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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: all right. welcome to good day morning to. the sun is shining! nice to have you with us! all right. let's talk a little bit about what happened last night. did you stay up to see the results come in? i done think of it. i think just about everything was in ohio. how could you fall asleep before donald trump hit the podium? rosanna: i didn't see him speak but i seeyon case itch won ohio and florida. greg: you know whatp that inned next? there is donald trump. he didn't have a press conference where he got really wild. he was very subdued. may mean by normal political 2015 standards he was complete nut job. >> well, i think he is
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to show that he has the temperament to be president of the united states. greg: you know what? did he something small. he could have easily missed it. he pend he talked to mitch mcconfell on the phone and a great guy and he talked to paul ryan. a great guy. head great talk. these are sig he'llnels. rosanna: we can work together. we can do business. it is shall. it is significant. it is small but significant. a couple of weeks ago, he said paul ryan is unnoticed. he is in serious physical jeopardy. rosanna: well, the republican leadership got together behind closed doors and said we got a robb on our hands. what will we do? they were coveraging the brokeredvention that may happen by the way. let me ask you. are you going to miss little marco. do we have any marco video? senator cruz who was belittled for a long time there as little marco. le with, he is outs of the race. wry well, i have to say. little marco may be out of the race at time. he has big future in
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greg: well, maybe, maybe not. number one, itle i was un! impressed. i the said a lot of profound thing last might. so the problem for him is rosanna, he did not file to run for re-election. his term in the senate is up at the end of this year. and he is out. he is out of public office. >> i am sure he will finned something to keep him busy. >> make money. he wants to be president. we knee. that could happen. >> well, barack obama ran for and lost a seat in the house of representatives in 2000. he wanted to be a congressman. he couldn't. >> right. how many times has he run for president of the united states? >> 2008 and 2012 twice. usually we have seen him before. ron al reagan did not win until the third attempt. we with it did it the first time out. john kennedy. which i thought marco ru eyo was kind of that kind of character or presidential figure.
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he had a lot of, you know, he was dual lay great speaker. greg: kennedyesque. rosanna: yeah. greg: here is the issue women. if you look side-by-side. jfk, what he looked like walk then. he had more scars. was man of the world. he had fought in world war ii hero clickcally. no offense to marco ru pee yo he has not done that. he has noted that fund of life. we'll see. rosanna: a lotting go on in politics. i don't though if you had a chance to see the senator. greg: he laid waste to everybody he doesn't like. the list was long. rosanna: was calling bs on every politician. greg: let's take a look at him. he did not go the funeral of a state trooper that was hell on monday. new jersey state trooper who died in the line of duty last week. he when that early 30's answer gaged to be marry and had a sun son and his fun rat was monday. a trooper.
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greg: talking to race christie. the head of the government? i. rosanna: know. instead he was campaigning with donald trump. you know, senator said i can understand if he was still running for president of the united states. rosanna: don't remember that caveat. i was disgusted as so many people were that governor christie did not attend the funeral. >> he went and i vitted a bunch little crooks. made a great reputation on it. he has bandies asker. the people should call him back because he doesn't obviously like doing the job. greg: that was tough. rosanna: i know. then we talked to him about the political climate running for president of the united states, and how that a lot of the republican leadership is being hind closed doors basically scratching their heads saying what will we do with donald trump? greg: could that happen? could somebody like mitt romney ememorial as consince suss candidate?
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establishment. what he had to say about that. well, he has big lead. then they look to take the away from him. okay. then, bring in somebody else like mr. romney who should be ashamed of himself. >> how should he be ashame mood well, till you why? he didn't have the guts to run. his people. his brother called me. jay oh, boy. anyway, he really. he was calling everybody phony baloney. and i thought it was going to, really, you know, get very, very heated at one point. greg: heated? it was like they were in the room. rosanna: know. greg: he said all kinds of stuff. a friend of good day new york and we go way back in. we go way back with him. jay meantime. donald trump said will not do the next debate. i believe he has done 10 or 11. he skipped one already. after the last debate. he said, well, how many more will we have of these? greg: ho you money times do i ask or answer the same question in the same way. although, it has been the wild watch.
