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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 17, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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rosanna: "good day new york." it is thursday. march 17. i am rosanna scotto. greg: happy st. patrick's day. he is irish. leave him alone. leave him alone. hi, everybody. weatherwise, what do we have? rosanna: mike woods has all the information coming up. greg: it looks a little gloomy right now. rosanna: it's okay. the sun is going to come up soon. greg: another stabbing. the guy who did it, on the loose.
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will be with senate today. some are refusing to meet with him. greg: strengths and not sure junior. great voice. listen to this. greg: 72. he had a heart attack. rosanna: get ready for the world largest and oldest st. patrick's day parade. greg: it should be a lot of fun. god bless you, rosanna. we are having corned beef and cabbage later on today. i appreciate it. i got a happy st. patrick's day wish from rosanna on my cell
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that is rosanna and untrimmed untrimmed untrimmed -- that is rosanna in cartoon form. you can actually make yourself a little better. [laughter] off. we're both wearing our green. i bet that he has something green on that we cannot see. rosanna: fabulous. he has green on. [laughter] greg: hats off for wearing underwear. mike: thank you very much. they are green.
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new york." happen. greg: frank sinatra senior. [laughter] mike: what is happening. bit. let's take a look at the maps there. sunny skies coming at you today. 53 degrees is your temperature at 7:00 a.m. a high of 65. a little bit here and there. most of the day should be dry and warm. 47 degrees in newark.
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windows on the variable side. the storm stick kick up yesterday in the afternoon and evening. one little shower popped up. that is an early shower. your chances at showers picked up a bit. anyhow, we will see a high temperature of 65 degrees. forty-three on saturday. cooler on sunday. okay. here comes ines rosales. a lot of folks will be up there for that, too. >> that is right. bqe. there is an accident was found.
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take a look at staten island expressway. traffic at a slow pace here. driving into the city, the george washington bridge upper level. thirty. lower, 20. the holland tunnel, 10-15. jim smith is in skyfoxhd to tell you all about it. >> reporter: the northbound side of the proctor. at least three vehicles were involved. the good news is, they are just minor delays into the area. less than a quarter-mile. so far, no problems with rubbernecking delays. greg: thanks a lot. we had a stabbing in the subway system last night. a man is dead.
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rosanna: the suspect is still on the run this morning. teresa priolo is live. what is going on bush or mark. >> reporter: good morning. a long line of disturbing knife attacks here in the city. first, let's start with the crime that ended here. it happened a few blocks from here at 116th street. bleeding profusely. jumping on the southbound number two train. they attempted to transport.
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uptick. dialing in on them a little bit. there have been 10 slashings or in response, the nypd is upping its patrols. they wonder if that is enough. take a listen. >> yes, i am. forth. that is scary. >> i have to worry about my children. they are teenagers. it is real scary. it is scary for you. it is scary for me.
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hoping to be able to use both of those type exterior to solve the crime as well. greg and rosanna, sending things back your way. >> thanks a lot. there he is in the middle. his name is merrick farland. >> the democrats are embracing him. the republicans, not so much. his comments made years ago about picking a supreme court nominee is in your last year of office. greg: i like the guy. fifty-three years old. he helped put away that timothy mcveigh, the oklahoma city bomber. >> reporter: good morning to you. no one questions merrick garland
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however, no supreme court judge has been nominated and confirmed in a presidential election year in 76 years. the street will not end on their watch. today, judge merrick garland is expected to meet with top senators. president announced his nomination in a rose garden ceremony. >> this is precisely the time that we should play it safe. >> reporter: garland was born and raised in illinois. emotion. >> this is the greatest honor of my life. other than my wife agreeing to marry meet 28 years ago.
