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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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greg: lady gaga who once performed in this very room. a very little bit below. >> i did not take that new yorkers went to malls. greg: i do not think of the time warner center as a mall. >> it is a little higher in.
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the planet. we went there last night. fine dining. >> it was so special. here we are. they put us right by the fireplace. how about the food. >> these little plates. little tastings here and there. the menu is great. eighty-five plates in between. i was happy to hear that they -- they gave me something else. >> i think that this is sean with the wind. there is maureen.
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these people know how to serve. rosanna: this is, keller. if it is not visually pleasing, they put it in a ball. >> an extra to go. one more for the road. greg: our "good day new york" bag. rosanna: he has received many stars in general for his cooking. whatever. they had a little problem here and there. we found thomas keller and his staff to beat a plus last night. >> i have never seen that will
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the meal is expensive. 325 per person without alcohol. they goodness you paid for the food. our dining companions last night. what was your favorite part of the meal? >> the care that was taken. it was great. there was like a room before you got to the kitchen. rosanna: right. i thought that that was amazing. my wife was so jealous. she is a thomas keller fan. >> the vanity fair part this year. >> ines, what was your favorite
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>> you know what, i liked everything. i cannot even tell you. my least favorite part was the cheese part. rosanna: because you were fuller afterwards. >> those are free desserts. >> dunkin' donuts. they do it in a very fancy way. they are very accepting and welcoming. >> even though i like food, i i was concerned that i would not find anything on the menu. they were very, very open to switching things out. greg: my favorite part -- rosanna: very intensive.
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how many courses did we have? greg: you are not left alone for too long. it is like a martini, but with a per se twist. rosanna: right. usually when you go to a restaurant, you have no idea where they got this from. they give you like the self purveyors look. >> exactly. seafood. where that is from. >> we had a pretty cool table. rosanna: it was the perfect place to be out last night. >> i was like --
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we got a table. pete er s e. you can eat at the bar without a reservation. rosanna: and without all the courses. >> you like the bathroom. rosanna: even the hand soap smelled so good. rosanna: what did we miss? no line in the woman's bathroom. [laughter] >> the detail was unbelievable. all around. it was spectacular. it was the conversation. >> it was like a ballet the way
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so precise. some were using tweezers. it was so perfect. greg: i hope you guys enjoyed it. the next time we go around as a group, it is panera bread. >> did not get a chance to meet the chef. we did meet the executive chef there. greg: invited friday night. mike: i will take that rain check. i appreciate that. thank you very much. it is coming back. let's show you what is going on. that is a good time out there, no doubt back. the real rainfall is pretty much done.
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comeback. later on, you have more showers making a comeback year. now, the heavier rain from yesterday, that switch up to new england for you. it looks like a little action trying to roll our weight. we are still stuck at 45. we have been there four hours. wind coming in from the northeast around six-14 miles per hour. trying to break up some of the cloud cover for you. a little bit of sunshine here and there. it almost looks like a stalled out front that is lingering just two hours south. hoping to give you a little lift up into the atmosphere. we are kind of in a low. we will see it come and go here
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tomorrow starts off with some sunshine out there. we will see some clouds thicken up and shower chances start to make a comeback. today, not too much should be happening rain lies. your temperature should come up a bit. high of 63 for you tomorrow. fifty-nine on thursday. even cooler as we head into next week. maybe even a little bit of a winter remix. it does not look like it will be a big deal for most of us. a shout out for aubrey. operate turning 30 years old. rosanna: cute. thank you, mike.
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trying desperately to stop the guy on the left. if he wins ohio,. greg: he is on a roll. unstoppable. >> would it be practically wrapped up? that is what some people think. >> it looks like they are almost running mates. it was interesting. >> basically saying oh hi zero and vote for governor kasich. >> guests who we brought up. i am totally impartial. he is living in new hampshire.