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everybody is watching it. my kids are watching it. it is better than any tv show. you know? greg: yes. also potentially for some kind of freaky. rosanna: the last debate was very low key if you remember. >> you know. i think we should make it. donald trump has been on this show. we got to get on it. we want him back. we got questions him. you know? we go way back. he has been good to us. has been good. now the stakes are high. he is about to be the united states. rosanna: by the way. by this time the caucuses cot here to new york. that new york would not mean anything. donald trump needs every delegate he possibly can from now on. i think they said has got to get 60% of the next election. greg: april 19th. a little more than a mnt away. ty that is when the primary is. all right. we got to go over to you now. >> all right. here is what we have out there. first of all. feels like spring. we're not quite there yet. the weather reflects
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62 is another cast high another day today comparing to the normal high of 50. 12 degrees warmer than normal. not near the record high of 82. that will stand the record. let's sweez the temps look like now. in fact, back up to 53 so continues to warm-up out there with prn ty of shine around the tristate region. 8 in monticello. 44 in sussex. same thing for montauk. 47 in bridgeport. winds are light and variable. they are not doing a whole heck i have a lot. it should be, not so breezy day with a lot of sunshine out there. especially early on. basically now, up to about lunch time. then thresh clouds startle aring into town. you can see clouds west of us back over pennsylvania. that is the warm front that is going to drag by so to the north and the west of the tristate. there's the clouds coming in? ment a few showers holding together now. lele co! coming through williamsport. but nothing really all that significant at this point and time. however, this will be some showers trying to pop through later this evening and into tonight. the future casts with
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yeah. we get little bit of of light stuff pop through here evening and tonight. it should be a big new saps here for us in the tristate region. s that he the first front then the next cold front approaching. ahead of. some shower popping up. how we're withs and storms possible out there. then, as the actual cold front is forced on through here. later thursday and into earl ily pray day. there will be some more rainfall coming through that time. also, a drop in temperatures behind that front t. the air is going to be considerably cooler. highs are am coming back down. okay. so today, going to head up to a high of 62 degrees with sunny sky in the morning. more clouds in the afternoon. shower chances pick up later on this evening into tonight. not a lot of rain but a little bit coming at us. tomorrow we will have a chance of showers and it is fine for the parades and then, what is going on. let's take the high tem up to 64. some afternoon storms possible. tomorrow, and as we head to friday, also, looking at the pos k of shower then the cooldown comes. high of 45 four. 47 on sunday. notice the rain snow chance on monday.
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with this yet. even though it will be on sunday. greg and roseanne over to you. greg: mike, thanks very much. the americans great show roseanne. rosanna: lots of intrigue. it is come back tonight. greg: so retro. that was wild time. the united states versus the soviet union. the hammer. this is a fantastic show and we are now in i believe season four. four. on the americans, allison wright plays martha. greg: yeah. rosanna: the timid secretary, to fbi counter intelligence agent. greg: all right. for those who have not seen it. it is a great show. here's the show in a nutshell. rosanna: okay. >> people are getting hurt. >> they have a responsibility.
9:10 am
so sorry, mom. >> big trouble. >> okay. >> it is geeing really good. >> i love the 1980's here. i got get into this. all right. we're joined by allison wright who plays mar are that hanson on the americans. welcome to allison. congratulation on the hit show! >> good morning. thank you. thank you. so tonight, we learned more about nar, poor martha. and what she is going to do with her husband. her husband. >> yeah. >> well, he mean, really. >> yeah. what is going to goen? are you going to stay anything to the fbi people? >> le with, i love it if you did immediately. >> well, not in today's episode anynow. she wound up with the guy that is a different ga and she thought she married. he has refeeled himself to her to be completely different person and doesn't wear glasses and has full head hair. not the wig. >> how could you not know about about that wig? >> well, they win all of these things if. we know these thing. >> all right. >> she was waiting.
9:11 am
she knew a lot longer before she let on. yeah. >> okay. you are going to have to wrestle with this, right? >> yeah. being in love at the same time whether you duty to the fbi. yes. but she went in. the first ended sewed she realizes we find out that he has done something pretty terrible at the office to one of the coworkers. he kind of blames her and i know we saw it in a clip. maybe we'll see a clip. greg: hit it from the americans. on the next day, you are going to get some disturbing news at work.
