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tv   Good Day Wake Up 2  FOX  March 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> good morning everyone. happy hump day. kw-6. >> yes. >> 6:00 on wednesday. i don't know why i just sang that. temperatures are rising to o the low 70s, 60s rather today. 70s -- horrible. we're going to get showers probably this afternoon, though. term to should also be warmer than normal. mike has had the full forecast for us coming up. >> hillary clinton and donald trump scoring big in yesterday's round of presidential primaries vanquishing and hillary clinton slightly ahead in missouri too
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>> while we're on the right side this year we will not be oned winning side. >> you'll be on losing side opinion marco rubio lost in home state of florida. and suspending campaign. >> chris chris responding to criticism to skip funeral of a state troop or but statement is not calming outrage of garden state residents and taxpayers. >> to say the least. a lot of people fired up about that. all right it is wednesday morning march 16th gorping good morning everybody i'm ben simmoneau. >> juliet huddy juliet ann marie huddy. michael we have the conclusion that ben -- >> what did you do? >> it is alarming actually what you have done.
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are the to take a day off, and the little recipient name. lamar our producer said, joel have been vivian and sophie queen -- that was me. that's how he referred to me and it went out to our boss as well. >> read just like that. >> because that's her name so for her own good thanks to that -- i entered juliet. >> i should have ines try to send you the e-mail. >> i don't think so. >> do that instead of playing panda pants. whatever that is . good morning. [laughter] >> show you what's going on out there. 62 forecast high for today 12 degrees warmer than normal. but 20 shy of the record and still pretty mild. we've got 49 in newark as well as central park. 42 in bridgeport and 43 montauk with a mainly clear sky.
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calm at that hour so that's not a problem today. skies are clear. we have drizzle roundup this time yesterday. that's not the case today. today everyone is dry throughout the tristate region and through most of the northeast. if so few showers up over vermont, new hampshire into maine. and for us area of low pressure. warm front, cold front they work through the tristate region over next few days to bring us changing conditions. now first of all today during the day you don't worry about umbrella leave those home. clouds gatt energy the afternoon. by this evening shower chances pick up. later into tonight have a smaller umbrella because you may run into a quick shower. tomorrow high of 64. breezesy into your st. patrick's day. thursday, friday and thunderstorms in the mix. after thoadz are done cooler temps as we head into this upcoming weekend and get into spring. spring on the cooler side okay
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rosales and she'll giveout latest info beyond 6:00 thongs start to peck up. >> everyone is going to work. forced delays between rockland and westchester county no problem on tappan zee bridge. traffic is moving fine there. as far as your commute in new jersey 78 and 280 good. go to our cameras things moving this morning and no problems westbound or eastbound. lincoln tunnel into the city looks pretty good. go to that camera shot. traffic starting to build. normal 10 to 15 inbound. holland a five minute delay. bqe fine to brooklyn bridge and trains are on or close to schedule. ben and juliet. >> i think i have a mike moment because my grape nuts -- i have to cough. donald trump and hillary clinton each took another step toward facing each other in nevada presidential election. >> they won big yesterday result of the primaries brought them closer to her for at least winning party nomination and they knocked one candidate out
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fox 5 robert moses has all of the details for us. good morning. >> ben and juliet. good morning to you. marco rubio build as the future of the republican party was forced to drop out as a result of last night. john kasich, though, stayed a live. this really, though, was a night when hillary clinton and donald dominance. >> this is a great evening. >> donald trump continued his quest for the nomination with wins in florida, illinois, and north carolina. he leads ted cruz in missouri. trump himself seemed poz pled despite recent negative olds direct at him he's unquestioned front runner. >> explain to me because yant. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. trump won most resounding vrkt in florida. marco rubio's home state forces rubio to drop out. >> it is clear that while we're on the rldz this year, we will
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>> john kasich in the winning side in his home state of ohio. he beat trump comfortably and took the 66 delegates. his win is significant for two reasons, allowed him to justify stay ling inned and difficult for himming to receive nomination bforts before the con voangs. >> i have to thank the people of the great state of ohio. i love you. >> cruz said that despite kasich's and only two people cruz and trump a plausible shot at the nomination. >> after tonight america now has a clear choice going forward. >> like trump hillary clinton cemented front runner status last night and beat bernie sanders in illinois, north carolina, and ohio. clinton leads sanders narrowly in missouri. she sounded like a candidate who fully turned her attention to trump. >> when we hear a candidate for
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12 million immigrants, banning all muslims from entering the united states -- that doesn't make him strong. it makes him wrong. >> it was a disappointing night for sanders who could nots replicate his win last week in michigan. still, let sounded upbeat. >> we're doing something very is radical in american mr. speakers. we're telling the truth. [applause] >> missouri is still too close to call. trump has a thin leads over ted cruz there on republican sides. on the democratic side clinton is leading sanders there by a narrow margin so we cannot yet declare a winner on either side in missouri if there's a winner at some point this morning we will, of course, let you know. >> one note ohio thought he could pick that up as a surprise like he did for michigan it wasn't even close.
