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tv   FOX 5 News at 10  FOX  March 18, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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announcer: it's 10:00 p.m. do you know where your children are? right now on "fox 5 news" at 10:00 p.m. >> hulk hogan walked out of court a big winner. a jury awarded him $150 million. in a tape lawsuit against gawker. first, let's talk about our fox alert tonight. >> temperatures will be dropping, cold enough on the first day of spring for snow. that's often how it goes. madness. we do see kind of a roller coaster. today it felt a lot like spring 50s. taking a look at the current reading we can see we are
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a bit of a chill in the air. a cooler 34 degrees in monticello. we do have a couple of isolated showers that have worked through the region. things seem to be quieted down. the main focus is going to be on a system that is sitting just with the south and west and it's an area of low pressure that is developing across the mississippi valley and it will be making its way into the northeast here. we are expecting it in the rain and snow area. right now shifting is a little bit further east more likely into connecticut and portions of the hudson valley. going for about one to 3 inches. it all depends on the track record. which we will be watching closely. temperatures tonight mostly will be in the 20s and 30s across
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temperatures are pretty mild as we seek older numbers as we go into tomorrow. back over to you. dari: thank you. now in the verdict over a tape in the hulk hogan lawsuit. we have more in the newsroom with more. reporter: hulk hogan spent the last two weeks fighting gawker. today he slammed gawker to the tune of $115 million. >> hulk hogan can be seen getting emotional today after the footage of him having sex with his best friend's wife. he said he never consented to the footage being released.
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argument, saying now, hogan countered there was a distinction, which is what he said about his character and what was in fact his own in real life. immediately after hearing the award, his attorney celebrated and predicted that there could be even more to come. when the jury considered damages on monday. >> this is not only his victory but also anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism coming back for the rest of it. >> we would have prevailed at the trial if we would have been allowed to present the full case to the jury. that is why we are very positive about the appeal and we expect to win this case ultimately. >> of course the story will continue to evolve as the verdict is appealed, but there will be a significant precedent on the limit of free speech. >> well said.
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christie says he's taking steps to fix the water contamination. voluntary lead testing continues as students were exposed to 30 times of the acceptable levels of lead. going as far back as 2004. >> as a father i know that there is nothing more than important than the safety, livelihood of the child. and thousands of students will be voluntarily capped and be mailed to parents within a week. dari: disturbing stuff when it comes to violence and nypd schools. the number of weapons of just
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a parent advocacy group took to the steps of city hall to bring awareness to the problem. they collected more than 14,000 signatures on a petition demanding the mayor to take action. steve: one of the alleged masterminds behind the paris terror attacks finally caught in belgium. we have more on how authorities were able to track them down. reporter: and. reporter: hello, he was the low wanted man in europe and now he is in police custody. the capture of the only living attacker from those terrorist attacks represents one of the biggest breakthrough they've had in this month-long case. >> this was the moment it happened. gunshots, the suspect ran from an apartment building balls and is taken alive in the custody after a firefight with the police. >> we were confronted by armed resistance.
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shot today during the raid in brussels was one of the 10 isis members that have directly taken part in the terror attacks that killed 30 and wounded more. all of the attackers are dead except for him. he's at the center of an international manhunt and is said to have driven a car that carried a terrorist to their target that night. the securities being reinforced to protect the public. >> it had been frustrating until the police caught a break on tuesday. during one of many assaults, the police found his fingerprints on the glass of an apartment indicating that he may have been there recently. it was the deadliest terror attack in france and tonight franc franc oise hollande is
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the terror fight. [inaudible] >> until we are done the battle will not be finished. >> the officials are hoping that he will be a wealth of intelligence and give them better insight into stopping these kind of attacks in the future. dari: a massachusetts man miraculously survived this train wreck. he's planning to sue. his spine and skull was fractured when the crane fell onto the per car that he was sitting in.
