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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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greg: ra. hi, everybody. friday. the 18th of march. rosanna: breezy and cool today. everybody is worried about sunday. it is the first day of spring and is not going to be feeling like spring. greg: mike, snow? trump received something very suspicious and threatening in the mail. white powder. situation under control. a scary moment for the trump family.
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passengers were shaken up. greg: a fire breathing stunt went bad at a pep rally. i have seen this, you know, magic shows under the supervision of a network. not at a high school pep rally. rosanna: walking and texting. taking care of that. greg: it is a problem. rosanna: it is dangerous. greg: you hit a pole.
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do that. greg: so far, so good. what else. rosanna: we like eric. he is a friend of "good day new york." greg: yes. is accurate is in this town targeted. rosanna: by the way, it was his wife. they goodness she is okay. this has got to stop. it is ridiculous when you start targeting family members here. greg: let's get to work, shower we. mike: a lot of sunshine out there. that may be happening around parts of the tri-state. the sun will be fading as it day goes on.
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give you an idea what to expect as you step out the door. temperatures will be on the mild side. about 47 degrees. for this time of year, that is an above normal temperature for this time of year. forty-three in islip. forty-seven in montauk. not very much variation. mainly clear sky. a few clouds up to the north. we actually have a cold front hopping in. helping pull down some of that cold air from canada. that will bring us more clouds and perhaps a few more spots of rain a little later on. that is what is coming through today. that guy right there, that area of low pressure, just starting to develop. spring snow coming out us. it will become cloudy in the morning.
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for you on sunday. we have breezy, cold conditions. temperatures near freezing. the roadways will be on the west side here. there will be periods of snow coming through. it could be a problem for the commute out there. we will see the snow stayed in this location as opposed to the inland areas. today, sun and clouds. tomorrow, you will see a clear sky. high of 45. a wet snow that comes through here sunday into monday. it is very spring like. anyway. it will be a little bit of a mess, monday morning.
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we have troubled some of the art. ines: it actually cleared. at least the accident is out-of-the-way. we have a couple of other things going on. we are dealing with the crash. one lane is blocked off. the meramec. it will see some delays. an accident they are in the process of being cleared away. let's go outside. the golf -- rich. traffic moving towards staten island. the span of the bridge not looking bad. we will look at the tappan zee bridge. the southbound freeway, exit 12 of the crash. you will run into some problems. bridge. one lane is blocked off here. we are looking at at least a 20
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thirty-40 minutes at the lincoln and holland. alternate side is in effect today. greg: take you very much. suspicious letter said to the son of the leading presidential candidate. eric trump. a very creepy letter. rosanna: and with a note. some describe it colorful. his social security number and cell phone number just days after anonymous promised a total war on donald trump. greg: white powder. what is going on? let's go to robert moses. >> reporter: good morning to you. there has been a squad car parts here. all morning long. i just spoke to police.
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we still do not know what it is and no one is in custody. peered into unchartered waters. a suspicious letter containing powder arrived. cops responded last night around 7:15 p.m. authorities removed the letter and are testing it. before it was mailed from massachusetts to eric dropped. the letter threatened donald trumps children if trump does not withdraw from the presidential race. the same day that the hacker group anonymous claim to release donald trumps cell phone number and social security number. >> in order to promote an agenda. as well as a religious persecution.
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nearly a week after violence in a rally in chicago. after a manic rush trump during a speech in ohio. trump remains the republican front runner and suggested this week that there would be riots. >> i am dealing with two smart, tough guys. >> reporter: at a rally last night in arizona, bernie sanders said, that will not happen. >> bringing people together. >> both sides of the aisle. lindsey graham endorsed head
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the times is reporting that president obama said the parties must unite around hillary clinton. so far, the trump campaign has not commented on the letter that was sent here at the apartment. the campaign did release a statement related to that hacking incident. that is the latest. greg and rosanna, but you. greg: however you feel about donald trump, his family is universally admired. >> i have met him. he is a big supporter of state
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they do a lot of fundraisers. >> he is also involved in politics. all right. our best wishes to the trump family. rosanna: let's talk about this american airlines flight last night. it was supposed to land outlook cordia airport. they were forced to make an emergency landing. greg: because it was strobe light lightning. this one had a pretty negative effect on that plane. it had to make an emergency landing at kennedy airport. rosanna: did you notice that the weather changed? i heard thunder. passengers described a big bang. a flash of light. here is the audio from the pilot and control centers describing
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>> we got hit by lightning. pretty bad. greg: just so cool. rosanna: the plane was caring about 55 people on board. four crew members. it landed safely at jfk. no injuries were reported. i am sure that it must have been very frightening. greg: slashing another customer at a pub on the eastside. rosanna: this was peter dillards on east 45th street. the men visited the bar every thursday. one man / the other on the chin. he required eight stitches. no word on why they were arguing. greg: another kid bringing a gun into the school. rosanna: school officials found
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after a fellow student turned damon. criminal possession of a weapon. earlier this week, and 11-year-old boy. the grandfather was arrested. the boy was not charged. greg: what is the latest. the levels in the water were high. then they started testing students to see if they were any effects they are. rosanna: eventually tested after high levels of lead were found in the water at dirty school -- that 30 schools. >> reporter: receiving the output testing. they will be accompanied by their parents that are concerned that the most honorable in this community they have been poisoned by lead in the water.
