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tv   Good Day New York  FOX  March 18, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i can't believe my role isn't bigger. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. enjoy i can't believe it's not butter! rosanna: oh, come on. greg: come on. you march in a parade. you the mayor. you go though ball game. you the mayor. i don't dare what mayor you are, you get booed sometimes. rosanna: i guess so. greg: he got it. rosanna: well, everybody was celebrating the irish pride yesterday. and it was great day for a parade. and today is a nice day, too. first day of spring. not look sog hot. we'll get through. i. greg: i think that central park south. that is what we're looking that? rosanna: i think so. let me see now. greg: a whole bunch. where will are the horses in do you see any horses on central
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in the paper every day. well, looks like they razz here to stay, rosana. it. rosanna: it is too early. they come out later. they sleep in those horses. probably they navigate the streets after rush hour. a okay. there is a statute of a horse. that is donald trump and eric trump's neighborhood. have you heard the news? eric trump veffed a threatening look. you get letters all the time. but this one contained a suspicious white powder. there is eric trump top the right of donald trump as we look at the screen. he is 32 years old. very bright young man. one of the father's top business. dad. wry well, his wife, lawyer, open up the envelope yesterday and got very, very scared because a lot of white pow dern. i al very, very nasty note. jal okay. the note, whatever. this is poisson we have the anthrax scare.
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scare the months after 9/11. i think, i think pollster worker died back then. rosanna: right. right. so anyway, initial test say, it is not life-threatening, but they are still investigating it at this point. and you know what? at what point, when the families not fair game? you by this mean? >> well, in this kind, in the kind of story. no unwith is fair game. okay. send the white pow dole the candidate not the family? no. it is all bad. rosanna: it still is. it is a crazy world we live in. you think that is okay. that is fair game to do that to somebody. greg: now it is fair. that is lunatic did this. rosanna: you know, this group out there who is vowing to like take down trump put out a somethings number, i guess, everybody who is related or associated with him. wouldle with theirs one thing. i haven't heard anyone from that group associated with it talk about poisening people, but pay the way back to eric trump. freequent quests on good day new york. he does a lot of good work in
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has special place unhis heart for st. jude's hospital. does. oh does this great walk every year over the brooklyn bridge with you and i have done with elvis, i think it is elvis trump's cancer. thousands of people show up and participate. this is really, i till, rememberer risk really passionate about st. jude's hospital. he is such a nice philanthropic generous member of this community. greg: the trump children are impress. i ivanka, donald, little barron. rosanna: adorable. maybe tiffany. tiffany right there. by the way, did you see this picture? greg: back when he was hefty. rosanna: yeah. has not looked looic that in two years. greg: things have changed. rosanna: he has tackedded about it. he has lost over 100 pounds. he looks great. oh, wow. k back to the campaign and donald trump. an item in today's paper.
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by the way that is comeliment. an analysis done of the manner of speaking inching well, here is example. a direct style. >> you are losing your jobs. you're losing your income. you're losing your factories. they are going to china. they are going to mexico. japan is killing us with the cars. now, it is vietnam. it is india. it is everybody. we don't make good deals any more. we don't win any more. if you think, we don't win any more. anybody we do business beat us. we don't win in trade. we are going going to meak our country rich again. we will make our country great again. you explain it to me because i can't. my numbers went up. i don't understand it. we had party that was obsolete. we had party. mitt romney could not run for dog catcher. this guy was disaster. we had a party. we had party. we had a party that should have won the last election. we had the wrong person.
