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tv   Good Day Early Call  FOX  March 16, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day early call". juliet: we are talking donald trump and john kasich head to head in ohio, they both have big wins in the republican primaries. it is the end of the road for marco rubio. >> hillary clinton has a pretty big night, she easily be bernie sanders, too quote to call for both parties. juliet: in north korea a student sentenced to 13 years of hard
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banner on a tour group. the kid broke down and cried. i hope the state department can do something. it was a propaganda banner. nothing that warrants 15 years prison. it is wednesday morning, march 16th, i am ben simoneau. i explained how this happened to everybody here, it is not true. juliet: calling me horrible
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used to be so sweet. there you go. >> meteorologist: let's show you what we have, as far as high-temperatures, we managed to get to 57 , central park, newark, 54 in bellmawr, same in islip, 47 in montauk, that is the general trend, right now 50 in central park as well as poughkeepsie, 42 in sussex, 46 in bridgeport, wents are coming in more so from the northeast but they will switch to the south eventually, letting us warm up even more. we have less cloud cover, the drizzle came to a end, i don't think the drizzle is a problem. showers not much of anything going on. a clear sky to the south, more sunshine for the early part of the day. shower chances increase late today, more like tonight as far
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58 by midday, 64 for the ride home and shower chances in the evening and overnight hours, fairly small shower chances the next several days. let's get you to in his rosella's. ben: 78 and 287 in bridgewater. a live look at fdr drive, 79th st. you are fine. as for the trains, metro-north, new jersey transit and pass trains a good start. juliet: the republican race getting interesting. donald trump knocked out marco
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marco rubio. for both republicans and democrats, hillary clinton had a big night. robert moses has the details in re-change let's sum up each candidate's nights in case you went to bed early, trump huge, clinton triumphant, sanders disappointing, ted cruz competitive, marco rubio out. donald trump continued his quest for the nomination with wins in florida, illinois and north carolina, leads ted cruz in missouri, donald trump seemed puzzled that despite recent negative ads he is the unquestioned front runner. >> explain it to me. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. >> he won -- his most resounding victory in florida, beating
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to drop out. >> it is clear that while we are on the right side this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich was on the winning side in his home state of ohio beating trump carefully and took all of the state's 66 delegates. this win is significant because it allows him to justify staying in the race and makes it difficult for trump to secure all the delegates to receive the nomination before the convention. >> i have to thank the people of ohio. i love you. >> ted cruz despite john kasich's win, only two people have a plausible shot at the nomination. >> america has a clear choice going forward. >> hillary clinton cemented her
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illinois, north carolina and ohio. clinton leads narrowly in missouri. she sounded like a candidate who has turned her attention to donald trump. >> call for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. night for sanders who could not michigan. still he sounded upbeat. >> we are doing something radical in american politics. we are telling the truth. >> we mentioned missouri. it is too close to call for democrats and republicans. if any candidates are declared winners in missouri we will let you know. that is the latest from the newsroom.
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chris christie is responding to criticism that he is spending too much time out of state and on the campaign trail. juliet: new jersey in an uproar about this. ben: whether you voted for the man people are upset about this. juliet: he dropped out of the race but he was in florida monday as we all know campaigning for donald trump. he did not attend the funeral of he did not attend the funeral of a new jersey state trooper hit and killed by a car last week. sean:was the third police funeral in a row that he missed. >> well before i was invited to come monday and campaign with donald trump we decided she was going to attend the funeral monday. even if i decided to remain in the state i would not have attended the funeral, the lieutenant governor would have. juliet: a lot of new jersey
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soundbite they were like please. ben: it is the optics of this, you are out of state doing political business when you have a full-time job in new jersey. juliet: he was on the phone three times talking new jersey business, you are being paid for a full day. the head of the fraternal association said his decisionmaking is predicated on selfish political opportunism. jersey's mayor started an online petition calling for chris christie to resign. ben: north korea's highest court sentenced an american tourist to 15 years hard labor in prison. he was detained in january for trying to steal a banner bearing a propaganda slogan from a hotel in pyongyang. the 21-year-old was the end of a 5-day group tour of north korea
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the student confessed and issued a public apology but it was not enough to spare him from the lengthy punishment. tourism to north korea is legal but this is why the state department highly advises against it. juliet: that is really horrific. lawyers for peter lang are trying to overturn his manslaughter conviction. he was convicted in the shooting death of a house two years ago. his motion cites trial testimony that officers were fed answers to cpr exams. that testimony has been shown to be true after the recent investigation that stripped a cpr instructor of her badge. the prosecution's theory that officer liang was carefully trained, and this would be punishing him for something he was not trained to do. he is facing 15 years behind bars. ben: imagine new york city
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washington dc is bracing for that after the metro system was shut down for emergency safety inspection. the decision to close the second busiest subway system after new york comes after an electric cable caught fire monday, the same type of malfunction that led to the death of a passenger last year. the system will not open again until at least 5:00 tomorrow morning and commuters are facing a soul sucking commute. >> i am surprised to hear about the shutdown, especially that they decided to do it on a wednesday when thousands of people are commuting from work. >> safety is paramount and we need to get to the bottom of this. ben: it will be business as usual. federal government is open, schools are open as well. the fed said workers have the
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juliet: give us more notice. the brand-new hudson yard subway station has only been open a few months but it is plagued with problems. groundwater is leaking into the $2.4 billion station causing stains in the ceiling and bathroom and putting two escalators out of service. the yonkers contract company that formed the excavation and structural work on the station will hire subcontractors to fix those problems and they will foot the bill for the repairs. ben: it was only $2 billion. you want it to be perfect? juliet: that is crazy. still ahead on "good day early call," mild temperatures, maybe in the 60s today. mike has the complete forecast.