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no this was really a disappointing night besides rubio i think he had worst night of all. >> something about kasich. all right robert thank you very much. >> governor chris chris responding to criticism that he's spengtding too much time out of state and on the campaign trail. >> christie like response, though. kind of like hey, deal with it even after dropping out of the race for president he's campaigning for president sort of for donald trump he was in florida on mondays. he did not attend funeral, though, of a new jersey state trooper who was hit and killed bay car last week. shawn collins third police funeral that christie missed. >> last week well before i even was invited to come on monday and campaign with donald trump, lieutenant govan decided that he was going to attend funeral on monday. if i decide to stay in the state i qongt have attended lieutenant governor would have. >> folks on social yeedz says
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your job. >> ahead of the new jersey state trooper's fraternal decision says it is selfish political opportune opportunism. >> trying to get on trump's ticket. >> what had else do you think? >> anyway, in new jersey mayor there he's nots a big fan of chris christie involved in that whole "bridgegate" scandal he started online petition calling for christie to resign. officials in newark state's large testing city face 17,000 children in that city will now be tested for led poisoning. >> we kind of expected this. this annoy understandment comes after high levels of led were found in 30 public school buildings and situation seems murky to deal with this. fox 5 teresa priolo live in new york with more. teresa, good morning. >> good morning ben and juliet,
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cool tested positive for having high levels and these are students that will receive further testing by states and department of environmental protection, and officials are not saying this. but it seems as though led problem in newark is a lot than what was originally broadcasted. in newark information is something of a slow drip. residents left wondering if their children are safe to drink the water in the city. their concerns compounded by this message, or for mayor razz with fears from the state of the city address. >> our students' health is in jeopardy there's nothing wrong with newark's water. but there's something wrong with our infrastructure. it is old. >> that infrastructure is the center of massive lead testing to occur in the school district water supply. city health department and state department of protection will
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starting with 2,000 children ages 1-6. they start with youngest because they're the most vulnerable and studies have shown affects developing brain. high levels of led found in half of the district schools. if normal led levels are 15 parts per billion some schools leak backyard high school at 558 parts per billion and unclear how long newark kids have been exposed to willed. city's teachers union released photos yesterday showing expired led filters in at least 10 schools. currently all sings and drinking fountains shuts off. students are now relying on bottled water until the problem is remedied. and according to city picialghts officials they say this is nothing compared to what is happening in flingt, michigan. they're asking parents especially to take a step back
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fear and concern override their thinking. that's easy to say. but when you are a parent who is concerned about the health of child that's a very different story. back to both of you in the studio. >> when children are concerned thinking goes out the window. thank you very much teresa. we have much more still to come live to the washington, d.c. area. why it's a mess this morning. >> metro -- also by the way, key lime yo gurt an grape nuts delicious. taste like key lime pie. >> i doubt that. >> mike is checking forecast. >> your forecast here enjoy that, juliet. >> info to help our people. >> incase you were wondering throw grape nuts on that yogurt i was thinking about that. partly cloudy sky. sunshine coming at you early. mild temps but evening showers popping through parts of the tristate and yeah be ready for
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>> welcome back everyone a nice mild day with a lot of sunshine in the beginning of the day but clouds gather later in the afternoon. and then you could see evening showers especially to the noters and west of the city. now, tomorrow you're going to still see a mild day out there with temperatures getting into lower 60s on st. patrick's day but there could be an afternoon thunderstorm trying to pop up here and cooler temp into the area on the weekend. also there's a coastal storm that had is potential player for us sunday into mobtd an that one could have rain and snow. we have to wait and see. right now 49 central park as well as newark. 42, and bridgeport temp changes all over the place but four degrees warmer in central park. two drags cooler in belle or mar and islip and fair sky is here in the tristate region. high pressure to south of us to keep clear skies u through marmingt of the day but even chulsly a cold front.
