to pick up, your shower chances, later on wednesday into thursday. so it is going back and forth with your rain chances. today also warming up. high temps should get up to 58 degrees this afternoon. 53 for you tomorrow, 59 on thursday. gets cooler heading into the weekend. weekend looks better in the beginning than the end when we have more showers making a comeback. let's get you back to ines. i see some back ups. tell me where they're at. looks like the gw. >> we still have problems and
8:32 am
start off new jersey, route 23 northbound, two lanes blocked with route 80 with overturned car. garden state parkway, one after 280 and approaching 270. each blocking a line. and 280 and 78 heading eastbound by the garden state parkway. stall on bruckner on white plains road. westbound, cross bronx, really jammed. nothing happening. really jammed as you make your way towards the george washington bridge. this is the lie. terry road, heading westbound. no problems on the eastbound. there was an accident westbound slowing everyone down. cleared away. george washington bridge looking at upper level, mike said it is raining. upper level, 45 minutes. 30 on the lower level. lincoln tunnel hour inbound. holland tunnel 30 from the new jersey turnpike. trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg an rosanna.
8:33 am
congressional hearing on c-span generally speaking they're boring. we learned something pretty wild. admission about by the nfl. about chronic encephalopathy, damaged brains for playing football, rosanna. >> for a while the nfl danced around the connection between the two. >> seemed like they were dancing yesterday up until one point where we had some pretty direct information. duke castiglione putting it together. hi, dike. >> good morning this is big. we'll hear a lot about this story in the days, weeks, years to come. this is really big. nfl executive jeff miller acknowledged link between football head trauma and cte. vice president of health and safety made the admission before appearing before a congressional committee. this is the why it is first big news. this is the first admission by league official there is direct link.
8:34 am
movie "concussion" starring will smith kept telling us that the nfl knew there was a direct link playing football and head trauma and cte. if you watched movie you knew how powerful the message was in the movie. cte can be connected after death. hall-of-famer junior seau, hall-of-famer frank gifford's family said cte was fund in his brain as well. listen to jeff miller's response when pressed on this doic by representative jan schakowsky. >> mr. miller, do you think there is a link between football and degenerative brain disorders like cte. >> certainly dr. mckee's research shows number of retired nfl players were diagnosed with cte the answer to that question is certainly question. but there are number of questions certainly with that. >> i guess i want, is there a link? >> yeah. >> because we've known all
8:35 am
that was not the unequivocal answer three days before the super bowl by dr. mitchell berger. >> i'm not going to speak for dr. berger. >> you're speaking for the nfl, right? >> i, you asked the question whether i thought there was a link and i think certainly based on dr. mckee's research there is link because she found cte in number of retired football players. >> some questions here. nfl refused to admit this in the past. i mean just three days before the super bowl you heard representative schakowsky actually say that their own doctor wouldn't admit this. so, now it is on the record. >> okay. thanks so much, duke. for that information. >> now what? what happens next? >> i think there is a lot of questions. now what happens, i think there is probably more discussion with parents. >> i was about to say, parents will start questioning whether they want to play any kind of sports where there are head injuries. >> it is not just football, we should emphasize that.
8:36 am
can get concussion in soccer. there are many things. a lot more education and awareness going on here. >> thank you, duke. >> governor chris christie out there campaigning with donald trump. these guys, they go back 14 years now and they appear to be great friends. >> a lot of people think that he should have been in his home state yesterday and not on the campaign trail with donald trump. >> yeah well, did you know this? i did not know yesterday was the funeral for state trooper sean cullen. he died last week in the line of duty. the funeral was held yesterday in south jersey. this is soldier of new jersey and he is top general as governor and did not go to the funeral. really, i thought he would do it. i thought he would show up. >> of course he would. we talked to some people who were from new jersey who thought the governor should have been at that funeral. >> embarrassing right now.