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federal prosecutor. democrats and republicans have praised him for his evenhandedness. orrin hatch once called him a consensus nominee. here, there is little consensus. >> checking on the president is and withholding its consent. >> at this point, it appears unlikely. the nomination is a major issue. >> i do not think that the president should send anybody up out. now we have more fighting, more fighting, more fighting. >> reporter: donald trump says
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nominate justice school yes nomination. greg: more on what donald trump to say and did not say. he warned if they take the nomination away from him that there could be riots. that could happen nationally if donald trump is denied the nomination. he said that there's a real chance that people will riot. you know what, he is probably right about it. rosanna: he has millions of people. some supporters would respond. is he is inciting violence or just stating a fact? lots of people would be very, very disappointed. no republican debate on monday
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not want to do it. that left ted cruz and john kasich. >> i think that they are all tired of the debates. greg: ruse was inching to debate donald trump. he would have a lot more airtime. rosanna: considering holding a pupate here next month. that would be fun. greg: our primary would actually count this time. rosanna: just a few hours away from annual st. patrick's day parade. greg: what else can we say? you and i marched up fifth avenue. greg: george mitchell is the
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>> along the parade route. this will be a prime spot. and estimated 2 million people. a big crowd expected once again this year. you can see that there are caves are all up against the parade route. something different this year. mayor deblasio will be marching. he has boycotted the event in the past. this year's grand marshal will heading up fifth avenue all the way from 44th street to 79th many streets in the area will be
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director of st. patrick's day will drive up fifth avenue. all the way to 79th street. if you're coming into the city by train, do not bring any alcohol. banning alcohol. traveling around midtown today. a lot of streets in the area will be closed. pack your patience. the police kicks off at 11:00 o'clock this morning. greg and rosanna, that is the latest from here. i will send it back to you. greg: i promise to keep the booing of their deposit yield at a minimum. you want to greet him along with me? i said we are keeping it to a
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what else do you want? mike: i think that there will be trouble had. anyway. let's show you what is happening around the tri-state region. one more mile day. that is what we have for you. there could be some afternoon showers. it will turn cooler for you tomorrow. we have to truck a coastal storm coming through here. that one could have not only rain, but still out there, too. watch this closely. passaic county. it could head over to rockland county. not holding together real well. most of what we see today will be later on this afternoon. fortier that central park.
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bridgeport, partly cloudy skies. there you can see on the radar satellite, that little tiny blip. just a quick shower that comes in. getting out of the picture fairly quickly. we are not in the clear for a while here today. here is what we see. clouds start popping up. high temperature gets up to 65 degrees today. a high of 55 tomorrow. showers mainly in the afternoon. rain and snow chance comes through again sunday into monday. let's bring in ines and see what she's got. >> good morning, mike. we did have a problem on the bruckner.
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normal delays on the cross bronx. let's go to our cameras. with the trains, running on or close. street cleaning rules barbara on or close. rosanna: beautiful day for a parade. greg: happy st. patrick's day, everyone. greg: the cardinal comes out of those big front doors of st. patrick's cathedral.
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. greg: u2 is an irish band. rosanna: did you know our friend niles rodgers. greg: how about that. the brooklyn bridge looks just fine.
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built on sand. it is not built on bedrock, it is built on sand. that is a little bit dicey. rosanna: 7:21 a.m. less talk about that limo crash that killed four young women on long island last summer. greg: charged with multiple counts. last july, his limousine was carrying eight young women. it was broadsided by a pickup truck as he was making a u-turn here it is line of vision was bought. he failed to take any precautions whatsoever or to take any action to make sure
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westbound travel lanes. the driver of the pickup truck, he was charged with drunk driving. he was released without bail during the summer. that was a sad story. rosanna: i know. we also have dramatic video footage this morning. two prison inmates escaping from the roof via a hijack helicopter. greg: it took, by the way, a long time, for this to actually rosanna: the guy is holding on for dear life. the guards there, guess what, they do not have guns. here is a helicopter flying off. these guys were captured a short time later.
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we knew the story, but now we're seeing the video. greg: holding onto that for dear life. jared fogel. he is lucky. he was attacked in prison. he got a broken nose. i heard that they really hit him pretty hard. greg: he was sent to prison. child pornography and underage prostitutes. someone named jimmy -- said his uncle is proud of the attack even though it landed him in solitary confinement.
7:24 am
he is serving a 15 year sentence. greg: holcombe. good the woman who had sex with him on video, we heard from her. rosanna: she said that he and the whole -- she and the hulk had sex at least three times in did not know that she was being filmed. she felt that, in her opinion, the holcombe like the publicity. gawker maintained maintains that it is protected by the first amendment. she said that she had no idea that her husband was videotaping their sex. greg: once hosted the 9:00 o'clock hour here. nice guy. we will see how this works out.
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they are going to basically not have the whales on display anymore. rosanna: they have come under fire. it looked like the death of one of the trainers. it will now focus on more left the operations and giving homes to animals that cannot return to the wild. >> they will not be predictive in cup to the deep. >> it is amazing to see. rosanna: they will not be putting on the shows. greg: shampoo. one of them was called shampoo. rosanna: every single one of them. greg: it was really nice.
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rosanna: 7:25 a.m. a little luck of the irish today. we hope that it rubs off on you, too. the sun will come up at some point. it is mild temperatures. greg: this version of fly like an eagle is awesome.
