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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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which has worked for years to open up the parade for gays and lesbians marched today. >> after 25 years, today is a historic and joyful day as the irish lgbt group lavender and green alliance crosses an historic threshold and step on to fifth avenue. we've waited for this moment for 25 years. >> reporter: governor cuomo on fifth ave celebrating a historic event. >> it's a different day in new york for gay new yorkers and for gay americans and a lot of that started in this state. and that's going to be another proud chapter in the history of the state of new york. >> reporter: there were 200,000 marchers in the parade, a new york tradition since before the declaration of independence was signed. leticia james said we've come together. >> we're all one new york.
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white, we're all irish today. >> reporter: call it luck of the day. about 20 minutes after the parade stopped, the rain started pouring down and it just let up right before we went on the air. there. ernie: very nice. joe, tell us about the special visitor that lavender and green got today before the parade. >> edie windsor, whose supreme court case forced the federal government to legalize same-sex marriage across the country, she stopped by to wish brendon luck today. it's an historic day on all accounts. ernie: thank you for that report. all right. let's talk about some of the other headlines making news. newark's mayor claims that state officials knew about elevated levels of lead in public school drinking water for more than a decade but did nothing about it. earlier today voluntarily blood testing began for students at some of the 30 schools that
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lead lead. >> as a mom, you send your daughter to school to study and, you know, you heard something in the school. it's not good. ernie: lead has not been found in the city's water supply, blaming lead pipes and fixtures inside the affected schools for the problem. >> the feds are looking into whether or not new york city housing agencies filed false claims when they asked for federal money to address the lead paint concerns and other possible health issues at city shelters and housing projects. the health department has been ordered to turn over the records. governor cuomo is targeting zika after 49 cases have been confirmed now in new york state. officials will use special traps to capture and test mosquitos and use larvacide in infected areas. >> seaworld is phasing out its controversial killer whale shows.
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captivity. those living in there will be the very last. seaworld has come under fire recently for their treatment of killer whales. that's what's happening in the news. couldn't have been a better day for the st. patrick's day parade. beautiful. nick: mild temperatures in the low 60s. the rain showers held off until the end. ernie: perfect day. perfect day for new york city. i heard you talking about snow. i don't want to talk about that. nick: i do have to talk about it. because it is coming. it is my job. sometimes i have to deliver the good news and the bad news. and this is the snow threat that we started talking about the last two days. that's going to be for sunday. it looks like now it's an increasing higher chance that this is going to happen. 63 and 45 today. that's above average. we should be around 50 and 35. record high 75. record low 9.
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51 now. west. pressure 29.78, falling off of it. 66 at newark today. 63 poughkeepsie. about 60 as you went on to long island. 55 at monticello. and 60 in sussex. islip. the warm spot on the map, 54 on the east end, bridgeport, 55. mid 50s to the north and west. lower 50s now for most of the rest of the area. some of the showers have come through and cooled the temperature down. we'll see this westerly wind continue tonight. it will diminish in speed. figure about 10, 15 miles an hour or so. and tomorrow, it will pick up out of the west at 15, gusting to 30-plus miles an hour. here's the shower that came across the city. pretty good downpour as you head towards long beach on the island and scattered rain is approaching suffolk county. we'll see showers there. and a few scattered off to the west and the south here. as you look at the wide view on
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see this is advancing quickly and there are going to be shrinking in size, diminishing in cover. the wide view shows the showers off to the west falling apart. there's good news. the sky will start to become clear, clearing out, as the night goes along. we'll split the day tomorrow. to the north is the storm center and this cold front that will slip down. could trigger another shower tomorrow afternoon, but the significance of this front is it will drag down the colder air again. saturday will be a beautiful day, but it will be cold. another injection or stronger injection of the cold air will come in as we head into sunday. that's why we'll have problems for sunday afternoon and sunday night into early monday morning. 40s tomorrow morning out the door in the city. 40 in the suburbs. a good amount of sunshine. the clouds build up middle of the day. 52. there's the shower risk in the afternoon at 55. still above average for this time of year. watch as the front drops down with a couple of showers. you'll see saturday looking good.
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lower 40s for highs. starting out around freezing. there's the high pressure that will inject the colder air sunday. here comes the coastal system that will be moving to our south and east. not a good combination for the first day of spring as it will snow. the potential is there for maybe six inches of snow as we go into sunday night and monday morning. early showers and clearing. 45 in town. 40 in the burbs. tomorrow, showers in the morning and afternoon. a breezy 55. 43 and sunny on saturday. spring 12:30 sunday morning. monday morning. 43 monday. a nice recovery. better tuesday. we'll be in the 60s by thursday. ernie: nice. can only get better and better. nick: absolutely. ernie: coming up, think twice about what the stress of living in the city can do to you. that's right. new yorkers are living longer. we'll tell you why and how it depends on where you live coming up next. join us tomorrow for a look at york.
