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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 17, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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rosanna: ah. greg: ah, what? rosanna: it is a beautiful day out there, the temperatures in the 60s. it is a beautiful day for a parade. greg: settle down with the camera. this is u2. rosanna: and you too, greg. happy st. patrick's day. greg: yes, it is a spectacular day. i encourage you to try out the shamrock shake at mcdonald's. it is a treat.
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for one in the rockaways. rosanna: 660 kol calories. it is worth it. by the way, corned beef and cabbage, coming up, michael from michael's restaurant is cooking up lye for us. greg: we are going live to dublin. rosanna: are they celebrating? greg: yes. i love the green. rosanna: thank you, by the way people are saying it is looking blue on tv. greg: this is the real deal. it is kelly green. rosanna: yes, it is. the camera is reading it wrong. thank you. greg: she always claims that st. patrick was a italian. rosanna: he was captured by the irish.
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time to go to ireland. rosanna: time to stop fighting. greg: they are having a good time. rosanna: five or six hours ahead. greg: i believe it is five. rosanna: it is 2:00 there. perfect for a pint. greg: back in new york city, the parade, the mayor is going to march after being high maintenance about it. rosanna: he wasn't high maintenance. he was concerned that gay and lesbian groups were not allowed to march under their own banner. they are allowed this year. greg: we love everyone. when you are a mayor, it is a tough job. no matter where you go.
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along the way. frank sinatra junior is dead at the age of 72. rosanna: i didn't know he was suffering from a heart ailment, but the family put of the message last night. they said you know they are sad to say that frank junior had died. he had a tough life. greg: yes, he had some challenges. listen to his music for a little bit, if we could. born in 1944 in jersey city. growing up as the son of frank sinatra had to be a bit of a challenge. very long shadow. then frank junior goes into the music business. what this he was kidnapped, frank junior kidnapped.
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greg: held for ransom? rosanna: some thought at the time - a publicity stunt. he was coming out with music at that time. greg: 1963, harris lake tahoe, he was held, the father paid $240,000 in a ransom. rosanna: in this day and age, that is over a million dollars. greg: the kidnappers were captured and went to jail for a long time. some people thought it was a publicity stunt. rosanna, that really impacted frank junior. he felt there was a stigma around him. rosanna: there was. he sounded so much like his dad. it had to be tough to follow in his footsteps. his father asked him to put aside his own ambitions and come
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and conductor and he did that. frankie junior learned the elington. greg: here he is on "good day new york." this is one of those proximity guests. not okay i am going to learn this, but being near him. rosanna: six degrees of separation. or one degree. rest in peace. greg: he was married once and had a child, michael sinatra. 72, that is young. rosanna: yes, has a massive heart attack and not being able to be revived. rest in peace. greg: mikey has the weather for us. mike: good morning, we are looking forward to hopefully
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we have an isolated shower over northwest northwest new jersey. still a trough of low pressure is working the tristate region and tlefr we are going to have the risk of showers and storms that could be popping up throughout the day. 58 at 11:00 this morning. up to 63 by 2:00 p.m. it is a long parade, 4:30 this afternoon, yeah, we are looking at partly cloudy skies and a few showers and storms. 50 degrees in central park right now. 50 also in poughkeepsie. 39 monticello. it is fairly mild. the winds are coming in from the west at 3-7 miles per hour. and that's going to continue to bring you milder temperatures. temperatures above normal for a
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it looks like we are keeping it mild today and tomorrow we are going to have a better chance of showers coming on through. here's what's happening. the cold front came through yesterday and that cleared the area, but the main area of the low pressure and spinning and pieces of energy coming through, when they come by, we have a cans of scattered showers, especially in the afternoon. we had one small one popping up early this morning and more action is popping up to the west of us and coming out of nowhere, afternoon. just be aware of that. now a look at the futurecast, we showers to pop up. is it going to be a widespread organized shower? no. back down through the northeast and pennsylvania and over into the ohio river valley, a scattering of showers and mainly light showers coming in and out
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that is today. headed to the tomorrow, a push of cooler air coming down from showers. that keeps us on the wet and also cooler side. the temps are taking an it h for tomorrow and cooler for the weekend. this cool air is setting the stage for what could be a wintry mix next week. this afternoon a few storms are possible. you have to 65. tomorrow 55 with a few showers. the next storm there, coming to us, a coastal storm bringing a rain snow mix on sunday and monday. drying out after that. it is an interesting looking extended forecast. rosanna: all right, we are excited, we have seal with us and taking on a controversy role. greg: the one and only seal.