8:37 am
>> i think it is not really the greatest thing for a governor to do. i know things he has to do. but i feel like he should be here more. >> even donald trump had something to say yesterday while governor christie was with him right? >> tweaked him. talks about governor kasich, why voters of ohio should vote for donald trump, not governor kasich. >> because he hasn't been there in the state. know. watch this. >> your governor, kasich, if you look at him, i'm being totally new hampshire. he is living in new hampshire. living. where is chris? is chris around. even more than chris christie he was there. right? even more. i hated to that but you had to make my point. >> oh, boy. >> this is the peril for chris christie being friends with donald trump. he speaks his mind a lot. but with chris christie not going to the final, just strange. spent all that time out-of-state. didn't work out on presidential level. okay?
8:38 am
>> hours before the funeral yesterday the governor did tweet a message announcing that flags would be lowered to half-staff for trooper cullen. so he is in his thoughts. >> well, no. kind of strange. very strange. we have a few other things on our agenda. >> actor william h. macy, he has been in so many great movies and tv shows. but i have to say i am really finding him quite fascinating and shameless. this character, frank, he walks despickable. >> oh, yeah? >> you like him. what is that all about? coming up. attention parents: all kids entering 7tht and 12th grades t must get ther meningococcal vaccine. it protects against serious and sometimes deadly diseases like meningitis. call your health care
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
>> shakira. >> central park south, everybody. what is going on? i will plug a movie. >> okay. >> old movie, called a face in the crowd. told you about this last night. you see that building, yellowish, orange one? >> yes. >> final scene between andy griffith, you remember that guy from the andy griffith show? >> right. >> yelling out a window. >> from that building. >> from to building. shot it there. up in the penthouse.
8:42 am
glenn beck but then, he gets his comeuppance. >> all right. >> always get their comeuppance. >> not always. >> talk about a documentary that some women may want to see. about a subject pretty common in women, don't hear a lot about it. endometriosis? >> endowhat? that is the documentary. >> that is pretty clever. tell me more. >> didn't realize threatens one out of every 10 women. diagnosed. there is this documentary, trying to educate everybody and empower those who suffer with it >> watch this. >> unacceptable that women have to see 7 to 10 physicians in order to diagnosis. >> i went 18 years thinking that, there was pain all the time, really normal. >> why i was going through these things.
8:43 am
health was okay. like i was in physical pain. >> hmmm. >> we have one of the doctors who were featured, who is featured in this documentary. dr. that is new york gynecologist and leading expert on endometriosis. thank you for being here. we keep hearing a lot about it now, lena dunham, the actress from girls, she was recently hospitalize for that. we had pad ma lakshmi diagnosed from. why isn't properly diagnosed. they don't know what is going on with their bodies. >> two very powerful women encompass about seven 1/2 women in the u.s. who have endo meet very -- endometriosis who don't know about it. we want to educate women and
8:44 am
>> what is endometriosis. >> that is come upon process. can cause debilitating symptoms. could cause painful periods and painful sex. when you have cells that are similar to lining. uterus, found external to the uterus, can affect all the organs and abdomen, pelvis. big cause of infertility as well. >> woman who actually produced this documentary, ironically was in the hospital, supposed to be here today, also experiencing, experiencing some of the remnants of endometriosis right? >> shannon cohen the producer i have utmost respect for her, created a documentary "endowhat" premiers in chelsea. to educate women to the best of the proper treatment, life
8:45 am
treatment. >> the proper treatment is first you have to diagnose the problem. first excision of the end drove meet trios sis. >> what does that mean. >> cutting it out via minimally invasive approach. lap proskoppic, ruptured appendix out. >> you can't solve the problem with medication? >> that is the first of all the ability to diagnose endometriosis is the problem. they go from 1012 years in the united states to symptom onset. baffles physicians and nurses. there are medical treatments. we do try medical treatments initially. they can help temper the disease but the ability to cut out or excise it really yields the best benefit for women. >> guys get a little squeamish when we start talking about our periods. at what point do you know it is really bad period that it may be endometriosis and not just menstrual pain? >> i want women to know, if
8:46 am
a lot of pain, there is probably something going on, and there is reason for all of their pain. any woman who is having painful periods and painful sex and symptoms affecting quality of life, they should go to gynecologist. seek out endometriosis you think? do you think i have women. one in 10 women have, they know watching one, too many women, multiple women who have it. affects daughters and mothers. 176 million worldwide have endometriosis. it is a lot of women. >> where can we see "endo what? ." >> it premiers in new york theater. before it goes on to the u.k., sus trail yaw, new zealand. >> if you miss it tomorrow, can you get it on demand or? >> go to and
8:47 am
very inexpensive. all proceeds go to help put the dvds in school nur's office, raise awareness and empower women and change the face of the disease. >> thank you, you're terrific. i didn't get at all squeamish. >> you were good. you were very good. >> these are very important issues. "endo what" i love the name of the movie. >> where is your office. >> look her up. >> appreciate it. coming up on "good day new york," actor tracy ellis ross. know her from "blackish." >> she also happens to be the daughter of diana ross. >> i know you couldn't keep that inside. >> what a great mom.