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greg: i do not know if this counts as classic rock. the statue of liberty was the same as it was yesterday. rosanna: i think for our own good, by the way. we will shimmy down. greg: one thing you may not
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on that island all alone. greg: i don't know. i would like to see more people around. greg: to have that to yourself, that would be pretty great. we want to wish you a happy st. patrick's day and a happy birthday. mike: this is a lucky day for me. i had my first job in tv. >> i didn't realize you were such an old-timer. mike: happy st. patrick's day to you. a lot of sunshine out there right now. temperatures will be pretty warm. we do have some isolated showers
7:31 am
more on that in a bit. there is the radar. you can see the showers. passaic county, bergen county. just a little tiny bit of that holding together. anything else that you see. you are more likely to see more about popping up later on this afternoon. wind coming in from the west, fourth west. we have 44 in philly. 44 degrees in buffalo. we have what looks to be a weak little disturbance. there will be a better chance for more to pop through here as the trough is lingering over the northeast region.
7:32 am
kind of all over the northeast. not guaranteed to see showers, but there will be some here and there. trying to come and give us another round of showers. also, the general trend will be with the wind coming from the north. the cooler air will be taking over tomorrow through the weekend. things get interesting early through the week. we are looking pretty warm. isolated showers. tomorrow, you will see a high of 55. dryer and cooler on saturday. high of only 39 degrees with the rain / snow mix coming in. that may even bring some accumulation here in the tri-state. okay.
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see what we have. ines: good morning, mike. he prepared for delays. there was an earlier accident. now there is an accident on the northbound side. they bqe, eastbound, westbound, one lane blocked with an accident. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. and accident by the verrazano bridge. as for the trains, running on or close to schedule. >> thank you so much. frank sinatra junior has died. he died while he was on the road touring.
7:34 am
>> 72 years old. >> at one point, he was the band leader. he had been on this show a couple years ago. at times, he had a difficult time. when he was a teenager, he was actually kidnapped. >> he said, that really hurt him, that kind of talk. >> i think of my generation, when i came along in the early 60s. the type of music had moved on to another kind of music. all he kind of new. he knew it very well.
7:35 am
timing which was brilliant. >> there was a pic audience for it. his father, by the way, died at the age of 98. we will know more later in the show. >> new work will begin testing students for lead poisoning at two schools. >> testing the water. now they are testing the students. thirty public schools of thought to have lead levels above the limit. >> adding to fear and anger, officials knew about the elevated levels back in 2012. this letter is from the school district. it details the levels from that >> what we are not going to do
7:36 am
months and years and years. >> they need to go put some money into the schools. fix the piping in the schools. rosanna: during spring break next year, there will be one in each site where they can have their parents tested for free. >> we may have our own lead problem in new york city. making false claims to the government about exposure to high levels of lead. >> the city's attorney says the department of health is cooperating with the investigation. >> okay. some people taking a boat to
7:37 am
>> it will happen next summer. the ferries. in 21 different neighborhoods and six routes. it will be the same as a subway ride. there will not be any free transfers. the staten island ferry will continue to operate separately. it will shut down in the face of this new competition. >> i am sorry to hear this. >> we will see. out. though pause the hotel. a new york jim and closure. billionaire brothers pulled the
7:38 am
foreclosure auction. have you been to the dream downtown? >> i have. it is a hotspot. greg: you know that i have a club kid. there is a great food court under the hotel. rosanna: they will both serve as collateral. after the properties current owner. greg: let's go outside and see what is happening. rosanna: okay. what time are you marching? greg: it is kind of cool.
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rosanna: where were you going? greg: back then, the lovely iraq. i was there close to a year. >> were you ever scared out of your mind? >> most of the time that i was there. war is like endless boredom. followed by a few seconds of sheer terror. >> our thanks to the men and women that are in the military. >> a frightening situation. 7:42 a.m. mike: a pretty quiet morning.
7:43 am
here are your averages for today. dropping down to 46 at one point. up around passaic county. over towards bergen county and rockland county. it does not look like it is going to produce a whole lot here at generally speaking, a partly cloudy skies did things are pretty uniform. thirty-nine right now in monticello. wind is light and variable. rockland into northern westchester county. some quick showers will roll by. it should not be a big deal. you have loose granular conditions.
7:44 am
it is all kind of junk heap. anyhow, here is your planner for the day. shower chances pick up this afternoon. an impressive 65 degrees. dryer and cooler for you on saturday. then there is the rain / snow mix. the fox5 ny whether apple has daily and hourly forecasts on it. download it for free today. another birthday shout out to jacob. happy birthday. let's bring in ines. see what is happening. >> problem spots here and there. traffic a little stop and go. no major issues. let's take a look at our commute. traffic moving fine westbound and eastbound.
