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tv   Good Day Wake Up  FOX  March 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ben: "good day" wake-up is >> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". juliet: the man formerly known as ben is with us today. ben: you have given me a lot of nicknames. of the 15 temperatures are going to get to the 60s was a little rain. mike has the forecast. ben: big night for donald trump and john kasich but not a great night for marco rubio. his campaign is finished after a disappointing distant second place in florida. juliet: hillary clinton comes up big against bernie sanders but one state is too close to call
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ben: the lead story is breaking, public officials making plans to test thousands of students, details come and get. we 15 i am juliet huddy. ben: i am been simoneau. thank you for being with us. let's check the forecast. juliet: it doesn't say i am -- as you sent out in your email to my colleagues and my boss. ben: you send me an email referring to you as that. ben: he just sends emails not knowing he called me that. >> meteorologist: i wouldn't juliet: you didn't see the word
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he might have noticed. >> meteorologist: i will try but you are on the hook. 49 is your current temperature at central park. a little bit cooler but pretty mild, 49 central park. newark, 45 in montauk. winds on the light and variable all over the place in the tri-state. we had a lot of low clouds and drizzle, light rain was pulling away. now the rain is done. even the drizzle is done. cloudiness in the area, we will see more sunshine and warmer temperatures. not too worried about what is coming through right now. tomorrow there will be interesting things, this warm front will come through bringing a small chance of showers and a cold front follows with a chance of showers and storms. today you will see a partly cloudy sky, high temperature 62.
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chances pickup later in the day. high temperature 64 on st. patrick's day. a little cooler the next day, high of 53, showers in the area and then it is all done, dryer cooler weather for the upcoming weekend as spring changes over sunday morning. let's see what we have with in es. sapna: all green on our maps, same for new jersey and essex county. let's look at the long island expressway by the cross island parkway westbound from nassau county. the vanwyk through the q gardens interchange no problems in either direction. gwb moving fine as well as the trains. juliet: thank you very much. the republican race will go down
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kasich came up big and hillary clinton could not be stopped although one state is too close to call. robert moses joins us with a recap of primary action. ernie: this was a do or die night, john kasich stayed alive, marco rubio did not. for hillary clinton and donald trump this was another chance to take a victory lap. donald trump continued his quest for the nomination with wins in florida, illinois and north missouri. trump seemed puzzled that front runner. >> can you explain it to me? i can't. my numbers went up. victory in florida, forcing him to drop out. >> it is clear that while we are
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will not be on the winning side. >> john kasich was on the winning side at least in his home state of ohio beating trump comfortably and took all of the states delegates. his win is significant for two reasons. it is allows him to justify staying in the race and makes it difficult for trump to secure the delegates needed for the nomination before the convention. >> i thank the people of ohio. i love you. >> ted cruz said despite john kasich's when only twee to people, ted cruz and donald trump, have a shot at the nomination. >> america has a clear choice going forward. >> hillary clinton cemented her front runner status beating bernie sanders in florida, illinois, north carolina and ohio. clinton leads sanders narrowly in missouri.
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has turned her attention to donald trump. >> a candidate for president called for rounding up 12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> it was a disappointing night for sanders who could not replicate his miraculous win last week in michigan but he sounded upbeat. >> we are doing something very radical in american politics. we are telling the truth. >> missouri is too close to call for democrats and republicans. clinton and trump are leading in their respective races but it is too close to call. if there is any winner declared, we will let you know. ben: more politics, chris christie responding to criticism that he is spending too much time out of state and on the
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juliet: do you like his response? he was still on the campaign trail in florida for donald trump and did not attend the funeral of a new jersey state trooper hit and killed by a car last week. this was the third police funeral in a row that chris christie missed. >> last week before i was invited to come on monday and campaign with donald trump, the lieutenant governor and i decided she was going to attend the funeral monday. even if i decided to remain in the state i would not have attended the funeral, the lieutenant governor would have. juliet: this is one of many examples of chris christie not being governor, being mia. the head of the paternal association said this decision is predicated on selfish political opportunism. jersey city mayor started an online petition calling for chris christie to resign. ben: officials in newark will reveal their plan for testing 17,000 children for lead
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juliet: high levels of lead were found in school buildings. teresa pre-always live with that story. saying this but it seems by lead in the water problem in newark is worse than originally they will begin to test 2,000 kids age numb one to 6. this has a lot of parents very concerned. in newark, information is a slow drip. resident are wondering if their children are safe to drink the water in the city. their concerns compounded by this message from the mayor who attempted to assuage fears in his state of the city address. >> student health is in jeopardy. there is nothing wrong with our water but there is something
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re-change that infrastructure at the center of massive lead testing to occur in the school district's water supply. the health department and state department of environmental protection will test 17,000 students starting with 2,000 children ages numb one through 6. they will start with the youngest because they are the most vulnerable. studies have shown lead can seriously affect the developing brain. unusually high levels of lead were found in half of the district's schools. of normal lead levels are 15 b, some schools registered at 558 ppb. kids have been exposed to lead. the teachers union released these photos yesterday showing expired lead filters and at least we 10 schools. currently all sinks and drinking fountains have been shut off.