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>> even more. >> i had to make my point. >> had to make a point with christie right there. >> i was shocked when i heard this. there was a funeral yesterday for sean. died in the line of duty. a funeral was yesterday in south jersey. this is a member of the new jersey armed forces, if you will. did not vote to the funeral. i thought that he was different. that was a bad, bad decision. >> disgraceful. absolutely disgraceful. should be at a funeral of one of
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absolutely disgraceful. >> not the greatest thing for the governor to do. >> you see this lack of respect coming from the governor. >> the governor did tweet yesterday that they were lowering the flags to half staff. >> something happened and he state trooper dies in the line of duty. what else. one other thing. donald trump seems to have toned down the language. rosanna: yesterday i think he was talking about how people come together and they are all beautiful.
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>> watch this. >> when i get on stage, when i get off stage with kasich -- >> u.s. a period u.s. a. u.s. a. i thought maybe he learned his lesson. that was intensifying and already intense situation. rosanna: security was probably going to remove the protesters anyway. >> donald trump has noted that
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greg: mr. wonder guard had a lot on his mind. >> very colorful now. greg: we will go over his resume. he also loves jurassic park three. shameless is now in what season?
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he is a family patriarch. we get to speak with him right now on "good day new york." use that call you build. >> a little bit. a little bit. >> you are despicable. but we like you. what does that say about us? >> he is your repressive bowl. he is hard-working and entrepreneurial. he has a great sense of humor. the life of the party. rosanna: and alcoholic. a real mess up. >> he is a great error. i don't know. i am not quite sure.
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least interesting and you forget them. >> had to be challenging. and then on top of that, is you get to show off your body. you walk around natural sometimes. >> yes. the song is the worst idea mankind has ever had. rosanna: first of all, i adore your wife. walking around in women's underwear. showing off your body to the world. >> it is okay as long as they are not her underwear. [laughter] it just comes with the business. we have to do things with other people.
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something, just turn away. rosanna: what happens when you have a love scene? >> she turns away and doesn't watch. greg: let's see. >> you never did that with me. [laughter] greg: take a look. >> it is freezing and i think that i am coming down with something. >> several have to go. >> may be something that does not involve feces. there you go. this way. >> the generator. running shifts. frank is going to take over.
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batteries are charged. >> this is what you went to the commune for a little bit. your daughter, wants to live there. she is pregnant. you are encouraging to go ahead and have the baby. yes. frank wants her to have the baby. falling in love with his family. it is a great twist that they have added to the character. it is interesting. the whole abortion issue is such a hot button. i love the way the writers dealt with it. they deal with it in two completely different ways. the conversation is so candid. they keep the emotion out of it.
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sex on the show, i think. >> putting up with a lot of in dignity's. we know that he is a good guy inside. >> yes. i am not quite sure how it works. mercifully, i have gotten to play a lot of different things. it is something that i seem to do well. i don't know why. you always have to be the greatest for your error. figure out why he is right. i do not characterize the players that i play. greg: how did this all start for you? >> i was in high school.
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guitar. i saying at the age of 14. it did two things. it catapulted me in the hallways. they decided that they needed to check out what people were going to do. it had to do with illegitimacy. tv has gotten so good. so many movies. it is another golden age of television. there are so many outlets. appealing to a million people. very specific stories. everyone's story can be told.
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great stuff is on tv. >> started directing in this third act of my career. directed two films. i am about to start that there'd failed down in atlanta georgia on sunday. >> the first one is called rudderless. the second was called the layover. i just finished the color timing. the other one is called crystal. a film i have been trying to make for 10 years. rosanna: what took you so long? >> well, it is a weird one. greg: you have done quite well.
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i really love it. i hired guys. they are smarter than me. i say turnbull and everyone thinks about smoking. greg: did you start in shop class in high school? i like to do this stuff, but i am terrible with shop. >> my dad was a really handy guide. things need to be fixed, so i just do it. rosanna: how do you make the marriage work?
