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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 15, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> it's 10:00 p.m.. do you know where your children are? >> right now on "fox 5 news" at 10. >> while today my campaign is suspended, the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. >> marco rubio the latest casualty of campaign 2016. he is dropping out after losing his home state of florida to donald trump. it was not a complete landslide for john tonight. dari: heat lost the key state of ohio to its governor john kasich reid cherlin go joins us with the gop and democratic results. democrat hillary clinton has had a good night as did republican front-runner donald trump winning florida and north carolina and illinois in governor kasich won ohio forcing
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campaign. with republicans. we will start here with ohio. as you can see governor kasich winning their and it's a winner-take-all state. donald trump and ted cruz coming in with 36% and 14% of the vote. let's take a look at florida and as we said before donald trump winning with 45% of the vote and coming in second, 27% of the vote marco rubio and ted cruz. now let's take a look at illinois as donald trump wins again with 21% of vote, ted cruz coming in second with 13% john kasich with 11%. now let's take a look at missouri. donald trump winning there again reared its quite a race as you can see with 43% of vote ted cruz coming in second 40% of the vote in john kasich a% of the vote. also in north carolina that was in play tonight again donald
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ted cruz coming in second in john kasich with 12% of the vote. let's hear from front-runner donald trump. >> thank you very much everybody. this was an amazing evening. this was a great evening. they just announced north carolina. [applause] ii don't know know if they have announced illinois yet but we are leading by lots i think we are going to win that. florida was so amazing and i want to remind you again tonight that i will not take the low road to the highest office in the land. [applause] >> while it is not god's plan that i be present in 2016 or maybe ever and while today my campaign is suspended the fact that i have even come this far is evidence of how special america truly is. dari: time to look at results
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hillary winning big at 50% of vote in bernie sanders of course coming in second with 40% of the vote. now let's take a look at florida rate again hillary clinton winning the democratic primary in florida with 64% of the vote. bernie sanders only taking half of that with 33% of the vote and now let's take a look at illinois rate again hillary clinton winning in a tighter race there and missouri also another win for hillary clinton and a north carolina again. this time though a little bit closer race with hillary clinton taking 55% in bernie sanders taking 40% of the vote. let's hear from them. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. [applause] thank you florida, thank you north carolina, thank you all ohio. [applause]
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great and if you don't that's okay but what i do not want to see our billionaire spending unlimited sums of money, buying elections and undermining the democracy which has made our country so great. sharon: the campaign speeches tonight while hillary clinton increasing her lead in the delegate race and tonight she wins right after donald trump showing more evidence she is pivoting toward the general election. that's the latest from a very busy night. steve: thank you chair. more insight into tonight's primary results. dari: joining us is chief news anchor shepard smith. reporter: hi dari and steve. a very big night for hillary clinton. she turned this narrative tonight. hillary clinton focused all of
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no mention of bernie sanders to speak of. she's talking about how the nation needs a president who can lead and won't embarrass it. clearly speaking of donald trump directly. on the republican side in ohio this is the big news of the night. john kasich has one with pretty big numbers leading by about 80,000 in ohio. this is the one that means the republican race will go all the way to convention. john kasich is and he will stay in rate in florida donald trump is the big winner there winning by 18 percentage points. marco rubio as you mentioned shops out of the race tonight. there's no path for him at all. he may change his delegates because there's going to be a fight at the convention in cleveland in june. there's not much question about that in missouri as well and this one is very close. donald trump has a fleet that by less than 4700 votes or so in
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on the republican side tonight three big wins for donald trump, huge win for john kasich in missouri yet to be called steve and dari. steve: it will be an interesting convention. we appreciated and thanks for the insight. the entire d.c. metro system will shut down at midnight for emergency inspections and will not open again until 5:00 5:00 thursday morning. it will be business as usual did much of the federal government offices and schools will be open adding extra drivers. >> it will impact the entire metropolitan region. without metro is going to have a lot of congestion and it's going to be difficult to recognize for people to get to work and children to get to school for everyone who relies on metro. safety is paramount. steve: the decision to close metro comes after an electric cable caught fire yesterday with
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to the death of a passenger last year. dari: the cities to the subway station is falling apart. groundwater leaking into the hudson station causing stains on the ceilings and bathrooms and two escalators are out of service. the mta says the yonkers contracting company that performed the excavation and structural work on the station will have to hire a subcontractor to fix those problems and will be responsible for the cost of the repairs. thousands of new york schoolchildren may be tested for lead poisoning. the news is following the discovery of elevated levels of chemicals found in the water in 30 school buildings there. 2000 toddlers who attend early childhood centers were reportedly be tested. the remaining students will be tested at sites outside of the school. students are now being given bottled water which is also being used for cooking in the school cafeteria. steve: how this young woman has overcome the odds to inspire
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would never walk again. dari: new information on the night found it o.j. simpson's former estate and this. indiana jones is back but is harrison ford still right for the role? the on line backlash over his
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dari: a federal judge has thrown out the death penalty sentence for a man who two nypd officers. he murdered undercover detective james moran and rodney andrews in the gun sting operation went bad. the officers were shot point-blank execution style. two juries sentence wilson to die for the killings in 2003. that's when it happened.