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water until the problem is remedied. so much water that has been donated was donated by coca-cola and shop right and a lot of food banks but also a lot of it has come from new yorkers who are concerned about the future of these children. ben: thanks very much. and elementary school on long island is sitting across from a toxic waste site for decades. school officials and parents are just finding out about that. the department of environmental the site in jericho. a costume company does not use the cancer-causing chemicals left over from a prior business at that location. the state tec says only the ground water is contaminated, not the public drinking water. parents are not happy they were not notified sooner. >> we don't want our children on that field unless you can
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them and they are safe. ben: the in contamination is limited to the industrial site. the school and neighborhood are more than likely not at risk. it is not definitive. school officials are not satisfied. they plan to do their own testing. much more still to come. we will go live to virginia as commuters figure out how to get to work in dc. imagine no subway. juliet: the entire metro system is shut down and negative be back up until tomorrow morning. we will get 60s today. >> meteorologist: here is where we start. 49 , chances are pretty good. southern clouds come in, more sunshine than anything, clouds later in the day, mild temperatures and the possibility
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ben: a tornado touched down in illinois hitting good suba hope.
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a swath of central and lower was under a tornado watch. many voters were heading to the polls for the illinois primary. tornadoes were reported yesterday in arkansas. juliet: let's get to mike for a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: the weather is a lot quieter. we are not far from spring, what is known as the vernal equinox. four days until that, the official flip over to spring and hopefully we will get springlike weather but it will be a little cooler than we have now. it is 49 central park, mainly clear sky, humidity 77%, winds calm in central park, winss light and variable in the tri-state region. all these temperatures at or above normal. 31 in boston, 44 in williamsport, pittsburgh 50 ,
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and beyond. to the west, looking into the south, indication of what is to come. clear skies to the south encouraging. we will see more sunshine as we get into the day but eventually the warm front gets closer as does the cold front and that will bring shower chances. the warm front tries to drag through here and that could bring a few scattered showers this evening and the actual cold front forcing its way through thursday. a possibility of showers and storms, almost a 1-to punch but we just have to watch for stronger storms to get going. it is not incredibly threatening but there is a threat out there mainly thursday. today you will see not much happening, mainly clear in the
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temperature 62, shower chances picking up this evening. a lot of the rain is to the northwest. tomorrow we make it to 64. the front passing by thursday into friday and that should give us scattered showers and wet weather and more to come. you are set to go. let's bring in in as. >> no issues, in queens, the lie doing well, no problems with the frogs neck bridge. on the staten island expressway things doing fine by victory boulevard eastbound and westbound. into the city, a look at the lincoln tunnel inbound, no issues, same for the holland and gwb. ben: imagine this morning's
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that is what is happening in washington dc. juliet: the dc area bracing for the metro system to be shut down for emergency safety inspection. they didn't know about this until a couple days ago. there was not a lot of preparation. anna is our affiliate in washington, joins us from virginia with more. re-change this is an unprecedented move by metro. it is necessary according to metro's general manager, the safety of its riders is paramount. they will be spending the day
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700,000 people ride metro every day. 91 stations closed at midnight. it will remain closed until 5 am thursday but they have bus service available to riders so the gaetz just opened here but riders will be greeted with a sign that says closed. no doubt this emergency shutdown will be felt across the area. more clouds onto the road and more people piling onto buses, 400,000 people take metro bus every day. a lot of us anticipating some overloaded buses, many of them driving to work. this is causing a lot of reaction from local leaders. >> reporter: >> i am surprised to hear about the shutdown, especially they
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when thousands of people are commuting from work. >> safety is paramount. we need to get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: we are talking 91 stations, six lines shut down until 5 am thursday to inspect those cable lines. if they find a problem, the specific station might be closed even longer causing further disruption. it is one of those days we have to pull together and get through this together. juliet: hopefully it doesn't last much longer. thanks very much. you are from northern virginia, thanks. i used to take that metro all the time going from there to