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difficult and it's made harder by the slow process for many in need. that's coming up tomorrow here at 6:00. and we'll be right back after
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ernie: welcome back. we love this city, but let's face it, life in new york can be hectic and stressful. you've got train delays, high rent and so much more. is it shaving years off your life? as arthur chi'en shows us, it's actually doing the opposite. watch. >> reporter: if you want to know how long someone's been a new yorker, try asking how inexpensive they remember a cup of coffee costing. >> i remember a cup of coffee was a nickel. >> reporter: or a ride on the subway. >> a nickel. >> reporter: it's a nickel? >> five cents. right. >> reporter: it's gone up a little. >> yeah. >> reporter: if you remember when anything cost a nickel in the city, you've probably been around a while, though maybe not as long as blanch at 95 years young. she and her friends at the senior center are winning a contest with each day, outliving the average american in her case by more than a decade and a half.
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>> i know it. >> reporter: perhaps counter interviewtive, but in a scene known for its stress, new yorkers are living longer than americans in the rest of the country and doing better than the rest of the state. >> people get a little older and more intelligent. certain factors of stress are decreased. >> reporter: this doctor has been practicing medicine for a long time now, tracking many of his patients for nearly 50 years. he points out how new yorkers are active and walk everywhere, leading to a low obesity rate. we have plenty of healthy food options and, in many cases, are smart enough to eliminate smoking and hard liquor. every bit as important is a healthy attitude. >> attitude is very important. you know, attitude gives you altitude. these people that we've had, the common denominator of our patients are over 100 and we've
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attitude was good. a good family life. and they ate moderately well. >> reporter: friendships and a fully engaged life in our city shapes a good attitude for them. one of the keys, the city supports senior centers with programs to keep their minds and bodies different. >> in yoga, in all kinds of panels and learning opportunities. this is how new yorkers stay young and healthy. >> a sense of community an effective cure for loneliness in city. >> i think people get very lonely at different times in life, especially when they're older and half their friends or more are dead. but then you make new friends and you are with other human beings that do all kinds of things. >> reporter: how well are we nationally the average american pretty good. here in new york, at an extra
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new york the no. 6 ranking state. no. 1? hawaii, of course. would it surprise you to hear it's hawaii? >> good. we're going to hawaii after this? >> let's go. >> reporter: can you write me a prescription for that? >> we'll both go. >> reporter: for blanch, new york city is working just fine. >> it's the only place in the world to be. it's interesting. it's fascinating. there's history here. there's everything going on here. >> reporter: arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you, arthur. we asked rita cosby to be here, our tv host. nice to have you here. this is another good reason to live in new york city, right? >> i love this. you know, we're so stressed out. we're on tight timetables, especially in broadcasting, we are, but the good news is new yorkers and -- look, i was born in brooklyn. i'm a regular here. i'm going to live forever.
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the average age in new york city is 80.6. the national average is 78.2. we're going to live two years longer. you would think it's going to be crazy. no. we're mentally stimulated and physically. ernie: this is getting better. >> there's so many things to look at. some people say maybe mayor bloomberg is responsible for his antismoking, antiobesity, the health campaigns he was doing. and then the other things -- we don't think about it -- if you live far away, you hop in the car and you're driving. here in new york city, we walk. we go to the subway. we go to the drugstore. we go to this. you have to go upstairs, go downstairs. ernie: always moving. >> always. ernie: teddy roosevelt said i'd rather wear out than rust out. it's great. that's what we do. we're always on the go, meeting new people, new friends and so forth and being challenged all the time. that's part of a good healthy attitude mentally and physically. >> absolutely. also in urban areas, because
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many cases a few feet away as we're living on top of each other all the time, you're interacting with that person. that's a good thing for young people. it's a great thing for old people. there's mental stimulation. if you need anything, you've got your neighbor nearby. you can walk to the drugstore. things are convenient in the city. sometimes you say it's so crazy. but that interaction really keeps us all talking to each other and mentally stimulated. ernie: when we were getting ready to do the story, we were talking about how it's strange. most people don't realize that with all the stress and strain that we think about in the city, you're living longer. that's why we wanted to tell people about this. >> it's a great thing. ernie: it's a positive story. >> things are available in the city. the other thing is healthcare. you don't think about it. if you live far away, sometimes it is miles, sometimes people live half hour, an hour sometimes to get to a hospital. here it's a few blocks. you have the sniffles, you go to the drugstore. you have this. you can pick it up. there's clubs. there's interaction.