9:12 am
what happened? >> he will be found in his apartment. it will look like he killed himself. rosanna: this is a sneak peak of tonight's episode. greg: "the americans" you know what? it is wild. then 1980 he a, it was easier in the 1980's than it is today with all the electronic surveillance. >> no more are leg work. you have to put in a lot more hours. greg: it is easier to get caught than back then. fair enough? >> right. >> we wouldn't even know. rosanna: meanwhile, i love the american accent bay the way. >> thanks. rosanna: i mean, you know, isive it did difficult to turn on and off? >> not for me. no. >> well, yeah. i mean, i could talk like right now, like whatever you want to talk about. yeah. greg: that is incredible. rosanna: what? >> i went to school the british boy.
9:13 am
school. >> yeah. greg: you can do. you we can not. why is that? not just because of us, but generally speaking. >> we grew up watching so much american television in england. that is not happening. rooting we are dict over there. no kids are doing that here. >> i want to be the butter ler. >> i do. greg: excellent point. you got our number. rosanna: let's get back to poor nar. she is going to break out this season. we vill have a really, really super rough time. and the time bomb that is her is dog explode this season. greg: all right. rumor has it. are working on new movie for hbo. >> yes. s coming out soon. it is coming out in a month confirmation. the clarence thomas story. a yeah. who do you ray? >> well, current. >> well, and i never, i never knew her
9:14 am
>> she was a loving wife. >> loving and supportive. did you know recently within the past two years she called and left a lengthy voice mail mess age. that was wild time in america. >> that is part of it spot no, it is. so it was like two years ago now. we talked about it of course when we were shooting about making a version of it. we never did. >> did you retch out to the family with that movie? >> well, i didn't. i am not sure anyone at production did were not involved at all, no. how did you research the roll. >> lots of reading for me it was lots of learning about because it was very involved and still is. it is not her husband knew this stuff. she knew it, too. we went through that time who comes out ahead here. it is it told to one person's advantage. >> it is. am sure a lot of people might be feeling in tense about that or looking for who is gillle did i gl ty thor
9:15 am
o.y. story. that's the not the story they are telling in confirmation. it is fair. no one is vilified. it is really fair. look at the time wants happened rather than judgment of who did what? >> wow. a high-tech lynching remember that? well, when he stated that i cannot wait. confirmation on hbo coming up in a month sore. >> all right. >> the new season startsth t tonight at 10:00 on the americans allison, so nice meet. thank you. absolutely. greg: all right. a couple of thing. we got two great baseball players coming up. keith hernandez and ron darling. we are going to take trip back to 1986. rosanna: mr. us, we will meet a great singer mment she is getting ready to release the new album. would you car honky tonk 2.0? greg: a little bit (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood...