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executed because he meets the legal standard to be considered intellectually stable. he will spend the rest of his life in prison. steve: lapd said no dna found on knife edge -- the knife is still in the process of being tested. the emergence of the knife fueled speculation was connected to the fatal stabbings of simpsons ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. he was acquitted that later found liable. good news for the first time the nfl official has admitted that branded cctv can be linked to bring football. jeff miller acknowledging the link during a roundtable in washington. cte is a degenerative brain disorder caused by repeated blows to the head prior symptoms can include memory loss depression and dementia. he also has long tonight true for the direct connection between playing football and cte.
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furious. they are only finding out now. here's linda schmidt. >> with that want her children to feel them as you can represent to me that you have them saved. parents and staff at the-o-meter school in long island had strong words for the state department of temperamental conservation of meeting tonight. the state has known for decades that property across the street from the school is contaminated with potentially cancer-causing chemicals from prior industries that operated businesses at the location. currently a costume company occupies the -- occupies a company that did not use the chemicals. the state laid out its plan to clean up site but the parents the school and neighborhood say they never even knew the property was on the state registry of hazardous sites. >> these issues took place back in the 70s and 80s. the fact we are finding out
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report of the state tecd said the contamination is limited to the industrial site in the school and never had are more than likely not at risk. >> the risk is minimal and that's where we are working to clean up groundwater so the risk continues to diminish over time. reporter: school officials are not satisfied and planned to do their own testing. >> my fears if we rely on the state we would be losing a great deal of time and the safety for kids is more important. reporter: to make matters worse a school superintendent and parents say that the ecb ec that were notified anyone that the school or the community that the meeting tonight. they found out about it from reading a small article in the newspaper. >> the bottom line is they don't want us here. they wanted to keep a secret. >> at the ec wants to make sure everyone understands and they want to be clear about this it
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industrial site that's contaminated and that has nothing whatsoever to do with the public drinking water here in jericho. jericho long island linda schmidt "fox 5 news." >> mother teresa will be made a saint later this year. pope francis had her canonization date for december 4. the nun who dedicated her life to help the poor and sick in india will be to clear the saint after recognize in a second miracle achieved to her preachy was beatified by pope john paul ii in 2003. dari: you are about to meet a young woman overcoming incredible odds. steve: doctors thought she would be in a wheelchair her entire life but stacy is here with her inspiring story.
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>> i have cerebral palsy. reporter: that doesn't stop her. >> everything that is done by the norm i just converted to my way. reporter: julie has been carving her own path and she was a little girl. >> six months of age and she wasn't doing what most children did did a six months. today that's when her parents brought her to see a physical therapist. >> her muscles were very stiff and weak. >> when i was younger doctors told me i would never be able to walk and i would be wheelchair bound for the rest of my life and not to be helpful.
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and give up hope and travel to poland for extensive therapy. >> it's a six-day week program for four weeks from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and it's tiring on the children but it got julia from being wheelchair bound to being able to walk with crutches. reporter: julie is still works hard to she meets the doctor ultrabook times a week hoping to strengthen her muscles but behind the struggle and the smiles there are times when this 21-year-old wonders about her future. >> lots of people want to get married and have a family and i think maybe with my disability in my situation that may not happen. it could but i don't want to say oh yeah it definitely will when i'd surely feel maybe it won't, you know what i mean? i feel like if i didn't have my
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would be different. reporter: but you do such a good job. you really do. i feel like it does what you want you will get it. >> every time i want something i make sure i get it. reporter: julia is a senior at st. francis college and will graduate in may with a degree in communications. this past summer she interned here at fox 5. now she has her own dreams of getting in front of the camera. >> it's made me feel more confident myself in believing being a reporter on tv connects a happen. reporter: julia is reporting for her college tv station and just as she said when she puts her mind to something she gets it. >> anybody knows julia, they just know someday she's going somewhere.