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it, and that will swing through the tristate region more so tomorrow. but today what you're gong to see is ahead of it all. high temp 62 degrees. clouds work through this evening with shower chance out there as well. but it doesn't look like a lot of rain coming for us. tomorrow shower chances are are bigger late thursday and friday as main event comes on by. 64 thursday. 53 getting cool earn for you on upcoming weekend. first day of spring with rain that may end with snow on monday morning wintry mix forecast for the tristate region and see what's happening with our commute. things are always changing. >> especially people waking up heading to work. long island suffolk county no issue on l.i.e.. same for indicate 5 from norwalk to greenwich you're okay.
6:18 am
head towards 287, doing fine no problems at all traveling on eastbound side lookses good. aside for van wyck through q garden interchange had so far so good. normal delay in front of jfk heading to leopards boulevard no problem eastbound 150eud. ben and juliet. >> thank you very much. imagine a commute in new york if there was no subway running. >> that would be a disaster. >> people would give up. that's happening this morning, though, in washington, d.c. >> they don't have the subway system essentially. d.c. area is bracing for what has been dubbed metroing after it has been shut down for emergency safety inspection. it must be completely nightmarish down there. early -- no 6:18 anna is there in washington, she's at the west falls station outside of d.c. annie what's going onsome >>
6:19 am
but here are metro strags and an eerie feeling to see not a lot of people out here. but 7 00,000 take this every day. six lines, 1 stations all closed until at least 5 a.m. thursday and this is, of course, to inspect underground cable line for safety reasons. however, they are running bus services today so you're seeing a lot of buses coming and going morning. they did have the gates here open for a little bit. for the riders to go in and reload their cars and get to other side for commuter buses but as we were standing by, they did close gates so i'm not sure 100% as to why that's happening but i'll check that out. but this closure is going to dump more cars on to roadways. roads are a nightmare. people are piling on to buses so more people. this is one of the days where you have to pack that patience. unprecedented move is drastic but it was absolutely necessary for the safety of the riders
6:20 am
not taking any chances that the emergency inspection could not wait until this weekend when rider hip is lower so close and inspecting underground jumper cables so closure is prochting affiliate strong reaction from leaders. but also from ride rs. take a listen. >> i'm really surprised to what are the shutdown spacial that they've decided to do it on a wednesday when thousands will be commuting to and from work. >> safety is paramount and we need to get to the bottom of this. shut down until friday and chances are they have to close that station to fix it so you know this could tweal go into self days here. back to you in the studio. >> annie from fox 5 in d.c. and federal government is open
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annie, thank you very much. 6:21 still to come right around there. >> went to high school together baby. >> study reveals halls places to live in new york city. >> interesting. we'll be right back. i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better.
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so smile.. with strength. with new colgate enamel health mineral repair toothpaste. smile with strength. >> federal judge that has has
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sentence for the man who killed two nypd officers. murdered detective james and rodney ann trues. in a gun sting operation shot point blank execution style. first was overturn due to prosecution error but upthat has thrown out second saying wilson cannot be executed because he meets legal standard. >> not happy about that. mayor bill de blasio makes a trip are to washington testifying before a subcomet. he spoke out i did against the president's proposed cuts to oklahomaland security funding of nearly 50% from the year before. >> welcome not reduce our equipment to public safety. we simply can't afford to stand back when these threats are
6:25 am
challenge hadding. >> orange like. obama administration has said that city didn't use all of the past funding it was allotted but de blasio said it is in the process of being set. >> updated the interim crane regulation put in place easer the deadly crane collapse down in tribeca remember that crane that came down on that breastsy day. agency says any krawlser crane required by its manufacture to shut down in winds less than 0 miles per hour will now be barred from city streets. they're not allowed a licensed it engineer must also be present during any operation or crawl under 30 miles an hour and when winds exceed 30 miles an hour or forecasted to do so, 30 -- word for your -- noted there. >> how do you say w-a-t-e-r?
6:26 am
obvious you do. manhattan healthiest place to live -- >> in our? i >> you know it's a very being city. will kaw milwaukee. access to medical facilities all of the doctors a lot of them are here and open space ises followed by queens, staten island and brooklyn bronx last in the states. but new york city is doing better than many other parts of the country. people here generally are in better shape than you see in other parts of the country. >> that's good because new york is usually on worst lists. yeah. top stories, weather, and traffic when we return. >> how much americans spend celebrating st. patrick's day.