7:45 am
heading into the city. 495, heading towards the lincoln tunnel. greg and rosanna. >> thank you very much. duke is off. >> i have a soccer match. the rangers and anaheim. kevin kline. helping the rangers get back the ducks. already down one-zero here. he puts it on. rangers tie it at one. sending the puck in front of the net. the puck goes off. rangers take the two-one lead there.
7:46 am
going on late last night. in the first quarter, finding his groove. his three pointers on three straight holes i should. including 83 pointers. carmelo anthony hits the three. the knicks trailed by 14. that is the last time the knicks would get on the board. 121-85. sixty-one and six on the season. the madness is here. the pirates put on just a great show last weekend. beating villanova. they worked all season for this.
7:47 am
face gonzaga. >> it will be a tough first game. >> stony brook also plays tonight. hoping to shock kentucky in the east regional opener. >> we know that kentucky is an elite program. we're just going to do what we can and keep the game close. >> this is the scene. announced during the ncaa tournament. good for them. the midwest regional. playing number four seed.
7:48 am
thought they were upset at home. wagner of seven. taking the pass and landing it. burying the three-pointer. shocking. seventy-nine to 75. up five. delayed second half. tied the game at 80. last chance. half-court for the win. no good. winning 82-80. the madness is on. do you have your brackets ready?
7:49 am
>> those brackets are a racket. >> thank you. coming up on "good day new york." day. we will have a fashion show. fifty shades of green. greg: jimmy is over the verrazano bridge.
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>> 2001. daft punk. >> what is the old joke about staten island? staten island. >> please. why would you get the people of staten island upset right now. very funny. i have not forgotten that. i like it. some of my great friends live there. if you have any friends on
7:53 am
>> i have 550,000 friends on staten island. >> you are right about that. >> he is still out there doing his thing. guy, thanks for watching. >> from australia. you know, she keeps you waiting. the concert does not start on time. it starts hours later. the people in australia got a little furious with her. showed up to the concert more than three hours late. hundreds of angry fans left the venue by then. demanding refunds for their tickets. she joked that they had arrived too early.
7:54 am
her tardiness. you know that she shows up late for her concerts. greg: it is kind of rude. people have to work. it stands on the ticket. starts at 8:00 o'clock. you show up two or three hours later. >> love will keep us together. they go way, way, way back. they actually separated as a couple. they were married. >> out with a new memoir. did not know what love was. greg: basically, he was a cold fish.
7:55 am
what her husband told her to do. greg: i want to hear this music for a little bit. rosanna: supposedly she would write this music because she would hope to inspire. >> whatever. rosanna: she was trying to encourage him. she said that it was a loving relationship. let's talk about that musical coming this sunday. the passion live. the stars are on set. they are rehearsing. he was here on "good day new
7:56 am
>> it is going to be live. the story of jesus in the crucifixion told in a modern environment. listen to this. >> this is definitely very different than anything i have ever done before. i have never done a musical on television. >> telling a story of christ last hours on earth. a two-hour event this sunday. 8:00 o'clock. i cannot wait to see it. >> seal is going to be here. >> we are looking forward to meeting seal. what else do we have going? thank you for supporting "good day new york."
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re unpacking already?
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sure. (beep) hey... o.k. they' ll do. wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. the best part of wakin' up so, where do you want to start? i think this is a pretty good place.
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>> hello. welcome. >> i hope that you have the luck of the irish like we do. the temperatures will be way above normal. we're not going to worry about it for the parade, so. michael it's as though full for cost coming up. >> a fatal stabbing. >> the hacker group anonymous. and online war on april fools' day. helping them expose personal information. >> i would not want them messing with my computer. rosanna: the virus could spread to new york by this summer.
8:01 am
enough to allow this to my great farther north. we have an expert here. anything above 35 degrees is a problem. seek -- zika could be coming soon. st. patrick's day. a great big parade up fifth avenue. >> 11:00 o'clock. the cardinal will be there. >> we will celebrate st. patrick's day around here. fifty shades of green. >> michael, you know that hotspot in midtown manhattan. >> michael mccarthy. great irish food.
8:02 am
came last night. rather late. >> and interesting little imo gm cartoon form. do we have that? i think that we do. >> the cartoon version of itself. >> so pleasantly surprised. >> making it look somewhat like you. how about that book that you are offering in the middle of the night. >> we just got in on the action. >> all of the cool kids are doing it, mike.