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reporter: where do you see yourself in 10 years? >> in 10 years i see myself doing what i love and that's being on tv and reporting. i also want to be an inspiration for everybody around me no matter what it is they're going through and also showed dreams do come true. my dream come true and so can yours. don't let anything will be back here report to julia julia mohney reporting. thank you liz dahlem. while the king of pop is still very much alive. dari: michael jackson is still raking in more cash than ever.
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dari: selena gomez has surpassed taylor swift has become the most followed on instagram to the singer has $69.6 million compared to taylor swift 69.3 million. gomez rakes in 1.5 million lakes this week for her video. that's however hotshots of her fabulous life that everybody wants. that's a become instagram queen. at steve lacey at dari
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steve: 800 million bucks is how much michael jackson's estate is expected to rake in each ear. dari: how the king king of pop still roles in the money. reporter: michael jackson's raking in more money than any musician in history. nearly seven years after his death presented just purchased the jackson estates remaining music publishing catalog. >> he was ahead of the curve and now this is they will be richer to the tune of $750 million. reporter: he is retracing jackson's business moves that are paying off years later. a call comes down to publishing rights. >> a publishing right has the right to collect on the song that gets used in the film or tv show. when the beatles lost their publishing rights in the 60s
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may have cost him a friendship with paul mccartney. >> that catalog which caused a permanent rift in their relationship jackson purchased to share the catalog in 1985 for nearly $42 million. it also includes publishing rights to music from bob dylan, m&m and taylor swift. >> by the 80s the primary source of income with sales and if anything putting music in tv spots and films. reporter: despite michael michael jackson's force that he accrued hundreds of millions in death by the time of his death. his family has been able to offset that debt through new ventures and big deals like this one.
10:25 pm
michael jackson could make $800 million this year more than the combined total of the top eight earning artists of last year. the money will likely benefit his mother katherine and three children pairs then send blanket. advisory and musicians don't like go publishing rights not matter how much money is on the table. simone boyce for "fox 5 news." >> by those beatles songs. dari: it's getting harder to find affordable grocery stores in our area. the high-flying real estate market is finding harder to find places to buy food. >> opera houbara bring your dog out to dinner. the new rules for outdoor dining
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put more fun in your day with ice-cream-flavored coffees at dunkin' donuts. go for delicious flavors like butter pecan, cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. dari: are supermarkets going away in new york city? more and more grocery store surpassed the five boroughs seem to be closing up shop and that means some people and some neighbors who might be able to afford laces to buy groceries. steve: jennifer loppers takes a look.
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in this personal neighborhood for 40 years that this key foods is the only affordable grocery store around. >> their large families hear people on fixed income older people, people who get food stamps stamps. reporter: stamps. reporter: there are plans to tear down our places of the condo tower. >> the committee needs this. this is the only supermarket in the community. reporter: after thousands of residents petitioned the developer said it would work on a compromise. >> when they first came they had no supermarket. they were just going to have pat housing and retail. then they came back with a tiny market and in the community said no we need a real supermarket. reporter: it's not just park slope, this map points to a dozen shopping markets that are enjoyable or have shuttered. changeover but affordable
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york city sometimes for different factors, consolidation, rent increases and in some cases yes luxury high-rise towers. even pricey neighborhoods are not immune. there was this rally in chelsea scheduled to close in may after the building's landlord tripled the rent. >> i implore you to urge the company to keep the supermarket open. >> jack moore said losing -- rising costs and rent make it impossible for the affordable grocery store to stay afloat to that's why he says now it's up to the politicians. >> handing over the keys to a development company they will do whatever they want so i think it has to come from the political level because it's not going to come in the business side. reporter: in park slope jennifer lahmers "fox 5 news." dari: the city's homeless shelters are getting an overall pick the nypd is coming into organized procedures and retrain
10:31 pm
that follows a number of violent crimes that led to a 90-day review of the system. it will take about six months for the nypd to devise a curriculum. >> part of a retraining program is going to be de-escalation and crisis intervention training that we spoke about within the pd, we are going to be giving the peace officers from dhs that trading. dari: the city will it reestablish a domestic violence program in homeless shelters. steve: two nypd officers being called heroes for for rescuing kids trapped inside of a suitcase. a parking lot after a woman called 9117 kittens a week or two old profound, six of them are still alive. they were taken to the spca where they are being cared for to try to figure out who did this in the first place. thank you to those officers, good work there.