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crane fell. steve: the first case of the zika virus has been confirmed. the person showed signs of the illness after traveling earlier this month and is said to be recovering. dari: a threatening letter sent to donald dog comes the sun. the letter contained a white powder. the substance was harmless due to a test, but the letter said the next one will not be fake and demanded that his father dropped out of the race for president. a handwritten envelope was postmarked in boston. steve: mitt romney says that he will decide who he will vote for. the former nominee posting on facebook is saying that they're they are making it easier to
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dari: thieves got away with sports moment billy including a joe dimaggio bat. cleverly replacing them with fakes. they also took off with more, these items were 15 grand apiece. the police say they have no idea when the robbery took place and so far no arrests have been made. dari: this is wild. certainly interesting. meet the girl whose illness was said to be cured after an accident. steve: and raising awareness. how to rock legends are destined to help right here in the city. and welcoming the first day of
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steve: do you believe in miracles? a texas family said their daughter was magically healed after she fell. we have more. dari: sharon crowley has more of the incredible young lady. >> when she got sick, i couldn't understand it. why was this little girl going through this? >> everything is not fine. >> i'm not leaving the hospital until i know what is wrong with my daughter. reporter: miracles from heaven
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this 13 year old. when she was six years old, she suffered from a rare illness, making it difficult to digest food. known as pseudo-obstruction motility disorder she needed feeding tubes for nutrition. her young life changed dramatically when she fell headfirst 30 feet down. she landed inside the hollow of the tree where she had to wait five hours to be rescued. here is how the film betrayed what happened. >> it healed her. >> that's impossible. reporter: she says that something happened when she was waiting to be rescued. inside edition recently
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>> i sat on jesus' lap and have visited him in heaven. reporter: the condition baffled and doctors and her family because she mysteriously was healed. >> she is cared. reporter: the experience prompted the mother to write a book that led to the movie. >> absolutely. i believe it. reporter: this man is a producer on the film. >> i would hate for it to be just for church people. we made it for everyone. reporter: what happened to annabelle is a miracle. but they say that they just know the truth for their family and don't spend time trying to make others believe. steve: beyonce using her star
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wheelchair-bound model shine. this is not her first time in the limelight. the new york native signed with img models last year and she says she loves being a role model for women with disabilities. dari: as teenagers hoping to be the world's first ballerina to achieve this. she's back on her toes, hoping to break stereotypes and become the professional dancer while wearing her traditional head scarf. and she's actually on her the way to healing. she has received a scholarship and is raising money to attend a full-time ballet school. and. steve: a busy day. it's match date where medical students learn where they will do residency after graduation. work alongside licensed doctors were at least the next three years. this was the scene at mount
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a lot of excited faces. dari: legendary rockers are showing their generous side. they were raising awareness about the needs of teens with cancer. >> this too is no stranger to helping kids in need. today roger daughtry and pete townshend took a break and help to open up a new space for young adults at the cancer center. >> it is as positive as possible. reporter: they donated $1 million to help to build this lounge.
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young adults so they can feel at home with a kitchen, a graffiti wall and an autographed guitar from the who on the wall. they promise promised to help the group that is often neglected in cancer treatment. >> they are starting to have their own personalities evolving and cancer is a timeout from all of that. >> teenagers, young adults. >> this man was diagnosed at the age of 27 with leukemia and was treated at sloan-kettering five years ago. >> i felt lost in between them.
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some more teenagers can handle have a need the recovery process. dari: you have to love this. really knowing how to put paint to paper. once in training to become a service dog when he did not have the goods, take a look at this video. the brush connected to a paper towel tube with duct tape. that is the trick. >> amazing.
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dari: kevin hart is one of the hottest comedians and actors around. steve: he has no plans to slow down and simone boyce shows us why he could be the hardest working man in hollywood. reporter: when he's not starting in comedies he is a paid spokesperson for nike. we caught up with him here in new york. >> you make everyone else look so bad. [laughter] you are out here inspiring people. >> what i have learned is that i put myself in position to motivate others and inspire others. i feel like i'm helping others. >> i love the partner workouts that you and your trainer do.
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just a couple. >> eyesight or trailer for central intelligence. it looked hilarious. can you show me the stuff they did in the movie? >> one of the stunts. you do know that i do all of my own stunts. >> all of them? >> yes. >> they did dangerous.. >> one of the stunts i did underwater and it's something
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i'm trying to make it look natural. >> what is the catch? >> i have both comedy and tragedy. i was 17 years old. >> do you still like it? >> the good news is that it's not going to go anywhere. >> between his new movie that comes out in june and his own athletic wear which launches in mid april, kevin hart must be the hardest working man in hollywood. >> what a good sport. steve: coming up next. when riders can expect parts of the m line to be shut down. and some people say that taxes
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steve: hone owners were shocked in this town when they got their new property tax bill this week. every home had been reassessed and the pastor and some say that their tax bills doubled. dari: jessica talk to residents who say that the whole process is very unfair. >> it has been 16 years since this town has been assessed. some homeowners will see an increase of 50% of taxes. it's a letter that no homeowners wants to see. an increase in taxes. >> the proposed is to raise taxes closer to 23,000. >> this man moved to his home in 2010 and he wasn't expecting to dish out more money next year.