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switch now and get 100 meg speeds, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online. switch to better. switch to fios. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella. spread the happy! rosanna: looks very foggy and misty throughout. misty. greg: that is shania twain singing. rosanna: are you having shania moment? greg: the only country music star i liked. >> i happened? greg: everybody see the outfits? rosanna: well, that is
9:19 am
country. >> a little bit rock 'n roll. greg: all right. everybody. chris, the resident fashion vista is here. rosanna: hi. >> where did you get that? >> is a little romper action with gucci boots, a one piece. you know is true. >> okay. the legos down. i will keep my hands here. we are tracking easter fashion bus best of all. everything is super affordable. don't want to spend $1 million so check out easter in front of st. pat's. >> if you known thing about east, he you flow is eggs, been ny and lots of kids but we grounded up really adorable items that your kid can wear for easter sunday and best of all, nothing is above $50. with style expert, we're together. really are, really fun stuff. of course, a few adorable. a where did you get
9:20 am
>> i got it at blooming dl d's. i fell in love with with it immediatedly. >> i am in love, too. so now to to the kids. >> the first one. in a burlington dress. very easter inspired. a mint dress. we have to wear this. >> can tell she loves. i you know when she put something on a id can and they feel comfortable in. shelf shine. they sign. this dress is great she can waiter in the summer months, too. >> really versatile. that is key, too. finding dresses they can wear over and over again. >> cue little shoes. ril while white shoes you can run around and have fun in them. >> the second mold is aden. all night. >> what are you working with with today in well, we have him in the really cool all lands end style. s this more classical going to church, spending the day with family type of outfit, the blazer. but you can easily take that off and wear the shirt underneath just plain with the pant and
9:21 am
i love how the shoes make it a little bit more casual. those clearly could multi as back jeans. you. >> in a wear them with socks or looks cool out. >> like to. we do a little fun. >> yeah, exactly. >> all right. 1988. >> all right. >> all right. >> okay. >> all right. >> dude. all right. >> with all of this lanes end. y. the whole entire outfit is lands' end all on sale now, too. yeah. >> look. >> are you feeling. all right. >> look to the cameras. >> happy easter! >> happy easter! choughs >> jack, come on in. one ing this i have to say of the bat that i noticed about wrack, he digs the half talk. >> yeah. okay. >> what space that. >> it is just tking the front quarter of the shirt in a little bit usually on the right side and the rest left out. the boys love.
9:22 am
from j.c. penney. this blue stripped shirt polo. he likes this comfortable soft material. gives the style. usually they wear them. >> okay. >> something to deal with. >> okay. >> keck. the pants are worry free. do you have any worries into no. >> any pants are worry free. >> okay f. not hard at all. are you comfortable. >> very. >> we have one more model. come on out. 3:00. >> she is liking her outfit. oh, yeah. >> yeah. well, ella, what does slow son in well, a gress j.c.penney's, too. love this. it kwame the dress. >> okay. a well, you didn't have to worry about getting it or finding any accessories toes go with it. a little wedge on it with the floral print feminine these are totally in style now. this is happening. kids love it. she is having fun in it.
9:23 am
here's the last look at all the cuteness. >> this could be for easter. comfortable. aare fordable. it doesn't get better than na. note >> where did you get that? >> happy easter! greg: thank you. it is not this sunday but the sunday after. march 27th. it is palm sunday. >> it early. that is why we're showing you now. so you can get ready. rosanna: you need a bonnet, though. greg: a bonnet. rosanna: are you going to look for dora? >> yes, axe exactly. >> all right. >> male bon get. >> get on it. >> okay. folks, a cocouple of things am coming up. you got know her during 21 jump street. she has teamed up with her hus wan, rodney peete. you know him from the sports world. they are basically going to open up their home, and let everybody see the challenges faced by
9:24 am
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the train station that just opened. rosanna: a lot of problems. don't want to discuss that. greg: they spent so much money for extension of the 712 and is leaking. it is brand-new. it is busted. all right. >> back in the 1980's. i think was. a lot of us really got into this show. >> all right. >> johnny deppth and hol hi robinson. this is safe to say. >> yeah. >> this show made her famous and a lot happened since along the way she hooked up with a >> oh, really. >> that fy. >> the football player ow many teams did you play. >> he played on every team. he played on six. it is it six if. >> oh of course. hea sk sussful career on tv. he has a successful kay rear on tv. the two willing v been marry for a number of years. they have four children. them to the series sake."
9:28 am
>> that is a lifetime celebrity years, and now -- the young kids said you were out. rosanna: holly still shakes her head. anyway, holly robinson nice have you on good day new york. >> nice heb. >> all right. what is like now working together? the two have the own separate careers, but now you are getting in and opening up the door and letting the he cameras on in this life. >> all her idea. yeah. was held hostage. >> okay, so far, good clean fun. this is not the kardashians in. this is not, this is not, you know, when paris hilton lived in the country. this is good stuff. >> this is the network. it is intentional. it has humor and heart. we do go there on some things, you know? >> we do. >> for in staness, we have a son with special needs in. we talk about what that has within like for us.