8:03 am
there you go. a pot of gold. all right. happy st. patrick's day to you, everyone. >> it is the luck of the irish and everyone. i am here to bring you the good news. it will be a beautiful day to get out there and enjoy your sunshine. possibly a rainbow out there, too. there it is. happy st. patrick's day. temperatures this morning starting off in the 40s. we will make it back into the 50s in no time. a high of about 65 degrees. there could be some showers popping up. your chance that rainfall is
8:04 am
central park. same thing for you in montclair. decent amount of cloud cover round. isolated showers. it is a real light one. not a big deal at all. showers and thunder showers. when you get these troughs, these little pieces of energy, they help to pick up a few little isolated showers and storms. our high temperature this afternoon goes up to about 55 degrees. tomorrow, more afternoon showers as a cool push of air comes in. taking a hit. look at that on sunday. that is not just rain. coastal low coming through the tri-state region.
8:05 am
the first days of spring. let's bring back ines now. >> we still have to go to work this morning. in the bronx, you have your normal delays on the cross bronx as well as the deegan. this is affecting your commute on the grand central parkway. let's go to our cameras. take a look at the staten island expressway. there was an earlier accident that contributed to the normal delays there. traffic here inching along on laguardia. trains are running on or close to schedule. greg and rosanna. >> tanks a lot. a fatal stabbing. rosanna: it happened just before 9:00 o'clock last night.
8:06 am
the run this morning. teresa priolo is at the subway station. what is going on, teresa? >> the investigation continues into the stabbing. people up here saying what gives. when will this all stop? according to police, a 53-year-old man was stabbed in the neck and upper back while selling natural slice a few blocks away. he was bleeding profusely. he collapsed here at the 110th street stop. the paramedics rushed in. he did not make it. now his attacker is on the loose. as a matter of fact, you look at
8:07 am
are up 20%. there have been 10 slashings or stabbings each day. we took this information to the people here in harlem and here's what they have to say about it. >> that is scary. that is really scary. i have to worry about my children. it is really scary. it is scary for you, it is scary for me. it is scary for everybody. >> we need more protection around here, really. >> are you concerned about your safety? >> yes, i am. >> it happened that night o'clock at night. this was a well populated, well
8:08 am
a lot of these attacks, they have been able to rely on surveillance video. they are pulling that video in there hoping it allows them to identify the person responsible. >> a fifth grader brought a loaded gun to school after a fight with a classmate. >> the boy is 11 years old. grandfather. school safety officers quickly the grandfather was arrested for criminal possession of a weapon. the boy was not charged. he was 11 years old. working with police and the parents to make sure that everyone feels safe. >> today is st. patrick's day.
8:09 am
let's go check out the parade. up fifth avenue in a couple of there are highlights from last year's parade. >> the gay and lesbian groups will be able to march under their own banners. >> this is very cool. this is the front lawn of the white house. look at what they did. kerry drew. i wonder if she is wearing the green today. >> i know. every year i wear the green. i remembered on my way to work that i forgot. >> a little shamrock pin or something that they can lend you. >> that is what i thought.
8:10 am
and estimated 2 million people gathered. we are expecting that big of a crowd once again this year. the barricades already up. this is going to be a big crowd this year. mary dubois zero will be marching for the first time. he boycotted the event in years past. organizers said that they would allow gay and lesbian groups to march under their banners. u.s. senator george mitchell. he is an army veteran. the parade is in its 255th year. it will begin at 11:00 a.m. many streets in this area will be closed off during that time. something else that you will see, one of the cars that carried pope francis during his visit last year will drive that
8:11 am
past st. patrick's cathedral. if you are heading into the city by train, make sure that you do not ring any alcohol. the mta is banning all. earlier, we caught up with some people that will be celebrating st. patrick's day including an irish guy. >> it is nice. a big city like new york. >> how will you be celebrating st. patrick's day? >> every morning i come in early. happy st. patrick's day to all. all.
8:12 am
that is good news. last year st. patrick's day was very cold. right now, a very nice day for a parade. that is the latest live from here along the parade route. back to you. >> 11:00 a.m. it goes all the way until 430 in the afternoon. >> a long parade. wishing kerry drew a happy easter. >> very easter -ish. >> let's talk about this new ad campaign. the new link nyc kiosk. >> turning the phone booths into the hotspot. a couple warnings like that. >> they also promote the
8:13 am
it calculates blood alcohol content. greg: actually wondering what your blood-alcohol content is, do not get in the car. >> i was reading another report. personal information on your website. you have to be careful. the government can use it against you at some point, if they want to. >> i am worried about j. crew. rosanna: and mickey dressed square. >> all right. we have this. a debate monday night with the republicans. donald trump said that he is not debating again. he is not showing up. they are scrapping the whole debate. >> donald trump said that he had a big speech.