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and the stim -- times square. you'll get 20 years of stimulation. ernie: these are the roots, the important things to remember. stay active, be involved. keep yourself interested in activities and so forth. have someone in your life that makes you feel like you're feeling alive. those relationships are important. we're going to live for a long time. >> we are. we're new yorkers. we're living forever. ernie: brooklyn girl. congratulations on your good work and your new awards. >> thank you so much. rita cosby, thank you for being here. >> we're getting close to my question of the day. tonight we play a little fill in the blank. here it is. i just can't wait for something. what is it? what can't you wait for? your answers are coming up. we've been talking to city commissioners all year at 6:00. coming up on monday, we'll be joined by the city's head of health and mental hygiene for a lively discussion. you don't want to miss that one. coming up next, russ will tell us about a baseball player who quit his team for his son. interesting story. we'll be right back.
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and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at ernie: a lot of people are talking about this story. this is a baseball player who quit his job involving an issue with his son. russ: adam la roche. >> of the white sox.
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story behind the story. i think maybe egos have got in the way of common sense. i will say this. as far as i'm concerned, nobody wears a black hat here. not adam. it's his right if he doesn't want to play. so be it. give up the 13 million that was due this year. it is not the white sox. they have not done anything wrong. the deal, long story short, his son drake, 14 years old, basically has his own locker in the locker room. he's there sounds like 24/7 all the time. ernie: this is spring training. >> spring training. apparently the president of the team, ken williams, who, by the way, has a reputation of being a good guy in the business, went up to la roche and said can we dial it back? maybe down to 50 percent of the time. and i guess he took affront to that and decided he was going to retire. now it's created a controversy. ernie: do you think -- you say
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russ: i'm not saying he was going to retire. i'm saying -- ernie: i was going on the assumption maybe he was going to and this pushed him over the top. russ: he wasn't going to retire. ernie: that's a lot of money to give up, 13 million. russ: i believe egos got in the way of common sense. i hate to say this. some people have to wake up and realize they're living in a real world. you love your kids. you love your grandkids. i do. my kids, my grandkids. they can't be here every day. if it's okay for drake la roche to be here every day at white sox camp, how about if 10 others want to do the same thing? ernie: how did the team players react? russ: there was talk the players were going to boycott, to back him up. but i kind of question that. let's say three guys said we want to back up adam. the other guys aren't going against it.
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there's rumors that maybe some of the players didn't like the idea of the kid being around all the time. it's still a place of business. ernie: it's going to raise an issue about bringing children to a work environment. russ: the issue is becoming really stupid. i think this is an issue that shouldn't be an issue. ernie: thank you. d.c. eagle cam, it's a huge social media hit. people have been glued to this live feed for an eagle's nest at the u.s. national arboretum in washington, d.c. a pair of bald eagles nicknamed mr. president and the first lady have two eggs. one is hatching right now. this is incredible stuff. the other will soon. you can watch d.c. eagle this is the first pair since 1947. a big story catching a lot of attention. there it is. all right. russ, we're going to tune in now. russ: nothing like a story about
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ernie: coming up, something you can't wait for. what is it? your answers are coming up next. i want to hear from you. p (vo) with thousands of qualityr pre-owned vehicles... rand exceptional customervservice, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone... pflip your thinking about buying
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ernie: okay. now it's time to fill in the blank. i can't wait for what? >> spring. ernie: spring. i knew you'd say that. >> it's almost here. ernie: what do you think? >> i'm waiting for the flowers to bloom. the trees have little buds. it should happen soon. ernie: you want to move it along. >> i want to move it along. ernie: now we're talking summer. what is it you can't wait for?
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you want the beach. >> yeah. ernie: what are you going to do there? >> enjoy the sun. ernie: good for you. you can enjoy the sun now. >> today is good weather. >> i can't wait to start getting in shape again. ernie: okay. get back in shape. >> yes. ernie: what is it you can't wait for? >> the election to be over. >> vacation. going to florida. ernie: when's that? >> saturday. ernie: have a great trip. >> i'm blessed for everything i have every day. ernie: you're in good shape. you don't need anything. >> no. thank god for everything i have. ernie: there's no waiting for you. you've got it all. including this sweetheart. okay. bye. see you later. have a nice day. ernie: a lot of great answers. i can't wait for you to join me on facebook. how's that? thank you very much for joining us. for all of us in studio 5, i'm ernie anastos and our control room, john k, big wave.
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cookie dough, or new pistachio. enjoy one today. america runs on dunkin'. >> today on "tmz" -- harvey: it looks like madonna may have to pull a train because amtrak won't, she's so late. >> people couldn't even get home she was so late. >> the trains had stopped running. >> so aren't there ubers and cabs? harvey: this is in briz-bane. >> brisbane and, yes, we have cabs. [laughter] >> rihanna is filming a new music video. she's still not wearing any clothes. she's holding a gun, which makes it hotter for some reason. >> no, that's bad. >> why is it bad? >> promotes gun violence. >> ok, back to boobs. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko. >> back to boobs. >> zach miko. he's the new male plus-size model. >> there's nothing out of the ordinary with this guy. harvey: he will model something


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