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a roll of smiley stickers awaits. today, the voluntary testing continues of students who may have been exposed to toxic levels of lead in the water at school. >> reporter: 17000 students are eligible for the blood testing. the state starting with those ages one-six. those most susceptible. there are reports that some children have gotten sick with lead poisoning. it is unclear if it came from the water at school. >> they should be checking on that. >> the blood testing comes after a troll of data. it shows 12% of collect did
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lead levels. telling custodians to flush the fountains every day. actually recommending the process. all of this goes to show that led to newark has been a concern for years. it is obvious that the state-controlled newark public schools have known about the problems for at least 12 years. deliberately hitting the problem. we do think that it was a poor decision not to inform the public. parents will get those test results by mail in the next four days. let has not been found in the city's water supply. however, releasing a statement that federal prosecutors are
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that there may be concerned. unclear of what they found that led them to that conclusion. greg: teresa, thanks a lot. this calls to mind the problem they have been flipped michigan. they brought him down to dc. they really grilled him. also in the hot seat, the federal epa administrator. rosanna: governor rick snyder and gino maccarthy to resign. both knowledge responsibility of the problem. they also blamed each other, by the way. greg: listen to this. >> i took immediate action. it only works when it is also full. i am not buying that you did not know about this until october 2015. greg: gal, which was like a year later.
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rosanna: detroit's water system to the flint river in 2014 to save money. greg: this is cool. luna park opening on sunday. rosanna: it is opening. the first day of spring. and if it is going to snow. >> i highly recommend all of this stuff. we hit the cyclones a couple years ago. rosanna has not gone back. we should try the thunderbolt. rosanna: that is exactly perfect. they were like, just one more. greg: it was so great. straight up and straight down.
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rosanna: i think that that is awesome that you and mike did that. we will go and watch and eat hot dogs. greg: here we go. go down. highly recommended. mikey. rosanna: you go on with greg. two-three-maybe four times. mike: all right. rosanna: point equilibrium was off four days. mike: gets a little bit back to winter here. spring is officially two days away. it will feel like spring, but it won't feel like it. it will be spring, but it will not feel like it. they mainly clear skies.
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dropping into the tri-state region. we will see some snow moving in. it looks like about tuesday for most of us here in the tri-state. let's bring in christina and see what is going on. how do you feel about the commute this morning, christina? christina: here is what is going on. we are dealing with this issue on the van wyck. it takes about one lane. southbound moving into exit 12. very congested. we are seeing a lot of rubbernecking delays. here is a shot. not looking too bad. northbound five exit 127. that takes out one lane. we are still seeing an accident right here on the lower level.
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at least a 20 minute delay. thirty-40 at the lincoln and holland. greg and rosanna, back to you. greg: how about a peek outside. a smooth landing. look at that, greg. where do you think that they are
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rosanna: i tell you, that airport is busy for 7:20 a.m. in the morning. greg: it is taking off. it is going somewhere. rosanna: i know that there is snow coming. i have no desire to get away. greg: i hear that you have plans for next week. greg: good for you. rosanna: they're going somewhere sunny and warm. greg: who were members the case of natalie holloway?
7:23 am
break. though long chief suspect in that case. he happens to be serving time in peru for a killing of a 22-year-old woman. >> reporters have gone undercover. they tried to get him to admit his involvement. greg: on this tape, seems to be potentially admitting. it is not quite so clear-cut. seems to be admitting his involvement in the natalie holloway case. rosanna: basically, what he says, "he is guilty in everything he has done." his lawyer said that his client is a compulsive flyer.
7:24 am
like a confession. this young man is currently serving time for killing another woman. a 22-year-old woman in peru back in 2010. greg: north korea is firing off missiles again. the south korean military said one went about 500 miles. rosanna: they are believed to be medium range. what does that mean? greg: you've got me, rosanna. rosanna: the launch comes as a conduct military training drills. the largest ever. greg: a missile that would reach new york. it does not look like that is the case. rosanna: daredevil ricky charles
7:25 am
trick at a high school pep rally. he accidentally set himself on fire. people ran to try to help him out. he was rushed to the hospital. at least seven others were treated for inhaling dust from a fire extinguisher. greg: evil knievel. the last daredevil that achieved real same. between cuba and america. normalized relations. the president of the united states has a new cuban penpal. president obama will be in cuba on sunday. no word on whether they will take her up on her offer. no carriers were on hand to
7:26 am
arrived. friends of mine have planned this trip to cuba for over a year. they are staying in the same hotel as the president. not anymore. the secret service evacuated the hotel. they are now being offered to stay at families homes in cuba. greg: sound like they have these. rosanna: i don't know. they have been moved from their hotel. let's take a peek outside. who did they vote for? rosanna: i do not know who they voted for. they may cancel their trip. greg: you are looking at jamaica bay. show us what it is called. an interesting community right in the middle of the day there.
7:27 am
>> that is it. greg: it is like a little beach community right here in the city.
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greg: what about the double-decker plane. you see one of those around. one or two times a day. without seeing anyone else. greg: jfk. all of the planes look alike. rosanna: i do not miss it. i remember being at the beach. seeing the concorde fly overhead. rosanna: it was like a little sonic boom. greg: i feel like it would be cool to go somewhere.
7:31 am
like on those planes. greg: there we go again. greg: rosanna scotto, everybody. [laughter] rosanna: monday through friday. anyway. >> okay. let's get you up and out the door. showers on the way for us, perhaps. that central park. this time of year. all around the tri-state in
7:32 am
forty-one in williamsport. forty in albany. even if you showers scattered around that region. it will work its way into the tri-state region. i do not think it will be a lot a widespread coverage here. not as warm as yesterday. on sunday, that is when the kids interesting. this time of year, it is not so common. we will have a lot more details on what we get in a little bit.