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we don't triumph and any more. it says it all. greg: right. now wired magazine did. he let's go to the videotape one more time. they are complimenting him. the manner of speaking is so direct. anyone can understand it. just because trump speaks at fourth grade level most of the time does not mean is dumb. people pecks politicians to be intelligent to know the facts to have opinions when keep its to policies and issues where you about showing understand the sures includes being able to explain them. as einstein said, if you cannot explain it simply you don't understand it well enough. you know, like him or not like him or the continent of the message, maybe you disagree, the manner of speaking, it is effective. it is working for him. so far. rosanna: absolutely. the other thing want to bring ut. you know, in the past, people have tacked about who are donald traim supporters. they been disparaging about donald traim supporters. well, who are the people who don't support him that are
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white powder and nasty messages to his children's homes? greg: well, i wouldn't associate that. rosanna: you wouldn't? why not. greg: because rosana, that is deranged person. no within, think i, sanction that thing. not george, not some of the people who are ladies and gentlemenly funding the disrupt remembers at the rally. that is criminal. that is cripple that act. rosanna: absolutely. there are orle organizedded protected protesters who are at the rallies who are being paid to be there. yeah f. that is a world difference from 2:00 sending suspicious powder in the mail, possibly a poison. are allowed to do it. you are. you are. sometimes you face the all right. on. coney island, luna park is opening sunday. first day of spring. rosanna: all right. are all the rides doing with to be hope? i don't know. at this time is supposed to know on sunday.
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a.m. traditional teg cream christening which is so brooklyn. egg cream. anyway, they refished the cyclone roller coaster. yes, you will be able to ride it later in the morning, weather permitting, i am assuming, greg. greg: here we are on the cyclone a couple of years ago. rode it five times rine. that was so much fun. she was so sick, she was he. she was look at in the it. rosanna: i have motion sickness. luna park is launching a wristband program allowing to you experience the park at discounted rate. greg: that is the cyclone which ii. two years ago i went on this coaster. the first human being to try it after the crash test dummies. there again, i am serious. the first to ride this baby. rosanna: i feel look your strap is all over this place. greg: i was wearing the belt. the thing that comes over. rosanna: good. okay. >> lots of fun.
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upside-down. rosanna: scary. when i go with you and mike, you guys eat before you go on these rides. >> that is true. rosanna: i can't do that. i need everything to be settled. you know? greg:ththat anns down the block. ju you got the works. it was disgusting. everything and everything on the hot dog. greg: best day ever, right? >> it was beautiful day. by the way. let's do it again this year. okay. >> i am onboard. we have to find out what the new rides will be this season. always a good time. a good time. we'll eat ahead time of. all right. let's show you what is going on. good morning to you. everyone, you know what? we got a good-looking start to friday morning. things will be changing as time guess on. we got a decent-looking weekend but feel lake a pushback to one ter. tomorrow, it nins. high tem of 45 degrees four tomorrow as you we head to sunday. oh, yeah. it gets real interesting. we have cloudy skies making a comeback here. and some snow showers coming in at times. now, not all snow.
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well, a little bit of wet snow out there. your tem gets up to 34-35 degrees most of that snow is coming in late sunday and into monday. let's get through today anding to the weekend. 39 now. central park, 47. 49 also in bridgeport. 50 tin islip. 51 in montauk. partly cloudy to mainly clear sky. winds are starting to pick up. i stepped out in front of the studios, yeah. wind interests the west at 10 to 21 miles per hour. getting a little bit breezy. ahead of that cold front that is dropping into the area. even as we speak. you can kind of see it. wick it oup on the radar here. is a proching from the north as opposed to the west. not most typical direction but still. got little bit moisture with it. you can see it is rain-snow mix to the north. that will come us to here in the tristate. as it comes down slope and runs into some warmer temps and the air comes down. it is going to be just rainfall that we get out of it as it comes through the region. won't be much.
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thus the next culprit for the incoming storm for you sunday. a developing area over the southern plain states not a bother for us just yet but will be in two days. today, we got to deal with the cold front first. moisture. only too few spots of rain coming at you. not a big deal. then after it masses by. it will be cold for you tomorrow. high tem of 45ees in gives this you he cold air that you need as we head to sunday. we pull down even more cold air as the area pulls to the south and the rpm future cast be brings snow. then trying to mix it a little bit as we head toward the evening. then for you sunday evening, into sunday night. then, that is when we see the mix or wet snow come through the tristate. that was what should expect. by sunday morning, it becomes cloudy, light wet snow could be developing. most of it starts to pick up in the afternoon. the snow will be stick though brs sy surface. the roads will be wet at first. it will start to stick in glover night hours when the temps come
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we see accumulation ofz with 2 to 3 inches of snow on average around the tristate. throws the northwest now again, that is not until sunday or mob day. today. clouds afterwards. high tem up to 59 degrees breast a few spotty rain showers. hive 45 tomorrow. then the wet snow coming through here late sunday into monday. you can see why. look at those temps ramp up to the mid 60's by mild anders of next week here. rosana, greg. greg: thank you so much. the one and only donald trump 2:00. rosanna: nar is here. greg: the whole world is talking. forget about him for a second. please. rosanna: this is vintage martha. the reason why you have donald on the brain was because actually, nar d celeb ty prentice done al at one point. >> i did beat apprentice. >> i was to be uk successor. loved his show so much. he wouldn't let me. i wanted to fire him.