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pet owners can legally bring their dogs to the outdoor dining section of any restaurant that will allow it. reports of the new new york department of health. dog owners upon and made it easier for your four-legged friends to join you when you sit down for a meal in many of the city's restaurants. the next time you're out for a bite your furry friend may be able to take along to the new york health department lax rules that requires restaurants to check a dog's license of vaccination records if a person rather pop in for some chow. instead of requiring waitstaff to inspect the health history participating restaurants need to post a warning sign that dogs must be licensed and vaccinated against rabies. democratic is family woman linda rosenthal sponsored the dining with dog bill. people consider the dog another member of the family so rather than leave their animals at home when i go out for stay home and decide not to die now because
10:33 pm
with them i think it's a win-win for the restaurant and people and their dogs. reporter: the barking dog is a long time supporter of david dunning. it comes complete with trees and a dog bar. the waiter say the dogs and their people make great customers. >> a lot of people bring their dogs better like their family. the k-9 diners we talked about the new rules. >> you don't have to like you said okay can he be here and he doesn't need to be outside three he can be with us and hang out. all that hanging out sure to be a nice treat for man's best friend. "fox 5 news." steve: another grocery store getting called up for an necessary packaging this time over in avacado.
10:34 pm
selling a pre-cut off a cotto wrapped in plastic and cardboard questioning all that packaging led to plenty of negative comments in the company defended the thing it's year toward new avacado. dari: and almost 80-year-old indiana jones. steve: what fans are saying about the aging harrison ford stepping back into the role of superhero. dari: who needs to pay six figures for a self driving car? there is a more affordable one. steve: check out fox5ny weather app to help the track storms track weather headlines storm alerts. search a fox 5 weather alert
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reporter: american workers are wasting away on the roadway. in a report showing the average commuter spends nearly 50 hours in traffic and that was last year. drivers in los angeles patmore patients. motors motor or spend an average of 81 hours in traffic.
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runners retail sales dropping. sales rising for restaurants in building suppliers and sporting goods stores. with tax beat a month away alaska getting named the state with the lowest tax rates looking at taxes on everything from income sales real estate to vehicles and in case you were wondering illinois had the highest overall. who manages their money better, men or women? a new study finding ladies have higher credit scores less fewer late payments. just what my wife needed to hear. that's business i'm neil cavuto. dari: a paper wanted to have a self driving carpet didn't think you could afford it on the just rolled out one that's going to cost less than 25,000 bucks. the honda accord is equipped with sensors technology that will let the car no one needs to break, slow down and speed up with the flow of traffic.
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traveling faster than 45 miles north an hour for the technology allows consumers to imagine a future where every vehicle can drive itself. steve: in 1961 furry to 50 gc is just like the one in "ferris bueller's day off." if you're wondering where you came pick one up its sold for $17 million that was used in the old film one of 37 ever bilton country. last year's ferrari sold for more than $18 million. he was a good weekend for classic cars. dari: here at pratt han solo back to the big screen. he already brought han solo back to the screen. steve: not everyone is buying into him getting back into this role. the college wrestling champ that
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steve: this makes me feel old.
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the lost ark harrison for ready to take on a new role. dari: that has fans scratching their heads about whether or not ford is too old to be dusting off the fedora and that way. mac king has the reaction. roger ebert described indiana jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull with a question and answer. if you eat four pounds pounds of sausage how do you choose which pound taste the best? the first one of course and then there's a steady drop-off of interest. >> you have an 80-year-old indiana jones and the idea seems wacky. >> indiana jones expert ivan prail working on three things you want to see the movie story and pondering the viability and
10:44 pm
>> a lot of fans want to see harrison ford in the role. the fans and comedians on twitter tuesday wanted to ask anybody's age is hashtag new indiana jones titles. >> is a lot of the stalls are going around hollywood and when the announcement came today of i wasn't that surprised. reporter: whether or if the saucer leisure hollywood plans to bring indiana jones for the summer of 2016. as in every movie that franchise says we can expect forgotten artifacts with supernatural powers to fall into the hands of an authoritarian regime. and aging albeit familiar hero like we had to put that bit duplicitous damsel for future installments period king "fox 5 news."