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crane regulations put into place after last month's deadly crane collapse. the agency said any crawler crane required by its manufacturer shutdown, 20 mph, will be barred from city streets. a licensed engineer must be present during any operation rated for wind speeds under 38 mph and all types of cranes shut down when the wind exceeds 30 mph or forecast to do so. juliet: north korea's highest court sentence and american tourists to 15 years hard labor and prison. this guy is 21 years old, university of virginia student detained by officials in january. in north korea, pyongyang, for trying to steal a banner bearing a propaganda slogan. it was hanging in his hotel. he was at the end of a five day group tour of north korea when
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subversion. the student confessed, issued a public apology for his actions, but it was not enough to spare him from the lengthy punishment. it was only an hour trial. north korea tourism is legal. ben: a sham trial. juliet: being a tourist in north korea is not the best or safest situation. the state department highly advises against going and trying to check the country out. ben: it is fascinating to a lot
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juliet: a lot come inc. up. look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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ben: big change coming to instagram. it will show the most recent posts first, in order of relevance. how do you decide relevance if they are just photos? facebook does it now and facebook owns instagram, one of the better purchases they have made. and to graham says it is difficult for users to keep up with all those videos and photos. some people overpost. juliet: some people overpost on facebook too. ben: the change will be posted gradually. you post a lot on facebook. juliet: they are all interesting posts. sometimes i get a little crazy. lord and taylor settling federal charges that it deceived customers. the retailer paid the magazine
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promoting a new clothing line. here is the deal. 50 women were paired -- paid to wear a dress and post to instagram. the retailer did not disclose, lord and taylor said it never tried to deceive customers and it corrected it when they raised the issue a year ago. the wildly popular wicked on broadway gross $1 billion in ticket sales. ben: the blockbuster reached the milestone faster than the lion king or phantom of the opera. the only productions to hit that are $4 billion in sales, seen by 50 million people. have you seen it? juliet: no. ben: nor have i.
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to the wizard of oz. two which hes, the good witch and the bad which. juliet: i want to see it. it makes me crazy. ben: it airs on fox 5 all the time and pays your salary. juliet: i love it. i was 9 years old. we have a lot more stories for you. juliet: top stories. ben: when we return.
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look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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>> from fox 5 news this is "good day wake-up". ben: a nice morning that will be a mild and sunny day. 60 , still a chance of showers. mike woods has details come inc. up. juliet: big night for donald trump and hillary clinton but there is some scoop. we will tell you what happened
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changing things up a little bit. ben: jared fogel attacked in prison. the extent of his injuries. juliet: people said he is too old and the egg -- won't want to do it. harrison ford and indiana jones coming together again. ben: i hope it is better than the fourth one which was lousy. it was bad. it was not good. i went out of my way to see that in the theater and was disappointed. i am been simoneau. juliet: i am juliet huddy. not selfy queen. your email. she didn't send you that using her name. juliet: that doesn't make any sense.
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i tested the waters for you. being impartial, you are winning. let's show you what is happening, another sunny start to the day, clouds gathered, you head to the bus stop, 48 , not bad at all, let's check regional temperatures. stony brook 43 , same in brentwould. 39 in danbarry, mainly clear sky depending where you are. more clouds to the northeast. we will see sunshine, we do not yesterday, it looks drier for not bad looking, high-pressure building in. we will have a break for a wild blues not to say it will be gone
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sunny skies in the beginning and clouds in the afternoon and evening, high temperature 62, by later a chance of showers in the area. tomorrow a high of 64 for st. patrick's day. it is quite mild, not bad at all for the parade and everything else going on but some shower chances thursday and friday and then we should be done on saturday, cooler too. let's get you to anything going on. ines: no problems in new jersey, 280 route 3. let's look at your commute by numb 106-numb 107. bronx commute shouldn't have any problems. on the alexander hamilton bridge
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ben: the republican race for president just got more interesting the, been interesting for months but definitely narrowing the field, donald trump knocked out marco rubio, john kasich got his first win, he won ohio. juliet: missouri is too close to call for republicans and democrats. . >> reporter: here is a summary of what happened in case you went to bed early, it was a big night for bernie sanders, john kasich stays alive, marco rubio does not. trump won convincingly in florida in marco rubio's home state which forced rubio to suspend his campaign. trump won big victories in north carolina and illinois. john kasich won his home state of ohio which justifies his
5:35 am