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>> it's really outrageous. >> kornacki is not alone. >> what we are hoping to see is that there are a lot of people that don't have the capacity and they will be the ones that will be at the front of this. >> we don't think it's fair. we think that if someone has two properties and they are both equal they should be paying pretty close to the same amount. reporter: the supervisor says the account that the town is doing is assessing the property after values. >> they have been getting a great bargain. on the other hand there are people that have been overpaying their taxes. >> about a third will see a reduction in the rest will see an increase. bob bernstein says that edgemont
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hardest. some residents there already paid 30,000 dollars in taxes. it shows that they can pay up to 50% more. >> when we went from 600,000 to a million dollars, their tax impact is going to be huge. the town could have faced in these increases over a five-year time frame. but they chose not to do so. >> they must be called before april 8. steve: path trains are the latest plays that you cannot bring a hoverboard. even though there has not been any major incidences on the trains, the hoverboards pose a risk. many have banned or reaganite
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scooters. dari: we already told you that the m line was going to be closed for major repairs. we explain how the two projects are corrected. >> get ready for some commuting headaches. >> i guess we are going to walk a lot. reporter: the mta plans to shut down and services at bushwick. and at the end of the line at metropolitan avenue. it all began in the summer of 2017 for about 13 months. this assemblywoman says that the timeline is unacceptable. >> there is a very aging infrastructure. it's just going to have to be done in a way that is not detrimental to community. reporter: they say that the m
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ensure the safety of the line. according to the work, it is being prioritized because of the looming repair work on the nearby l line. it was damaged during supersized superstorm sandy. it is projected to begin after the m line is repaired. 300,000 people use it on weekdays. >> the mta will have to have a plan that we need in state government to put into transit to move this through as quickly as possible. we are going to have to do it in a comprehensive and faster way. reporter: regarding the repairs, shuttlebus service will be available. >> they will be offering it in the work will be completed much faster. that is the latest here in middle village queens.
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steve: twitter will not be raising its character limit anytime soon. the idea is to allow as many 10,000 characters to attract new users, last year they raised it on private direct messages. dari: wearing a special down doesn't have to come with a once-in-a-lifetime price tag. popular retailers are now reaching out. here are some of the styles. fast fashion collections also include other wedding date centuries as well issues. steve: we just started seeing signs of spring around here. so how to make sure that the sundays most warm dozen ruin all
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and testing the limits of a city bike. >> first, here's tonight's new york minute. >> the best in home furnishings are on display at the 15th annual architectural digest design show that runs through sunday showcases hundreds of the world's leading brands and displaying the year's biggest trends. >> everything from refrigerators to lighting. things that you could not imagine is here. >> the singer took time to help a pair of local children performing songs by the pop star at next month's garden of dreams talent shows at radio city music hall. the youngsters are offering valuable feedback and guidance.
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and a blue diamond almond by shirley temple is going up for auction on the upper east side next month. the 9.5 for caring is expected to fetch between 25 and $35 million. and that is your new york minute. steve: be sure to check out our weather application. it features like interactive radar. plus you can get storm alerts and warnings. search on the itunes store or
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>> perhaps your car is starting to become a pain in the gas. gas went up about 30 cents in just the past month. down significantly from this time last year. getting stocks down for now. the dow jones closing every day this week, now up for the past five weeks. in the meantime shocking news from ikea. the popular do-it-yourself furniture store recalling more than 30,000. there are problems at the chords
10:40 pm
and you can have your pretzels, cinnamon rolls and ice cream and eat it all is well. the popular chain expanding to the west, serving up ice cream at auntie anne's petal shop and the cinnabon. that is business and i am neil cavuto. steve: protesting the closure of a grocery store on west 14th. the associated supermarket is a vital source of a groceries for those who live in the area. steve: you could soon be able to order beer or wine here. the owners have applied for state licenses to serve
10:41 pm
granted they become the only ones that can serve alcohol in this establishment in the entire country. steve: tyrone williams is showing off his skills. this video was posted of him popping wheelies and bunny hopping at a skateboard park in brooklyn. that is incredible. you can see how hard it is to keep upright on those things. steve: and that is just amazing. dari: coming up next. a snowstorm threatening to put a spring. steve: also threatening to kill blooming early. gardening help on how to keep it alive. and just how bad march madness.for one basketball coach
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i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... i just downloaded 600 photos in 60 seconds. that's seriously better. (man) we're out of 2%. i wonder what else could be better around here? (man) i heard that. now get our best offer ever. super fast 100 meg internet, plus tv & phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. 100 meg speeds at a price this
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just can't. switch to better.