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dims des donald trump ever made. we got a lot to talk about. first of all, welcome back to good day morning to. rosanna: thank you. you are doing so much between the living magazine, the wedding, the macy's products. >> oh, yes. home depot, staples, petsmart, michael's. rosanna: how do you work this every day? do you say today is going to be my day i focus on macy's. well, today, actually, easter. because we are one weak away from easter. and we are are doing a live facebook chat. new thing. you read about it. do it with, too. every day at 10:00. >> yes. dowel the live streaming. you do live facebook. it is amazing way to reach tremendous a. people. they can actually talk to you via e-mail. so it is, by facebook, it is so much fun. so we're doing easter today. super-duper easter pass kets at 1:00. martha stewart channel. rosanna: good.
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here. >> right here. rosanna: wee do the dyeing of love that. i was never crafty enough to ty of anything else to put on the eggs. rosanna: i was ap pay. they were colors. >> you had hunts? >> i have a great wig one next week. eggs. not personally, right? greg: that is a a lot of eggs. that is a lot. >> it hired to yore them. make them pret. i you get about 40 kid come. they search the fields. we put them in the fields. and they they search. they have to find all the eggs about gift the prize. greg: okay. don't forget to pole them first. they are hard-boiled. rosanna: hate when they crack. they start eating them. they start eating them. is so much fun. greg: when i look at the political landscape. i see you as t could have run for president if donald trump could do it. rosanna: don't say that. if donald could have done it i could have done it.
9:14 am
you have household name recognition like donald trump. we didn't know how he felt. now we do. america seems to really love and be in fat ated with celebrities do you think about your own? a well maybe secretary of something or other. rosanna: really? greg: maybe donald trump would make offer. >> i don't know which magazine it was. somebody suggested i should be secretary of commerce. i don't know if it nice i trade. maybe secretary of owedcation or something. greg: agriculture would be great. >> i am environmentalist. greg: lots of things. rosanna: well, let me ask you, donald, you know, you worked with him. die. i did. i have then him over the years. in the new york scene. i just, i just pray that impulsiveness will go away little bit. rosanna: do you think he is too impulsive? >> well, i don't know if it this is downfall. so far, it has not been a downfall, has it. rosanna: no. people love the fact he says what is on the mind. >> i wonder about people.
9:15 am
over the years you called him a friend. he has called you a friend. you have had feuds. your take on him is -- >> im pis you have donald trump. 2:00. greg: too impulsive to president? >> well, not what we brought ourself up to believe in really. you think we need a really thoughtful and hard-working and very, not that he is not hard-working. he seems to be very hard-working, but someone who really can deal with congress and the senate and the rest of the world in a way. rosanna: you are know what? i think people, you know shall you see record number of people coming out to vote in the primaries and caucuses. i think they are frustrated with nothing getting done. >> le with, did youer what happened today? the supreme court thom knee? may, it is so sad. it is so sad that congress will tell the president that he cannot nominate somebody. rosanna: right. joe biden did it, too. joe biden it did, too.