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i always heard fios was a lot faster. but i thought it'd be a hassle to switch. turns out it wasn't. they showed up when i asked and they set up wi-fi on my laptop and my tablet and stuff. it's true. it is better. i'm here to mow the lawn. it's february, curtis. maybe i should change some other things around here. switching is easy with our switchers guarantee. we'll arrive when promised and set up your devices to your new wi-fi. switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better.
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good morning everyone. happy hump day. we expect a mix of sun and clouds today. maybe a little bit of rain here. it's actually not going to be cold help to low 60s as mike lends in from god know where where is outside of the studio. showers can happen. mike is watching me. >> take a break for a second -- >> not before he presents the news. donald trump won three states in yesterday's primaries. he lost ohio. to ohio's governor john kasich. missouri too close to call for republican and democrat. >> that call it -- hillary clinton halted momentum in few states.
6:31 am
peter liang purring toover turn manslaughter conviction convicted of akai gurley death in a brooklyn farewell. interesting argument presenting in that case. good morning everybody it's wednesday morning march 16th i'm ben simmoneau. >> i'm juliet huddy beautiful morning. >> juliet looking lovely as well. >> excuse me -- >> looking transparent. >> okay. she was accusings me. time to time. >> talking to queen scotto that's how her name cools up when i text her. >> when he e-mails me i don't know if you saw today it is -- something, something queen. >> i have corrected that. with a w and ends with an e. >> based on an e-mail you send me. [laughter] >> oh. boy, oh boy. >> that's love.
6:32 am
spring four days away from it. vernal equinox 12:30 in the morning we go into spring. winter will be done officially. cleerp sky right now. 4-9d degrees winds are calm in most location it is throughout tristate region winds are not a problem. skies brighten up here soon and sunrise comes up 7:00 or so. should be a pretty decent one coming up too. we've got 49 degrees as you step out the door this morning. 62 degrees why were high temp. clouds gathering this afternoon into this evening and tonight showers pop up into the area nots worried about rain in the core of the tristate but 64 tomorrow. back to 53 on friday. and then cooler over the weekend. okay let's bring in ines and see what's going on, and checking out o the commute. good morning to you, ines. >> couple of issues jackie
6:33 am
lane and traffic slow on garden state parkway crash by exit 0. l.i.e. by holbrook road fine with trains metro north, ben and juliet. >> ines thank you very much. a general election balings between donald trump and hillary clinton that looks increasingly likely on this wednesday morning. >> both gained significant ground. robert rornt moses is here. a pleasant young man. >> this is a big night for hillary clinton. and donald trump they scans themselveses from the field if they could do that anymore. this pointing nite for bernie sanders. marco rubio did not stay is alive. donald trump won convincingly which is of course rubio home state that forced rubio to suspend his campaign.
6:34 am
illinois as we mentioned john kasich won his home state ohio that justice his remaning in the race. it also makings it more difficult for trump to secure all of the delegates that he needs to get the nominations before the convention. trump made yet another victory speech last night. >> anybody we do business says we don't win a trade. make our country rich again and our country great again. on democratic side hillary clinton won in ohio, illinois, north carolina, and florida. this was a disappointing evening for bernie sanders who was hoping to win midwestern states and recapture magic of last week he won michigan unable to do that. clinton has nowrned her attention to likely her republican opponent that, of course, being trump. >> when we hear a candidate
6:35 am
immigrants. banning all muslims from entering the united states -- [booing] when he embraces torture that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> missouri is too close to call. trump leads ted cruz there and on the democratic side clinton has a narrow are leads over bense. but each lead is too thin at this point to make any projections. if that happens throughout the morning we'll let you know missouri still too close to call. ben and juliet. i don'ts last night changed in addition for trump and clinton i think it reenforces fact that clinton is front runner for trump kasich win makes his path to the nomination a bit more difficult. she's looking like she has
6:36 am
has. difficult for bernie sanders i think to really keep this going. >> we knew she would do well in the south. we thought he might do better in the midwest. but not winning any of those states. not even close no ohio. a good 10, 12 points. >> it was not close there. thank you very much, sir. former spokes person for subway chance attacked in prison. >> fogle had issues with child molesters. seshing 13 years in federal prison after pleading guilty to child pornography and paying for sex with minors. the attack happen on january 29th and left fog with a bloody nose and swollen face and put in solitary confinement as punishment. fogle's attorney is nots commenting. >> lawyers of peter lee yang trying to overturn his manslaughter conviction. convicted last month in shooting