7:33 am
and going conditions. christina: they are out there. they are getting cleared. one lane remains blocked off. we are definitely seeing some heavy delays moving into that spot. one lane blocked off there. of course you will see some slow-moving cars moving into that spot. a crash in the process of being moved away. it saves real congested moving over the tappan zee bridge. definitely something to keep in mind. i will bring you to route 80. it is congested.
7:34 am
minutes. a 20 minute delay pair. greg: texting and driving. what about texting and walking. will that change in new jersey? some say texting and walking is also dangerous. >> absolutely. that was a good wake-up call for me. totally knocked sense into me. greg: let's go to our brief order. this is just a proposal at this point. wearing jersey are you? >> right along the waters here. we all know the dangers of
7:35 am
what about texting while walking. we have seen it this morning. people cross this crosswalk. introducing a bill. making texting while walking the legal. in addition to that fine, violators could be sentenced up to 15 days in jail. it is a growing problem with the number of accidents dropping in the last six years. fox5 caught up with people. >> i like to think that i am really good at it. peripheral vision to where i can see what is coming. i think it should be safer. i think that that wall is a little bit drastic.
7:36 am
distracting walking. they were distracted as some kind of a like tonic device. she is a professor at the university of pennsylvania. he was actually using the cell phone. that is the latest. greg and rosanna, that to you. greg: we are trying an experiment. rosanna: i have eyes in the back of my head. greg: let me know when the coffee cup is presented in front of you. you are walking, you are walking, you are walking. rosanna: yes -- no. greg: you have crummy peripheral vision. rosanna: sometimes when you are texting and walking, you are looking up.
7:37 am
do not do it anymore. rosanna: the weather gets a little bit warmer. stopping physique of iris from spreading right in our area. greg: targeting mosquito breeding grounds. rosanna: if a trap test positive, the surrounding area will be sprayed. the birth defects that zika causes. >> zika may also cause a rare disorder. it can cause temporary paralysis or even death. >> 49 cases so far. we expect that to go up. how high, we do not know. rosanna: health commissioner. rosanna: talking about free
7:38 am
bug spray. condoms. greg: mosquito trap initially. what else is going on? rosanna: i don't know. new york about 73 hours a year. seventy-three hours a year. fran fran, 2 feet and l.a. l.a. i can attest to. it is terrible over there. l.a. driver then that time in traffic. more people moving back to the city photos from the supper. >> doing something stupid like waiting for the elevator.
7:39 am
all up. a valuable contribution. taking up a new cause. bringing public toilets to city streets. rosanna: how kind of them. >> taking ownership like this one in madison square park. fifteen of them are in a queens warehouse where they have been housed for decades awaiting installation. this is crazy. >> 20 perfectly wonderful fully automated public toilets. they are practically indestructible. they were told to prison durability standards. they have been sitting around a warehouse. rosanna: nobody wants to take control of them. the next one will be in brooklyn.
7:40 am
that is your best bet. rosanna: people were there along fifth avenue. greg: i had to be there and e mayer deblasio in person. i clapped and booed at the same time. rosanna: it was a beautiful day. a lot of people came out for the st. patrick's day parade. rosanna: it was lively. the usual bag pipes and pans. for the first time ever, many people were allowed to march under their own banner. >> 25 years. this year, bringing forward. we are so grateful for that. >> the first time i will get to
7:41 am
greg: all right. former speaker. rosanna: i think that she was there with her dad yesterday. mayer deblasio was at the parade after boycotting separate the last few years. greg: snow, possibly in 48 hours. rosanna: sixtysomething degrees. a glorious day. sunday, we could be getting snow.
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finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'. rosanna: great song. greg: i believe that they go to columbia. greg: it used to be so cool. rosanna: there would be times i was wondering if i would make it. o.j. simpson. now you could never do that.
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greg: jfk there. it looks like a bird. i think they are turning it into a hotel. there was a scene from catch me if you can get when that guy was hijacking planes. did they exaggerate that story or what? >> that guy was flying all over the world. great movie, by the way. rosanna: 7:45 a.m. let's check what is going on outside. mike: right now you are fine. forty-six in central park. 45 degrees and get the. a mainly clear sky right now. just to our north, we have a cold front dropping into the area. rain showers later this afternoon.
7:46 am
work with here. taking us into louisiana. it takes about two days to get here and continue to develop. here is the first cold front. it will have some colder air then we have that area of low pressure i was speaking of coming into the area by sunday morning. a rain / snow mix coming to us. leaving us with about two-4 inches of snow in the pink shaded areas. heading up to the north and west, it drops off. here is your ski report. you have loose granular conditions. in hunter mountain, spring seeing out there. thirty-five trails are open there. you're high temperature today
7:47 am
just isolated stuff. then there is that wet snow coming through late sunday into monday on that first day of spring. it should go away rather quickly. the temperatures will be rather warm. the fox5 and why weather app has daily and hourly forecast on it. got some birthday shout outs. first of all, to tailor. looking beautiful, taylor, on your birthday. also, look. she is so cute. we have to put her up there. there she is. happy birthday. she is turning three. happy birthday to you, cutie pie. let's bring in christina stoffo. let's see what is going on with
7:48 am
ton of traffic. it is really, really messing ends up in this area. we are also seeing some trouble now on long island. write five plainview road. we have an accident here. it is still going to be a crash. this accident causing delays all the way back past exit 14. very congested. over the tappan zee bridge. you just want to keep that in mind. traffic coming towards me. here is a look right by clove. we will also take a look at the gwb. also seeing a little bit of an issue here. that is taking out the center lane as you are approaching the upper level. delays are at least 30 minutes now. still 30-40.