9:16 am
they would not meet with the guy for a cup of coffee. all right. of all the things you do, martha stewart, from coloring eggs to baking to getting someone's wedding ready? whatwhat do you do west? the one skill? i am not talking about marketing thand stuff. >> well, satisfy people's needs and wants. and in terms love-style and in terms of every day living. that is what the goal has been. what we really love toff do. and when the holiday comes around, we want to be there to help you celebrate that holiday when there is a gardening challenge or problem, or just, you want information we are there to help. so it is all about lav style. all about that. that is why i named the company "living ""it what is why we do every day. we want to make every day life just a little bit nicer. rosanna: let me ask you. have you ever had any unmartha-like days? like i find, that are days where i look at the des or look at the
9:17 am
that i have not opened up. okay. i am going to read this. became not throwing it a way. it keeps piling. well, with it is about, nizing and i do that generally onp sunday nights. 2:00 ty take my whole decks in the kitchen. then, i just go through the des be where can i put the piles now. this is for so and so. this is for so and so. dow all the organizing. while i watch television. tv. it is a ritual. >> that way you can really get yourself organized. you know, you have assistance here to help you and do that. >> we don't. went do. not one. u don't? rosanna: not up with. that is part of the problem. ya do you get that weird sunday night feel something? he look i have a thesis due tomorrow? le. >> of course i do. we have been out of college for quite awhile. i do have those feeling that's
9:18 am
greg: you mentioned pet mart earlier. you buy stuff for the pet. >> i design stuff for your pet. greg: when did you get into this? >> three or four about four years ago. four yearing a. we have a beautiful line of all kinds of pet product for the doing and cat. and i would like to get into fish and birds and that stuff, too. titis, it is wonderful line. dress your dog. dogs love to get dressed up. rosanna: really? my dog. i try put a little hat on her yesterday. she didn't liability. >> she didn't? >> put a col colle ler on. rosanna: i could have done that. greg: are you going to make outfit force fish? >> no. aquariums. greg: you said something like that. >> fish are part of a household now. goldfish bowls. greg: martha stewart bowl oar shipwreck floor would do you? a all kinds of things. more environment for the fish to they are not bored. a long goldfish in empty boils not nice. rosanna: know.
9:19 am
or the houseware stuffs. macy's has a lot of your stuff. >> tremendous amount. it is affordable. the qualities really good. >> it is. that is what we strive for in all prodded ducks the best quality for the best price. ms and if it is macy's does a great job of merchandise our products and so does home doe dee poe. we have gorgeous kitchens. have you soon the kitchens? >> no/i have not. you can buy all the cabinet, dea sign your dream kitchen. really, the qualitiesmazing. at this time is all made in america, too. zi is good. rosanna: yeah. greg: so is donald trump by the way. oh. rosanna: aun donald would get along on that. >> yes. rosanna: did you want to fire him at one not in no. i speeseed to. mark burnett told me i was going to fire donald. rosanna: and then -- >> he didn't like that. he wanted to stay on the apprentice. lack what he has end to.
9:20 am
it is huge. now listen, you have been a boss for long time. you have been in charge far long time. what do you look for in employee. what is the biggest miss taking an momentee makes? >> well, at our company. you need employees because we are create of life-style company. we need employee are like minded who want to live well, two want to design 3:00 useful products if you are going to make coffee cup like this. went to make sure that the coffee cup, you can put your finger in the handle not a han dill wan dot lift up. things like to. we need, we need 2:00 people who are very constrenuous in terms of that kind of thinking. 2:00 beautiful. butte. i want everything to be butte. greg: beautiful people? rosanna: beautiful items. beautiful people, too. yao they do better. we went out to the restaurant the other night. everybody looked like out of that 50 shades movie. 2:00 they are all perfect looking. while in main? you remember that, right?
9:21 am
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rosanna: it is almost that time. next week. greg: easter is coming. make the mad dash for the eggs. i have done a tu of those in my life. rosanna: it is a great tradition. greg: candy and cash is sometimes involved for the wing egg if you find enough. >> i do chocolate rabbit in the golden egg. rosanna: that is awesome. greg: right now we're cloverring eggs with the one and only martha stewart. this is the mag glean. colored eggs. rosanna: i don't think that we're worthy color eggs with nar. >> yes, you. these are easy eggs. these are speckleled. the ones on the cover. there is a technique that is simple and very fun. it is fun for the kid, too. rosanna: i never did anything homemade. i would go and buy the thing on the package you know? >> look. a ben oar pea or are a peanut in a paper cup. >> okay. an inch. okay.