8:48 am
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in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today. all across the state, the economy is growing, with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at >> you love that stove that goes on, right? >> i usually make my way over there.
8:51 am
the station is launching a new streaming service, called "comic-con" hq. that will happen on may 7th. this will abate at that version for free comic book day. they will come in june a month before the massive event in san diego. content includes series hosted by adam sesler, sci-fi comic books and movies,tv shows. when discuss r does comic con come to new york? >> octoberish. >> gotcha. >> we have this, "hamilton," the musical. so cool. that we say we saw it. >> i know. went to d.c. yesterday. >> by the way, we're going to document we were there. look at us, we're at "hamilton." hottest show in town. dress up, not down, maybe even wear a crown. whole cast went to the white house, performed for the president, first lady and bunch
8:52 am
>> they host ad student workshop, with the question and answer segment and afterwards, miranda joined the president for a freestyle rap in the rose guarden. >> this guy is good, watch. >> blowing up some words, getting some freestyling that you never heard, constitution, potus, i'm freestyling you know this, obama care, i looking up because it was hopeless, federalist papers, hamilton wrote -- >> president is holding a board manuel is trying to incorporate in his roop. >> that is freestyle. making it rhyme in no time. >> look at you. >> fun. >> i see nasa,. i'm here at the white has -- never mind. he is the best. coming up on this program, william h. macy the actor, a lot go to know him in fargo. he is in "shameless" now. >> he plays frank, the father after very dysfunctional family.
8:53 am
now, once again this building on central park south it is really cool. i will plug this movie, rosanna. you remember i said i would cure rate a bunch movies let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95. visit one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want. it' s like i' m going to work to get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that.
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>> "good day" fan of the hour brought to you by mazda. driving matters. >> andrew, thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our fox5ny page. nice when we have nice comments on there, every now and then. >> positive comments on the internet. who would have thunk it. mikey, what's up. >> not happy with what we've got here lately. gets ugly and all of sudden people turn on you. 45 degrees at central park. newark and islip and bridgeport. still a lot of clouds around. maybe drizzle. but the rain pretty much shifted up into new england. winds coming in from the northeast around 11 miles an hour. still on -- seventeen miles per hour. still have low clouds an drizzle. showers chances backed down. warmer temps should work their way up from the south into the tri-state region. that is one way we catch our
8:57 am
still a little damp. 59 for you on thursday. better chances of sours at that rosanna and greg. over to you. >> mike, thanks a lot. couple things on our agenda. tracy ellis ross, great actress in "blackish." happens to be the daughter of diana ross. >> william h. macy will be here as well. fashion designer, rachel roy. and coming up on "good day
8:58 am
. when you're living with diabetes, steady is exciting. only glucerna has carbsteady, clinically proven to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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9:00 am
greg: lady gaga who once performed in this very room. a very little bit below. >> i did not take that new yorkers went to malls. greg: i do not think of the time warner center as a mall. >> it is a little higher in.


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