john kasich's win makes it difficult for trump to secure the delegates needed before the convention for the nomination. trump repriced some familiar lines as he took another victory lap. >> anyone we do business with beats us, we are going to win, make our country rich again, make our country great again. >> reporter: hillary clinton one big in ohio, north carolina and florida. it was a disappointing night for bernie sanders who hoped to win some midwestern states. he got the big win in michigan hoping to bring that back last night. clinton has turned her attention to her republican opponent, donald trump. >> a candidate for president called for rounding up 12
5:36 am
muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> reporter: we mentioned missouri, too close to call. clinton has a narrow lead over bernie sanders. one thing i would like you to read is a great analysis in the times. the headline says trump and clinton winning voters, not hearts. that is interesting. it is a great discontent with each of the front runners. so many people holding their noses as they cast these votes. the votes are not a signal that these voters like the candidates. they are just choosing the lesser of two evils. juliet: look on facebook and social media, the one person who
5:37 am
people loving him and hating him and they are very vociferous in their passion. sat word there. juliet: ben: i like it. juliet: this is a terrible story that is getting uglier as we report it. the city of newark is making plans to test 17,000 schoolchildren for lead poisoning. ben: elevated levels of the poisonous element in the water. teresa pre-although following this story in the work once again. >> reporter: the question everyone has, what is going on with newark schools? a question parents are asking and they are concerned about lack of answers and information. it was once billed, this led in the water problem, as an
5:38 am
and state departments of health will test 17,000 schoolkids for lead contamination starting with 2,000 kids aged numb one to 6. they will start with those most impacted by lead poisoning. a big departure from voluntary testing they could opt for if they were concerned about this issue. this all came to light after routine testing in schools and half of the district schools were found to have unusually high levels of lead. the mayor discussing the issue in his state of the city address. >> our students's health is in jeopardy, there is nothing wrong with newark's water. there is something wrong with our infrastructure. it is old. >> reporter: the teachers union allegedly show expired led
5:39 am
2012 in ten schools. these are supposed to be changed every six month. that has not been happening for these filters. the sinks and fountains have been shut off and students are relying on bottled water until the problem is fixed. ben: the former spokesperson of the subway sandwich chain was attacked in prison. he was beaten by an inmate who had issues with child molesters. he is serving 15 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to child pornography and crossing state lines to pay for sex with minors. the attack happened january 29th leaving him with a blood he knows and swollen face. the attacker was put in solitary confinement.
5:40 am
juliet: lawyers for peter liang are trying to overturn his manslaughter conviction. he was convicted in the shooting of kai girly. officers were fed answers to cpr exams, that testimony is shown to be true following a recent investigation that stripped a cpr instructor of her badge. this disputes the prosecution's theory that he was carefully trained. if they use that theory it would be punishing him for something he was not trained to do. he will be sentenced up to 15 years behind bars. juliet: ben: an unusual rescue in brooklyn of kids in a suitcase. officers in williamsburg after a woman called 9 numb one numb one
5:41 am
where they are being cared for in an investigation. juliet: let's have a check of the weather. >> meteorologist: hump day. i am still here. juliet: we are glad. >> meteorologist: 62 is the forecast high for the day, 50 is the normal high, we are above normal but shy of the record high. we set some records so we are okay with that. still warmer than normal. 49 at central park, winds are calm. most location winds are calm or really light and variable, not a big deal. checking regional temperatures, partly cloudy sky in hoboken,
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westfield, 41 in pinebrook. jersey. high pressure in control. evening, high temperature 62 in the city. small shower chance this evening, another one thursday into friday. temperatures will be cool. the fox 5 whether apps gives you all the information, set to go for free. let's take a look at what is happening with the commute. >> no problems on merritt parkway, looking at northern state parkway by sunnyside boulevard. you are not going to have my office needs new laptops at a great price. well, staples has low prices and a price match guarantee. i took a body language class once and the way you're standing could mean you're hiding something.
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juliet: australian official say debris found on an island in the indian ocean is unlikely to be from malaysian flight 370. it was found on reunion island by the same person who found a wink part over the summer.
5:46 am
american tourist to 50 years hard labor in prison. he was detained by officials in january for trying to steal a banner bearing a propaganda slogan from this hotel in pyongyang. juliet: bracing for commuter chaos. after the entire metro system was shut down for emergency safety inspection, the decision to close the second largest subway station comes after an electric cable caught fire monday. it is expected to reopen monday morning, they say. ben: duke, good morning. duke: march madness is upon us. dickinson is yet to win ncaa tournament game.