9:25 am
u authority going to eat these. so here is the one for you. sprinkle about ten drops on top of those. you can have, well, yellow won't show up as much. you can have green. will do blue. ten drops all over the chick peas. and so, and then, where if you don't, i think that will be it. shake it around. shake it around. shake it around. rosanna: shake it. don't break it. >> okay. put an egg in there. rosanna: okay. >> here is an egg. rosanna: oh my goodness. this is happening. greg: wow. rosanna: i can't believe i am getting crafty. 2:00 beautiful. oh my goodness. i am having a moment! shake it around. >> then mine is getting nice and speckled green, blue, green. oh, your is the best. >> thank you, nar. >> you put this on little card like that. dry it. >> we pussed to put them in a. this is prettier.
9:26 am
now here is another speck ling technique. you have pant in your little dish here. an old toothbrush. don't throw them away. there is lots of uses for these. just like this. tick a little bit of paint on the tooth uk brush then just go like to. >> do what again? >> speckled. >> not too hard. are hitting the egg. >> see what i am doing? >> okay. see i am doing. i okay. you are speck listening the egg. it us getting beautifully speckled. greg: look tat in. this is cool, actually. >> yeah. a very nice technique. so that is another way at this time is speck ling. done get out in the clothes. it is washable. greg: what is next? 2:00. >> okay. greg: are you okay? greg: we are having trouble here. okay. so this one is just using tape. you know what it is? it is sticky tape. if decorative. not on both sides.
9:27 am
with the punches. these are nar punches. rosanna: where do you get this stuff? >> craft stores like michael's. >> there is a rabbit. we cut some out. if you put them on colored egg. you have done a speck ling on the egg then you smooth this on. go easy. this is genius president? is so easy. >> look. >> it is different. a. >> it does. >> and the children and the easter eggers will just love of this! rosanna: i am so glad my kids are older now. they would be upset. a. >> well, they want want to do. i. rosanna: they wilton do with it their kids thin will be able to tell them. >> you don't have grandchildren. rosanna: no, some day hope. greg: i got some kids. rosanna: you got kids? greg: they are going to be crazy about the eggs. rosanna: how long does it take to dry? >> maybe 15 minutes. it is water based paint so it dries quickly. you a v a fan and can dry it too.
9:28 am
>> perfect hard-boiled egg. put the eggs in a big pot. cover with water. bring to a boil. turn off heat cover for 13 minutes. perfect hard boiled egg. rosanna: you done get the crack in the egg. you get cracks and ugly green because you cooked them too long. you know the yolk turns green shall you in don't want that. >> look here. >> oh. nice. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> these are easy techniques. rosanna: do your parents to do with this you? >> no. >> no i. same thing. >> why not do you have easter egg hunt at your place? >> yeah. who colors the eggs? >> we do. >> i would never do plastic eggs. oh my goodness. they are all dancers they are dancers. greg: well, you are in the present greatness.
9:29 am
rosanna: isn't that fun? greg: thanks so much. where can people do this facebook thing? >> 1:00 today on martha stewart facebook. it is so much fun. you can ask questions about all of this. look at it and call me. okay. rosanna: thank you, nar. happ pi. >> easter. happy easter. happy easter. happy easter. okay. so coming up, i know your kids are here for joe joe, right? [cheering and applauding] greg: look. rosanna: she came. i am so happy. you love dance moms as much as we do. you will want to stick enough pressure in here for ya? i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine.
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there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. >> jojo, by the way, says she loves -- >> it's my favorite song i've ever done on the show. >> you're watching dance moms, only 12 years old to, but she has the poise and intelligence of a 35-year-old woman. >> i have to say -- >> hey! >> by the way, i asked her, you know, does she want to be president of the united states one day, and she said if she can be the first woman president of the united states. >> that's right. >> so she's holding out some hope maybe that she has a chance.