6:37 am
houses two years ago. his motion cites trial testimony that officers were fed answers to cpr exams that says that testimony has been shown to be true following the recent investigation that stripped a cpr instructor of her badge. a theory that officer liang was trained and he was not trained for that. he's facing up to 15 years behind bars. fox means business. >> st. patricks day tomorrow and paying bells to celebrate it. joining us from the fox business studio is lauren simonetti. >> i'm feeling it this year. because we've been inundated with election and nudes that you want to let loose and have a beer. >> because you've been pregnant --
6:38 am
us celebrating that means equate to 4.4 billion dollars. if you buys do not wear green tomorrow you're in the very small moornt not wearing green. 82% of us will wear green, and a lot of us are i think going to drink a beer. some of us will drink a green beer and 1 million pints of guinness sold and drank. that's a big number all about the booze, bar and wearing green. >> because we've had a nice march -- they've been cold. o`>> doesn't explain the national. >> east coast is very cold. people who live on the east coast. regardless we're all agrees that we're into st. patrick's day this year. >> hard for us on a thursday when we have to get up on a friday. >> good-bye. >> but it's tempting. you have to -- just say no.
6:39 am
>> you won't be doing anything will you? >> no. >> i'll be hanging out with my buddy bobby mo. >> nonirish of you. two officers maken usual arrest in brooklyn when they save kittens trapped inside a suitcase. >> made a discovery on parking lot after a woman called 9-1-1. seven kittens only a week old or two -- how cutes they are. found six of them were alive taken where that i being cared for . an investigation is underway. >> let's check the forecast once again. mike is out there. >> sky is clear as you step out the door but clouds later on, and could even see evening showers out there as well. tomorrow you're seeing mild temperature but there's a chance that you'll see storms rolling through the area in the afternoon and that will go into friday as well. but by the time we get into the weekend cooler for us but also
6:40 am
a coastal storm. which could bring us not only rain but maybe a little snow in the mix from sunday into monday. but we'll with fine tuning that closer. bring in ines right now and see what's going on with the commute this morning. hopefully nothing worse than a typical wednesday. >> things in bronx dealing with westbound. fiend. go to our cameras at the bqe to brooklyn bridge those are normal delays. duke is here with a look at sports. hi, duke. >> carmelo anthony with interesting comments regarding phil jackson and knicks coaching situation. wait until you hear this plus latest entertainment news still to come with ac/dc lead singer kick to the the curb by his band mates after all of these years? what's had the story?
6:41 am
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>> it's a wednesday morning 6:44 checking headlines for you officials in newark say 17,000 school children tested for led
6:44 am
lealings of led were found in 30 public school buildings. >> north korea highests court sentenced a tourist to 15 years of hard labor in prison. autowarm bureau detained by officials back in january for trying to steal a banner baring propaganda slogan in pyongyang after a entire metro system shut down for emergency safety inspections today. system will close the second largest subway station comes after electric cable caught fire on monday and that same problem caused a death of a passenger a year ago. they hope although not guaranteeing they hope to have it bang back open by 5 a.m. tomorrow morning. subway station has been open for a few months but plagued with problems. grownsd water is leaking into the station.
6:45 am
>> stains and messes there i guess you see messes on ceiling, bathroom putting two out of service. i think they have problems when it first opened. they say that performed excavation on the station is going to be hiring a sub contractor to fix the problem and then the initial contractor will actually foot the bill all right so -- >> given we've paid them 2.4 billion. >>college basketball tournament has begun. dickinson has yet to win a ncaa tournament. the game from the very get-go dunk city you remember them. amid that sweet 16 run in 2013. they look pretty good last night. trying to keep it close. darin anderson will bury three
6:46 am
second half, gulf coast rolling. down slow slams it home. they will play number one seed welcome north carolina tomorrow night. all right now to nets and 76ers two ugh have ling teams all about the layup and transition here. nice passing up -- finished night with 44 point. nets 141-113. not happy with the coaching situation for knicks. they think phil jackson is too old or for the job and doesn't want hem coaching home games. isn't enthusiastic about kurt either. after practice yesterday he thinks team should being loo the a other candidates. yesterday there was an espn report that maybe he would coach home games. rambas away games that doesn't seem to work.