9:29 am
marriage to even experience raising a kid with autism and, rodney talked about some of the post football issues, concussion, 1:00 we get deep. there are no stripper poles. >> no stripper poles. >> okay. >> right. >> rodney, you want to get down right. you want to be the real housewife and the real house husbands of california, right? >> encino. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> but i think we wanted to be authentic. that i was the big thing. we wanted to share our story. there is a lot there. then, you know, we share our life and relationship and raising kids and all of that. >> how many do you have? >> four kids. >> four kids? okay. >> i saw a girl. >> three boys and a girl. >> twins that are 18 then 13 and 10-year-old boy. so you mentioned one has autism. >> yeah. >> what are other sures? what makes you craze bry them? oh, gosh. with hewell, this segment is not long enough. with we have a middle child who is a typical middle child.
9:30 am
like rodney who plays a lilith of everything. then we have a little baby boy who is 11 and wanted to grow. you i don't want him to stop talking. know, i was checking at your twitter page and looking at the instagram photos. i am gnat stalker. i wanted to know a little bit more about you. in a lot of pictures you are holing your youngest son. >> yeah. >> he is my little baby. it is funny. i think it is a show like it is blackish. >> yeah. >> kind ofs that vibe. sports world everybody is so macho. for to you kind of open up the home and to show your personal side and your struggleles and how does that work in your world? >> well, i think, it works well. i think we need more guys like me opening up and showing real feelingance real life. we opened up about our son and the tism. that was hard decision make and we talked about this as family and what we wanted to did and have a platform share our story. it is great.
9:31 am
that stuff. i get in mri on the show so a lot of things. do you have any damage sna you have to watch "for pete's sake." greg: have you wondered about it? >> well, because it is delayed and delayed reaction you never know. as of now, knock on wood. i am feeling good. greg: you are looking great on the 50th birthday. rosanna: today is your birthday? >> today nice birthday. >> what are we doing for your birth still into we are trying to get reservation at a place today. greg: do you want to go snout we know people there. >> that is the rest rain town. >> is it? a oh, you want to go. >> okay. >> a fantastic restaurant. >> it is. it is my birthday. >> that is fun, too. >> okay. i nice birthday. >> okay. okay. all right. meanwhile, with all of this going on. you have a book. >> yeah. >> i am so proud of this book. it is called same but different. >> why did you look at
9:32 am
well, i didn't sleep much. same or different, a life on the autism express written by myself and our twin. the first time we have seen a young man like r.j. actually have his voice heard, but takes about what it is loo like to have autism in the teenage years. a little different. >> is it up? is it down? i have heard conflicting reports? >> yeah. prev lips off the charts. >> what do you think? what are thinking? you know, at one point, remember are, we heard a lot about nation and people said that is not true. i those true. >> listen. we don't know. first of all, i do think there is something envirnal then genetic predisposition. we got to figure it out. >> people say they know and they have answer. we don't know. greg: well, a great couple. i am sure a great family. look forward to seeing the show. >> talk about my shoes. >> yes. small. >> they are? >> yeah. they hurt like heck.
9:33 am
>> my feet can get into them. >> my they are mine. >> all right. >> they are cute. >> you got a lot hanging off those shoes. >> yeah. how did you walk in sneer. >> they carry med. >> they carried me. rosanna: okay. can we take look at the show? >> yeah. one more thing. rosanna: okay. let's take look at the show. >> will be signing a book. well, we're way ahead of you. a we got a couple of things. >> okay. all right. >> you know why you unspire me, are mom? >> why? >> because he helped me when i had autism and you staud even though others said i cannot talk. you always help med to get a beter life where i am now. >> the fact he has autism, i is just a part of who he is. it is not who he. rosanna: oh, that made me want to cry, man. he is very, he is very verbal which is great. >> he was not for many
9:34 am
when he got that, we were so blessed. i fell on my knees. greg: beautiful. butte. if you want to meet holly, you can. there is a way to do it. put it on the screen please. a book signing tomorrow at 5:00 at the barnes & noble. >> all right. rosanna: is rodney going to be there? >> yeah. >> all right. you got do something special today. >> he has got to get a good restaurant. >> okay. >> it is his birthday. he is here. he taking about this show. greg: you are into each other. keep it up. thanks very much. >> the kid cans are away. this is our time. greg: their moment. all right. a couple of things coming up. we got more coming up. what? >> fine. rosanna: nice to have you here.