9:33 am
[laughter] >> jojo, welcome to good day new york. dance moms, by the way, tuesdays at nine on lifetime, and you've got a bunch of public events. you've got lots of fans -- >> yes, i'm so excited. >> what's it like? what's the whole experience like for you? >> it's honestly so crazy to think i'm this 12-year-old kid from from nebraska, but now i'm in l.a. on tv, and it's so -- it's such an amazing feeling. >> so, by the way, i mean, you're on tv. how are you juggling the school thing? >> i'm home schooled, and so every morning i try to do at hours. and whenever i can get ahead in school, that's better. so if you've got the time, just do it. school. >> oh, good for you. >> and it looks like you're an >> yeah. >> how does the show -- forgive me, for those who haven't seen the show, how does it work? >> so the show is called dance
9:34 am
reality tv show, and if you don't even watch dance moms, you still know who abby is. she's pretty funny, crazy. every week we learn a new dance for competition, a group dance, and sometimes you'll have a solo or a duo which is really hard to juggle, but it's really fun. and you learn your dance in less than a week, and then you compete on stage and, knock on wood, we usually win. >> do you get along with everybody? >> we're honestly, my cast -- we're such a good family. >> now, you are going to be a teenager this year, right? >> i know. it's so crazy. may 19th. that's going to be so amazing. >> so do you think that's going to change the dynamic at all? >> i don't know. it's, like, it's a little bit weird to think about, whoa, i'm going to be a teenager, like, i don't want to be a teenager. that's just weird. [laughter] like, i don't know, it's like turning into double digits, it's like, whoa. >> meanwhile, the bows, i'm glad you came with a bow, because you
9:35 am
>> i have over 600. i used to keep count, and i stopped at 527. i've probably got over 600 by now. >> jojo, you can meet her, by the way, at i heart dance wear, a meet and greet on staten island. please check her out. >> yeah. that's from 5:30-7:30 tonight. >> all right. and more events throughout the week. do you want to do a little dance? >> yeah, why not. >> would you show us? >> yeah. >> okay, jojo. >> i'll go for it. >> by the way, we've got a lot of nice little kids here -- >> show the kids, please. >> hi. jojo? [cheers and applause] >> all right, jojo -- >> i get some tunes? >> all right, hit the music! make it louder.
9:36 am
nothing in my brains, that's what people say, that's what people say. i go on too many dates, but i can't make 'em stay, at least that's what people say, that's what people say. but i keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop moving. it's like i got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be all right. 'cuz the players gonna play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate. baby, i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off. 'cuz the breakers gonna break, break, break, break and the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake. i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off, shake it off. i never miss a beat, i'm
9:37 am
what they don't see, that's what they don't see. i'm dancing on my own, dancing on my own, we'll make the moves up as we go. and that's what they don't know, that's what they don't know. but i keep cruising, can't stop, won't stop grooving. it's like i got this music in my mind saying it's gonna be all right. 'cuz the players gonna play, play, play, and the haters gonna hate, hate, hate. baby, i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off, shake it off. 'cuz the breakers gonna break, break, break, and the fakers gonna fake, fake, fake. baby, i'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake it off,
9:38 am
>> whoo! [cheers and applause] >> jojo, amazing! >> children! [laughter] you guys were in awe of that performance, weren't you? >> what'd you think? how long did it take you to learn that dance move? that dance song? >> i just went for it. >> that was improve this morning -- improv this morning? can you show the kids some of the moves? >> you guys want me to teach you one of my favorite moves? this move is called the boomerang. ready? haters. okay? let's try it, five, six, seven, eight out, haters!
9:39 am
>> all right, jojo. that's pretty darn good, huh? >> thank you. >> you remind me of toni basil. who remembers her? hey mickey. >> oh. >> very, very -- excellent performance. there she is. all right. >> all right, what's next for you, jojo? what are you hoping for? >> i'm so excited to announce that i have my own accessory line coming out in claire's stores, so i'm going to be selling my bows all over the u.s. so amazing. >> oh, man. you're going to make a fortune. congratulations. >> thank you. >> all right. we'll have information where you can see her throughout the weekend. she's here in town. thank you, goo with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. nutella.
9:40 am
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9:42 am
>> oh, let me tell you manager, it's a gorgeous day. another reason to smile around here, greg. and when you smile, that's when we know whether you have a good pair of chompers, you know what i mean? >> okay. >> your smile says a lot about who you are. >> well, we've got one of the best in the world -- >> it's true, in the world.