6:47 am
curry and warriors in oakland. range laying anaheim duck. facing penguins third period. collects rebound, and tuck it in. power play goal. 19th game tied at one. after a scoreless o. t. head to shootout. crystal -- top shelf back hand wow, that was nice, and last chance. john -- stick handling and denied rooght there. win 2-1 second in the division with 85 points. one more for the game in hand. interesting. mets reportedly parting ways with the team placed short stop cutting tahada. he was due this season.
6:48 am
seasons, and 28 rbi but cabrera starts the season on disabled list. i guess you be you can put flores there but he needs backup on other positions as with. crosscutting move. but what had if cabrera is on disabled lis longer? fnlings what do you do? check the forecast once again. nice and milted. >> not bad at all compared to what we normally see this time of the year. normallies for today 35 degrees down to 49 so 15 warm or than normal with the low temp ranging as it stands right now. 4 r9 49 is average high that is where we are. record high for today 82 degrees so we're talking about warmer than normal temps but not records. 49 with a clear sky at central park. winds are calm and fair sky here in the tristate not a lot coming up for us today at least not
6:49 am
later on this evening into tonight something is trying to roll this way. clear sky for the majority of the day. a warm front to north and west with a northern tear and could splash through the city and long island as well through new jersey too but chances are better for rain up to the northwest of the city. dry orer by tomorrow morning and then showers try to pop up again as we head in toward thursday afternoon. and you can see not only showers but a few thunderstorms in mix as well. as year of low pressure drives down a cold front and keeps things unsettled until early friday and cools down. sun n skies today with a high temp up to 62 in the city. 64 your high in the city term to. shower is chancing and mainly early on friday and then drying out after that. cooler for et weekend. a rain snow chance out there on monday.
6:50 am
with interesting weather at that time. daily and hourly forecast at the itunes store and google play store. juliet and ben over to you. >> thanks mike. >> thank you. >> oh, latest entertainment news is next. >> you're lying one of the most beloved movie characters of all time is coming back to the bigs
6:51 am
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>> good morning. garden state parkway expect delays northbound this morning approaching exit 90 an accident blocking a lane slowing everyone down check out the george washington bridge upper level standard 20 to inbowed lowe leaflet between 15 and 20. 30 for upper level. 30 to 40 inbound. trains on or close to schedule. benl. >> you look hot today by the way. >> oh, so good. >> thank you. great news indiana jones is making a return to silver screen.
6:54 am
believe they picked this up when had they bought the "star wars" franchise. disney says a fifth stallment of the screen from july is theth i hope it's better than that fourth one. that was lousy. steven spielberg and no i think strawer to bring back the franchise. returned as hahn solo i think that key it make this great bring back shawn krrk conery are. >> 25 members of asian decent including ang lee sent a letter condemning skit which brought three asian accounts on stage for a joke. they said it was tasteless and offensive and academy says it
6:55 am
kansas was offensive. they have rad if id other changes designed to increase diversity within their rank. and high ranking positions essentially. comedian jim breuer said he got carried away on a podcast when talking about alaska about ac/dc canceled concert and the health. in podcast he claimed john son kick to the curb and insinuated forced out of the band. following doctorses orders or face hearing loss and hurt bit situation between a rock and hard place but he got carried away in that. >> he's friends with him as i
6:56 am
wide by popular wicked -- we didn't contribute to that blockbuster milestone faster than lion king phantom was opera. 4 billion in sales an seen by nearly 50 million people. >> your favorite commercial. : because they pay their bills. we tack it -- >> that one word. opened back in 2003 the prequel. >> i love this story. adele stops con cert mid-song after realizing that couple got engaged while she was singing. have a look. >> did you just get engaged? [inaudible]
6:57 am
make you feel my love, and she had them come up. she did an impromptu interview with them and they said that's their song so like a brilliant man he proposed to her mid-song. they have one child and been
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
greg: hi, everybody. it is wednesday. the 16th of march. rosanna: a little warmer than normal. highs in the low 60s. mike was has all the details. greg: last night in politics. a good night for donald trump. rosanna: he did win florida. marco rubio had to drop out. greg: governor kasich did when in the middle. >> four states. winning a major party nomination. greg: governor christie. giving him a hard time for


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