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>> meteorologist: high-temperature comparison, show you where we are today and where we could be. 62 is the forecast high above normal by 12 , normal high is 50, 82 is the record high set in 1990, looks pretty warm but not that warm, 50 at central park, clear sky, winds out of the
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considering we are still technically in winter. 47 in albany. a mixed sky around the northeast region. we have more clouds to the north but mainly low clouds, not the rainmakers. pushing into the tri-state region as we head into the day, once the sun comes up at 7:00 or so we are going to see some sunshine, high-pressure building in, not much rain bringing us anything as far as wet weather is concerned until later tonight. the area of low pressure to the west will lift through with the warm front and cold front, bringing a few scattered showers into tonight but it doesn't look like a lot of rain, just a few
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impact and there will be another opportunity for showers as we disturbance swings by thursday into friday. cold front pressing through and temperatures fall down after thursday into friday so we have cooler temperatures. shower chances don't pick up this evening into tonight. . 64 for a high, afternoon showers possible as fronts approach thursday into friday and temperatures come down to 53 which is still above normal and cooler as we head into saturday those days are cooler than normal. this is the first day of spring going into sunday.
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let's bring in in ases. sapna: ines: the bronx river parkway, on the parkway, let's go to cameras and look at long island expressway, a few cars westbound and eastbound, you are fine. lincoln tunnel very quiet. no delays, same for the holland and george washington bridge. ben: smooth sailing. the city of newark will test 17,000 schoolchildren for lead poisoning following the discovery of elevated levels of the poisonous element in the water at 30 school buildings. 2,000 toddlers who attend early childhood centers will be first tested, they are the most susceptible, the remaining students will be tested at sites outside schools, students are being given bottled water which
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cafeterias. ben: let's talk about this with curtis sliwa of "the curtis and kuby show". someone saved up to watch you and went to sleep. >> i am a dream come through. please, don't turn her -- we like her. ben: let's talk about politics. hillary clinton had a pretty "good day". i know you don't want to hear that. she is looking like the nominee for the democrats. on the republican side trump looks unstoppable. >> i don't know about that. ben: the state's governor in ohio -- juliet: cleveland will be interesting. will the republicans shake it up?
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of the race, the other two, ted cruz gave a pretty tight race in north carolina. i would suggest we have a race, a democrat slam jam thank you ma'am, stuck with hillary, bernie gave us a great run but he was a dollar short and a days late yesterday. ben: you don't seem to like anybody because you don't like anything ever. you say you are not satisfied with hillary is the democratic nominee. looks like it will be donald trump or ted cruz and you have said negative things about them. who would you vote for? >> i would have to be a holy roller. donald trump flips his script every day, hillary, the most unacceptable of all. i could not vote for hillary clinton and i probably would vote for the republican other than an independent, holding my
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donald trump or holy jesus ted cruz. juliet: nothing pleasant to say about your mayor comrade bill diblasio. let's talk about the fact the survey came out surveying the police force of new york city and the majority of them, 90% do not look at him favorably, the mayor. he reacts in a way that is basically i don't know what you are talking about. >> as if he had just spoken on the back steps of gracie mansion. by the way i address that. if you didn't see it yesterday, the op-ed piece in the new york times. juliet: this was inspired -- >> brought to my attention the initial statements. ben: you didn't hear anything
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>> she put me on point. the mayor said in spite of all the flashings and stabbings if you are a new yorker you should be relieved because those rates are down. all those people with the mark of the beast on them, to dismiss the pba which bill diblasio did suggested how do we know which police officers it was? do you think police officers like you? are you quick to forget they turned their backs on you at the funeral for the execution of the two police officers? when in memory has that happens? never! ben: this is a public safety issue they have been sluggish on. there were shootings last year, the homeless issue and the
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but it takes a while. >> deny, ignore, delay is the mentality of bill diblasio and his second time around police commissioner, social worker bill bratton. juliet: you forgot blame. got to go. dickinson comes up short, the first round of march madness, duke is back. i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. twe talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . r xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce r the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. p xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke r in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. r for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, t there is limited information on how t xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke.
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ben: time for sports. duke: this game was pretty undecided. florida gulf coast university's first ncaa appearance in 2013. remember that team? they are trying to keep it close. anderson buries a three pointer at the top. demetrius gets the feed down low. 96-65, number one seed north carolina, now the close, nets taking on the second quarter.
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is looking good. later, brown, the transition layoff and nice passing, and 20, age of 20, the most in 2003. 44 points, brooklyn wins big 131-14. the coaching situation, the new york post reports jackson is too old for the job. doesn't want him coaching home games. anthony is not overly enthusiastic. there is this report on home
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a lot of sense. the warriors tonight, the rangers on the west coast playing a game against anaheim. islanders in pittsburgh, the rebound on the doorstep, the goal is 19 tied at one. to the shoot out. the top shelf, john morris has the start. the islanders are tied with injuries. rangers, one more win. the team placed the shortstop on waivers and the report says cutting him 15 days before opening day means they only pay $5000 and a premium salary, 26-year-old spent half of the season with the deal.
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ben: "good day" wake-up is >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: the man formerly known as ben is with us today. ben: you have given me a lot of nicknames. of the 15 temperatures are going to get to the 60s was a little rain. mike has the forecast. ben: big night for donald trump and john kasich but not a great night for marco rubio. his campaign is finished after a disappointing distant second place in florida. juliet: hillary clinton comes up big against bernie sanders but one state is too close to call


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