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dari: it has been so mild out that a lot of trees are already blooming. steve: when it snows this weekend we have to take in the tender vegetation. reporter: looming bulbs tells us that spring should arrive soon. and then a sunday snowstorm
10:45 pm
springs plans. this man is planning to insulate his plans from the cold and provide a barrier from the snow. the weather cares not about once were expectations of humans and plants and animals. if it snows, some flowers will die. >> we think that it is going to fall rather quickly. reporter: the light snow will fall, but then buffer. snow or no snow, this storm will not kill everything. the equator will pass through
10:46 pm
hope we will bring all of our favorite things with it. >> we have some pansies, all of these guys will do well. backing for "fox 5 news". dari: we like those pictures. steve: it doesn't last long. and so now starting to see a better solution. i hope you enjoy this today. temperatures will be dropping through the next couple of days. the next day still officially winter.
10:47 pm
in the 60s out towards newark. we are going to see numbers like that across much of the region tomorrow. then we will see the next season starts and we are anticipating some snow. mostly in the 40s. still relatively mild and temperatures in the freezing mark towards monticello. running cooler than they were at this time yesterday. dropping further into tomorrow. winds have been blustery, providing a chill out there. there wtomorrow. winds have been blustery, providing a chill out there. there will be testing a 25 miles per hour overnight and through the day tomorrow. chili with colder temperaturesrow. chili with colder temperatures. and the next focus is on this area of low pressure. this one will be heading into
10:48 pm
next 24 hours. we are anticipating rain and snow. colder air working from the north. milder air can be found with the southwest and southeast. temperatures will be in the 80s in south florida. taking a look at future cast shows that you can catch this early, crowds will be moving in towards the afternoon. and it looks like the moisture should hold off until sunday. saturday night should be dry. holding back even further, anticipating earlier that it will start on noon and now it looks like late afternoon. starting to see the rain began to move northward. in countering colder air and starting to see a change to snow in and around the city with the bolt of the snowfall happening around dinnertime tomorrow into the late evenings.
10:49 pm
expect steady snowfall. this system is trending to move slightly eastward which means we'll have lighter amounts to the north and west and there will be a bit of mixing along the coast. going with higher amounts of connecticut and new england. and of course watching the tracker over the next 24 hours and see if we can shift further east or west. in the meantime we will be snow free but we will have temperatures in the 20s and '30s. temperatures will be about normal for this time of the year and 30s on sunday before we be bound quickly or at high temperatures moving back into the 50s and 60s as they go in the second half of the week. starting offspring and yes, this time of year is a bit of a roller coaster with temperatures and storm systems. steve: i remember this kind of storm last year.
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and then it was over. steve: thank you, audrey. coming up next a special tribute for a very important local basketball coach. dari: russ salazar has more for
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russ: how are you doing, everyone. the march madness games are going on right now. i was invited to take part of a panel discussion at spring valley high school to talk about race relations and how things have changed since another big dance took place in 1966. >> the genesis for today's discussion was the 50th anniversary of the ncaa basketball title marketing the first time in history in the championship game. in this basketball coach was one
10:54 pm
that a life doesn't matter except on the impact that your life has on other lives. and that is willie. he says if you can make a difference, you should make a difference. he has made the difference. >> because he made that difference, today was proclaimed willie wellesley day in spring valley, new york. >> by nature he is a very shy man. but with a lot of love in his heart. today that love was returned from colleagues and students and players. >> you know what it takes and
10:55 pm
what you can do. >> i think the look in your face is pretty special. >> oh, absolutely. they showed me more love and i appreciated. the first time in my life, this is a good thing. russ: they don't make him any better than him. i keep saying springfield but at
10:56 pm
>> very good. there is an old bank, never let them see you sweat. steve: this coach did not get the memo at the ncaa tournament. i can relate to this. we have more. wichita state. his shirt was completely soaked through. as you would imagine people were merciless. he looked like he was tossed in a pool and others commented that he was sweating more than any other player is running up and down the corridor. court. he change shirts at halftime but it didn't help that his team lost by 10 points i'm shocked by that because it i would never wear a dress shirt without an undershirt. i just don't get how he got into that position. russ: it's a bad day for the miller's because his brother who
10:57 pm
if he was sweating as well.
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