7:49 am
not any good options today. rosanna and greg, back to you. greg: let's go through college basketball. they lost to gonzaga. sixty-eight-52. next up, stony brook. playing its first ever. the ncaa tournament. loss to kentucky. rosanna: 85-57. greg: i was day. ninety-four-71. rosanna: the polls hosted the mets last night. they held on to the end. 118-102. greg: the devils have their best offensive performance of the season. a three-game home losing streak.
7:50 am
joel goldstein will be there tonight. then the islanders. what happened? rosanna: i do not know. what happened? islanders have lost four of their last five games. >> go islanders already. >> we are scoring left and right. we have a lot going on. we will be crafting with martha stewart. we will be making easter eggs. how do things stand right now? let's go outside. what is going on down there. a curve of that bridge. it is quite significant.
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
taking greg: how many observations can we make about that little statue? [laughter]
7:54 am
going to the movies. rosanna: is there anything at the movie theater that you want to see this weekend? >> not relate. however, one movie theater chain is thinking about making a pretty big change. rosanna: and r-rated film for, you know, children under 17, must be accompanied by a parent or adult. kids under six are never allowed to see a rated r movie. the company is positioning it as a way to improve the experience. greg: i don't think i have ever seen a 5-year-old -- rosanna: some people, during the
7:55 am
so they bring their child. >> it could be really awkward to have a little kid sitting next to you when you are seeing this inappropriate film. >> it really cost a lot to go to the movies these days. you do not want to be disturbed by a crying child next to you. i have kids, too. i would never take them to an r-rated movie until they were over six. greg: this is good for the whole family. >> featuring a younger generation. eight-third team. will be returning. i love her. paula abdul. jason tarullo. i think that that is awesome. the show premieres on may 30 right here on fox5. starting in just a few minutes at 8:00 o'clock.
7:56 am
speaking of dancing, she is like that little kid did she is on believable. >> i heard that she is good. the batman superman movie is coming out march 25. getting ready for that. >> yes. he is playing it for cameras in times square. goes to times square. nobody recognizes him. batman versus superman. he wore the superman t-shirt. snapping photos at locations everywhere. greg: he has just a guy look. i think we have video when he did this. >> he is one hunk of a man in person. apparently, he was all over the
7:57 am
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rosanna: hello. "good day new york." it is friday. what an accomplishment.
8:00 am
let's go outside. shall we? very pleasant. it could snow this weekend. how about that. >> it is ironic. we will let you know how much. mike has all the information for you. eric trump. there he is. 32-year-old donald. a threat and also white powder. it could have been anthrax. rosanna: voluntary testing continues today for young children that may have been exposed to lead in the water. 17000 students are eligible for this testing.
8:01 am
what did the poll do? >> could lawmakers in jersey make it a criminal act to text and walk? >> apparently, they are thinking about it. have you ever gone swimming in jamaica bay? a new documentary out about the environmental threat to what is a pretty magnificent waterway. >> it is like a sanctuary. they have lots of wildlife there. >> i would imagine that the birds get annoyed by the planes flying over. >> dead bodies that washed ashore. somehow, rounding up in the bay. >> there are hundreds of cars on the shoreline. >> we will talk to the people
8:02 am
they have to clean it up. it is a beautiful place. greg: it looks kind of regal. >> you look a little euro. mike: i was trying to figure that out. >> not like a work jacket. >> you have the-year-old look. >> it is a different idea. >> you guys think outside the box. >> look at you with the leather. [laughter] it is friday. >> yes. obviously. do we really need to be concerned about this weather on sunday? mike: a little bit. we are propping up winter.
8:03 am
it did look like we could see 10 inches plus. here is what we have with the little weekend preview. saturday looks fine. it will be colder. on sunday, there is a coastal low dipping bite to the south of us. yes, it is the first day of spring. you will have some minor accumulation out of that. be ready for that. it is now 47 degrees out at newark. 37 degrees and monticello. a mainly clear sky. it starts off nice and sunny. there are clouds on the way. you see them building up to the north of us.
8:04 am
from canada. that could trigger a few light rain showers this afternoon. this is the next one that will get you that snow possibilities coming up on sunday. what do we get out of it? sunday morning it will become cloudy. our temperatures are in the minimal range. sunday afternoon, breezy and cold. sticking to the grassy services. later on in the overnight hours, the temperatures drop more. we have periods of snow with a few inches possible. that is why you have to be concerned with the monday morning could mute. you may need to get something. i do not think that a snowblower will be necessary here it high temperature goes up to 59 degrees with some light
8:05 am
340 high on sunday. the first day of spring. then we have a big warm up. it will not stick around for long. warmer temperatures will follow. i tell you what, it sounds pretty typical for the most part. >> we are starting to see a couple of things here and there. let's talk about what is going on here. local lanes. a crash right but exit 49. southbound on the van wyck. an accident still out there really causing a backup. you want to watch out for about. we are also seeing a spill on the southbound highway. we will actually go outside to the west side highway. it will show you. southbound side is pretty
8:06 am
that spot. you will want to allow yourself a little extra time. our next picture will be of the george washington bridge. this is also the inbound side upper level. before the toll plaza, we have an accident. we have another accident in this area here. as you pass the accident, pretty much free. really not looking good for the george washington bridge. over a 30 minute delay at this point. alternate side is in effect. >> thank you very much. we have a lead situation. >> thousands will eventually be tested after high levels were found in the water. could this be another flint michigan situation?