8:14 am
israelis that night. john kasich said, i do not think that i'm going to do this either. rosanna: it could get interesting. they are considering doing a debate here in new york city next month. our primary will count. usually by the time they get here, everything is kind of decided. >> donald trump warned if he does not get the nomination, we could see more of this. he used the word. even people, people do not like donald trump. >> you know what, he has said and there is truth to the fact that millions of people are voting. they are coming out and having
8:15 am
it is because of them. some people coming out and voting. >> there has been plenty of pushing and shoving at plenty of his rallies. it is looking like a contested convention. if you do not get the nomination, they could be writing. computer hackers are warning that there could be total war.
8:16 am
representing anonymous. >> this is the free dump. our fellow activist throughout the world. >> donald trump has been hackers before. temporarily banning muslims from entering the u.s. >> what was that movie that came out? v is for vendetta. good movie. >> donald trumps campaign. nobody is commenting. >> natalie portman. >> kind of nice guy in his own way. >> sea world is phasing out its killer whale shows. my parents brought us when we were younger. >> i remember. >> they are phasing out those shows.
8:17 am
a lot of people do not like what they hear about how these whales are treated. >> the treatment of mammals since the film plaque -- it will now focus more on rescue operations. you can buy fish and feed it to the dolphins. >> wonderful childhood memory of mine. >> they will not be showed. you will see the whales in their natural habitat. greg: all right, mikey. what is up? >> we are just waiting for spring. we are ready for some spring like weather to come to us, too.
8:18 am
coming up for you. will it feel like spring? wait and see on that one. maybe not. forty-eight in central park. forty-five in bridgeport. wind is kind of on the lighter side. generally from the west around five-7 miles per hour. it is now dying out. scooting to the east. it did not produce a whole heck of a lot. that helps to give a little additional lift. certainly not everyone gets that rainfall. do not be surprised if you do get a pop-up shower.
8:19 am
high temperature gets up to about 65 degrees. for most of the day, it is pretty drive. i am only 43. it is a push back to winter on the first day of spring. daily and hourly forecast. it is ready for you. let's bring in ines now. >> some hotspots out there. you are seeing your normal delays on the freeway. your new jersey commute, 280. normal delays. same thing goes for the parkway both directions. north of 280, u.s. slowdowns. 106-107. as for the george washington
8:20 am
495, that is backed up. forty-five-did he. you do have some delays headed towards the port authority. greg and rosanna. >> thank you. we talked about dolphins. what about seals. >> talking about a human's being whose name is seal. talking about the singer. joining us right here on "good day new york." >> on fox on with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99.
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rosanna: what is this? greg: going today and buy a shamrock shake.
8:24 am
rosanna: that is so nice. it was invented in 1957. way to go. viewing it nationally. i know you are not counting calories. it is more than a big mac. relatively new addition. why not splurge. >> hi, guys. go back to the future. marty mcfly. so flying shoes are becoming a reality. one in three colors are called the hyper adapt one point oh. i have no idea how much they are going to cost. they automatically untied.
8:25 am
you have to charge your shoes. you have to be a nike member. what does that mean? >> just subscribed. rosanna: i got e-mails from them. >> i remember. rosanna: they usually run. you can get sneakers from nike from less than map. greg: you look great. >> thank you. coming up on "good day new
8:26 am
did you know that she was also a new jersey native? a new movie. washed up: pn. the big dang theory. great show. >> she and her husband wrote and produced it. she has a scene. i cannot tell you about it right
8:27 am
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greg: now this is a song. listen to this. kind of the fancy version of the paparazzi song. rosanna: it makes you feel like dancing. greg: lady gaga that performed once in this room live on "good day new york."
8:30 am
greg: yes i do. hard to think of it. just dance. we are looking around new york city today. it is st. patrick's day. mike and i, got dressed up in skirts. you are seeing mike's legs and knees. let's see here. rosanna: you guys are looking good. jeremy lin was playing with the knicks. >> yes, lin insanity. 2012ish. mike: i loved that. greg: no. there was a special under wear i didn't get involved with. rosanna: if you are concerned why mike doesn't have green on. he's wearing the green. you just can't see it.
8:31 am
greg: what you did was a crime. he showed us his underwear. mike: you asked. greg: we said show us the green. rosanna: don't ask again. mike: maybe i will tweet it. greg: well, what's up? mike: we have sunshine out there for the time being, mixed in with the clouds. a few showers earlier and thousand things are looking better for us. if you are headed out to the parade, well it is a good looking one. 58 is the start off temp at 11:00 in the morning along 5th avenue. you don't need the umbrella for a few hours. high temp up to 65. that is warm for this time of the year. it is 48 central park.