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sunday night. seal plays bad guy. the one that thumbs down on jesus. seal, welcome to "good day new york." great to meet you. >> thank you, what an introduction? greg: did that work for you? >> well, i will tell you. rosanna: it is role. are you concerned about playing this role? >> no, not in terms of repercussions. i want to do a really good job. greg: i know you will. by the way, it is confusing to some of the people, it is told in a modern motif. >> it is a classic story but in a modern setting and i sing a couple of songs, one being mad world and we don't need another hero.
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that's unbelievable. okay. pontias pilot. >> i believe there is a cause and affect. this is interesting. gleg greg we normally go to a clip. but it is live. it is going to be unepisode. the z a live performance. it is a lot of moving parts. anything can happen. rosanna: are you nervous? >> it is a healthy nervousness. it is live. people are asking, are you nervous because it is live, no, i'm not. to the point where it is not a problem. it is a normal gig. it is like a live performance.
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we are trying to get him nervous. [laughter] >> you don't have to try. i can do that. rosanna: do you have a coach? do you know your lines? ie bumped in william h. macy, and he gave me tips. i am in good hands. greg: good luck. don't blow it. we know you want. seal, by the way -- >> you are slowing down the gauntlet. >> greg: yes. >> you threw me a challenge. rosanna: you are going to do great. when are you going to new orleans? >> i leave today. rosanna: have you done rehearsals? >> i have learned the lines. we do the first dress rehearsal tomorrow and one more after that. it is going to be fine. it is only acting. greg: right, no one is going to die. seal, you grew up in london?
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greg: not on purpose. >> i grew up in londons, 27 years in london and moved to las vegas and been living there 26 years. greg: when did you start singing? >> well, my first recollection of performing live was when i was 11 i sang a johnny nash i can see clearly. it was my teacher who i adored. he put me on the stage. everyone clapped after wards and i never forgot that feeling, that was the place i was trying to get back to. rosanna: you grew up in foster family hopes, right? >> well, 0-4 was a great foster family. they had four kids of their own.
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biological mother for two years and my father and my stepmother, who i am closest to from age six to 16. >> rosanna: so you jumped around a little bit. but you are grounded and it hasn't really -- >> grounded, oh, that's a tall order. am i grounded, well i try to be. but you know, often when born into a situation like that and moved around, that can be a blessing in a funny kind of way, it depends on what you take from it. obviously, my growing up led me to this place and i consider myself very fortunate. greg: the name seal, it is unique. was it your given name.
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teased at school. people would go -- rosanna: your children, four, any of them have musical abilities? >> they are all creative. my son henry has an incredible voice. rosanna: how old is he? >> he's ten. rosanna: he may follow in your footsteps. >> whenever he does that makes him happy. do the thing that you love. that in itself is a privilege. if you are able to do that, you are winning. greg: you are grounded. how about this, what is something you do, hobby, nothing to do with music. >> photography. i love photography. i shoot cameras and have been for the last 28 years, i love cameras.
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i collect photography recently my lady bought me an incredible print. i was fortunate. rosanna: so nice. greg: that is from a photographer? >> regarded as a god father of i guess modern day photography. greg: how thoughtful of her. >> yes, very much so. rosanna: what about the music? >> i did a collaboration with a great young talent. rosanna: yes, i saw that. >> i am doing a few other collaborations, album out called seal 7. i am touring that very soon.
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as i go along. it is a different order. greg: would you ever do a private party? >> yes. rosanna: are you inviting him to a party? >> i sort of do. my brother and i do a thing, called the saloon, it is open house and people come in and jam, musicians, so anyone from lana delays ray to jay-z on any given night. so that's kind of like a party. greg: where is this? >> if i told you, i would have to kill you. rosanna: listen, i have to admit, i love the kiss from a rose. if i gave you a kiss from this rose, will you sing me a line or
9:17 am
>> yes, yes, that's an offer i can't refuse. greg: now seal, i like a pray for the dying, how about a firm hand shake? i do love that song a lot. >> well, thank you. greg: it really spoke to me. i am seeing you 20 years later, it is a nice moment for us. good luck sunday night. rosanna: can't wait to see you. >> i can't wait to play the role. rosanna: break a leg figuratively. come back and visit us again, please. >> i will. greg: we have a couple of iphone pictures.