5:47 am
trying to keep it close, darian anderson for three, down 15. gulf coast, demetrius, shot down low in florida gulf coast wins. to the pros taking on the 76ers, the transition layup and nice pass exemption. 24 points in the first half finishing with 44. nets win big numb 131-14. carmelo anthony is not happy, anthony thinks president phil jackson is too old for the job. anthony is not overly enthusiastic. the interim head coach said the
5:48 am
candidates. may be phil jackson coached the home game, the warriors in oakland tonight. the rangers playing on the west coast tonight taking on the anaheim ducks. islanders facing the pittsburgh penguins on the doorstep. the power play goal, 19 game tied at one after a scoreless shootout, top shelf. the captain skates in, tries to get -- he stopped, pens when, the second of the division with 85 points.
5:49 am
shortstop on waivers, cutting tejada, the $3 million salary he was do this year. he batted 261, 36 runs scored. cabrera will start on the disabled list. it is a cost-cutting rule. i think it surprised people, this cost-cutting move. maybe eric campbell in the corner position. cabrera, what if he is hurt longer? juliet: mike, woody, how are you doing? >> meteorologist: all is good. i better not push it. we have spring around the corner, four days away,
5:50 am
going to feel warm like winter, we are feeling more like spring, 49 central park, 39 in sussex, partly cloudy sky in the area, winds are light and variable at this point, many locations reporting winds calm at this point. partly cloudy to mainly clear sky, a lot of sunshine as you step out the door, sunrise at 7 am. we will see plenty of it, back to the southwest high pressure in control, not much during the day today but this warm front, the cold front, area of low pressure driving whether through here but not for a little while. the clouds start rolling in with shower chances trying to pop through to the northwest this evening, the warm front going by. then a cold front, better chance
5:51 am
tomorrow evening into friday and a nice push of cold air friday which is why temperatures are coming down into the weekend. we start with more son, clouds, temperatures climb to 58, shower chances pickup later this evening. the next 7 days, high of 64, later day scattered showers and storms lasting into friday, that is cooler air being pushed into the area. 40s over the weekend, spring come ing in on a cool note. let's see where the backups are. ines: the commute on the bridge no problems either direction on staten island or brooklyn, doing fine on staten island expressway.
5:52 am
in new jersey, route 80 by route 15 doing fine, no problems on the westbound side. tappan zee bridge no issues. bqe toward the brooklyn bridge, street cleaning rules in effect citywide. juliet: thank you for referring to me by my true name. we have a lot more come ago. ben: are you ready for indiana jones number 5? juliet: are you? ben: as long as it is ready for
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entertainment come in. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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juliet: an apology from the academy of motion pictures following a skit at last month's oscars. ben: 25 members of asian descent condemned the skit which brought three asian accountants on stage, and they regret any aspects of the telecast was offensive. the academy award ratified other changes proposed in january designed to increase diversity including appointing minority members. indiana jones is making a return. juliet: exciting stuff. ben: i were more excited if the
5:56 am
so bad. it was terrible. we will forget about that and skip to the fifth installment. ben: the fifth installment of the franchise will be hitting screens july 19, 2019. director steven spielberg, star harrison ford signed on. florida is no stranger, ford returned as han solo in star wars:the force awakens. he will be in the new blade runner sql. this. to make it -- he was in -- he is 85 but that is young. juliet: this has been crazy.
5:57 am
stage in a show in australia. if you look at the video it is crazy. ben: her behavior was off. he responded to a fan who was defending her saying quote mac too bad don't know the artifact you're playing a character. i could never do any of my shows high or drunk. she says the allegations are sexist. madonna and ritchie are in a custody battle over there 15-year-old son. ben: juliet: that situation is pretty ugly. adel stopped the concert midsong. ben: the couple got engaged when she was performing. >> just got engaged. juliet: that is really cool. she was performing at the coolest place -- look, she called them up.
5:58 am
she was saying make you make love. she invited them on stage.
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>> good morning everyone. happy hump day. kw-6. >> yes. >> 6:00 on wednesday. i don't know why i just sang that. temperatures are rising to o the low 70s, 60s rather today. 70s -- horrible. we're going to get showers probably this afternoon, though. term to should also be warmer than normal. mike has had the full forecast for us coming up. >> hillary clinton and donald trump scoring big in yesterday's round of presidential primaries vanquishing and hillary clinton slightly ahead in missouri too


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