8:32 am
37 in monticello. it is a quiet start to the day. isolated over new jersey. more isolated storms ares possible for the afternoon. we have area of low pressure and a trough trying to deep things going in terms of pots -- spots of rain here and there. high of 65 today. 55 tomorrow. cooler on saturday. rain snow mix coming through on sunday into monday. so that might make for a tricky monday. a couple of birthday shout outs here as well. first of all desiree. cute as can be. and regina. it is a beautiful day out there. now to ines and she's going to
8:33 am
good morning, ines. ines: good morning. this is westbound by the triborough bridge. the traffic is jammed up. in queens, an accident on the bqe. the traffic is backed up to the grand central that is westbound passing la guardia. over fdr, southbound normal delays. northbound okay. george washington bridge driving into the city 40 minutes upper. 20-30 on the lower 495 lincoln tunnel 40-50. holland tunnel 15-20. trains running on or close to schedule. street cleaning rules in effect. greg: happy st. patrick's day to ines and everyone else. we are getting ready for the
8:34 am
a beautiful tradition started in new york about 10, 12 years ago. look at this. ray kelly, rosanna, quite a dish. how about megyn kelly. category. how about keith kelly? rosanna: yes. he dishes. greg: we have everybody is a kelly. rosanna: and gene kelly's music. greg: well, a couple of years ago keith kelly start add group of some what prom nant kelly's. too. greg: we raise money for a good cause and getting together a couple of times a year. this started in 2003 when michael kelly, he was a
8:35 am
we have a picture of michael in iraq, just days before he died. he was killed in action in iraq. keith kelly had a great idea to raise money for his family. this started years ago. ed kelly the boss, the chairman of the kelly gang and keith kelly from the new york postand founding member of the kelly gang. welcome back to "good day new york." great job last night. >> thank you for having us here. rosanna: last night you raised money. what do they do with the funding? >> they are putting to the various programs, mentoring, educating, feeding, they serve ten thousand children a year through the programs in the south bronx and east bronx as well. greg: that is fabulous. keith, what is great about being a kelly?
8:36 am
name. we like to give back to the community too. many of us have done well here in america and proud of it. greg: michael kelly, this kelly gang started after you got the news that michael was lost during the invasion in iraq. >> yes, he was missing and then he died. the first one we raised for the education fund and her older son is a freshman at george town university. the money spent. from that, we came together and saying do this every year and instead of raising for one charity, we have selected a new charity each year. usually one that has a kelly involvement. rosanna: have people tried to
8:37 am
if i came and i said i was rosanna kelly? >> you are in. greg: the big party last night, a lot of kelly's and a not of non-kelly's. we'll take the money from anybody. >> we had 18 different corporate spon ors and we generated a lot of funds. out pouring of appreciation for the needy. rosanna: it is a warm up party for the st. patrick's day parade? >> exactly. >> he's about the march. >> i am marching with my wife. greg: we have a feud, kelly or kelley. where do we stand on that? >> equal opportunity. >> yes.
8:38 am
he may have roman blood in him. >> here we go again. >> be careful, keith. she's trying to say -- >> she wants do about a kelly. rosanna: i am laying claims to st. patrick's day. >> that he was italian. >> he was kidnapped. greg: we love him, but, well. rosanna: sorry about the controversy here. greg: not to get political, but donald trump over the years is supportive of the kelly gang and how does he fit in here? >> well the first one, michael kelly's family up in boston and we had a hotel put up, and how will i get down. gee, i guess i will take the china town bus. what, the china town bus.
8:39 am
in war. what came through? >> donald trump, they threw the family down on the trump jet. they marched in the front of the parade. trump had to fly to europe but he booked a shuttle flight and someone from the office go to hotel get them, stay on the plane with them and bring them back. it was behind the scenes. he wasn't doing this for attention. he wasn't grand standing. he did it behind the scenes. greg: what is the media scoop, what is going on in the world? >> i'm off today, so. hopefully nothing. rosanna: congratulations. we appreciate you coming on. we wanted you to feel at home, last night at michael's in
8:40 am
they do a great job for us. rosanna: we are having them on and they are making corned beef and cabbage. greg: people talk about the media scene at michael's for lunch and they have great food. rosanna takes the cobb salad. by the way, kelly gang website. >> kelly gang still open. you can contribute any time. greg: you are great. thank you so much. great to be a kelly. keith kelly, ed kelly. rosanna kelly. welcome to mayor deblasio marching in the parade. >> seal is here and talking
8:41 am
8:42 am
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so pounce. go wild. chase that string. because this is odor control worth celebrating. introducing new fresh step with the power of febreze. greg: bxm 10. bronx. manhattan.