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we have two wonderful daughters. how do you make a marriage work? i don't know. greg: good for you. rosanna: is she available? >> you can try it. >> thank you very much. great for having me. when we come back. the fashion designer is going to be here. she has a new book out. how you need to be perceived. and how to dress for your next enough pressure in here for ya? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine.
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welcome to "good day new york." it looks like you may have been on active duty at one point. >> very good. i am impressed. greg: i wore that uniform. >> it is vintage. i am a big believer in vintage. military. menswear. giving it to women. equal parts. it is something for the workplace. greg: i think that it looks great on you. rosanna: tell us about the book. why did you want to put this together. >> anyone who really is, perhaps, stock. large or small.
9:31 am
really taking ownership of that. once you do, once you are really conscious of every choice you are making, you will be able to design your life. the life that you want. rosanna: i talked to my daughter about this. everyone is wearing jeans and t-shirts to the office. you have to dress for success. you have to dress for your next >> absolutely. i higher all the time. i am always interviewing. look for people that participate and show up. it is a sign of respect. greg: you do not want to dress beyond where you want to be. >> i think that it is okay to look your best.
9:32 am
party for you. they would probably feel really bad because they put so much effort into creating something. >> as if you are respecting the person. it is not just about you. it is about who you are giving around. rosanna: you addressed a lot of issues. you would rather get one pair then get 10 pairs of different shoes. pair of sneakers. feeling quite uncomfortable.
9:33 am
they are quality and they last. greg: where did you grow up? >> california. >> there is a lot. you are also working on other products as well. every season, i higher in parts of the world where it is extraordinarily difficult here and i hired the same way i would higher overseas. i try to pick what they are good at. it is found through pieces of bombs that went off in vietnam. it is providing work to people that simply cannot find it.
9:34 am
work and choose a field that we love. choosing what works for you. >> it is a tough business. ups and downs. you would see like five of every size. it is a difficult business. it is a business. i work 18 hours a day most days. when you pick something that you love. >> six hours to do everything else. >> starting at 3:00 a.m., unfortunately. >> i wake up with my staff and my staff does wake up really early. if it was something i did not love, i would probably not work
9:35 am
>> i appreciate that. >> design your life through creating success through personal style. it does not have to be -- >> absolutely. that is a great uniform that she is wearing. back in the day. thank you very much. rosanna: coming up, actress
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rosanna: it is really foggy out there this morning. greg: a couple of things on our agenda today. it is fabulous. it features our new friend tracee ellis ross. where is she? >> are you going to drop names? she is coming up. that is laurence fishburne.
9:39 am
i can't tell. >> let it go. >> she is here off the set. [laughter] >> trust us. she has a big role on that show. diana ross. >> for the kids today, you never know. welcome. sorry about the introduction. it is great to have you here. >> i am like every other mom doing all of these things. >> this is a comedy based around a couple that loves each other. the subject matter of the show. the subject matter.
9:40 am
into these things happening in our world. the black family in this country today. it is how we deal with all of the stuff that comes out. >> not rolling the eyes at the husbands. >> the theme of this is not that. we are a couple that loves each other. the name of the show was blackish. >> yes. what is in our country today and how this family is dealing with it. is a great. is it cold church? how do you pass on what you want to to your children? what is important about tradition for your children? >> i know recently that you gave a talk.
9:41 am
i was not there. i am trying to interpret whether you are trying to be funny. >> i was not trying to be funny. i do not like him. rosanna: tell us about it. >> we had been working together. if you do not know him, it can be -- he had said a couple of things to me that i did not like. i will not repeat them. if you do not like them, why would you say them again? >> why would you take the role playing his wife? >> it is a wonderful role.
9:42 am
>> he is a wonderful guy. a wonderful, wonderful working relationship. how did i not like you. >> immediately. immediately when i went in for the audition it was a different relationship. >> it works on and off camera. >> we want to see you. we have a clip. >> i will be honest. they always have to bring snacks. >> this is just a tease of the episode that will air tomorrow night. they give his daughter, her name on the show is diane. she has a little documentary about the family.