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greg: happy st. patrick's day. this is a cool idea, the 50 shades of grey. rosanna: oh, yes. wept to see the movie. greg: the movie out about a year ago. rosanna: a little boring. 50 shades of green. greg: we are doing it, a fashion show, 50 shades of green. it is st. patrick's day. rosanna: we love her. she's got her own line. can anybody wear green? green. army green, kelly green. greg: yes, bring in the look.
9:22 am
this is gorgeous alli. you can wear this today time affair and going into the evening. i love it. this is greg kelly green. rosanna: it is really pretty and photographs very nice. lace is in? >> very in. necklace. this is $80 and with a nude shoe my steve madden. greg: well, you look great. >> thank you. rosanna: what else? >> this is military chic. this is army green. greg: we didn'ts have her in the army. rosanna: greg, you are at attention. greg: perhaps you you would like to be drafted.
9:23 am
fabulous with a chunky heel. greg: fabulous. rosanna: we kiss them if they are irish. >> yes. greg: leave her alone. >> this is jessica. this is emerald green. greg: look at that. rosanna: working the runway. >> she's like a super hero. this is from revy boutique. rosanna: where is that? >> only. they have a store in new jersey. $219. this is great for a wedding cocktail party. rosanna: it is hiding, even if you have a booty, well, it is
9:24 am
like to show it. greg: bootie 101. >> it is with a great high heel and check out the mermaid green handbag. rosanna: that is cute, that bag. greg: the hair do is retro. >> yes, fabulous. greg there she goes. >> great. now we have lime green. rosanna: oh, that's cute. >> jet set to a vacation. slit. greg: where, club med? >> st. martin. this is beautiful. we paired with jewelry. boho jewelry. >> what is that?
9:25 am
>> oh, short. we shorten it. it is sounds sexy. greg: all right, you are looking great. next. >> here we have fabulous melissa in a jump suit. this is green and navy. rosanna: is this your line? >> yes, $89. jump suits a happening and very 70s. greg: is this greg kelly green? >> yes. mixed with navy. gold high heel. all the jewelry is like $30. shoes are steve madden as well. they lace up. glade yater effect. with the lace up. greg: up the leg. rosanna: all right, ladies come on bag.
9:26 am
you can be christian o' grady. rosanna: put on that. greg: i look like robin. i want to be batman. rosanna: what is your website? >> >> are you full time models? >> they are full time cheerleaders. rosanna: where? >> your first name and hometown. i'm from pearl river new york and i'm a student. >> karina from new york and i work down stairs. >> nice to meet you. >> you too. >> christy and i work for a
9:27 am
>> i'm a co-founder for new and upcoming travel company. >> excellent. >> jessica, i'm in the fashion industry. >> excellent. >> thank you all for attending our little party. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> thank you. coming up, you know her as bernadette on the big bang theory. melissa rauch is taking on a divent role. by the way, she wrote it with her husband. >> the bronze.
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mmmm, yoplait. greg: one of the most successful shows big bang theory. it is a great cast. melissa is in bed there. she's from our neck of the woods. she started in new york and has a new movie called the bronze, check this out. >> rise and shine.
9:31 am
games. >> you lead a glamorous life. i'm a star. i am dancing with the stars, not dancing with the coach. >> that's there. now i see it. >> is it true they take down your breath. rosanna: this looks funny. >> thank you. greg: that is fantastic. melissa rouch wrote this. rosanna: with your husband and produced it with her husband. >> thank you. rosanna: where'd you come up with the idea? >> i got the idea with my husband at a mall in new jersey. we went back to the mall to visit my parents, well, not that
9:32 am
i went up to the pretzel stand. he pretended like he didn't know me and didn't give me a pretzel. we started to talk about that and what does it to to psych and the idea was birthed out of that. greg: very cool. remember the cool that didn't get the gold and made a face, like that. rosanna: we had her on the show. >> yes, amazing gymnast. rosanna: i heard, so you and your husband wrote this together and produced it but they didn't want you as a main character. >> yes, that is true. we had interest from a new of the producers and they wanted to do it and could make more money if put another actress in the role. roz ross who were thinking of?