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dari: we figured out the plot. nick: he will be the sean connery. steve: he can can handle it. nick: it's been up and down. we bumped up this evening for a brief moment to that is above average never tie around 50 so we will take that to me will stay above average for the next couple of days. won't be the previous days and tomorrow we will see a decent warning in the early part of its name. 44 day bit above average, 14 on this date in 1993 so they can still get quite cold this time of year. the the anniversary date when we
10:46 pm
1993. 52 now humidity 71%. it's clear that we have scattered clouds surrounding us in the wind is calm and will stay that way tonight. as we check out what's going on with "fox 5 sky guardian" we are in good shape for tonight and the next chance of showers late tomorrow afternoon into late afternoon across the western suburbs and most of the area will see showers. 61 behind poughkeepsie and 50's everywhere else 59 sussex islip 47 the coolest spot on the eastern end of long island in the right now not too bad, and the upper 40s. islip to bridgeport back at 53 to the hudson valley and sussex at 47, 53 newark and 40s on the jersey shore. the temperature gains are five to 12 degrees from this time last night. the wind has gotten calm and it will stay that way tonight
10:47 pm
southeast and by the time we get towards late morning it will hold the the temperature up in lent and keep the cooler on the coast tomorrow with 50's and breaking 60 and certainly the low 60s as you get away from the coast tomorrow. 51 in albany, so not too bad cooler in buffalo 41, 49 in philly and 56 in washington d.c.. where did that come from? looks -- let's look at our day planner. 48 to 50/50 degrees upper 30s in the suburbs 56 middle of the day sun and clouds. starting to see more clouds appear at that point and the risk of a shower maybe not as early as 3:00 p.m. the city, that could be more weather cam by evening showers. a high of 62 so not a bad. futurecast a little break in the action with the sun breaking
10:48 pm
showers. thursday starts out dry but more clouds than sun thursday sitting in the great lakes area. not a lot -- another round of showers thursday afternoon thursday night and that sticks around to bring more showers on friday. temperature up or 50's to 60 tomorrow cooler along the coast. 60 or greater on thursday and cooler along the coast. let's look at our forecast and i clouds 48 in town in the 30s to lower 40s northwest. tomorrow showers mid-to late afternoon and cooler. 62 thursday more clouds than sun showers in the afternoon into thursday night in lingering friday that friday we dropped to 53. saturday the coolest day at 47. this storm will be off the coast the question is where the storms
10:49 pm
rain sunday afternoon to monday morning. one computer model is trying to push the snow threat on us. steve: thank you nick. dari: tonight i was the emcee host of the wonderful gala in woodhouse. it's a 186 year old charity. they provide amazing services for pregnant teens and at rescue of and this was a wonderful night. and so thankful to everyone for having me there. there were three young ladies who are honored that were incredibly impressive. the things that people come back from. steve: a great group. russ is next was sports. >> i am a ines rosales. the major -- construction going
10:50 pm
until 3:00 p.m.. tune into "good day new york" study of 4:30 in the morning and i will keep you updated on your
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russ. russ: how are you doing everyone? march madness officially started with one of our locals what's in the tournament. dickinson taken the eagles at florida gulf coast. a meeting with the top-seeded north carolina tar heels in thursday's onto the hardwood we go. dayton ohio for the lights went out early. first half from the corner makes the rainbow connection for the deuce florida gulf coast holding a commanding 40 the 19 lead to in the second half it didn't get better for the knights. your final score in dayton florida gulf coast 96, dickinson 65 in the game going on as we speak. it's a good one at the half wichita state tied early in the
10:55 pm
in other college basketball business in case you are unaware the university of louisville is under investigation over allegations that recruits parties inside an on-campus dorm where strippers dancer prostitutes were paid to have sex with them pay the money was arranged to be supplied by the former director of basketball operations andre mcgee. as for louisville's head coach louis pitino he'll be interviewed by the ncaa in a property claims he didn't know anything about these allegations but he does say andre mcgee's sole responsibility was to make sure the kids got to school on time and made sure they got up in the morning. he says and i quote if i could get andre mcgee in the room for 10 minutes i would say to him why would you do this? what purpose did it serve? we didn't need this to get recruits. i don't know if any of these allegations are true or not but i know that all these major
10:56 pm
programs come you can't for lack of a better term pass gas without the head coach doing about it. that said brick pinellas the king of the weasels and that this happened under his watch the king has to be dethroned are replicated. he's got to go. steve:. russ: it's a joke. when they go to the pros they take a pay cut. dari: one college wrestling champ says he has something in common with donald trump with the secret to his success is his hair. university of iowa wrestler sammy rooks of winning over the weekend when they came to the post match interview he credited the win to his mullet. >> i think fans have responded well to a good haircut so that's what i was working on. making sure i have fluffed and feathered the right way and i
10:57 pm
steve: you can watch interview. it's like okay all right i'll continue on. he goes on to say you can't grow a green mullet in a day and you can't win the big 10 mullet -- title in the day. dari: he's media savvy. very smart. steve: all right, good night. "fox 5 news" isn't over but if you want to connect to great stories and imagine your body being buried while you're still in it. imagine the horror. you'd struggle, but struggling only makes it worse. imagine your whole life reduced to thinking about your next breath. eventually you'd welcome death, but an emphysema sufferer can go on living like this for years. if you smoke, death could be
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