8:07 am
with more. >> these test are voluntary and free. >> voluntary and free. 2000 kids will be tested. it will go to 17000. today, 130 kids will show up to this early child development center. the people here are concerned. they have been poisoned by the toxins. the registration forms are stacked. the needles are ready. a roll of my league stickers awaits. the voluntary testing continues with students that may have been exposed to toxic levels of lead in the schools. >> you know. >> 17000 of students are
8:08 am
those most susceptible to contamination. unusually high blood levels in half of the district schools. some children have gotten sick with lead poisoning. it is unclear if it came from the water at school. >> they knew a long time ago that the pipes were old. they should be checking on that. >> it comes after officials released a trove of data on thursday. it shows 12% of collected samples were above the federal lead levels. telling custodians to flush the fountains and sinks for 30 seconds a day. the epa recommends that process. about 10 minutes. leaded newark has been a concern for years. the mayor released a statement saying it is obvious that the
8:09 am
problem for at least 12 years, if not more. they deliberately -- they do think it is a full port decision not to inform the public. >> four states. all of these schools, the testing on them will begin tomorrow. everyone keeps talking about the fact that maybe this is the next flint michigan. parents are very concerned about that. that is the latest from newark. back to both of you. rosanna: teresa priolo. thanks a lot. >> the race for the president of the united states is getting very testy. it has gotten nasty, i have to say.
8:10 am
city. people died from nap. rosanna: his wife opened up the letter. not happy about it. initial results. campaigning aggressively for his father. receiving more attention than he ever has in his entire life. >> eric trump obviously has been on the campaign trail. you see him campaigning right behind his father. this is where he lives on central park south.
8:11 am
certainly not a new. these alleged threats in these chartered territory. a suspicious letter containing power. cops responded around 715. while they would not confirm the letter reportedly threatened harm to donald trump's children. it arrived on the same day that the hacker group anonymous. >> donald trump has set his ambitions on the white house. as well as the religious persecution.
8:12 am
nearly a week after violence in chicago. and after a man rushed trump during a speech in ohio. trump remains the republican front runner and suggested this week that there would be a riot. >> i am dealing with two smart tough guys. i want to make sure that i end up winning. >> reporter: bernie sanders says that won't happen. >> bringing people together. >> south carolina senator lindsey graham endorsed cruz. killing his support behind john
8:13 am
president obama recently told a group of democratic donors that the party must unite behind hillary clinton. >> so far no one in custody in connection with this letter. greg and rosanna, that to you. >> donald trump continues to be number one. one of the reasons why he is successful so far. listen to this. >> anyone we do business with meat sauce. we will make our country rich again. we will make our country great again. my numbers when not. i do not understand it. rosanna: there is an analysis that says donald trump speaks at a fourth grade level. a huge advantage of his in this race. does not use many multisyllable words. the other candidates speak out
8:14 am
the way he is speaking is unique and powerful. so far, seems to be winning. >> how are you guys. >> donald trumps kids are getting threatening letters. suspicious packages. where is this going? >> well, look. let's make it clear. they are criminals. they are thugs. they are cowards. the hacker trying to get into donald trumps, his cell phone number. his social security number. terrorizing anybody that opens it up. terrified that it is anthrax. this is probably the tough guy that sleeps in his pajamas in the basement. thinks that it is a way to
8:15 am
i hope that they are caught. that guy ended up in jail. i hope that that happens to whoever was involved here. i want to ask you about donald trump. we mentioned it a moment ago. his speaking style. appearing in a list of the 50 most frequently used words. tremendous, huge and president. there is something pretty effective about his style. >> taking it down and saying it is the number of syllables. a way of speaking and of feeling with people. there are millions of americans.
8:16 am
americans that do not like it. absolutely. connecting with people on a level. a lot of people are frustrated with washington. they want somebody to cut through it. i particularly noticed this one at the beginning of the campaign. i do not talk like a politician. i talk like a regular person. the contrast between the one and the other was pretty dramatic. rosanna: you are right about that. we saw it in person. we know that we will have john k 6. one of the three republicans remaining in this race. we suspect, lastly, last week, we did not know that we would have donald trump. we will be talking about all of that. also the latest on the president's pick for the supreme court.
8:17 am
have a great show. >> sunday, 10:00 o'clock. legendary new york yankee. >> i did not realize. >> there is a ripley's museum in times square. rosanna: his bat and ball where they are. now, they are missing. they were used during his record hitting streak. gathering the real items at about $5000. rosanna: that is it? >> valued at about $750,000. hopefully, getting these. >> inside job.
8:18 am
during the summer, were you? >> no. the food basket and looming dales. [laughter] rosanna: good to know. mike: i already told you about my incident. it was an accident. the chip bounce off the table and when in my pocket. >> i forget that you were a card euler. anyway. hard earned. fifty is your normal high for today. it is a mild one out there again. 49 degrees out at glencoe. 46 degrees in bridgeport. partly cloudy to mainly clear skies. they are sliding down in this direction.