9:35 am
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>> i like her silent. i asked her how she described it. i did not want to offend her in any way. i like it. greg: a little bit country. they little bit rock and roll. how do you characterize your music?
9:38 am
rosanna: did you grow up listening to country music? >> i grew up listening to everything. rosanna: what is it like? music on the road. >> some of us may know him. rosanna: you do not know her husband? greg: patrick stewart. what is the mission? >> we are a bunch of friends that got together to make a record. that is kind of all it is about. get gone written by a national writer. >> it is about moving on when the time is right.
9:39 am
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's you five somebody kicked a plug out of the wall. rosanna: i don't know what happened. greg: technical error.
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greg: john rowland. i am greg kelly. i am joined by -- rosanna: rosanna scotto. greg: there he is. do not forget the dogs. almost took nancy reagan down. >> or phoebe on the subway. rosanna: the double r has never looked worst. greg: how am i doing? hey. here is an item. the mets are looking awesome. >> i believe in the mets. two people on that. by the way. celebrating them.
9:48 am
in business. >> i wonder if these guys keith hernandes, welcome to "good day new york." >> hi. good to see you. greg: did you like that? rosanna: 1986. glorious year for you guys. really coming around. >> such a last-place team. the beginning of the decline. ronnie was there. two years to get to a world series to turn that around was really spectacular.
9:49 am
video. >> ron, you classed up the joint. in ivy league picture. a big brain. one of the reasons we were proud of you as a dad in the franchise. >> we all came about the same. it was a great team. >> you can spill the beans. it can be something harmless. >> i will not mention the name. we found a teammate laying on top of the car at 2:00 o'clock in the morning. [laughter] greg: montre al.
9:50 am
>> there are so many good ones. it is hard to talk about. shouting and yelling. >> what was going on? >> keith was too busy world man saying. [laughter] you were right. >> a word the elders on that team. i would fall asleep. [laughter] >> 10 years. ten years you have been added. >> i was working for the washington national. listen, the mets are starting this new channel. it would be great if we started
9:51 am
>> it is not easy, by the way, for some of the baseball players to make the transition. how do you keep your new legions intact? >> first of all, it is all timing. ralph and bob murphy. the timing was there. after that, it was very fortunate for us. i have good people. around 30 games. it was still our direct her. my teams over at mlb. i was showing the ropes. i had good guys around me. it is very fortunate. >> the transition from baseball
9:52 am
it is very, very fortunate. >> i think that it is difficult. how do you become an announcer? you just do not know that fact there. >> spending a lot of time with each other. the names are so large. i love the mets. >> a few standouts on the team. >> so many people are looking in so many directions. the whole city stopped and watched. like they did back in the good
9:53 am
>> i think their names are just going to get larger and larger. those years, we acquired, and 83, the best first baseman. at least in the national league. two years later, acquiring the catcher. all of these names you had. you added great names also. >> what makes it the place to go and watch. we are juswe are just in the booth. >> the team is the focus. >> if you put a good team out there, they are going to watch. they have their history. it has been over 50 years now. whenever the mets are a good team, i think the national
9:54 am
they come out and they watch. >> one or two of the post- games. >> there we were. opening-day championships. >> who should we look this season? >> the team is built around young starting pitching. when you look at all facebook, maybe 20 young names. these guys have a real chance. them. >> i think that they're back story, their personal life is just as important to what they do on the field. it is great. >> tall, dark and handsome.
9:55 am
>> what was he supposed to do? stay home in his room? i do not blame you one bit. you guys are the best. thanks. rosanna: look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
9:56 am
rosanna: jessica, it is all about you. madonna from the 80s. >> 1986. you on air here. donald trump. donald trump was a big man in the city. big man in the country. talking about staying power. >> did you guys ever get into politics? >> we are not supposed to. greg: very good.
9:57 am
[laughter] rosanna: have a "good day new york." we will be on our facebook page live coming up in just a few seconds. i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. pepper discovers jimmy dean delights, made with real egg whites, lean cut meats, and whole grains. an excellent source of protein, it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good
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