8:44 am
rosanna: along 5th avenue? greg: sure, stops all over town. rosanna: that is a long ways go. greg: that goes back a while. comfortable seats. rods roz sanna: roz the temperatures are beautiful for the parade. we have to worry about the zika virus, coming to new york by the summer? we are concerned about this. bit. you know, every time, it is like, it is in progress. greg: don't believe the hype. we have the expert. rosanna: dr. raj. this. rosanna: i'm concerned. i have do have family to worry about. >> sure, sure, it is an evolving story. there is concerns with the
8:45 am
cully be as risk in new york and l.a. because of the summer temperatures warm enough to host the types of mosquitos that are carrying the zika virus. this is coming out of the research, there is a chance, 45% chance that the summer temperatures on the east and west coasts is warm enough to make zika a real possibility. now a chance of an outbreak is relatively low. there are measures, getting rid of the mosquitos and the polls of standing water. it is a concern in new york where people are travelling here from around the world. it could bite a person infected with zika and transmit it to someone else. it is concerning for women
8:46 am
pregnant. it is likely now they are seeing so many cases in south and central america. greg: where is the kid they don't want people having kids. >> el salvedor. rosanna: i have a friends whose son is getting married on a caribbean island and people are not going because of they are planning on getting pregnant. greg: is that what they are recommending? recommending that. as close as miami people are warning the patients not to do if they are pregnant. greg: all right, well they are going to have a great time. rosanna: yes, the ones going have have a great time. >> global warm something having a lot of affects we didn't
8:47 am
greg: global warming, rosanna. she doesn't necessarily believe in it. rosanna: i believe in global warming and climate patterns. does that make sense to you? greg: your inconsistency makes sense to me. rosanna: of course, we have the extremes going on in the world. greg: something crazy is happening. rosanna: we are moving on before somebody goes off the rail. greg: we have a rerun episode. rosanna: lainy here. did you see the big fat break wedding. so i have seen it a million times and now the big fat greek wedding two is coming out. and laney is here.
8:48 am
one of the coolpperks of this place is you can eat as muchpcereal as you want.
8:49 am
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rosanna: this is river dance. greg: hold on. it is a boxing match. rosanna: no, it is not. it is river dance. greg: this is boxing. could be a punching bag. nope, it is river dance. what else is going on? rosanna: boy oh boy having a emotional time in court, she's confronting her stalker in court and he's acting as greg: that is not a good idea.
8:52 am
as manhattan supreme court and peppered her with sexual questions. greg: she's a great singer and this guy is harassing her allegedly. rosanna: you continuously tweeted over and over again disjusting and disrespect things to me. greg: that is what twitter is all about. rosanna: this guy was convicted for stalking her mom and in jail since 2013 violating a restraining order and posing for a picture with her sister. he's charged with a felony stalking this time around. greg: fabio the italian model, there he is, a lot of commercials and on the front of
8:53 am
tend to read. rosanna: now he's a u.s. citizen. greg: he's become a legal u.s. citizen. rosanna: he said in a statement that it is one of the happiest days of his life. greg: i was thinking about him the other day, we haven't seen him. rosanna: you must have been buying butter in the grocery store. i can't believe it's butter. it's not butter. whatever it is. greg: what else? roz ross melissa rauch from the big bang theory, she has a new movie called the bronze. it is funny. she and her husband wrote it and produced it. it is cool. we'll talk let the games begin.
8:54 am
and the pageantry of medieval times. tickets starting at just $29.95.
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rosanna: carol, it is you will about you. thank you for saying nice things about us on facebook. greg: thank you, carol. seal, the singer, interesting
8:57 am
passion coming up. rosanna: what about the actress lainey. she's here. greg: also, it is st. patrick's day. we have the parade happening shortly. rosanna: we have the 50 shades of green. greg: shamrock shake and the weather guy. we built our factories here because of a huge natural resource. not the land. the water. or power sources. it' s the people. american workers. they build world-class products. and that builds communities. and a better future. for all of us.
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rosanna: ah. greg: ah, what? rosanna: it is a beautiful day out there, the temperatures in the 60s. it is a beautiful day for a parade. greg: settle down with the camera. this is u2. rosanna: and you too, greg. happy st. patrick's day. greg: yes, it is a spectacular day. i encourage you to try out the shamrock shake at mcdonald's. it is a treat.


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