9:33 am
we held on and rocked it. like rocky. greg: good for you. you are a perfect gymnast. >> thank you. rosanna: the other thing, it is funny. but you have a real raunchy sexy. >> yes, you are welcome. rosanna: your husband wrote the scene? >> yes, i have a great husband, he's standing behind the monitor. that is great, another take. greg: oh, maybe he's into that. that is his business and yours. hit the take. >> talk about your stage presence. you need it amp it up in toronto. welcome in advance. i will show you how to be judge bait.
9:34 am
when you hit the move, your face needs to be having as much fun as the body. this move is all about sass. we are bouncing, bouncing, i never had this much fun bouncing. do you think this is funny? the judges are scoring you. rosanna: funny. greg: it is coming out tomorrow fantastic. rosanna: your parents must be so proud? >> they are excited. they are living in jersey and watching now, hi. i was nervous about the sex scene. i was nervous how they were going to take it. this is great, sex sells. >> they haven't seen it yet? >> no, they are seeing tonight. >> are you sitting next to them? >> yes, i may put a camera on
9:35 am
>> where'd you grow up? >> near monmouth county. i did community theatre there. brookdale arts camp. greg: one day you came to the big city? >> yes, i moved to the city to go to college. i did stand up here. i was one of the people in times square that handed out the flyers on the streets. no. greg: what was the big break? >> info commercial. i had big 80s hair. i was so excited. very excited. i shot here. >> are you on easy street now and the roles are coming to you? >> well, being an actress never ending certainty, but i am thrilled that big bang picked up
9:36 am
greg: your great grandchildren are set. that is a megahit. i hope you are. the bronze is coming out tomorrow. it is a real pleasure. >> thank you so much. great to be here. >> say hi to mom and dad. >> hello. >> coming up on "good day new york", the sequel of my big fat greek she's here. i won'teder if she brought the (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... shift your thinking about buying
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greg: my big fat greek wedding, it was a mega hit. everybody was anticipating a sequel. rosanna: i have to say, i thought about it a million times. so much fun to watch it. greg: finally, the sequel has arrived. rosanna: it took a while. >> my big fat greek wedding two. she's an amazing actress and been around in all of kinds of stuff, tv, stage, and movies and native new yorker. i hope she pulls it off the second time. rosanna: what'd you mean?
9:40 am
how do you feel about it? >> it is great. rosanna: what is the drama in the second part? >> i can't tell you. it is about me. rosanna: what about the windex? >> it is a little part. it is in there an aside. so it is a repetitious part. it is a continuation. greg: wow, a long time since the first movie. that was a big hit. >> we would go to dinner, we are all good friends. i would say, when? and she would say not now. rosanna: she wrote it? >> the whole thing. rosanna: oh, i department know she was the primary writer on it. >> the only writer. rosanna: interesting. greg: well she did it.
9:41 am
when i adopted this little girl i understood mothering. she went in another direction. it gave her motivation to do this script. rosanna: is there a wedding? >> well. rosanna: lainey. greg: we have a little clip, we are playing a piece of the my big fat greek wedding two. it is coming out tomorrow. >> remember, not until your wedding tonight. tonight you protect the -- >> you said it. move on. >> there's more? >> of course. >> did you leave the car running? >> yes. >> eyes open and knee shut. if your knees are open, shut
9:42 am
rosanna: the women are getting raunchy there. >> i said to my granddaughter, watch the pulaki. rosanna: are you greek? >> no. greg: what is that? >> i don't know. i'm from brooklyn. i grew up. and i can't leave new york ever. i spend a lot of time on the west coast, not mresly. greg: why? >> there is no center. i feel kind of disem bodied, a little bit here and a little bit there. why stay there? >> my family is there. my grand daughter and grandson are there. i don't want to leave them.