8:19 am
forcing down the colder air. it will have the potential to bring us a few light rain showers later this afternoon. some afternoon showers are possible out there. the bigger event will be what is coming to us on sunday. it comes in as wet snow for you. it does accumulate for a short while. i would say three on average. then it gets out of here and notes pretty quick. a few afternoon showers. there is that snow trying to make its way through. the weather app has daily and hourly forecast. here comes christina. she has the latest. >> good morning, mike. good morning, everyone. if you are going to be traveling on the bqe, we have an issue. the southbound side by 56th street.
8:20 am
definitely something to keep in mind. let's move over to row for. right in the area of route 17. looking a little bit slow for you. you definitely want to keep that in mind. that accident has cleared. alternate side is in effect. >> thank you very much. martha stewart dropping by in a little bit. the one and only. i am a little nervous about this. >> she is incredible. somewhat with real fruit and low-fat yogurt, at 260 calories, you can feel good finishing dunkin' donuts' fruit smoothies. and now dd perks members can enjoy a fruit smoothie for $1.99. america runs on dunkin'.
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8:23 am
>> let's get down to business. >> air b&b. renting out your home to go on vacation. they are thinking about and they
8:24 am
book other services. eternally, air b&b is calling this a magical experience. add-ons right through pmb. >> all right. i don't want anyone coming in my house and going through my stuff. >> some people have more than one home. we all have that problem. i want to be invited to his apartment for coffee. >> you want to go to greg's apartment. greg: no you don't. [laughter]
8:25 am
party. >> rosanna, have you had tea at your apartment? >> islip in the bedroom. i did not know what to say when that night. the best is i wake up. even when i woke up he was gone. saying that he was leaving. i remember leaving a thank you note. have a good weekend. >> happy weekend. starbucks. two people from california. they are accusing starbucks of under filling. tmz is saying that two people
8:26 am
under filling those cups by about 25%. are you going to put milk in there. greg: by the way, some of us dumped a little bit out anyway. >> it is just too crazy. these two people have filed a class-action lawsuit. they want damages. we reached out to starbucks. >> everybody would get like a dime. >> they take one third of the action. >> west talk about dance moms. i think 12 or third team. very good.
8:27 am
(burke) at farmers, we've seen so we know how to cover almost anything. even a stag pool party.
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8:30 am
rosanna: i like that shot. there are a lot of people. greg: let's take a look at that one more time, please. people running. you know, a nice day. greg: now they are off. going that way. rosanna: right. greg: so welcome to new york city! if you are a tourist, you may be watching. rosanna: all right. 8:30 in the morning in case you are new to new york. we do this every friday. we like to celebrate native new yorkers. greg: and those who are. i am sorry about using the a-word. rosanna: t want to be a part of the fab be brick of new york. so we'll give you a little time then we'll embrace you.
8:31 am
greg: oh, that is a hassle. jeez. well, you know what? renting an apartment is a heck of a lot easier than big one. rosanna: not any more. they ask for the financials as if you were buying the apartment. greg: think about it. generally speaking, though, you can do it pretty quick. you can. i a lifelong renter. the only thing i owned is that 2003 honda accord you make fun of. rosanna: okay. when this is last time you rented? when do du move in? >> summer of 2008. rosanna: totally different now. well, i was throughout with my daughter when she wented her apartment. you need cosigners. they got to go through everybody's financials. greg: she is a kid. i have grown up. i can sign for myself. cosigners, rosana is a very involved mom. i like to be a helicopter mom. if i could.
8:32 am
greg: all right. meantime, what is going on? if you know what i mean. those crazy small towns. north carolina, what was it? greenville, right? >> yes, greenville, knocke. greg: you could have a car and house in 20 minutes, right. >> it cost you almost nothing. my rent at my first apartment, $200 a president mo. rosanna: mine was around $2 or $3 un00, too. you cap fund those any more, i don't think? >> no. $2,000, you can not even find that. sky with all right. a pleasant day outside. >> its. it is beautiful outside. a great way to end up the workweek here on a fine note. we got allots of sunshine. folks are running, jogging getting the friday done. get nag the weekend looks good. we have changes coming up not only today but as we get weekend, too. today, sunny at first then more clouds coming at you later on.
8:33 am
we have a chance you see a few showers later ton afternoon. similar are to what we had the last couple of days. and in the, as we head into 2:00 the weekend, well, we got a sunny start to it. then it turns cold for you on saturday. high temps in the mid 40's then as we head into 2:00 2:00 the weekend, itself. sunday into monday, well, looks like we could see few inches of snow coming our way once again. here is what we have for you fire department. 45 degrees in islip. 46 degrees in bridgeport. winds are coming in from the west at 3 to 13 miles per hour for most of us. 21 out in monticello. it is breezy up there. that must be the cold front approaching. doing so. the cold fronts are droping the north heading to the south. it has enough moisture to support a few lighter rain showers as it comes through later on this afternoon tooned the evening. i don't think there will be much but a little bit. it squeezes out as the cold front goes by. there is the area that is going to squeeze out a few little showers throughout later on.
8:34 am
coming up in a couple of days here, but doesn't look like major storm, but this time of year, any snow is not necessarily expected, but today's high temp, 59 degrees with a few spot ty afternoon rain showers, then, we are dry for you tomorrow. but sunday, that wet snow coming through with the area of low pressure over the plain states. it looks like mainor accumulation. most of thins neighborhood of 2 to 3 inches of wet snow. it melts quickly because of the warm temperatures coming up for us. don't forget the fox 5ny weather app. it is free. oh, yeah. by the way, happy birthday before she gets out the door. that is den jer. hope you have a fantastic one on friday. >> all right. let's bring in christina now and check out what it is like. our commute situation, witness gain, one more time. good morning. reporter: good morning. yeah. we're seeing a ton of traffic if you are are going to be traveling to bqe. we have a couple of things going on westbound at thelism i.e. another one by tenth avenue.