9:43 am
his name is dr. michael apa. >> nice to have you. you know what i like about you, doc? sometimes people, when you think about the dentist's office, you get scared. [laughter] you're going to go in there, and they're going to have one of these things to take out -- >> stay the hell away from me -- [laughter] >> i think you need a tooth pulled. >> we can actually use those. >> doctor, welcome to good day again. >> thank you for having me. >> he's like the modern version of the dentist i grew up with. i was a little traumatized, right? you probably play nice music in your office. >> we try to keep it upbeat. >> do you use one of these? >> we do, actually. >> put down that junk. do you have any more observations about the dental industry? [laughter] doctor, how's it going? >> going well. [laughter] >> what's hot in the dent aldentist -- dental industry these days? >> cosmetic dentistry.
9:44 am
>> everybody wants white teeth now, and there are degrees. some people i think they have such white thies it's almost -- i'm just focused on their mouth. >> it's blinding. >> so how do you know when you have the right shade? >> so, you know, we try and take that into consideration for everyone, but anything that's healthy white, natural white, that's what we're going for every time. sometimes they try to get into all this blue white, it's too white especially when you have these lights on, you're on camera. you see a lot of people, it's just like -- >> all right, what can we do for greg? i like his teeth. smile for the camera. >> they're yellow. >> be he needs something. >> well, here's the deal. he actually brought one of his recent patients in. let's take a look at her. >> oh, this is a before and after? >> hi there. what's your name? >> kim. >> hello, kim. >> how long have you been working with the doctor here? >> for a few months. >> okay. >> yeah. but just used the teeth
9:45 am
>> doctor, how bad were her teeth? >> she came in with healthy teeth that just needed a little upkeep -- >> that's the before picture, doc? >> yeah, that's exactly it. so we just did a quick round of the at-home bleaching for her. >> well, they look perfectly straight. oh, my god! >> there's the after. >> it looks so much better. let me ask, did you have to change your life? no more coffee? no more red wine? >> no. you try to keep the results for as long as possible by not drinking coffee and red wine for 24 hours after you do the bleaching, but i like to say live your life the way you want, and i will take care of the rest. >> how much does it cost? >> so she used the at-home products that we just came out with. it's the white duo which is our at-home bleaching kit. >> is this something that you're starting to sell now? >> yeah. >> oh, good. >> it's a way for people to experience what we're doing in the office at home. >> is it better than crest white strips? >> i knew you were going to ask
9:46 am
[laughter] of course it is. >> i've tried those things with no luck, so i'm hoping -- >> what's the difference? this stuff is stronger, right? >> this is my version, a dentist's version of what you should be doing at home. it's trying to give you the same experience that we give you when you come to the office. an in-office treatment is $1,000. this at home is $150. >> that is -- hold on a second -- $850 savings. >> okay. [laughter] so can you overbleach your teeth? can you hurt the enamel on your teeth? >> no, that is an old myth. when they used to use acids back in the '90s. there's no such thing as overbleaching your teeth. there's such a thing as bleaching your teeth to where you become sensitive, and then you have to take a couple days off. >> leave me alone. even though i'm in this chair -- >> open wide. [laughter] i'm been dying to drill you for a long time. >> whoa. >> this is a dentist's chair by
9:47 am
>> where can you buy that stuff? >> you can buy it online at apa, and then we have it at specific retailers. >> what is the best thing about being a dentist and the worst thing? >> best thing is i get to help people, and the worst thing is -- there is no worst part. >> bad breath. you've got to deal with bad breath. [laughter] >> hey, have you heard? heard what? before school starts in september, all kids going into 7th and 12th grade have to get the meningococcal vaccine. it protects against diseases like meningitis. that can be serious, even deadly. yeah, that's why they can't start school without it. something to share? (giggling) actually, yes! talk to your health care provider. even kids who've had one shot
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9:50 am
>> all right. who wants to try an alligator? >> like eat it? >> rosanna, take a look. an alligator. suspicious but delicious -- [laughter] that's what they say. >> they do? >> people eat alligator meat. >> you know, i know -- >> and they do it in new york city. >> i know. in certain cultures alligator meat is a delicacy. they love it. >> this is breaking news to me. i had no idea people ate this stuff. >> and it's perfect for lent, greg, on a friday, by the way, because it's considered a fish. >> it's considered a fish? >> yes. >> are you serious? >> yeah. >> aren't they endangered? all right, maybe not. listen, i want to show you a new restaurant we just learned about, it's called off the hook. >> it's in astore ya, queens. >> look or how cute it is. >> i really don't like alligators. [laughter] these guys run the joint.