9:43 am
as soon as my grand daughter graduates high school. greg: is there a secret to success. longevity. you have within working nonstop. what is your advice? >> study, study, study. study. find great teachers and study. i work at ucla. i teach at ucla. i love it. >> is acting like really feeling stuff. what is the method? when you want to be sad, you have to think about something sad. >> you are acting. you go inside of yourself. you do exercising to remember what it feels like to smell a lemon or taste it. there's more to acting than
9:44 am
there are sense memories. sensory memories. there are e megsal memories. yes, it is difficult. you take yourself and sit in a chair and go back to where ever you want to be and then you do it again and again, we are very pavloian. we are like dogs and cats. we know something triggers that particular emotion once you get the emotion inside of yourself. >> so you have to experience things in your life at some point, you have to live a life to act it? >> yes. >> i like that. >> are you doing anything in area? >> yes, ma'am. >> what are you doing? >> i'm singing again. >> what are you doing?
9:45 am
>> i have to go back. an and coming back? >> yes, april 3rd. >> are tickets available? >> yes, but it is doing well. >> you are going and coming back. >> no, april 3rd. >> what type of music? >> jazz. i have a jazz tri. i do songs from the american song book. it is wonderful. >> you are great. it is coming out a week from tomorrow. >> oh, no. i'm nervous. rosanna: it will be great. i can't wait to see it. >> coming up, we are celebrating st. patrick's day. o oh, i forgot. >> if you want, have a little corned beef. >> corned beef and cabbage and michael's restaurant.
9:46 am
they have great irish food. from the asian guy in the middle. >> hello michael. we a again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
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hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september,
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>> the home of the power lunch. michaels in midtown. rosanna: people want to be seen here. you never know who is sitting next to you. >> it could be our boss's boss's boss. sometimes you overlook the food. you shouldn't, it is delicious. rosanna: it is a clubhouse. >> you can be a regular person. they do the best irish food in town. really, really great stuff. corned beef and cabbage. salmon ant salmon and fish. the kelly gang party, we have it there every year. rosanna: we are going to meet everyone. michael, the owner. he's the lovely face that greets you. nice to see you.
9:50 am
nice to have you here. greg: michael, starting with you, how did michael's become a media hot spot? >> ten years before opening in new york, we have a michaels in santa monica. rosanna: i heard it is beautiful. >> yes, beautiful out doors. when i hoped, we had a lot within the neighborhood and all of the clients and agents would come and start out in the restaurant. it make a hot spot in 1989. we don't want the regular people freaked out. >> steve is the nicest and one york. well, try to dinner situation, it is fantastic. steve, have you ever told someone to get lost? >> yes, i have. it was you, greg.
9:51 am
i asked them poe litely to get out. >> i love the chef. are you doing the irish food. >> when we startd with the kelly gang, we learned to make the corned beef. he's curing it in the restaurant. >> greg: it is a great job. who taught you? >> this guy here. >> it makes sense. you have a new spring menu. yes, we are all about the green. the california food is about the vegetables and the green and the herbs. we have the dutch asparagus and the california gene, the fiber beans and the peas. >> are you making a side dish or a main dish? >> appetizer.
9:52 am
the jumbo green and whites with the beans, chives, and a little bit of american made prochutto. and cheese. >> steve, meanwhile, manning the door and working the room. rosanna: he's so working the room. greg: what is the secret to hospitality? >> you are dealing with amazing people in the restaurant. i deems awareness of what they are and what they are doing at the restaurant, making a deal or a serious thing with a client or someone in the company. >> you never forget a name. >> he doesn't forget a name and has something funny to say too. michael, i was going to ask you about the spring menu. i do love the cobb salad.
9:53 am
it is staying on the menu. i learned from sally cobb herself. >> is that true? >> yes, that is a true story. wow. >> what is going on top of the asparagus. >> what is that? >> white wine, butter sauce. >> ohh. >> peas. favas. along the middle. >> i need to work. i have to keep the options open. >> we know. on the verge. >> a little cheese. >> oh, thats looks good. a couple of slices. finish everything with chives. that's beautiful. a little salt and pepper.
9:54 am
wait, we shouldn't forget -- party city for the balloons. >> and the banner. >> they should do michaels. we'll be right back. >> see you at michaels. thank you. your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is
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it fuels her up with energy to help power through her morning. with jimmy dean delights, good mornings lead to great days. live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> you won't believe what i am about to tell you. my girls are always turned out. i give it to you straight. >> now here's wendy! [ applause ]


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