9:43 am
we are both very exuberant parents around sports. it is just a fun documentary style show. >> how old were you? >> how old was i when i was born? [laughter] >> when you realize your mom was a superstar. >> more as an adult. i realized the magnitude. she paved the way. i think as a child, when you are leaving your moms job and there are lots of people banging on the limo, you get a little clue. you go to a stadium. >> we remember central park. >> i think when it started to
9:44 am
we left right as the rain started. >> we know that you are a comedian, actress, model. do you ever think about doing that? >> i do sing, yes. >> there is a big event. sky gallery. please bring us up to speed here. >> okay. special k has a wonderful new serial coming out called moorish. they have really used this idea that nourishing your body is more than just the food that you put in your mouth. women, we nourish ourselves. we sort of become these living out loud people. we have taken some beautiful pictures with photographer kate
9:45 am
redefining strong as pretty. rosanna: i like that. >> the gallery of a whole bunch of women living out loud. exemplifying what it is to be an empowered woman living inside your own skin. greg: what is happening in this picture? >> i do not know. greg: they may be eating special k. >> she took pictures of me. she is a great photographer. >> you know you like a cereal when you can't eat it without milk. rosanna: what is this? >> it was a campaign.
9:46 am
you needed a special k diet. you should think about re- cooling it and rebooting it. >> called on for a second. rosanna. >> you can nourish what is next. >> i need to nourish quietness. >> you can't eat your cereal and nurse you are quietness. >> all right. you are terrific. tracee ellis ross. 930 at night on wednesday. >> tomorrow night, here in new york, you can go to the gallery.
9:47 am
to know where that is. >> all right. thank you so much. >> i will tell her that you said hi. all rights. the shaft is here. she is wonderful. she will make something really delicious for us. greg: al caring for someone with alzheimer's means i am a lot of things. i am her best friend. i am her ally. so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while. p vo: namenda xr doesn't change how the disease progresses. p it shouldn't be taken by anyone allergic to memantine, or who's had a bad reaction
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greg: some of the best and healthiest cuisine in the world. great food. >> it is. greg: you are looking at a place ran by maria lloyd. she is amazing. she is greek. she also has a great cook look out there. welcome back to "good day new york."
9:51 am
>> it really works. okay. i figured she was doing it on her own the whole time. >> we are so happy that you are here. we we're talking a little bit about healthy eating. >> yes. of course. all the time. like pasta. pasta is greek. they took it. it was greek. >> oh, man. >> it was pasta. >> no. >> they can separate you guys.
9:52 am
what is it? >> you make it into pasta. it is very greek. >> okay. >> they use a . you can use it in your restaurant. >> it is so easy. you put onions, tomatoes. if you like garlic. >> i love that. >> this stuff can be found anywhere. you have a fact to remaking this stuff. can you buy this stuff in america? >> it will be there today.
9:53 am
going to be at? >> we were there yesterday. >> we were downstairs and just waited for you. [laughter] >> that would not have been much. >> okay. rosanna: what else? you put your own tomato sauce on. >> they buy from these.
9:54 am
9:55 am
>> we will be right i can't believe it has 40% fewer calories than butter. i can't believe it's made with real, simple ingredients. i can't believe... we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter!
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for exploring the world around you. why should snacking be any discover all nine flavors of our creamy cheese and tap into your curiosity. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking. rosanna: thank you so much for saying nice things about us on our facebook page. >> thank you. the food is delicious. >> thank you. the greek yogurt. all the delicious stuff that you can find at her restaurant.
9:57 am
lose 10 pounds and how much time? in two weeks. he will be there today. whole foods. >> beautiful. >> thank you. rosanna: have a "good day new york." we will be on our facebook page
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1.888.get.fios. switch to better. switch to fios. customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. to tell you. all due respect, have several seats. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight, no chaser. >> now, here's wendy!


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