9:51 am
how did you find out -- it's all about alligators in your restaurant? >> no, no. >> no, it's mostly seafood, and we have a complete menu, basically, but it's really the little crazy ideas that we come up with -- >> like alligator. >> exactly. that's one of the -- that is the latest, basically. >> all right, glenn. >> my travels, all the experiences i do living in a great country like this where you go in different places and you try so many different things. it's amazing what you can come up with. >> how many people are ordering alligator meat? >> we just put it in the menu in january. >> three months? >> it's been a big hit. >> i would say every table has to have their alligator. >> do you get the alligator? louisiana. >> how do you know? are they farm fed? do you raise these alligators or catch them? >> we make sure they're sustainable, so they're definitely farm-raised. >> because alligators eat anything, right?
9:52 am
[laughter] >> all right, your alligators are well fed. >> well fed and -- >> and that is alligator meat there? >> yep. >> it looks like hamburger. >> yes. >> looks like chicken. all right. so tell us how we're making an alligator meatball. >> very simple. the process that we're going to do is some onions, peppers, some fresh thyme -- >> okay. >> and we do use a touch of has beenier row pepper -- habaero pepper. >> what? >> a little bit of feta, very nice, very healthy, i guess. so pretty much we saute -- >> and then what do you do? >> and then pretty much we have some panko, japanese bread crumbs. >> throw it on in. do you want to put it in? >> basically, your typical meatball except for the alligator stuff. >> exactly. >> like this.
9:53 am
the finished product. we bring it into bowl. our ingredients are peppers, some unique spices. >> this is ultimately what it looks like. here is an alligator meatball right on the plate. now, rosanna, go for it. >> by the way -- are you kidding me? >> you're not going to do it? >> no, i can't. i like to wear my alligator. just kidding. [laughter] >> here we go. oh, boy. ay, ay, ay. [laughter] >> do you like it? mikey likes it! >> rosanna? >> no, i am not trying that. no way. >> you wear it, eat it. >> no. >> all right. i'm very intrigued. well done. where are you in astoria? >> 2808 34th street right in the avenue. >> excellent. where are you from originally? >> from albania. >> beautiful.
9:54 am
by the way, is this alligator in this -- >> no. it's spiced rum. >> this is more my speed. >> regular food too. >> all right. off the hook is off the hook. good day's coming right back. this looks delicious. imagine your body being buried while you're still in it. imagine the horror. you'd struggle, but struggling only makes it worse. imagine your whole life reduced to thinking about your next breath. eventually you'd welcome death, but an emphysema sufferer can go on living like this for years. if you smoke, death could be the least of your worries. stop before the suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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spray 'n wash is back... and even better. it's powerful formula removes everyday stains the first time. which is bad news for stains, and good news for you. spray 'n wash. back 'n better. >> anthony, it's all about you, anthony. looking good, by the way. styling up on the facebook page. all right. it's friday. hope you had a nice week with us. we had a nice week with you. >> martha stewart, how about that? the international superstar coming here, and making -- what did she make? >> easter eggs. >> i mean, that was kind of cool. i think she's an incredible woman, i really do. i admire her. >> she started with nothing, and she made a billion dollar empire. >> i saw her once on the charlie
9:57 am
>> i like her. i could get along with her. it's true. anyway, thank you, martha stewart, for coming. and we hope nothing bad happens to everything trump. i want -- eric trump. i want that to be a clean bill of health. >> have a good day, new york. >> engage fox 5's facebook, twitter and youtube pages, and go to for news and stories you care about. brought to you by: >> peace out! haters
9:58 am
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live from new york city it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: my girls are always turned out. it give it no chances. [ applause ]


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