8:35 am
you want to keep that in mind. we also have active commute jam opp the west side highway. southbound by 56 st. a stall. still take out one lane. see this red. moving toward that. delays moving into the stalled vehicle on the west side southbound. keep find. allow yourself a lot of extra time. we're still worrying with thak dent west on route 78 in the local lanes near exit 49 where we have accident here. we are going to take look at the staten island brakes which is not looking terrible here. here is the live picture by bradley avenue. traffic doesn't seem that bad in either direction, but let's go to the van wyck expressway. it is jammed. we are also seeing some trouble westbound on the grand central passing the area of laguardia airport. well, looking at least 40 minute delay for the george and the lincoln. 30 at the holland. tell alternate side feign. greg, rosana, back to you. greg: thanks a lot. if you drive a car, you not supposed to tech.
8:36 am
rosanna: oh, boy. ju know what? it is somewhat hazardous. it may be soon illegal in new jersey. kerry drue is in jersey city. i mean, how are they going to >> it is a good question. roseanne. good morning to you both of you. it is a common site. well, it something i you see this morning here at the corner of hudson street and montgomery street in jersey city as people cross the crosswalk here. well, now, a new jersey assembly woman, her name is pamela. she introduced a bill, this weak, would would make texting while walking illegal. distracted walk as she calls. the bill calls for find up to $50. in addition to the fine, violators could be sentenced up to 15 days in jail. distracted walk is a growing issue with the number of accidents jumping 35% in this least six years across the con try. fox 5 caught up with people this morning. we have been k tooing to them
8:37 am
this bill. >> it is a good idea. when we cross the street, i know i am guilty, i have done that often. somebody is walking a dog, somebody coming toward. it is an excellent idea. >> people are not cognizant of their crosswalks and of the curb cans. >> regulations, it is rules. it is laws. finds. it is not the way to tell people what to do, you know? reporter: paterson university study found that distracted walking significantly increases risks of injuries for pedestrians, 21,000 pedestrians were in that study. nearly half were crossing and distracted by the electronic device. rosana, as for point, it good question, our photojournalist,al, says what some people walking or talking or be looing down and text snug know, how do die fine distracted walking?
8:38 am
greg: how about a little test? shall they? you like the texts. i hear you like to walk. could you do it at the same time? we have a shall obstacle course set up over there. right this way. rosanna: okay. thanks, kerry. greg: who should you next who is somebody you like to send a mess age to? rosanna: how about greg kelly. >> okay. you text me. first of all. close your eyes. rosanna: okay. which way do i have to go? which way need go? greg: good point. by the way, nice jeans. >> thanks so much. rosanna: which way am i going? greg: okay. rooting here. rosanna: aming i going straight across? greg: you will have to go straight across but certain obstacles in your way. rosanna: okay. 1:00. greg: let's see if you can navigate. rosanna: actually shall i got few messagings so this is got. okay, go? greg: okay.
8:39 am
rosana, i saw, you deviate from the cone. look at her gain. all right. write eat ler. rosanna: i am so special and i was just texting my daughter. good morning. greg: good morning. well con. there was scientific survey. i think you did well. wayne to see you do it. come on, big boy. use my phone. don't text my daughter. greg: i can text and run. watch that. go through the cones. you are right. it would be weird. jenna, hello. that was fun. rosanna: it can be done. all right. coming up on good day new york. martha stewart. we get to the bottom greg kelly's pants. are those dirty or white with black stains? i like them. come i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better.
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greg: we admire jamaica bay. some of us take it for granted, but it is extraordinary body of water, environmentally rich, yet under siege, it has airport there. rosanna: yeah. greg: people have been dumping stuff for along time. rosanna: yeah. it has gotten polluted. also, hurricane sandy really affected that area. >> i used to go grabbing on the bay side of jersey point with my grandfather. rosanna: do you go now? greg: you can.
8:43 am
well, we'll learn if from expert now. there is a new documentary called "saving jamaica bay" all kinds of critical acclaim, buzz around town about this film. take a look at the trailer, please. >> this is not the grand can onwhere you don't touch this, you can't walk on that and stuff like that. you would never know you see 8 million people if you jump in a kayak, you paddle out, it is like another world. the bay has a lot of issues seriously impacted over the last few years. there are so many people living right along the coast now, it is a recipe for disaster. rosanna: documentaries fascinating. it is narrated by susan sarandon, dan is the write earn producer. dains long-time resident of the area.
8:44 am
rosanna: what inspired you to get involved here? >> well, you know, it is about five years ago, throm the day, when we had a big meeting down in broad cham, the port authority and others came down to talk about a flan would expand kennedy after i port, and pave over part of the bay to put new runways down. let's just say, it was angry meeting. more than 500 people came out. so it sparked the area right there. greg: broad channel is an unique place. it is island, part of queen, in the mild of the bay. there are several hundred thousandses there. do you live there? >> yes. i lived there all my life. there are 900 homes there. there is 3,000 people living on the island. >> what are the unique challenges of living there? >> the weather. the weather. and, you know, we interact so much with jamaica bay, sometimes, it is in the living room.
8:45 am
views, the birds, and all the nature that is around us, 2:00 surely makes up for all of that. rosanna: right. you heard the wildlife is georges there. however, then you do get some wildlife around there. a body or two sometimes. a. >> yeah. rosanna: i heard even a car. >> he, yeah. many. >> yeah. we almost call the movie saving gar gage bay, because there is a history out of the landfills. people dumping cars, wod disoccasionally end up in jamaica bay. this is new york city. everything could happen here. >> i would it daik to save it? >> well, listen, something that everybody needs to work together on. government, local people. i tull at the end of the day. we are trying to change hearts and minds. some people don't know where it is. it is a national park here in new york city. greg: it has challenges. may, that airport is right this. in fact, sanctuary, wet land sanctuaries a runway. i mean, it is right there.
8:46 am
bay. i went cran leg. part of at this times the airplane. they are this. >> we were there first. greg: were you this first before idyllwild? >> yeah. nature was there first. >> right. >> in fact, the airport is 4,000 acres wetlands that was filled in to make the airports then 1940's. rosanna: okay. if people watching this at home. why should she care about your neighborhood? >> not just my neighborhood, but everybody's neighborhood. this is, you no know, this is, well, this is the largest open space in new york city. 40 square miles over 50 miles of waterfront on the bay. 300 species of bird life all kinds of fish life and it is, it is, it is gateway national park, the nation. so it is really blaine, people don't know about it. this film that dan is doing is going to bring attention to millions of people that are not aware of it now. once they discover it, they are going to fund something new they never really knew existed.
8:47 am
i will be back in jamaica bay. greg: all right. 1:15. the a train? >> yeah. >> ja dan, where people can see the film? a couple of film festivals coming up. one withence princeton in a couple of weeks m am we're at a festival at john jay college between the 12th and 4th of a prip as well. rosanna: hopefully we can site on demand maybe. >> yeah. everybody can go to saving jamaica buy and see the latest showings. we will keep updating that. would love to have people join us. rosanna: so nice to have you here. dan, keep the good work. thanks so much for bringing this to our attention. greg: thank you for having us. thank you, gentlemen. all right. how about a peak outside. oh, let's see. if did you go fishing with your stop? rosanna: you no what? he was not article fisherman. i have done it with my kids. i get seasick. i have no desire to go fishing. how about you? >> horseshoe crabs.
8:48 am
>> oh, yeah. my window is on jamaica bay. i walk out. fish life, wildlife. greg: people still push it, righting. >> oh, yeah. they are eating tem. the water quality in jamaica bay has improved greatly. you got to give credit to those with worked on it. rosanna: thanks so much. coming up. martha stewart is going to be here. the e-class has 11 intelligent
8:49 am
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8:51 am
rosanna: i love that movie. me, not so muchp. it scared me as kid. rosanna: it scared you. you know it as a classic children's book. charlie and the chocolate fact is coming to the stage next spring. the book was adapted. hov that film with gene wilder. greg: remember that one. what about the version in 2005.
8:52 am
charlie has been running on london's west end since 2013. the broadway are version will be directed by three-time tony award winner. puerto rico's 2016 miss universe has been strippedded of her crown. did you hear about this? greg: no. tell me more. rosanna: the decision to take away the crown came after she refused to take part in interviews saying she didn't like cameras. well, that is a problem. greg: that is part of the job. rosanna: on the facebook page. she was in a number of personal situation the past few days and let personal feelings get in the waive work. the crown will be give tone first finalist who says she is still trying to process the news she is now you miss puerto rico. if more f right now, it seems like it is the competition to
8:53 am
rosanna: she sang the song "waiting for love" and praised by the judges. each of the five sang twice last night. songs planinged by idol fans. check out who stays and who goes next week when "american idol" reports fox 5 thursday at 8:00 at night. greg: all right. pastor joel ol stein at the prudential center tonight. rosanna: i like him. >> he is fantastic from lakewood, texas. he has a lot of book. you listen to joel, whatever the faith, you feel good. rosanna: you do. his web site says there will be praise and worship, music and prayer, inspiring messagings from joel, and by the way, tickets are still available tonight. greg: also all of that stuff inspiring prayer, he starts with something funny. i lake to start with something funny. he always says that at the top. all right, joe, good luck. rosanna: all right. the metro poll tan mu you seeiam art is expanding with a new outpost. greg: a new outpost. the the museum on the upper east
8:54 am
there is a new series can of mod he were and contemporary art that will be at 75th and madison. so the it opens to the public today after eight years of being in development. >> again, it went down the meat packing district. rosanna: which we need to do boosh by the way. >> the old me seeiam is nets moving in. good luck. rosanna: we'll away down there. meanwhile let the games begin. experience the power, the passion, and the pageantry of medieval times. at just $29.95.
8:55 am
when we go to the store, of oats and i' see if i packaged it. world right there. if the last 3 letters s me!
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rosanna: thanks so much for liking us on the facebook page.
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i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! rosanna: oh, come on. greg: come on. you march in a parade. you the mayor. you go though ball game. you the mayor. i don't dare what mayor you are, you get booed sometimes. rosanna: i guess so. greg: he got it. rosanna: well, everybody was celebrating the irish pride yesterday. and it was great day for a parade. and today is a nice day, too. first day of spring. not look sog hot. we'll get through. i. greg: i think that central park south. that is what we're looking that? rosanna: i think so. let me see now. greg: a whole bunch. where will are the horses in do you see any horses on central


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